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The 404: Ep. 1290: Where we feel the vibrations

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The 404: Ep. 1290: Where we feel the vibrations

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Last week, a video of an sign language interpreter working at a Wu-Tang show had plenty of music lovers wondering about the job. We'll investigate today on the woman behind the signs.

-Hey. This is Rich from Cleveland and you're listening to the 404, the show where nobody really does this anymore. -What's going on everybody? It's Monday, June 24th, 2013. He's right. Nobody does that anymore. It's a sad thing that that has died for no reason. We'll talk about that in just a little bit. Thanks for tuning here on. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -Remember we used to do that. Do you remember the time we used to do that? We would have like a call-- like after the break and people will call in and be like, you know, you're acting like you have no idea. -I have no idea what's going on. -You're acting like-- are you serious? -I have no clue what-- people would come after the break and say, well-- -I know that. -I don't even know what that is, what-- -The callbacks. -Oh, just callbacks? Is that what you're talking about? -Where we like, hey, this is my name and you're listening-- -Oh yeah, of course, yeah. I didn't-- I thought he was talking about no one does that, and I was like, what is that? -Oh, okay. Yeah. -But he's talking about the thing he's doing while watching the-- -I forgot we're speaking in brutal this morning Ariel. -Weird. How come no one-- we don't really ask for them anymore. -Well, the format of the show has, you know, sort of detoured away from that-- from allowing for those things, but still-- -Because you don't scream them, that's probably one. -No, no, no. Just because we don't have breaks a lot anymore, so there's no time to do that. -We should do that. -But if you wanna keep sending that style, then be my guest. But thanks, Rich from Cleveland. I appreciate it. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. It was absurdly hot in New York and I am now mad until October. From now 'til October, I'm just gonna be a little more on air than usually, which I know you're asking yourself. How could that even be possible? How can black get blacker? -Great. -But, yeah, that's the situation. But it was a good time in New York. You guys said you had a good weekend. -Yeah, we did. I've been riding man. -Cool. -Trying to be like you. -Yeah. How's that been? So you got a bike-- you got a bike shipped from California, right? -Yup. -And then you moved also to Brooklyn as well. -I moved to Brooklyn. I've been riding longer-- -You must be riding a lot. -All over Brooklyn. But I got flat tire yesterday. -He just threw the bike away. -Yeah. He always like gets a new one. -How's it been? What lessons have you learn? How many near-death experiences have you had? -I actually came closed yesterday because I was going the wrong way on a one way street. -Yes, cool. -So I'm just like a Biker, you know, I'm just like the rest of them. -Okay. -[unk] delivery driver this day. -Yeah, and then-- but that's about it. I'm really safe right now because I'm checking. I'm a super-- -You wear a helmet? -No, helmet. -Yeah, you're really safe. It's like I'm super safe, I don't wear a helmet. -I mean that's why I ride super slow 'cause I don't have-- -Yeah. -I don't mind people riding the wrong way in a one-way street, but don't ride in the bike lane if you're going the wrong way. -Right. -Right? Like I feel like if you're gonna risk your own life, risk your own and that's it. Don't risk everyone else that's trying to go the right way, you know what I mean? -No. -I'm sure you do that. -I made enough sense to do that. -Very nice. -Or I'll even go on the sidewalk, I don't care. -Yeah. Getting those pedestrians, which will die too. -So you're not allowed to ride anywhere on the sidewalk. -No. It's illegal. I've got a ticket for it-- talking about that. -Yeah. Oh, that's right. -Yeah, I got ticket dropping off a piece of mail into a mailbox and right when I went on to the sidewalk, I heard-- from behind me. -That sucks. -The guy gave me a ticket for riding on the sidewalk for once-- -You also treated him like a-- -I was-- I took a picture of his badge, which we as citizens are legally allowed to do. -It's so weird though, like if you were-- you understand. I'm not defending the cop but it's still kinda messed up like if someone comes up to me and it's like-- -I didn't do it for no reason. It was while he was writing up the ticket already. -So-- why, you could sue him in the world's court? -It's for my own protection. -I don't understand. -No. It's just for archival purposes. -For your protection? -Yeah. That's a hundred-- -His badge numbers are gonna be on the ticket. -Maybe. But I wanted to take a picture of his name too. -Right. You just wanted to act like you bested authority at some capacity. -No. I mean, you've seen a lot of those videos online of people recording the cops doing bad things. -Yeah, you're lucky -It's for my own protection. -Yeah. Because the next step is that, he's just gonna shoot you right there. -Probably. -They hate cyclist in New York. -They do, they do-- not Bloomberg though, he likes it. Anyway, we'll get out of New-York talk for a second and I wanna move in to a subject that sort of funny and involves games but at least you can identify with it 'cause you know this actress-- everyone knows the last of us, it's a fantastic game that just come out for PlayStation 3. It's great if you own a PS3, you should be playing it. If you're not playing it, you're silly. But Ellen Page, who is in a game that comes out called Beyond Two Souls, did an AMA on Reddit yesterday and called the Last Of US out because the main female character of Last of Us is a 14-year old girl named Ellie who resembles Ellen Page in almost every capacity imaginable. Her looks, her demeanor, her voice, the way she carries herself. It screams Ellen Page. You're gonna throw up the 2 photos of the virtual character Ellie and Ellen Page up on the screen-- I mean even, you know, the photograph they grab here and they're still from the game, they kinda do look like the same person but it's more so that they carry