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Ep. 121: Hot laptops, Samsung 9 and Acer Iconia; plus, building a mini man cave: Tech Culture

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Tech Culture: Ep. 121: Hot laptops, Samsung 9 and Acer Iconia; plus, building a mini man cave

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This week, we check out two of the hottest new laptops, the Samsung Series 9 and the Acer Iconia. Plus, Dan describes building his mini man cave and we play some more tech trivia for chat room prizes.

Okay now. Going on Monday troopers and they're really feeling good today I know I am you know why I'm doing good today. Because I slept in an actual real bad for the first time in weeks because they moved into my new apartment -- -- -- mattress on the floor. And actually. Purchase date -- -- that kit and assembled it myself this weekend. But nothing but an Allen wrench and screwdriver in some gumption. Which he used to stick the joints again pension right in there. In a sense of -- as a well earned rest yes exactly and for the first time in my adult life I don't know this is true anyone else. The first time in my adult life -- my childhood life against. -- have a dead you can get into from either side it's not pushed up against the law on one side really didn't have that before. Well if you're New Yorker new -- -- a small New York apartment sometimes it makes more sense -- -- -- -- law this true we we like getting in on separate I have large you have large bedrooms got so if we do we do -- -- don't have red planet earth. Small living room and other atmospheric and I'm just saying we're good at this as veteran guys are stacked high and our -- that's kind of IB you've said I am large bedrooms. It's sure you could eat what I could have a -- party in that -- the screen to go. He's green with envy over my override data to be -- -- of your rankings over my -- He bit and give -- money -- separate room well I got -- hell for I got a perfect solution for area and in fact. Maybe just a bit of that right now because -- somebody sent in. The perfect solution for you Scott and a machete and a second I don't think it's gonna be the perfect solution from exotic gut feeling. That it is very -- point and I think the perfect thing yeah they feel like there's there's a there's a big what if what I had to flip over to the to the monitor here that I have and one of having enough but. So I moved into this place and I've got let's see if I can get this to work here. Yes they're here ego. I sketched out what my -- that of -- use for my man cave looks like Internet measurements here. About a 105 square feet. With a little closet no entry way into you know everyone else in the country's going that's like walk in closet but in New York in Manhattan especially like oh yeah that's a room. They'll take it I'll take as you can see there's a longer back wall there at eleven foot six -- is if its eight foot front to back to the main area. Though I'm gonna put the couch in the chair which you can see in the bottom picture there against that long wall which is break. And the TV probably against the the shorter. Part of the long law. And I'm still working out exactly what goes where I'm thinking about getting rid of surrounds -- -- going with virtual surround sound speaker bar system. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I basically solicited advice from people and news -- is the big -- TV. We're sitting right now the little overpowering but. You -- -- -- do what you can do I'm soliciting advice from people out there who were home theater experts -- -- give me there by some people are. And -- I'm calling with my man cave could -- another TV -- in the central room for more casual viewing this is like gaming and big movies and stuff. Though that's my dream maybe some day my funeral country. But every -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is that statements that men it doesn't take much like a territory in a room and Katzmaier yeah that's true react galleries or is your your lucky man because most people have a kid and they get less space the year actually. -- -- -- -- My work it -- I you know you go -- and I think -- Scott -- put -- you put the cart before our satellite everybody -- period instruments which actually made the announcement. It's a year is any good news leaked when I was -- -- sex though we've only I haven't been leaked to the podcast URL dialog is like a comment to say congratulations then yes everyone and his waterworks. Thank you thank you yes man this has meant is that any deaths of its its -- its it's. They integrate -- -- you're gonna get them naked you're gonna use it you're gonna need it was gonna door can close it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People can't -- -- -- pictures of their own man caves and you know what I don't mean to use the main cave. In that sort of -- typically a woman can have -- in -- can have a girl came a woman gave lady gave. 88 unisex cave by -- -- Okay that that's excellent I -- -- -- doesn't recently a picture of their own -- while they're at home and cave yeah and I looked after I thought. I