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The 404: Ep. 1260: Where we work out the bugs

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The 404: Ep. 1260: Where we work out the bugs

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Leaked from today's 404 episode: the original Apple iPhone will soon reach "obsolete status," an awful Gangnam Style parody at the Indian Samsung Galaxy unveiling, and Calls From the Public!

-What's up, everyone? Welcome to the program. This is the 404 Show on this Tuesday, April 30th. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -Welcome to the program, everybody. Hope you're enjoying your day. Thanks for being here wherever you might be listening-- in a car, on a plane, the graveyard-- -On patrol. -On a train. -Yeah. -Graveyard shift. -Can I turn into a freaking Dr. Seuss book? -This morning, real quick, new Grand Theft Auto 5 trailers released by Rockstar Games. Go to cnet.com and look them up. They're pretty good. This game is starting to really come together, starting to get a good idea about what's going on there. It's kinda like a-- really more and more like a buddy action movie, you know what I mean? It's not serious-- -Uh huh. -like a-- It is serious but it's not as serious as games in the past. -Where is Franklin? -What is Franklin? -He's a character. -Oh, okay. I thought this was called the Grand Theft Auto 5, Franklin. -Franklin. Yeah. That's the name of the game. -That's like a location in America where this is taking place. -No, it's takes place in a fictional city called Los Santos-- -Okay. -which is Los Angeles. -Okay. -Maybe-- I mean, it's Los Angeles. So go check them out. Three new trailers, really funny, do it. All right. What do we got going on today, man? -Well, okay. I thought we're gonna watch the trailers. -No, I'm not gonna watch trailers. Come on. -Okay. -What is this, Trailer Park? Come on. -Let's keep on the topic of games then. Did you hear-- -Yeah, right. -Yes. -Yeah, right. -Yes. Right. Did you guys hear about this game called Game Dev Tycoon? -Yes. -You wanna talk about that? -I've only heard of it. I know it's basically like a simulator that you are controlling a development company-- -Right. -that makes a game. -Yeah. Exactly. -Right. But I don't-- That's all I really know about it. -Okay. So yesterday, there's a games company called Green Heart. They put out this game called Game Dev Cut Tycoon that does exactly that. It's on for Windows, Mac, and Linux. And it's $8 so it's really cheap. There's no DRM on it so you can put it on up to three computers. But as a special treat and sort of combat piracy, the guys behind it at Green Heart and the creator, Patrick Klug, he put it out on Bittorrent and seeded it to a few of his friends and asked them to seed it as well. Right? This is was yesterday. And there's a little bit of a caveat though, to the version that was being torrented. So there's two separate versions. There's the real one that you pay for; there's a torrent one online. And this is kina clever. So in the torrent version, after you played it for a few hours, the developers inside of the game that you're controlling, they would get a sales report that said pirates were stealing the game and that the company was going bankrupt. Right? So here's the message right here. It's a little pop up that says, "Boss, it seems that while many players play our new game, they do steal it by downloading a cracked version rather than buying it legally. If players don't buy the games they like, we will sooner or later go bankrupt." And that's the end of the game. You downloaded the torrent version. Right? But the players that downloaded it this way didn't get the irony of what was going on and that they were themselves inside the game too. -Oh, that's kinda cool. -And they went online and were actually complaining to the developers, -Oh my God. -saying that, "Oh, I don't know what's going on. I've been playing this for six or seven times and I keep repeating myself. I can't do it." -I can't progress. -Yeah. What's going on, right? So it's kind of a joke and I think that's a really clever way to sort of-- -For sure. -put the word out about independent games and why you shouldn't pirate them. -It's a really clever sort of PSA. -Yeah. -But at the end of the day, this doesn't happen in real life like-- -What do you mean? -if you download a pirated version of a game, it doesn't magically start hating you-- -Uh huh. -and not let you progress. -Right. -But their heart's in the right place and they're making a point. -Right. But they're not making any money on this point and that's the bad part. -Right. -So the joke is kind of on the company as it turns out 'cause about 90 percent of the people that owned the game now got it illegally. -Ninety percent? -Ninety percent of the people which netted the company about $2100 since yesterday. -That's crazy. -So these are the figures: 3,104 players opted to pirate the game, only 214 users paid the $8 for the legitimate copy, and no one actually bought the game after playing the pirated version and getting-- and-- after they got stunted. -Well, obviously 'cause it's broken. -Right. -I mean, I'd guarantee it if it wasn't broken, people would buy it. -Yeah. -You