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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1282: Think globally, store locally

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1282: Think globally, store locally

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It's our annual scare-the-bejesus out of ourselves episode, wherein we discuss all of the scary things that were announced and demonstrated at DefCon this year. Seriously, DefCon is way past phone phreaking and seriously into national security right now. Yikes. Also, new Apple jailbreaks are available, the BlackBerry doesn't pass Middle Eastern muster, and we've got the ultimate solution to Internet privacy concerns: data locavores.

It's Monday August 2. Twice and I jeez now I break -- press on here I am Molly Wood and welcome to buzz out loud in a podcast of indeterminate length it is episode 12182. And -- -- welcome back and back EA is dead well some good Canadian combat. And uses so happy and uplifting as many now believe me I would never. Miss our annual Defcon scares the VG has out of us that -- -- -- everybody I don't know what next year that's what it next year we are going to Defcon because we do this episode every year. Immediately following Defcon all of the stuff that made -- wanna go into the bunker. And then I figured next year we just -- we'll do it from -- you you actually think we'd be able get a signal out. -- would be have to replace with little light put story figurines maybe we can break. I plug it does lawyer here according from they would disappear yeah we could just record stuff there and then like -- -- later. We yeah we could try yeah we got ago via got to get right here because it is basically then what happens -- my point for -- -- reading about what happened there in early. -- -- Well you can't because your life has been recorded and is in the Internet seriously and that they're working on making like a silent version of Meehan in in the dark -- I would not gonna notice down insulin. -- well I also I have to set up that that just because it will you it does make a lot of sense contact flight. What's happening in my life right now as I. Talk about all the stuff -- -- I watched enemy of the state on an airplane -- -- some and I am reading freedom PM which is. This sequel to demon which is the whole cyber thriller about like a -- net -- -- -- take over the entire world times industry commerce like Tom -- brought up today great book yes yeah so I am so those two things -- in my brain. Just in time for us to find out about 600 -- -- -- volunteer organization that is currently gathering information about you from Thomas isn't it within you know government. Entities and whoever they want and and they're that. If they just like. It's reads like. The fiction that you're that you're reading and watching right now the this is new his semi secret episode be semi secret is not anymore like some sweet like I. -- SA project vigilant this is the contract and government contractor called project vigilant. Which surfaced. Like -- giant submarine coming out of the waves silently. At Defcon also -- members also just surface it is a company that monitors the traffic of twelve. Big regional ISPs and gives it to our government. And it's all legal. You know it this it is actually fascinating apparently he spoke at Defcon and there's this -- the right up on Forbes's -- is mostly about him kind of recounting. The -- which -- that collateral when they can't then the -- -- collateral murder media. But it's fascinating to hear him talk about this organization and how they are collecting information from twelve regional ISPs. Because those IPs include a provision in there you -- That let them share users' Internet activities with third parties and so they say. Were legally able to gather data from them we can -- that we're tracking. More than 250 million IP address -- they can develop portfolios on any name screen name. Or IP address and then they contend with the government -- and I've been delighted and those -- the big they say they're not collecting any private information but come on really I mean there's always all it's only they aren't out yet it's all in there. Why wouldn't they be there like they're not even really bound by -- their -- -- Volunteers sort of semi volunteer organization and he was at Defcon basically recruiting don't you think if you had that like the lead to the honey pot are you would just occasionally take -- -- -- -- -- like everything they want. And I want our fair no but really I'm really not smart enough but I if I ever get smart enough I wanna be one of -- volunteers can post them they do everything you need to -- Not. -- like that CMC dot com of the Internet. They'll get everything except for real for stuff they're really matters yeah so he Alex Pennsylvania -- true true. That the the nut of the story with the Chet -- uber who is the guy who runs project vigilant. Good channel right -- he is the person who of the convinced. Lamo who too. -- is one of the volunteered for -- vigilant. To turn in -- who was the guy who leaked the collateral murder via the helicopter any video to Wiki weeks. And -- said it is your duty you have to do that so lam I actually called him from inside being. Question by the government they -- and -- wanna do this and viewers like after Richard. Yeah and -- -- growth hasn't been arrested I think I -- it it lives it's sort of that whole story is like a lot of weird drama but it was kind of an interesting him. It was an -- thing inside look about how that you rarely -- let everything I'm coming aren't talking about -- -- -- punished