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Ep. 1256: Where we go off the charts with Shanon Cook: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 1256: Where we go off the charts with Shanon Cook

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Spotify trend expert Shanon Cook is our guest on today's 404 episode. She'll tell us what's cool on Spotify this week and introduce us to a few new artists. Programming note: this is a Macklemore-free show.

-It's Wednesday, April 24, 2013. Thanks for tuning in to the 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Mark Licea. -We're very happy today to welcome for the first time ever to the 404 Show, Shanon Cook is on the program today. How you doing, Shannon? A round of applause for Shanon Cook, ladies and gentlemen. -Oh, thank you. -Shanon is the Spotify trends expert. -Correct. -Which sounds like a very important title. It's like a lot of descriptive work and stuff like that so-- -The one that worries me the most is the expert. -Yes? -Yes. -Oh, come on. That's no problem. We're all experts. Justin is a cyclist expert. -That's right. -Oh, okay. -We're both notetaking experts apparently as well. -I know. -You have handwritten notes in front of you. It's very rare for a guest. -You have more notes than me. -I know. -What does that say about me? -It's gonna be a 3-hour long conversation. -Fantastic. -Yours are handwritten though with impeccable penmanship. -I know. -Might I say. -Well, that's embarrassing because my printer completely lost its mind this morning so I had to actually write out some notes and it was very difficult. -Yes. You should help out with that. -I was gonna say I'm actually CNET's printer editor. It's what I do when I'm not on the 404. Even I wouldn't be able to help you out with that. It's a mystery. -It is a mystery. So, Shanon, you're on the program today because we wanna talk about something that Spotify is starting to do and we got a lot people from the company on before and we're big fans of the service, but I think what you're specializing in is kind of interesting because it's basically like this top 10 viral list. -Right. -So can you tell us a little about the list? -Well, the list we do release a lot of lists, but the list that we're focusing on today is like you said the top 10 most viral songs on Spotify for the past week. And what that means is songs that are being widely shared by Spotify users, you know. They're adding them to their playlists. They're trying to get their friends interested and they're also streaming the songs. So it kind of gives an indication of songs that are bubbling up. -Yes. -And songs that have buzz attached to them, not necessarily songs that are the most popular but-- -Right. -Songs that are worth paying attention to if you wanna know what's cool. -Okay. -So I'm here to make you cooler. -So we need all the help we can get. I'm curious because don't you think that and we'll play some of these tracks and these artists, but don't you think the list might say something about the world, right, because this is weekly, am I correct? -It is weekly. It does and it's always an interesting list to me. It changes every week unlike say the Billboard Hot 100 which you know might have little incremental changes. And often what is reflected on this list is a big event. -Right. -Like there are a few country music artists and songs on the list this week-- -Yes. -Because the Academy of Country Music awards were a couple of weeks ago-- -Oh all right. -Some songs kind of struck a chord with people so yes. I didn't know that it necessarily reflects what's happening in the world. -Right. -Well-- -But what was happening in Vegas that night has definitely been reflected on this list. -Yes. I feel like you know people when things are happening in the world people may look to certain artists and that sort of you know transcends like I know in the U.K. they were saying like when Margaret Thatcher died like Ding Dong The Witch is Dead was like a number 1 song there. -Yes. -So I mean as cruel and morbid as that is, you know there is something to take away from like you know where we going before we're listening to. -Yes, absolutely. -So let's get to the list. Number 1 this week is Daft Punk with the song Get Lucky. -And this song has been everywhere. -This song is everywhere. -Yes and actually it broke a record on Spotify. It was the most streamed track in a single day. -Yes. -Wow. -And Spotify is history. That was last Friday in the U.K. and the U.S. so