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Ep. 129: Lid-swapping laptops, new Windows tablets, and the iCade: Tech Culture

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Tech Culture: Ep. 129: Lid-swapping laptops, new Windows tablets, and the iCade

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This week, we check out the latest lid-swapping laptop from Dell, a slick new Asus Windows tablet, and the long-awaited iCade arcade cabinet for the iPad.

That's it doesn't understand the show I don't -- -- because it's Monday. And oh somebody should switch on of cameras and this is which one of the cameras that were actually on an excellent hey Josh at the -- of -- -- -- I'm golden man. Going on thanks it's an inferred Julie who -- today. They'll play around there's no buttons and -- is seeking inserts the -- cameras there now. Those -- me Ilya Greenland and Alaska interactive. System on the -- don't I don't -- got angry at you like it would -- when he's angry bolts guy. Are you could -- -- -- -- in part because a lot of stuff to do today yet now I'm gonna tell you we have a very exciting version of our. Winning stuff chat room team showed today I got -- All generic giveaway every human laptop it's in the podcast studio all the time crashes doesn't apply now well listen. Knutson Joseph is going to hop into the chat room in a few minutes ago and that if you'd like to if you'd like to play the game which as of now he will -- three people -- golden. Joey and Scott will play your avatars and some brain. God twisting trivia questions and I will award prizes are. The PlayStation -- network is still up. So that's good news right guys -- lowest on I saw you pop online -- that game beyond games alone and in -- that's one that's right the trip -- the store. Is -- -- the stores -- because I was trying to downloads like extra content and I couldn't do it. Thus doesn't care I don't let you have -- -- that it now I know what -- -- and what Scott has. What is your current home video game console situation just -- and none. You have nothing you have no Xbox-360 Miami you know places you know week I have no he you have no Nintendo DS I have a Nintendo. Hnilicka that is the only thing I exited DS and DS -- the SIX sells it to -- okay tediously. This is a much different versions of that. Ever been tempted to get a living room game console or what OS when you around I'll last on my own -- payment system was in fact. Okay and what WE com. -- -- -- Why. Well that's that's pretty much it has sold right before the very first price drop and hook up -- so I got top dollar. Okay that's excellent I appreciate that and we -- actually just discussing its funny it's funny you mention that that everyone saying no the weasel out there but there's no new games for it. -- -- -- -- Also really no new games for don't you ever since like the holiday rush that's been pretty much yet except I'll wait a second that's not true well it's not -- got what -- Owen. It just came in -- -- -- reconnect for connects again you know about it and then for we want about the week. -- -- -- -- What effect. It's I think it's wearing -- exercise exercise. Combine via with the -- in a game from them can occasionally having a negative picture. There's different X or B space channel five -- definitely space channel five let's remember that game but that's. The -- I can say at least has a couple of games and then. Connect man for a system that for -- idea that had some promise of it if it worked in your living or dimensions. What happens. Then there there's will be more games are we thought there -- -- games and really other than those launch titles dance central and everything else we're still waiting. That is true aren't clear up facts still waiting well we meaning and against gaming press are sort of wanted to connect -- right now Scott. Known as -- mining and since December. I agree I have might have been put into I moved because every time I had it plugged in for awhile. It would keep downloading a software update in that age group like you wouldn't remember and then the other annoying part is every time its online -- -- -- -- wake -- pattern. Users moto rising -- -- -- -- it would like. -- awful slope of mind of ITV -- perched there at all that is signal ams can employ different and it stayed employed because. I don't have of -- dimensions to use. -- backed up against massive gains against my sofa. And so I can best playing Kinect sports which is fun. But there's no way can use dance central war. And events that investor -- would tell him. If we don't ruin her the different from for the Kinect. Which is a -- -- -- anyway on happier on a happier note to but you guys are familiar with the great non metropolitan transit hub known -- Grand Central Terminal correct. Yes -- I really want of those big exit a couple big balconies -- -- -- restaurants. One of those restaurants is apparently leaving. And down the rumor is -- just a -- it may be