because a lot of people have accused level of being likened narc and turning in his source. And and I why want and every mention of -- the patriot and he was concerned that people -- -- killed in -- -- continues in. Also they they came to spoke at Defcon because they're looking actually recruit. The next gen of you know hackers so hideously right now -- around 600 they said by 2011. They're hoping to have more than thirteen hundred new employees yeah you employs and they -- -- -- -- Sorry that the freedom thing. I'm I know there are now the book in real life are getting -- -- is right now. -- -- also just as and another Defcon has cited security researcher who was involved with the -- -- I was actually detained. By US agent at the border for three hours. And questioned about Wiki -- -- the the project itself as he entered the country to attend. Def content and what's so interesting about this is that he was it originally approach and they said you've been selected and randomly in the year ever write for a security search and then the secure search of weirdly. A appeared to include being Frist didn't take into a back room and having three both on the complicated and then asked a lot of questions about what you think -- Afghanistan and things like and he was asked to randomly. He was asked his opinions on the war in Afghanistan stuff like that they went over his laptop and they -- give it back than they did not give back. His mobile phones all three. All three mobile phones he is the as is this guy's name is Jacob Applebaum he has a US citizen. That is flying in from Holland flying from Holland and -- apparently after his talk at Defcon he got back on an airplane went back Holland. As quick as he could. -- and then -- -- -- tiebreak before you got an airplane and I'll hold -- -- -- -- -- he was approached -- two agencies said that they -- FBI agents. Casually dressed and and there's like. In the debate about what happens when -- -- and we've got out of hand you know just check and you'd like no thank you. -- and -- -- back now a cam ago -- I've begun there's like. Serious people there is serious stuff happening -- of -- kind of feel I mean is this obvious has been true for a long time but -- calculate. The so the whole Internet has really grown up now and we're not. Just play with. You know commerce and hacking and fun anymore -- like. People getting. Loses it's definitely -- not to get water diet is you know it is no longer phone freaking and yeah now national security yet I mean yet we have definitely this is on a whole new playing build them big guns are out literally yeah yeah absolutely. I we're gonna take a little -- -- when we come back we're gonna go ahead and scary image. Other things that happened at Defcon a security researcher has created a cell phone base station that -- cell phone. Into routing their outbound calls through -- allowing someone to -- into -- that even encrypted called. -- -- -- Yes it's a 15100. Dollar fake base station. It doesn't have the world's greatest range but basically. He he set this thing up at Defcon Las Vegas. And basically says I've owned all -- -- you know zoom yeah convinces and the thing. The thing that's terrifying about it as if it's -- -- buying enough. Isn't it in convinces phones that are connecting to to turn off their encryption so that it can get their data. Well many ENN of their calls in -- -- that -- what's it what's it say about this is because it can be locally placed it has such a strong signal that the phone. Will see that a stronger signal exists nearby so -- switch over from grounded all your your dollar like -- Indian wanna that we have in San Cisco and go through. -- -- -- home brewed hacked antenna. -- didn't -- just how cellular technology to the post or to find the best connection and an excellent there was a remarkable demonstration apparently just turning on the antennas two dozen phones -- room to connecting his tower. He then set it to spoof an eighteen T tower to capture calls from customers of that -- he can basically -- any GSM calls what it sounds like you said that he. He actually turn down. His he added Jammer and an amplifier on stage but he declined to turn them on thing that they would probably knock out all Las Vegas so. Yeah his -- his antenna only currently captors to G GSM is signals so. -- -- whole thing -- it take down the signals would be to eliminate three G -- so that it would switch down QG like edge -- top antenna. -- name's Chris pageant and then not surprisingly he received a call from FCC officials on Friday. Is a list of possible regulations has demonstration might -- how many Homeland Security when in broadcast on a different GSM spectrum for that he wouldn't like. -- us I mean the way have to noted how many how many and SA homeland and FCC people -- you think. Right now our camp data in Las Vegas airport or their Friday -- -- trying. Yeah -- -- -- -- every -- I'm happy to get -- in network for the next ten years the fact they yes they -- and -- -- passed around business -- like you again you don't have jobs anymore these guys -- place and I'm taking my survival man to death and on the -- commercial airlines -- -- -- we merely -- and premier shielded. No way you are right. These kids know more -- -- -- -- they go to sleep now and I -- more I'd feel safer in their hands and. More happy -- privacy news in the news today. We just learned that when I. Was for a to have a price the block so that if a site wanted to -- cookies. Or get data from you if you would have had to authorize it each time would not be cool that prompt and that was -- that was going to be a a market. We -- later you differentiator is gonna beat Firefox and unfortunately. Microsoft with just in the process of buying a big advertising company -- which one and of that. Project got killed in terms of a far more open much less privacy secured system which is what we have an -- After they bought a quantity that's it -- the web ad firm for more than six billion dollars. And they wanted to be able to do targeted advertising and we all know that targeted advertising and privacy -- at the now -- -- -- -- -- that they can they feel recovers from each other they just can't go to so. So in essence Microsoft. 