yes. A lot of people clamoring to check out some Daft Punk. Daft Punk hasn't released any studio album for about 8 years. -Right, if you don't include Tron I guess. -Right, which I'm not going to. -I'm not a fan of-- yes. -That is not included. -They did. They did do the soundtrack to that film, and they've also been doing some sneak sort of promotion. -Right. -Have you noticed? -Yes, on SNL they did one. You know you mentioned events earlier and that's something that I think Daft Punk is kind of a pioneer of in terms of this album. -Right. -They initially put out like a 15-second commercial during a Saturday Night Live episode and that was really cool. Yet no one really saw that coming. -Right. -And then Coachella too right? -Coachella, yes. They just had this video which is a really cool video with the 2 French you know DJ's performing along with Pharrell. He's singing and they're all in sequence. It's very disco. It's a very disco song, a real throwback to the 70s. -Yes. -I keep looking at you, Justin. -It's okay. I'm beautiful. -It's okay. You're talking to him. -I'm so sorry. -No. Of course. You don't have to. -I don't know why. -You guys are having a conversation. -Yes. Where else are you gonna look? -He's just so lovely. -Oh, that's your opinion, but that's fine. That is your personal opinion. -But you're obviously a Daft Punk fan then, right? You've been listening to them for a while. -I don't mind. I'm not a huge electronic music person per se but when there's a little bit of a pop edge to an electronic song which there is in this case, you know because you've got Pharrell. -Right. -Contributing and that sort of laid back-- -That's cool. -Vocal track, but I was a huge fan of One More Time. -Yes. -Way back when. -Yes. -It seems like so long ago now, I think it was in 2001. -That's such a great song though and it's still a-- I played it at my sister's wedding because I made my sister's wedding mix in that-- -Oh, I didn't know you were the DJ. -It's surprisingly is a wedding song. -Yes. -I don't understand. -It's just a feel good song. -One More Time like-- -In fact no. There's no more times. This is it. -Exactly. -Yes. I don't know why that-- -This is as final as it gets. -That was the last song. That was the song that I finished out the wedding mix with. -Wow. -When they're like okay. One more song, you guys are done. I was like One More Time. -Okay. -I didn't know-- -Well then that's appropriate. -Yes. -I guess contextually there for that moment. Anyway, I wanna hear some of this Get Lucky song. -Yes. Actually I wanted to play this version for you. I'm not sure if you've heard it but there's a DJ that actually pitch shifted Pharrell's vocals. -Okay. -And he turned it up a little bit and I wanna know if you'll recognize the voice because it sounds like another famous pop artist. -Okay. -And that's playing right now so if we could just turn this up. Take a listen. -Oh, I think I even know it sounds right over. -Right. Just from the start. It's crazy. -I actually cannot hear. -This is exactly how he's-- -I'll put my headphones. -Oh, they're right here. It sounds exactly like Michael Jackson. -It does. -They did nothing except for a pitch shift and knocked it up. -Wow. -It's insane. -I didn't even know this was the thing. -Yes. -All right. So here let's hear. Take that down. I wanna hear because I'm not terribly familiar with the real song. -The original song. -So I wanna hear this right now. I'm playing this, Mark. -So sort of has like that falsetto. Thank you, Daft Punk, for bringing back dance music, good dance music too. -It's almost very disco. -Yes, totally. Yes. They're bringing it back. -It also features a very famous disco guitarist. -Oh really. -Nile Rodgers. -Oh. Right. -You see him in this little promo video. -Oh cool. -Yes. -Very cool. All right. So that's the number 1 viral song on the top 10 Spotify list that just hit. There's a few other artists here that we wanna talk about and get to-- -Right. -I talked to you briefly yesterday about Lorde. -Correct. -Tell me about Lorde. Have you heard of Lorde, Justin? -No, I haven't. -Okay. -Well, it's a very holy sort of name. -Holy? I guess. -However she spells it L-O-R-D-E, but it's pronounce lord. She confirmed from me via Twitter that it's pronounced lord. -Oh, right on. -She has this great song called Royals. Now she's an interesting musician. She's only 16 years old. -What? -And she's from New Zealand. -Yes. -And she released her debut album towards the end of last year and it sort