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Ep. 1269: Where rad goes viral: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 1269: Where rad goes viral

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Spotify's Shanon Cook delivers the top 10 viral songs from Spotify and then Mark and Jeff preview Deadpool and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

-It's Tuesday, May 14th, 2013. This is The 404 Show on CNET. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Mark Licea. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -Welcome to the program. We're very excited back on the show so quickly. That's the best part. I love it. Shanon Cook on the program. How are you, Shanon? -I'm great. Oh, round of applause. -Round of applause. -You're gonna get in the stereo. -Oh, nice. -Shanon is the Spotify trends expert who is bringing us, once again, the Spotify viral list. -Uh-hmm. -The top ten songs that have become oover viral in Spotify's universe. You're back on the show again. This is so rad for coming back. People loved your appearance. -You know, I'm so glad you just said rad. -It's true. Yeah. Why? -Because I've been saying that a lot lately and people were like, Shanon, no one's saying that anymore. -Really? -Yeah. -Well, guess what, they're wrong. -So, you and I are right. The rest of the world is wrong. Is that what you're saying? -I mean, I use rad. -I use rad. -Who doesn't? -Yeah, you can bring back words that aren't cool. -Yeah. That's common and then they become cool again. -I think Gwyneth Paltrow says rad too. So, if Gwyneth says it, well-- -Well, she's the most hated celebrity in the world. -She's also apparently the most beautiful. -But she's also the most beautiful. I mean-- -At the same time hated and beautiful. Well-- -I think became the most hated after she was named the most beautiful. So, that's probably-- -You know, sometimes that one follows the other and it's usually in that order. -Of course, yeah. -That's right. -I mean, no one's messing with Margot Tenenbaum. That's what I think. I mean, it's just, it doesn't get better than that. -No. -She could be the most hated. I don't care. I love her. -I had a question about this list. -Uh-hmm. -Is this like-- is this list closed yesterday? Or it was updated when? -It was updated yesterday. -Oh, okay. Okay. -Yeah. -So, it happens every Tuesday, right? -Yeah. It comes out very late on Monday. -Okay. -Because Ariel made a very interesting observation about the number 10 zone. -Did I? -Which that was interesting. -He's now forgotten that very-- -It's 2Pac Dear Mama. -Oh, that's right. Yeah. So-- -Nice. So, and what did you choose? -Because it was just Mother's Day. -Very good. -Yes. -I mean-- -Yeah, and we talked about this last time why I like this list, it's because it can reflect the mood of the country, even a city. -Right. -And it also reflects big events-- -Right. -and things that happened and-- -For sure. -yes, Sunday was Mother's Day. -Yeah. -I should know. I'm a mom. -And you're about to be one again. -I'm about to be a mom for the second time. -Holy moly. -Still will be a mom but, more of mom. -Yeah. -You still will be more moms. -More-- there'll be more momminess. -All right. -I don't know what that means. It sounds-- -More momminess, yeah. So-- -I'm fat, that's why. -No, no, no, no. -That's the first thing I thought when you walked in, I'm like, man-- -You have framed this picture perfectly. -Yeah. -But just below this, there's an explosion of belly. -I mean, it's not like-- I mean, this is part of the natural order though. This is not like a weird thing. -This is the beautiful miracle of life -Yeah. -Is it not? -It is. -It's beautiful. It's also very uncomfortable at times. -I bet it is. -Yeah. -Can't be fun all the time. -No. -So, 2Pac is in the number ten. -We should get back to the music. -With Dear Mama, right? We'll get out of that. -Yeah. He's-- yeah, Dear Mama and some people said that Dear Mama was one of his greatest songs. -Yeah. -I think it's kind of funny that people gravitated towards that particular song for Mother's Day. -Yeah. Why is this the Mother's Day song? -I'm trying to think if there's other Mother's Day songs that would work but I can't-- I don't know. I can't think of too many. -Maybe this is the only one. -No, there's a Boyz II Men one that's really good. -Yeah. -Yeah. -And it's way more heartfelt than this. -Yeah. -There should-- the fact that we can't recall instantly a bunch of songs about moms is actually crazy. -Yeah. -Well-- -There should be more. -The one song-- -The one thing most people listen to music to maybe forget about, I don't know. -Their parents? -About their moms. -No. It's like, think your mom is nagging you for you know, when you're young and you're listening to music. -Excuse me. Not all moms nag. -Exactly. -Of course not. What I'm saying like sometimes, music can be like a form of rebellion and you know-- -Yes. Or it's-- -I can think of two mother songs. -Or you have sex to music. -Right. -That's true and you don't want it. -Don't really wanna hear about your mom. -Correct. -I don't have sex to all music, though, I mean, there's different-- -I would not. -That'll be a little awkward. There's different-- -You'll be very dizzy. -Constantly. I'd be worn out if I wouldn't have time to do a show. -Or would just be a totally different kind of show. -It would be a very different kind of show not on CBS either, even on show time. So, I think of 2 songs right away for like other mother songs and the chat room agrees. The first one is Mother by Danzig. You guys probably don't know that. -No. -I'm not familiar with that. -Tell your children not to-- you know never-- -No. -Mother, anyway, and then I don't know why but like the one song that where they say mother or mama the whole time is Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody. -Oh, yeah. -Oh, yeah. -Even though that's like not a pleasant song at all. -Uh-hmm. -There's also Abba's Mamma Mia. -Right. There