100%. Sold users down the river. -- now I don't pretend to be fair yes they sold hmm. Users completely -- -- -- but after a lot of internal fighting. There was internal getting cancer so the work people are probably still are if -- If they're still working there at Microsoft are like you cannot do this. This is right for consumers to protect them and -- good for the product to protect them and then the money people that yet but we just what -- that we need to make money from this product. Yeah I got and so -- these two ideology. Ideologies fighting and the money -- -- -- -- lineup that's and they want more than ideology and one was the future of web commerce that lets not live in there is no way that they were. It it. That would be the equivalent of of having like a charity. Browser you know I mean they said -- nobody else is doing this. -- targeted advertising is absolutely the future of online commerce -- and week and they would mean from the business perspective they would have crippled browser. By enabling users to have that much control. By default and they had proposed to veto that would block any third party content that turned up on more than ten to the new web sites that you that was the pervasive that would likely to be attracting -- -- -- It was when you know and it it's it's really. It's interesting I can imagine the intern problem yeah definitely and I mean they've spent six billion dollars on the company feeling it's not. Yes and that might happen but -- -- Microsoft made a lot of it's constituents. Very happy. We to -- and it without and and made their users. A little more exposed but they can really know it at the -- -- I -- -- this is estimates kind of also the culmination of the browser shark get they're losing browser sharemarket right now it's not drastically whether. Whether trailing behind anyone but where -- to dominate you they probably drop down around like twenty percentage points but they've got -- still be relevant in the game in. Making the advertiser and he's gonna keep them there so you. As if we were in that same room. And that we were you know luckily there's ideology -- the advertising. You know -- oh where oh where can I mean you -- go to where you meet someone. You want even if they were able to bump up their usage yet by saying where -- it'll -- -- really secure browser they wouldn't be able to target ads in you know it's sort of like. That's the problem really is that these companies are double -- I mean via the browser maker. If the browser makers spent six billion dollars on a web advertising company then user privacy is -- analyst -- you know. -- but to -- but even if they had. Had the privacy blockers in there I do not think they would have kept their markets are high so one way or the other right there was little I think cause if -- -- thinking Firefox getting better Chrome coming along I mean it was gonna happen. There's an interesting read -- in a Wall Street Journal Q about the journal -- They're in other headliners like the web's new gold mine your secrets and they did this investigation into all of the various tracking technologies now that are embedded in browsers that Jonathan companies. Companies the companies themselves don't even realize the sophistication of the tracking tools that they are dropping. When customers visit their website and it's pretty fascinating it's all about I -- the kind of the gray market and the data exchanges that are being set up -- the amount of information that's gathered by U. By any given -- -- or something like share this or that FaceBook like button all of the things that seems someone innocuous. Are actually gathering. Unbelievably. Specific information about you even though they don't identify human. Digestive -- like this big like. Is that distinction about a different yet it doesn't play it -- they don't. Identified by name but if they want to they can easily figure out who they are as was shown a couple of years ago with the AOL. Search data -- as easily -- very easy to identify somebody who. Its its -- it's a remarkable amount of information that that is being gathered. You can try to stop it but it comes back. This story -- they looked at the fifty top. Web sites including their own rank and found that there are. Thousands literally thousands of little tracking cookies and little things being planted on people's computers as they surf around the biggest sites which account for 40% of all traffic in the world. And -- of those sites on average installed 64 pieces of tracking technology onto the computers of visitors usually with no warning. A dozen sites each installed more than a hundred and Wikipedia just as a nice note. None installed none from from Wikipedia and then you can go there. A -- targeted ads on Wikipedia also exactly that -- -- tracking technology of getting smarter and more entries that they said that east and media monitoring that was limited to cookie -- but now -- using tools that -- in real time what people are doing a web page. And then instantly -- location income shopping