really does -- -- you know this is teaching Allard who used to be one might -- on. The show's best game ever and play value whichever -- -- -- -- of years ago and this is his set up -- on -- -- And got headphones that he can roll around anywhere and -- is that it is -- portable and gave. He doesn't service life eccentric that it is actually not a bad idea so he goes -- with that you know what the first question down here it's an airline does -- work and an afternoon and he says yes it does. To mean to me that's just kind after balls and little bag -- when -- They never gonna see him again that's not what you know playing it but your only option in my mistake not an option honestly my meaning -- at this point is my iPad -- headphones. And that's essentially no different than that rolling card as far as like second always got go pay attention to the -- for a Weiler you know. I think I -- needs to have walls. -- -- The role if you're at like one of those cardboard privacy filters per year for your desktop computer is it over the top it -- -- -- walk around your head over cubicle home cubicle well -- This could be -- and let me let -- gave -- -- that well think geek. That's a good idea portable making it -- it's like that -- major million dollars and a hat but yeah I ordered a -- virtually the virtual -- -- -- -- -- -- million dollars in a media partner -- broad PS iPod Touch and in the visor and that's it like that that's exactly yeah a little a little home -- around where I guess that's and it's a real. We're gonna build a prototype for next week okay I -- -- boxes left. I think this is brilliant -- ways of using such -- what is your man -- situation like what -- you got talent. I have. Note is this in your bedroom living in December room as the 42 Winston in the -- there is perfectly what is your place you go to just get down -- games -- when the bedroom and traffic as well. -- -- -- -- Mine is the -- what I did to make room have a -- that I rivers are actually -- I love. I am so -- -- if -- underneath today that it'll came -- -- with any glitches five point one surround sound. And speaker are the post of the law there's no other speakers are right in front of the the TV they're there on -- And the two rear ones are right behind the bright side -- -- of the futon. The subwoofer off the left of mice and normal and his -- beyond doubt it. And then. I can't believe they exist I finally got pictures -- then my Xbox hooked up to it and a nice thing about it is I have -- connect. When I move the Centre speaker slightly underneath the shelf. On top of the surround sound com home theater site and get to connect on top with the PlayStation I suspect that the move in the connect on the same time. Really read that's very exciting now I need one any photos of this because this is actually down to a really good set -- as great of totally you can tell it it's called it's called making the most are small analyze bed for a lot of time and -- -- department for its W I had a similar law but when they didn't plan and it in my bed have a thirteen inch TV. Okay that's a little -- now I gotta watch him relentlessly a knockout that that no TV in the bedroom never had a apart is that she was that there -- -- you literally under the bed. And there's actually -- on the TV either to the shelves of my dvd collections. And then of our vertical rack my PS3 games. And on the corner from the floor -- -- that the -- can't on the Dow default from the floor to that they -- pretty much of the bottom of the bed with a bit starts Omar Marie's. Where you want a three dimensions like -- -- you actually do have noted and I do have dvds by -- the entire series on dvd. Our analysis to be that right that I am looking for a larger place which were regularly in another room and if we can pull that -- and -- the -- caveats you kind of fire could have I feel like I've laid the ground work he's -- -- -- get my certificate and a guest bedrooms last man that's fine you know what they did it take it yet they can't take any space. It's hard right now I -- -- the market right now has a huge bedroom and that room we should I take back which is making it. But it's one of the camera I'm gonna he's living at it's -- -- -- -- two largest second -- it's a nice from the have put a welcome them in your living rooms really tiny and a trade that space. Particularly game I remember like mom to reroute and our way when millions and you must have by the -- together -- we actually gave. Our son living and was -- just because it was so huge -- all -- toys on play any candidates yet -- -- -- -- all we did you -- the dining room the living room. And we gave him a dozen -- he would set a one room is passed or rejected. Every -- and -- it as as -- all this is I need to turn the focus doing now. And after what his her person -- like I am actually you know it and realize that the series gives you now do you have nor -- -- -- -- Living person knows that the -- and -- -- that advocates and am I gonna do the with the -- And what are your goals. Surround sound. Yeah I have -- that now. Ironically in a closet except for the if he earns them knife and then -- or LCD