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Ep. 1257: Where we're blank on the inside: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 1257: Where we're blank on the inside

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Jeff's been sent plenty of strange gifts from video game PR, but a marketing gimmick for "Beyond: Two Souls" that just came in the mail this morning has us all scratching our heads, Bridget Carey included.

-It's Thursday, April 25th. Man, really? April is done? That's it? It's April 25, 2013. Thanks for tuning in to the 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Bridget Carey. -I'm Mark Licea. Oh no. -I'm a blue screen of death. -She's a blue screen. Let's kick that wire again. -Hold on. Yes. We'll start over. -Okay. -Really? How does that happen right before-- put it on? -I'm a blue screen of death. -What the freak, man? -It's not good. It's not good. I shouldn't be allowed in. -I don't know. -God damn it. -Yes. -Why now? -Yes, probably knocking other stuff out. -Are you serious? It's just floating here? -All right. Hold on here. Why don't we just use Mark's camera or do you wanna share a camera with me? -I think we're just gonna do that. -I could share it-- -Or do you wanna put that on her like bring that bird's eye 1 down to her. -We can do that. -I mean what are we gonna do tomorrow with Peter, you know? -Well, for Peter, maybe we can use Mark's camera. -Oh, that's smart. Sorry, guys. This will all be solved in 2018 when we move out of the studio. -In the future. -In the year 2000. -Okay. -And I'm like and I'm Bridget Carey. -That's a great angle there. -Okay. -I like it. -I still have a little bit of a nice little color. -Yes. I know. That looks good. -Color is flattering. -That looks good. -Like a sepia. -Okay. -Have you seen that? -404 Show. Take 2. -Okay. Hold on, hold on. -Action. -I'm sorry. -Don't-- no. It's okay. -Okay. Okay. -Why did you just look up at? You're like huh. -Oh no because I think of the switchboard in terms of piano so I'm like okay so Bridget-- -I was trying to think of-- -Bridget's a G. -Just break it. -Here watch. He'll do it. -I don't wanna like see it and then think I was on that camera. -Yes. -Okay. All set to go. -All right, man. -3, 2. -It's Thursday, April 25, 2013. This is the 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Bridget Carey. -I'm Mark Licea. -Yes, you are. -Welcome to the program, kitties. Holy moly. April's pretty much done, ain't it? -Yes. That's it. -Do you believe that? Time flies when you're having fun. -Does that not upset you? -It's what someone would say if they were having fun. -Time flies when winter is forever. -Yes. I've never heard that. Is that some Game of Thrones crap? -No. I'm just saying it. It feels like winter's forever. So I feel like I'm being cheated out of my April. That's all. -Oh, that's true. Winter is coming. I'm the only one that knows it. Thanks for tuning in, everybody. We've got a great show. On the program today you've heard her already. Bridget Carey is on the show. -Yes. -A round of applause for Bridget Carey. -How's it going? -Bridget Carey raising the roof. -How's it going? -And then we got Mark here too. -Yes. What's going on? -Yes. -Yes, great. We got a lot to talk about. We got a lot of gaming stuff I wanna talk about, a lot of gaming news hit yesterday. -A lot. -And last night. The worst kept secret in the history of gaming finally confirmed. Microsoft gonna have their next Xbox reveal on May 21st out in Redmond [unk] Washington. -I was just gonna say are you surprised that it's not in New York or California? I mean-- -I mean it should be but it's-- -It could be a sign that they don't want to really do a whole song and dance about it maybe. Maybe it's just a little bit of a small reveal. -Yes. -By keeping it on their home turf. -Yes. -I agree and you can't, you know, you can't question what they do. I mean you can question what they do, but everything is done for a reason, right? -It's also more controlled when it's at their home turf. -Exactly. They've got home court advantage. -They do. They wanna make the media jump hoops for a coverage. -You sound like a basketball like pawn that you just do or something like that. -No. -Okay. Anyway, so because it's their home court advantage. So yes. They're describing this as a very intimate event which I don't know if that's the right word to use for something like this. -Intimate and revealed in the same invite. -Yes. I mean what are we really getting ourselves into. So what we're gonna do is we'll be out there. I'm not gonna go out there though but what we're gonna do is we'll have like a CNET live thing. You know how they do that in San Francisco for Apple and stuff like that. -Oh, yes. We'll-- -And they did that for PS4. -Probably live stream it as we usually do. -Yes. So we're gonna do that here which is gonna be fun. -Yes. -We're gonna get to do that for this Xbox thing. -Yes. -So that'll be cool. Yes. Really, really