replaced with an Apple Store. Which -- a Michael Jordan's steak house it is Charlie Palmer's. Metros there which are not actually intimately familiar with but I guess it's on one of those little balconies there. The Grand Central. When you go into the -- they're okay yeah re branded the entrance here -- the same as central you've blown up Campbell apartments. Yes yes it can -- -- -- the -- Grand Central recently blown up in crisis too and some other game. Oh both -- its in the future. Your -- and acrobatic viewed and some smart girl. -- and slaves and slave does anyone remember exactly -- they are called I just wanna know if there are danced in in the Fisher. Our people having trouble getting Apple products that they that we need is still in -- -- another link yesterday even warmer places says they're sold out. Here's an investor the second question is do people who travel -- grant in Grand Central. -- anymore. -- -- -- It can before people are coming through Penn Station in New York okay -- mistake after the long islanders the New Jersey guys people coming in an Amtrak. It sucks at Penn Station there are no good stores the food court weird thing down there like the forgotten. -- zone and the -- Grand Central for those going to Connecticut and upstate new working in your goal fantasy land of of high end products and fancy -- you -- buy it costs bet you -- cnet's. At that market night getting -- Apple Store and an -- that. I mean it would be relentless advance an -- there would -- but when events. It is there's a famous coach -- can't remember who who -- it by people who. Some sports. Person. -- at some point it. You come and Penn Station used to come -- like champions before they knocked it down and build team right and now you come in like rats. Yeah yeah yeah and then you take your means of -- grad student to various subway tunnels for zone flushes your. So it's it's not the greatest place to be there is a Kmart. But not including Kmart is the Apple Store and in those acumen and that's right that's plants at -- -- should leaving there should be Apple's. -- or at least target. Our target -- it -- -- -- that has an avatar that would be one in an ally -- -- that's right we do in -- -- I'm gonna guess our listeners to hear about. And station in New York City living in Detroit grand jury -- -- Grand -- might be different Apple Store they're gonna digital yes that Dextre agreed to buy it again. Now -- can buy your -- -- -- actually a way home you actually having problems coming up with places to buy Apple products is like if if you do anymore anymore reasons of silicon impulse purchase feeling coming into work or leaving work. And you decide to -- -- -- right here real that's because Josh and I -- I'm listening very interesting and that is the the new battle of the cloud music storage spaces. There's the Amazon cloud that Google music beta that just started and Josh and I just got -- invites for the Google music cloud and we start -- and those. It's got I have my I. I asked the -- I decided to call Erin I just signed a real lesson I think to -- -- -- that's good to note that studies yet -- Louisiana someone up. He asked you know I stopped because it wasn't. What am I gonna be using -- on mainly will be IOS devices and I know that there is a way of -- web based part of it. -- -- part school and then I uploaded a couple of albums and hands. Then I know that I complain on the iPad through their browser. And in -- worked relatively nice to but it didn't skip tracks easily so -- -- stopped after. But I appreciate the size. Google music's. Storage or measure gives you -- Now Johnson's tried to Google one as well as the as the -- one what are your thoughts. Com did Google one it took two days to -- nineteenth -- themselves. -- there's no way to buy anything yet ranked. Yes as far as I know it yet so that's kind of so art for -- buy music and why -- Works out better. Elegant side load purchases in it yet and over all he insisted. The music. Part of it is not well. Laid out in kind of clunky and I don't know if that's true I mean my big problem was it would let you select what to. Upload to it -- -- pick a folder I do it is right yet just picked it way more than 191000 songs and it just. Decided which songs it was gonna so maybe that's primaries and that it. Mean who knows yet. A hand wherever -- trying to contain into the chat or an edit the content that's great and I got a joint -- I got it that's quite dash as I had just talking about the music stores like it hot in there. We -- three contestants all sat there will be able plane their laptop. That's okay yeah the laptop's built in order -- it is because of demand but but he expects the because when I logged in my name. It's currently -- go through all the it's a gutsy -- -- if you are like the -- back in the flexibility of -- and this other music delete upload and download. In fact they actually -- -- for file storage -- -- -- file storage. Last week really