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The 404: Ep. 1278: Where we take a ride to Margaritaville

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The 404: Ep. 1278: Where we take a ride to Margaritaville

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Everyone panic: there's a Web site that has screenshots of all your Snapchats. We'll tell you how to get right with the Internet Gods. Plus history's most expensive songs, a stolen CitiBike on Craigslist, and more.

-It's Thursday, May 30th, 2013. This is The 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -Welcome to the program, everybody. And again, the e-mails continue to pour in, in support of just the not dead. That's a great thing. -That's good. -I was expecting to receive a lot more criticism about like, oh, you idiot, you shouldn't have left the trail. What are you doing? -But I guess you've just censored those from the boys. -Yeah. I have a-- yeah, I just completely-- -You've just chosen not to show those. -Yup. That's what I'm gonna say. -Yeah. But we know we did get a lot of e-mails that were like, I'm a construction worker and I had to put down all of my machinery to listen to the show 'cause I wasn't paying attention to my work. -Yeah. -There is a dude who wrote in, it was like, oh, man, I was sitting at the edge of my seat. -Yeah, he's like I can't sit down. -And I stand for a living or something-- -Yeah. -Something crazy like that. -Yeah. -So, that's good. -That's cool. -Glad everyone dug that. -Yeah. -And we really appreciate it. -Yeah, for sure. -Tomorrow on the program, Steve Sphere Guttenberg joins the studio live. You have a concern Justin? -No. -Everything okay? -No, I'm fine. -Next week, we're working on Mr. John Hodgman. Everyone knows John Hodgman from those old I'm a MAC, I'm a PC commercials. -Right. -He was the PC. Do you remember him from a show on HBO that was prematurely canceled in my opinion called bored to death. -Uh-hmm. -And now he's like a regular on The Daily Show. -Is he gonna be in the studio or is that a-- -He lives in New York so he's gonna be here. -Okay, cool. -And we're gonna like look at his mustache for 3-1/2 hours. -Yeah. -So, yeah, we're trying to make that work for next week before we all get out of here for E3. -Yeah. -So, that's how it's gonna work. Five shows next week then I don't know what we're gonna do. I don't know how this is gonna work but we're gonna figure out the week of E3. -Okay. -Sounds like we're not gonna have shows, right? -Yeah. That's what we just see-- you're like, we're gonna work it out, don't you worry. -Yeah. -There's not gonna be any show. -And when I say work it out, I mean cancel five shows-- -Yeah. -is what I mean. Well, I don't know because check it, we're gonna be-- Mark and I are gonna be in the San Francisco office two weeks from tomorrow. -Cool. -So maybe we can do like a calling or something. -Yeah. -Do we have the technology for something like that? -No. -Okay. I'm just glad-- you know, I'm glad we've got our craft together. -Yeah. Don't start a sentence if you can't finish. -Yeah, seriously. -We haven't talked about it yet. -Seriously. -But what we can't talk about is the stories of the day. And I wanna talk about music because we sort of, in the pre-show, we're talking about the band 311 and how good they were. And I guess they still are, although I have no idea they had how many albums. -Ten. -Ten albums. -Ten studio records at least it feels like it. -But I wanted to ask you guys if you're big fans of Jimmy Buffett. -Like Margaritaville. -Can you pause there? Yeah, exactly, like-- -Cheeseburger in Paradise. -Like cheeseburger and Paradise. I remember when I was in sleep way camp, I was in like summer camp, there is like a talent show thing and how to do like a lip sync. Ann in 1993, we did Cheeseburger in Paradise and he's like Cheeseburger in Paradise. Right? It's so white and-- -Yeah. -I like mine with lettuce and tomato. -So, you know it. -Of course. Yeah. -Okay. Yes you know it. -It's a great song. -You know. -Heinz 57-- oh it's a great song. -And french fried potater, he says potater 'cause that's the famous thought on potato. -But he wants that kosher pickle there. -Right. -Not a regular pickle. -Right. -It's gotta be kosher. -I was surprised. You just said kosher and not something insensitive, you know, like-- -You say it. -Anyway, why is this coming up? -But anyway, Jimmy Buffet is perhaps best known for his song Margaritaville. -Right, of course. And oh-- -Oh, here. Oh. -Oh, man. Where's that coming from? -You can hear this playing in the back. It's sort of like an island tropical tune. -Yeah. They play this in all like the restaurants that have island themes. -Yeah. Ever like [unk] mixer