badly kept secret. Everyone knew this was gonna happen. We even knew the date too. -Yes. -A few people knew the date beforehand as well. This just sort of confirms the whole deal and what-not and-- -And they just don't know the name yet because yesterday you went on Twitter and you were asking people what you think the next name of the Xbox should be. I like John Falco's the best. He said John Falco from CNET. He was like I think it should be 4-Ever, so that way they could compete with the PlayStation 4 and 4 and ever. -And then I said it should be Xbox Indefinitely. -Yes. -I think it's gonna be called Infinity. -Yes. -If I would bet 100 bucks on that, you know-- -What were some of the other guesses on Twitter? -They were joking guesses. -Sure. -They were like Xbox Most Of The Time. -Yes. -You know stuff like that. -Always On. -I think Always On. I think Xbox 720. -Yes. -I think that's like-- -I don't wanna see a 720. -You think that's like the 5 to 1, you know. I think 2 to 1 is, what's it called, is Infinity. -It's definitely not 720. -It's not gonna be 720. -Because then it'll be like 720 and 1080 and having new more numbers doing no. No more numbers. -Yes. -Is this skateboarding or is it video game console? So-- -Tony Hawk 720. -Yes. We'll see how that goes. I don't know. I'm looking forward to just sort of seeing what they do differently than the PlayStation event. -And they're gonna show what you think. -I don't know. -It's called-- okay. In the invite in the very lightly worded invite, the word revealed was there. -Yes. -So they have to compare to what Sony did. They have to go we're gonna 1-up them. Everyone is so competitive. -You would imagine that in this world of 1-upsmanship, you would have the actual console on display. -Or they fake at me. -But I'm not gonna put it past them. I'm just not because these guys operate in very mysterious ways and we only, you know, get drips and drabs and until we actually see the event and see what happens, anything is possible. -Maybe it'll come in an egg and then it'll hatch onstage. -Like Lady Gaga. -Oh right. I guess. Maybe something like that. -Yes. That's exactly what's gonna happen. -I'm sure. -I think you've nailed it. -I think I did. -So this news comes out to the shock of no one because we all knew this was gonna happen. And then 19 days later E3, so it's just like okay. Fly out here. Come back fly out. Whatever happened? Isn't there like a recession going on like no people not wanna-- -Someone wants to beat Apple. Everyone wants have to control and for you to only talk about them that day, so when you go to E3, your attention is a little divided because you gotta hurry, hurry, hurry, go to the next thing. Not. They're like you know what? We're gonna just enjoy the day of media and that's what's it about. -But if they were smart, they would do the unveiling the day after E3 to take all the coverage away from that show, right, like that would be really cool. Just to kind of jack every one of the attention. -I don't know, man. I just think everyone-- -I think there must be a low blow like there's a certain amount of respect with you. -There is zero amount. All they wanna do is take out their shins man. That's all-- -Yes, yes. You're probably right. -There is no any courtesy given. It's a freaking free for all. Is it not? -It probably is. -It is. -Yes. -Speaking of E3 which is 19 days after this Xbox reveal out in Washington, news comes out last night that Nintendo is pretty much dropping out of the E3 press conference thing. Do you believe that? -They usually do one every year. -They do one every year, usually goes Microsoft on Monday, Sony on Monday night, and then Tuesday morning Nintendo and now that's not gonna be the case because Nintendo in a release that came out last night which is sort of like the financial results briefing that comes out-- -Yes, to the shareholders. -To the shareholders as like a state of the union sort of thing. It was reported that they're gonna rethink the way they attend E3 and rethink their presence at the big show. Basically, came on said we're not gonna do a press conference because you know we wanna have a more focused and sort of intimate experience with some journalists, some foreign press, and they're just basically changing the way they're approaching E3. Now I think in-- -I feel bad saying this but how many people after hearing this news we're kind of like, "You know what, I don't know if I care." -Well, hindsight is 20/20. I mean for me I was like sweet. I could sleep later on Tuesday. -Of course yes. -That's like the selfish thing that I'm sure a lot of people thought as well, but at the same time yes. It's a big deal. It is a big deal. They've been-- -Of course. -I don't know how many years in a row they've done a press conference but this is a big deal. They are definitely, you know obviously the first ones to drop out of that big 3 sort of thing, but I don't know, man. I'm a big believer and I've