you go, which is a little musically, you know, sort of like dancing, -Yeah. -and sort of thing. -That's very Broadway. Yeah. -If that's-- yeah, very Broadway. -Yeah. -If that's your bet. But all right. So, that's why this was number ten on the viral list because of Mother's Day. -Yeah. -Again, odd that we all chose 2Pac. -Uh-hmm. -I don't know. What else is interesting? -It is a cool song. Well, what's interesting to me? Several things are interesting to me but I'm easily placed-- -Interested. -Yeah. I love that our number one song this week is from Lorde. And we mentioned her last time but she wasn't number one. This is the first time she's been number one on the list but she's been on the list for about 5 weeks and no other artist has been consistently on our list. This is 16-year old from Auckland, -Right. -New Zealand. -Oh, she was on the list the last time you were here as well. -Right, right. Exactly. -Very cool. -Yeah. And she has literally come out of nowhere. She's-- and she's become this international phenomenon without doing any promotion, without revealing anything really about who she is. She only just released her music video and we can see her singing. -Right. -It's confirmation that there's actually a person behind the music. -She is real, yeah. She is real. -But she's-- New Zealand is really excited about her because she did a couple of concerts recently. She did one in Wellington in New Zealand and I think 140 tickets went on so, which isn't a huge amount. -Sure. -But they all got snapped up in about 73 seconds and-- -Oh, wow. Gosh. -the-- a woman who walked at the venue said that they'd never seen that before. So, she's-- I don't know. I don't know if you wanna play something or somewhere else. -Yeah we're playing-- -Oh, you are. -She is excellent. She is excellent. -Sounds cool. -I really dig here. -Imagine being 16 and just being able to take off like that. So, she's definitely talented. -She is. She has a really-- -Unique sound. -mature voice. -Yeah. -She gets compared to the Canadian artist Grimes, a little bit. -I'm not familiar. -Grimes, well, sounds a little bit like what you're listening to. -Like Lorde. Yeah. -And Grimes actually tweeted about Lorde, which may have helped generate some of the-- -Sure. Every little bit has-- what I like-- -Oh, I was just gonna ask-- -Yeah. -Did she have any-- 'cause you said she kinda is under the radar and doesn't have-- doesn't share too much of herself and I mean, she's only 16 and so, but I think-- -Right. -You know, right now, in a world where everyone is so willing to share everything about themselves on Twitter and-- -Yeah. -social networks, I think there's something-- -Well, she's-- -she said about not doing that. -I agree. -Yeah, for sure. -Well, she's on-- she's definitely active on social media. -Oh, she is. -On Twitter and Facebook. I've been finding out trying to sort of piece her together by coming on to her Facebook page. So, she, you know, she's in touched with her fans but she's also mysterious. She's not revealing a lot. -That's all part of the fun, though. -It is part of the fun and you know, on Twitter and Facebook, people don't necessarily post their bio anymore. -Right. -They just put something bizarre like-- -Yeah. -Boy, I love cats. You know, which tells you nothing. -Of course. -Except that they might be wit. However, I did just get, I had been bugging her record label for weeks for a bio. And they just sent me one this morning. -Oh, cool. -So, in ten minutes this morning, I found out some stuff about her. -Oh, so like-- -If you want me to read, I'll read one line. -Yeah. -I'm curious. Yeah. -I like this line because it makes me feel hungry. -I like that. I love that her logo too. It's sort of just like hand drawn sort of thing there. -Well-- -She looks like mother nature. -Yeah, you can sort of see it there. -Yeah, I like that a lot. That's really cool. -And we were just trying to identify the animals and we believe that's a possum. -Yeah. I think that's a possum. You could tell by its long, weird tail, you know. -Yeah. -Okay. -I think that's a big part of it for sure. -I'm glad you know animals from the Australasian region-- -Yeah. -better than I do. -Well, you know. -Raised-- look, this is like real live research happening. -In your time. -I don't think I've even read this sentence yet. -Raised on a nutritious musical diet of Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Smith and Nick Drake. -Oh, my God. -Alongside is smattering of soul food from the likes of Eddie James, Otis Redding. Ella was-- Ella, her real name is Ella. -Okay. -Was definitely set off on a strong melodic footing. And it goes on, just talk about how she loves James Blake and I found that out from looking at her Facebook page. She's into poetry. Her mom is actually a poet. She's into Sylvia Plath, so we can probably expect some really depressing songs. -Oh, wow. That's all right. -And she's working on her debut album but she's in high school. So, she had to wait 'til she's on vacation or Sundays, they say. -This is-- -So, she doesn't have an album out yet but she's selling out concert. -She released in AP towards the end of last year. I think it has about 5 songs on it. -Right. Yup. -But she's working on a debut album for Universal and-- -This is exactly what someone needs, I think. She's at that prime age where I don't think anyone should really cut her. -Right. -Like let her sort of incubate and become this well-formed. And you know what, even if it goes in that route, like you said, maybe a little depressing sort of stuff, -Uh-hmm. -that's where real emotion comes from and creatively comes from. -Of course. -So, let her live her life. Let no one compromise her budding artistic integrity, right? -Well, and that kind of brings me to the next point. What's nice about the fact that her-- she's bubbled up without much high, is that it speaks to how good in music is. -Yeah. -Because it's all about the music. -For sure. -It's not