collectively -- Freedom and that means eighty -- treating -- it might view them on only to my copy how to train your dragon. They do so excited. -- -- -- -- The act and -- and to get some stuff from IKEA. And -- deaconess and -- and that's. So. I I I -- entertainment centers for many years I've now re purpose them as kitchen cabinets. And elegantly to them adamant that its -- and I -- -- -- friends are looking forward to coming out there when everything and has been on these -- me. And cookie it's not have received located its watch cell. I act I I think we need photos of that as well especially during the construction process. And and of course voted to join the loft. Itself because it doesn't know he doesn't want me it's like I'm gonna -- I what I want to have a lot in there are pictures of me in the bathroom in my own makeshift making. I think everyone should contribute the if you -- the pictures of those. Right now I just wanna point out that it is it but if -- meant about these maybe I -- okay okay yeah slingbox I think. Okay okay I illegally avoided I -- you effect if -- -- in case you can roll back NC as it gets it thank you thank you never know hello cutie cutie would you like to point out that now delicate mountain equipment. It but before we go on I have -- into the show I have all these fantastic prizes to give away with another accident waiting. Our award winning but I -- any two minutes a bit of the people's attitude disability and now I'm just giving you a promising is coming up later and if you wanna play get the chat room with -- we usually know and they will pick. Three people to play the game -- I -- And you can't bitch about them and yes let -- here aren't so. I don't know what happened but for some reason might my -- -- -- you mount an office and fortune here at the scene immediately and -- -- But it -- -- my -- has become like the dumping ground for unwanted games movies and so -- So last Friday or Thursday there was a Ackerman has little obvious case of things that I guess Libby was -- wanted to out of the house yet. And dom and why they want everything the way they want it to my Q so the first thing it's catches my eye when I walked to my -- -- DC universe -- -- -- cool I wanted to play this -- -- I don't want to drop of the sixty books and then fifteen a month a wanted to check out -- -- You've selected Wilson in the process -- -- -- threatening me what -- Wilson gets tremendous call won that battle. So literacy -- I didn't -- -- the rumor hasn't been gave thanks to -- it takes two hours group -- also like to know what. I have my son and -- install while I have them. And then you know when it when he goes he is -- this week -- -- -- -- little game one. I start installing it it asks for -- code now active and pretty neat this paperwork and opening up -- get the code I put it in. I'm thinking it'll say well you gotta start paying right now no unfortunately you cannot use a used copy of DC universe online. You have to by new. If the -- code is with the disk and it's up & Associates with the account so in order for me to play it I would have to log in as Dan Ackerman and am convinced that. So that's like he just will not it will go to its own lives by updating its -- through the how can create a game. And then have someone spend sixty dollars -- a -- fifteen dollars a month you're killing you -- and you're shooting itself in the foot with. I don't wanted to play for about 45 dollars worth anywhere they'll and a multiplayer -- you definitely don't wanna put it operates out of made the day and the -- Whatever I don't know I don't I don't know would have me because I can I didn't get to that point I -- think that they would sell fifteen dollar whatever take take a chunk kansans are DLC reactivation that -- -- that is the biggest crock of (%expletive). All my god. That I mean I looked at doesn't. I went -- -- -- -- -- so the view that proms it's ridiculous that seems impossible that I mean I Digital Life are what you do something that -- Also looking forward to getting in there hidden Harry C -- -- the overall -- -- level development and know -- on the market and the funny thing if it's available in the places in networks or for purchase but how much how much. Paying 59 dollars to find out whether -- like game or not. 59 dollars and commit to all warcraft even warcraft gives you a free trial but not that that is -- -- said. Okay thank you for Sharon I'm sorry authority so don't buy a C universal online used at least not -- you tell you right up -- potato -- on a desk. That's around not now when I update these as that you actor music dreams shattered and -- -- to -- -- like two days. Commented have a -- and Hispanic looking basically where. Well yeah we think there's a dividend at its brand in but it is that -- to kill the process but on the game. But you can usually cry every activation code or online after being out there today just the first of all let's be honest here we -- -- the complete thirty days -- Sony -- game inches away my Cairo early day medical Oracle real enterprise and didn't -- -- were the world's greatest written on. After -- -- they're looking over the be sold