themselves in a very similar fashion and, you know, this is coming from Kotaku Luke Plunkett wrote up this piece 'cause he's basically covering the fact that Ellen Page during her AMA yesterday says, when someone asked her, you know, what is it like to, you know, someone said, you look a lot like the Last Of Us character. And she said, I guess I should be flattered but they ripped off my likeness already, you know, throwing punches. But I'm actually acting in another video game called Beyond Two Souls, so it was not appreciated. She just basically coming out and saying, yeah that's kind the lane that they are really milking my likeness. And, you know, I just thought it was interesting. Then you had the-- one of the people from Naughty Dog, the company that makes The Last of Us. And he came out-- Neil Druckmann says, Ellie from the Last of Us was perfectly played by the vulcan salute, which is this actress Ashley Johnson. -Right. You might know her as the daughter from What Women Want from the 90's. Here's the picture of her right here. -Did anybody see that movie? -Yeah, the Mel Gibson movie where he gets the power to read women's mind? -Oh, yeah. -Oh, I did see that. Yeah. -Oh, yeah. That looks nothing like Ellen Page even there. No one could have done a better job. Please go and follow her and re-tweet. So Neil Druckmann comes up, the creative director at Naughty Dog defense her a little beef between these two actresses now going on. -Is there beef? -I don't know. -I'm curious. -I mean, she's calling them out. I mean, she's definitely getting a little aggressive. -Is this a case of Ellen Page looking like the Last of Us character or just Ellen page looking like an 11-year old girl? Right? Like, is it Ellen Page 27-years old? -If you saw the game play and the cut scenes, she's like 26. Yeah, she looks really tiny, though she is tiny, she does resemble a small child. -That sort of, yeah. -Whatever. I mean that's just the way she is. That's fine. -I think Ellen Page ripped off her likeness from an 11-year old kid. -We'll know because Ellen Page would be 15 years older than that person. The thing that's weird is that, both-- you know, she is not involve in the Last of Us at all, in any capacity, any way she performs. -That's just confusing. -And then like, it's confusing for the public 'cause the majority of people who see these two games would be like, "Oh, that's weird. Ellen Page is in these two games after-- one after or another." -Uh-hmm. -And that's strange. One comes out now, one comes out on October. It's weird to people. It's just weird. -Right. -It's weird that that the two flagship PS3 games star people that looked exactly the same. It was just strange. That's the big-- -That's really bizarre man. -That is very weird and that's all I gotta say about that. -But it is a good game though so a lot of people are playing here right now and-- -Yea, and no one really knows what Beyond Two Souls is gonna be like that, you know, a little bit about that game right? -Yeah. It's called Beyond Two Souls. -Right. It's the Ellen Page. -It's the thing I-- it's the only thing I know. -You're such a pleasure to talk to when it comes to this sort of stuff. -Thank you, thank you. -But-- yeah, that's all I got so if you think that's interesting, go read up on it. If you don't, well, just move on with your life. -Is it gonna be a court case or something? Which is not like-- -No. There's nothing to sue about. -Threatening to sue, right. -It's not like they were saying, oh, this is Ellen Page. This is not Ellen Page, this is just some, you know, this girl. -Are the two games at all similar? -No, not at all. -I honestly don't see the big deal. -I don't see the big deal but it's just-- can we just empirically say that's weird. -It is weird. -It is weird, right? -It is weird. But I don't think she should have complained about it. -Yeah. -You know-- -I think she shouldn't have gotten as aggressive as she did. -Yeah. -Like no one really poked her. They were just like, "hey, you look a little like less of her and she's like, those guys are dicks." -Yeah. -That's basically what she came back and said. -Did it lay off me? I'm [unk]. -Totally, totally. So she came back with a thunder, you know. -Yeah. -She came back with a little thunder. Anyway, calm down. Everyone just calm down and those eyes, and those innocent eyes-- -Yeah, that's true. -Yeah. -They got the same one. -All right. What do you got for us man? -Let's-- I don't know. Which one do you-- let's talk about Bonnaroo last week. Did you guys watching the Bonnaroo videos? There are a lot of like hand-shot videos. There was one at Wu-Tang in particular that a lot of people watched not because Wu-Tang got together, although that is really big news. -Yeah. -That was really cool. -Yeah. -But, more so because-- they had a sign language interpreter at their show. -Wu-Tang did? -Yeah. Did you see this video? -I did see the video. It was pretty funny. -It's really crazy. Can we just watch this and we'll talk about it? -Yeah. I mean, I would love, actually okay too. -Yeah, we'll be able to hear it. Let me just make sure I have this cord plugged in here and we'll play it. -That's really weird that they had a sign language per-- like-- -Yeah. -I don't understand that either. -I wasn't sure if it was on the show or just Wu-Tang that got here-- although, we're gonna watch it. -Yeah, let's check it out. -All right. Let's see this. Look, there she is. -Where? Oh, my God there she is, she's just dancing in like the-- oh my God. -Yeah. It's hard to tell 'cause she's even doing sign language. It kinda just looks like she's dancing with her back to the performers. -This is very strange. -It's funny. -Have you ever seen this before? -I've never seen-- I've never seen that at any concert ever. -Ever. -At least doing it live too which is blowing my mind at the same time. -See? That wasn't a sign language thing there. She was just raising the roof there. -That-- they said raise the roof. -Oh that makes sense, that that's what it would be in sign language. -Yeah. It's really cool. -I think the biggest story is that, deaf people go to concerts in the first place. -I didn't know that. They would attempt something like that. Maybe they came and would like to feel the beat. -I was gonna say they feel the vibration. -Right? Without knowing there's