been saying this for a few years now. I don't really think Nintendo competes with Sony and Microsoft as much as we all kind of you know put them on this tribunal pedestal. -They have a different customer base is what you're saying. -Right. They have a totally different kind of business model and they have a different set of software, and you know all these times that they sort of you know and that door swings both ways because at all of their unveilings they go, we're gonna have Call Of Duty and we're gonna have all these things, but you know I don't think people really-- -I think-- -Or it's not resonating with people. -Well, maybe that's true, but they are competing for the limited space you have in your living room under your TV. I mean it's not like I mean except for exceptional gamers no one has all 3, you might have 2. It depends on if you have a family. All right. What do you gotta decide on? And so they do have to compete for letting you, you know, where do you wanna put your money, you know. -But I don't think-- -You're gonna have at least 2 if not 3. -But I don't think and I wanna hear what you, all you guys have to say about this. I don't think that they compete with Xbox or PlayStation in terms of experience. I think it's a totally different sort of-- it's a different experience. You know the Nintendo Wii experience and Wii U experience is a totally different experience from having an Xbox or a PlayStation. So I understand what you're saying like there's that real estate in your living room that they're all sort of vying for, but I also think that no one's really on the fence do I get an Xbox 360 or do I get a Wii. You know what I'm saying? I think that might have been maybe at the beginning of this last generations lifecycle, but now it's like it's a totally different sort of thing you're comparing. -And you know that's a good point, you know. I rather choose between Xbox and PlayStation and then add on the Nintendo as a separate experience. -Right, yes. -Than have both a PS3 and an Xbox. -And the beauty of it last generation was that the Wii was what it started at 250. -Yes. -Then they started something cheap like that? 250, I men if you're a hard core gamer, that's a drop in the bucket. So you're just like all right. I'll get this for my, you know, basement or whatever the hell is. -Well, I think going back to what you were saying about you know getting buried under a press coverage from the Xbox or the PlayStation, it's kind of smart that they're doing that because I guess the game plan is to hold these more intimate press conferences outside of E3, but then at the same time I don't know. The Wii U is not doing too hot and if they're-- I'm not sure if going to E3 and having a press conference there would make a difference, but I feel like it needs a lot of help and that's definitely you know part of their strategy is to not have to compete with Xbox or PlayStation, but you know it is the biggest gaming conference in the world. I wonder-- -If you're not doing that, what are you doing? -Yes. -Yes. -Trade shows in general are starting to become less important to companies that wanna have it on their own terms. I mean look at the Consumer Electronics Show. Microsoft is like I don't need to be here. -Right. -And okay. They're Microsoft. -Yes. -So everyone is kind of maybe taking a step back and once again going to that Apple playbook or you know Amazon does their own events. No one needs to go to a conference necessarily except now almost the little guys do or to get a press attention, what else maybe it would naturally get that kind of attention. I don't know. -This is why a part of me is kind of rooting for them, kind of being like yes, yes. Start a trend, start a trend. -Yes. Change the game. -You know because I like going to E3 but at the end of the day it really probably isn't necessary just like the way a lot of people feel about CES. So I don't know. Is this a changing of the game? Maybe, but you know that Sony and Microsoft are, you know, they're not budging right now like they're gonna have their press conferences and they're gonna go as planned and it's gonna be weird. It's gonna be weird this year where it's just the 2 press conferences. I feel you know and now they're all slammed in on one day, so you're gonna have Microsoft in the morning then you'll have Ubisoft and EA in the afternoon and then Sony at night. It's gonna be this like jam-packed you know press conference day and no like-- all right. Everyone knows Riddick, oh and in the morning we get to see Mario. -Yes. -And now there's none of that which is gonna be strange. I mean are there a lot of games that are coming out because I see a handful of games for the PlayStation, a handful of games for the Xbox that are coming out that I'm very excited about. -Right. -Nothing so far for the Wii U. I mean it's not a secret. -Maybe Bayonetta 2. -I was just gonna say Bayonetta. -Maybe Bayonetta 2. -Right. -I'm kind of excited