in the B. Mechanism to do in the future. Not just point out to the united mr. -- and ready sort had to -- that you listen this is the old apartment anyway. All the games -- -- and -- -- of its not that I'd be forced to divest myself I've chosen a life of minimalism. I've been covering games for more than ten years and 5 copies and I am now down. To literally two shells and games that's it everything else I've given away I'm -- when I imagine you guys were here on the show remember when I met in new item I know like you get one for the Xbox when for the PS3 want it. They've gotten over electric -- -- -- and I got over so well and now I give them out on -- -- little games -- here now before we do that -- we have some hot laptops that -- been waiting for. Julie is protesting them Scott my have been. Also test driving them. Scott wanted to the first and show us the anything you've been waiting for which is probably one of two or three most eagerly anticipated left halves of the year I probably only -- the -- right here. Yes as a huge flood of hot laptops in this one -- -- -- series nine does is it and we got it on Friday Julie. Working on -- nonstop throughout the weekend and it -- -- attention at CES it's thin it looks like a MacBook Air it is basically the windows MacBook Air. And it's covered in some shiny brushed metal -- aluminum. Trachsel that a -- stay inside looks that would is pure aluminum Maida. If I it's an opt AM exactly claim it's a it's a it's a very high strength alloy that they used to manufacture -- -- it feels like -- -- and typically achieve stronger inside. Looks exactly like the MacBook Air a lot of -- it's got in black and glossy black at that big raised keyboard. A huge track pad for windows laptops it's actually using more -- and tactics technology to click -- feels really nice and responsive. Backlit keyboard. It's got -- next gen core I five processor but it's -- you'll be so it runs. So far -- test not that far off with the MacBook Air does and battery life is about the same to the price. Is through the roof it's 1649. Or 1699 if you get it with Windows 7 -- It went insane at the general president -- let's say yes to that solid state -- -- eight gigabyte nano. The what now this makes the MacBook Pro MacBook Air seem like a bargain because 129. On the MacBook Air you get it with 120 gigabytes 59 -- for the 256. There's a 1649. For 128 and you can't go higher than. It does have more ports it's not a lot of them are proprietary. Dongle plug ins -- and a mini HDMI there's micro SD. There's port you plug an ethernet dongle into at least there there arts. -- uses integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics which can play games just not great. I'm the battery life is great -- a lot better than other other slim laptop policy year old it it's you'll need to buy an iPad has -- -- translated degree battery. Insane it's just plain is like -- 800 bucks for the Motorola zoomed just doesn't make any sense it's weird that it then makes for forever -- complain about how expensive immaculate areas. 66 games that the 256 gig MacBook Air thirteen inches fifteen -- right and that's got Nvidia GeForce 320 M graphics which are probably too pretty -- -- Right and and you might Syria handled -- better its target compare between the two but. Yeah I mean and the hills I'll be honest feels little flimsy and -- hand even though it's native Unobtainium. The screen -- little oxy. Refusal -- on the side it is quite tiny as its high end but it's 12100 RI and it's not 16100 dollar high -- -- my opinion. Julie spent a lot of emphasis we can what did you think. And then again not. It's again. It was nice -- right. I mean -- -- a toxic 300 dollars thanks of it. I'm surprised that sent someone -- island because -- is the most affordable. In they have a lot of people look at. I yeah yeah yeah -- for -- -- -- the categories -- with high high high and aren't mainstream on a well always under that. A good price point where it's speculative at this ants and ones back. And have you know yes the latest issue I think it's a nice design I -- -- -- -- I am just shocked at -- at -- group of people like the people like the -- -- stance -- -- -- believe in their -- -- -- that all we could write this -- GPS law. I think it's super premium -- I will say unlike some other high design black tiger -- in the past but haven't performed in real battery life has been short. Battery life on this is is really pretty great for size and so it will. It performs nicely feels comfortable to use so give them money to spend. Heck -- 06 months down the road still enjoy using it but it has a lot of money to spend for the slapped -- them that's the problem. I understand the other one right now that is -- it is they in the fourteen inch laptop it is the Acer I Colonia. And as you can see it has two -- isn't that crazy they're both. Fourteen inch touch screens are what you do is you take -- -- up. Rest -- -- elaborate -- you take your ten fingers you hover YouTube. Sun has suffered second and then you have an on screen keyboard -- -- like you have with you are with your iPad. And you -- what you get used to it typing on it is