interests and even medical conditions that something like. They discern things based on not just based on where you go -- what -- used to be with with cookies would be. -- What what you visit and -- and now there. Some of these technologies are watching what you type pen and real time yeah. Which I -- I thought required a plug in with eight you know -- -- security blocker to do but apparently on some website that doesn't happen. Because of the flexibility of JavaScript and stuff like that -- actually watch what you're doing as you're doing it and then the tools can respond themselves even -- -- deleted after watching in real time and then they said within the past eighteen months a lot of these stock market like exchanges. Like blue -- ink is one of them have sprung up and people are. Basically selling this super targeted data. All kinds of there's all kinds of -- in -- Lot of similarity between this project vigilance can. Yeah not like this and nine this article it's I love this little quote either -- it. The industry in an advertising agency says they're not using this this data from the cookies -- -- maliciously or harmlessly so. Chairman of 24 sevenths real media ink he is one of these -- -- said when an ad is targeted properly. It ceases to become -- It becomes an important task of trying to -- -- Johnny -- -- -- had becomes it's not inflammation you know if I finally coming out and becomes something to verify -- micro console for overweight I'm going to serve you. Diet dietary it's it's it's for your benefit and it really is just just click on it did it -- -- that's that is indistinguishable from magic that. Pretty much it is important for you it is really interesting and I think we're definitely this is where -- the part where am reading that freedom of time but like. Let -- be -- right. We all have to realize -- this point that our online privacy and dead yet it does not exist and that the the amount of data and hasn't -- -- I just read but the amount of data. That is following us around the devices and cards and all kinds of things that are are. Easily track ball you can isn't is massive and inescapable and at some what you do have to ask yourself like. Do I care and examine it and because if -- that if that's the case for every one. And they're just kind of using it to try to sell me stuff like what what can I do to stop it and and how much should -- really even worry about. It worth it if it's only advertising couldn't -- I get an ad for an -- because they knows I have kids in my cars drove years -- that's not so terrible as it. But it's -- win. Not advertising companies get political like the insurance company right start to up your rates or decline -- coverage because -- you eat too many -- wouldn't. That's when it gets dangerous average look at advertising is just an early indication the canary in the coal -- -- privacy being not being used against you it's being used fixed get money out of you for things -- probably want anyway sore arm that. But it does get it can get much worse that that yeah jobs insurance. And -- -- -- and I -- law and yet this is how people start to get wrongfully accused of yes because data -- to crop -- the data gets confused. Yeah I mean I think you're right I think this is the kind of thing that people should be concerned about I just frankly. Other than against using -- -- -- because these are doing a series of how -- about ten new you know -- you surf anonymously. Can you exist anonymously on the web and it but it beyond the web Q I mean it's like -- still on track your location services around all the time your credit card histories to attract. I mean how many sites -- email -- -- -- if you don't even turn your cookies on anyways right. They you know people like okay I don't when he has to evil than good lucky enough to think you know we -- -- it's like trying to rent a car with cash. But they can't do it -- Seriously. -- we got this new one more enemy of the state -- and the but this is on that because this is like this is a pot there's a story that could lead us through a little bit of a solution. To -- these countries are planning to block key features of the Blackberry they're citing national security concerns and their argument basically. Is that they don't want blackberries used in the UAE. And where -- Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia because that data collected and by the Blackberry -- stored. Offshore offshore off their shores there short right and they want to control they want to make sure that -- -- -- stored locally so they. Can do their national security work and so frankly they can shut down the service if they want -- that the little it's a little bit of justifiable paranoia from. National security and a little bit of control issues right. I did lead me to start thinking like he may be the solution to all of this is like. Look aboard data link and -- we needed. We need to take -- kind of you know act locally like that. The slow food we need to slow data movement think we'll definitely. Make that anti that -- -- -- -- in Ottawa by Allah my data local naturally. Owned and locally operated way. Yahoo!. Yeah it. Google will never sell it taking data across state lines all your servers are in a hundred miles of where you live with it may -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wonder -- the. You know the backlash toward the cloud regular -- we and we know that we're starting to see more and more high profile kind of cloud billiards and I've been every year -- the -- years in the -- show I think like -- of the year that there's gonna be a giant botnet attack you know. But I bet that