know, I don't really think-- I don't really think punishing-- it's just-- seems to me only in very rare cases-- -Uh huh. -does piracy really put a company out of-- like how-- you know-- -Yeah. -It's just not a thing. -Uh huh. -You-- They would-- They would want you to believe that-- -Uh huh. -but it really isn't. And I mean, I know the whole PC game piracy scene is pretty big and active-- -Right. -and pretty deep but-- yeah, I mean-- I don't know. Things like-- Thanks to things like Steam and something like buying games is so easy and manageable. -Yeah. That-- -You know, I'm not saying it's not a problem, but I-- you know, I don't think it's destroying the market. -I feel like musicians can also apply this model to their own music, right? Like if they put out an album and they distributed it online themselves-- -Yeah. -maybe the songs will just stop playing after a minute and a half or something, and if you wanted to, you could buy the real version and get the rest of it. -But all that's going to do and especially with this, I mean, this was a-- definitely a lot more of a, you know, sneaky attempt to do it-- -Uh huh. -but it's just not effective. -Right. -You know what I'm saying? Like, it's just not really gonna make an impact. -I guess, I was surprised that this game costs $8 when it seems like you could play the equivalent on an iOS game for maybe $1 or $2. Right? -That, I don't know what to tell you about-- -Or 99 cents. I don't know. -That, I don't know what to tell you about. -Do you play independent games like this on your computer? -I do. -I know you've been into PC games. -I really-- I try and support indie games as much as I can. I've been buying a lot on Steam-- -Yeah. -but, yeah. I mean-- and every now and then, they'll come to Xbox or Playstation as well. And a lot of those guys, you know, they-- you're paying their salary. You're paying what they're gonna live on so definitely support those guys. But this is a weird situation 'cause no one's really done like a-- released a deliberately defective version-- -Uh huh. -to sort of punish pirates. -Yeah. I feel like it's not the right way to go. It's like Metallica suing their own fans for downloading their music. -Yeah. I mean, it's definitely in that ballpark for sure. Funny story though--Uh huh. -All right. Moving along. -Let's laugh for a little bit. -Okay. -Yeah. Okay, now that that's over, let's move on. -You remember earlier in March when Samsung put out the Samsung Galaxy S4 and there was a press conference that really offended a lot of women in tech, right, -Uh huh. -including CNET's own Molly Wood. -What was she upset about? -I don't-- I never-- I don't think I ever saw the full thing. -Yeah. So I didn't watch it at the time either but I went back after the story came out today and-- Yeah, that press conference was criticized for showing women sort of in a ditzy way. They were doing sort of a play on like the whole Sex and the City sewing circle kind of gossip group thing-- -Okay. -and that was done really poorly because none of the-- you know, none of the great things about Sex and the City were translated. It was just women acting silly. -I'm sorry. You're implying there were great things about Sex and the City? -I don't know. I mean, I'm sure there are a lot of women that love Sex and the City for their own reasons, right? -Yeah. -I've never seen it before but-- -You've seen it. -this was not one of those. -No, I haven't. -You're such a Charlotte. You are. You are. -[unk]. -You're a Charlotte. Yeah? You're a Carrie? -Yeah. -Sartorially. -You're the Carrie of the group? -Carrie. -Okay. -Yeah. -Fair enough. -So anyway, they-- Yeah, they showed women like in a bachelorette party and it's saying that the air gesture feature on the Samsung Galaxy S4 would help them because they could dry their nails at the same time. You know, sexist things like that-- -Yeah. Pretty lame. -that painted women in a very negative way. -Yeah. -And what's funny-- There was one scene where they showed the smart pause feature, you know, that was the one where if you're looking at a video and you turn your eyes away, -Yeah. -it would pause it, right? -Yeah. -Uh huh. -So they showed a woman using her phone and watching a video on it, but then she noticed a naked gardener outside, like a shirtless gardener, -What? -on the lawn outside of her house-- -That's so [unk]. -and then she couldn't like, you know, she couldn't look away. And so when she looked-- when she stopped to look at the gardener, -Yeah. -it paused the video and that was a demonstration they used for it. -Yeah. I-- Yeah. That's-- That would upset me. -People did not like that. Yeah. -It just-- It's not that it's-- Obviously, no malice was intended. It just shows you how out of touch-- -Yeah. -these companies are. -Right. Right. -They really are. -Yeah, it's bad. -Yeah. -The fact that they didn't realize that half the audience or maybe more would be women. -It's not even that. It's just like how do you not-- Obviously, the audience will-- there will be women in the audience-- -Yeah. -It's how do you not realize that they would-- -It's gonna offend everybody. -find this offensive. -Right. Right. Right. Exactly. So anyway, they didn't learn that lesson because yesterday in