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Tech Culture: Ep. 123: Verizon's iPad woes, PlayStation hackers; and more man cave updates

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Tech Culture: Ep. 123: Verizon's iPad woes, PlayStation hackers; and more man cave updates

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This week, we look at the problems the Verizon iPad is having, find out why Anonymous has been hacking Sony sites, and check out the latest addition to our man cave project.

Yeah I don't is on it and they got audio now okay -- now start again I would riskier. And ask you very important question and that is on an answer questions so -- -- -- -- SQ you're very quick opinion on a question that -- at. What does it do with that rise and I fed have -- -- so excited and now. It's -- -- -- can get on the three G what's the deal. I don't have the problem is that -- some are speculating -- when they go to these genes or some are speculating it's on Verizon's and -- thing it's on August are gonna blame him don't pass the buck Verizon's blaming Apple Apple's blaming Tom Verizon. I would say it could be possibly -- software problems as -- -- me and -- something like with that Vietnam. Who knows that the phone works so who's to say maybe Verizon phone is on a different part of the spectrum that the data -- right maybe Verizon's network is getting overloaded like AT&T Zito took too many people on it it's all about pass the buck. It's like I'll pass the buck to the previous show for leaving the main -- -- down going into the whatever she robots everywhere -- because. -- that the iPhone works union and they're saying the iPad does and it's not a common problem with all I've had Verizon region east. It just certain ones so maybe it's just there's just something weird going on there where when you turn it off and you're back on again it doesn't -- back up and it. It -- -- saying that the if it doesn't connect to the mobile three G so. Sometimes you reboot it'll do that here at that -- you airplane -- come out. That'll connect tonight new affiliate had to do that on my iPhone for years occasionally into the Catholic just like airplane mode off -- -- And then eventually comes back but I mean. I don't I personally. Got the Wi-Fi I don't know anybody that you have the -- I've got you got the life. I wouldn't want three GI and not on an iPad not for me I don't travel around the much and I don't get. And the Verizon three G iPad seems like it's -- the least popular curious damaging -- old -- you have a theory about why it had would not have a great resale value. Right because it's not in -- CDMA is is not as a global does -- global standard lifetime GSM is so. And also the whole reason everybody wanted -- Verizon iPhone was about the voice like you said it wasn't about the data so you can't make a voice call. On on Verizon's system with an iPad so and is why would you one and a source facetime that's only Wi-Fi so that the brain matter there is the AT&T is -- When you can get service. Is pretty good. Well those -- you were saying that these speeds are actually faster on the Verizon turning on the AT&T iPhone -- the Verizon won him. Memories of another question have either be -- ever face time to anyone for your iPad yes really. Yes I -- not cited another colony -- and I didn't try it out I actually shocked the crap I don't know boards because he has an iPhone four is like he knows I would never buy -- -- -- like my name don't have an iPhone but he knows that wouldn't get another look at -- because as I've I haven't and -- iPhone except the one -- clarity about all he goes I would never buy another rival that the first one at home I get another you could have been making a -- -- on your honor and I called mark -- -- -- -- use -- Kaminsky went -- -- public as the music. And AJ who -- -- changes that you milligrams generated a widget middle initial game -- Joan -- not a year cajun dance and but energy use so -- -- only -- a prize so -- island tuna so so. It doesn't -- a Diana is a good thing he needs any Tommy you just change is like us and find them a -- HR department and by that. -- comes up and on into the promised the resolution is not. It doesn't match the resolution on the screen so it's -- it feels a little bit -- -- tended to get and the camera. -- such vastly different places depending and I are holding it but I find that you could really kind of have a weird off senators are slightly unflattering look depending if -- holding. IPad upside down. -- satellites and the look that you had in -- what was it app advice when they did that little thing on my here. Wireless and stocking area I've I've -- -- could -- watching -- thing yeah weren't they ran a photo from the from adjustment of core piece about. They switch which camera now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They probably come up beautiful but it did they don't they need to -- that are probably the next one but who knows all the different visceral all the photos and view roads at relatively the same distance -- -- from visiting Kenneth -- -- vision seeing it nicely and everything can. It's really all this nonsense is this make you wanna go and get an iPad. The Zuma. Samsung