for. -Right. -But other than that, man, I think people they just need to get excited about the Wii in order for there to be some sort of shift right now because I don't know. Everyone I-- -I think that's why some of the reaction last night was like oh well yes. That kind of makes sense because what are they gonna show off. -Yes. -You know they don't have the content for an hour and a half long press conference, and I said it as it is to say that might be kind of right, but I also think you know if you really take a step back and distance yourself from the fact that we are so ingrained in this industry, you know. Think about the mainstream sort of storyline that's gonna be told at E3 this year. You know everyone, every mainstream outlet will say something to the effect of and Nintendo pulled out and you know that whatever follows that statement it'll be because a or b, but it's not gonna paint them in the greatest of lights, right? It's gonna-- -Of course not. -It's gonna be a little-- -Last holiday was their big time, so-- -Yes. -So they're not the fresh news anyways though. -Yes. Exactly, you're right. You're right. So here you have E3 2013 and you're like oh. You know I have Xbox Infinity or whatever the hell it's called. I have PlayStation 4 and then Wii U that launched last year and it's just not really-- -Are there any games on your radar for the Wii U that are-- I don't know, that people are getting excited about? I mean I don't know. You know there'll be another Zelda game. I guess there'll be like a Wario game, you know. -Look, I love Nintendo. You know I love all the-- I think they're all great. -Yes. -But it's sad. It's a little sad. -What do you think about the future of motion control game and do you think that will even be an emphasis? -I don't think it's gonna be as big of a focus, but I still think but Nintendo and Microsoft and Sony are gonna push the next version of Kinect then this PlayStation you know iHybrid sort of thing. I mean the controller has that glowy thing on it so-- -What's it gotta have to make you think you ought to buy a new console? I mean the last generation it was wow, the games are so much better, there's a lot of big improvement. Here, is it more dancing? Am I gonna be shaking the new ways like I don't know if I really am that motivated if I'm still having a great visual experience. -Yes. -And I think with the PlayStation conference, there was just so much push for social gaming that me personally have zero interest in. -Yes. I don't have-- -I mean I don't really care to watch my friends play or share my gaming experience with other people. -Social gaming is a big thing in the Wii U as well. -Oh, of course. -Yes. -For sure, but I'm just saying me personally that's-- -But it's not popular. I mean-- -And-- -You mean like the focus of it, the way they positioned it, right, but no one cares about them. -I agree. -You don't know when to use it. -Well, I kind of care on the Xbox that people know what my avatar looks like-- -Well that's-- -When I'm playing and-- -But that's like a very basic you know integration. -Yes. -I think each console needs to have like a gimmick, you know. -Of course. -So like the gimmick with PS4 that you can say right now is like oh, it's the streaming stuff. You know it's the Facebooky sort of profile-- -Yes. -That they have. -Being able to play the games before they finish downloading. -That sort of thing so now that'll be interesting to see like how Xbox positions the-- I'm gonna call it Infinity, what they call it, you know, how they position that thing, what's the gimmick for this console that makes it, you know, sit in a different category compared to everyone else. -Yes. It's just so weird-- -Probably more home theatre. -It's so weird to not have to or to not expect the graphic improvements to be so much better because it's just not the case at all. -I mean if you look at-- -I remember that that's all-- -Well, don't-- -And still, that's all everyone cares about. -It's gonna look better. -Of course it will. -If you have a high-end graphics card right now on a PC, you're basically looking at what the next generation consoles are gonna look like. -Oh, of course it will. I'm just saying-- -And the difference is definitely knows what you saw at BioShock like compared to the console, BioShock Infinite on PC is just banging. -Of course, but I'm saying that the leap isn't nearly as stark difference as it was from Xbox 360. -Right because-- -It was incredible. -Right. -Because you're going to SD to HD. This is not, we're not doing that this time. -Oh yes. I know. That's what I'm saying. -Yes. -Orion's Bolt. Sorry. Yes. Orion's Bolt in the chatroom. He actually brings up a pretty good point and I'm gonna say it because I have no good points-- -I was gonna say how would you know if it's a good point. -He's saying now why don't people or why doesn't Nintendo relicense their games out for other consoles if they're not gonna put out their own in the immediate