India, Samsung also put out the Samsung Galaxy S4 and although there was an official announcement, a local store called Reliance Digital launched their own version of it and they invited a bunch of Bollywood stars to come and put on their performance. -Okay. -Unfortunately, the performance is severely outdated because they did a parody of Gangnam Style, -What? -Yeah. -that Psy song which is months old now, right? There's no one-- -Months? Years. -no one that doesn't know what Gangnam Style is. Unfortunately, they-- I think they were trying to make a joke out of it. Maybe we should just watch it. This is embarrassing. -Oh, we can watch this crap. -You're gonna get the chills from cringing as you watch this. -Let me see this. -That. -Oh man. I can't wait to this crap. -[Foreign Language] -Samsung Style. -Right. -Samsung Syle. -Oh my God. -If you like the S3-- -All right. I can't-- -Hold on. Hold on. -this phone is even better. It has an HD screen-- -See how far you could get. -and it's just a lot slimmer. 441 ppi is not just a number. Look at this clarity. It's brighter, brighter. -I can't, dude. -You have to. -[Foreign Language] video pause. [Foreign Language]. -Okay, dude. -No. No. No. -Watch the rest of this eight-minute video. -Oh no. No [unk]. -[Foreign Language]. -Not half of it. We could do it. -[Foreign Language]. -There, it's-- -This is painful. -I'm kind of into it. -[Foreign Language]. -[unk], Samsung Style. -Okay. Oh my God. You have to stop it. -Samsung Style. [Foreign Language]. -I'm gonna throw your freaking computer out the window. -[unk], Samsung Style. -I can't watch this. -[unk] just the phone. [unk], Samsung Style. -I'm serious, man. Turn it off. -Kind of catchy. -That's how bad-- I cannot-- -It's still go-- Still going. -I can't-- I literally had to shut his freaking-- Dude, that's the worst thing-- Why would you play that longer than we needed to play that? Holy shit. -Yeah, one of the punch they got in the face. -Oh my God. Somebody should have kicked the crap out of him [unk]. -And I love the first comment on this video. It says, "I was watching this when my mom entered the room. I switched to porn and it was easier to explain." -I think someone made a comment about that, about [unk] too. -Oh my God. -And they were quickly sued by Psy after this so we don't have to worry about any more parodies. -Was that-- Is that true? -No. No. But I'm sure they were. -No, why? They could have bought the license to-- for the promotion. -Maybe. Maybe. It's-- It all-- It is worth noting that this isn't Samsung's own press conference. There was a separate one. There was some kind of confusion online. So this was a-- the in-store performance. That was an independently-run thing, -Uh huh. -not officially Samsung. But still, just as awkward and weird. -I'm so mad that you kept that going. I really like can't put into words how less of a person I think of you now. -I mean, would you rather watch this or watch some cover of it by a kid in Delaware or some random place on Youtube? -I'm choosing the option of not watching it at all. -You know, it's all the same stuff. -Oh God. [unk] go on right now. Jesus. -Yeah. You know, when you do-- It's like PR suicide. -Yeah. -Just stop. -Samsung should really sue. -Do some freaking research. -Yeah. -People hate that song now. -Well, he has a new song so it's outdated too. -Just stop doing it. -Yeah. -Makes me so mad. -Yeah. -Look how angry you are. -I'm really angry. -You can't even take a joke. -It's not a joke. It's like serious life and death shit. -Yeah. -Man. -This is like-- messed up your whole idea of right and wrong and a God and hell. -I don't know. I don't know how we're gonna transition out of this. -That's simple stuff. -I need to like chop my head off or something. -Sorry. Well, I apologize. -Yeah. Not accepted. -It's pretty bad. -It gets better, Jeff. -No, it's-- Apology not accepted. All right. Let's talk more-- -Let's switch gears. -Let's start with Apple. -Yeah. -Apparently, according to Apple and their-- how many stores do they have in America, 384,000? -Yeah. Somewhere around there. -Apparently, the original iPhone will soon reach obsolete status in Apple retail stores. I have a feeling you are gonna be upset about this. -Why? 'Cause I have an original iPhone still? -Yeah. Don't you? -No. I don't-- I have it. I don't use it anymore. -Okay. -Yeah, so I didn't realize that Apple has these designations. So there are two separate designations for older products that Apple puts out. One is vintage, the other is obsolete. So the original iPhone is approaching obsolete status. And these are the designations: Apple defines vintage as anything that's more than 5 years but less than 7 years old, right? And then obsolete is more than 7 years which is totally unsupported after that. -They're like-- They're vintage. -Yeah. -It's a like a euphemism for "You better buy a new one." -Right. -I don't like that. -Yeah. So anyway, after 5 years, the iPhone is discontinued but for some reason, there's a weird caveat. So for anything vintage, it's not supported by Apple anymore unless you bought it in California and there's no explanation on the site for why this is. But if you did buy a product in the last 5 years, you could still get it