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The 404: Ep. 1287: Where we just need a green bed

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The 404: Ep. 1287: Where we just need a green bed

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Polygon's Russ Frushtick joins Jeff in the studio to talk about the new Anchorman 2 trailer and the best food he had last week in Los Angeles.

-All right, everybody. It's Wednesday, June 19th, 2013. The week of Justinless program. Programming continues. Thanks for tuning in to The 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Russ Frushtick. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -We got a barely conscious Russ Frushtick-- -All right. -who just seems like he's been to hell and back. -Yup. -Man, oh man, dude. Are you okay? Because I'm just looking into your eyes. Usually, it's dreamy. -Yeah. -Right now, just maybe sadness. -Well, it's dreamy in another way. Actually, literally dreamy because I'm sleeping. -And you're sleep deprived. -No, I'm not sad. I'm just-- E3 is a heck of a week. It's exciting. -Yeah. -You know, a lot of things happened. It's also very draining and I just kind of-- I don't know. I need an extra day to just do nothing and I haven't gotten yet. So-- -Well, you're in the right place. -Yeah. -Because you're gonna do nothing here. -Awesome. -You're just gonna sit there, you're gonna look pretty and we're gonna have a nice conversation. -Lovely. -So, I feel like, you know, I didn't get to see you that much out there because you were doing your video thing with the Polygon stuff. -Yeah. -So, tell me like what that was all about and you know, because I know you-- we talked on the phone a few times while we were out there. -Yeah. -And-- but we really didn't get to hook up as much as I think either Russ would have like, so-- -Sadly. -Sadly, right? -Yeah. -So, describe to me because you're a busy man. -Yeah. So, I was heading up just video operations for Polygon while we're out there. There's just a lot we-- it's the first year that we've like done video and we've done video last year but it's the first year in earnest that we did a video and it was 12 live shows, like 13 or 14 featured videos, just very busy. And live shows-- I know you guys do a live show everyday, so-- -All right. -it must be overhead to you but in terms of guest and booking and everything like that, like on Monday, we did 4 of them in one day. -Yeah. -And it's just like-- -How do you do-- wow, that's-- and not only that, but doing it on a mobile sort of basis. -Right. -Because we do-- we have a whole operation here that we-- -That's right. -Yeah. -that we, you know, work out of him. If we've got it down to-- I don't wanna say it's science because that's way too enthusiastic but we have it down. -Yeah. -When you're on the road, it's tough. -Yeah. Well, we had a really good studio's crew that like set everything up and we actually had to move our whole set over to the given center on Tuesday. -Right. -It was an ordeal but they kick butt and I'm happy to be done with it. I'm really proud of the work we did. I was just-- this was my 12th E3 and by far the hardest I've worked during an E3 and I didn't write a single article. So, that's-- -Sky-- I mean, he is just the man that has been beaten down, -Yeah. -into a fine powdery fresh tick dust. -I'll be fine next week. -You will be. -Maybe. -All right. Well, how about this? Let's change-- we can totally change gears for a second. -Yeah. -And I wanna talk to you personally because I know how much we love this specific movie. -Okay. -Did you hear about this, Ariel? The trailer-- -I just heard you guys talking about it. -The trailer for Anchorman 2 came out today. -Yes. -So, while you're recovering still from E3, -Okay. -let's sit back, -I might fall asleep. -relax-- that's fine. That's fine. Let's watch this E3 Show-- let's watch this Anchorman 2 trailer. I'm excited about this. -In the 70s, they were an elite unit. With names like Brick, Champ, Brian and Ron, they rose like the phoenix and then they were gone. The legend became but a whisper told by the trees until now. -We're starting a 24-hour news channel and we want you. -I'm going to do the thing that God put Ron Burgundy on this Earth to do. Have salon-quality hair and read the news. -Don't stop believing, hold on to that feeling. Street light, people. -This just feels right. The news team is back. -Welcome to the 80s, baby. -Is that your foot between my legs? -No. -Oh, it was my hand. Your hair looks like wet popcorn. -I like the parts of your face that are covered with skin. -Don't stop believing, hold on-- -Jack Lime, look at him. He's a prince. -He's not that great. -What did you say? -He said you're not that great. -Brick. -Don't stop believing. -I don't read Jet Magazine or Jheri Curl Daily. -Why are you doing? -I'm breaking down the barriers of race by assimilation. And on that note, which one of your convicts with the longest record can pass me the mashed potatoes? -Oh, my-- -Oh, God. -All right. -All right. So, what do you think of that, Russ? -It's-- there were funny moments. I wasn't pulled over but I love the first one so much that like, I'll see it. -And that's the thing. Like we were talking about how freaking unbelievable and that first one still holds up. -It really does. -So much so. -Yeah. -I think it's like even now it's still in its prime. -Yeah. -It's ageless. Is it not? -Yeah, but because it's not making like time sensitive jokes. -Right. -So, you could-- yeah, it works just about any time. I know, I absolutely love it. That and Step Brothers are like-- -Step Brothers isn't bad either. I kinda wish they're like secretly working John C. Reilly into Anchorman 2. I'm excited about it. I don't think-- but I agree. I don't think the trailer is mind-blowing. -Yeah. -But I don't remember the original Anchorman trailer being an amazing, you know, [unk] and half either. -Yeah. I just worry-- there's like a lot of pressure with like, oh my God, there's so much pressure. You