been about her at all. So, that's nice. -I'm digging it. -And I mean-- there's a-- she's the second big artist to come out of New Zealand. I'm an Aussie, we shouldn't be talking about herself. -Aren't you guys like mortal enemies, right? -No, we're not. We're not. We like each other a lot but the relationship can be a bit like America and Canada. -Yeah. -Why? We-- -But it also depends on-- -Aussie-- -It depends on the locations in New Zealand, right? Like-- -I don't even know. Are there locations in New Zealand? -Well-- -Yes. -When I was in Australia, the-- one of the tour guides, when he was driving us around, Ken, he was naming and I can't remember the different cities but he was saying which towns in New Zealand or what cities or towns in New Zealand we're okay and which ones weren't. -Oh, okay. -So, I don't know if it was similar to-- -Well, Auckland and Wellington are the biggies. -Oh, that's okay. I can hold that against you. -It's really bad. It's really bad. -Of course not. -But she's the second biggest young female artist to come out of New Zealand in recent years. -Yeah. -Kimbra. Remember last year, Kimbra-- -Oh, yeah. -Kimbra was the-- she was featured as the cameo singer On Gotye's-- -Oh, okay. -massive hit. -Got you. -Somebody That I Used to Know. -Right. Yeah, that one. That big old hit. -She's very cool-- that what? -That big old hit and then what happen? -Well, I don't know. I mean, he's-- -Tough. -He's still pretty relevant. -I heard-- -He's on the The Great Gatsby's soundtrack. -Oh, that's cool. I heard that-- -Really good song too. -he was like just ready to give up and then he wrote that song. That's what I read somewhere. -Well, he had a pretty-- oh, that makes me sad. He had a pretty big career in Australia, he's Australian. Before that song-- I don't know. -That song was beyond-- that song was so cute. -It was the biggest song of the year. -Oh, it was massive. Totally massive. -And it's a fantastic song. -I like it. -I absolutely love it. -It's catchy. Let's-- before we're-- it's flying by here but let's get to another-- -Are we-- is it nearly over? -Almost but I want-- -And I almost get on with my life now. -Oh. -No, I'm kidding. Do you know what we could talk about? -Yeah, let's hear it. -Let's talk bout the fact that-- I'm not sure if your listeners are huge Mariah Carey fans. I can imagine they necessarily are. -I think Justin is but he's not here right now. -But he's not here. -Uh-hmm. -But I think it's kind of quirky that, you know, her song has this hash tag in front of it. -Yeah. -And that's becoming a bit of a trend now. -What do we think about that? -I think it's kind of hokey but maybe-- -All right, you said it not be. -Maybe it's working. I mean Will-- I always mix up his names, Will.I.Am, Am.I.Will. -Yeah, Will. I.Am. Yeah, it's Will. I.Am. So, this song #Beautiful. -Yeah. -Do you even have to say the hash tag part? That's a bummer. -I think you do. -That's rough. -Well, it kinda takes away from the beauty or beautiful. -It does. I think so. I think so. Let's put this ugly symbol in front of it. -But I mean, you know, obviously the record label is trying to generate those on Twitter. -Right. -Build the song out via Twitter. But it's a really-- -And like, let's just put the hash tag right in the title. -Is it really gonna work with a word like beautiful, though? I mean-- -I don't know. -If the song was something like, I don't know, My Hair is Awesome. -Yeah. -Then that might make sense. -Yes. -A sort of general where the people will probably be hash tagging anyway. -I think it makes her look out of touch. -Do you think so? -I do. -Like she's behind the eight ball. -Yeah, I think-- I mean. -Yeah, and like her producers were like, you have to do this. -Yeah. -And she's like, what is that? Okay. -What number sign beautiful? What does that mean? You know, I just-- it makes her seem out of touch. And who's this Miguel guy she's singing the song with? -He's an-- -I think he's great. -Yeah, you like Miguel? -Oh, yeah, yeah. He's genius. -Cool. That's good to hear. -He's genius. He's an R&B singer/Ne-Yo soul, whatever you wanna label him. He probably doesn't wanna be labeled anything. But he and Mariah Carey actually co-wrote and produced the song together. -Right. -And what I like about it is, you know, Mariah is known as this big deeper and I've met her and she's kinda deepish. -Yeah. -Oh, for sure. -And-- but in this song, she gives the first 90 minutes of this-- 90 minutes, not that long song. She gives the first 90 seconds to Miguel. -Yeah. -She doesn't start singing until a minute and a half. -That's cool. -Yeah. I thought that was generous of her. -Yeah. -And very undiva like. -For sure. -But then you watch the music video and it's all her hair blowing in ten different directions and scantily clad and -Of course. -doing the Mariah thing. -Oh, it wouldn't be a Mariah Carey video without the scantily and the cladness, right? I mean, come on. -I always like that, though. She used to be really wholesome. -Yeah? -PG. -Yeah, you're right. -She was sweet. -She would wear like a lot of denim. -Yeah, exactly. -Well, someone said to me this morning, that was when she broke up with her first husband. -Yeah, that could be. Yeah. -Then she kind of brought out the-- what, wait a minute. -Yeah, I don't know. I wanna-- I'm like waiting with bated breath. -A few kind of cycle through my head. -Yeah. -She brought out the lack of cladness. -Yeah, right way. It's a good way saying it. -It's a very political way to say it. I appreciate that. -And possibly not at all correct but-- -Right. So, that's number two, Mariah Carey's #Beautiful. Can you talk to me about number three? Because that label I'm very familiar with, Epitaph Records. -Well, I mean, Falling in Reverse is a-- it's a heavy metal band. -Yeah. So, can we listen? -That's really, yeah. It's just quite a great song actually. -Because I, you know, I don't know. I've never heard of these guys. I'm very familiar with Epitaph Records. I