serviced at the Apple Care Store or by Genius, whatever. If you bought it outside, you're SOL. And then for obsolete status stuff, if it's over 7 years, no one will cover it even if you did buy it in California. So those are the two caveats. But yeah, so the original iPhone released back in 2007-- which is really isn't that long ago, -Yeah. -you know. That's 6 years ago. It's gonna be obsolete soon and totally not covered, so if you're still using an iPhone-- the original one-- get a new one. -But it-- What if you bought like-- Can't you buy lifetime Apple care? -Not-- I don't think lifetime Apple care existed at the time. -Is a thing? -Yeah. -I thought you could do that. I didn't realize. -And it's not just the iPhone either. It's all of Apple's products so there's actually a list of it. It's right here. You got the 2007 20-inch iMac or the 24-inch or the MacBook Pro. You can find the list and we'll put it up on the blog later on. You go to the404-- cnet.com/the404. -Just another reason people are just not really in love with this company anymore. -Yeah, but-- I mean, if you're still using the original iPhone, that'd be kind of-- I don't know. You couldn't even copy and paste on the original iPhone, remember that? -I mean-- Yeah. -Yeah. -I mean, if-- -Couldn't multi-task. -The iPhone-- the iPhone, I understand, 'cause it-- -Yeah. -not a lot of people really hold on to their phones for more than 3 years. -Yeah. -Feel like that's even a stretch. But for people who don't really wanna buy a new computer, I mean, I guess. -Yeah. -And I guess if you've owned an iMac-- -Uh huh. -in 2007, unless things went really bad for you in these last 6 years-- -Yeah. -probably afford another one. -Well, I think it's-- -And I'm giving people-- I'm giving Apple the benefit of the doubt. -Yeah. -I think it's ironic because if you're still using a six-year-old computer, then chances are you're the person that needs Apple care the most. -Yeah. -I mean, you're probably gonna be calling support the most because you've been using such an old computer. I don't know. -Of course, if it's lasted that long, you're probably-- -Probably used it minimally? -you know, you probably-- Yeah. You're probably in a different situation as well. -Yeah. -I don't know. -I mean, it might be a cost issue. This article points out that you can now get an iPhone 5 under T-Mobile for $100 and then $20 a month financing on top of that. So-- -Do you think all the other carriers are gonna go with the no-contract thing? -Maybe. I don't know. -I feel like at some point, man, the right-- you know, the-- I don't think there's gonna be like a mass exodus from any of these super popular carriers like Verizon or whatever-- -Uh huh. -to-- you know, and move to a carrier that does provide a no-contract thing. -Uh huh. -But, it-- I mean, I know the Verizon CEO said, "If the customers want no contracts, that's what we'll give them," -Uh huh. -but then it's like how do you subsidize the cost of the phone and, you know, like-- So what is-- You said-- How much is it for T-Mobile? -For-- You can get the iPhone 5 for $99 down and $20 a month through the T-Mobile [unk]-- -So you have-- still have to pay-- Okay. -Yeah. So it's-- -So, you-- I mean, like finance? -Yeah. You could finance it over the course of-- -That's pretty awesome, man. -how many years. -Yeah. -I guess it's part of the deal. -I would do that. -I would-- I mean-- and how much-- What are these no-contract plans looking like in terms of price? Do we know? -I don't know. -I'm curious 'cause I don't know anyone on-- -Yeah. -anyone on T-Mobile. -Yeah. Yeah. Me neither. -I remember a couple of years back, we did this un-scientific sort of a test about service in Manhattan and data, and T-Mobile scored the best. -Yeah. -So I don't know, and this is all 4-- It was a 4G test. -Uh huh. -I don't know-- You got to imagine after a while that it's just gonna become the trend. -Yeah. -Right? -I just feel like most people are so irritated and confused by the whole process of switching carriers that they'd rather just not do it. They'd stick with the one that they originally went with. -I agree. -And even myself, like I've had AT&T. I've been a customer since high school. -You-- Oh, you should leave it. You should-- -I've never wanted to change it because it-- I'm too-- -Lazy. -Yeah. Too lazy. -You're too lazy. -That's really what it is. -It has-- I mean, it really is easy to do-- -Yeah. -especially when your contract's about to expire. -Yeah. -I just recently went from Sprint to Verizon a year and a half ago. -Uh huh. -It was painless, -Yeah. -totally painless. -I just had no idea when my contract is gonna end. I think it just automatically renews and you don't have to bother with it. -You set your whole life on autopilot. -Yeah. But I think that's how a lot of people do it-- -You're right. -too 'cause they don't wanna have to look at it. They have auto-bill-pay. It just stands over. -Yeah. I don't know. -They don't bother with it. -It's just-- I feel like there's certain things that we were just in auto-pilot on. -Uh huh. -Like bill-paying, like-- -Yeah. -we're just in auto-pilot. Just money is getting sucked out of our freaking bank accounts and it just go into insurance, it's going to