gonna be an interpreter there-- what are you been doing? Okay, anyway-- -I'm just, you know-- -It's weird, right? -I don't think it's-- I think it's-- -Is that, I don't wanna offend anybody? -It's tasteful to talk about that. -But I just didn't realize. -I mean, 'cause I had never seen an interpreter at a show before. -It's like-- -How would they know those gonna be one there. -Yeah, that's weird. And that-- -And shouldn't she be on stage as well? -Maybe. -'Cause if you're in the back, you can't see her. -Yeah, and how can be some-- -Yeah. No one can see her. -Yeah. -What is going on here? -She does look like she's on a race platform but-- -She's not but she's still nowhere near the stage. -No. -In terms of the height of the stage. -Right. It's strange. But let me answer some questions for you because it's late actually to track this woman down. Turns out she does it for other shows as well and she was there at Bonnaroo as the official sign language interpreter. And also did it for R. Kelly's performance. -Weird. -Right. Yeah. She does a video out there of her doing Ignition Remix as well. -I'd like to watch that. -Which is really cool-- -I was gonna say hear that-- I wanna watch that. -Yeah. So she was doing it. She was doing it there for Matt and Kim-- that band. -Oh, yeah. -As well as R. Kelly. -Right. -And this is really crazy. So she's being doing this for the last 13 years. -Yeah. -And she's one of the only ones that does it for hip-hop-- -And she gets hired. She's not just doing this for, you know, for the love. -No. Not she's-- not just sake of fan. So here's what she's doing in the R. Kelly's Ignition. -fresh out of kitchen, Mama rolling that body-- I'm like so what I'm drunk-- -It's cool because she could just sign it. -Yeah, but she's dancing like that. -But she's actually dancing as well. -Well, that's the farthest sign language. You gotta really be into it. -Right, yeah like the emotion-- -Like Bloomberg sign language interpreter. -I feel like her performance is not going notice. Like no one can see that. -Right. -Right? -Well, maybe the deaf person has to be really close up to see. -Yeah. I just-- I don't understand like who is that satisfying? -Incredible, right? -Who is that serving her down in the corner-- -I don't know. -Out of live concert? -No one is even paying attention. Although, a lot of artists at Bonnaroo got down and gave her like daps for helping them out with the performance like-- yeah, that's the man came down-- -She's really carving out her own-- -I think it's really cool. So they interview her and she says that she studies for about a hundred hours, not only just to memorize the lyrics but also to memorize their body movements. -So-- yeah. -Because when someone's watching them, obviously you can see two people once. She wants to make sure that they get the full experience so when she moves like them she feels like it's a good way to mimic a performance. That's really cool, and then not only that but you have to memorize rap lyrics to all of their songs that they perform, which is also really impressive, right? Like, she's arguably the biggest fan there. She knows every word to every song they perform. That's really cool. -I think it's cool. Maybe some new thing-- -Yeah. -They'll catch on. -Is she her-- is her name Holly Miniati -Okay. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Here's the question though, two questions. Does she sign the course words? -Yeah, of course. -The answer to that is yes, of course. -Yeah, of course. Why would she not? -But there's even more controversial question-- -That's not-- yeah, go on. -A lot of hip-hop lyrics used words that are invented by her friend Paula Dean. How do they do that? -She is not-- -She is not gonna invent those words. -Did she invent that word? -No. Don't be a dummy. -Oh, I thought she made that word. -Don't be a dummy. -How-- do you think that she does. She signs that word as well? -I think she does. -How do you sign that? -What is the sign for that word? -I don't know. -It's not. It's just a sign for [unk] words. It's not the-- -It's actually like a slang version. -Just like whatever N and there were more-- -Yeah. There's no sign language for that. -I don't know. And they answer-- well, their answer is yes. She does it. -Yeah. -Right? Because it's part of the song and it would be taking away. You can't sensor a sign. Kids still do it. -Are there racial epithet in sign language? -I'm sure there is. -I'm afraid to even-- there has to be. -Are there? -Do you know any sign language? -I thought middle finger was a FU, apparently, it's not. -I don't what it is. -It's something else. -I know this one. -You give the middle finger to a deaf person? No idea what you're talking about. -And this one is-- -No. Justin just put his hand up to his nose and then shoot away and fly. What does that mean? -It's bitch please. -What is that-- -I swear. -Bitch please. -That's a bitch please 'cause this is a "B" apparently. -Okay. -This, I mean, to go away. -That's not a "B". -Yeah, I think. Someone told me though. -No, no, no. "B" like a-- like a bitch. -Oh, I see. -So you're saying 5 fingers up to-- -Someone told me that. I don't-- I have no idea how to do sign language. -So for people listening, Justin put 5 fingers perpendicular-- -Four fingers. -Four fingers perpendicular-- -On his nose. -Up to his nose and then shoot away and fly it with two hands and has a bitch please. -I think. I don't know. Someone has watched the show. -Someone sign that to a deaf person and see what they know what you're talking about. -Yeah, see if you get a slap in the face. -Yeah. It's so weird. -That's the only sign language I know. -Great. -Which wouldn't get me very far in a deaf community? -Who the hell told you that? -A deaf person. -That [unk] displeased me. -That was his thing. -Yeah. -Anyway, so that's the story here. It's really cool. She got her break from doing regular sign interpretations because she-- a lot of her co-workers I guess denied access to a Marilyn Manson concert. There were offered to Marilyn Manson concert job and they all said no. So that was when she first got into the music show interpretations. After that, she grove from there and started doing it for Bruce Springsteen which is really cool, and the most recently at Bonnaroo. -All right. -Awesome. -Fine. Great story. -Thank