of didn't really make a mark, but over the last few months her music has really bubbled up online, and now she's actually selling out concerts even though she's supposed to still be at school. -Very cool. -She's having to work everything around her school's schedule. Her label tells us that within minutes, 2 shows in Auckland I believe were sold out and she's coming to the U.S. soon to shop her wares, which probably isn't an appropriate way to say that when you're talking about a 16-year-old. -Right, but we know what you mean. -You know what I mean. -So here's some of Lorde's track Royals, is the number 2 on the list here. Let's hear this. -Oh I like it. -Yes. She has a very grown-up voice. -Really cool. -So do the artists on the list tend to sway towards pop music? I know you mentioned country sort of pop stuff sometimes, but is it random? -It's completely random. You never know like last week we had a skillet song on there. -Skillet or Skrillets? -No. Skillet. -Skillet. -Skillet. -That's an artist? -They're hard rock Christian group. -Oh, gross. Okay. -Do you find that a lot of-- -A lot of people haven't heard of them. -You said gross. -There are some-- did you say gross? -I didn't say it, no, no. -Yes, he said gross because he hates Christian rock. That's what he said. -Oh, sorry. -No. So I've never heard of them. -Not. Me neither. -Why so like-- -Well, they're one of those bands. It was totally random but again they released, they have a huge following because they tour relentlessly. -Yes. -They're one of the hardest working rock bands in the business, yet a lot of people haven't heard of them. -Yes. -It's one of those bands, you know, you either know them really well-- -Right. -Or you have Justin's reaction which is what and then maybe eh. -Gross. -But no. It can be totally, totally random and it can also be a little bit predictable like Psy. Psy is in at number 9 on the list week with his you know sophomore single like yes we could call it. -Yes. -And that's sort of expected because the song just came out. -Yes. -A lot of people in YouTube are obviously checking it out to see if he's done as well as he did the first time with Gangnam Style. -Right, right. -Yes. What do you-- -Shall we talk about him? -Yes, we can talk about him for a second? -Yes. That's fine. Have you seen it? -You have complicated feelings about Psy. -I just don't understand at all I guess. Like I think the-- -What is not to understand? I don't get it. -No, I get it. -It's a very straightforward-- -No. Like I understand why the first one was really popular because it's you know it's-- -I think it was mostly the video more than anything, right? -Yes. -It was very catchy. -And then after you watch the video and it's craziness then you're like hey, it's a kind of a catchy song. -I understand that. I feel like he has this sort of self-loathing like I've read interviews where he's like I hate that song now. -Yes. -You know what I mean? -Of course, yes. -And that's almost sick because that song is not even a year old, right? -I think people tend to hate Psy's music because they associate it with like these viral hits, you know, but it's really us that made it go viral, and it's the people that share with their friends and it's just the right amount of weird, you know, that-- -It was this weird appropriation-- -He's managed to-- yes. -Of Americans just like jumping on to this song that no one really knew the lyrics to it. -It's very interesting. It's a phenomenon, a cultural phenomenon for sure. -Oh, for sure. -Well, I think maybe your idea that he's sort of self-loathing is maybe that he's just a little bit sick of himself. -Yes. -Because I actually interviewed him last year. -What's that like? -It was great. He's a very cool guy. -He was very smart too. -He's very smart. -Yes. -Very sharp and he seemed to still be in a state of complete surprise that anyone even cared about this song, and this song was huge all over the world. -Yes. -It was inescapable. -It was like number 1 earth song. -It really was. -Yes, it was insane. Yes. -And he told me that when he went to Australia and I'm not just telling the story because I'm Australian. He went through customs and they asked him to do the horse strut dance, the custom's offices said. -Oh my God. -So I mean and he was telling me this story like I can't believe that ridiculousness is happening. -That's pretty absurd, yes. -But I don't know. What do you think about the second song? It's not his second song obviously but it's the second