cable, it's going to utility-- -Yeah. -and it's just like, "Go ahead. Here's my wallet. Take back what--" -Yeah. -You know? And I just don't like that. -Yeah. You better-- -You wanna move to a commune? -No, I don't want-- don't do that. -[unk] left? -I just want-- -Maybe. -I just wanna freaking have a better grip on my, you know, on my like subscriptions. -Yeah. -Do you know what I mean? -Yeah. I hear you. -Right? -Do you auto-bill-pay stuff too? You could send a check in [unk]. -I do auto-bill-pay for cable because there's really-- I have no option. I'm not gonna go to Cable Vision. They're terrible. -Right. -I hated my experience with that and I have files now, and I'm mostly happy with files. -Uh huh. -But there's something about-- I don't know, man. I don't know, man. This-- These are the problems that we are faced with-- -Yeah. -on a daily basis. -Hard. Hard life. -It's hard being us. -Yeah. -We're gonna take a break. When we come back, more 404. We have some voicemails, we have some emails, and some news about upcoming guests that I hope come through because it would be a really big deal to me if they did. And we'll talk about this on the other side. Stick around. Lot more 404 right after this. -And England skipper Andrew Strauss arrived in London proudly showing off the little [unk]. He'll spend 4 days at home before flying out for the World Cup. And Belinda, I just can't understand how something so small can be so impressive. -Well, Mack, you would know about that. Thank you very much. -Welcome back to The 404 Show. -An interesting philosophical question. -We started doing these videos. I didn't wanna talk about it but now we're gonna talk about it. -Sure. -We started doing these videos because Justin's bladder simply couldn't stay in place for 40 minutes. -It's just descriptive. -It just couldn't-- you know, he had to go. When you gotta go, you gotta go. -[unk] on it. -We kind of been-- we've been weaning off the videos off lately because-- -No pun intended. -No pun intended. Because we wanna say-- you know, we wanna have like a full experience, the whole thing. So, [unk] the video. -Right. -And Justin gets up and goes to the bathroom. -Right. -Right? We're just fine. You're a human being. A really small bladder, it's pathetic. But we come back, we're like, "You know what? We usually haven't been doing a video a lot lately." So I'm wondering, would you still need to pee if we didn't have the video break? -Or does knowing that I'm gonna have a break subconsciously make me want-- -You're incenting yourself. -I don't know. -If there is-- -That's what it is. -Let's see. -That's what it is. -Really. -You're freaking incenting yourself. -What's that, like an emergency every time? Like if I didn't go, if we didn't a bathroom break then I'll just [unk] myself, like that wouldn't happen. I don't know. -I don't know either. Oreo? -We should try it once. Just no break videos for a month. -Yeah? -See what happens. -And then I'll go to the doctor after-- -Yeah. -get diagnosed of some horrible disease. -Justin just drowns in his own sea over here. -Yeah. -So before we get to voicemails and emails, I want to talk about upcoming guests on Thursday, May 2nd. Caroline McCarthy. That's right. Caroline McCarthy. I'm not sure a guest has gone as long of a time in between appearances than Caroline McCarthy. We're talking like 2-1/2 years-- -Yes, it's been a while. -in between appearances on the show. Get really excited for that 'cause we're gonna really just have fun with her. -Uh huh. -We're gonna talk about who she is, what she's doing. She's become this like tech celebrity curmudgeon. Well, how would you describe her? She's all over the place. -Yeah. -She's at Google, she leaves. Who leaves Google? -Yeah. I know. -Who tells Google to go F themselves? Caroline McCarthy. She's at this-- On another thing, she's there for four seconds. -Yeah. -What-- I don't know what it is. -Hard to keep track. -We're gonna find out. We're gonna ask her all the questions that, you know, people-- and people wanna know. She's popular, right? -Uh huh. -Yeah. -She's got all these freaking followers. Everyone's-- up in her business. Wanna know what the hell makes her tick. -Yeah. We'll ask her. -So we're gonna find out. We're gonna be-- It's gonna be a great interview. -I think I gotta reintroduce myself to her. I don't know if she remembers who I am. -That actually might be a thing. -Have you met Caroline before? -I've met her before. -Yeah. -Yeah. You're-- -Super Bowl. -Yeah. Yeah. -Yeah. -We gotta-- We gotta talk to her. Yeah. -Speaking of upcoming guests, been working on this for a very long time. Still trying to make it happen. Comedian, Marc Maron, from the WTF Podcast-- -Very cool. -is in town right now. He's in New York. He's doing a lot of publicity for his new book which is out now, called Attempting Normal. He has a new IFC show on Friday, just called Maron. That starts. He's in town. He's promoting. I think he's on Howard Stern today and we're in touch with his people and we're trying to make it happen. -Okay. -So hopefully, sometime this week. If we can't have him on the live show, we'll make it work and we'll try and do it at a different time. But we-- it would mean a lot obviously to us, to have