the they kind of the backlash -- that could be this idea that like to. Personal clouds for the when I AKA computers with the Internet cable unplugged really and most of our data just hate about like. Yeah non -- -- -- -- -- -- unlike the nerdy SLI have done and -- common comic opera. We'll and all right so exciting speaking of only data speaking of owning your own hardware you can now jailbreak your iPhone all iPhone any iPhone any iPad and iPod Touch at a web site just by going to jailbreak -- dot com once it becomes on. Swamped by users. Just go to the website and it'll -- -- install anything I don't I haven't done -- yet I'm afraid to. Yet surely the truth though it it goes as far back as iPhone three GOK so it's not every so it's not every item and this -- using. We'll make a difference as well but if you want to. You can directly -- -- -- it and then you can get basically any apps including apps that aren't on the app store. Some users apparently are reporting that this particular jailbreak at this moment is interfering with face time and multimedia messaging on the iPhone for. But since this on the website make it presume they. It'll fix that of course it will also void the warranty fix is going to happen yeah I think it'd be guy -- impact -- And then you can undo it I didn't know you can undo this jailbreak scientists reciting the rights to Pakistan also -- and so once you void your warranty. By -- breaking you can on jailbreak and if you you know need warranty fix you can actually again American death in her and a -- never and -- needed and then of course also there's the official iPhone or jailbreak from the iPhone dev team yet I haven't hating thing it's the browser may -- they -- another iphones -- jailbreak out until. Just basically recently with the dev -- -- I'm diligently for so this is the happy outcome. The the copyright office's ruling that the NCA -- does not apply to mobile phones in this way. Out of this is great yeah well and that's the thing that's the buzz is good news words had been yet they could put this up on a browser -- -- before the DMC ruling. They really -- yeah could have but this they would have been -- in there the potential I mean it just it makes it more you know more easily for -- to put things like this -- -- could have -- if they want to net. Yeah. You know those videos -- -- headline news today in which Apple proved to be on an unreasonable doubt that all cell phones have the same antenna issue. -- -- I'm part I remember them. -- -- Magically the viciousness they see there -- live magic they're gone just like you connection when you have the death grip. Just disappeared which is odd to no I -- a computer science in Kansas University -- -- it and paid to have noticed it first. Even landing pages for the video. On the US site. Go back to a page about the design labs those are all gone where people are wondering if you know maybe it's because -- and -- generating who -- the targeted. I'm freaked out. But apparently those videos are still available on the Canadian advocating an -- Wanna make sure Oliver and honors -- can generally hear when you take that you feel a little more paint or take him off February Apple it looks like Apple finally realized that they were that there campaign to say there is no problem and here's by the way I've revealed that the problem to via it really wasn't flying if they take the -- -- which is. I suspect there are damaged some possible threats as well the possible legal threats from you know companies like -- -- who were none too happy that the Niagara mother Nina there's that would target it wouldn't have survived. Along investigation now not at all. One. I just by the way I just got my my notification that Hulu plus is now available for me -- it's ten bucks a month and yes on really want traffic and some really candid. Try it out for a month three raised it another that's a really that's the -- there. Now but there -- a -- thing it's -- play on which basically it's like slingbox for your Hulu at home. And it's a new. Web application it's not a downloadable application because it's been in app store purgatory for months from Coldplay and and basically it'll stream Hulu from your computer home to -- Html five device or iPad or iPhone. Yet here's your agenda and get out and -- a -- plan has been out for awhile where if you wanna connector PC to like. If PlayStation or other like gaming console -- -- the media so you do have to have application installed on your windows PC first gets some and then use that as the vehicle that drives the content through. Your iPhone through -- web page that tolerant and. Signal -- -- night and to be cleared the chat room and everybody who's emailing us right now. We are not talking about play on the website that has existed for a long time we're talking about the mobile html I've driven web app which will -- -- just now released and will stream Hulu and thank you cool -- cool the clever like and like that all that's all of the public. It's not like -- Hulu -- I can but yes that's something gets into that also can -- -- take 12 have a little freaked out about what board. Or whatever and iPad yes agree that super awesome wonderful app that everybody got which I downloaded on the very first day and I never could edit -- with my account because -- is overloaded and then I finally have like okay I am going to think that my count that argued document. And it and now I have to get an invite. Yup a really yes -- has -- started -- your servers were overloaded that maybe you can grandfather infant I downloaded on the Hartford today. Hey Molly I got in so I have no complaints