future-- -That's the age old question, man. -Why not allow their games to be played on Xbox and PlayStation? -It's the age old question. Don't forget. Nintendo still has-- -Do you think that's gonna happen? -They got a lot of cash still. -Yes. -They're like a cash company. They still have money, but you know. I don't know. I don't know if it's like a pride thing. I don't know if it's you know them going the way of Sega would be I don't know. Really strange. -Yes. -But that seems to be something they are not even recognizing that they've thought about. -Yes. So-- -Do you think they'd rather allow themselves to go out of business than license their games? Like it's definitely a pride issue. -Like they would so rather go down with the ship. -Yes. -I don't know. -That's messed up. -I don't know. I don't-- it's a little screwy but-- -Yes. -We'll see how it pans out. I wanna talk a little bit about a game called Beyond Two Souls. Have you guys heard about this game? -I remember seeing the trailer for it the last time around. -It's one of the biggest games of E3 2012. It stars Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. The guy dated Page who's directing and writing it also is responsible for games like Heavy Rain which we really liked. -Yes. -God, I'm gonna forget that other one he did, what was it Quantic. No. I don't remember. Anyway, his development coming to Quantic Dream is now behind a new game called Beyond Two Souls that comes out in October for PlayStation 3 exclusively and in a very strange effort to sort of show how much bigger this game is than a movie, I received a box in the mail the other day. -Was it heavy? -It's very heavy. You wanna know why? -Why? -Because this is what was inside. -Oh my God. -Okay. Look at this. Can we see this? -Oh my-- -Is that the biggest script in the world? -Live in camera. -It must be. -Okay. So this-- -Turn it oriented-- -Hold on. I made it like-- -Okay. It's a little heavy, right? -God. It's like carrying a small bear. -Yes. -In your-- -Is that the script? -So they go hey, you know, the average movie script is like 100 pages. -Yes. -Because usually with movie scripts it's like a page a minute, right? So they're like oh. Beyond has 2,000 pages of script in the game and because you cannot picture that in your mind, we have-- -We'll look it up online. -Ever leaving, you know, your brain would explode. -Seriously. They mailed you 3 reams of paper and attached them. -They mailed me 2,000 blank sheets of paper and I'm not-- -That's 4 reams. -Do me a favor and just-- -Oh my God. It's all blank. -What? There we go. Anyone would wanna make a flipbook because you could probably make a feature film flipbook. -Happy Earth Day, everyone. -And that was the funny thing too. Monday was Earth Day. -I know, bad timing. -Look. Don't get me wrong. This game looks great. -Yes. -Okay and I'm very excited about it. I'm actually going to see like a Tribeca film festival screening. Ow, oh man. That hurt. A screening this weekend and I'm gonna get to like see on page there. It's gonna be great and I'm very excited for this game. -Yes. -This though, this is not smart. -No. -No. -This is not a smart-- -It's not even really that funny. You know like I mean when you see is like oh cool. I could buy like couple of reams of paper from Staples. -That's like 20 trees. -Yes. It's actually more sad than anything else. -I know. -This is murder. This is you know murder right here. Is it not? -Video game PR is, are you really the craziest PR out of all the ones that we get here. -Brass knuckles. -Those brass knuckles you got. -You're just realizing this? -Yes. I've never realized it before. -2,000 blank pages. That's what they did. They said they got in a board meeting or whatever it was. And they're like all right. How many-- -And they were just gonna do that. -How are we gonna really just convey the idea that this is a really long game with a lot of script and you know dialogue and description in there? How are we gonna do that? -So you'll be bringing that. That's basically a giant empty notepad that you'll be bringing to our office meetings for the next-- -Well, I was gonna say. This is so what I'm asking-- -Because you always bring a notepad every time we have work meetings. -Right. And now this is my new workpad, but the best part about this is it fits right in your pocket and you just get-- -It's so hipster of you. -Like I said, I'm very excited for the game. -Yes. -And this really doesn't change the way I feel about the game because I'm still again very excited, and I don't want this to change anyone's opinion of the game, but this idea is silly, right? -Of course. -This is very silly. -Yes. -Yes. Good thing you're the only one they shipped that to. -No. I think they shipped it to a lot of people. I just don't know what the hell to do with this. What I do with it? So I'm gonna ask you guys-- -Just throw it in the trash can. -No, well. -Don't recycle it. -So now I'm gonna throw it in