galaxy. Not a tablet version playbook. -- are Alito asked Nancy it. Won't it take to get you into a tablet I think he's. There are -- give our. You're still one of these tablets though that a gift card -- -- sort of anybody buying new treatments as it's a magical features either missing and if they had to go to content. Comes on the -- when I needed. It I don't -- if you're you're satisfied with your current lineup if she wants an elephant -- my computer -- It's -- it's it's -- -- the -- in mind that that sometimes -- just like to go. Review the latest in device via text half the time -- BA you enter your -- It won't eat your phones aren't there and yeah -- -- not enough. If there -- would you rather it is a good question and rather than actually what would you rather -- from someone a text or natural voice call which is less knowing T. It's like somebody's gonna call you -- the -- You -- is -- that come. This isn't gone done because some text news and to that cute story. The multiple ethics at a breaking up -- -- -- if it ends up being the 940 character limit for the first line. And -- like I respond like a simple Lake Erie it'll be blurted you know on the lab sucks for you and then attendants who like there. You know based on that they just continued pot -- -- -- taught me. Call me. An actual coverage because it back a quick acting as I mean -- So if it's Adam if you -- it and in the attacks there are sometimes it's easier just to take the call I acrobat X and supplies -- -- just how bad. And and it and because hang up out. -- -- and I don't don't you. Pick it up with burning -- -- That was a fun thing about having multiple phones as someone call me that a -- -- -- to I would call myself that I got -- -- -- got to -- The blockbuster and the great thing about having multiple. -- Social is that yes social tricks you can do it through look at your phone thing I have -- I does must -- -- a timer epic calls. He calls you in like five minutes to get to -- the best the best the best integrated into Android. Most appreciated feature. Is in the phone book you can check send directly to voicemail in in the contacts and all this for his opinion gas and you're on the go and directly to voice of science is very nice if you -- your mute button on the iPhone does and that is and then. -- -- -- -- But the by the somebody calling you hit the button on top I -- -- yeah I know that these filings are seems like it doesn't and also in order to -- if you might that's might if you pull down it will depending on the moment and exceeded pulled out its of the flip up. It dismissive of started about. If Foley he's sitting on the side is seussical who aren't I due to different about a foot grocery divorce -- -- -- -- about his basketball talk. And I totally forgot to take it off select from what you can reach. If they're difficult to I have had stolen every phone whether it was an old home phone or a mobile's phone -- -- on. On vibrate or silent mode for more than ten years if not have a phone ringer regularly -- -- more than a decade we are -- -- -- -- you know that's gonna change you soon enough. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then yeah I prefer getting attacks which my parents -- -- actually learned to text. Is just that you know. -- mile -- around parents alone those phone calls going for it now visa status of a third title by yet who's got it we knew there was capped. And when it I don't think they don't listen -- -- -- are not listed here right now. But does the one the pros do -- -- trade down to the fifteen minute a monthly plan -- an email unless the phone it's like in a mind to send a text. And -- friends that completely forgot started out looking good now -- turning -- again pet food poisoning. I should've had that she got -- we have reaffirmed. A -- I -- have lunch cart finish. Why and went from -- -- providing random words at the sludge colored fish like got a pineapple people involved scribbled on national especially if I'm -- I'm out of its special equipment special dispassionately -- like. What's your specialty -- return image and license -- -- -- -- the idea of a cart that serves lunch and then you get fish from looking a bit about some editors conserving it should never -- -- -- -- with -- -- -- They call the flu and flounder fish is -- they put it on the on the sign had -- they servant who was like. Fried unfortunately they should not want to get it right through -- -- rice and vegetables -- tariffs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet there was nothing although we did have a vegetarian on our trip and -- and added it had to say time. Isn't one cooking. And very few and far between but she has a ripple on a napkin. I had I had spicy -- -- -- -- salad that was the scariest named dish. But from a great place called John famous for its its -- board Dane Andrew Zimmer a lot of food -- celebrities over the -- -- And noted good -- this plates as they handling via Wi treaty that's food shipped exactly was current those like yours again just pieces of of -- she. The grand -- of him a little hole -- -- -- like -- W sixty is like -- but -- the butt cheek. Alkaline and they ate salad it's basically like a joke telling -- heading in