quick did just -- a big file. But the Google one is much more elegant and kind of its interface but it but it seems much more limited like you're really trying to kiss up to the record companies you -- -- you can download them back. And if I have always have from one big giant folder why do I want I mean meeting wanna pick this artist and his alma and uploaded -- everything. But there are all -- like. Look out for Apple now Apple is gonna come -- and have their own things -- Mike I almost a one -- too much time in uploading all this crazy stuff. I I chemist I still. Going to stick with Amazon simply because. They put a lot of stuff on sale. And I like being able to. Not have to download immediately. I it was absolutely instantly and then when I get home and I want and don't try it out there -- -- download -- yet. If -- at its its totally the Census Bureau kind of in -- early days in death. You know hopefully hopefully -- get a lot easier to use yet. -- limit initiative into a little show and tell real fast. Like a three things that would assure you guys -- -- -- place in the that don't play some games -- -- win some prizes I got a three contestants also actually happened the -- -- we did it myself. I'm excited about this I like the fact he took the initiative to get things done thank you thank you. Scott you're gonna show us some saw blood droplets which of the crazy cut significantly people not doing this for years what is going -- that. I brought in the Dell Inspiron 15 -- which I am currently reviewing. And as you -- melodic and misery is exist laughable what's the deal. This is the agreement strike lid on the back of the Inspiron fifteen art it's a big laptop but it's a budget -- -- -- about 499. He -- about a thousand what you put into it. But these lips the Linux she feels it's part of the laptop and and you press a button here and -- push forward here. And then eventually it pops off and there's the -- in the Russell lapped up. As actually usable without the little -- look pretty ugly. -- sell for about. 35 dollars over 35 dollars or sixty dollars or plain ones -- any pattern on his -- and these is pretty much sixty bucks which is a pretty penny for. A -- and we couldn't -- had a double off the longest time -- -- -- Julie all tried. And finally you figured it out not me alternates are involved in that that is a nice part of an aside it's it's hard to figure at -- first which again it. The nice part is that. It will not feel like it easily detachable it that's it will feel so it feels solid does not feel like it's going to pop off to the point where you we actually didn't think it did pop off. And that doesn't have too much thickness there again -- -- -- nice because we know so many people amazingly there's some people that really do you buy laptops based -- what color. They are and that sometimes you pick a weird funky design like war. One of these areas crazy once -- -- Ranging from the tasteful to the ridiculous. Some of the various ones that we can easily spend more than you spent on the laptop just clicking and a half electric collector -- now what if a commemorative editions or you're an artist you can pick your own. In addition to a blank when he -- get your -- -- -- -- put his hand prints on it. It's for yeah yeah mothers and -- -- the -- I. But the thing as the basic when it comes with I mean. The good thing is that we've seen is on netbooks like netbooks are going those -- -- designs and you felt like would you ever wanna be stuck with a color like that -- now. You could at least distributors and it would be yet when someone else finds that users -- -- -- the -- plan I think this is called like rambling if. There's a solar ink and audio would put that theory can actually see the content AM. It's like -- -- is only you know there's that. And that's the Inspiron fourteen. Scott got a camera -- like -- he had known and a emissaries game and at rather have something like this scheme. They can peel off -- Then you have lots of -- a lot of them don't. Really beyond what's that -- on or they cost a lot to apply. Is it that analysts will now -- what are the it tells you -- but -- -- color -- edit the the one that no. You send it in -- L line now know that's a scant detonated the -- -- -- Major actions they were actually trillion things also. Obvious what these -- you speak little plastic things that don't abandon Atlanta if they're eight point three gathered there let's get it I think this skin tags can -- I made up a gas amounts are certainly showing -- Is this is this is the -- EP 121 windows tablet we finally have a windows tablet that actually looks pretty decent all the back here. And -- runs pretty well as. And runs pretty well too it's got a core I five -- -- even though the low voltage one. A pretty thin pretty light it's got it -- class and on front explicit on the back the thing I like is. He comes paired with this USB keyboard. Which is kind of funky boutique -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and keyboard. At that via -- Bluetooth keyboard. -- got to go like this and use it like a real laptop although. SATA standard you know what you think it would have a -- -- stand right it does not but it comes with a leather case that you can prop up like it's been an account which overlooks a -- Leo how's it gonna. But any kind of -- it is -- to like the iPad Bradley also tilted at the other way -- to -- that I wish this keyboard. Human like a little -- nine over tiny touchpad -- something that would be awesome yet. There would be much more useful and does -- up doctor Stan disorder that to attach it. -- the thing is about a thousand bucks and they're very hard to get right now because then as one they're not a lot of in the US there that -- Europe. A two -- and actually generally like it as a windows tablet because there really aren't that many less when we look that was the Acer. W 500 which is a seven inch tablet with -- keyboard dock that -- it onto but the keyboard dock so difficult to get on the of just such a hassle and was -- under powered I think it had a in AMD CPU and it that's pretty responsive I got -- -- for government -- -- -- -- It was -- art -- Moore show and tell before game time. And this is it -- when you've been waiting for -- -- -- but you've got an iPad. And you've got that Atari app with the a hundred games in it well I've got an exciting new accessory for you I'm gonna reach down now and pick it up. Those. Those -- pocket money pockets and it's here. It's the IE -- So there you go to speed particle board arcade box you flip lit up on top here is stickier you stick your iPad -- there. And then the buttons and joystick here are actually -- Bluetooth controller. That things with your I can. And then it works of all of those Atari -- -- that but for fifteen bucks -- hundred classic Atari and it only works with. For now it only works that -- they're releasing a software app KL -- pop that and -- -- it and get them idea. And -- the -- the camera it. Or maybe -- you can actually hear they're able to answer yes are you prepared -- -- Moved -- -- is gonna set the steps you can see it. And it's it's like this app and it has like asteroids and I'm always glad I -- -- talk about that go forward. Not yet but they're releasing a so in SDK basically. Though that anyone know building became or get their game updated to work with this in -- prayer with this -- is right. Just to get it discussing it -- well is it on it's not an -- pillow. It. -- a it's just aren't just plug things you can see how it got there it is gonna have to deal with on a weekly basis -- yeah I know I thought it had via the dock connector at the bottom Minnesota guy actually but it doesn't have a switched I don't have the -- to think it's just done it -- -- -- -- I remember the quarter being. That's -- -- five senses that. These can have it in there. But here I know I know I'll let me look at the top on the on and the guys who make the plastic -- -- I don't usually ultra -- show -- what it looks like but it's the I was actually parents that that other track -- overly goes away and you -- at -- falls -- -- yeah -- missile command -- this one of the show that off. It started -- as AM. It started life as a April fool's gag. Her I think geek dislike the TomTom and a sleeping bag and there was such a great outcry they found some -- make -- form. An -- in order for it after a hundred bucks which is not cheap PS -- -- it's just a little Bluetooth thing into particle board but. It's a lot of fun and results pretty responsive to. It's if I had a bar in a basement and record I -- I put this down there that's a good point. But it it's frustrating that it's now solidly docked in there has yet I feel like it should have access and move it to locking connection. And the screen should go did that thing to -- -- -- now our sunscreen kind of goes edge to -- -- With the mega iTunes keep it evidently they -- some kids games -- -- investment Treo. But the controller is good for those arcade games it does make a difference when crystal castles on the -- A lot of my my view drive had products that was gone my one gripe with that is that you know it doesn't -- to take advantage of any game deeply Lansky. Or any game other than the target right now. -- but even if they allowed the SDK out and people wanted to. Any game that's -- I -- meet either of -- ago like NBA jam something on it but there's a legal landscape mode etc. such -- arcade machines were always kind of we you know portrait style I understand them saying the united. Move those walls or something that let's move on gentlemen it's on to play a game I have a three contestants. It was enough -- and -- -- completely and I sat on the -- you cannot -- -- move on here. Not just old and you're playing for chat -- participants DeVon. Hi Joseph you're playing for Bob for 991. And Scott -- -- 991 that's correct and Scott you're playing for flutter guy. I've