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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1279: Seven keys to rule us all

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1279: Seven keys to rule us all

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If the Internet breaks, the Tribe of Seven's secret library cards will re-start it. Also: Running your fingers through Princess Leia's hair... mmmm. And: Toss your zombie cookies now! Special guest: Dr. Kiki!

July 2820. Jason Howell and -- -- -- -- welcome to -- outlets in this podcast of indeterminate length episode 12179 we're joined today by the lovely and talented doctor Kiki and I don't thank you so much for coming in your. And you can now find -- -- he's awesome science podcast and like you do like nine other podcasts on science and ended Melian. This week in science -- -- science our ultimate. And our top story today. Is not very scientific in his one of those things -- just put my opinion out there I want it to hated but I actually love it. Amazon and FaceBook have teamed up Amazon has now tapping into FaceBook for social product recommendations. What happens is if you go to your recommendations page on Amazon it'll ask if you wanna connect your FaceBook account. And then if you do that the recommendations are basically that from Facebook's they can see -- not just the people -- their birthdays and Amazon but all your FaceBook friends. Everything that they have -- light on FaceBook becomes opine whether people like. And -- my case it happened to be atlas shrugged the -- -- so I wanna join all the cool. Kids on. Of my FaceBook friends -- can now buy that and Amazon just makes it really really easy to see what other people are doing. And it bugs me because it's like old faithful getting more of my stuff but actually is really useful -- -- the question here is you know whether or not. How how -- the sharing is going -- the same kind of sharing where are you only seen birthdays of people who have said this information is allowed to be public. -- are you seeing all of your friends' birthdays. Shared with the an Amazon information. And how far does the privacy you don't trust that either. Until it's trusted I mean honestly I know I am I've sat -- -- settings for it to the different FaceBook. Apps -- -- yell all of the others that have already come into the faced -- empire. I'm not do not using them because I don't want that. That sharing of my information beyond the people that I want to be -- and you don't wanna open that door. -- -- because it seems like you open a little tiny door in all of this and then. -- just information out there on the Internet -- -- jam when I went and I feel about all this sharing with FaceBook is that we're getting so accustomed and so used to seeing these connectedness to FaceBook collectible law that. It's kind of like if you do it a couple of times you more than -- you're more likely to forget that you have done it in all these different places and then it becomes to a point later where you actually wanna go backwards. Becomes really difficult to know exactly how you've done that -- should there are ways to find that he's been very easily and probably get an email. That says that but the more you open that door the more difficult it is close it. Absolutely. So this is this is kind of a big deal because it down in makes Amazon a much more compelling. Product recommendation service yet because now instead of having just the you know the dozen or so your buddies who have happened to create Amazon profiles which was not with the basically it's everything that all your friends have ever liked that could possibly lead to a purchase is now linked in your Amazon account. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- FaceBook is -- affiliate analyst steel possible -- there's some money changing hands is something similar I'm moving story at least some further down on the -- appeared as and I just -- it's related which was the story about the torrent -- yes so. In the not so good FaceBook news. There's somebody at a hacker. Ron Bowes it's gulf security. Created a web crawler program -- went through open FaceBook data wide open stuff no password required. And got all the data from FaceBook that had people have been put in and not protected. Including some data of that is of questionable. Lists of friends which I think your friend even if you say I don't want any my data shared the fact that you're my friend is still public information -- -- -- the profile that. Hundred million users worth of data for that -- went into 15 of -- FaceBook users yet but put onto a giant file and put onto torrent sites. Terrifying amounts of information a gigantic reminded everybody uses FaceBook which I guess -- you know with sizable percentage of the planet now that. If you're going to be on FaceBook. You have to take an active role in managing your settings in your -- that you -- can't just trust that -- take care view the. It doesn't that it's not in in Facebook's interest it's not in their partners' interest to take care of you they make more money when you don't manage your privacy settings right. So this is one of the things going back -- that Amazon thing where I -- I was