him on. Whatever, even if it's 10:00 PM, I don't care. I want him here. I wanna be able to talk to him. I wanna see what makes him tick. -Yeah, it's about time someone interviewed him, right? -Right? That's what I'm saying. -He's the one that's always interviewing comedians. -Yeah. -Why doesn't he get in the hot seat? -He just did. Who did it to-- the-- oh, Hank Azaria on Monday's show. Awesome. -Uh huh. -Love listening to him interview people so we're gonna try and turn the tables on Marc Maron and get him in the studio because, like I said, he is in New York for a very short time. That would be fantastic. -Cool. -So hopefully, that works out and we'll see what happens. -If it doesn't, that was a huge waste of time. -And if it doesn't, it was a terrible waste of time. -No, but-- you know, it sounds like it's going to. We just need to find the time, is basically what I keep hearing. So we'll see how that goes. Hopefully, the stars line up with that. Let's get into some emails. Start with the emails here. Jose writes in, "I notice that you guys haven't talked about Iron Man 3 at all. I have the luxury of living in a border town so I get to see movies a week before they come out in the U.S. because for some reason, they released a week early in Mexico." Is that a thing? Never heard of that. -Never heard of that either. -When you say "released", are you-- Is that like "off the truck" thing? I don't-- I'm not implying that all, you know, Mexican affairs are illegal. I'm just saying, why do they-- why do they get the movie before us? -No idea. -I don't know. Makes sense? Tony Stark's in California, right, or something like that? Anyway, "I had the chance to watch the movie last night and it was pretty awesome." This is a review here. "I'm not very familiar with the Iron Man comics so I couldn't tell you if they followed the story but the effects and action was pretty kick-ass. So if you were thinking of not watching it, don't do that. I recommend it." -Yeah. -All right. Well, thanks, Jose. Here's the first endorsement of Iron Man 3. Jon Favreau not directing this time around. -Oh. I didn't know that. -Did you know that? -No. -Jon Favreau not directing and I believe he is still in the movie though. He still reprises his role as-- I don't know what the hell's he play. Was it the bodyguard, right? -Uh huh. -Or something like that? Shane Black is directing Iron Man 3. -Oh, what has he done? I've never heard of him before. -Shane Black has directed-- Well, he's written-- He also wrote the screenplay. [unk] like Shane Black wrote the screenplay for Last Action Hero which is like-- -Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. -kind of my-- -It's been a while. -My guilty pleasure. -Yeah. -My super guilty pleasure. He also wrote the screenplay for the Last Boy Scout. You know, that flick with Damon Wayans and Bruce Willis? -Oh. -You don't know that? -No. Sorry. -He directed a film with Val Kilmer and Robert Downey, Jr. in 2005 that I really liked, called Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang. -Oh, okay. -You remember that? -No. -Remember that one? -No. Nope. -Man, you are-- -Sorry. -You know why I love doing the show with Justin? 'Cause he's so culturally relevant. -You've just seen every single movie and know all the quotes from every one of them. I can't keep up with you. I got a life. -Oh yeah. You have a life. -Yeah. -That's what it is. That's what-- That's what it is. -I can't sit through an entire movie without having to get up for a bathroom break. That's why. -That's true. -Yeah. -Yeah. Every film you've ever seen is filled with pee breaks. -Yeah. -There's just gaping plot holes in everything you've ever seen. All right. Fair enough. I'm gonna read this one. You take the next one. -Sure. -Adam writes in from Palm Springs, California talking about disgusting computer parts after you take off your case computer's been on straight for seven years. -Eew. -God, it sucks to find out what's been lurking inside the innards. "I fix computers for a living and I run across a lot of different computers in a lot of different types of conditions. Some good; some really bad. Most times, it's a lot of dust, and even at times, some wine." -What? -Wine. Did you expect that? -No. -To hear wine? All right. Take your word for it, dude. "That can actually smell really bad. I've had computers come in and they always have their own small. Keep in mind--" -Fill-- -"I'm not-- I'm just--" I don't know what the hell I was reading there. "Some smell. Keep in mind I'm not--" What did I say? -Small. -Small. Smell. "Now, keep in mind, I'm not sitting there and smelling each computer. But when you start moving parts, you normally get a bit of what it smells like. Some just smell like plastic, others smell like they sat in a dumpster for 10 years. But the worst thing I've ever found in a computer-- spoiler alert-- cringe." Might wanna plug your ears. "Worst thing I found was bugs." -Eeww. -"It was so bad, I had to hurry up and close the machine so none would get out and run around my house. As soon as I was done killing the bugs that got out, I took the machine outside, called the customer and said, "Come and get your freaking computer."" -Oh my God. -"I'm sorry. I'm not gonna working