is about as good as on an iPad that the touchpad down here also. But it's way too small if you could make a virtual touchpad in my console maker really big -- and maybe then and I you can take five fingers and put it down like this. And -- -- kind of his media controlled jog wheel here in honoring this is look at the the Acer entering the arena and you can get liked you know I can a web browser -- both pages instead and you can play. You know what it played -- HD video on the top screen and an HD video -- the bonds being both at the same time. Which is good but its last generation Intel Core I series it's not the it's not the new sandy bridge -- yes yes and though the battery life could be that. Our power could be better doesn't really do games they're real but it does due to HD videos full screen as they had already dedicated graphics -- and I'm out of the regular Intel HD the previous gen Intel. You the year -- how well they don't know late last year the yeah yeah in it would upgrade analysis we've -- a surprise puzzle was that haptic feedback yes I. There is no mafia now that I really up with those looking at assistance that is if there was anything I -- aggravated by ambulance prototype originally -- did -- Medium began its midnight on areas there are podcasts are -- city to make your laptop over to keyboards and batteries does not plan ahead -- I think my I would say one. What does open up lasting problems -- unable -- being -- screens fighter sensor isn't stopper it does play. That's cool -- that -- like that way you'd wanna use on the table. I felt I will say one good thing about it. It's actually not -- -- Leigh price that other assorted CEO wacky gimmick laptops. It's it's it's 1190 guy. -- -- 214 inch touch screens into reusable core -- five performance. You know. Look I know it seems about right to -- 99 united -- -- actually kind of cool of people we just picking up on a -- the preliminary not adequately present and -- -- it was nine he had yeah exactly so what. You down not not crazy price like that guy over there. But enough for everybody but that you know it uses its historic sequencing of the story -- -- -- Steve -- like. Testament to the public that -- I don't get what you use for because to me the -- of that appeal of a laptop. Is that physical keyboard. -- and so then you're stuck with that big. It's like anything having a lot of media stuff and you -- -- stuck between the two things it's a little minority report is at the little small screens are touch screen and yet you can be -- -- a specialized application students it is because of a big advantage elderly and very only if a lab tech demo let me if flat on anything as soon let alone -- 188. And I'm only because the speakers -- -- not only Anna and so it hampers and so it's like you can't really -- speakers on that right click the plates yet so it's kinda. Make it a death biggest killer apps currently some some finishing touches turns out that really it'll look like I think that the treaty -- -- both kind of prototypes that you can buy. And I think -- there yes a lot more usable as as a living device and that. And perhaps but it's but they both still have that kind of early prototype technologies not quite there yet feel. Yeah again -- -- a -- original policy mount. I tell -- how to button it not to out of the three you're not gonna get into this right -- allows you others are digital or I didn't. I think creatively curious now that it is a -- -- solid healthy McNabb got like I agree on I I do not disagree with you on the -- and share a prototype DNA. I -- from now we disagree guards -- Russell I think that's more partisan. 3-D -- definitely still protect. You we're gonna agree to disagree you cannot say that -- -- -- ready for prime time product audience well through and I get insight is good and general are being stored there I mean just as well as an -- you can barely you can barely see in 3-D -- you're holding it exactly right if you move like one millimeter. Offset very accurate but that advertising with a 5050 had people say it's the most amazing thing we've seen -- -- -- digital players fight it is totally jarring and -- -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't know what I have to say active is not the same reason for the heck of it because he actually gave me -- yesterday announced were backs -- Look at that lets you know they're gonna say he's a viewer to check it out -- and an annual event and I have made it -- -- it back I like it. It's very impressive it's a really cool -- hardware. I'm just saying it's got a prototype by two at which means that there are. Laws that are so big that like giving you you -- and I really wish they fix this the next one of public museum at the AR it's ridiculous because it keeps breaking the plane so much yet it's big killer app that you're right let's face traders I -- admit -- -- the most fun thing on there it's hard to get anti free hosting. I never used tilting at three the same time because they totally don't work exactly. I just -- ridge racer and just when you hit. My guess but need not -- -- movie just enough tonight -- and holding its cards I don't know