reading about it looked pretty cool and Amazon's that we won't share your purchasing data. We won't spam your FaceBook account -- to any of the stuff. -- -- Who where's the undo you know can I do this and then back out of it. The the funny thing about this this torrent leakage this year is that it's not illegal what has happened no not at all this is all available it's just the person this this I said I'm going to despite this I'm going -- -- information down and here it is yeah. It contains. User account names -- URL for each user profile you know standard -- -- wouldn't then. If the data has not been protected by password or profile address dates of birth phone numbers in -- people -- phone numbers in there I. You know when my relatives I saw at a phone number listed in there before I had -- -- that person. You know are not right friend -- them but I don't know anyway you know -- data that shouldn't be public is being public ray. You'll also may be put through it does that to friends' profiles even if the -- and submit themselves non searchable so. Just -- -- just manager profiles. Manager profiles make this hundred million face -- pages less the next time somebody does doesn't does this past couple. And I mean I think that's going to the big one of the big points I mean you. We were talking earlier -- you mentioned -- that the fact that this -- is out there isn't necessarily. Harmful or or negative on its own but it's when somebody actually -- mining the data. Like meat eating NSA or her you know a government organ and like the government -- -- Atlanta prided organization or -- private individual. And starting to -- pieces together again. The it's. It can be a -- from marketing obviously can be used here at all sorts of nasty so I mean the united. Wanna go there my eye here and let nasty yeah. So you -- and that's an RS yeah. -- All you're in -- the capitalists together gravity like atlas shrugged and objectives revolution and he. Our. Google it's trying to get to this game as well they're they're working -- Google is behind when it comes to social networking. Or -- it didn't work out here in the states. Buzz not so much. So what the trying to do there and run to get around the FaceBook juggernaut. Apparently is the evolving gaming all the casual gaming companies at putting together kind of a network of casual game sites they're talking to. Zynga and that's the talking played -- just cut acquired electronic arts play fish -- -- correctly there's. Etc. to kind of build. A network of casual game system so you play one game in your data can be shared with -- other players in plain leader -- and connect your friends together in Google trying to do this. As -- on -- social networking via games which is very smart. But again. It -- playing games but again you know and -- -- You know what I forgets that it. -- yeah it's not that -- It's not too scary and -- -- -- I think at this thing here is where people just need to remember it with all of this social. Networking stuff you just need to be aware that there is. -- costs. To the benefits. The social networking so you use and he's up to you personally decide to decide. Whether the cost is worth it for it whether the information that you're giving to that organization -- Google FaceBook Amazon whoever it is. Is it is it okay is that information. Okay that I will give up this this amount of I'm interested in these kinds of games or I'm interested in buying these kinds of shoes or whatever it happens is that it's an okay. Are you okay with that and you just have to decide that for yourself and you know the benefit is you get to play great games with your friends do you know -- -- into like there. That in that meeting and your your socially networked with your boss -- your -- -- that you spent 400 hours in the last two weeks we'll explain though. -- gain whatever it is that and all the studies -- an -- Because yeah you you're connected through -- directly or through a friend of her friend and and you know that's one of the things all these services start to get all linked together. That people can kind of build. Profiles of you either intentionally or just accidentally. Now and like -- said -- you -- the consequences of you know what you get in return for. Playing this great gaming connecting your friends is making more information out there are human -- you want and not just available for the IRS in the government and so on. But to your friends and family and coworkers yet. Let's move on. A we've got a great story about the cyber guardians of the Internet after the corporate hasn't. This is I don't know this is a actual news story from popular science or the sketch of -- Dan Brown novel but it's hard to tell the difference. Quick bit of background here the way of the Internet works the way that www. whatever dot com actually goes to the right server is through things called the domain name servers and that is all set up. These are all these servers that are connected to each other through something called domain name system security. Which. If that is hacked. Is that bad problem because he tackled a common go to a Phishing site -- put near the were the bad data and your data and they don't and your credit cards. Stolen or