on this thing any longer." -What kind of bug, I wonder? -"The look on their face when I told them was sad. Until this day, I haven't seen or heard from them." -Oh my God. -"Hope this story helps on the show." -That's-- I mean, it makes sense 'cause it's kind of a warm environment in there. It's enclosed, dark, and ooh. It's like that video that I showed. -Oh yeah. -Link blue [unk] like, Oh, literally bugs, -Yeah. -like actually crawling, crawling bugs. -Right. Not digital ones. -Not viral bugs. -Yeah, I know. -How messed up is that? -Bleh. -That's a bleh. If I don't-- If I hadn't heard of bleh, that's a bleh. -That is nasty. -Isn't that crazy? -Interesting. -I never thought. I-- Like how does that happen? -That's gross. -I guess roaches and insects infest crap-- -They lay eggs inside-- -Don't [unk] me. -of the hard drive? -Okay. -Yeah. -You know, I gotta go to that graphic of detail, dude. -That's nasty. -Oh man, is that gross. -Yeah. -Huh? -Okay. All right. Let's move on. -No, thank you. -Yeah. -No, thanks. -The-- Man, perks of the job. So this last email is from Brian. He was listening to our podcast yesterday about the sting operations, the undercover sting operations in San Francisco-- -Sure. Sure. Yeah. -to get rid of stolen iPhones down on Market Street. He says he's been a Sheriff's deputy for the past 7 years and he's kinda irritated listening to us talk about how it was entrapment. -Okay. -So he says, "I could tell you the main reason why SSPD is putting this effort into stolen tech, comes from an outcry from the populace, from us. -Uh huh. -"Also, the other thing is that these same people that are getting taken in for possessing and purchasing stolen items, more often than not have other irons in the fire of a criminal nature, meaning that, you know, obviously, it might have other crimes they've committed too." -Yeah, but that's why-- -Might catch two in one. -But that's-- -"I don't know about you. I'm an advocate of gun ownership and I'm torn about the amount of gun violence. And then, he talks about-- you know, he assumes that these people selling stolen iPhones are also in possession of illegal firearms and maybe intent of narcotics, etc." -Let's just cast the real life meth here. -I don't know if that's true. No. Maybe in some cases-- -Look-- -not in all, for sure. -I got no problem with that mentality but the way in which they were approaching these things like making people feel bad-- -Yeah. -Okay? Like-- -Uh huh. -we said, they were luring people in like-- -Right. -My daughter didn't-- -[unk] Christmas present. -Yeah. -Like, come on, dude. -That one's not right. -That's not right. I got no problem if you're-- whatever. Whatever it is, -Yeah. -to me, that is just fishing-- -Right. -and I don't like that. -Yeah. -I mean-- I think like the biggest risk here that they should just come down on that area, right? Like they should just go down to 7th and make Civic Center no longer a hotbed of stolen stuff 'cause he's right. It's not just iPhones that are being sold there. I'm sure it's all kinds of like-- -Yeah. -drugs and other stuff. But, he says, he ends with, "I love your show. I listen to your podcast on my legally-purchased iPod while on patrol, you know, 'cause a sheriff--" -Wait. While on patrol? -He's a sheriff's deputy. -Dude, no, dude. -What? -He shouldn't be listening while he's like protecting the streets, right? -And he says, "and does get frequently interrupted," but it's-- -Oh, okay. Okay. -the thought, right? He said, "Keep up the good work." And all he asks is that maybe if you feel like it would help be better informed to provide A-grade information. We try. -Yeah. No, we try. -We try. -But Brian, we salute you, sir. -Yes. -Officer. We weren't speeding, and we appreciate you listening to the program, dude. -Yeah, definitely. -Rock and roll. I'm just terrified of cops. -Yeah. -That's what it is. That's the truth of it all. -That'd be nice. -That's be nice. All right. Let's get into some calls from the public before we say goodbye for the day. Let's rock it. -Time to show the love. -[unk]. -866-404-CNET. -404. -People have been calling in about what I should do with these 2000 sheets of paper the fine people at Sony sent me. -Uh huh. -I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do with it. What-- We still haven't come up with a good thing. We should shoot a skit or something. I don't know. -A flip book. -What do you even do? -Make a giant flip book out of it. -We should like-- That would be amazing. That's like a feature film. -Yeah. -Should have like Mr. T trying and rip it in half or something. -Yeah. -How about that? Let's listen to this first call and hear what he has to say. -Hey, guys. This is [unk] from Charlie and I got an idea for Jeff. Hey, you know those 2000 blank sheets of paper you got? -Uh huh. -Here's what you should do, you should get Justin to scour eBay, find an ALF Trapper Keeper and just go ahead and bust that open at your office meeting. Just lay that down. You're gonna have a nice set of fine strip-- -Yeah. -with the Velcro, and you take notes. All right. Later, guys. Bye. -Not a bad idea. -Yeah. -[unk], guys. That's like the best idea yet. -Did you have a Trapper Keeper when you were young? -Did I have a Trapper