you, thank you. -You're a little humanitarian element of the 404 today. There's a lot of hysteria for NSA surveillance and stuff like that. Can we talk about the story? -Yeah. -It comes from Vices Text section called Motherboard. They're showing us the font that is NSA-proof. -Yeah. -What does that mean and what the hell is this? -Well, it's not exactly NSA-proof but it's more of a proof-concept type of things. So, this is sort of to battle the unwanted surveillance from the NSA that got released last week, right? So there's an RISD graduate named Sang Mun. He created this font that sort of makes it really difficult for data collectors to spy on what you're doing online. -I love this font. -Yeah. It's really cool. So I wanna show some examples of it while we're talking about it. It's available for free on his website. You can download it and he actually made 6 of this-- 6 different ones to battle the types-- different types of scanners that may show up on your web browser. So it's called ZXX, and that's named after the library of Congress' labeling code ZXX that's used for books that don't have words inside of them. So, a lot it, it's just meant to camouflage and fool scanners to make them think that what they're looking at aren't actually letters. So this is cool. I mean, he basically converts the letters into pictogram that look like letters except for example this "G" is actually an "I", right? Like a picture of an eye. -Weird. -And then he'll put different-- -That's not a "G", that's "B". -Oh, right. Blowing the whistle. -Right. -See, it's kinda confusing. -This is very confusing. -Or he'll put like an X behind some letters or put polka dots behind some letters to make it sort of mard from-- -What's really interesting-- some of the letters have very weird-- see, 'cause the letter "T" and the letter "N", they're just normal. -Right. -And "H", they're normal letters and "E" really. But some of the other letters like an "S", the letter "S" is just an "H". But right in between that little arc-- that the "H" makes, there's a little "S". -Yeah. -Very weird, the same thing with the letter "O". -So you're supposed to-- it's kinda confusing to read too 'cause you-- -It is. It's tough to read. -You can actually have to read the smaller letter. -Right. -Not the big one. -Like the letter "O" is represented by the letter "L" but just a little "O" in the corner. -And they're different too, though like every "O" is different. Every "H" is different. -Yeah, what is up with that? There's different "Os". -Yeah. It's like a seeing eye. You have to look at the entire poster-- -This can just be the different variations of this-- of other fonts. -Oh, I see. -Yeah, strange but very cool, nonetheless. -Uh-hmm. -Looks cool. -I dig it. I dig it a lot. -Yeah. So you can go and download that right now. It's more of like a-- -This is not saving you from the NSA though. Let it be known. -Right. -You know, definitely known it. -Because-- I don't know. -This is gonna save you if someone runs what you see through like optical character recognition thing like on a printer. -Yeah. -You know what I mean-- but it's not gonna save you from the FBI, you know. But I just want this poster. -Yeah. -That is a cool poster-- -That is a cool poster. -Really cool. -Are you scared of the NSA? Are you scared of our government wire-tapping? I mean, what could they really know about you Justin? There's that you eat Domino's Pizza 48 times a week. -Yeah. Case closed. -Are you scared? Be real for a second. Are you scared? -No. -What do you think about this blow-back? -This is-- the thing that's kinda crazy that this noting guy sound like a wild earth-- -Yeah. He's not a wolf-chase. -Ghost story right now. He really is. I've talked to people who think he is awesome. -Yeah. -And who just like, wanna see him disappear. He does seem to be one step ahead of everybody. After this one guy that's gonna outrun the NSA, I would imagine that it would be this guy. -Yeah. -He's kinda like a-- like the Bourne Identity guy, he's kinda like Frank Abagnale from what's that movie? Catch Me if You Can. Right? -Or like Kim Dotcom. -No. -He traveled the world. -No, he's not like Kim Dotcom. -How did you know it? -Kim Dotcom first of all, ain't getting away from anybody. And that guy-- -He's too fat. -He's just-- and I just don't think he's like a-- he is sort of, cat and mouse game wasn't to be never discovered. -Yeah. -You know what I mean. Like this guy is trying to hide out. -I understand the implications of the bigger story about for myself. I don't really have anything to hide and I also willingly give up all of my browsing information on chrome every time I go on the internet 'cause I'm always signed in. -Right. -So what's the difference, you know, like whether the NSA knows it. I don't know how Verizon anyway. That doesn't really like-- -I don't have Verizon. I'm cool. -But it's not the first time we've ever been faced with privacy concerns on the internet if you don't want your stuff out there, don't use the internet. -Yeah, don't use-- just off the internet. -Get off the internet, yeah. -And then enjoy your life. -That's the only way. -And then try to enjoy your life. -Yeah, go on a hike. -Yeah. It's so crazy that you were like, "I can't believe this happen." -Yeah. -I'm not thrilled with it but the fact that you're acting surprised that this inter-connected network of computers is-- it has a back door, where people can really looking on you. -Right. -And you act surprised? Get out of here. -But this is-- I'm sure making people like your Dad even more nervous about putting their credit card information on the internet. -This is vindication. -Yeah. I told you. -This seems just be like, "See, I told you. I told you Google's up your nose." -Yeah, 100 percent. -Yeah. -And he's right. -He's not right. I mean-- but if you were ignorant to an idea like this even coming in to permission, again, no one is defending this sort of behavior. -No. -It's pretty scary when it comes right down to it but, I mean, come on. Like any marginally savvy person on the internet understands it man. There's really no such thing as privacy on the internet. -Right. Yeah, just don't do anything really shady in the internet. There's a line that you shouldn't be crossing, right? -Sure. -I mean, put as many dirty photos as you want on