essentially have to like create these one-liners that were as good as the original and it's tough. I'd be-- I'm not hugely optimistic but I'm hoping. -I have temperate expectations. -Yup. -Don't you think that-- and people have told me this, don't you think like certain things in Anchorman 1 are funny now that weren't funny when you first saw it? -I have no idea. -You don't know what I'm talking about. It's just like you see it and it just evolves into another joke. -Sure. -And that to me is funny. -Yeah. -Right? -And maybe because you were too wasted the firs time you saw it and just forgot all the jokes. -My level of inebriation has nothing to do with whether I'm gonna enjoy something, whether or not it's funny. But I'm very excited about it. I don't like the haters. -Yeah. -There's people who were just like, oh, screw this, what are they doing? It's been a freaking decade, man. -Yeah. -It's okay. Like this is-- -Yeah it could [unk] earlier. -They could have-- they're-- we could be at Anchorman 5 right now. -Yeah. -So, let's be happy. This is only the second one. I like that it's in New York. That seems awesome. -Yup. -How do we miss when they tape these-- when they film these things? -It's probably not come to New York. -Well, no. There is like certain scenes that like look-- -Some scenes, sure, but-- -pretty New York. -[unk] a ton of stuff in New York. We don't know. -I know. -It's always [unk]. -It's always and it's always in the flat iron building right here. -Yup. -All right. So, we're excited about that. Did you see Man of Steel yet? -No, not yet. -No? Yeah. -We can't talk about it. -It's all right. I haven't seen it either. -I wanna see it but I've heard mixed things, like literally mixed. Like it seems like everyone is totally split on whether it's good or bad. I am-- I've gotten the exact same impression. I think there's something very-- like there's a lot of like strange business going on. You know what I mean? -No. -Like it seems like there's one gaping gigantic issue that everyone knows. -Oh, yeah. And I don't know what that is. -And I don't know what it is either. -Which is fine. I'm like intentionally trying to avoid any information on it. -Yeah. -But that is the impression I got. Is that like something happen-- something changes, -Yeah. -and presumably possible there's a big issue with it. But again, I don't know, don't tweet me and tell me what changes, please. -Don't do that. -That would be very mean and I would cry because I'm seeing it this weekend. -Are you really? -Yes. -Okay. So, you have to come back and tell us all about that. -Yeah. -All right. We-- you wanted to bring up Animal Crossing-- -I did. -because you are a 7-year-old girl. Explain to me-- now, I played a little of it as well. -Okay. -I'm not-- I'm clear-- I know right now, we haven't even talked about it at all. I mean, we just freaking look at this game. I mean, -Yeah. -I get it like this is something Nintendo does really well. -Yup. -And Animal Crossing, I-- this is the only animal-- -We're gonna check in that mail. -Yeah. There it is. It's in Japanese but that's fine. -No, I know Japanese. -It's the only-- -He's like, oh, I got mail. -It's the only version of Animal Crossing that I've given more than a half hour too. -Okay. -So, talk to me about it and explain to me what the hell it is you really do like about this. -So, here's the issue with Animal Crossing. It's that there is no-- damn, I need that rug. There's no possible way-- -Damn I need that rug. -No possible way to describe the premise of Animal Crossing with that sounding like an absolute moron because-- -And crazy. -Yeah and-- -And crazy. -Like a maniac. -Like why am I obsessed with this green bed? -Right. -Right. -I'm obsessed with the green bed right now. -Are you really? -I literally am obsessed with gangs. -You can't get one? -I can't find a green bed. Do you have a green bed? -No. -Don't even play with my emotions right now. -Do you wanna know why? -Why? -Because I don't give a crap about a green bed. No, I'm joking. -So, the purpose of the game, you get dropped-- you're human and you get dropped in this village of animals. -Right. -And the premise is you want to upgrade your house and buy new furniture and get matching furniture and then plant trees and grow fruit. Sort of like Animal Crossing meets The Sims. -Yeah. That's a great way to put it. -And it sounds really, really dumb but there's something about it where like even though you know it's dumb, every morning I wake up and I'm like, I gotta check the store and see what's in store. -Well-- -I gotta look for new fossils. There's new fossils in the ground, I gotta find them. -But there's this-- that's the magic to it. -Yeah. -Is that-- it's sort of like randomized. -Yeah. -It is randomized. -It is. Yeah. -And that is-- there's something super special about that. -And you-- I don't know what-- we're grown freaking men, man. -Yeah. -Like, right? We're-- you're almost 30, I'm 30. Like this is crazy that we're-- -It's very odd. -obsessing over these virtual little trinkets. I'm just looking at Ariel to my left and he's like getting ready to get out of here. -Yeah. I understand it, man. -Yeah. -Can you for just a second understand why a grown ass man would appreciate a game like this? -No. It doesn't look too entertaining. -Yeah, I can't explain it. I really am unable to explain it like there's no way for someone that hasn't played it. Here's a friend of mine who is on the Podcast with me, at my Podcast, is-- made the same, you know, sounds like Ariel. Like made the same statement or he was essentially-- he says, ridiculous, I don't know why I'm doing this, for the first like three days he didn't care. Took the flight over at E3, landed at E3, texted all of us, he was like, "I hate all of you. I'm horribly addicted to this game." -It's-- and it's like a sickness. -Yeah. -It's like a sickness that you voluntarily contract. -Yeah. -And once you're in it, you're in it. -Yeah. -You really have to detach yourself. It's like a violent tearaway