works. So anyway. One of the things that we've been talking about over the last couple weeks is the idea of -- Internet kill switch so if there's this giant global or even countrywide attack. They can shut off the -- which basically means. -- shut and disconnecting the domain name servers from each other. Right with this in the case of consciousness and the Internet. Yet in the Internet -- -- open where it doesn't have Internet lobotomy right there. Anyway in order to turn the Internet back on after you disconnected -- you need to get these the -- service to connect to each other in order for them to authenticate to each other they need a security key and that security key and this is the story. News distributed into multiple pieces. On printed on card stock and given to the seven super -- -- holders in different countries around the world who are walking around with the their pieces of the keys to restarting the Internet. In their pockets. And in order -- my -- India ordered to restart the Internet. Five of these seven people who have not been identified -- how we get together in a secret location in the United States underground government layer. Put their keys into some system and then. And the Internet and back so do you think they walker out of these keys and their wallet. Yeah I know there are little. And need to use this today thank what they have to because -- you know they're in -- called on at any point yeah they would have to have -- -- -- hostility to the -- it's Andromeda -- that doctor -- there's -- fire and you gotta go home right now get on the -- -- -- -- underground bunker and you don't have that you don't have time to go to your office to go to your safety don't get it out -- and -- here playing and you turn around and now maybe some little capsule embedded in the -- like. -- -- an RFID or gag -- identity yeah. That would be about it anyway we are looking into the some more I just absolutely love this that the inter connectivity of the Internet should at -- -- restarting it is based on. And it's basically a library card people sicker people -- there if -- if FaceBook -- a movie. Then this deserves a movie the cute little -- looking into movies this needs a movie I absolutely agree it. And -- had this but this story itself I mean don't you think this opens up a huge can of worms now people who they're 77 people with seven sweltering heat pieces of the key so now we have to find the people to get the key and then. You know it makes it like a treasure hunt and there's gonna be this is information that is incredibly valuable valuable -- you could think of a Rogue state terrorists. Why not have control over the Internet -- starting and that that security aspect like this might not find those people you. Have to compromise five of them though right -- and that becomes varied from -- -- have to compromise three of them revealed by the need 53 there are seven. You need five so -- compromise three you only have four and that's not enough. I only have to you can prevent -- -- yet so you have to find three of the seven key holders. And erase one of the keys whose concise -- block their -- or where you. If you could you get the keys to get five of the seven keys you cooled the key to the union you you could blackmail the Internet you -- -- million. In the minister. The -- -- -- still I wanna I I have half of our news back with looking into the some more apps would love it. -- more privacy says -- privacy day just the way it's going today. Apparently there if you delete the cookies on your in your Internet browser. You are only deleting your browser cookies there are another kind of cookies are the kind of put these which are your flash cookies normally your flash cookies -- things like. Do you have permission to use the microphone on the site but. What is the volume -- planner yet. Released real what -- -- which lets you definitely do not want shared with any. And yeah -- -- but apparently. -- -- has created flash cookies that track users across the web by taking data from your browser cookies. And putting them in your flash cookies and they can then use that -- that even after you've deleted. Your browser cookies and there is a lawsuit now against. These so called zombie -- We had basically because they're using the same user ID in both their browser cookie and the flash cookies. That enables them to bringing dead cookies back to life. From the ghosts that are in the flash cookies. And and so that takes a -- the users the end user ability to decide. Whether or not they want cookies on the computer -- -- their information to be tracked anymore so that's where it I think. The issue in this lawsuit is really coming from you know you delete your browser cookies you think that you're -- clear. And it'll -- out your information is still being tracked because there is this little zombie in your computer. And and -- I think I I would believe that a lot of people get upset about. Yes and I think they are I think this lawsuit will be very interest thing now we just -- from our core banks to will put the notes. How -- delete your flash cookies it can be done of course nobody does because nobody knows about -- -- are few people know about this. What's interesting you