the internet. -Oh, yeah. That's the takeaway. -But don't-- yeah. Well, don't start laundering money online, that's the line that shouldn't be crossed. -And don't look up laundering money. -Yeah. -Don't Google that. -If you doesn't know what that is when we're saying it. Don't Google. -All right. What else do we got? We also-- we're gonna get to bunch of voicemails after we finish up. -Okay. Yeah, well we only have one more story left. It's a short one. -And is it funny. -This is kinda really tragic one. Let's go back in time. Let's get into the time machine, go back to the year 1998. What do you guys wailing in 1998? -1998. I was 16-years old. -Yup. Ariel had just his appearance first drop at CNET. -I was in college. -In '98? -I was in college-- -Oh, man. That's awesome. -That's a great year for me man. -Yeah? Why is that? -I don't know. A lot of good hip-hop came out. -Yeah, a lot of good hip-hop. Okay. -I think-- everyone's first year of college is pretty awesome. -Yeah, right. -Lonely but also awesome. -Yeah. -My sophomore and junior year were the better years I think. -Oh, really? -Freshman year in college are like finding yourself, you're like "Who am I as a person?" -Yeah, freshman year is cool because then, you know, like whatever bad histories you had in high school, whatever limitations you had-- -Clean slate. -Yeah, all that stuff gets wiped clean and then your first year in college are like, I'm a new man. I can be anyone. -Well, it's also, you know, you go from the top. Like when you're a senior in high school, you run that place. -Yeah, right. -Right. -You own that place. -But I love the unanimity of being a freshman in college too. No one cares about who you are. I like that. -Yeah. No names man, no names. -Yeah, no names. Well, what else were you guys doing in 1998? Were you collecting anything from McDonald's perhaps? -No. I was not collecting McDonald's stuff. I was probably collecting Marvel cards still at that age, 16. -That's way too old to be collecting Marvel-- -Yeah, I'm not happy about it. Yeah-- -You were playing video games, I'm sure. -Yeah, I was playing video games. -A lot of people instead of playing video games, they were collecting beanie baby toys. -Oh, beanie babies. -You guys remember beanie babies? -Dude, of course. -How many did you have? I didn't have any but my Aunt went crazy over them. She had so many-- -Yeah. -We used to get, there was one that looked like a Wiener dog. -Yeah, I remember that. -And we had one-- I had a Wiener dog growing up. -Yeah. -And we were always be like, "Look it's you." you know, and then you tear its leg up. -No. Our dog Dogum, she didn't really care to play with them but it was cool. We had a few around the house. -But she didn't-- you know, put them in glass cases and preserve them for a day, they were like more mature-- -Yeah, we're not crazy people. -Yeah. -We're not crazy people. -There are a lot of crazy people out there that figured if you had collected every single beanie baby toy out there that by now you'd be making a ton of money, right? You would have sent every one of your kids to college just on the matured price of these beanie babies. -Well, I remember the Princess Diana one. -Which one was that? -It was a Princess Diana one, right? Do you guys remember that? -That one is valuable, I remember. -I think that one still is valuable. -Okay. -I don't-- I don't know. I want to look that up maybe while you're telling more with this story, I'll look it up but tell us what this is really about 'cause this is kinda funny. -So-- actually people projected their popularity so much. They actually published a book that actually told you, I'm not sure how they even knew this. How much your beanie babies would be worth in 2008? This was back in 1998. -Which is really such a horse crap. -They were like in 10 years. This is how much these beanie babies are gonna be worth and it was called The Beanie Baby handbook. Published by Les and Sue Fox, who I can only imagine had every single beanie baby in the book. -Yeah. -Right? So let's check this out. This is published by Scholastic. It's a legit book. Someone founded it thrift store on 47th Street in New York City. And the published it here on buzz feeds, so here are some excerpts of what people thought the beanie babies are gonna be worth. -I don't understand how you can legitimately project what or how something will-- -I guess it's just based on the growth in 1998 of how much they were worth. They thought it'd keep Rising. They thought the stripes Tiger beanie baby would be worth a thousand dollars in 2008. How much were they retail back in 1998? Do you think- -I don't remember. -I don't know. -It didn't say here either. They're probably like $0.99 or anything. -No, I think they're like $7-$10. -Really? -Wow. Do you know anyone? -That's crazy. -I just remember, I worked at a pharmacy where we sold a few of them because they would just fly off the shelves and I think we jacked up the price on them a couple of bucks too. -Maturity risks-- -Well, I mean, you know, these people coming in who were just willing to pay it. They'll do it. -Yeah. -And also the Princess Diana one. I just looked up on eBay, you can get that for $16. -Okay. Yeah. -But, buzzfeed does seem to say that there is one that's still really valuable. -Well-- -It's the teddy one. -This is the weird thing. It's not like these were rare or anything. They produced 50,000 of these-- -Of each one. -Yeah. -That's not rare. Anything below-- -50,000. -Anything above, what? 10,000-- -Yeah. -10,000 is somewhat rare. -Yeah, and if you got it from McDonald's, chances are it's not gonna be worth anything a day after you buy it. -That's true, because they sell 48 million happy meals a day. -So anyway, look. Check this out. One of these Tigers, they made 50,000 of them. They're worth %5 retail. In 1998, there were 250. They thought in 2008, it'd be worth a thousand. Now you can get it for $10. -Isn't that nuts? -And they got two of them too. -You wanna buy two? -It's 20 bucks. -You know what? Buy one, get one free. -'Cause these are worthless bags of beans. That's what-- -But they are cute though. They are incredibly adorable. -Yeah, they are freaking adorable. -Cute names. I had Waddle the Penguin when I was growing up. -I had penguin the-- I heard that guy. -You had one or two? -I did. Adorable. -I