wanna hear what this sounds like here. Okay. So, already I hear like techno part. So, they're like one of these-- -Fusion, kind of. -Yeah, fusion things that I usually vomit right away when I hear that. -Do we need to get him a bucket? -This is it, yeah? -Yeah, this is it. This is-- -This is metal? -Well, here's the thing. They are metal band, they're a hardcore metal band. -Yeah. -This is only their second album and they've been getting some raised eyebrows from their following because it's kind of a mash-up, this song. -Yeah. -There's some real hip-hop elements in it. We watched the music video. It's got a bit of a rap vine to it. -This is-- -And the lead singer who's a guy named Ronnie Radke, he actually does a bit of a rap during the song. And some of their fans are like, what is this? -Yeah. -What are you doing? And he addressed them and said, you know, I was actually a hip-hop fan-- -Right. -before I was a heavy metal fan. -Right. -So, and I can basically do whatever I like. -Yeah. -And if you take a look at this guy, he's not someone that you'd wanna really mess with. -Right because he's got a bunch of tattoos and stuff. Is that why? -Yeah. He's also done some time behind bars. -Yeah? For what, anything legit or what? -From what I read, it was in connection with a fatal shooting. -Oh, my God. -That's right. -No, he didn't-- I'm gonna get myself-- -Like nice. Wait a minute, wait a minute, right? -He didn't pull the triggers. -Oh, okay. He just loaded the gun. -Well, a series of things happened off, so that-- he was on probation and then he-- what they say when you screw up with probation, you don't report, I don't know. -I forget. -I've never broken the laws. -Right. -No, he-- -Violate-- -He violates-- -He violates, thank you. It was violated, that was the word. Such a great word. So, and he was in there and other metal band right to being incarcerated. When he came out, they kind of spot him out and-- -Right. -So he became part of this other group. Falling in Reverse. -Wikipedia defines them as a post hardcore band. I'm gonna go ahead and add two more posts to that label. This is-- I mean, I'm familiar with this stuff. This stuff when I-- I'm really into like the punk rock and like the metal sorts. -Right. -So, this is almost like blasphemy for me. But it's just so beyond like what I grew up listening to, that it makes me feel very old. It's what it does. -Oh, really? -Yeah, because it's just-- I don't-- you know where I'm coming from. It's just-- -Yeah, totally. -It's just like-- it's the genre twisted and turned so many different variations. -Yeah. -It's not like I'm like, oh, there shouldn't be available for public consumption but I'm kinda there or like a little, but I don't know how you feel about it personally. There's-- -It's not really my-- -There's a band like called Attack Attack! that does stuff like this too. -Yeah. -That makes me wanna, you know, just load a gun and do something like that but then-- -Well, it's probably trying to appeal, it's trying too hard to appeal to the mainstream. -Right. -Right, right. -By hitting on a bit of hip-hop, hitting on a bit of metal, -Yeah. -having a fancy-- I think it's a Porsche in the music video. -Right. -It might be-- you could file it under trying too hard perhaps. -Or just like you're confused. Right? Or something like that. -Yeah, or not rad. -I have a-- unrad, very unrad. I have a question for you, Shanon. -Uh-hmm. -So, I don't know if you know this. The answer is not but do these bands find this information out? Of course they come out when the press release happens right and they'll say, oh, my God, we're number three on the viral list. What do you think that does to them? I mean, that's what I'm curious about. -Well, you mean, do they know their own Spotify's? -Oh, yeah. I'm assuming they know obviously when the information becomes public and their managers like, hey, guys, you're freaking viral. Look at this. -I hope so. -Well, of course. But do they-- like, I wonder and we can all answer and speak to this. I wonder what happens to them when they find this out. Are they like-- are like, whatever we're doing we gotta keep doing it. -They just keep on drinking. -Yeah, is that what you thought? -Don't stop the drugs. Keep the drugs happening. -Well, they might not necessarily be fully aware of but in fact, I tweeted, I'm not a huge tweeter. -Uh-hmm. -But I'm getting better. So, please fill free to follow me. -Absolutely. -And tell me where I'm missing up. Give me pointers. But with the number one artist, Lorde, Ella, her real name, I actually sent her a tweet. The first time I talked about her being on this viral list and I told her she was on the list and I wanted to know how to pronounce her name. -Right. -Because it's got an E on it. I was like, is it Lorday or is it Lord? -Right, right. -And she tweeted right back and she said, you know, she told me it's pronounced Lord and she was very interested about the list. -Oh, cool. -She said, oh, what list? Which Spotify? Spotify in the UK, Spotify in the U.S.? -Right. -So, she was chuffed, her publicists are chuffed that I've been mentioning her-- -I'm sure. -out of this rising star on this list. -It's pretty awesome. -But I mean, I don't know. -It's definitely an accomplishment. I think it's like-- -It is. -when you become viral, and I hate using that word viral. -I know, it's not nice. -But it's-- there is-- -Makes me-- oh it just makes me think of the CDC. -Right, like they're in control of all this. But if there's something you have to be really excited about because this is like an organic rise to the top, which is something every artist strives for. So, -Of course. -you gotta really appreciate being this and how insanely popular Spotify is. It's the pulse of the music listening planet. -Right. -So, I think that's a big deal for sure. -I think so. Why don't you e-mail each artist on this list? -Okay, you're a big deal now. Keep doing the drugs. -Mariah Carey will be