but yeah, I don't know, that's Animal Crossing. -Yeah. -Is there anything else that you wanted to say about it? -I really like the StreetPassfunctionality. I don't think there's any other games done StreetPassas well as this. -All right. So, explain what StreetPass is. -So, StreetPass on the 3DS essentially [unk] your wireless switch on and you leave the system in sleep mode and then anyone else you pass, even if they're a stranger, you'll-- could go StreetPass with them and then there's this virtual village that builds up out of people's houses that you passed. -Right. -So, essentially, you can go into this village. -It's very social, believe it or not. -Yeah. -It's very social and you can go into this village and walk into any person's house and like if you like some other furniture, you can buy some other furniture. And it just encourages way more interaction than any other Nintendo game I've ever played. -Right. -Because generally Nintendo games are very like same system and that's about it. -Sure. -So, yeah, just-- they put a lot of thought into it. Again, there is no way for me to explain it and make it sound like worth trying but it is. If only just to be part of the conversation, it's kind of a nice-- just so you know what's up. -Yeah. Absolutely. That's funny. -Yeah. -Tell me-- so, you've mentioned your Podcast. I don't think we've ever really given that a lot of attention on our show when you're here. -Yeah. -Can you tell us about The Besties? -Sure. -And what you guys specifically did at E3? -Sure. -Because it was kinda funny. -Oh, yeah. So, The Besties Podcast, we do weekly. It goes up on Fridays and the purpose of the show is essentially four of us pick the best thing of the week and that sometimes it's a game but more often it's gonna be something specific about a game. So, for example like in Batman, the best grappling hook in the game this week. -Right. -It's lighthearted, not super thoughtful but it's fun. We joke. Anyway, during E3, we did a vine scavenger hunt. -Uh-hmm. -Where we were tasked with interacting with costumed animals and hugging indie developers and all sorts of wacky things. We shot the video and oh yeah, there you go. There's the video. That's Justin McElroy doing some dancing. He's proclaiming that he is the king of dancing in this sequence. And we had some fun. So, yeah, if Google Besties E3 2013 Scavenger Hunt or something to that effect, then you should be able to watch the video and yeah, we still do the Audio Podcast every week on Friday. So, if you wanna listen, feel free. -And I-- and now I'm listening to that. -Oh. How nice. -How do you feel about that? -I feel good. -Are you okay with that? -Yeah. You are well-- far more versed in the creation of Podcast than we are. -Does it freak you out that I'm just sitting there in the corner like conniving, judging? -Yeah. -Do that. -It does. Well, you've done how many? Four thousand I guess. -We don't have to talk about that. We don't have to talk about how many-- -We're up to, I think, 71. -All right. So, you're on-- -Somewhere around there. -You're like a 4000, you know, 4200 on the way there, right? -Yeah. We're on our way. -All right. I'm gonna wrap and fire E3 questions for you right now. -Oh, God. I'm gonna have PTSD. -No, it's okay. You're gonna be fine. -Okay. -Don't worry about the traumatic experience you had that was the E3 convention. Okay. What's the game-- one game you love? -Dying Light. -I don't know if I agree with you on that. -Did you play it? -I did. I-- and I put it in my-- -Have you talked about it? I don't wanna-- -And I put it in my list. -Have you talked about it on the show? -No. Sort of. Maybe. -It's essentially Dead Island but with parkour controls. -Right. -Like Mirro's Edge meets Dead Island. -I don't know if you could call-- I don't know if calling it Mirror's Edge is like-- I get-- -Oh, I'm sorry. It's fun. -It's-- no, I was just saying like it's not-- it's-- parkour to me is not a super major element to it. I don't know. -You're crazy. -But the park that I played where I'm like, you know, I guess you're climbing up stuff. -You fall to climb buildings and like shimming of poles and-- -Yeah, the pole shimmying. There's a lot of pole shimmying. -getting side jumps. I mean, essentially, you think about playing a zombie game, -Yeah. -but you are extremely mobile-- -Right. -instead of just like having to like battle through zombies, you can like do crazy jumps. -Right. You can jump on their heads, I remember. -Yeah, you can jump on their heads. -What else did I play? I played the scene where and then the lights go out, -Yeah. -and you gotta like sneak around. -Yup. It's fun. I really liked it. -I guess I'm looking for it because it's like, you know, this explains why Dead Island: Riptide was so awful. -Yeah. -Maybe. -Oh, yeah because they are working-- -Because they're busy-- because they're-- okay fine. That's the game you love. That's the-- your favorite game of E3. -I played like 5 games. -Oh, that's right. You aren't really there. And then what's the game you hated? -Ryse. -Yeah, that's an easy one. -That was not good. -Ryse is just-- oh, I can't even describe what my feelings were and I had-- and I was playing it and we got into the Microsoft booth really early. -Yeah. -And no one was there and I was playing it and I kept looking around at me like-- -Am I doing the right thing? Yeah. -Am I doing it right? Because I'm literally not control-- I'm not using a controller. This game is on autopilot. -Yeah. It was decimal, like not fun to play. The controllers were sluggish. I didn't know what I was doing. I don't know what the whole game is. Is it just like a linear, like mission to mission thing? -It's super linear I think. -And it just wasn't fun. -The guy who was there and I don't even wanna name him because I don't wanna embarrass anybody. -Yeah. -The guy who was there explaining it to me, -Yeah. -was like, "It's not about Quick Time Events." -Okay. -He's like, "It's all about when you hit the button for Quick Time