plays this in the background. -Right. Yeah. -On a cruise ship, right? -Yeah with a backup of like 100 dudes wearing Hawaiian shirts. -Yeah. -And wearing grass slippers. -And like haggard shorts. -So, last week, Governor Chris Christie-- -Uh-oh. -of New Jersey opened up a huge tourist resort in AC in Atlantic City. It's called Margaritaville. -Oh God. -And that cost $35 million but Jimmy Buffett actually wasn't there to cut the ribbon because Margaritaville and the name is actually the most lucrative song ever to be recorded in history. -No. -Which is kinda unbelievable, right? -I thought it was a different song. -There are a lot of very popular songs but the reason why Margaritaville is the most-- the biggest money maker is because the company brought in about $100 million in revenue back in 2007. Since then, the Margaritaville Resorts have been popping up all over the place. -Are we losing money right now just playing it? I feel like-- -I think so, yeah, we're gonna have to hate somebody, no money. Luckily for us, this is the karaoke version. -Oh, nice. -Smooth. -It's interesting. Something like [unk]. -It's Margarita Town. -Yeah, this is Margarita Karaoke thing. -So, anyway, they've been opening up this Margaritaville Resorts all over the place. And it's-- I love this song by the way. -It's okay. -It's crazy. -Yeah. -But it's strange because the song itself apparently only reach number 8 on the billboard music charts when it came out on one of Jimmy Buffett's albums back in 1977. -Uh-hmm. -It's a very old song but there's actually two Margaritavilles, right? There's the copyright that protects the song itself, and then there's a trademark that's basically the brand. So, the brand is the most lucrative and that's what we're talking. -Okay. -It's not the song that's made the money. It's the brand, Margaritaville and in fact, if you go to Margaritaville.com, that's Jimmy Buffett's website URL. -Good for him. -Can't be pissed listening this song, right? -I can't be upset. I just feel like we're gonna get sued. -Okay. -It's okay. Sure. -Yeah. -We've been sued. -Show us nobody gets sued what happens. -Yeah, that's cool. I thought-- so, I thought this was sort of like, you know, leading to-- with, you know, like this is the most lucrative song ever. So, that means this is the song I've been-- -The brand is the best. -that the most money has been made off of. -Right. Uh-hmm. -But there's other songs that have had the most-- they're like the richest-- the songs that have just been, you know, around and how you phrase it not lucrative but what? -Well, they've just made the most money since the time they've been recorded and these are-- I have a list here in front of me. Don't look, Jeff. -Okay. -Are you looking? -No. I'm only singing the Margaritaville. -Okay. I'm looking at the list of-- according to the BBC's documentary, it's called the richest songs in the world that came out in 2012. Here's the top ten list. -We're still listening to Frank and Margaritaville. -Fading that out. -Yeah. -I always like, yeah. -Yeah. -Yeah, I've had enough of that. -Yeah. -I have the top ten list here. -Okay. -Do you wanna try to guess? -No. I think I know number one off the bat and you're gonna call me crazy but the thing-- that's what I thought you were gonna say was. I know what the most licensed sort of like song is. -Okay. -I'm like positive what it is. -What do you think that is? -It's Happy Birthday. -You clearly looked at this list before. -No. I know, I know 'cause I-- I don't know why I know this. It's like 100-year old song, right? -Right, right. -So, can you explain that to me? -Yes. So, number one is Happy Birthday. You're right. -Right. That's all I know. That's all I know. -Yeah. So, here is the story behind it. It was recorded in 1893, -Okay. -by a group called the Hill Sisters. -Okay. -There are two actual sisters, right? And they created Happy Birthday actually as a good night song and a good morning song for their two kids. -But if-- but happy birth-- oh, no, what? Birthday means birthday. -The original words were good morning to you, and along the way there's no story here but along the way it morphed into happy birthday somehow. -Interesting. -And it was so popular that Warner Brothers actually bought the rights of the song for $25 million. -Wow. -A couple of decades ago. -Wow. That's crazy. -So, according to this article, $25 million to buy it and it also costs $25,000 for it to be used in a television show or a movie. -Oh. -Isn't that insane? -That is really weird. -But still copyrighted to this day until the year 2030. So, at that point, maybe you can come up with-- I have no idea how much it would cost. It could have been [unk]. -That's really-- it's so