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Ep. 1253: Where there ain't nothing wrong with a little Bjork and grind: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 1253: Where there ain't nothing wrong with a little Bjork and grind

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With just over 300,000 people living in Iceland, it's safe to say that everyone is related. You can imagine what this does to the dating pool, so the country developed an app...to prevent incest. 100% serious.

-It's Friday, April 19th, 2013. Thanks for tuning in to The 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nunez. -What's up everybody? Thanks for spending your Friday with us. We had a lot of fun yesterday with Ben Hoffman. Go check out that interview. That was a lot of fun and I laughed a bunch. -Yeah. -And we've learned that we can now kinda do Skype interviews 'cause it worked. -Yeah. -It did and it's sounding good too,-- -Yeah, it did. -you know. -Uh-huh. -So, I'm psyched about that. -And we got a new audio clip for them. He did like a little promo for us. -Yeah. That's right. -We can use that in future episodes too. -Sure. -If you wanna do that. -We should have gotten Big Boy to do that. -I know. -Right? -Oh man. -We did think about that, but I think we forgot. He was also in a rush to get out. -Yeah. It seemed like he wanted to get out of here. -Seems like it. -He did. But anyway, go back and listen. Yesterday was a lot of fun. -Yeah. -We had fun with Ben. He's a good dude. -Uh-huh. -All right. We got a lot of stuff going on today and a few stories, a few topics of discussion, lot of voice mails. -Uh-huh. -An e-mail that will make every man listening cringe-- -Uh-huh. -in agony. Oh god, I did not expect an e-mail like this. -Yeah. That will be good. Nevertheless, we'll start things off with a story from Justin Yu. -Okay. -Yeah. I wanna hear it. -Let's talk about more disturbing stuff because that's what Fridays are all about. -Just leaving your day totally ruined. -Yeah. -So, let's talk about Iceland, okay. And this actually does have a tech angle, but I wanna, you know, give a quick background on Iceland's underpopulation issue. And so-- -Under-- -Unpopulation. -You're saying there's not enough people in Iceland. -There are not enough people in Iceland and this is why. -For what? Like a football game? -We'll see. -Yeah. -Iceland is a small country, right. The population right now measures about 300,000. A little bit more than 300,000. That's tiny, right? That presents a problem when it comes to relationships and that's what we're gonna be talking about in terms of Iceland, is finding partners that you're not related to. -Wow. Right? So, that's a big problem in this country. It's something that nobody really wants to talk about, is incest. -Uh-huh. -And whether that's distant ancestry or maybe a second cousin, their problem is getting better. So close in fact that there's actually an online registry that the country has. You can go online and the name of it translates to the book of Icelanders and this website basically gives a written history of all the families born in Iceland and their record of citizenships. You can-- Everyone that lives in Iceland right now can track their lineage on this website, this book of Icelanders. -Before you get into this, so this was a problem enough where they were like, "Oh my god, we just got cousins banging all the time." -Yeah. -And it-- -Which then presents health issues of course. -Well, yeah. I'm still not-- Fine. I feel like distant cousins there's like no evidence that's really a problem. -But wait, what? -Yeah. No, I'm serious. -The evidence is that it's a problem. You wouldn't have a problem with banging-- -Physically yes. -Okay. -But biologically, I think it's-- I mean, we had-- -Ethically, it's enough, right? Ethically to let people know. -But really it's like at some point in our past-- -Right. -like-- -Yeah. Yeah. Everyone is like a descendant of Genghis Khan. Everyone's Asian. -I'm just saying like-- -Like Black. -I'm just saying. -That was good. -Weird. -But anyway-- -It's still weird though. -It's totally weird. Oh, I am not endorsing incest. -Weirdo. -Let it be known. I am not endorsing incest. -Yeah. -But I just don't understand how they were like, you know, do they have a prime minister in Iceland? Well, how does it work over there? They were like, look, we have to stop banging our cousins. -Stop banging each other. -It's a problem. -We're all related. -We're all related. -Basically, everyone in Iceland is related to Bjork. -That's like-- That's the message-- -You should be getting-- -from this conversation. -All right. Right. -Why? 