song the whole world is paying attention to. He obviously has a big history with music in South Korea. -Right. So we're listening to it right now. It's called Gentleman. -Yes. -Yes. What stuck out to me the most about this video is there's the crazy amount of product placement in here. I mean it's on par with the Lady Gaga music video at this point. -Yes. -At one point, he plays the smartphone game and it's just a screenshot of his phone and he's playing a game. He got paid millions of dollars for that 5 seconds of coverage. -It's amazing. -It's crazy ain't it? -Well, let's go back to what we're saying about how he's very smart. -Yes. Right. -Yes. Of course, and he's-- -He's milking it. -He definitely-- -Everything has a label on that video. -You can't blame him for doing that because I mean who wouldn't be doing that in that situation. I don't know. For me it's just like a weird phenomenon that I just don't necessarily get. -Well, I don't know. I'm happy for him because-- -So am I. I'm happy for him. -He's been around for so long that he's finally made that crossover which no other Korean pop artist had been able to do. Now it's a huge thing for K-pop to get popular in the States, but now K-pop's been around forever, so for him to sort of lead the charge on that, I'm proud of him. -And he's not at all like the typical K-pop artist. -No. -I mean most of the K-pop artists are gorgeous, skinny-- -Young. -Women. -Right, exactly. He's getting hope to chubby comedians everywhere basically. -He doesn't really fit that bill, but can I just say about this song, I think he really went about it the right way because obviously he had no shot in hell of coming close to the success that he had with Gangnam Style. -Right. -And as a result you know and everybody he knew that the pressure was on for him to come up with something great. Yet he didn't take it to a crazy new level which he could've easily done. -Yes. -You know he could've come up with another signature dance which was just ridiculous. -Right. -You know but he really just-- it's a continuation of Gangnam Style in a way. It's just him being goofy. -Yes. -And not really caring what people think. -Right. -I also like that half the song, maybe even more than half the song is in Korean. -Yes. -And that's his way of you know telling his pretty extensive Korean fanbase that I haven't forgotten you-- -Yes. -That's right. -Just because the whole world is now saying, "Wow, check this guy out." -Right. -And that-- -You gotta respect that. -Yes and I think again that comes back to him being very smart and actually quite grounded. He is a family man. -Right. -When I did interview him, he talked a lot about how his family was just having a hard time coping with everything and-- -I mean-- -That concerned him. -Yes. -As it would. -It's a massive change in lifestyle obviously, just seemingly overnight become the most famous artist in the world. -Well, can I tell you? I actually played a small role in his big success. -What? Really? -Are you ready for this story? -Wait. Time out. And okay. I think I heard about something like this but I wanna hear it from you. -Well, I was according to his management team and according to him, I was the first person to talk about him on television. I was doing a segment for CNN. -Okay. -And people had been sort of tweeting about him and spreading starting to spread the video around. I think it appeared on Reddit and I showed it on CNN and talked about it and said this is really a hilarious video. Check it out. It's getting some buzz. And that segment was picked up all over South Korea. -Oh wow. -And also online and it ended up being a bit of a viral segment. -So sort of like the tipping point there. -Well, yes. His management team started emailing me and saying, "Oh my gosh, thank you for doing that segment." It really started this big snowball effect and when I met him, he was like, "Huh, you're the woman. You're the woman who's on CNN," and his manager told me that he said thank you and he said that Psy talks about that segment that I did a lot. So of course I said well, how do I benefit from this really? -Yes. I was gonna say-- -Are you gonna take me on tour or-- -Yes. -Just give me a lot of money. -You deserve something clearly. -Yes at least-- -You kind of deserve a cut, Shanon. -I think I do. I'm still waiting for the call but you know I don't think it's gonna happen. -So everyone that dislikes Psy, go ahead and send your letters to Shanon. -He's the one-- -It's her fault for it