strange, right? -Yeah. -So, I mean, this is something they say everywhere. -Uh-hmm. -Yeah, I don't know why I knew that. -Yeah. So far, it's closed to about like $45 million. Yeah. That's pretty crazy. So, that's number one. -Yeah. -The rest of them aren't hokey. The rest of them are actual songs. It's not like, yeah. Then what do you guys think as-- the rest of that nine list. -So you gotta like really put your mind in a different place to-- -Yeah. -sniff those out. -All time. -Yeah. -None of them are from this decade. Not have ever from this-- -It's like what a wonderful world on there, that Louie Armstrong song. -Yeah. -No. If I could guess that's great guess. -Think like weddings. What is like a very popular slow dance song that obviously very like love heavy. There's one hokey song. I'll just tell you that one. Number 7 is Santa Claus is Coming to Town. There's no way you'll guess that. -No way. -Recorded in 1934, which goes about $20,000. I'm looking at the list now. I found the wind. -Yeah. -And there's another Christmas song on there too. -Yeah. -White Christmas. -Yeah. -White Christmas. Irvin Borland which I believe that, that's two. -That's a big one. All right. Let's just go through the list here darling. -Gonna be a Michael Jason son. -There's not, you know. -Yeah. That's what I was thinking too. Yeah. I though thought would be. -There's no. So, let's start from the top then. -Uh-hmm. -So, number ten is the Christmas Song. Number nine was Oh Pretty Woman, right? By Roy Orbison that eventually became popular in Pretty Woman movie. -Right. -I think that's where it's fun. -It was popular in the 60's too. -Right. Huge. -It's like the [unk] guy. -Just singing. -Yeah. -Sting, Every Breath You Take at number eight. -Surprised about that. -Yeah, it's a big one. -I'm really surprised about that. That song just turned 30 this year. -Yeah, it's a lot of money. -Sampled by who? -Diddy. -Yeah, and Biggie. So number seven we got Santa Claus is Coming to Town. That's weird. Number six is Stand by Me. -Okay. Makes sense. -Great song. Number five, Unchained Melody. -Oh. -I had no idea, was it originally recorded by the Righteous Brothers? It was actually recorded in 1955 by two guys named Alex North and Hy Zaret. -Zaret, yeah. -Zaret, yeah. -That's good. -And yeah, later on it was recorded that Righteous Brothers. Number four, total, I believe that-- -Yeah. -John Lennon, Paul McCartney, -Uh-hmm. -Yesterday. That's a-- what a lovely song that is. -Really? -Yeah. You don't think Yesterday is a good song? -It's depressing. It's great. -I don't understand why that's like The Beatles' song that is so, you know, that falls on this list. -Uh-hmm. -I don't know why. -Yeah. -Why isn't it, you know, Hey Jude or Let it Be or something like that. -Yeah, yeah. -Or All You Need is Love. -Uh-hmm. -I don't know. Number three. -Number three, You Lost That Loving Feeling. -I love that song too. -It's a great song. -Every wedding played that for you know, since the dawn time and then you got White Christmas and Happy Birthday. -A lot of these songs are songs that like, you would sing to yourself in the car or while it's raining outside. -Yeah and you're like crying of your lost love. -Yeah, right. -That's like all of these songs. -It's weird. -That's probably why they're so pop. -All right. Can we talk about this thing going on New York right now? -Yeah. -So, they-- the bikes are coming. The bikers are-- -The bikes are here. -The bikers are coming. -Yeah. -The novice newbie bikers are coming. -Uh-hmm. -You feel like Ned Stark, like that. -Yeah. -With years spent over or-- -Cyclists are coming. -The newbie cyclists are coming. Yes. So, Citibank-- -Citi yeah. -And who-- and Mastercard are partnering up to bring the bike sharing thing that's become a huge success elsewhere on the planet, -Right. -mostly in Europe. -Yeah. You saw them in Amsterdam, I'm sure-- -It wasn't Amsterdam. I saw them in London a lot. -Oh, right. They have them in Paris. -Right. -They even have them in DC and Boston, so coming everywhere. -Sure. So, it's not Europe, it's everywhere in the country. -Right. -And just started this week offering it to people and tell us the story. -Yeah. So-- we've talked about this on the show before the Citibank's share program. -Sure. -And enroll that over the weekend for members that bought a year membership. -Yeah membership is actually really cheap. It's $95 for an annual pass. -That's pretty good. -Which is about on [unk] how much you'd pay for a monthly subway pass. -Uh-hmm. -That's actually a good deal. A 24-hour pass is $9.95. But this is what's really cool. I kept that-- it's a $4 charge if you're right, runs over 30 minutes but if you bought the day pass, you can continue returning the