actually. But but I you know the sad thing about I don't even use it now let them like notes -- -- I didn't think commodity like inception -- -- I haven't had time to go to the movies and -- conflict. You gotta drive clipboard with a beautiful and then it did that. But it -- -- same -- -- actually suggest just living large just be clear Rappaport the reason it was such a big deal came out if there's nothing else happening that get behind this. Seriously -- another picture it is a great app but it's not accurate size it's not all it's -- enough about -- like I'm sure it's not -- -- -- -- -- just -- it. It's like medical and I am over it but if you wanna use by the way I have a tooth I'd rather see it aggregates Arabs and infection on the clipboard as great. I got any well sort of Florida hello Larry that's nothing useful board within flew aboard this he banks. This is the hottest pop vaguely -- as the guy -- Clinton with few days but think that he owns 84% of it due to this one often contract that he totally forgot he had. Says he would even have filed the lawsuit. If you hadn't gotten arrested. And -- don't mind me or his legal profession so when he was arrested he was like have to raise some funds to fight this. This it's arrests like my -- and then looking through his papers where's the money oh look at FaceBook contract I don't 84% of FaceBook and one of -- payment legal -- -- Good thing yeah and -- and -- -- now I'm coming after him because the deal is the deal now that I've been arrested and I need some cash money palette. Got -- -- and and I love the part where he is basically like you know once I win Nancy now how Zuckerberg they've been doing okay accompanying as a -- Arab. -- -- -- -- What if I do lean. Nobody gives I bet that we're just read that big sigh of relief leading gonna have a job yeah the idea again is actually -- and economic I think you breathing a sigh of relief when he thought this story and was like all -- -- Thank goodness. But it's really willing to hire a bird I love this guy that guy is better than my balloon boy's dad. -- -- -- Yeah. Rebates drag. Dame personality and -- out of them -- reality show you again there is an even -- that don't put it together who knows what they'll come up with. It'll be entertaining and crazy in the be -- exactly they'll take over gonna -- -- Jersey shores yet hallelujah. I onto our email buzz at cnet.com you don't call us 106 -- the NET -- compliment on ultimately though give three. Because we'd love to hear other voices. Then -- -- not often but sometimes. Generate -- now there's about everything that's just about Google starting any social network to compete with FaceBook and the present one of product that Google already offers most of the tool that -- but. Just not in a shiny. A shiny polished package the -- -- photo sharing YouTube for video sharing -- market for that update blogger Robert pops up -- analysts that I'm not. I'll Google really needs to do you want to -- -- reportedly in the works and a landing page that -- title together oh wait Google. Mobile me is not that far off all the pieces. Are there they just need assembling. True true true point true and true Hannah but the assembly is where Google always fails on this when it comes to the -- the social network. They don't have the soul of it they've got all this great engineering great products great infrastructure all the money they need. But Google -- has never shown that they understand. The high native of a integration of -- -- Yeah that this is I mean -- -- look -- -- of the -- -- Microsoft has the same problem again it like any company that has. A huge collection of properties helping -- with -- problem -- the integration you know you say like. All you have to deal with that spray -- put it all together all you have to do is get these large disparate. Portions of the company. Many of whom were acquisitions and don't even necessarily conform to the same corporate culture and had probably have different code bases and Orlando all engineers. And they're -- engineers -- that they don't think socially I mean you know all you have to do is turn it on. Is like. -- way bigger deal then it's not like spelling and -- or threats is limited now. Are right next that this email is our good buddy little sorry -- it -- -- -- it just it I'm sorry this is from rob I'm -- -- -- episode 1281 and it is getting a little and it and it is getting a little as you denigrate. Microsoft and its plans. I for one would like a tablet that has a real operates is the money and not one -- training wheels. I wanna have the option to use a stylus. So when I'm in a meeting I don't have to use my fingers to take notes like doing thing campaigning in kindergarten. I want and Olazabal let me connect keyboards I can use all the applications. A -- familiar with like office 2010 I don't want to have to ask permission to put an application on it. Why don't want something like that -- besides letting me connect to keyboard to it. Doesn't let me do any of these things perhaps he looked beyond the friendly confines of salute them down you might funny if you are not quite so Apple crazies -- would like to get some technology that has something beyond plain plants vs zombies. Okay -- now that there is more -- up I love reader and I'm on how brought about a minute denial you can help rob outlet robbed a device you're looking for existed in 1998 -- get one of those I'm seriously is it is it lives in Brady's it has windows on it. My problem is that they were all too hard to use and no one bought them and -- the tablet market has been dead underneath and for ten years and Apple was able to come