being on the internet. -It's all her fault. -I'm so sorry, people. -No, no, not at all. -So who else is on this list? -So there's a lot-- I mean do you have a-- -Well, can I point out of my favorite songs? -Of course, absolutely. -How about we do that? I love the track that's at number 10. It's from an old rock group from London called Bastille. They're called Bastille because the lead singer was born on Bastille Day. -Right on. -And they've only been around for a few years and this song Pompeii has been getting a ton of play on Spotify by U.K. users. It's been in fact prior to Daft Punk breaking the record for most streamed song in a day, this song was the number 1 song that held that record in the U.K. And I don't know. I love Brit pop/rock. There's something about the way they sort of do these almost dull verses and then as soon as the chorus kicks in-- -Yes. -You kind of feel like standing up and waving your lighter. -Right. -No. Yes. -It's like they're this really anthemic courses. Coldplay does that. -Yes. -Snow Patrol. Biffy Clyro and others in a new band-- -They're just like buildup song. -Yes. And you can't help but pay attention and enjoy the melody in those choruses and this is one of those songs. I like it. I think it's-- I'm glad that it made it on to the U.S. chart. -Right on. So here it is. This song is called Pompeii, right? -Yes. -How can you frown listening to this, right? -You can frown if you watch the video. -Oh yes. -It's scary end. -Oh, man. -What do you think, Justin? Do you like this? -Yes. It's good. -I have a feeling it's more of your favorites. -I think there's a time and a place for all kinds of music, yes. -Right. Of course. -I agree. -It's more a situation like I see this being really cool like Summer Stage at Central Park or something like that. -Yes. -This song you have to listen to when you're like outside and you're in a field somewhere. -In a field, okay. -Yes. This is like a very you know-- -A going through the field song. -Liberating song. -Yes. -Well, yes. It is. When the chorus kicks in, you feel like running. -Yes, absolutely. -Here he is in the field right now. That's part of his promotional pitch here. -Oh, he's actually in a-- oh yes, look at him. He is in the field. Good for him. -Very windy field. -With very windswept hair. -Yes. -You can check that out. -Very cool. All right. So if you wanna check out the rest of the artists featured on Spotify's top 10 viral songs of the week, those are released every week. We're gonna post the ones we were talking about today on the shows that's CNET.com/the404 and there's a new list every week. -Tuesday. -Every Tuesday, so make sure you're keeping up to be on that. We'd love to have you back and come on and talk about another, you know-- -Sure. -Top 10 list. That'd be awesome. -Yes. -Sure. And pay me at least $700,000 and I'll be here. -Yes. All right. As long as-- -I'm still very sore about that Psy thing. -That seems fair. -Oh. -I could see that. -As long as you keep Macklemore off this list, you're welcome to come back anytime. -Oh you know, he's probably gonna be back on next week. He just keeps reappearing. I'm sorry from your fans. -It's just like that thing that won't go away. No kidding. So we'll post again the entire list on CNET.com/the404. Make sure you check that out. Follow Shanon Cook on Twitter. That's one N, Shanon Cook and thank you so much for being here. -Thanks for having me. -This is really cool. We're digging the Spotify list. -I really enjoyed this microphone. It was very hard not to do a bit of a Mariah Carey thing. Just leaning and break into song. -Oh, all right. We'll maybe next time you'll be lucky enough. -Well, that's something I do when I'm really bored so the fact that I didn't do that meant that you guys did a great job of keeping me entertained. -All right. There. -Very cool. -So thank you. -It's cool. All right. -Well done. -Bonus, sweet. All right. We'll be right back with more 404 after the break. Stay tuned. We'll see you on the other side. Welcome back to the 404 Show. Big thanks again to Shanon Cook for sticking around and telling us about Spotify. -Yes. -I miss-- we gotta bring-- you know we're gotta Spotify. We gotta bring back Mr. Major. -Yes, definitely. Is he still working at Spotify? -I think so. -Yes. I believe he is. But yes. -I mean totally selfish reasons just because I want another like code for free Spotify. -You got one of those last time? -Yes, but it was like I pay for it now, but I wanted him to give me like a