bike and picking up a new one every half an hour. So, they're basically encouraging you not to do a very long ride. It's more for short jaunts around the city but so that's cheap. Basically, if you wanted to do a 2-hour ride on a daily pass that would cost you an extra $25, so that could get expensive. -That's-- yeah. -But just buy the year-long membership if you plan on using it more than a few times. -Yeah. -Right. -Uh-hmm. -So, it's already like with a lot of criticisms. Not only from cyclists but a lot of street vendors are complaining about the lack of real estate on the sidewalk that pedestrians are getting now. -They seem to be in very silly places. -Right and they're all over the place too. -I walk literally three blocks from here to the path station, I see three of them. -Right. -And they're not just like five bikes. They are like 30. -Right, yeah. They take up about the size of maybe three or four parking spaces. -Yeah. -But I men, every other block. -I think more than that, dude. -Yeah, maybe. -I think like 6 or 7 parking spaces. -I mean, as you know, parking spaces in New York are pretty [unk]. -Sucks, yeah. -Yeah, that sucks for a lot of people. Also, I read something in the post about a woman in the West Village and needed to get out of her apartment and then when emergency services came by, the paramedics couldn't pull the car all the way up to the front of her door-- -That is so absurd. -Because of these receptacles that were on the way. -That's so absurd. -So, that's upsetting but this is like the funniest story that I read on the Gothamist, that last week, the first Citi Bike has been stolen. -Uh-hmm. -So then there are gonna be like two big stories that come upright. The first person to die on a Citi Bike from New York City. -Oh. -That's gonna happen pretty soon. But the other one has already occurred and that's the first stolen Citi Bike. So, over the weekend, it rolled out and one was stolen when the crew was loading the bikes into the racks. And apparently they just turned their backs for just one second. -And one was gone. -And then they turned back and it was gone. -Yeah, wow. -And they heard passersby like screaming at this guy. -Yeah. -I don't know why they couldn't catch him. I mean, there's no shortage of cops and pedestrians [unk]. -Nor bikes-- I mean, just get on this guy and follow him, right? -Yeah, I think he weights 45 pounds. How fast is he gonna be riding on it? It's got 3 gears. So, anyway, people were trying to wonder, you know, where is this bike gonna pop up. Obviously, he's not gonna be able to ride it, he's not gonna be able to sell it but actually, he is trying to sell it because today, a Craigslist post popped up and check this out. This is funny. -What, it is sprayed in black. -It is sprayed, yeah. -You would think that maybe he did and he looks like he did a good job, but actually, look, check this out. -Oh, my God. -It's a Photoshop. -So he just Photoshopped the-- -Wow. Jesus. -He just photo-- he took a stock photo that Citi Bike released for media and just Photoshopped it black. Although the Photoshop that's pretty good. -That's what I'm trying to say, dude. How is someone so good at Photoshop but so stupid in real life. -Yeah. -And why is he posting it on Craigslist? -And what's that about? How are you so talented in front of Photoshop. Photoshop isn't that easy to use. -It's not. Ridiculous. -Like you know, and he did an excellent job here. -Yeah. -But he's dumb enough to basically let himself, you know, vulnerable to being caught. -Yeah. This is what he claims, he got it from. -This is gonna happen. -Hey says, great bike for sale, not sure of the brand. -Not sure of the brand. I think it's Citi brand. -I did ride it around Montauk all last summer. Will accept trades, looking for $100 smooth-riding experience on any terrain probably because it costs $45. No-- -Please contact John Dough. -Yeah, please contact 911 to get it. He says non-standard seat size and I cannot figure out how to fill the tires. Maybe you can. I'm not very technical. The reason why he couldn't figure it out was because A, there's no valve and two, these bike tires don't run on regular compressed air. They run on nitrogen, which is pretty cool. -What? -Yeah. Like, that's really unique to these bicycles. -So, there's an explosive element of these bikes. -Yeah, don't light these bikes on fire. -Wait. Time out. There's nitrogen? -Yeah. I never heard about that before. It's in very fine prints, not advertised but supposedly filling tires with nitrogen helps them like run over more things and they're less susceptible to-- -Hopping? -Yeah. -So, there's gonna be like a maintenance truck going by every, you know, 6 months in the stations filling them