know Google is going to -- and already embedding the flash player in the download for Chrome. So I wonder if in their settings where you go and manage your privacy and do things like delete cookies in Google Chrome browser and also the leader last -- As long as when you delete your cookies you delete your cookies -- all good as far as I'm concerned. You'll have eat the cookies you actually have to go to an Adobe website. They'll -- to in order to clear these cookies is not within the software. And that's just raise the easiest thing the -- -- -- and -- here is to. Embed the security settings for flash into the browser so you know you can do -- all -- place and this is act. Currently so will be tracked and that's what happens there and a click cats and nice little slap on terrorist I have they were harvesting this data -- part of our noses anymore relish I think yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can't condone violence. That took about an had a Oracle punch at notes a business function -- So the global Wi-Fi -- the -- the thing where the Google never ending you have it now. -- sit -- so the the little. Oh things -- cars they drove around the pictures that that Wi-Fi. The UK buttons that at a hold of this data and have looked into to see how dangerous this data was then they have this they discover they've decided. That the global Wi-Fi data inadvertently obtained or mistakenly -- contained no meaningful data it deet tails that could be a threat to anybody's privacy. The information commissioner's office. So that it should be -- -- deleted they looked at it and they said basically. It was. There's no -- Is unlikely that Google captured significant amounts of personal data. So there you go cleared. Looks good yet they -- -- they said they hadn't Google said they hadn't gotten any important personal data and that it wasn't meaningful stuff. So it's good to have it's an outsider's review of it personally habit. Because the government as the date we now or they didn't have it at all they does wondering about it only Google had a need and want it now they -- -- they say oh it's nothing their landing here believe it's gonna now look over the air -- Smith at that. -- -- -- In other security news. Apple has released safari -- -- 01 which among other things fixes the address book look up bug where there was a -- we've talked about a day or so ago where. A malicious site. Could get your personal data from the Apple address book on safari for the Mac. If you went to the wrong site that has now been fixed and five point 01. In order for that data to be transferred over can still be done but you get a user warning pop -- And it's of the president's. -- show and -- I basically can't be extensions game in and got point -- wind -- up in a whole point one release this odd but they I think they just kind of glossing over the -- we've screwed up on the security thing and by the way here some extensions for you. If for those of the us those the view I should say who use safari. You can now get extensions -- people can develop form. Long way to go to catch up to Firefox. And but I will say this. I will I've been very surprised by how quickly the extensions have come on port for Chrome. Because you know there a lot of really good extension for Firefox and there's some really good one for Chrome coming along it seems to be doing well so you know the -- get the user base then you know. An artist or to port extensions over from our -- but. Of the I mean if you do any extension by I don't know. -- the -- -- -- Why not build -- for all -- right -- And in good news and in bad news that ended a good look at the call of duty gamers were over the past couple weeks. A valve band about 121000 as many as 121000 call of duty modern war for two players on the grounds of cheating. Their servers that of these guys are cheating so they were the ban hammer came down and they were locked have a game and many of them were actually not keeping them at stake in -- And the way valve has made good on this error is actually and a -- They're giving them free copies of the left for -- -- as payment for the primal excellent. That it. That is hit the gamers where they live -- get it regained my you know -- I'd like to see companies actually doing the right thing when they and optimistic the good for you now. And finally if you're wondering what impact all those old spice ads. Had on the world. Their sales are up how much. A hundred points in Paris and it's thanks -- Isaiah most stuff. The world now smells. Twice as much like your grandfather as it used -- event that I used to like this added now I'm not so sure. Now I this is really it's really great to see that there's actually an. It's not a actual link between the -- advertisements and the increase in sales from its core relation of course from as a scientist I have to point that out but a pretty strong correlation greedy it's strong correlation a strong. Beefy robust correlation would not say and I love to look at it. All day. How. Does that mean everything -- and hundreds and again and again and again and you. -- great -- that. They agreed -- think this is really it's man it's a great proof of good advertisement good use of social media can