lifetime one. -Yes. -I don't think they make those. -Probably not. That won't really be good for the business, would it? -Did anybody ask you, man? -No, but you looked at me. But you looked at me so I thought that that meant we were friends for that one second when you're looking at me. -You thought. You think a lot of things. -I know. -So yes. If you wanna again check out the top 10 most viral-- -Is there a website for that? -I don't know, dude. It's like Spot-- -I think it's on Spotify. -But the thing is, it's not on the Spotify app. You gotta go to the site. -Yes. -But apparently and Shanon was saying like you're gonna be able to do that later on like you can like hook that. They're gonna hook it into Spotify which it should be. -Right. -You should hook it in to Spotify so you can just like click through it right away. You understand what I'm saying. -Do you, guys, you Spotify? -I love Spotify. -Yes. -Like I love it. -I do not. I'm a local guy. -You do not love it? -Yes. -Why don't you-- -I don't even have Spotify downloaded. I don't have an account. -Yes. You're like one of these assholes walking around like I have a Facebook account because I'm so freaking cool. -Soon, people that download music and listen to it on their hard drive will be like the record listeners of today. -For sure. -Yes. It'll be like a hip thing to do. -Oh yes. -So I'm getting a head start on that. -Oh yes. -But I don't know. I might change now. I'm pretty sure Shanon was hitting on me during the episode. Did you notice that? -What do you mean? -She loves this beautiful visage. -Pretty sure or freaking positive because that's what I know. -She loved it. -I'm freaking positive and it's amazing. -I'm pretty sure she wrote her number down in that beautiful handwriting of hers. -She did? -I think so. -Oh, okay. -I think she left it under your chair. -Oh. -I don't care. -Like Oprah. -Like look under your chair. There's a phone number. -In your dreams, [unk]. -Yes, I know. -Let's talk about some stories. -Yes. -There's only two of them. -Let's get into them and then we'll get out of here for the day. Let's hear what you got? -Yes. Let's talk about Garden State because-- -My state? -I know we all loved the movie. -The movie. -No, I don't like Garden State. -I'm just kidding. Yes. I didn't like it either. -I thought it sucked. -No, but you know what's worse than Garden State? Garden State 2 and the director and writer of the original, Zach Braff, has taken to Kickstarter to raise 2 million dollars and it just went up yesterday. -Go away. -So if this is what it is right here. On the Kickstarter page, she talks about not having the appropriate funds to start up a movie-- -Which is code for I can't get anyone to pick it up. -Yes. And also it's worth noting that Zach Braff made $350,000 per episode on Srubs. So I don't know what he's doing with all his money, but that seems like it'd be enough. -So how long-- -I'm glad you just said that. -Has this been up? This was has just posted? -Time out. Well hold on. Hold that thought. -Got you. -$350,000 an episode-- -Not during not all the seasons it was-- -No, no, but he made quite a bit of money. -In the peak you mean? -During the peak towards the end. -And that show is syndicated everywhere now. -Yes. He's not poor. -I mean look. There's an age old rule in Hollywood. -Yes. -Never use your own money. -Right, but I mean I'm frustrated with Kickstarter already just to begin with. -Why? Why are you frustrated? -Because there's so many failed projects that come out it and horrible ideas that somehow get funded even though-- -Yes, but people are funding them at the same time. -There's a lot of people that are left wanting-- -Yes, but at the end it's not like-- -I know. It's their money. I get that. -It's not like it's your money. -I get that. Yes. Kickstarter has problems on its own, but can we at least take measures to keep celebrities off of Kickstarter. That's what the campaign I like-- -I'm with you on that. -Right? Like what-- no one-- -You're right. -Celebrities don't need more money. -And you're right. Let's-- -They don't need our money. -Let's make it clear. If you have any sort of fame whatsoever-- -Yes. -Like success you know where you're in this category of celebrity-- -Yes. -What the hell are you raising-- you know? -Yes, I agree. -Doing charity, that's fine. What were you gonna say? -No. -You forgot. -No. When you looked at me and said what the hell are you raising, I was fixing something in the board and I thought you were yelling at