up with air? -Two months. Yeah. Apparently every two months they're gonna get a check up. If you do get a bike that's kinda messed up for whatever reason, you could take it to any receptacle, hit the emergency button, like a repair button. -Yeah. -A guy will be sent out to fix it. -Comes out of the-- guy comes out of the ground and just starts working it. -Hello. -He's coming down and start working on it like a pink crew and [unk]. -Nice. -I like that, man. -Yeah. -That service right there. -That's pretty cool. I mean, here's the thing though, there's also a GPS tracker embedded in every single bike. So, it's only a matter of time for the cops to show at this guy's house, [unk]. -Not even a cop. -Yeah. -Just like, you know, so stupid. -Like cops. -Stealing bikes. -Yeah. -Just silly criminals out there. -Someone should get fully [unk] out, right? Like get a spandex, get a helmet, sponsored jersey, and get on one of these Citi Bikes and ride as fast as you can around the city. Should we do that as a viral video? -Sure but the question I wanna ask you is being the show's bike expert. -Okay. -Which is a really cool title. -Yeah. -I want to-- -[unk] third for that. -Yeah, I know, seriously. I wanna know what you think about the quality of these bikes. Are these good bikes? -I mean, I haven't ridden one around myself. I have noticed a lot of people riding them. I mean, you guys are probably seeing a ton of people. -Yeah. -Uh-hmm. -You know what I really like is just seeing people ride bikes in business suits. -Love. -I just love seeing that 'cause it's something like you never really get an expose to, right? Like this is a guy that probably would rather pay for a taxi but noticed he can ride and get to his destination faster on a bike. -Uh-hmm. -I love seeing that. So, I really can't hate this program somewhere. -So, you do like it. I'm surprised. I thought you'd be a hater -I'm divided. I'm divided because I like seeing people on bicycles, right? Anything that gets people out of cars, that's an auto emissions vehicle so I like seeing that. The bike [unk] is kind of-- -It's coming out. -Yeah. It's-- I'm upset because-- -Let it out. Let it out, buddy. -No. I mean, I don't wanna get too negative here. -Sure. -But you know, like for a while, I think cyclists in New York were able to fly into the radar, you know, they rode pretty much carefree like the cops are gonna turn the blind eye when they would blow their intersections, the red lights and you know what I mean, and cut off pedestrians. But now-- -But it can't hurt people, yeah. -Yeah, that's great. -Yeah, it's nice. -It's a renaissance. -Yeah. -Right. -But now you know they're gonna start to see a lot more cops pulling cyclists over and like forcing people to obey laws. So, that's how to me it's kind of irritating but I can't do that so much anymore, which is [unk] say if I know. -Well, we need a little stability in the world. -Right, of course. -There's only a matter of time. -Chatroom informs us that nitrogen is not flammable. -No. -Yeah. It's easy when you got Wikipedia in front of you. You know, did you know that? -No. Hydrogen is flammable. -Right. What on the gins, you know, they're all you know, you always think like kaboom when you hear stuff like that. -Right. -Just like that. -Air is about 70% nitrogen anyway. Shut up, Flyby. -Oh, shut up. Who said that? -You don't know what you're talking about. Shut up. Trying to make it sound stupid on the air here. -Yeah. -All right. -But no, you said that your wife was trying to get you to going on bike, ride with her. She wants that at highway? -Yeah. She wants to do it but you told me I couldn't, we couldn't, we have to like sign up first, right? -Well, okay. So, for this week for Memorial Day up until this Sunday, it's only for members with year long passes. Right? But this Sunday, they're gonna open it up to everyone. -Yeah. -So, you can-- if you want to just do it for the day, you can do that. -Okay. -Yeah. -Just be careful, man, because they don't provide helmets. And I think that's the-- my biggest criticism with this. Although I don't ever held it myself. The people that haven't ridden in the city before should. -Yeah. -And they don't provide it. So, bring your own helmet if you're gonna ride. -Uh-huh. -You know what I mean? -I do, man. All right. Cool. What else we got today? -Okay. Let's move on to Snapchat. I remember I was gone when the story first came out a couple of weeks ago. -Okay. -But I wanted to ask you if you guys had talked about Snapchat Leaked yet. -No. I don't think so. You're the only one that brings Snapchat to the show [unk]. You're just the resident creep. -Resident bike expert, creep. -Yeah. -That's you. -I'm very proud of that title. -You