guess I'm throwing that thing away. -No. But look, so Teddy, the violet bear was estimated to be between $4 and $5,000 depending on which edition you had. Now, it might not be worth that much but there's still going for 700 bucks on eBay. -But that's a buy-it-now price, right? We're looking at it at screen shop from eBay, that's a buy-it-now price and no one has bought it. It's been up there for the last 10 years, I guess. -Hold on. I'm gonna look up. What is it, Teddy beanie baby? -Yeah. -All right. I'm gonna really get down to what it is and see if freaking buzzfeed is pulling it fast one on us. All right. So okay-- well there's one going for $3,300 that seems-- -Right. -Well, you know what? But they're seems like there's a lot of buy-it-now 'cause none of them are auctions. A lot of buy-it-now is ranging from $330 to $700. -Right. -So-- -But if you have a rare beanie baby, I was reading some guides about it before the show. If you have a rare one that has a defect, those are worth slightly more than $10 now. -Oh, sir have you stepped on it? -Yeah, but beanie baby with 3 legs or something like that or missing an eye that was manufactured that way,-- -Extra nipple-- -You're in-- -Business. -Yeah. -They're like 12 bucks. -Yeah. -What other things did you think were worth a lot? Was it like [unk]. -I thought the Marvel cards are gonna-- -Did you collect Pokemon cards or anything? -No. But I thought the Marvel cards were gonna be worth billions. -I like--I remember being so young and stupid, what was I-- I was like 9 or 10 or even, you know, even later in life. And I was just under this impression that I needed to complete the set because that's how I would pay for my first house. -Right. -And that is not how I did and I looked it up and these things are worth nothing. -Yeah. -They're not even worth the binders in which they are kept. -I used to collect comic books and I remember I bought one that was-- -I got a few comics that are worth some-- -For Cyclops and what's her name's wedding? -Yeah. -Jean Grey's wedding. -Yup. -I kept that on like the cardboard backing inside the plastic, it's not worth-- like a beanie baby would probably worth more. -Here's little something for you and I to play around with. Just last year, you and I participated in The Walking Dead. -Right. -Okay? We walk-- the Walking Dead at Petco Park. -Uh-hmm. -And we were there at the end they handed you an exclusive comic con-only issued version 11-- -Right. -Of the Walking Dead comic book. -That is correct. -Could only get it if you did the Walking Dead at that year's comic con in 2012. And, I don't know. We sold it-- I sold that for 50 bucks. -Are you sure that much or was it 40? -Forty, yeah, forty bucks to a guy that was just handing out cash for them right after the ride. -Right. -So I gave mine to him thinking you would never mature. -Right. -Please guy, tell me it's not worth a lot now. -Well, so I'm just looking at some ending the soonest or actually there is one going for $20. -Okay good. -Two hours left in that auction-- -And that's like a-- just a straight auction, right? -Straight auction. -No buying out. -A lot of people have buck 65 but that's buy it now. There's a lot of buy-it-now for over what you got but I don't know. Let see where this one ends, 'cause right now this one looks like it's gonna end and it doesn't look like it's gonna go for more than, you know, 30 bucks. -Yeah, it's only been a year too. -Yeah. -Well, you know, we're not-- -I don't know. They didn't make a lot of them. -Do you still have yours? -I do. -I just like it for myself. I'm holding onto it for myself. I thought that was kinda cool, The Walking Dead, number 100. -Yeah. -I don't know. But there you have it. -Uh-hmm. -All right, let's get to as many calls from the public as we can fit in this last few minutes of the show. Let's do it. -Time to show the love. -Call me. -826-404-CNET. -404. -Call me on the phone-- -Like we said, it's been weeks since we've done any voicemails and there was a bunch in the queue, so thanks everyone who's called in over the last few weeks. Please don't feel that your calls have fallen upon. I fear as we definitely check them all out as I did in the last couple of days-- so I'm just gonna play as much as we can right now. This is going from as far back as the beginning of June. So let's see what we got. Isn't that crazy? It's June 24th today. All right. This was more stuff on the vertical filming. -Hey guys. This is Tanor. I've been listening in the last Tuesday show [unk] about a week behind now and Jeff you were talking about the vertical iPhones. There's nothing more than pisses me often. People posted huge in Facebook, Vimeo, whatever. Are these-- I guess people are just idiot. I just refused to watch your videos. I don't care if they're friends or what. I refuse to watch their videos and then I make a little comment saying, next time do your phone sideways. My eyes go across not up and down. But you all guys take it easy. -You see the kind of hatred that you're inspiring our listeners. -I like this guy. They're not only calling us up to report on it but they are also commenting on the original video telling people to stop filming vertical. -I like that guy. -Okay. Jeff Bakalar School of Hatred. -It's not school of hate, it's just disappointment with the idiocy of today. That's all it is. -Watching TMZ and it won't piss you off. -I don't watch TMZ. If I did, I wouldn't have survived this long. Remember Piano Guy? -Yeah. -Piano Guy is back. -What song? -Yesterday. -You wanna sing? But I believe in yester-- very nice. It's not Mark. We used to think it was Mark. -Yeah. -It's not 'cause I looked up this guy's phone number. It's not. -Okay. -I know what state this person lives in but it ain't where Mark lives. -Okay. -Weird, right? -Yeah, it's one of those. -Thanks Piano Guy. Welcome back. Remember Downwrite? -Yeah. -Check out this story. -Hey, 404. This is Matt from Chicago. I just wanted to call and thank you so much for the story on downwrite.com. I'm a potential songwriter and immediately after finding out about it, I wrote in and applied the one of their songwriters and just got a word back from them that they would like to add me to their rosters. So-- -Sick. -And in this coming week, [unk] one of the available potential songwriter that you can hire