his hands and those that view the it's a little bits of meat that there so we -- or so would you eat monkey brain. No. Have a kill monkey -- the next. I -- it's cute it's disturbing how close they are to humans and Africa. And also suggesting was the -- a whole -- animal is it not kind of -- -- legal. -- -- And it's going exclusive interview with Mullah -- collaborator of the only cult. I'm are endless calf RAZR had brains half of -- -- -- -- -- tower goes up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the fish and most probably Catherine Fisher -- will be -- -- -- -- It'll -- of -- -- that I gentlemen a guy can I steer us back into the topic at hand which is something else Jerry actually what about -- what about how to. Which was then death at the Johnson instantly chat rooms -- count them -- tongue back in. Cheer about. Well about it yeah yeah yeah well what about the whale Taylor's. Target ahead I danger ones written in -- you're -- Rudolph they look ranges. -- -- at -- earlier this morning -- that anonymous hacking group called anonymous. Was trying to take -- which if Sony web sites and the Sony PlayStation network and actually partially succeeded why wouldn't do that test of -- Muslim there was they threaten to take on the site due to a lawsuit -- bomb against hacker was -- George watts did it. Yeah -- -- that guy. So against the group anonymous went and is an okay Sony and aluminum incidents laments that you and they cripple their site -- -- as you can go to. PlayStation was -- places in Oregon -- America was down. Moves on -- out in his -- announcements India Pakistan -- -- -- -- it is fair. Hecklers. Means. Installed go to work to get on sites by -- was -- -- at this crazy. Mean -- the Sony style store website was down helmet and overpay for a laptop now. I'm just I'm gonna get -- as a I'm just glad that you know that in that impact me if I was not in my position that the title this guy with. This one that is doing. PlayStation -- was minding playstations basically jail breaking them and -- -- assuming it injunctions them from doing that in anonymous. Came to his defense although they eventually backed up that they -- Alan inconvenience. PlayStation gamers as well. As well as my read on all of GO. Like -- -- gonna be Julia. Nothing -- job cuts when you don't usually happen in jail break from them a majority like Norton and enjoy the lab -- the and he bought the domain. I think I should go -- -- I cannot join the lab guy -- by the demand that's kind I'm not gonna answer that one way to. You know what. -- bows his head and a relay at the doing I think -- a recurrence of -- and though I don't you Egypt threading divides is gonna put like information of the bombing -- for me he says that said T -- a hot so teachers could be great nobody wanted to. Oh yeah let's find out one way -- five as a manager at -- -- teachers. Leave a comment on the FEC brigades if you -- one and I'll have made up -- that has Milan table this. And without beginning -- -- videogame keep getting up and Regis and video news and in -- -- go in here. The people still want them besides doing that that teachers they apparently still want windows XP but you believe that -- as of last year windows XP so at 43% market data -- -- -- -- every -- has ordered about nicer view with did you leisure. Maybe he also wants windows XP particularly -- 2001. -- GS last year Joey had a Mac and it's a I can say Julie how it. -- -- -- -- 40% of the computer -- to windows XP even -- acumen 2001 this year it's finally dropping off Windows 7 might actually beat it. Finally Windows 7 is now 30% XP is it 32% feared bird for this year so far -- XP held on for so long. It's stable people familiar with the com there -- a whole world but -- also but there were also probably a lot of my attic. They were skeptical about moving forward because -- lot of negative or a lot of negative feedback about Vista. And though they worked all those kinks out of Windows 7 -- do resemble one another -- then. And it's just you know if you buy new computers and then Windows 7 on it and if Vista was around long after relief for people who really upgrade their machines. But then it when you're still use I think are to our office machines -- use everything as it -- -- You guys you can't update. The day IE seven -- the time I flip flip flop between north Lexington. At OS-X -- -- of the Apple fans -- had. I don't like it OS you guys they don't like it when you say that OSX all right fine is acts if you're just if you're if you're disturbed by this -- -- -- -- -- doesn't do email media Dan Ackerman. -- I I am I gonna mention -- briefly before we get into our game and we have some cool contestants to. On the line to win some cool prizes in our winning attribute well I I I saw earlier that. Just to make a quick claiming -- -- -- -- -- the game we have Michael and Harry who not not in the chat room but they expressed it wanted to be on the show. Via the FaceBook podcast -- those who. Don't believe you can go there right now and verify this or sign up for Netflix -- where -- org or contact Jillian -- through the chat room or via email and get on the list I'm gonna beat street view every week. And it's got just of -- plea answer trivia