should be. -Yeah. -So, yeah. Over the last 24 hours, there's been a really big mass exodus office Snapchat and that's because there's a new website that came out yesterday called Snapchat Leaked and that's exactly what it sounds like. It's a website that collects screenshots of Snapchat photos, media from people that didn't know that their photos were being saved. -You know, is it only a matter of time? -Come on. You know this is gonna happen. -But just the thing that's so stupid to make, right? Okay. So, everyone knows the internet, right? We're like oh, nothing on the internet ever goes away. -Yeah. -You have this freaking [unk] company coming along, it's like hey, we're gonna give you something on the internet that goes away and you're like, oh well, that's been like the biggest problem with the internet, is that everything's, you know, saved forever. -Right. -Home there's a [unk] it's gonna reverse that you know, default policy on the internet. -Yeah. Well, like nothing on the internet is secured. -Yeah. Guess what, jackasses, it's not full proof. -Right. -It freaking happens and here's why. -And now you're on the internet, yeah, here you are. -There you go, say-- -Here you are stupid Borat costume. -You deserve this. -You idiot. -Oh wow. -You deserve this because you trusted a freaking service that claimed to do one thing, that is inherently impossible. -And it's incredibly easy to steal this Snapchat photos too. Yeah, keep this photo out. -Oh, yeah. -It's easy because a lot of these photos are literally people taking pictures of the phone with another phone. -Exactly and which I have said from the beginning. -Right, yeah, of course. -You dummy. -So, there's that. The site is actually down now and you can breathe a sigh relief because not only it's down-- -Not for me, it isn't. -But it's-- well, it's mainly popular in the UK and they are obscuring some people's faces, not all as you could see in this Borat picture. And the Snapchat IDs aren't revealed. So, you know, there's no names here. -I still don't feel bad for any of these people. -No, no, no. Just don't send any photos over the internet that you don't want everybody to see. -You know what, it's freaking natural selection, man. It's gonna-- survival of the fittest, dude. -Yeah. You wanna keep-- -Your [unk] don't show your face. -Yeah, you-- exactly, dude. -Yeah. -You wanna keep putting photos up of your, you know, your little guy down there, be my freaking guest. -Yeah. Don't write your name on it. -Because it's not-- yes, seriously, I want to put your address and social security number on there. -Yeah. -Because it's not gonna be gone forever. Anyway-- -Let's not switch the-- -We got one more story, right? -Yeah. This one, I wish we didn't have to end on kind of a negative scary note but this is a very scary story. -Ooh, I like scary. -Do you? -Yeah, I do. -But it's not as scary as Tuesday's story but it's kind of alarming nonetheless. So, the New York Times, they published an article that sort of serves as a warning to health professionals and for anything that plans on going to a hospital anytime soon. And it's something that we didn't really think that hospitals' doctors and nurses need to be reminded about, but apparently they do not only remind it but monitored to wash their hands. -What? -Apparently there's a big surge of health professionals not doing that. -What the-- is this a reason why infections had become so insane in the hospitals? -Yeah, 100,000 hospital-related infections deaths a year. -Isn't that like-- -Infection deaths, oh. -take a second to think about that number. Are you sure that's right, 100,000? -That's right, yeah, uh-hmm. When I say it's a [unk] control. -And it's all staff and [unk] and all this terrible crap that-- -Yup. Those infections that they got from their hospitals, an addition to whatever they're in there in the first place. -All right. So, no one usually plans on going to a hospital unless you have some sort of like scheduled surgery. -Right. -But if you notice, they want you in and out, man. And not just because they're running out of beds, it's because they don't want you to get freaking infection like what 100,000. That's insane, man. -Yeah. There's a study that they say in this article that hospital workers wash their hands as little as 30% of the time that they interact with patients. And so here's what they're doing to combat that and it's crazy that they even have to implement these procedures. But there's a hospital in Long Island called North Shore University. -Of course. -Oh, you've heard of that one. -Of course. -Okay. Well, they've started installing motion sensors that go off every time someone enters a hospital room. Right? Where the bed and patient