'Cause Bjork banged a lot of dudes? -No, because everyone in Iceland is related. -Oh. -So-- -Okay. -Do you wanna have sex with Bjork? If the answer is no, don't do anyone from Iceland. -So now I'm really confused. -What? I don't understand why you're confused about this. -Because-- -There's only 300,000 people in this country, so it's safe to say that everyone is related at least somewhere down the line. -No, it's not. -Sure it does. -First of all, they all didn't come from Iceland. -Okay. -All right? -You're really holding back this conversation right now. -I'm just-- -Because I'm trying to get to why this app that was created to help people not bang their cousin. -All right. So how does the app work? -So, the foundation of the story is not important. -Right. So, how does the app work then? I still think Iceland is really a-- -Ultimate skeptic here. -I just-- Well-- -I was trying to make a joke. -How can you not be? -But I just-- What I wanna know is how did they figure out how to solve it through an app and not through like social engineering? -Well, the app basically shows you everyone registered as a citizen in Iceland, right. -Okay. -And then it traces back their family too. So, if you have a common branch, then you're related somehow. -Okay. -But the story here is that people are getting pretty tired of having to go to this website every time, which was not mobile friendly. -Oh my god. -So, the country of Iceland has now developed an app that allows you to quickly check whether or not you're related to someone very quickly enough so that if you're in a bar and you're about to go home with someone, you can actually engage a special feature on this app that lets you bump phones with someone and then it will then tell you using that database whether or not you're related. -Applicant is bangable. -Yeah. -Applicant is not bangable. -Meet cousin twice removed. I could bang. -Possible. -I could bang. -No like I'm-- When it hits those circumstances like-- -Yeah. -go at your own risk. -Yeah. -I don't know why it has like a Siri weird voice,-- -Yeah. -but that's what it is. -Yeah. Come on. -Yeah. It wouldn't be an issue there. -It probably would not be. -But that's a big problem, right? -Yeah. -That's a little crazy. -I know. -Yeah. -I'm wondering if you could take this technology to some of the southern states in this country, right? Maybe we could start figuring that problem though. -What are you implying, Justin? -I don't know. I've never been to the south before. -You've never been to the south? -No. -No? -No. -Ever? -I've been to Florida. -Don't you live in Southern, California? -Yeah. -That's not the south? Like southern states, yeah. -But not the bible belt south. -No, no, no, no, no. -Well, they stop to the internet before they can-- -Yeah. -All right. Well, that's a really cool story, man. -Yeah. -Thanks for-- -Bump the app before you bump in bed. -You should. -That's his motto. -You absolutely should. -That's what they're saying for us. -Yeah, for sure. -All right. -Really creepy. -Move along with me here and talk to me about the dude making faces 'cause we always make fun of-- You know, there's like a sort of duck face that a lot of women have been known to do-- -Right. -with their, you know, cheeks-- -Oh yeah. -and their lips. -Could you give us-- What does that duck face look like? -It's sort of like-- It's sort of just like the Zoolander thing where-- -Yeah. -it's like-- you know, that sort of thing. -Yeah. Yeah. It's kinda like sucking it in-- -Yeah. -to make your cheeks look more defined. -What's up with that? -It's weird, right? -It is weird. So Slate-- slate.com, they have pretty cool column that I like to read. It's called Gentleman Scholar, right. -Uh-huh. -It's sort of a guide for how the modern man should comport himself in this digital age and recently someone asked the Gentleman Scholar about this phenomenon of 20 something dudes doing this one face and this is the face. Like when they're presented with a camera in their face, they always kinda arch one eyebrow up. -They do like The Rock. -Yeah, it's kinda like The Rock or sort of like the Dr. Evil. -Well, you know what? -It's weird. So, basically one eyebrow goes up. The other goes down in kind of a suspicious like "why are you taking my photo kind of face." -Uh-huh. -It's-- -And that seems to be the most popular selfy that young 20 something gentlemen are making. -Yeah. -But I've-- But I'm okay with that because it's not like douche really. It's just like-- -No. -What are we doing? -It's like healthy suspicion like-- -Yeah. -I don't want you to take my photo, which is kind of ironic because you're like raising a suspicious eyebrow at someone you're giving-- -Right. -permission to take-- -Yeah. -your photo. -So you think? -Right. -You don't know if everyone gets permission for everything. -Right. -But yeah, I feel like that's-- that's a thing that I've done before and I'm not-- I'm not embarrassed to say-- -Uh-huh. -I have done that. -I mean, it looks like a face you would actually make. -Yeah. -You know, you're not like the duck face-- -Right, where it's like-- -where it's like made up. -who would