not been monitoring the chat -- since all this happen but oddly those guys just went there and we -- There it just email -- or messenger on on the FaceBook page and would have -- -- Are you ready the first prize I think it's pretty good one. Go for I've trying to get rid of this for a long time I never thought of giving you in -- -- if you if you enjoy rock band. What you're gonna love the portable rock band drum kit which have right here it's for pants that go on any -- and -- special portable. A -- panel. You'll be using this before it's got. I mean yeah the portable yet yes there -- having used it later on and that's why we're -- -- way. Here's the thing -- looks like an old as -- Iraq bad girls are always gonna start with -- -- -- -- -- it for what console. Xbox. That's not. An Xbox this little junket. Josh -- recently talked about the drums -- since we talked about the I can aid. I'm gonna hit Europe some classic arcade game -- right -- -- got. I mean that -- Josh. -- -- who the four original ghost to use case pac man around -- -- them. And you're playing for our -- -- an Italian -- on this stuff I Nicky. Newton dinky. -- Yes. I need for names. They'd know there's a partial benefits like. Thrown out. Bring it down to this and episode -- quickly. Let's get -- I'm it I only know the story I can keep pinky and stinky interest interesting -- -- Scott are you ready to we in this for Europe for your client. We got into -- blinking incline Blakey. And Clyde W client again or I go thank god this is on my office Scott makes -- -- -- systems work. Is Xbox. -- We'll pick your right think you're right you're right does and with them you it and I -- a great when he for Scott and one of them didn't rhyme. Clockwise or -- -- for the ball on the cartoon I've gotta read bank of various games -- -- we have. Cool stuff for the cameras and if you want to get stuff from the glee goes ninja go gains we -- Dragon Age two inflatable swords. I get this from -- McCain this is that the -- that's. Bubble Bobble -- sign an integral bubble or its but the popping -- from its distinct and independent in the middle. -- -- got. Metal storm mode -- motorcycle apocalypse -- -- and in some cards and Wikipedia for videogame that you get all this stuff if you can answer this questions and discussion starts with us got even -- it up left and right okay. Ray 1982 just got a musical duo had a hit with the novelty song pac man fever. -- -- -- is a music question am I music -- -- impaired. I realize I'm not known -- man fever now musings on the drive me crazy residents -- but I got pac man fever. Matthew Roy Orbison and data that's not the ribs and -- that -- -- -- correct us. -- -- -- -- -- I wish I had a musical cue lined up here I actually have -- on final of the original but now there also are also other great hits on that -- do the Donkey Kong. And I forget progress -- missile command me. Perhaps president that you have to get to come to remedy these are -- And identify radio Canada's plan is site I know I don't know it's about this group has scuffled racer and a very -- a I thought you would have this. You don't have -- -- you guys do not remember not really music and Tijuana where great let a little video out and -- is just now be -- and I had no idea okay is that the RT kings. We don't -- with the popular Garcia Garcia and it was cherry Garcia not Bahrain in elementary and Jerry and a bill but I'm bringing in my original. My original vinyl copy of this next -- he has to Theodore W is that while the other -- whatever regulatory and -- -- We're right -- that it jumped and attempted to the question for just that here. On the study is that is is interesting area. And I like to finally give away the copy of of the car not of the classic X I actually sixty game is surprisingly -- game it is it's a classic and this one is still sealed is a collector's item now. Observatory just a zoning analyst gains its hardware is under for the 200 Sattar with a -- the company the company us remember the guy -- -- -- -- Nolan Bushnell. We kinda had recently -- friendly guy I -- he -- Atari if you count the restaurant chain restaurant chain was Apple was against enemy and know how to -- operated. It's not what what restaurant chain that he founded after he left to tell. The company has had to step -- that -- met at. That if I'm not with -- -- art house. That is it is that it. Be securely. That is -- director. It. TT. -- -- also gonna if you got it governor has finally I mean it yourself as you said it is just early RNA Chucky cheese they doubt. -- don't consider that restaurants letter god did. Cleaning up and that's it that's not the right decision and doesn't make sense of place -- -- -- -- is full of arcade machine yes art are I have it does and -- expert who also founded. The TV show. Really know what I thought -- line -- I have two questions left whose next -- building your neck and -- I'm giving away if you have a week the EA active accessory