have an impact on sales and that's what a lot of -- and businesses are looking for these days. Is that. Strong correlation is social media really having an impact. And it can I mean it wasn't a lot of work the we did a whole reporters roundtable on this it was a lot of work to do that campaign they had it in it's not -- is not. It takes more than just being clever you have to also be good. Yeah and I don't you know I don't really want a small adult life I love -- that they are just so clever. -- -- -- -- -- Other -- -- -- coming EA finally Japanese researchers have invented holograms that you can touch if you like -- plain pink elephants a video here really cool so we'll be there I want anyway that's playing -- elephant knew what they have is. I guess is it's this little thing need to look into and using the exhibits where you move around and things retain it looks like a little floating animal there. And does it also attracts -- hand movement. So you can move things around and you can fuel. NASA this beyond the -- in. Star Wars. With princess Lan -- you'd. -- your hands through the hologram it was kind of flickered for a second and then go back to -- relaying the message helped me obi wan. And now you could potentially lead you know touch -- -- Movie sorry. You've got old spice I get prince of yeah okay -- Now the waiting -- the -- -- they have a grid of ultrasonic. In matters of some sort of when you put your hand under there they. I guess I don't they move -- there's some other kind of way that they make you actually feeling you're touching something -- I'd I have I would have to look into it a little bit more to find out how it actually works and I would I would guess that the -- -- Would at some point bounce off your hand as well so there's gotta be some. Evacuated bouncing up your hand and they probably have sensors -- detects. The these sound waves bouncing back I've that's a kind of like a -- And and its its sonar data grams yak I guess well and sound is actually movement of air of people with -- correctly pointed out so that these -- -- move fiercely but that doesn't necessarily mean that you would. But feel it. Write has to be pretty high energy free -- -- and I guess to do that tracking seamless -- them in their cameras that. But. A television coming soon we -- Or not I'm not so sure about this. The name in May overtake 3-D. We got actually a good they're good voice -- today. -- Cincinnati has something on touchpad. Eight that allowed -- and Cincinnati. All in reference. Should number 1278. About your magic -- Thing for the Mac I had to walk com. And in touch mini tablet for awhile for my -- critically outlook about what that Oakland schools. Don't use it very much -- -- out keyboard a lot more but it had been -- a lot of PB but for desktop but just don't think it's useful not macho. So we got a fair number of in a fair amount of input on this from callers and email is about the -- walk -- -- and what's called tablet. Pointing out that Apple's far from the first with a little news accident dollar a magic -- -- to have a desktop track pad. Yes but how many people actually have -- -- -- I mean. Like Microsoft before getting everybody to develop pen based or tablet computers -- Apple comes out and they just they do in the way that appeals for the to make the mainstream. Which Wacom I mean they're the people at the prospect for while no no disputing that. Designers and artists in -- illustrators lot of people. In in that world using that the -- those tablets and but -- me you know open up a new area for Apple and you you like the little touch -- and yeah yeah if I can dry I would like it better but -- -- you're -- all you need to be able to do is figure. And I think we can only hear me to come out looking like him like some you know little monkey through some things I know what. And people watch it and but an Apple smooth -- much rounded edges and -- in this. A gigantic story yesterday and then from BC it would like to -- and. Below this has banned from British Columbia I hope -- -- hundredth caller to say that you but you -- the second coming. I know you guys think Apple product -- take a long time tristar craft update. Your initial -- -- -- here -- some of the show anyway ambulance. StarCraft two wings of liberty just came out I know I -- the trailer before it came out and I was very excited now the cut scenes -- I -- okay. Kiki is a little bit of a nut when it comes the cut scenes I actually I -- our craft the last one through all the way and I absolutely love it I can't wait to get a couple of spare hours to place our craft so. Yes we know we know about it everything I've heard says it's actually pretty good game although overpriced and you'll only get 13 of -- he get the humans. But you don't get the -- -- also deserve that's gonna be add on packs per. And what is with -- cut scenes though. No I really enjoy them it ended it the drum and then visuals that scary movie -- and and that and it's just been -- to watch. Cut scenes get better and better and better over the years -- -- think Iraq games. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right other -- that I think he spent all that money on those actors just put it into the game. Were to. I'm I'm torn blankets rains it sometimes I'm playing and I just wanna get to the game play and I -- -- -- the cut scene. But then a fight skip all the cut scenes and and just play -- the game I kind of feel like I've missed a significant portion of that was intended disease that collect achievements -- -- -- -- and it -- -- here's how much the scene now. Oh yes and emails to keep you the first -- -- -- -- say. I found bumper area is sadly just thought you might like to know why you'll only be able to order -- free bumper until September 30. We'll hear an island I just had an O two's sales rep tell me that I would not be able to get -- and four in -- and September. Why you ask well it will come with a free case in the box. Our love this and I happen when Google PS I got in -- species act in an. Just click any of -- -- -- -- get that so Apple isn't redesigning their antennas. They're redesigning their shipping boxes so they can squeeze a little bumper case in there that makes sense adding a -- cases going to be a -- Less expensive. Some and it then actually redesigning the antenna and -- spent a lot of time and a design that antenna into the fountain. And -- what they gave everybody else. Yet okay so yeah. Oh yeah it's consistent with the product until they revise edit and we'll check it is in the next but that explains why the -- terminate the program thirtieth because on October 1 now they'll have new -- and I don't boxes. And I wouldn't doubt as as phones at as as these Smartphones. Get more and more common in my mind that we might CDs antenna problems in other phones if other. And phone designers don't watch out because as the internalized and -- staying out of the way of all the other stuff that's on the inside. And it -- -- it out for others. Yeah. Totally don't say that it is the assets that is videos and then Motorola -- -- -- this is the outside and you're a Motorola for the Troy that's happening at a think image in the near time today saying. No jacket required is that. They're they're fighting back I think app is Steve Jobs means that every other phone has this problem to really stirred up a hornet's that the people thing. Anyway. Jolie's iPhone sent the note I -- on behalf of -- and said. The rebuttal to your point about Apple simply flashing a device to repair this is in regards to warranties. What about when someone uses -- -- unauthorized -- to over -- the phone and it burns up part of a hardware as a result. I am not a fan of subsidizing others curiosity and -- so I think that Apple's warranty policy canceling covered for jail broken phones. Is not only prudent but fair for the rest of us. Catholic -- -- -- comment I'm not so sure I agree but its interest in perspective. An antenna I mean it if the price of the phone. Is related to how many models -- replaced. In any way yeah you know and -- Apple's replacing all sorts of models that have been burned out. There is there isn't a law there's law does is it that car manufacturers can't decline warned he -- for modifications you make that don't affect. -- the equipment that uses -- -- this one that but. Then it becomes an argument with the shop. Yeah and you know you could say hey I -- over the phone but just to run this that I didn't do -- over the Indian and hardware and -- you can be fights it's easier for Apple to just say. -- world -- people no warranty you know with thirty diagnostics that you can run on these things right to detect the actions of the hardware I would imagine so. You know I mean if you're just jailbreak your phone and installing a new front and on the LS like why should that. Record exactly why -- it doesn't that does make percent you can weigh in on this especially if you like here. Send us a comment now -- your Blackberry using Blackberry messenger. And let us -- should the jail broken phone cancel the warranty asking Blackberry people that's about iphones and -- an -- Being injured now why not any fairness you'll get any it and not iPhone related because you -- -- allotted. Send it via Blackberry messenger to pin number 24523. C 65 and now -- some of those answers on Friday show. Right on them thanks to -- -- inducted in unique views on stuff on this -- -- twit network. The twit network twit dot TV. Yes you can find that -- -- science Fowler this week in science end soon and the green tech today. -- And green with envy but. -- -- -- -- that and for us below dot cnet.com for all the links to the show the just witnessed experience. I get emails -- at cnet.com -- call 8061626. Read this short and often message. Title and how about a remixed. Ludlum in -- I don't know it in a familiar that's always been we basically the last couple months now users and remixes are themes all the odd and I gotta say today's is the -- -- is very cool it's it's a request we put out last week for a romantic comedy version. -- -- -- There and Jan eland. Rose to the occasion and here we go. It's whimsical -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay -- Com and there -- Friday. This hotel room I like Chick Flicks hate me. Now and -- But that's just off of our listeners egos just he once nowadays -- data's there -- -- dropping out is impressive.
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