is. And then when that motion sensor is triggered, it turns on a video camera and that video feed is sent to India where there's actually someone behind a monitor, watching as doctors entered to see if they wash their hands before interacting with the patient. -Oh my God. -If they don't and an alarm is triggered and that doctor's boss is alerted that there's now something kind of shady going. -It sucks that it's come to this but I mean, you've gotta get creative in a way for people to wash their hands. And the thing that I don't understand is why aren't you doing it for your own safety? -Yeah. -Why aren't you like-- you just had your-- your just, you know, wrist deep in someone's guts. -Yeah. -And you're gonna go and freaking like, you know, eat a Snicker bar, like I don't get it. -Right. -Like, why aren't you washing your hand? -Yeah. -I'm sure it's not that disgusting but it sounds like the, you know, they're like picking and choosing when they should. -Right. -Yeah. I think a lot of these probably because they interact with so many patients a day that they just-- it just becomes a monotonous thing. You know, supposedly, you're supposed to wash your hands for 15 seconds at least, you know that sing happy birthday to yourself, that's about as long as-- -And then pay for [unk]. -So, 15 seconds but you know, you do that over the course of it then you're losing like, you know, I don't know, half an hour everyday. -No, you're not. -I don't know how many patients doctors go. -They really all walk around like with the helpless hands. -Right. Yeah. -Like the sort of thing they do. -Right. -They like turn around source [unk]. -Yeah. -I don't-- like why? Why is this such a problem? -It's crazy. You're having to incentivise doctors so that you know, there's the punishment program but then there's also the other side where they're incentivising doctors by using washing coaches, going, like having mandatory meetings and training seminars, right? Having rewards like free pizza and free coffee for people that washed their hands. -For washing your hand. -I think I did this training in preschool. -Yeah. -If you don't, you need to time out. -Yeah. -Yeah, no [unk] for you. -Then get your snack. Yeah. -No [unk] for you or a milk, or a milk. -It's crazy and then there's another company that's making an entire business out of manufacturing RFID chips that doctors are wearing as a necklace [unk] around their neck. -Yeah. -Right? And then when they go and you know, pass by a sink, it makes a record of how long you spent in front of it. -Okay. -And if you don't, when you go to the patient, there's another sensor behind the patient's head-- -That's like, don't touch, no touching. -that let's you know exactly how long that doctor wash their hands. That's scary, right? -You know, I remember when going to the doctor, maybe when I was younger, pediatrician or whatever-- -Yeah. -walks into the room and washes his hands in front of you. -Yeah. -And he's like okay, now I'm gonna touch you. -Right. Yeah. -Let's have that. -I like that. The people wonder why natural childbirths at home become so popular. Why don't you wanna bring a baby into a hospital that's so filthy? -Well, the infections come from like open wounds and stuff. -Uh-hmm. -There's not-- I don't know. I'm sure like a new born baby is susceptible to infection but maybe not as much as like someone who's had like, you know, -Yeah. -like [unk] or something. -Right, right, right. -All right. Let's get to some e-mails before we say goodbye for the day. That's the transition out of the mock, the staff and the [unk] and all that stuff. -Yeah, we need something to make us feel better. -Yeah. -I don't know what that would be. Oh. -There it is. -I feel good. -That surprised me. I like that. I like that a lot. -Nibbling on sponge cake. -Yeah. Just-- -Watching and bake. -Just getting, you know, having a little piña colada with one of those funny umbrellas in it. Yeah. You ever unwrap one of those umbrellas? You're like take a part one of those little drink umbrellas? -Oh, no. -There's Chinese writing in there. -Really? -Yeah. -Uh-huh. What do you think it says? -I don't know. -Okay. -But people were gonna think I'm crazy. -I wanna see that. -If you've ever like taking a part in one of those stupid-- you know, with a toothpick. -You think it's one company that manufactures all those umbrellas? They must be rich. -No. I don't know. It's just so weird like when you take it apart, maybe somebody in the chatroom can back me up. -Yeah. -You take it apart and you rip off like the plastic size and then there's like the you know, the center of the umbrella. If you start unwrapping that, -Yeah. -there's like Chinese letter, I swear. -That's great. -It's