Events." -Yeah, that's also known as Quick Time Events. -I was like, "So, you're telling me it doesn't matter when I hit the Y button. But if I hit it sooner than later, it's gonna be even better?" and he's like, "Yeah." And I was like, "Game back." -Yeah. -You know, and I was like, "I'm done." -Yeah. -You know, and that was that. Okay. That's too easy. Everyone hated Ryse. -Sorry. -What else did you hate? -I didn't super-- well, let's see. What other games that I play? Super Mario 3D World-- -Disappointing? -is fun but a little disappointing. -Okay. -It's like I was hoping for a galaxy style game or something. -Right. That's what I wanted. -It just feels like a multiplayer version of the 3DS that we played already. -Exactly. So, to me, it's like why was-- why, you know, the galaxy game was so-- it was like the most innovative thing Mario had ever done-- -Yeah. -in 20 years. Right? -Yup. -And I'm like, oh my God. This team is gonna be behind something new for Wii U. -Yeah. -This might be a system selling sort of thing. And then they come out and then say, "Oh, this is 3DS version." And it's just on, you know-- -And I find that is vexing as like, hey, we've got this amazing team that made Metroid Prime. Let's put them on Donkey Kong Country Returns 2, which is essentially like an expansion packed to the original Donkey Kong Country Returns. -It's-- -Like-- -Yeah, yeah. -It just-- I'm like, I get-- -But those dynamic levels, Russ. -Here's the thing. I get like Nintendo desperately needs software and they need to like modify their base because a lot of people have had issues with the lack of software and stuff like that. It's just a shame that doing that means taking teams off more interesting projects and I mean, I don't know. I just think Nintendo is just trying to do whatever they can to bring interest back to the Wii U because they're having a tough time of it. -You think? -I'm-- -Yeah. -I'm excited about Smash Brothers but like again, it's Smash Brothers, it's not earth shuttering-- -Right. -if you've seen the games before. Even Animal Crossing, a game I love, is so errative that if you played the last Animal Crossing, I would say probably 80% to 90% of the content is probably the same. -Same stuff. -Exactly. Like it's pretty remarkable how similar the games are, and that's Nintendo, they always iterate but I don't know. I just-- like desperate to see something really new from them. -Yeah for sure. And we talked a bunch about Nintendo yesterday so I'm gonna-- -Yeah, I'm not gonna-- -knock in again today. All right. Overall, not just a game but what was the most disappointing thing about E3? Like what was the absolutely worst, jus not event a game, just like something-- -You want me to say Microsoft used games? -No, because that's a low-hanging fruit. -Yeah, I know. -I'm talking about the most-- it could be anything. -Yeah. -It could be anything. -I would say disappointing was-- I don't know. It was a mixed because we see a-- -I have one thing too. I wanna hear you. -Okay. So, we see a company like Ubisoft that actually was pretty good about new IPs and stuff like that with Watch Dogs last year, this year with The Division which looked really good. And then EA comes forth and I guess I'm not surprised because it's EA but EA comes forth and is [unk] as the most like IP franchise familiar press conference I think I've ever seen. -Right. -And on that same token, the Microsoft press-- I mean, again, enough has been said about like their online rule set and stuff like that. What disappointed me most about the Microsoft press conference, it wasn't that stuff as much as like the lack of indie stuff, it was like brutal, like-- -It's almost-- it's weird. -It's weird. I mean, that game below looks amazing. -Sure. -I was like really pumped about that game. -One game. -But it's literally one game that they spent one minute on. -Wasn't there another one? One that indie-- that indie-- -Project Spark wasn't-- I think that's-- -No, that's not really. You can't call that indie. -Right. That's not indie. -There was like a-- it took 5 seconds. Two and a half seconds was below and the other two and a half seconds I feel like there was another indie. -Doesn't bring-- I might be wrong. -Yeah. -I mean, I was a little distracted but like-- compared to Sony, which not only dedicated a chunk of their press conference to indie games but also, I would say, 50% of the booth-- -Oh, my God, lot of floor space. -Their booth was a mess and tons of floor space for indie stuff, and admittedly that helps them because it means that their first party studios which are a bit notorious for taking a long time and not always having like Triple-A hits, can ease off the throttle a little bit and let the indies fill in that catalog, -Right. -where Microsoft is super relying on Triple-A publishers and their own developers to make these games for them. It just seems-- I mean, I know the Xbox One will have indie games, it just seems so odd that they're-- seem so pushed like so much against just the general concept of it. -Right. -And I don't know. Maybe that will prove different when the thing X relaunches and it might have like 5 amazing indie games but right now, I just wasn't seeing it. -Yeah. -All right. So, sticking on the disappointing stuff. -Okay. You're negative, Jeff. -Well, I have-- you have to be. Well, yeah, well, no. There's gonna be positive things. -Okay. Okay, I'm excited about the positive thing. -Well, for me-- and I wanna hear what you would have to say about this. You didn't go to other press conference, right? -I saw all of them. -You saw them. -Yes. -Which weren't in the gulch, correct? Luckily for you. -Well, yeah. [unk]. -I know-- are you with me? Do you think they should let anyone in to these things? -Into the press conference? -Yeah. -What do you mean anyone? -Anyone like people who stand up and applaud during it. How do you feel about that? -I don't-- it doesn't-- I know it bothers you a bunch but it doesn't-- -Because I'm trying to work. -I know but it doesn't