like, oh, thanks. -Yeah. And I'll be like, just stop doing hash tag. -Spot what? -Yeah, stop airing. -Or probably just not reply. -Yeah, exactly. -No. Mariah is not all that bad. -Well, listen, we gotta say goodbye for now. -Hours did go by pass. -I know. We went pretty long with him. -We didn't get pass the number three song. -I know. We jumped around a little bit but obviously, if you wanna see the top ten viral artists this week on Spotify, head on over to cnet.com/the404, we'll post the entire list today. Follow Shanon on Twitter. That's @shanoncook, one N in the Shanon. -In the middle. -An N in the middle. -Two Ns total. -Yes. -Sorry, everybody. -There you go. -My mother-- -For your name. -It's all right. Your mom is just like, I'm gonna mess up your entire, you know, spelling of your life. -Well, I'll tell you really quickly what happened. She was writing my name on the birth certificate after she'd given birth, -Yeah. -and she wrote it the traditional way, two Ns in the middle. -Right. -And then she went, oh, that's too bloody long. -Really? -Just slashed out an N. -But it's just one letter. That's useless. -I know and I've been-- it's been a pain in my butt. -She was probably tired after giving birth. -Yeah. -And she was like, oh, I'm tired after writing that out. -I don't have the strength. -She was too lazy to write up. Oh, good. -Write it on. -And look, we've just brought a full segway right back to moms. -Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, I hope you had a very happy Mother's Day. -I did. -Rock and roll. -You'll be back soon, of course. -I hope so. -All right. Sweet. Thanks so much for being here. We're back after this break. Stick around. A lot more for in 404 after this. Big thanks again to Shanon Cook. Welcome back to The 404 Show. How about that Shanon Cook huh? -She's great. -Very sweet woman. -Yes. -She is awesome and it seems like everyone digs her. What's that? What do you-- -That just sound like an automated answer. -Because I was like so [unk] that man. -You were prepared to come by. -I was just watching her and then you start talking [unk]. It's just this ingenuous Mark on The 404 24/7. All right. Thanks sticking with us here. We're gonna switch gears totally and completely. We're going from the world of music to the world of video games. What better time to deal when Justin Yu's gone? Because that guy-- -He loves video games. -Well, he can bring nothing to the tables as far as I'm concerned. But Ariel has like a lot of funny things to day and I wanna talk about two games. One game Mark and I got to see last week, what was that, Friday? -It was Friday. -That was Thursday, Friday, whatever. The Deadpool Game. -Deadpool. -The Deadpool Game. Right? And everyone knows who Deadpool is. Can you-- are you comfortable-- -Am I comfortable talking about who he is? -in talking about who he is? Can you explain who he is? -We'll see. The probably with that is I'm very familiar with all the Marvel chicks. -Yeah. -And all the like X-Men specific people but Deadpool kinda falls outside of that. -Right. -And I mean, you are kind of educating on Deadpool before this. So, you know a lot more specifics about him. -So, the deal with Deadpool is like, he's one of these characters that breaks the fourth wall. He's self-aware. -That's right, because I didn't realize that he had a deal. Like I didn't realize he did that whole speaking to the comic book reader. Yeah, just because it wasn't-- -You didn't know? -I didn't know that and-- -Okay. -yeah, and-- because I collected comics for a long time but there wasn't too much Deadpool crossover. And I did have a lot of cable comics and there was crossover with Deadpool in those comics but I think maybe that was more of a Deadpool specific thing because I don't think when, you know, if you're creating a cable comic you're not gonna like incorporate Deadpool is breaking the fourth wall aspect into that. -Right. -So, I never-- I was never aware of that. So, we-- -But that's a huge part of the game- -Oh, absolutely. -in the demo that we saw on Friday, which is very cool. -So, the cool thing about his game, the Deadpool Game is coming out June-- I want to say 25th. I believe that's when it is coming out. Yes, June 25th right after E3. So, it's an interesting time for games to come out. I feel like people have been asking for a Deadpool Game for a very long time and he's a very sort of iconic character. Nolan North, the guy who plays Drake from Uncharted is gonna be the voice of Deadpool and it really sort of does a good job at not doing that old typical "I've heard this guy a thousand times before" and we'll play the trailer and sort of talk over a little bit and what you can explain from the game play. So, let's run this right now. Here's the Deadpool Gameplay trailer. -Deadpool here. I see you're looking at me like, "Where do I know him from?" Let us help you out. Marvel anti-hero. So, yeah, kind of a big deal. In fact, Marvel hired the best editors in the world to create an expensive ass trailer for my new game, but we took all their money and made our town trailer. Booyah! You start with weird drony music, everything dark and foreboding. It's all apocalyptic and stuff. Screw this. Let's start this mother-- That's right, that's right. What the-- Quick shot of our sweet guns. Surprise Cable old buddy. Great shot of some awesome bazookas. No, not Cable's man bazookas. Oh, yeah. Let me help you out there, partner. Hell, yes. -Well, there goes out budget. -I'll make it out here. Bring that beat back. Bang! Bang! -Fly and die. And if that don't put skin marks in your pants, wait 'til you see this. Really? -[unk]. Hell, yeah. -Damn it. I asked for steady-cab. Sayonara, biatches. -So, that's the Deadpool trailer. I don't know, man. I think there is something really cool about this character. I-- -I think if you're a Deadpool fan and if you've known about him but I think otherwise, you're like, man, this guy is annoying. -Yeah. -Oh, yeah, that's actually