the recycle. Zorbo says put a chain on it and sling it over your shoulder. -You could use it as a weapon. -I wanna know what I should do with this. -Wow. -And whoever sends in the best response we'll do it. We're gonna film it and we're gonna do it. -I think you should probably just open up one of the printer trays and just drop it in-- -Yes. -Not close the printer tray. -They have holes down. -It's got holes in it, dude. -Look at that. -This is defective paper. -I know, but that's not your problem. -I would-- -That's the printer's problem. -You know. -Justin can-- -Yes. I'll use it for my testing. -I say you make 2,000 paper airplanes and throw them off a giant building all at once. -Yes. We'll do like an improv everywhere. -That's a super-- they have one, that's littering real bad and you wanna make 2,000 paper airplanes because we don't even have an intern for that. That misses says just throw it at Justin. No, that would hurt. -Don't do that. -They'll hurt and I'm terrified I'm gonna get the worst papercut in the history of papercuts. -We should make a paper mache of Ellen Page of her face. -Super ambitious. I like this. Let's keep it a little more-- -We'll do it on our work time. Let's do it. -Yes. -Yes. We need to figure out a way to do it, but I like where your heads at, Bridget. -Thank you. -So we'll see. The best idea wins and we'll figure something out. What do you think, dude? -I don't know. That's a lot of toilet paper. That's what I'm thinking. -I don't know about you, man. -They're really uncomfortable. -These ain't exactly 2-ply, okay? This is like oh my God, worst case scenario. Okay. -I'm not having it. -I don't know. -Yes. I don't know. Anyway, we'll-- -Anyway, and you're right. Is it a shame because that game does look-- -It looks stellar. -Right. It looks good. -And that was definitely my highlight for the E3. -Yes. Oh, it was-- -The entire E3 show. -Easily one of the best games of E3. Anyway, I don't wanna spend too much time on it, but if you have a better idea of what the hell to do with this thing. -Give it to a fish market. Don't they wrap fish up in paper? -Newspaper. -Right. This is a lot cleaner than that. -No, but these are too tiny. -Yes, that's true. -You could barely even wrap an anchovy in that. -Yes. What happened in here? -He knows. -Nice. All right. We're gonna segue out of games for now and get to a story about a new Virgin America flight feature hitting a plane near you. -This is exciting. -What's up with this? -Well, you know, all those times that you're on an airplane and you wish you could mack on that person in seat 3C. -Mack on someone? -Now you have that-- -Oh, I like that. Yes. -Now you have that chance if you're flying. I believe it's from L.A. to Las Vegas. Those Virgin Airline flights will have in that seat front screen a way for you to send a little something over to someone in a different stage or a different seat I mean. So it could be a drink or a message and you can't escape the whole entire flight now, the whole you know. If that happens, it'll be like thank you and constantly looking behind your shoulder or like who is this person staring at me. -I don't know about this, man. -Previously, you can message people, right, but this is like sending a drink over at a bar. -Yes. -This is like the new online dating. -With the message, yes. -Well-- -It's just not-- -Well, at least the flight is short. You know like if it was a longer flight that would be even more awkward, and I think the whole thing is just a wink at the fact that it's Vegas, you're gonna have fun anyway, so maybe you'll have a friend to take with you when you all disembark. -Yes, but look. It says Virgin launches service this week to mark the start of its L.A. to Vegas service, but it's also available on every U.S. flight. -Oh, it is? -Yes. -Okay. Well-- -You can creep at anyone even if they're not-- even if Vegas isn't their final destination. -I mean I respect the hell out of the company and Richard Branson for doing this. You know it's kind of cool, but my problem with this is that everyone that gets on a plane always feels unattractive because they're in comfy mode, right? Like whenever you get on a plane, you're always in like-- -Well, the air-- -Of course but at the same time-- -You're not in a mood to meet anybody. -But at the same time-- -The air is dry and you're just like-- -Yes, the air is all dry. You're all bummed. -Everyone is touching you and trying to get on and you just had to put their suitcase up and you're like meet me alone and the things are dirty and I'm in the mood for romance. No, it doesn't go the same. -It would be classy if you were in first class and then send it to somebody in coach. That I'd be into if someone just like invited me up. You're like hanging out and the food. -You guys remember the flight back from CES when Margaret Trudeau was randomly on our flight? -I don't think I was-- -I was with you on that flight, dude. -Okay. Maybe it was CNET TV