bother me. They don't care if you're working. They just want a spectacle. -Oh, I know they don't care if we're working. -So, I mean, as far as I'm concerned whatever, it doesn't-- really it impacts to you when people clap. -No. It impacts me when they're like rocking on the chair because Dead Rising 3 is coming out. -Okay. -And Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out. -That wasn't you rocking on the chair [unk]? -I forgot who I was telling a kid with literally-- -Scott Stanley? -Unfortunately it was a kid literally, it sounded like he was crying. It sounded like when they show that Kingdom Hearts 3 footage, -Yeah. -that look pretty bad, right? -Yeah. -Then-- -Looks like Kingdom Hearts. -Yeah. -Yeah. -And the kid was like emotional like-- -Yeah. -Right? -Yeah. -It was weird. I didn't like that. -But they've be doing that for years. They just want like-- they want a loud cheer, they want a spectacle-- -No, I know, I get it. -and they got it when they-- Sony announced the used game stuff like-- -Right, of course. -that's one for the record. -Like all day they were like, we're not changing anything and people went nuts. All right. So, name one bad thing about Sony then. One bad thing and you can't-- and yeah, nothing we've talked about. -Well, I think Sony is like, back-- it's weird because Sony admittedly has said a bunch of stuff about used games on that stuff but they still kind of like secretive or just not vocal about how it's gonna work with like whether they're gonna game registration, whether that's gonna be on the publisher side like how that's all gonna work, because they will have games that require always-on connection. There's no question about that destiny will require that. -Right. -So, I feel like Sony, instead of playing into, you know, being more open about what their plans are, or just sort of letting Microsoft screw themselves over and-- which is smart but-- -It's a smart PR move. -Yeah. -But there will be some repercussions in a row. -Yeah. I would also say I'm not super pumped. Infamous I like but the rest of the first party lineup and exclusives for PS4 does nothing for me. -I agree. -Not including the indie games, which I am excited about, Octodad and all that-- -Totally. -Just came out last which I played, it's super awesome. -Oh, my God. I love that. I loved it. -But like Killzone has never done it for me. -Nope. -All the Final Fantasy stuff is like not-- I don't know if that's exclusive but it's not my jam. -Is it? Yeah, I wanna get back to Final Fantasy but keep going. -Okay. I'm trying to think of what-- I mean, it's telling that like things aren't jumping into my head as like these were amazing PS4 exclusives or it's like I'm really excited about Dead Rising 3 for example and I mean, that Call of Duty like release jump is a huge deal, Titanfall looks amazing. -Yeah. -So, I think, like it was this year it feels like Microsoft is gonna have the edge in terms of Triple-A exclusives or Sony seems to be, again, pushing indie very hard, so it's-- it's good. You know what's good about all this, is that, it's a genuine cons of war for the first time in a long time. Like for the first time I would say since PS2-- what was the PS2 fighting with? Xbox? -Xbox. -Yeah, I guess the Xbox. -Remember that? -Yeah. -Yeah, it's been a while. -I thought GameQ was part of that conversation. -No. -No? All right. Let's talk about Final Fantasy real quick. -Okay. -Let's throw this up on the screen here. This stuff is weird, man. -I know a very little about this. -And I don't know enough about Final Fantasy. It looked really cool to me. -I mean that's all FMV, that's not in game. -Obviously. But I'm just like, what is it? What-- are we just stupid Americans and we don't get it? -I mean, there are Americans that really like Final Fantasy. -No, I know but what is it? -I don't know. -Like, what is happening here? -What vexes me is that I don't get what connects all the Final Fantasy games apart from like-- -Right. Are they separate? -They are separate. There's like no connection. -There's nothing connecting. -Sometimes I'll do Spinoffs where it'll be like the three girls from Final Fantasy XIII come back and starting their game but when it's like a new number, it's a brand new series, I don't know. This is Final Fantasy XV. So, this would be like starting from the scratch and it-- -It looks cool. -Yeah, it looks neat. It looks different from other Final Fantasy games. I've seen more action heavy, but like I don't know. It just-- like-- -I'll tell you what. They may-- -Japanese RPGs are not my jam. -They're not my jam either but man, do they make a good-- like they really do a good job at making you think it's important, right? -Yeah. -They make you really think like everything that's happening, -Yeah. -will forever change the face of the planet. -Well, they should because Square is in trouble and the only thing that's going to sell for them is Dragon Quest and this game. -Although they're okay with having Saints Row now. -Yeah but-- is that Square? -Yeah they have Saints Row IV now. -Okay. -You're putting that out. -I mean, but-- again, those games aren't necessarily like a huge monster hits that they need. -Right. -That company going. -Yeah. -I mean, looking to have sex in Tomb Raider, -Sure. -about these games really well and they still under performed. -Yeah. -So-- -It's just so weird. What's the hell going on here? -It's weird. Crazy. -And every time that like we gotta find the crystal, oh, he has the crystal but if we don't get the crystal, the world will end and you're like, all right. -You just like say, screw the crystal, we don't need it anymore. -Yeah. Whatever happened to that? I don't know. All right. What was the best food you had at E3? -Oh. That's-- I'm glad you asked, Jeff. -I'm glad I did too. -Because there is no question in my mind, the best food I had was the number 19 at Langer's Deli in Los Angeles. -The number 19. -It is a pastrami sandwich with Russian dressing and coleslaw, warmed. It is--I'm coming from