pack if you have that. Maybe maybe if Motorola does currently none of us -- the Jabber right now so we can't tell and lets people can -- in the chairman's slot prize later if they want. I think it's a question. The first video game to be even tangentially featured on the US postage stamp wasn't pac -- and then as you might think it was this other game what was it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was a part of an eighty's stamp collection and it showed some people won't kind of lifestyle shot in doing a particular video game. Donkey Kong that is also good guess but incorrect while just. People multiplayer -- single player game. -- they -- okay. Little. Our -- would have been. -- now also did Castro congress defendant defend what was that adds I know it -- -- so bad for Internet. Whenever I don't feel too bad. I have one final collector I have one final question -- that is probably twice just gives god clarity and keep our mind but this is this is the moral with the cameras this Biggio -- -- question it. A disaster it's -- -- a that it's gonna. I'll I'll put this last question up for -- raise your hand the thing ding ding -- and the Andrea bingo -- now here's the prize -- -- Joseph in LA -- T shirt you can't get this anywhere. And it comes in its own -- nor evidence band scant evidence with red evidence tape on it this is a true video game collector's item and you and I've been playing going to walk through you know of what I speak. Okay that's -- exciting -- -- -- -- Cisco. Let's collectively -- when it 600 it let's -- you know that the big retailer guys steers. Robot had its own custom private label version of the Atari 2600. They have their own Sears branded version of it. What was that called instead of the Atari twins look under greater hand of -- the -- EV DO. I'm RAZR handset I don't realizing -- needed what got -- Really now obviously after the video Kate correct you're -- but he -- get. One. Then quickly quickly and -- -- that. Here's entertainment system also excellent at getting great until it's up to you I really want somebody to win this radical Anwar LA -- shirt. Although -- pretty back to the bank of a yeah I. -- Yes we cannot. -- they -- barely ahead I dare you to talk why I just know the name of the Macy's and made Terry that time -- ruined the joke I was gonna. Major economies is making a scene Genesis console but -- couldn't get the punchline that tickets -- have to harness and that's what your best -- here American academia and I've flown and it's definitely an early music content. Nam it done it's -- crazy -- -- Qaeda -- that I -- -- I got distracted from and it it is the it was the -- years video arcade to -- -- very close I was simplicity okay he said are he said his listeners entertainment Nina -- video. All excellent guesses. And it didn't know that that Nintendo had trouble selling the they erroneous people's so they are they try to partner with the with Atari -- -- and -- wouldn't go for it but then they ended up that's how it. Stupid robot thing ended -- -- because it is on the -- of holes on a gaming system it's it's a robot. Thing the robot and has trouser -- of -- It's all of their virginity there is very limited about the robot than -- the cartridges for human endeavors are getting crazy -- just hunt was awesome I was crazy Andy's a look at that robot yet and -- -- crazy -- while crazy -- is the way is insurgency. Nobody -- and all right on the -- and nobody beats me. I -- -- that is it for our show today I think we're at a time a good game you guys got excellent work. -- guys -- -- who want something right Scott yeah okay so flat lie. I -- into for just the right Ali -- account the pinata is a pinata and a -- -- they'd rather it looks like goal hotly. It doesn't cut it sits on in the -- you're not -- -- people content for the U on the can email on the digital city at CNET okay -- athletic guy. -- would -- be doing your -- that's right. And prizes are prizes are excited -- -- tune in every week Monday 3 PM eastern live. And -- -- a FaceBook page its digital city podcast. Follow us on Twitter on at the -- -- is that jets got and the show itself is at digital -- CNET and sometimes Jim regionally go in depth with some cool stuff on Twitter there. And that's been -- -- anything new -- like the plug. If you want to follow me and tweeters super box monkey. Excellent site. -- -- and I I play the theme music but they opened up the due to the vagaries of podcasting. Since I opened up the chat room here now I can't play any music. So we're just gonna go about violently and listen -- -- -- hum the theme music me. Here here here. -- -- -- -- That's down here it's. But you could actually done sorry if I'm bored while I was there is leaders and it -- the -- sound similar shivered. -- -- and now it's actually window. A gigabyte and edit window window of years ago Daniels and Disney music now relieving. -- --

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