ever just be kissy face-- -Walking around for no reason-- -Right. -with that face. -Are you all right? -Yeah, that sounds-- I think it like demonstrates-- Right across your-- -I dunno. -[unk] Oh god. -It's just like-- -Creepy. -Yeah, but like I don't understand they all get kissy face. -Yeah. It's really weird. It's fake. -And it's not like this is not-- I want-- You know, all the women listening, this is not a sexist thing. It's just that you only see it on Facebook with women. -Uh-huh. -Yeah. -Right? -I've seen a few guys do it. -All right. So fine, it's not exclusive to women, but the majority of them-- -Majority. -happens to be women. It's like relax,-- -Yeah -Uh-huh. -you know. You're, you know-- I'm sure you're very attractive in your own eyes. -Yeah. -But can you stop doing kissy face to us all? -I like this gentleman's like eyebrow raise because it's kind of-- -It demonstrates humility. -Yeah. -Right? Like you-- -A little bit. -don't wanna get your photo taken. You're not posing for it. -Right. -You're kinda just caught in a picture. -Life's not all smiles everyday. -Yeah. -Life is not cotton dry like that. -Bug regardless, the Gentleman Scholar brings a good point, is that every man should have a very good profile picture. -Yeah. -Whether or not that's a selfy is irrelevant, right? -You could take it yourself. Get someone else to take it for you. But they basically give some tips on how to get that one really good photo of yourself whether it's for LinkedIn,-- -I need to know this. -a Facebook profile. -Okay, Cupid, I think these are always gonna be the first impressions for important things in your life. -You have a great smile. You do. -Thanks, buddy. -You do. You really do. -Thanks. -I don't. -You have a good smile. -No. But it's never organic. -Yeah, because you're never happy. That's-- -Right. -the first step. -Rule #1: That's true. But #2, whenever you're like-- even when we're doing the photos outside for the CNET profile,-- -Right. -I look crazy. -No, you don't look crazy. You just look like a dick. -I look like a total dick. -Like an asshole, yeah. -I just can't smile. -Yeah. -I can't like-- -Right. -I can only every now and then-- When I'm legitimately laughing, that's when I want someone to take a photo. -Right. -And they catch you when you're not ready-- -Right. -for the pics. I'm the same exact way. Yeah, I can't-- I can't smile for pictures. I just can't do it. -I cannot smile for pictures. -Yeah. -I always wind up doing this very forced like, you know, [unk] you know, that sort of thing. I can't do it. I don't know what's wrong with me. -Look, switch to my screen. This is Jeff's profile picture. -That's not bad. -That's not bad. -No, but it's still-- it's still a little bit of a shitty grin. You've got like this freaking guy. -No, no, no, listen. I just changed that this morning too. -Oh good. -Oh really. -No. But there's the other one where my teeth are photoshopped. -Yeah. -Notice there's no teeth here. -Yeah. -So that would-- This is not the one they had on the vinyl at CES. -You've got those weird dolphin teeth. -Thousands. -Well like very small and-- 'Cause you show a lot of teeth. -That small teeth. -But no, I'm not saying that your teeth are small. -Right. -It's just that you have such a small smile that you don't try to show your teeth. -Right. Right. -But you should because you have a nice smile. -I smile-- I see you missed it. I just smiled legitimately right there and it's gone. -And your face is bleeding a little bit. -Yeah. Seriously, for the muscles-- -So not used to it. -Never been used before. -Anyway, so this is how you should really be taking your own photo, right? -Oh please tell me. -Get someone to take it for you is the idea, but if you have to take it for yourself, the Gentleman Scholar says to use natural light and that's like one of the best piece of advice I think. -You mean the sun? -Yes. Yeah. Or could be inside in front of a window and that will give you natural light, but he says that the biggest problem that people take with their photos is that they're always, you know, behind or in front of a laptop-- -Right. -and that gives you like that kind of weird freaky glow. -Bluish-- -Yeah. -Right? Or you're in some dark room that makes you look like a stalker-- -Right. -or a pervert. Don't do that. -Yeah. -Okay. -Get into natural light in public maybe with things in the background. -Right. -Which leads me to the second tip. Choose a background that isn't distracting or dull. -Uh-huh. -So shouldn't be too busy. -Okay. -Don't do it in front of like your video game collection or something 'cause people are gonna, you know, assume things about you based on what's happening on the background. -I used to do that. -Yeah. -Don't-- I won't do that anymore. -How about like a pinball arcade? There's a lot of lights and flashing things. -Yeah. That'll be a nice-- -That's be a nice