New York, I'm a New York Q. -Yeah. -And New York Q is-- are very focused on their delis and are very proud of them and so it's rare when I would go to another place, you know, finding a bagel elsewhere is impossible. -Sure. -It's weird when I go to another place and yet the best-- some of the best deli food ever we had, certainly the best pastrami sandwich I've ever had. It's a bit-- I mean, it's not like I found it like in a corner. It's like a known location especially for people in LA but if you're visiting and haven't heard of it, Langer's Deli, do yourself a favor and stop by. -Is it the 19? -The number 19. -Here it is. -The special-- if you-- yeah, there it is. Pastrami, Swiss Cheese and Coleslaw. It's warmed a little bit. -Oh, I like that they warm it up a little bit. -Oh, man. -Yeah. -It is-- it's just like-- it's like brisket, it is like liquid. -Oh, it's not, it's pastrami. What do you-- -No. You know what I mean, but it like melts in your mouth. -Yeah. -It's not like dry and-- -So, you say-- you're telling me Langer's-- -Better than Katz's, better than 2nd Avenue. -Ben's? Better than Ben's? -I don't think I've had Ben's. -Well, I don't know if you lived in-- -Maybe not. -You-- really? I mean, there's a lot of-- you're really spitting in the face of a lot of old Jewish people by saying Langer's-- -I'm gonna at [unk] and say Langer's is probably run by old Jewish people. -No, that's crazy. I believe it though, they-- have you ever been to The Pantry out in LA? -I had. That place made me very ill. -Well, it doesn't make you ill. It just makes you do things quicker than you plan. -Yeah. It does. -It's what it does to you. -It does. It speeds up the process a bit. -Right? It's just-- -Yeah. -It's a cathartic experience, is it? -And that's-- during E3 that's actually a good thing to have because you need quick energy. -Yeah. -I had-- I was at the Water Grill. Have you ever heard of that? -No. -I think it's down on Figueroa-- South Figueroa. -Yeah. -And I had-- -You took the 10 to get there? -Do, dude. I took the 110 to 405. -Good work. -Got off at 6th Street on the right. -Oh, man. -And-- that's all I was doing the whole time-- -Smart. -driving out there. I'm just talking like those [unk]. -LA. That's their entire life. Just driving around in traffic. -It's crazy. -[unk] blast. -Every road there is 19 lanes wide. -Yeah. -And they're still bumper to bumper traffic. -Yeah. -From 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. -Flying cars will do a world a good-- -Would it? I don't know. -Maybe. -They will be a traffic in the sky too. I had-- what I have? I had Wasabi and Panko and crusted rare tuna. It was delicious. -It sounds fancy. -I had some raw scallops. -Wow. -I had some-- our buddy Josh Miller from the SF Office was there. He ordered a big soft-shell blue crab. -Oh, wow. -Delicious. -Wow. -I should say wow. -I thought it was good. -It sounds good. -I mean, yeah. What else? Just a lot of-- I had some duck, had some steak-- -This is all in one meal? -No. This is spread-out course of a few days. -Yeah. -But that's the way to do it out there. -Tasty. -Yeah. Okay. So, we're done with the food. -Okay. -Let's go back to good and bad. -Okay. -Okay. So, everyone wanted a crap all over Microsoft. -Yes. -I mean, everyone is like, oh, they're totally out of touch with everything. -Yup. -Okay. So, fine. And the one good thing we talked about was like, oh, well, they probably-- they made a case that they have maybe slightly better amount of Triple-A exclusives. -Yeah. -Right? -Yeah. -Okay. Aside from that, -Okay. -What's another-- what's one good thing about them? -Well, I do wanna reiterate the Below game looks absolutely awesome. It looks like a LoFi Zelda stlye game-- -Okay. -made by the guys that did-- -Sword and-- -Sword & Sworcery, yes. -Sworcery. -Capybara games. So, that looks super cool. I would also say-- -Yes, it's tough. -Yeah, I don't know. -See. But it's not mess-- it's so messed up. -Yeah these are two big things. I think the big shock was I came in-- -I'll say-- okay, I have one good thing. -Okay. Now, you do your good thing-- -Okay. My one good thing about Xbox and Microsoft and Xbox One, -Yeah. -Dude, their controller is good. -Okay. Well, I'm glad you mentioned that because I came in saying I will never use a controller other than the Xbox 360 controller. It's my favorite controller of all time. I came into E3 like that. I left PS4 controller, might be that controller I've ever used. -No way because I was looking on Polygon before you came in, -Yeah. -And that's one of you guys is-- -Not just one of us, a lot of us thought. -I mean, like one out of the list. -Yeah, one of the list. It rightfully so. It's a really, really good controller. -It's a great improvement over the three. -It might have hopped and jumped over the-- -Yeah with that weirdo touchpad in the middle of it. -I mean, the touchpad doesn't impact anything. If anything it just potential adds. -No, I know but you know that's gonna come into play like someone's gonna, you know, someone's-- they're-- all the couple first part, you know, first couple of years, they're gonna implement it in a weird way. -You're right. That's true but here-- -You're gonna have to-- scratch off a lot or-- -You're right but here's what the touchpad does. It's that there is a lot of games where on the 360 for example, if you're trying to do something, somewhat complicated, we have to hold down the trigger and then hit XY. Instead of that, on the touchpad, let's say you could just swipe up, the equivalent of having 4 extra buttons, if not more so, and that's not even using it as like a cursor. -Time out. -Okay. -Come again. -Yeah. -Start over with that. -Okay. -Because I don't know if I'm on war with you. -Okay. So, let's say you're playing Skyrim for example. -Let's say. -Theoretically. -Yeah. -And you wanna pull up the map. Now, on Xbox 360, I believe the map button is select or something like that. Instead of that, when you rather just swipe up and you select for like hot