probably-- the observation. -But I mean, that's part of the charm. That's part of the charm. -Yeah, he's an interesting guy. So, we got to play some of this game last week and I think, you know, I think the big highlight of this game is the fact that the team at High Moon really nailed the feel of Deadpool. I don't think the-- I think in terms of like the gameplay stuff, you know, it's not really stuff you haven't seen before. There's a really nice array of weapons that you can use and it's cool how they sort of integrate that in finding mechanic. But again, the real star of this game is the fact that Deadpool is aware he's a video game character, just like he's aware he's a comic book character and he breaks the fourth wall bunch and he talks to you, the gamer. You saw a little bit in the beginning of that trailer, there's like a white balloon for the narrator. There's a yellow balloon for his internal monolog and then there's you who's sort of part of this tribunal of gameplay. So, I think that's really attractive. I mean, I'm not-- you know, maybe I'm a little more familiar with him than you are but they-- from what I got to see, we played for about an hour. They really nailed that element of Deadpool. -For sure. And I think even you saw the X-Men or the Wolverine movie, they kinda played up that Deadpool's character to, you know, he's a jokester. -Right. -He's annoying and that's his thing. -Yeah. He's like the guy that you're like, oh, man, who invited Deadpool? -Like, just shut up. -Like, damn it. Oh, this party was great and Deadpool came here and started like, you know, putting his balls on everything. Yeah, that's the kind of character he is. I personally love him. He's arguably one of my favorite comic book guys of all time. -Sure -Yeah, because when we play marvelheroes.com you kept picking it. And he's like, bang, bang, bang. -Yeah. He's fun. He's super fun. And-- -I also love that in the game they have all these other characters from the Marvel world. They have Cable, you saw from the trailer and then they have other characters like Domino, Psylocke. -Right. -So, if you're an X-Men fan, you'll definitely appreciate that I think. -For sure. And there's even people we can't even mention that we saw too that were in the game but we have to keep our mouth shut or we'll get spankings about that. -Oh, I hope that's not what-- -No. You did mention there is one person that was in it that we can't mention but there's a lot of surprises. There's a lot of cool, you know, elements from the Marvel Universe. Obviously Cable pops in and that's a big deal because Deadpool and Cable have a very long history. Yes. So, yeah, it's pretty cool again. I feel like this is gonna be one of those games where it's like, man-- no one has really tried a lot of this stuff with breaking the fourth wall with a video game, where Deadpool is just talking to you and he's like, hit this button, do this, do that. I kinda dug that. I thought that was interesting and fresh. -Yeah. -So, yeah. We'll see how that goes. -You said June twenty-- June-- -June 25th. Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. -Awesome. -I wanna preview another game I got to see a few weeks ago. This is the game that Mark doesn't really know a bunch about, but I'm gonna tell you about it. Back in, what was it? I guess 2011, I saw a game at E3 called XCOM. Now, it's not the XCOM that we all know from last year, the real time's turn-based strategy game. This was a game that took that original XCOM brand and turned into a first person shooter. And what happened is the developer decided to take that away and now, XCOM, which is called The Bureau. -So, this specific game was actually in the works of your first person shooter. -Oh, yeah. -and then they switched it. -Right, since. -So, they changed that and I got to see the game and play a very significant amount of it and it's kind of something that I've really never played before and the reason why you'll like it and we have some game play that will run during our little conversation here. -Wait, so you said it's not a first person shooter anymore. So, it is-- -It's a third person tactical shooter, where you're in charge of-- -A team. -of a team. So, it's kinda cool because-- you know, let's play this and then we'll get into talking about what exactly we can expect from The Bureau. All right. So, there you have it. They're doing some really interesting stuff of this game because you know, like I said, it went from this-- -First person shooter. -first person shooter to now the third-- -And from the trailer it looks like a third person shooter. -Right, it is but you're in charge of a team. Right? So, you-- on this mission is that you go out. And the whole thing with XCOM is that it's this very, you know, it's a sort of secret agency that gets test with dealing with this alien invasion during the 1960's and it's not like major American cities. They're these you know, sort of suburbian, you know, not really-- it's not Manhattan. They're out in the West, they're on the Midwest and you control a character who basically has to man entire team. And the game play is sort of it's like real time strategy meets third person shooting, where you can pause time and load up this sort of wheel-- -That's kinda like, sort of like Mass Effect, Dragon Age games and stuff. -Yeah, exactly. -Okay. Cool. -But the thing is that it's all really happening on real time. So, you can't pause the game. -So when you open the wheel, it's-- everything is still going on and-- -Right. But it's slowing down almost to a crawl and in that wheel, part of that pie is-- -Controlling other characters. -is your other characters. So, when you choose let's say target, you know, you can have one character shooting at a target and you assign the targets and the other character, you can, you know, move away on the map. When you enter that mode, you sort of hover over the playing map and can sort of just drop him where you want. -Oh, nice. -So, there's