photograph. -Uh-huh. -What? No? -No, that's a good idea. -Okay. -I think the problem though is now that when someone takes your photo, you just have no idea who's gonna end up looking at it or who the audience is gonna be, right. And that's always the creepiest thing for me. So, you gotta choose a background that's the most generic. -Can you pull up a photo from the chat room? Rightguy13. -Is it of me? -No. It's of you, me, and Wilson. And I look-- and we're all-- this is like the most legitimate smile I think I've ever seen in myself. I don't even know where this photo came from. -This is from your wedding. I don't know if you forgot what it looked like. -Oh yeah! -This is from your own wedding. -I know that it's from wedding, but I'm just saying I don't remember-- -I posted photos of the slideshow the day after we came back after the wedding. -Look at that legitimate smile on my face. This is-- -I'm sure alcohol helps. -I looked 12 there too. -And you were probably really happy. -You looked super young. Why don't you-- What did you guys do? Won't you loosen that grip on my side you creep? Look at that. -Oh yeah. -You're like clutching me. -Well, I was very happy. Here's the happy guy. -Yeah. We all looked very, very happy in this picture. -What's up with Rightguy finding that so fast? -I don't like that. -Creeped me out a little, Rightguy. Anyway, is that all the advice that this dude has for taking good selfies? -Yes. So-- Well, there's one more and this is-- He actually presents 4 photos that he took of himself and I wanna know which one you think is the best. -Okay. -So, here it is. -All right. -Let's see this. -I have the answer 'cause it tells you at the end, but which one do you guys like the most? We're looking at 1 through 4. The first one he sort of has a coy smile on his face. -Yeah. -And it's angled against the camera. The second one sort of like a political look where you-- -Yeah. -you're sort of looking up-- -But not at the camera. -But not at the camera. -Right. -Kinda gazing off to the side. The third you're kinda caught in your pose fixing-- You're like-- -Fixing your tie. -Fixing your tie, yeah. It's like someone didn't tell you they're gonna take a photo. -And then 4 is like your driver's license. -And the 4th one a profile picture. -Yeah. -Head slightly cocked to the side. -Okay. I'm gonna-- I'm gonna play this one and I'm sorry for our audio only, listeners. This must suck for you. -Yeah. -I'm gonna take away #1 'cause he just looks goofy. -Yeah. Yeah. -I'm gonna take away #4. I just think 4 is kinda too lame-- -Yeah. -and not enough stuff. -I agree. -I think 2-- 3 is so cliché. I like 2 the best, I think. -Yeah. I would say between 2 and 3 I would lean more on 3. -Yeah. But I-- Okay. So, I personally like 2 as well, so I agree with you, Jeff. -Yeah. -I kind of like-- it's a little more candid than the rest of 'em. -Sure. -Yeah. It seems like he's posing. -Right. -The third looks like he's trying too hard. -And the fourth one looks like he's at the DMV. -Right. -Ironically though, the Gentleman Scholar says #4 is the best. -Yeah, I knew he was gonna say that. -And that's gonna be the most generic. You know, it's when you-- -Yeah. -your body is relaxed. -Right. -Your shoulders are down, right. The other ones he kinda looks uptight. So, his shoulders are relaxed and he sort of sets his chin at an angle so it's not directly facing the screen like a driver's license. -Right. -So, it's a little bit more subtle. -I think 4 is the least amount of fun though. -Yeah. Totally. -Right. Right. -Right? -Uh-huh. -So, I don't think fun and professionalism go hand in hand-- -No. -when it comes to photograph. -Right. -All right. Fair enough. Great. -So there it is. -Great stuff. -Go and take-- retake your photos. -Yeah. That's what I'll be doing this weekend. -Yeah. -Getting the perfect self. -Maybe not this weekend. -Yeah. Yeah. I won't be able to get it this weekend. Yeah. -All right. We'll take a break with that. And when we come back, a few discussion topics, some voice mails. And then the most painful e-mail we will ever read-- -Yeah. -in our adult lives. More 404 right after the break. Stay tuned. -Hey, what's up? It's your girl, Tessa, with games-mash.com. I'm here at the L.A. Convention Center where the 2012 E3 Conference is in full swing. We're gonna talk to some gamers and find out what's hot and happening right here at E3. -What was your favorite part about E3 event? -Definitely Watchdogs. -I'm really excited to kind of check out more stuff about Halo 4, Assassin's Creed 3. -Best of show, I'd say Watchdogs. -Would it be okay if I just asked you a few questions about your experience at E3? -I dunno. Maybe. -Do you consider yourself a pretty big gamer? -No. Not at all. Yes. -What's your favorite game? -I dunno. This one. I dunno. -Yeah, Diablo. I played Diable III last night. It was awesome. It was super fun. -Yeah. -Well, I only play in