on downwrite.com. So I just wanted to thank you guys so much for alerting me to that service. [unk] It's gonna be a lot of fun. Keep up the great work and I'll keep on listening. -Now he called back to just tell us what his name is so you can I guess get her services. His name is-- I think I might have misheard it. It was Matt Ryd like R-Y-D. -Yeah, I see his profile right here. -It's R-Y-D or Z? -It's R-Y-D, so we'll check him out. He's from Chicago, Illinois. -There it is. -Yeah. -Okay, so if you want Matt to write a 404 song, why don't you hire him? I remember when he get-- -If you like to post this-- -And I feel like we should get him to do this, right? -That would be really cool to people. -We'll pay him. -Yeah. Who's gonna pay him? -I don't know. Our show's budget? You hear it? You hear the budget? All right. Congrats Matt and best of luck with you on Downwrite to check out his link there. We'll put that on the show notes. That's-- -If he like someone else in the chat room commissioned Matt prior-- -Yes he did and we have a link to the song. -To write a wedding song. -We have a link to the song. -Oh, really? -Yeah, we do. But, I don't know. Maybe we'll play it another time. -Yeah. -'Cause we're running out of time today but we do-- and we have heard him. He's pretty good. But yeah we'll play that a little later. It's awesome, okay. -And he said he got aback relatively quick too. -Sweet. -All right. Next call. -Hey, guys. This is San Diego from Joe. I was listening to Monday show and I gotta agree with Jeff. Holy crap do I hate LA. -Yeah. -I'm just a hundred miles south but the world is different, San Diego is awesome, LA sucks. San Francisco is all right. -Oh, I think it's great. -And he was great too. -See? But he says San Francisco just-- where I think San Francisco is equally as great city. -Yeah, here we go. -So you guys were down in San Diego for Comic Con, definitely try the Mexican food down here if you wanna go to Lolita's. -Dude, isn't that where we went? -I don't know if-- we didn't go to any Mexico-- -Yes we did. You, myself and Sarah Harvin. -Oh, that's right. Yeah. -That was Lolita's. I think it was. -In front of Petco Park. Do you wanna get the Carne Asada Fries. -Yes. -We should do a meet up in San Diego. I could show you around the-- some of the San Diego stuff. -So, check it out for Comic Con. We're gonna be there hopefully. We just have to arrange a way to get there-- right away. -We're gonna start driving today. We-- anyway, we're gonna get out there and I believe Saturday night or Saturday afternoon. Nothing's finalized yet but we're gonna be doing some sort of meet up at the same place as last year. -Yeah. -And we're gonna have t-shirts and we're also gonna have a crazy contest that some company sponsoring. -Yeah, you're gonna win a bunch of money. -You can win $404. -Uh-hmm. -That's right. Yeah, isn't that cool $404? -It's really cool. -You wanna know how to get that number? -Uh-hmm. -I don't know. But it's a cool thing and our friends [unk] hooking up the contest and it sounds like it's a lot of fund and involves like QR codes and like NFC stuff. -Superhero stuff. -Superhero stuff. It's called like the super weakness or something like that. -Yeah. -It's a really cool contest. So, we'll have more details on that and more details on the Saturday 404 meet up at Comic Con San Diego. -All right. We're gonna blast through as many calls as we can. Next one. -How you doing Jeff? I was calling to see like about the E3. Did you have a chance to play that new Team Ico game called the Rain. There's no talk about The Last Guardian but, in fact, Rain might be a pretty big game from-- -Okay, so here's a deal with this real quick. Team Ico has nothing to do with the game Rain, as far as I'm aware. It's just being published by a studio that Team Ico also works with but as far as I know to my knowledge, nothing to do with the game Rain and I did not play it either but I've heard good stuff, so just to get that out there. And The Last Guardian, the official update on that game is that it's-- in a hiatus, which means keep dreaming, I believe, which is just the most depressing thing I've heard in a very long time. All right, moving along through this voicemails-- there's some more video game stuff. -Hi, guys. This is Professor Geoff Alvarez listening to Thursday show and I think some were probably expect about the whole Xbox One in used games policy and why people are so r about it. She will talk about boot and movies and music and seriously told them and really when we stop to take a look at all three of those other medium who have gone primarily to install and it's not for the occasional movie and things of that nature. It's really easy to bootleg those so is it-- maybe the culture, you know, illegal downloads that's really driving this. -What do you think man? He doesn't make a bad point. And I don't wanna just cast the widest and call everyone who is against the Xbox [unk] pirates are just, you know, upset about more restrictions and bootlegging games. But I do think bottlegging Xbox 360 and PlayStation games is not easy or fun the way it was for PlayStation and Dreamcast and stuff like that. It is very easy if you have the know-how to do with movies, music and games. -I didn't know that. -But with music, movies and TV show. -Yeah, but it's not as easy as like soldering a chip into the PS2 like you could before. -Right. -Right? There's gotta be-- I don't know what is setup right now so people don't-- -There's-- it seems like very hard-- that community it exists for PS-- -Yeah. -For the current genisms but it's nowhere near as easy as it used to be. -Yes. -And I think that's awarded a lot of people but, I don't know. I don't know, but that's for the call dude. I appreciate you chiming in with your two cents there. We'll do one more Xbox thing and then someone wants to call in about the documentary. -Hey, 404. This is Ken Sworvandrich. I just had a call and comment on the whole Xbox One debacle. You know, Jeff you said you were mad at the internet for posting Microsoft to make the smooth demand. You should-- really should be mad at Microsoft. I mean-- -He's not wrong. -They don't know what they're doing with the online or used games. And don't get me wrong. I want developers to get their fair share so they can keep making awesome