questions and play for them and if they get the questions right you win the prize and a cool stuff. But before that I just wanna mention very briefly that you get that little against -- 000 that's. My my man -- project at continues outside -- area bravely and aquariums are gonna -- from the -- herbs -- -- the -- way these these drug habit he dropped as bogs it asks I don't use FaceBook and and this is premiere of there was -- the wow -- -- enterprise. I don't know what I do know that would have -- -- an automatic join us organic and a book and I guess our grabbed Alex V outlet sitting dead man's reasoning claiming monster that's true. Content and are now under start up with -- -- outside of my man cave I ion constructing kind of a nice central -- living hanging out area were implemented TV when they fixed give it back in January I'm gonna put it up right now -- and that. And the first part of it was getting eight custom made professional restaurant -- from when he restaurant supply shops on -- those who use the boot. I finally got this weekend after ordering it to go -- there you give your your dimensions it. I'm looking at -- you want what kind of design new lines. You -- the final the -- I got regularly since Italy began to the floors that it runs you know electrical cables under there. And then now -- see if -- can come on the wrong -- -- -- let's go to the next picture. It's -- there I gotta I know little pedestal table -- is for a -- -- need a pedestal table. And finally -- -- I am awkwardly sitting in it with some -- chairs. Though that is the ads at the restaurant who desperately outside of the man cave TV watching seating area for the other TV's -- can -- -- is that -- bathroom right next to it know that is. That will be junior's room to the left and bedroom is the one to the right and the behind that is what is the other death was -- wherever where's where's my -- your room is. If you come forward from the picture there's a -- all -- is small Galley kitchen that leads to -- to -- that takes you to the outside. Happy also have a sleeping -- for I -- -- at least from a cell if you if statins like getting a cool set of in your house I highly recommend. Go -- -- must supply shop and having you make you one of these booths. It's actually not that expensive security get like -- -- couch catch policy. The Vega that is my -- that is -- until for the day that is Dan Ackerman I'll probably. Mentioned that in the annex -- -- -- follow up story. And we'll have a picture of me surely throwing up on that -- -- key dates it's written I don't have. -- restaurant grade I can disliked or write off I'll -- out how -- -- science right I'll go to -- to that end we have that the backyard barbecue before. The man is born of a bit. I don't think you can share no problem. I do like it. It -- -- with every winning but we eat tofu -- of course in over half a couple that with all tested and accurate delivered to the government -- significantly -- expert that -- aware of face a war like freaking grade a B nano Taco Bell B don't want my boom Mike. -- -- -- Who is okay Scott who Scott playing for today he is -- CK you really outlet Michael because it if I don't want anything for a reason he's gotten enough from us already -- right. Hillary's is a ravens fluids and -- -- -- don't -- is Julie playing Alex V all right they -- in a real -- Carmichael old we all that I know his name handles the old rules and -- -- be worth beetlejuice you would be it's gonna appear now. I'm going to I've read these questions one at the time if you get the question are you win the prize and wheels into the person who wins it and because you have an iPad all of it got because you have an iPad and Julie because you test Apple computers all the time. I'm gonna -- that's gonna do really good on the special collection. -- Steve. Johnson questions -- -- great we're -- gonna go -- gonna look like they're writing and other jobs are not our first yes actually that's what inspired me this morning you were entirely correct path and jobs if it was -- Stephen -- -- job as physical I job system like that Steve first question I speeded up. You can win him a pair of video game novel is -- and books -- -- to -- the -- days but the camera. One for disk -- one -- some. Does towards working called elemental but the -- actual books and read them. In your spare time if I reserves aren't as Margarita like -- -- in terms of the complaint. -- -- ever especially on these are just happens that I'm gonna start with an observer -- this -- of -- -- Scotland's I'll start an avenue N in the middle Google or. In November 2007. Steve Jobs was named the most powerful person in business by what business magazine. Most powerful person business buying a famous magazine. In 2007 what magazine was that. Time that's an excellent gets many direct -- Cores of the -- of the venture guesses are right. I'd but I I appreciate the fact -- you've mentioned magazine is very likely to handset that Hewlett. He knows them and pick in the case appear to keep it into the -- -- the army widely. What the threat seriously. -- Atom is. Also good guests also -- -- or is it Forbes also incorrect all right then went through was that -- closing as with fortune. I'd and I here is here here's a good one I'm gonna give away -- South America the food trivia categories he got rid us of the letter F current earth. That's more of the act is EA active extra Bandelier for your leg if you like plain EA active and working out -- -- extra stuff for it it definitely -- -- for them and hopefully have believe it when it. What video game company Julie -- Steve Jobs work for in his younger years pre Apple. -- keeping company. -- Steve Jobs once worked for. Because of the -- and when video game company. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well okay it's gotten. Actions -- and going to guess the -- -- I feel your best guess I'd like to -- apply your logical machine like brain do it and -- gives against a -- Steve Jobs -- that's okay. If you were these questions would not be -- Obama president -- -- just -- it was yes. Final answers I got two guesses we got it all right we gotta keep my final final answer is yes I'm going to say -- me. -- -- Atari that's correct -- and the -- work on there. We're -- space wars -- got a -- apparently. All that's right because that's what's on. -- products. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Carrier in the active you can at least once I activists and others are gonna be too easy I don't even want to can't get the treatment and collect organize and -- -- -- Are right next up monopoly. Streets adorable guy bought through fixing breasts only speculate -- -- too easy Scott's gonna get Leslie instantly and so this could -- and -- who played Steve Jobs in the 1999 TV movie -- Silicon Valley. -- That we weren't talking about anyone right away your elected. Government target I -- an -- -- did not -- And what they were running at a time. You need an answer than man's name is in my head it's that. Name an active any active threat. This means not he was not in the brat pack sort of kind of G do. Nelson. That is a good guess but that's not correct in the interest time -- to move along to just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are -- -- what -- -- park Chicago -- 9990 -- movie who played Steve Jobs. Who -- I think the protector played Bill Gates exits gutsy were -- at hand who wasn't. She kind of -- reasonably well now. The -- even Africa in -- thought I had -- Com what is your -- just. -- -- ninety. Kind of looks a little bit like Steve Jobs may be. Let's -- gets -- yet. I'm gonna have to move along if you don't have it took rival that that's a good guess that is not -- -- -- but he got. Who included in the -- and it -- anybody -- who -- Bill Gates. And despite -- -- mine off attract them like. I'm trying -- her conversation. Just bill Gates's answer in line of forgetting is that we stop allegedly figured that yeah okay. Let's let's pick an actor. And named somebody stop their own coins -- -- ruling that. I mean random guess any -- needed for a name. -- it's like the the -- isn't it John -- all right blizzard that's it I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm -- it's called resident who John -- I mean c'mon -- -- It was ER star Noah -- Excellent but -- -- they're gonna go right out of the toilet so there's precedent that's just Joseph Cisco all this -- -- an actor who played -- why does is it what do isn't it it's excellent candles and in my zone made as -- -- question -- be at the dice on whatever. Aren't all -- -- right here governance halo collector's edition controller and little on master chief figure off -- -- -- three. I know I've been keeping this for launch time but it's ready to -- no way I know Michael wants this you are you ready are you ready to okay. Mr. let you know lip sync the answer today's are you ready this Chandler Steve Jobs. Is often incorrectly reported to -- -- -- -- What's special diet the Steve Jobs actually -- A group of all the -- dirty -- it. What is your anti death maybe he doesn't think that. -- Proceeds should -- a problem -- -- -- -- strictly on the afternoon. Art can repeat the question Steve Jobs -- often incorrectly described as the -- what's special diet does he actually file. -- -- -- -- just and it's got -- -- I hate that name no red meat I need the name you know read me alright that I calculate -- Others that we couldn't. What vegetarian and beacon. That is currently are not the same thing. -- that is also incorrect. Got. -- -- That's a good guess also an incorrect -- while nobody really demand nobody wins I -- -- KK and it KBV Dieter is gonna -- nobody wins probably one of the cooler prizes land next boxing. Steve Jobs is actually larger like me eight -- to Terry. Ansari is an exterminator -- path -- area which is as someone who is largely vegetarian -- question now. A filmy -- to somebody who's -- vegetarians that eats fish. At some Scott -- -- -- -- he's a lot of fish they put out anything and everything I ate lunch -- fish that the falafel fish on the lunch -- -- Kabul office killer in the -- under. -- -- -- -- -- For the -- -- -- museum mega mix -- has -- another cool games that's through I'm just saying you know who had a question for you to do that with this what is surely a into the device. Steve Jobs has had to have over 100 pairs of this favor genes what brand today that the bonus what -- of its iconic