enough coffee -- quickly now it's time for -- I've got five questions I've got five prizes each one -- you will play as an avatar for someone in the audience right now do we have our people we are playing fortunately. And -- does it. -- -- And yeah. Lettuce and -- -- Because if you get to tell you everything -- get done right it has to be you that's why I picked. Down on them -- not -- was but the bottom up development. If you'd like to play and you have not already please make yourself aren't -- I've -- 95 is Scott. Our options than what I've Arnold you quickly quickly the problem obviously set CET. Is you are it. And but at best Lamar -- Equipment do you could -- behavior of Europe. -- -- -- -- It's our you're not winning -- and -- and laptops that nobody asked myself if -- -- the itself and as you all now. Scott Joseph and Julie will answer questions -- -- -- the question right you win the prize they're winning it for you and of course. Make sure you can give them your mailing address at some point percent of your email address. By a private message or email or something okay first up on the block of the screen. I'm gonna say -- -- -- to pack and that is Resident Evil umbrella chronicles and dark side -- Alba that that seems like a good prize. -- these two together. There's the going area of these and then gave to the -- for current we're gonna start with -- this time because we never started which really with the questions. On this. Now it's gonna get it's gotten from the audit so that its class. District counter -- mind we're running at a time the now okay there's a -- The -- -- and SC. Was the first mobile's computer to be marketed with the term laptop. You may never heard of it but that was the first computer -- market with her laptop what -- did that come out. The -- rescue what you -- the first move out PC market with the term laptop and. When -- first being called the laptop. -- -- -- And for 74 that is a good guess that is incorrect or I'm gonna go to -- -- -- and adelphia in SCI never heard -- it for either but it was apparently the first mobile's computer to be marketed using the term quote laptop. What -- to that computer come out. Yeah I'll probably wrong -- against -- in 1979. That is also -- good guess and closer but still incorrect -- it is your turn now. -- -- -- You're correct. Well it was worth a thousand dollars of equipment at a five megahertz processors 64 -- -- of memory and a 400 I 64. Pixel display. The seniors criteria go Andy go return -- that I what a year satellite viewers sent. All right Scott you get the next question -- -- with the appropriate way. What I have right here is a notebook from the game halo reach inside you'll find it is written by one of the game's characters. Tons of sketches and diary entries and all kinds of cool stuff about the game halo reach if -- -- halo fan I can think of no better prize. Them we get could but it is just -- have very cool as far as packed games go that is a pretty well produced and drowsiness is just gigantic diary and overheated or handwritten notes -- called dock there and stuff would -- document I did pretty easily distracted. Environment that's pretty cool. Are you ready Scott -- they know where this is then this they -- related question who aren't might be easy for you I don't. Say I don't doubt the soft attorney you're you're you're you're -- credit you know I am with scifi and San -- -- I -- -- like the first character speak on screen -- Star Wars. -- originally harmless. Oh yeah probably know this actually lets you and a star -- series to Michael out. It's the first characters speak on screen leverage in Stalin's political and got lot of it's silent the -- that's why it's an interesting class. Hidden. -- processing your mind after -- opening montage tell us what you say. -- quickly because we must move up -- think it's actually C three -- you'll collect data. Take too long deciding that the that's the area earlier you receive it -- -- that's -- news conferences -- -- is is that they begin together and their -- -- and then it just to which you've got and I did I might have a modest there are to be. -- I don't know. Okay I don't know -- that's kind technicality -- there was there is our PDT speaking first I think an eighty was like a rebel troops waiting for the -- to -- political and I'm not coming now because that's the rest of critical concern of the Star Wars saga. All true Alter. Just of this one is is a little tougher. Although. I think you can handle it. The -- moto you ought to be here that term all the time right less now than need them used to but we still hear the motive is actually an abbreviation what does -- mean. What are you playing well I -- you're playing for the deluxe three cut extended unrated edition of sin city multi -- big box them. Modem it practice the mode and need. There's a motive in the windows. She. I I feel like you're talking through a good way -- -- -- thought process that I wanna hear your answer in a relatively quick it is -- popular yet and a modem speeds 33 that could be -- to put this speeds really speeds you know. I'm trying. -- -- The in the world -- mode