keying one of your favorite spells, it essentially adds a ton of new buttons to what it was already-- -Okay. Okay. You have my ear. -Right. -Go on. -What do you mean go on? -We're gonna swipe up, though, like I don't know. -What would you rather-- what would you rather-- a keyboard? -I'm just saying when you're holding the thing, -Yeah. -Key, yes. I just want a gigantic red button there. -I agree. It's not a space that you're gonna wanna interact with constantly. -Right. Could just-- I'm sorry, man, and I have gigantic man hands, right? -I know. You do. They're terrifying. -Look at this, it's crazy-- -Yeah. -to match my huge head. -Yup. -And it's a tough reach to get that thumb in the middle there. -It's tough but not like as tough I would say as like hitting the guide button. -Not. Well, I mean-- but then, fine. So, your thumb has made the trek over there. -Yeah. -Now, you're gonna worry about up, down, left, right. That's tough. -Really? -I don't know because that's-- when I did-- when I like held it in my hands and we shot the video, -Yeah. -I'm thinking I'm like, how the hell is this gonna be a thing? And then pushing that in, it just felt a little awkward. -I was-- -Don't get me wrong. -Yeah. -I think the PS4 and-- or PS3 controller is the best fighting controller there is. Like if I'm playing Mortal Combat, I don't wanna play on. -PS3 controller really? -Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. -Does it have triggers? -No, no, no. The D-Pad. -Just the D-Pad, right. -Yeah. Absolutely. -Okay. -I like that the, you know, the little analog sticks aren't slip-friendly anymore with much more-- -Right. The analog sticks feel much, much better. -A lot better. -I do wish that they were swapped with the D-Pad because I find that, you know, generally-- -They should offer the-- -They should offer-- -They should come in two flavors, yeah. -But other than that, like it felt great. The triggers feel like nice and stiff and the fit your hand perfectly. I honestly-- in terms of just holding it, preferred that to the 360 controller. -There was something about-- -Oh, I'm sorry. Xbox One. -Yeah, I got you. There's something about the Xbox One that I like. I did-- the D-Pad is-- here's a huge improvement with D-Pad. It's just-- -Oh, yeah. But again that was pretty bad before, so-- -Right and I think maybe everyone is excited about PS4 because the PS3 one had so many shortcomings. -Yeah. -That this is such a massive improvement. -Such a jump. Yeah, that's a fair point. I would say-- I'd really have to like do a detailed analysis-- -Right. -with them both next to each other, they're really safe for sure. But what I used to the PS4 controller I really liked. -Either way, -Yeah. -I think it's safe to say that you're gonna be happy in regards of what you use and the both are really good. -Yup. -So, I think we can say that-- so you can't-- so, did that give you enough time to think about the one thing you like with Microsoft or not? That's it. It's crazy what's happening. What-- I mean-- do you think like a lot of the hate that's come down. Like people are starting to accuse me that I am a Microsoft fan boy. Like, would you ever in a million years-- -No, I would not in a million years, thank you. You [unk] that. -So-- -But I would agree like it's a shame-- I don't know. It just feels like Microsoft has not helped their own case at all. -Right. -Like at every turn. The fact-- -They seem to be like-- they seem to be looking down like, -Yeah. -oh my God, there's a knife in my chest. Let me get it in there a little deeper. -Yesterday, there was a tweet from the Xbox Support. -Oh, my God. Yeah. -I don't know if you saw it. -Yeah, I did. -And it was something [unk]. It's like someone was asking like, what is I travel a lot? Will I be able to still play online games, because it still has to check in or whatever register online games. And they're like, unfortunately, if you travel a lot, and the game isn't allowed in that region, you won't be able to register it. -Right. -We recommend bringing an Xbox 360 with you. -What the hell kind of an answer is that? They would have bet-- they would have been better just saying F you. -Yeah. -If they just said go F yourself, -Yeah. -San Diego. -And that's the real shame of it, it's like nothing that Microsoft has offered apart from these exclusive games like in terms the system itself is consumer friendly. -Right. -At every turn, it's not benefitting the consumer. Like all-- you'll only be out of it if you install it and you wouldn't have to put the disc in every minute. -Right. -That's what I like but frankly like, I realized that that's not that much of a Luxury [unk] and like-- -Yeah, but I want to do that. -feeling like you [unk]. -I wanna do that. Is PS4 gonna let me do that? -Probably. I don't know. That's the other-- that's what I'm saying, that Sony has been very-- -See, I would say no. -if you know, like how that whole system is gonna work. -I don't think it'll be like that. -I think you're probably right. -Because think about it. At the end of the day, there's no-- like I get it. They're all and they're still supporting used games. -Yeah. -And they're still supporting lending and all that junk. There's no way you're gonna be able to buy a PS4 game, -Right. -and install it on everyone's freaking console. -Right. -It's just not gonna work like that. -Well, you could always just-- if you just don't wanna deal with the disc, you can just buy the digital version. -Right. -Because in both cases, there's gonna be digital versions of every game ever. -That's what pisses me up too. Everyone who's all open arms about them destroying our culture of gaming, right? -Yeah. -And also-- I mean, what it comes to is like people just wanting to-- like have to hold on to discs. Like I want my stuff to be digital, -Yeah. -so I don't have to keep popping the disc. -Okay. But here's the flip side to that and this is a bit of an outlander's example but think about it. -Let me here this out-- -Ready? Ten years from now, I'm sorry, 