very strange. I don't know. I don't know. -And it's like the verse and script inside all the in-and-out wrappers? -Right, something like that. It's weird like that. All right. Let's get to some e-mails. Enough with Buffett before I lose my mind. -Yeah. -Jesus. I feel like I should be like a red lobster in like California or something right now. Some Xbox stuff. This one's from Rey from Miami. Hey, guys. Love the show. I was listening to your episode 1274 with Frushtick and I have an observation like the share for those gamers who are not so interested in all the new multimedia features of the Xbox One, I find Microsoft's new policy of not making the new unit back what's compatible to be a major turn off. I agree with Russ when he says that many gamers have invested a considerable amount of money in the current generation, which still has a lot of valuable games just to have it all disappear when the new unit comes out. I personally would be inclined to walk away from Xbox altogether and stick to incrementally upgrading my PC and getting my games from Steam. This way I would have access to my full library of games, access to the Steam community and support and the kicker is, I don't have to pay Steam 50 bucks a year and access to all this. I would even consider purchasing a unit from Steam if they ever made one for the living room. That' all I got. Miami from Rey. -Yeah, man. You're totally right. You're totally right. You know, you might spend a little more money upgrading your PC every now and then but I've just gotten in touch with the gaming PC that I fall in love with and I think gaming on is fantastic and if you could detach yourself from the little perks like achievements and that other stuff, you're gonna be fine. Just hook that PC up to a TV, you Steam in big picture mode and you're all set. You don't have to pay anything else and the prices for a lot of games from the past are really cheap. -So, I'm with you, man. One thing you're gonna miss out is a console exclusive. You're not gonna be able to play the last [unk]. I could be able to play Gears of War and Halo. But that's really it, you know, and that's that. -There's another one on Xbox. [unk] if I read it? -Yeah. -Because I know you guys hate life when I do this. This one is another guy from Miami. This is Evan. You may already be over the Xbox One news but I haven't really hard anyone bring up this important issue. How many of these features will only be available to Xbox Live Gold members? My current 360 is in a drawer since I can only really use it for games offline. Netflix another online services come to me via Apple TV, which is less than the cost of Gold. It's another new question. We never really discuss that. What is Xbox Gold? What is Xbox Live Gold gonna forward you that the free membership won't? I don't know. We'll find out more at E3. We're gonna have a lot of great E3 coverage starting very soon. CNET.com/e3 is when I'm assuming it will be. We'll let you know the URL for sure when the time comes. I'm gonna be out there, out buddy Eric Franklin from [unk] off, he's gonna be out there. Mark Licea is gonna be out there. So, we're gonna have a good time. We're gonna hopefully find out everything that, you know, you guys wanna find out as well 'cause we're pretty interested in how Microsoft is gonna right this new game shift, which has just been a complete cluster effort company since last Tuesday. So, that's that. That's all I got. -That's it? -I think that's it, man. -No voicemails? -No-- -Aside from that? -The voicemails, we can't play today. -Okay. Wait, what? -You-- well, you said you didn't wanna hear the stuff. -Oh, the negative stuff? -Yeah. -Wait, are there really? -No. -Play some. -I'm joking. But there are like seven. We're out of time, we're out of time here we go. -I can't tell if you're being serious about. -Well, Ariel, you'll be honest with it. -I know. -The worst reaction. -No, no, no. All-- -You know I have access to these voicemails too. I'll just listen it on my desk. Are they gonna piss me off? -Oh. -So tomorrow-- so, tomorrow on the show, we'll have a great program for you. And we'll go the normal time. We've just had a lot of E3 prepping to do after these programs. So, sorry for the shorter shows. We'll get back up to 40, 45 minutes tomorrow. -Okay. -Everyone have an awesome Thursday, and we're back with Steve "The Gutman" Sphere tomorrow. That's always a good time with that gentleman. He's certainly a gentleman. Until then, we'll see you. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -This has been The 404 Show. High tech, low brow. Back here, finishing up the week tomorrow with "The Sphere". We'll see you.

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