hardcore mode when protecting the Black Soulstone. So, I wouldn't really call it super fun as much as it is the most intense thing of all time. I dunno. -I love playing Resident Evil 6. I just played it right now. It's amazing. -We played the Wii Dance. It's actually kinda fun. -What's your favorite part about gaming? -I dunno. It's just-- It's like the escape. I dunno. -Yeah. Yeah. I can definitely see that, you know, kind of a break from reality for a little bit. You know, travel the distant lands. Definitely. -Yeah. She's like go another world, you know, like-- like other dimensions where you aren't rejected all the time. I dunno. I mean like other worlds where your dad still sees you as his own. Maybe I'm not Mark who works at Arby's. Maybe I'm Onyx, The Fortuitous, Slayer of the Bright Realm. I dunno. -We love E3! -What are you looking forward to most at E3? -I dunno. Not being alone. I dunno. Not shaming myself in the basement getting drunk off tiny wines. -It's great to get out here meet other gamers, connect with people that you share comments-- -It's like I fear death, but also I long for it. -What is the longest you would wait in line to play a game? -3 hours. -I'm not very patient. So, I'd probably say about 30 minutes. How long would you wait in line to play a game? -I dunno. All day. You're never alone if you're in a line. I dunno. -It's so much fun. Video games everywhere. I just feel overstimulated. There's so much going on. -Yeah. I'm excited to see the Wii U2. I saw some stuff on TV about it. So, I'm excited to come here in person and check it out. -Is it difficult being an attractive woman in this conference? -Always a few random creepers. I mean there are a few people who kind of, you know, lurk but don't say much and then all of the sudden they're like back there again and then you see them again. -It's like a paradigm shift, you know. Maybe we're not in Los Angeles at all. Maybe we're in New Tristram or maybe we're in Kalimdor. Maybe you're not a pretty girl talking to me and making me nervous with her witch doctor eyes and red raven's mane. Maybe you're a Pandaren princess asking me to retire with her to the Veil of Eternal Blossoms and if I could only get the guts to say yes I'd experience what it's like to be inside of a union where for once trust is given and trust is returned where nothing can be broken or nothing can be taken without first being given before the nightshade comes and takes us all back to the black and filthy muck and mire where death lives and beauty doesn't stand a chance. I dunno. Watchdogs were pretty cool. -All right! That's it today for our games-mash.com update. I'm Tessa here at the 2012 E3 conference. Have fun guys and remember to get your game on. -Welcome back to The 404 Show. -What the hell? I just-- -I dunno. -That guy is funny. -Yeah. -If he hadn't sniffer her hair at the end, I would have believed it-- -Yeah, totally. -is real. That was kinda over the top. -The last monologue felt-- Yeah, go to cnet.com/the404 where Justin linked the video we just watched from E3 last year. -Yeah. What's weird-- I mean, you just say-- -I saw-- -Yeah. -But for that Youtube page where the video exists,-- -Yeah. -that's the only photo uploaded to the account-- All right, only video uploaded to the account. -Weird. -Weird, right? -Uh-huh. -Have you heard of Games-Mash before? -No. Maybe it was fake. -Maybe. -Maybe. -I remember seeing that girl there with the Zelda shirt. -Yeah. I dunno. -Wow! Just go watch that. -It's good though. -Watch that and try not to laugh. That's your-- That's your challenge this weekend. -The sad part is that there are guys just like that. -E3 is-- E3 is a crazy place. -It's the-- That and Comic-Con. They're sort of like the same demo. -Yeah. -Yeah. -I like Comic-Con better though, man. -Yeah. -It just seems a lot more carefree and fun. -Lightheaded. -Yeah. Exactly. -For sure. -And then E3 is just-- -Well, that's the-- E3 is a lot of business too. -Yeah, totally. -E3 is a lot of business. Comic-Con is just buy toys and geek out. Right? -Uh-huh. -So, try to get an interview like that when you're there. Well though that's gotta-- -A little exploitative, right? -That's mean-- -I mean, it's like almost too easy to do that at-- -Look like that was really easy, but I dunno. Mark and I will be there-- I dunno. Mark and I-- Mark and I will be there this year, so anything can happen, dude. We'll see what happens, man. -I would love to. This E3 is gonna be nutty. -Yeah. -It's gonna be-- It's just-- It's just gonna be the new X-Box, the new PlayStation. You're gonna watch Nintendo, Die a Slow Death. No, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I hope not at least. -Yeah. -Yeah. So that's that. Can we-- So, I wanna talk about a few things and I wanna get into voice mails and e-mails. -Sure. -Today, I was hanging out with a buddy of mine. He does not use the internet ever. -Okay. -This