games. Personally, I buy to own when I do. I really buy used. But that 24-hour connection requirement was the grace of the requirement. They talked about it but they didn't talk about why you needed it. It's like an off load process given to the Cloud or whatever. I mean, the Titan Fall obviously requires a 24-hour internet connection, but nonetheless, you know, I live in Kansas where the internet isn't the most consistent. Also I have friends in the military that honestly-- what were they thinking? Like alienated hundreds of thousands of gamers and their solution was get a 360. They deserve the bad press between now and then I hope they can carefully craft the coherent message on why they're better than a PS4 without gone metric, because-- wow man. They-- what a mess. -Yeah, that guy is a terrible presentator. -Uh-hmm-- presenter. -But-- presenter. I said presentator? I just made up a word right there. Presenter-- you're right. That's-- and you make a great point here because-- and I agree, I am. You gotta be mad with Microsoft too because they had such a jumbled message throughout this whole debacle and I just, you know, it's their fault. They made the bed that they were forced to lay in-- lie in. Which is right-- I think it's lie. -I don't know. Lay-- -Lay-- -Lie. -Lay is in-- and it sucks man because their message was completely [unk] and totally taken out the context and the knee-jerk reaction was so massive and, you know, disruptive that they had to make this knee-jerk sort of 180 move. And now we're in the position we're in and I'm sure developers are not happy. Anyway, last Friday we had Alex Winter, our new buddy Alex Winter, who is such an awesome dude. -Yeah. Go back and listen to that episode. Friday's episode is really good. -So great. If you didn't get to check it out, make sure you do. -Lot [unk] for the 90's downloading-- -Absolutely. So this movie downloaded premiered in Manhattan on Friday and I think it's having a pretty limited run. So if you're in the area, make sure you head done and check it out. You can find out how you do that by going to our site or you can go to the Facebook downloaded page. Nevertheless, we have a listener who went to go and see the movie. -Hey you guys. This is Cole from Bronx. Just wanna thank you guys for recommending that movie. I want to see it tonight. Downloaded to a friend of mine, which like my friend from high school, so we're pretty much grew up with Napster and I was about maybe like in 8th grade around there when the whole Napster thing was going down. So yeah, it was really-- just wanna throw it out there in the theater. It's pretty cozy maybe a little bit too cozy for big people. I'm 310 pounds 5'10. Those seats are not for me. Those seats are for people like [unk]. -That's very-- he's a big dude, 310 5'10. That's crazy. -Yeah, big guy. -But he says he enjoyed the film. The thought it was great. Didn't get to stick around for the Q&A after, unfortunately, but yeah, he really dug it and it sounds like it's the perfect compliment to anyone who grew up during that era. And-- I mean, I think it's even great for people who did not grew up then, like if you're-- -Kinda understand it. Yeah. -If you're like 15 right now, you don't know what the hell we're talking about. -Right. -So do yourself a favor and, you know, get a little history lesson from this documentary because Napster absolutely, positively changed not just the internet forever but pretty much commerce in the entire world forever. And, you know, I know that sounds like a very lofty claim. But when you understand the scope at which one 17-year old programmer was able to take down a multi-billion-dollar industry in a matter of months, you'll get it. You'll be like, wow, this was so ahead of its time. And yeah, it was awesome and Alex Winter is very cool dude and he's gonna be back. So he's gonna be-- -Yeah, he's gonna be back. We have so much that we wanted to talk to him about. I mean, there's this huge thing that we wanted to talk about the movie obviously. -Right. -For the majority of the episode. But there's also a lot of other stuff like Bill and Ted. -Oh, yeah like Bill and Ted-- -That we didn't really get to reference. -Yeah, he didn't, and like-- -It was just hard to bite your lip when you have Bill in the room with you. -It was just-- -You can't mention there's elephant in the room. It's like-- dude. That's the movie that we both really love. -Of course. -That same movie not movies. -Right, 'cause the first one is the one you saw. And it's just-- I mean he-- but he was such a good sport about it too because before when we're in the pre-show he's like, yeah, you wanna talk about Bill and Ted, we'll talk about Bill and Ted. -Yeah. -He's like-- and then he was telling us some, you know, sort of bonehead journalist that we're asking really stupid questions. -Yeah. -But, you know, I think we handle it tastefully. -Right. -And yeah, he-- apparently he says that the third one is on tux. Yeah. -Yeah. -That it's like a possibility they'll get Keanu back. -Right. -Unfortunately no George Collin. But still, that's really awesome. -Yeah. -Yeah. Anyway, that's how we wrap it up today. -San Dimas High School Football rules. -Yeah, that's it. -Why didn't we say that-- -A+. -They probably would have picked both our asses the way you just said it. -Probably. I'm just glad we didn't call the show where San Dimas High School-- -That's too easy. Next time-- -We're back here tomorrow guys. 866-404-CNET. That is the phone number. If you'd like to e-mail us 404@cnet.com, follow us on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and all these other things. We need to do a Snapchat. -What? -Yeah, Snapchat is the new Instagram. -You just wanna do-- -Just saying, all my buddies, they're like just discovered Snapchat and now they're all like freaking out like, "Dude, you can send photos of your stuff." And I'm like, yeah you can, you creep. -You wanna do that for the 404? -Yeah. Well I don't want to send that, you know, I don't wanna send that. But, you know, we'll see what comes in. Maybe we shouldn't do this in retrospect. All right guys. Have a great Monday. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -This has been the 404 Show, high-tech, low brow. Have a great Monday. We'll see you tomorrow.

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