Keeper? -The Meade Trapper Keeper? -Is the sky blue? -Yeah. -Sir, not only did I have Trap-- I had multiple Trapper Keepers. -Oh yeah? -Because you want a new one every grade. -Yes. -How much were those? I don't even know. -I don't remember. -You had one? I thought that was kind of a girly thing, right? They're always like Lisa Frank branded Trapper Keepers. -No, dude, 'cause-- First of all, how dare you-- -Yeah. -try and-- -I didn't have a Trapper Keeper. -Oh, 'cause you weren't-- I guess you weren't very tolerant. -I don't know. Well, what-- How old were you when you had one? -Let's not get into the details-- -8 or that? -of age. Let's just talk about-- -Okay. [unk] studied for my SATs. -Let's just talk about-- Yeah. Let's just talk about the graphics on mine, 'cause there was always these like very-- I don't know. The 90s, it was all about like computer-generated-- -Yeah. -spheres and cones and lines-- -Uh huh. -and stuff like that. -Uh huh. -Can you pull some of that up-- -Yeah. -to display to the fine people watching? Just like all these wackadoo designs generated by-- -Yes. -computer, there's no way an artist could have done that. There was no Photoshop in 1992, right? -Yeah. None. -These awesome [unk]. Right? -Let me see some of this. -This is great. Look at this. -Let me some of this. -Video rock. -That's sick. Look at that. -Let me see some more Trapper Keepers, man. Yeah. There it is. -Yeah. -Just like wack-- -Yeah. -[unk]. -Very strange, you know. -The target. -This was-- This was like-- We got a computer to render this somehow. -Yeah. -It took 7 years. -That's so cool. -Sick. Find an ALF Trapper Keeper, there's gotta be one. It's probably $100 on eBay. -I'm looking. -Worth it. Worth it. -I don't know. But the-- All the Trapper Keepers were like an inch thick, right? There's no way you'd be able to fit that whole thing inside of an ALF Trapper Keeper. -Well, we just have enough loosely for the rest of our days. -Oh man. This one is awesome. -Let me see this Trapper Keeper. -Look at this. -Ooh, give me some of that-- -It's like weird inter-galactic-- -3D. -Yeah. -Ooh. Maybe it all be called like-- -Look at that. -Oh, that is cool. -[unk]. -It's a bunny rabbit Trapper Keeper. -Sure. Yeah. -They would always call like a digital chaos, like that would the name of the-- -Right. -Trapper Keeper. -Yeah. -You know? Love it. Love it. -Very cool. -Bring me back. So we're gonna find an ALF one and we're gonna start loading it up at the beyond script pages. -It's a great idea. -It's great. -All right. We're talking yesterday about the-- Speaking of the Beyond screening that I got to attend over the weekend, the Beyond: Two Souls at the Tribeca Film Festival. Here's a little note about Kadeem, one of the dudes on the panel. -Hey, guys. This is DC [unk]. First off, Jeff, I just wanted to make a quick correction-- -Yeah. -If you had mentioned that it was Kadeem Hardison from a Different World, not Another World, but a Different World, and he played Dwayne Wayne, I'm pretty sure Justin will know who he was. -Yes. -Dwayne Wayne. -With the glasses. -I don't-- -Yeah. The glasses that [unk]. -Did he wear glasses? -I think so. Yeah. -Yeah, he did. -He had like sunglasses. Yeah. -Yeah. Yeah. -I did mean a Different World. I said Another World. Quick side note, what was Another World? Do we know? -I don't know. -Was it-- What was those-- -Was it Out of this World? -Out of this World, there's [unk]. -I was surprised. I-- -With Evie or whatever her name was. -Another-- -Another World is a video game or another TV series. -It was a video game but it was also a-- It was a soap opera that ran on NBC for 35 years. -What? -Completely unrelated. -What? -Yeah. Sure did. -Wow. A lot of worlds. -35 seasons, 8,891 episodes. -Yeah. -That's crazy. -Oh my God. Yeah, Sinbad was in A Different World. -F-- Yeah, he was. -Forgot about that. -I misspoke. Forgive me. It was A Different World. -A great show. -Yeah. -Should be on Netflix but isn't. -It should be on like [unk]. -Yeah. -You know. -Really, yeah. -Sandwiching Friends or something and [unk] Belair. -So 90s. -Yeah. -Sick. We love it. -And that's that. -Cool. -And with that, we conclude the program. [unk] goes Boy Meets World. Hell, yeah. I'll take the double dose of Boy Meets World. Isn't Girl Meets World a thing now? -Yeah. -The [unk] kid? -Yeah. Yeah. -Let's get a load of this little show. -Mr. [unk] on it too-- -Of course, he is. -which makes him-- I think about 97 years old. -Yeah. Yeah. -Yeah. -Michael. -Michael. -Use the turbo boosters. Anyway, we're out of here, guys. 866-404-CNET, that's the phone number. Email is the404@cnet.com. Do the Facebook thing. Do the Twitter thing. Do the Instagram thing. Do the Reddit thing. And make sure you tune in every day this week. Back here tomorrow on Wednesday. We're gonna bring [unk] to stay on for some game talk. -Yay. -You can excuse yourself. Be my guest, bro. Piss as long as you need to, okay? Well, have fun and call us, write us, do what you gotta do. Get in touch with the program. We'll see you tomorrow. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -This has been The 404 Show. High-tech, low brow. Have a great Tuesday. See you tomorrow.

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