Dan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Appreciation for. Let's hear it at the time I'm I'm afraid to -- Let's have a good educated guess. -- just columns and it seems like it fits yes baskets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But as premium I'm gonna have been found about the talent would you give me some right now. -- is county and seven sorry that is -- -- value out that an incorrect either party to it do it. Modem to modem -- modulated emotionally. I was gonna see modulation. UN. It's made over three I guess they're proud of is that -- amazing idea did not know that's I was just like I think you're gonna ask guys like this out this. -- the US and thousands like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- thing with being old and forget you forget more than some people know. Duly that I don't and I do analysts say things I think this is this could potentially these Olympics and hard -- -- -- the -- lines. What technology company. Trademarked term ethernet. We easy settled time it's actually -- who want a trademark. Company for. It's only some weird accompanied whoever -- -- all alternate Apatow and you're playing for. An Xbox Live chat headset with the little keyboard and the headset that which you -- -- -- people want -- online. On Xbox. Than I should mention that -- yet he -- me keep in. Angela I mean and that is actually -- it is however incorrect. Dot you -- hookah for eventually trademarked the term ethernet. While Iran and -- -- of Iran at this time it's Cisco I that's also gets you took my gas. Director doesn't you have second -- then the -- that we retire. -- -- -- -- -- Not just a random word you know that's why it's capitalized -- that. That you shouldn't say ethernet T. Although apparently and we can use it really get. I also great guest but that -- -- -- which like you the answer sure it easier. That the check had goes back and advancements in graphics chip tech goes back -- the box like you if your history when again as -- I'm gonna give you can't go -- IBM I guess dot number five. This is the last question. Are our whoever wins can take your choice of DS games. Now okay -- about that. You can either get -- heated air our final yeah I'm quite well. -- -- whatever is a winner analyzer. DOJ -- -- if you got a kid maybe you want the view there if I don't you want the final thing is only one pick in that Iraq faces -- -- to play Final Fantasy. Okay this is a good one because -- do you guys are are hardcore photographers I'm pretty Schiller. But you may know something about photography -- as the weak points in photography sky yeah. What does the term SLR stand for. Single lens reflex it. They'll case 95 fellow -- because of which of these two games you want and -- that use this you're gonna pick final things after he hit. I can have a choice another what's going in the incinerator. But I -- I -- you and I got a bonus question actually even security -- -- it's going to you again. The -- -- anyone who wants you to answer this and that really worth anything but I found this very good but it wasn't hacking it to include okay. Besides all being musicians who died early Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison had something else in common was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- have an opportunity while I was just -- is a sedan that's. -- -- -- The bonus question -- assortment besides being musicians who died early -- Jim Morrison dramatically. These include the life and get his job but all had something else in common what was that. The thing very pointed and -- mobile here. Do you wanna know and delta bill that is Sunnis and and that eight was Sony's. He was on fire and that the but here you investigate disaster they have in common trial right well they died at creative like was as if I it was 27 but ago. -- all -- that all three of them died at that age yet yes. I -- they unveiled as it has to do the biological effects of drugs on the system. Probably in a certain breaking point and I think you're gonna -- And that's are renewable anyway congratulations to all our winning winners today everyone did very well. And if you -- prize either email or private message just -- the chat room or by email and make sure they know your email I just so they can contact you and get you are prized. Join us next week next Monday all the show act as I did you see CNET on Twitter where did you city -- podcast on FaceBook. Hands -- all the -- of generators a sure fire followed -- jets got. And me Dan Ackerman and these guys get on foot -- someday we just got a social media and training that -- never -- you get on there. However you -- -- that. Never never and I don't put -- -- are more hash tag trends that read okay city water final -- Our demo video he there's a -- to look at me I'm not your users to trade in fact are not worth the shipping -- at that it. So check out my -- crisis -- Very quickly. Prices spots inside they're Nike's. The prices logo on them. And now we are -- and then spent shotgun shells on the bus. To me up the fight night of the effective if you're size -- -- that. I -- them.

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