12 years from now-- -Why not 10? -No, let's go with 12. -Let's go with 12. -Fifteen, let's say 15 years from now. -Oh, for the future man here. -When they're like, okay, we're gonna shut off the Xbox One servers. -Right. -What happens? -Yeah, I know. I mean, it's not outlandish, that's not an outlandish game. -Those games not only sees-- though still be on your hard drive but you won't be able to play them because you can't connect to their servers to register them. -Now-- -So, they vanish off the planet like they never existed. -You make a good point, -Okay. -but that's also 15 years from now. Who on earth knows like how-- -Who knows if we'll all be alive 15 years from now? -Exactly. -Yeah. -So, to worry about-- -We could have hit the oil peak, it could turn into revolution, the NBC Hit Show. -The Hit Show. And that'll be that. I don't know. It's tough to say-- I have no problem saying the next generation. -Yeah. -But again, you know, there is a solution for-- and I'm with you like I-- the fact that you can't bring your Xbox 360 download stuff to the next one is absurd. -It bums me out. -It's really stupid. -And this is even more to that extreme, where it's like you need to connect to their servers for all times to be able to play these games. -Right. I'm with you, man. I don't like to check and stuff. -Yeah. -I don't like that stuff. All right. I think this is where we gotta cut it. -Okay. -Are you okay with that? -That's it's been fun. -It has been fun. Before we say goodbye, head on over to facebook.com/cnet, sign up for the From Old School to Tech Cool Contest where your picture of your old tech can result-- -[unk]. -It's not-- are you being serious? Yeah. That's what I thought. You can win a Panasonic ST60. That's what-- Katzmaier freaking loves this TV. He says it's awesome. It's 5 stars. So, what you do is you submit an entry, right? So, we looked at a few yesterday, people had some really old stuff around their house. And what you do is you submit a photo, like look at this, this guy has got-- "Oh, I got a bunch of VHS tapes. That's real old school. I deserve a new TV because of that." -Yeah. -And that's what you do. You can enter this too. We're not allowed to but you can enter. -I can enter it? -Yeah. -I have a 3DS. It's not [unk], is that? Is that old enough? -Oh, yeah that's-- no, that's crazy. This is sick. Look at this old freaking-- no, no, no. This is one of those-- I don't wanna share that. No, it's the car discman. -Oh, that's hard to find. -Remember the car discman? -Yeah, I do. -Do you remember that? -I do remember that. -Didn't that thing freak you out because it was like 4.5 inches thick? -Yeah, it's enormous. -Insane and it was called the car discman because it had-- I think it was 20 seconds of skip-- -Oh, yeah buffering. -Oh, yeah. -Of skip, yeah, proofing. -Yeah. -You could freaking shake this thing like that there's a maraca and you find and we play. -Yeah. -Isn't that crazy? -Amazing. -Yeah. So, enter this contest. Again, facebook.com/cnet or just go to, you know, cnet.com/the404 and we're gonna link to that as well. -Can I plug something before we close the show? -I don't know, man. I feel like, all you do when you come here, we talked about The Besties-- -I know. -we talked about Polygon. Do I hear them talk about 404 on Polygon or The Besties or anything like that? I'm pretty sure no one gives a flying F about that stuff over there. But I'm sorry, what do you wanna plug? No, I'm kidding. Of course. Kidding. -If you go to the Polygon homepage right now, -Yeah. -There is a thing called Human Angle: finding John Marston, which is a feature as well as a video. Essentially we've been doing this thing called Human Angle which is a 13-week feature video series. Right there is a video and this is our last one that we're doing for the entire season. -Right. -And this one is all about the voice actor who played John Marston in the game Red Dead Redemption. -Oh, cool. -And how he quit acting and how he lives in the middle of Indiana and what his story is like and it's tremendous. It's really-- I'm super, super proud and it's one of the best things I think we have done. So please, give it a watch, give the feature a read and hopefully you will enjoy it as well. -That's really cool. I'm gonna watch that. -Yeah. -I've seen a couple of them. They're very well produced and shot. High, high production value. -Thank you. -And then what was the other thing I wanna bring up real quick? Oh, we didn't talk about it but the Ken Levine news, that's kind of interesting. -Oh, yeah, we do. -He's getting commission to right the Logan's Run film. -That's his dream come true. -Isn't that crazy? -He's been a huge fan for years and years. -Yeah. So, that's pretty awesome. -Yeah. -I'm excited for him about that. All right. There you go. Follow Russ on Twitter @RussFrushtick. Go to Polygon, peruse the content there and you know, make sure you say hi to everybody when you're there. All right? That's gonna do it for us 866-404-CNET is the phone number. Tomorrow, I hear he's coming back. I think he's coming back. -Justin. -Justin Yu, back on the show. -Bracing you with his presents. -You know, he'll have plenty of boring ass stories I'm sure. And what's really cool is I finally had some San Franciscan-Mexican food. -Uh-hmm. -And I can't wait to tell him how mediocre. -Oh. -No, no, no, no. It was good. It was good but I'll have a lot to talk to him about that. So, let's-- you know, make sure you tune in for that. And that's it. Follow us on Twitter, go to Facebook with the contest and all that junk. And we'll be back tomorrow. Thank you for tuning in. Thank you to Russ Frushtick. Always a pleasure having this guy here. See you guys tomorrow. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Russ Frushtick. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -This has been The 404 show. High tech, low brow. Have a fantastic Wednesday. We're back here with Justin tomorrow. We'll see you then.

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