in with the training wheels and make it super beautiful and you buy it but I'm not -- -- I just -- new York and back with and actually San Diego and back with. And iPad and a netbook and a Smartphone and I was pissed about it give it that it's not mean. I think -- the point. The point about needing it to be more full featured is better it is reasonable -- like I want. It's ridiculous that camel into yet I know and but it can't and it's ridiculous that it it doesn't -- do flash because I'm sorry like. What do I do a New York a look at Brad -- restaurant web site and order food. And every. But let it crowd as flash and then you know what I'll let you and -- -- -- -- and Skype with my son and I can't do that and I mean it's just. It is definitely not there yet as a computer and I totally understand the complaint. That like here's this really cool travel device but you -- big and -- and it I have to carry that and a laptop. Then it's not it's not really. But there -- different and I -- It -- it proves if it proves how really fundamentally different that state of the art and tablets which is the -- iPad at the moment. And a real computer is there's -- -- -- -- real computer and you want the iPad do but it doesn't yet and maybe the Windows 7 tablets will do it but they're not gonna be nearly as much fun to use and they're not -- -- three million in whatever it is. -- million in three weeks because people don't. We don't they don't love them as much we know if you I don't think that featured status I'm just saying that. Apple understands how to get under people's skin and these products which did exist ten years ago denied ever did it. It doesn't mean it I don't think that means -- can't be better after they're actually they're not gonna be windows -- they're gonna -- probably like you know the Android phone is just as good as the act on you know I mean we know we know going into it every time you buy an Apple product it's not fully it's not as full featured as a new product on the market happens. Time and time again the whole -- so you either choose the one that you know the netbook that can deal if you want your iPad a dual -- not going to right now. Well yeah what I think everybody needs to be honest and -- back and it can do that right. You know banana and -- -- that -- always happening -- -- -- like all you need is an iPad but frankly right now. Only you know an iPad is not alienate and that is kind of an -- AMOCO trying to come up with reasons to -- And -- my Smartphone and -- -- it's somewhere in the middle. Yeah and that's what Apple is frantic rate is trying to start middle -- things at the site is a very difficult thing to do -- actually having monthly access that -- better credit -- -- it's it's -- really have remembers yet or leave it might. So keep those -- coming expect and like that -- yeah -- if anyway yeah I love that stuff so. Justin writes to us this is about last with integrity doesn't -- flash cookies you can -- those along with other history keeping things with a nifty little program called CCC cleaner. I've attach an image -- -- it casual flash gamers should take cautioned that -- a flash game stores data locally by using these cookies you'll lose them and yours and you're saved games. Copy those somewhere if you like you anyway I just -- to read that email because C cleaner is actually really useful little utility. Four clean out all the cookies flash web browser and -- little -- -- that accumulates so little tip from us via thanks Justin could tip. -- -- This this week this today is Blackberry question and that lightly -- fear mongering all episodes on. Here's what I wanna know what scares you more. This -- your Blackberry messenger question of the day what -- -- -- FaceBook. Our project vigilant. One of them is -- secretive network of volunteers that is apparently collecting personal information about you and turn them over the government. The other it's based book. And I can't comment -- -- -- -- -- our opinion if you or 93 -- is entirely think I've. And as you know read them and a gotta pick one yet -- can't let anyone events like got a scare me like yeah. What what scares you does little thumbnail so I went to the idea that you didn't do that lower algorithms are headed now -- FaceBook wins what we give them. And vigilance -- them. -- -- For that Brittany are vigilant now we should probably like -- a mug make up of a ribbon a bit button you have access to those mugs or if they'll they'll be able to make button. We'll sent him a little less than a holy crap -- yeah -- -- -- driven. Equally rat he's scared. I you can also is and other feedback via our normal means -- -- at cnet.com are -- -- 100 excellent excuse X 38. And of course our blog with all of you think the straight talk about the can really learn how scared that vigilance is. It -- OL dot cnet.com. -- -- Are we do -- -- You ready we've yeah a little different this is -- you know someone you've heard Polonia -- Canada. However this time he did a little video version along with -- and he called it the kitchen. Really it's that. You. There. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Boom boom boom boom boo hoo -- Yeah -- boom boom. Boom boom boom boom boom. Wow role. And nicely done wow -- -- -- had been battling often. It I know I love that that's that's a commitment right there that's. That's awesome. That appreciate that. Reinventing our theme every day. It appears. When you call that the kitchen sink the kitchen -- so. The list of the labels and in this little note here that take notice that the streets -- it -- -- dot com.
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