sneakers. I'm looking system that closely. I will say that kind of like mom jeans but for the guys they look like disease. And -- -- Do you think of these lakes it Jean -- my -- and an entrepreneur that goes with the real you know what genes you where I'm that was on the content -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- an iffy Baird's branded jeans and honestly the care given to -- this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Enhancements. What do you -- That is correct and can they don't and -- if it does anyone else wanna try this acres sneakers. Oh yeah there is still missing in new. -- and -- also correct -- they sent out because they think. I don't I would -- I guess I can't play out. My reasoning because a lot I rarely do I get over how do I should and I don't like to actually do ballot that was made it better and better -- that -- joystick. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wouldn't -- -- and rain are directly. I'm not a -- -- I'm gonna actually did you they'll love you. Feel like a parent I've got one more adult woman legend now this one is different and it's -- At the bonus question I am at it should get to that lemon is a mobile version of my Xbox joystick on the same time -- -- -- -- -- bonus four and now I haven't I just -- it's nothing. And I get to the next item collecting organizing prowess as you play it just friends and act like chips than. And I got it over there is -- -- you keep tiger all I have a straight question enough to think he's gotten way comfortably -- his feet. And good -- the hoopla at my John Vargas has converts all stars. Limited edition activities schedule it and it's exactly what would jeans you're into -- I don't know if they. Probably cavities. Are diesel in the message field and he's now I got from -- that -- I felt I had a final question never gonna handle slightly differently as a print out when I -- -- -- I've got plants vs zombies for the DS. -- -- where realist when -- vs zombies seems like a winner. I'm going to ask the question and then you're each gonna have to give me an answer and then we're gonna see who weekends so aren't typically did you like the price is right the -- -- its closest to the -- without going over. Also price of money by many many many many -- -- -- it -- -- the -- -- I already dead are to review ready yet it is our final question here again I'd like to play games if -- played again next week either get a chat -- work on FaceBook and or email just -- All the 2010 forbes' richest people in the world list what number. That Steve Jobs coming in act. Don't give me numbers a person to get the closest with out and and let's say I think and I think they do like 500 the richest 500 people so we didn't wanna 500. On the perfect it's a closed is without going over will win this prize he got action you have to have -- known have to know the number not you get -- -- first to. Number two if you're saying. Scenario isn't that Indonesia Jakarta in the well I say -- you don't sentinels of the world but he never seven. -- seven OK you know you've already -- Julie. Well well. Boy you guys really likes and Steve Jobs. The correct -- actually 136. Now he's only the 100 differently this is just person in the world wow and income above what Obama's newly announced that it up that -- either his his salary -- -- -- one dollar and he makes about 48 million a year from I -- dividends on -- stock I think the way he runs every dividend -- -- not mean that -- what I've had every year in these markets. Gonna -- he can't be Oprah. And he's wearing Levi's new balance that -- the war broke his underpants of critical zero and I. I agree and one wow you all got way way way off on that but I would know Julie Quinn RRR final -- -- -- well -- well and I Lewis and where the hell did you look up is is G I -- tell you refinements that you'd would you like freeze frame a look at his ass. I have yeah. I'll never know we were faced timing the other day and asked to stand up and turn around like a statement that there faith and his video is the U that it had it -- -- around with that it. That's a fabulous -- again it's nice to look like -- -- which is a real problem. My -- of authority yesterday bravado I hate you wind up the day and -- don't go to governor Michael Michaels if you don't the last is not realize it. Well thank everybody that's been a lot gonna help him I'll enjoy an effect on his next week FaceBook fan page digital -- CNET that it doesn't. I'll do the -- deaths. Despite despite our our our -- podcast is already done. And a half -- winter -- says in the city CNET is -- Twitter and Jeff Scott Scott Garrett and myself. Something and get these two guys on the -- And I'm not grandma I'm not being. -- let me get out and I'm not kidding -- -- I'm not -- I'm not playing complex show it is -- and I -- shooters and you know what size your mailing address so we get that -- you. As far as Harry C and outer regions so that's not a problem. And our third contestant doesn't about it because even -- amending them and then again -- -- next crew news. -- I got into music into -- -- our next week after reviewing the questions answered questions.

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