piece. -Yes. -But there were anyway. She was on our flight. -Yes. -And wouldn't that have been awesome if like everyone was sending her like drinks and all these things. I think that's the one such scenario where it's appropriate as if it's just a joke, you know-- -For me-- -Or if like you saw someone on the flight that you know by coincidence you guys knew each other and they were on the flight and you didn't say hi and-- -Yes. -Then you send them a drink and they're like wow, creepy. And you're like that was me. -Yes. That's what I'm saying. This is really creepy. Do you have the option to opt out of it? Can you just say-- -No, thank you. -I don't want any communication going on. This is my entire flight. -Kind of arrogant, don't you think? -No. -It's like preemptively like nobody on this plane send me drinks. -Yes, because it's not like some people just wanna sleep. Some people would just wanna work. -Yes. -You know like when you're on a plane, that's your time. -Right. I guess so. -It could happen even without the system. It's just invites it now. -Oh. -I mean think about it. You could always say hey stewardess, could you send that person-- you could always you know made-- you could always made a scene, but now it just invites a scene. -This is yes. You're asking for it with this. -I don't know. I think I'm gonna fly Virgin out to E3 and just gonna go nuts on that thing and just-- -Do it. -Invite and just talk to everyone, see what happens. -Is it only drinks or can you send free stuff? -Some messages and stuff too, man. -No. I mean like free snacks. You know they always have like chips and like nuts and stuff like that. -Extra pack of nuts for that nut. -Do me a favor. Shoot a package of cashews to that gal, okay. -Anyone can order them. -You know what? I feel bad for the flight attendants if you have 2 friends messing with each other the entire time. They're just constantly running back and forth. -Yes. This could get annoying for them. -But seriously. -All right. Well, we'll see how it goes. I'll report on it when I use it. I'm gonna do it. I promise. -Are you gonna send it to someone you don't know on a fight? -We're gonna be on the same flight. -Do it. -No, we're not. -So you can send-- -Yes. We are. -I fly out of Jersey, buddy. -Why are you flying out of Jersey? -Because that's where I live. -Well then I'll fly to Jersey too. -Yes? -Yes. -That should be-- -All right cool. -Wanna drive me to the airport? -Sure will. -All right. We'll keep you posted. -All right. I'll-- -Send it to the pilot. Send a drink to the pilot. -The Scotch. -Yes. Awful. -I'm sure that's an option. Where would you like this Scotch to go? -The cockpit, thank you. All right. Wonderful. What else do we have going on? We got some emails. -Yes. -Speaking of like weird texting and stuff like that. So, Bridget, we've had a little sort of reoccurring thing going on here where people send us their terrible texting stories. -Oh. -Like when they accidentally send rude and, you know, rude gestures to like their mom. -Like thanks to autocorrect or forgetting who you're talking to. -Right. -Whatever the circumstances are, it's unfortunate. This one is from Phoenix from Wes. He goes in. He says, "Hey guys. Regarding sending text to the wrong person, about 10 years ago I was right in the middle of executing a carefully crafted plan to transcend the friend zone with the love of my life." Been there, brother. "That plan was going quite well until one fateful day. I was texting my best friend about the whole situation and he asked me what I planned to do going forward to complete the transformation from friend to boyfriend." This is something you discussing over text, dude? This is crazy. -Oh, man. You're thinking about it too much. -You are, man, overanalyzing this junk. "I laid out my entire plan in detail and sent it." -Oh. -"My phone at the time would scroll to the 2 field off the screen when typing a very long message so when I hit send, I didn't see who the message was going to. That was until I immediately received a text from her saying really?" -Oh my God. -"Obviously I accidentally hit reply on one of the text she sent me that day and I sent the entire thing to her. She was pissed." -Oh, dude. -"And we stopped talking for a number of years." -Oh no. -You're doing it wrong. -"Luckily though this story actually ends on a positive note. We started talking again a few years ago." Jesus, dude. What were you doing during that? -I'll tell you what. -I know what he was doing during that. "And I found out that she had always had feelings for me and now we're dating and I'm never been happier." -Wait. That doesn't make sense. I wanna hear it from her because she was creeped out in the beginning enough to not talk to him anymore. -How did he go to that? -And somehow maybe him ignoring her kind of put the ball back in his court. -Yes. -He's in fact positioning-- -Because he's playing hard to get. -I like that. -Hard to get. -Well done, Josh. You