me and I was like, "Oh my God. What did I do?" -What the hell are you pressing that button for, Mark? -You've conditioned me to like freak out every time you looked at me now. -Well, get used to it, buddy. -I don't remember what I was gonna say. -Yes, you are. You said something like $350,000-- -Oh no. I was gonna say did that just go up today-- -I don't know. -Because already the number is at what? -It's-- -Oh, it's taken down now but-- -No. It was up. -It was at 7,000 something. -No. 7,000 backers, 540,000 of this 2 million dollar gold. -It's a quarter of the way there. -Yes and there's 30 days left to go still. -Did you see the first movie? -Yes. I saw it. Let me explain to you because I know this is gonna frustrate you more than I love to watch you squirm. This is gonna be this plot summary of the second episode-- -Yes. -I'm sorry. Of the second movie, this is gonna tell the story of a young man named Aidan Bloom. Aidan Bloom is the star of the next movie called Wish I Was Here; that's a follow-up to Garden State. He's a struggling actor, a father and a husband who is 35 and trying to find his identity still. So you know in Garden State it profiled 20-somethings kind of disenfranchised-- -Right. -So like every other movie ever made. -30 something, yes. Exactly. -Every other indie movie ever made. -It's not indie. That's the thing too. Like Garden State was not indie. -No, it's not. -They have like a big backer I think behind it. I wanna say I don't-- it could be wrong, but I feel like-- -Right. -None of the movies were-- if Natalie Portman is in the movie, it's not independent. -Right. -I'm sorry. -Unless she got paid 40 bucks for it, it's not independent. Ian Holm was in it. -Right. -Who else is in it in the first one? I don't want this to be like I hate Zach Braff because I don't. He's from Jersey. He's actually a Devils fan. If anything I should freaking love this guy. -Yes. -But I don't know what it is. He rubs me the wrong way. Maybe because I hate Scrubs so much. -I think-- wow. Okay. -It's such a terrible show. -I feel like Garden State kind of went hand in hand with this weird like part of our pop culture Canon. They went along with like Napoleon Dynamite, right, and both those movies kind of came together. I think they even sold packages where they had them like back-to-back at Target you buy 2 for 1. -Well, that could just be like whoever put them out. It was Fox Searchlight. -I know but I'm saying those 2 movies kind of ushered in this level of like hipsterdom that I feel like you have a problem with. -No. First of all we can-- -You talked about how Napoleon Dynamite kind of exacerbated that problem. -No. -Right? I feel like Garden State can be equally blamed. -Yes. You can blame hipsters on Napoleon Dynamite, just totally, right? You would-- -I would say you reverse that. -I've never seen-- -No. You're crazy. -Blame Napoleon Dynamite. -No. Yes, blame Napoleon Dynamite. -Yes. -For hips. -For hips, that's what I'm saying. -Yes, okay. All right. Yes. We agree. -Yes. It's that movie's fault. -Okay. -Right? It is empirically them and like London. -Right. -Like whatever happened in there and you'd combine those 2 forces-- -Right. -And you get Williamsburg. -Yes. -Is what you have. Yes. The thing Garden State is-- what I don't understand about Garden State is, it is a well-received film. It was critically acclaimed. -Yes. It's a feel good movie. I didn't hate it. I just didn't love it either. -You just didn't like it. -Yes. -And I liked it. And anyway, as if we haven't given this guy enough freaking publicity about his Kickstarter thing. -Yes. -If you wanna see another one of these, you know why I have a problem with this freaking movie? It was called Garden State. It wasn't about New Jersey. -They were in New Jersey. They kind of just scavenger hunt through New Jersey-- -Because it takes place in New Jersey doesn't mean it's about New Jersey. -You wanted it to be a love lettered in New Jersey. -Something. -Sort of. -Which it's not. -Yes, I know. -Like Kevin Smith. At least he makes it part of the plot, you know, and he genuinely conveys the, you know, what it's like living and growing up in New Jersey in Clark, in you know Mall Rats and stuff like that. Not the case with Garden State. It could've been any place. -Well, at least the second one won't be called Garden State. -Yes. It'll be called Garden State 2. -It'll be called Wish I Was Here which is probably referring to the Garden State. -I don't know, Zach. -What do you call-- -Use your