guy is just-- He's off the grid. We're talking about something in my apartment and I forgot what it was, but we did not know anything about it. So, he goes, "Hey, internet that." And I was like, "What?" -Internet that. -He said, "Yeah dude, internet that." I'm like, "Do you mean Google that?" -Yeah. -He said, "Yeah, whatever. Go on Google. Internet that." Then I-- and I just like-- I turned the TV off. I turned everything. I shifted my chair to him. I sat down and I said, "Friend, do you understand what the internet is?" And I've learned that some people think the internet is just Google. -Right. -Some people think the internet is just like Google and you put in things to Google. -Yeah. -Like they don't realize that like Google is another website. -Uh-huh. -That explains people that actually write the entire URL into google.com-- -Yup. -instead of just going to the address bar. -Right. Right. -Yup. -That's always really weird to me. -Yup. -And then they'll click obviously on the first link that pops up. -You sir are correct. -Does he do that? -I dunno. Did not dig that deep. Was too bewildered by the tip of the iceberg. -What? Okay. So, he just doesn't care about technology. -No. -There's plenty of people that aren't like that, but-- -Does not make him-- -what does he do for a job that allows him to be such-- -Not anything that has to do with being online. He's in front of a computer I'm sure most of the day,-- -Uh-huh. -but it's just like managerial stuff. It's not-- -It's not online. -online the way you and I are. -Right. Right. -And we all are. -Uh-huh. Uh-huh. -So, I learned something yesterday that people like this-- -Existing. -exist. -Yeah. But he's young too. That's the weird part. -I'm sorry. -We normally associate this type of thing with old people. There's a few-- There's a few people like that. You know, it's all about your upbringing, you know. -Yeah. -If you don't have-- If you're not exposed to the internet at an early age,-- -Yeah. -it's tough to get going when you're in your, you know, late 20s or early 30s. -Uh-huh. That really demonstrates the power of Google though, right, 'cause I'm sure people couldn't even name 3 search engines now. -Well, the thing is, is like it's all relative. -Yeah. -When we were growing up, there's people from our generation that thought the internet was just AOL. -Uh-huh. -That's what I thought. -They were like-- They were like, "Oh man, the internet is just these 5 tiles." -Uh-huh. -Yeah. -I can go to sports. I can go to shopping. I can go to, you know, music and that's that. -Yup. -But no. You were just looking at the internet through this gooey-- -Yeah. -that was AOL. -Well, that was in the early days when people couldn't distinguish between internet service provider versus internet browser. -Right. -Right? Because you did have to pay AOL to get that connection-- -Sure. -Uh-huh. -at that time, but then you could use any browser once you were connected. -Right. -Yeah. Like people didn't realize once you were connected to AOL, you could just like-- -Open up and explore it. -minimize AOL and open up internet explorer. -Right. -Yeah. -And just be like, "Oh, the internet is much more uncensored." -Right. -Oh, it's more confusing now because Google is an internet service provider with fiber. -So, it's like-- -Another added confusion. So, Google is the internet. -We're not even walking down that road with these people. -Yeah. -But there are some people that think the internet is just Google. -Uh-huh. -I'm not saying my buddy does, but, you know, anyway, it's not like he's gonna know how to listen to this anyway. -Does he-- Yeah. How did you explain what you do to him? You just talk to the computer-- -Well, he understood the-- like that's the thing, that's why we're accessible because we're sort of like the radio,-- -Uh-huh -you know. So, you explain it like that and he's like, "Oh yeah, you get the-- Yeah, let's do iTunes." iTunes is another thing people sort of get-- -Yeah. -Because they consider it a separation from the internet. -Right. -That's confusing. -Mind blowing normally is a word. And then another thing that happened to me this morning, I got spammed by someone who I have not seen or talked to in over 13 years. -Oh. -Interesting.

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3:36 April 17, 2015
Round, curvy and two-faced: five phones that broke the mold and dared to be different.
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Faster Roku 2 masters the streaming universe
1:45 April 17, 2015
A nearly perfect mix of speed, features, price and ecosystem make the Roku 2 our favorite streaming device yet.
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The Garmin Vivoactive is an ultra-slim smartwatch with a few hiccups
2:15 April 17, 2015
CNET's Dan Graziano gives you a first look at Garmin's first smartwatch
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