a really interesting element with that. I spoke to Nico Bihary who's the senior producer of this game, and he had some really insightful stuff because, you know, this game, there's a big history of XCOM. And this game is definitely honoring that, you know, conservative sort of style gameplay but at the same time it's bringing it into a level where I think people will identify with it most because of games like Mass Effect. Have you played Mass Effect? You're gonna like this game just because it controls in a similar fashion and you're really gonna be able to be like, wow, I have total control over this team. Almost more so than Mass Effect because you can literally place them where you want. In Mass Effect you could do that-- -So, how does that work? They're like in a helicopter and-- -No, no, no. So, you have a team on the ground. -Uh-huh. -And you-- -Oh, so they just run to that location? -Right. But you can sort of-- when you pause in that, you know, you kinda do this like quarter back move where you're-- they call it combat quarterback, right? -Yeah. -So, you sort of pause the action and then you move basically a cursor to anywhere in the map. -So, the character runs straight to the cursor-- -So, if you wanna gotta flank to the right, flank to the left. You assign these guys to go do that. So, it's really kinda cool in that regard because they-- it's ultra responsive and it really makes sense when you're playing it. It's a little intimidating in the beginning because you're sort of given a lot of responsibility and a lot of options at once, and I just want people to know that this is not a game where you could just go in guns blazing. You're gonna get wrecked. -Yeah. -You're gonna get messed up real nice. You gotta be tactical and you gotta be strategic and you gotta really plan out your attack, you know, from the beginning. So, you know, there's an interesting sort of element. I really like the era it's taking place in, that 60's sort of environment where-- -Everyone's wearing jeans and flannels? -Well, not, it's like everyone's got like the suspenders and they're just like-- they just look like they're out of Mad Men. -Yeah. -You know what I mean? It's sort of like Mad Men meets American Horror Story. In the sense that it's got that 60's sensibility [unk] against this really bizarre paranormal alien invasion. So, I think there's a lot that people are gonna dig with that. -And when does this come out? -This comes out-- -August 28th. -August. August 28th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the PC. And you know, it's not really-- it's tough to put into words and I hope there's even more gameplay videos that come out that will really do a good job with explaining how you'll be playing the game. But from what I played, I played about an hour, hour and a half, a lot of strategy. Again, you can't go in guns blazing. You know why I think you'll like it too, it draws a lot from Fallout 2. I think Fallout is, you know, the New Vegas for Fallout 3. -Yeah. -There's a lot of similarities there too in a way that you sort of decide when to shoot based on percentages, based on the odds of you making a critical hit and stuff like that. So, I think you'll-- -Cool. So, it's kind of-- the combat style is similar to-- I mean, it's a combination sort of Mass Effect and Fallout. -Right. Absolutely. -Both great games. -When you pop open that wheel, it's called Battle Focus. That's-- so, once you enter the battle, and that's sort of like the, you know, the star of the game. As far-- at least that's what I thought when I was playing it. -So, you play-- you play a main character, -Right. -and then, so you have a team of people and they all-- they're just like your minions or they all have a story and-- -Well, you saw the-- you play William Carter. He's the main guy. -And do you get to customize the other characters as well? -I think you get to customize maybe their load outs and you can also upgrade them too. So, while you're playing these narrative missions, you can send these other characters in your fleet on his dispatch missions, but you're basically like mining excursions or they'll level up on their own. You sort of just like set them and then they level up and then when you bring them back, they're more powerful and I have better skill set. There's a lot of side missions too where it could be just you or could be you with another partner or something like that, but the main narrative missions, as far as I'm aware and that might change, are mostly the three people conducting these things together. -Okay. And the three people are all playable and they all have sort of like-- -Right but you can swap them out and I think you could even swap them out mid mission. There's like this little checkpoints where you can load in different guys and stuff like that. -Cool. -So, yeah, I mean, I think, you know, in the cover system that I was playing with, I was really impressed with it too. It's fun and I think it's, you know, people might see XCOM and they're like, oh, this is gonna be this real time strategy, you know, turn-based. Not turn-based at all. It's action. You command people to go and you stop and pop and you're firing and you're throwing grenades and you're waiting for your, you know, your teammate's skill to, you know, to refresh, you know, and like you should get away for it to cool off. -Yeah. -There's a lot of that. Very similar to Mass Effect and when I was talking to Nico, he reinforced that. He said, you know, without-- even without games like Uncharted, even without games like Mass Effect, this new game, you know, The Bureau probably wouldn't exist in the fashion it does. -Very cool. -So, yeah. I'm definitely looking forward to that and if you want, you can head on over to cnet.com for a few more thoughts on The Bureau preview. And that's that. -That's it. -I like that we can do this, man. I like that we can talk about that. -Talk about video games? -Yeah. -Justin can talk about video