own money. -Yes. -I can't believe that soundtrack also sold for 1.3 million copies. I just looked it up. -The Garden State soundtrack? -The Garden State soundtrack, 2004, 1.3 million copies for a Shins song that was already 5 years old. Doesn't make sense to me, but anyway-- -We cannot dwell in this misery. We must move along. -So much negativity. -We must move along. Hey, that's what comes with territory. Shanon was too freaking positive. Now I have to be negative, right? -Yes. Well here's another thing that will piss you off even more. Tom Anderson, does that name ring a bell to you? Do you remember a guy named Tom Anderson? -That sounds like a very generic name. -It does sound like a generic name and it is. -No. I know. It's the MySpace guy. -A generic person. -Yes. -There it is and he has a very generic face. By all definitions there it is right there. -Yes. -You need to be wearing a white T-shirt though. -Yes. He's like hey, I see you over there. -Switch to that guy. -I don't know what he's doing. He does like-- -There it is. There it is. -You're good, you're good. -So can you believe this? Tom Anderson, Mr. Tom himself-- -Yes. -He has an Instagram profile, right? -Right. -And recently-- why do you like at me like that? -I'm just listening. Can't wait-- -You're just giving me the evil eye because I suck at switching. -Yes. -It's okay. Don't worry about it. -Go on. -You know just do whoever is talking. -You know what? -Okay. But recently on his Instagram profile, Tom who is known as MySpace Tom even on Instagram which is funny-- -Right. -He uploaded this photo right here of a pair of Tom's shoes. -Shut up. -Right? With his face plastered on it. It's worth noting though-- -Come on. -He did not Photoshop this picture. Tom's shoes, it's been around for a long time like this particular meme-- -But he did not do that. -He did not do it. So it's a repost which already violates the cardinal rules of Instagram as you cannot re-gram. -Right. -Right? He didn't say re-gram either, so that's not cool. -Not cool, not cool, Tom. -So as if that wasn't bad enough, he's also violated other social media noise like on his Twitter page recently he has requested people to like his Instagram photo which further proves-- -That's a big no-no. -Yes, that Mr. Tom doesn't know anything about the internet now after he sold MySpace to Fox. -For 400 million dollars. -Okay. Right. -I mean I don't feel bad for that dude. -He's probably been on a beach on Hawaii for the past 10 years, right? -Stop trying to be relevant, Tom. -Spent his money. -No one cares anymore. Go swim in your pool of money and move away and don't bother anyone anymore. -Yes. -Right? -Yes. -Get out of here. -That's right. -That's what I think about that. -Put a button down, for God's sakes. -Get a collared shirt will you please? -That's ridiculous. -Man, oh man. All right. I think that's gonna do it for today. -Who else can we hate on the show? -I don't know. There's only so much in the hate tank and we're running on fumes right now. We'll get back into the emails and we'll get back to the voice mails tomorrow on the show and then Friday making his 83rd appearance on the 404, Gizmodo's Mr. Peter Ha will be on the show. -Okay. -I hate that guy. Right? Can we just say it right now? -Should we just like not so we cancel the show? -We should tell him to come here like after we're out of the office. -Yes. -I gotta go. Sorry. Our wires must have gotten crossed or something like that. -Our office is closed. Sorry. -We're kidding. Of course we love Peter. He'll be here on Friday to talk crap on tech, because that's what that dude does, he loves it. -Yes. -Do you ever follow him on Twitter? And now you think I'm negative. -Yes. -Even that Peter Ha, yet. So we'll see who can outhate who on Friday's show. 866-404-CNET. That's the number to call, do it. Email us the404@CNET.com. Get it on Facebook, you can get it on Twitter and start sharing our freaking little videos that we started cutting up again. We've got 2 that went out yesterday. We'll put them up on the Twitters and the Reddits and all that stuff and share them with your friends if you think it's funny. If you don't think it's funny, you just share it anyway. All right. Do yourself a favor. And we're back here tomorrow. We'll see you then. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Mark Licea. -It's the 404 Show High Tech, Low Brow. Have a great Wednesday. Back here tomorrow, guys. We'll see you.

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