win. -Josh, his name is Wes but that's fine. -Oh, okay. -Hi five, man. Now what I don't understand is I think, do you think maybe there was some sort of like 180, you know, like it was an unintentional reverse psychology sort of thing? -Yes, he definitely didn't mean to do that. -Definitely did not. -But it worked out. He's like you, managed to transcend the friend zone. -No. I had a straight up plan. -Yes. -Which I executed with surgical precision. -Yes. -The ring on my finger is victory. -Your trophy. -Is my-- -Maybe the description, maybe this extremely graphic description was somehow flattering and I don't know. -But she-- -And took her time to realize that-- -It took her 2 years? -You know maybe it's inappropriate that he's sending this to other people but at the same time I don't know. -Well-- -It comes from a place where he's interested in her and you know-- -There's also the awkward part where is she gonna initiate another conversation and sometimes with our friends, silence, just prolonged silence makes more prolonged silence and it becomes too thick for everyone to like you wanna jump back in again. -Yes. -So-- -There's so many scenarios. -Time is a great healer, is it not? -It's also a brain. -Time is not-- -Brain as well. -Time is brain. -Oh, the friend zone. Bridget, do you have experience with that like I mean like giving advice to girlfriends or anything like how would-- for people that are in the friend zone right now, is it possible to get out if you're not Wes or Jeff? -It's happened twice. -Yes in the history of mankind. -It really depends on the situation of how long because and if you haven't given the hint yet and it hasn't been thrown back, you gotta let it go. -It can't be too long, right? -Yes. Well, it's-- -You just gotta get out of the way. -Well, if it's too long you have to also realize that maybe she's not interested either and then you're wasting your time in a fantasy. -Yes. -You feel like there's ever a point in time where you know the man or the woman is just completely oblivious. -Yes. -And then when it's brought to their attention-- -No. -5 years later. -I think so. -No. -They're like oh my God. -Absolute-- -I had no idea and I never thought of you in that way but this changes everything. -Nope. -I think-- -I agree with you. I feel like-- -More credit than that. -I feel like-- -They know. They know. They just choose not to acknowledge it because they don't wanna go there. -I don't know about that. -Because they don't like them back. -I don't know about that. -If they wanted something to happen, something would happen because they would give a blatant sign. -I don't know. -If they're not giving signs, don't construct an elaborate plan. -The worst I've seen is when the guy makes it known, the girl goes eh and he keeps being the friend for years and goes well eventually she'll warm up to the idea. -Yes. -And like there comes a point where-- -If she ever brings up another guy that she's into, you're done. You're a permanent resident of the friend zone. -Yes. -That's always is. -Or-- -You're done. -Or it could be a tactical move by her, man. I'm telling you, dude. -I like that. You don't give up. You persevere. -I didn't give up. -Yes. -I'm just saying you know look. It's not-- you know there comes a time where you must draw the line-- -Yes. -Like no one you know legalities get involved and everything. -When your friends step in and say dude, you know. -Like, dude, you have to get off the couch. It's been 6-1/2 years. -Yes. -Yes, right. -Matilda is just not the one for you, okay? Whatever it is, there comes a time and a place. Yes, Matilda. Anyway, that's how we're gonna wrap up the program today. What a great little conversation show today. This is awesome. Bridget Carey, thank you so much for being here. -Always a pleasure. -Follow Bridget on Twitter @bridgetcarey and watch CNET Update every single day at CNET.com/update. We're back here tomorrow with Mr. Peter Ha, and then 1 week from today I crap you not making her 2-year hiatus return. -Yes. -To the 404 Show. I'm sorry. I think it's 3 years, Caroline McCarthy. -Oh. -Do you hear that? -Yes. -Ain't that nuts, man? -Crazy. -Crazy. It's really happening. I can't believe. We're working on this for like 6 months. -Nice. -And who the hell is this woman. -I think she just applied for an internship at CNET too. -We're gonna find out what the hell is going on with Caroline. It's gonna be a lot of fun and a nice little reunion. So yes. We'll have a lot of fun with Peter and Caroline, all this good stuff. Thank you for tuning in, 866-404-CNET; that's the phone number you can call. If you wanna email us, that's cool too, the404@CNET.com. Back here tomorrow with Peter. Thank you so much again to Bridget Carey. We'll see you then. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Bridget Carey. -I'm Mark Licea. -It's the 404 Show, High Tech, Low Brow. We'll see you tomorrow.

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