games. Ariel has video games too. -Man. -No, Ariel is just completely out launch of that stuff. -Justin's like, I like Mario. I played Mario. -Well, it's old video games, yeah. -You know old video games but this new stuff, does it bug you out or you just-- do you feel like-- -No. I like getting to know it, like I like listening to you guys. -Yeah. -Because this kinda keep me up to date and-- -Yeah. -Like if you came over and we were hanging out, -Uh-hmm. -would you be cool with me just playing video games for like an hour? -I would have fun watching you guys. Yeah. Just as like Justin. Justin enjoys watching-- -Yeah. Yeah. -It's just like a movie now, you know. -Yeah. It is. And that's a big element too when I feel like people-- that's the one thing I think game makers, publisher have a tough time conveying. They have a tough time telling people that, hey, yeah, you're gonna-- there's really great gameplay here but you're also gonna be entertained by the story, that doesn't suck. -Of course. -You know, and I feel like for the longest time, games really felt like the story was just tacked on. It was just the way they connect the scenes of action. -Yeah. -But now, and especially games like BioShock, that's the star of the game, man. Like that's-- I mean, BioShock was great. It was great. -Yeah. -And the gameplay is great and it's fun for a few hours. -But the story, I care about, man. -And then it gets a little competitive, -Yeah. -but I think what keeps you going is the stories are amazing. I mean, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, all those-- and all those games are, I mean, it's all story-driven now. Before we say goodbye real quick, this just popped into the chatroom and I wanna bring this up because I feel bad if we somehow left this out. And Ariel, if you wanna bring this up, the Nvidia Shield. Remember that Nvidia Shield that we saw at CES? -Maybe. -The little hand-held device from Nvidia. -I remember that. -This thing. -Oh, yeah. -Right? Slams into stores in June. -Slams into stores. -Oh, according to Eric Franklin. Slams into stores in June at the price point of $350. -Oh, gosh. That's a lot of money. -Now, what do you think about that? This is their Android-based gaming console, right? -Yeah. -It's gonna be known just as Shield and you know, I don't know. I feel like the proof of concept that we saw at CES was very convincing and it was something that really turned a lot of heads. Whether or not this is, you know, the whole streaming concept, and it's a console in a shape of a controller, is that something that's really gonna take off? I mean, look at this thing. Does that look like it's gonna be comfortable to carry around? -No. -Yes. That's supposed to be portable. -It's supposed to be portable, right? -Yeah. -The thing with me is, I have a PSP, I have a PS Vita and I'll play it when I'm on a plane and then I don't touch it otherwise because I'm always home playing console games. -Yeah. -I don't know. Some quick stats on the Shield. It is a-- it has a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen with 720p resolution, runs all Google Play apps and can stream full PC games from a high-end Nvidia-based PC over WiFi. So, you have to have WiFi and I don't know-- is that a local or could you be anywhere else? I don't know. You know, is it like Slingbox where you can be anywhere in the world? Or does it have to be local? Not 100% sure about that yet. I just haven't done that research. Specs include a 1.9 GHz Tegra 4 processor, 2 gigs of RAM, okay. This thing could kinda roll with like maybe the lower end games. -So, what's practical scenario for you? Will you see yourself using this? -I mean, so right now, I wanna use this and stream high-end PC games from anywhere. I want that experience. So, now, hopefully, I'll be able to do that. I mean, for me, I'm like-- I honestly-- I'm sorry. I don't care. I don't care about Android games. -Yeah. -Just don't-- -Yeah. -I don't think they're fun. Some of them are okay to, you know, pass the time. I want to have the experience I have at home with a high-end PC game on the road where there's WiFi. -You should. -That's what I want. It's gonna have Android 4.2.1 which Nvidia is saying will be an unskinned pure rough form of Android, which is something a lot of cellphones now just don't have. They're all filled with all this bloatware and stuff. It's also gonna feed your 60 gigabytes of storage a mini HDMI, that's huge. You just pop that into the hotel where you're at. Micro USB 2.0, GPS, Bluetooth and a micro SD card slot. It's gonna have 802.11 and WiFi integrated speakers and a freaking headphone jack. There you go. -That's kinda cool though. I think-- -It's kinda cool. -I mean, you can just think of it as a smaller-- -Three fifty-- -a smaller console instead of think it's a hand-held. -It's obviously gotta have that, you know, anywhere you are WiFi. That's gotta be the case, right? -Yeah. -Yeah. -It wouldn't just be local. It's gotta be anywhere. So, there you have it. I don't know. -You getting one? -I'm not gonna get one yet. I have to wait to see if it really works well. -Oh, I mean in the office but yeah. -Yeah, oh no, I don't-- maybe we'll see. But hopefully they'll price it gain at E3. All right. I'm assuming, right? -Yeah. -Well, you'll be there with me. -It's in stores now, buddy. -Yeah. No, it's not, in June. -Oh, in June. In June. -Yeah. -So, 350 bucks. We'll link to that in the show notes as well if you wanna read up more about the Shield announcement from today. That's it for us. Thanks for tuning in, guys. 866-404-CNET, that's the phone number. You can e-mail us the404@cnet.com and we'll see you tomorrow. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Mark Licea. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -It's The 404 Show. High tech, low brow. Thanks to Shanon, thanks to Mark and thanks to everyone for tuning in. Back here tomorrow guys. We'll see you.

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