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Tech Culture: Ep. 120: AT&T-mobile; Nintendo 3DS postmortem; plus, telephone trivia

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Tech Culture: Ep. 120: AT&T-mobile; Nintendo 3DS postmortem; plus, telephone trivia

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This week, we debate the merits of the proposed AT&T/T-mobile merger, and Dan and Scott give the Nintendo 3DS a pre-launch postmortem. Then, play along as we quiz each other and the chatroom with some brain-twisting telephone trivia.

-- are you happy now. While I was just wondering if you're actually gonna start discern who's gonna finish that -- -- -- -- within the next step six actually repair the and they'll -- because I'm kind. As is donating it seemed reasonable in the little spektr's united star because -- united running around all -- -- photos -- It's been a lot of TV media coverage today -- -- T and T-Mobile. -- -- It would sound effects were available but it M and which phone carrier -- that being. Verizon. That's right and not look at is good today because they lost -- on a chance to add. Snap up the number four guy T-Mobile. And just have you followed the move I'll phone industry very tightly very closely what -- -- immediate take -- -- or. True GSM carriers become one there's no competitive bed and let you know you got the -- humane between sprint and Verizon and the -- competitive. You know GSM between T-Mobile in AT&T and emerged that two of them. That would be the only carrier that you can go to if you wanted an international -- that is a good Android however the shaft you every which way. However the FCC and the other government regulatory bodies -- look at this kind of stuff. They don't use the GSM vs CDMA as a criteria. They use other other things -- market -- whatever. And back -- the phone companies would like them to consider not just mobile's phone companies but IP telephone traditional landline -- -- saying. All forms of which -- -- into the same we're just one very small part of that. The same way that. When serious an -- emerged there -- the only two satellite radio companies if that's not a monopoly I don't know what is. But they got away -- that by saying -- they're both tanking but that's beside the point today the satellite radio but that's justified it you know by saying. It's not it's not that we'd be the only satellite radio company it's that we're just two companies competing in the larger radio landscape which includes. Traditional terrestrial radio and include Internet radio and all these other things so if you look at all that together. Even if we merged we wouldn't be a monopoly with the power and that was very that they used -- got away with. It's like a monopoly on. Compared to you. GSM phones which is. And a huge mass market and also in terms of business city thing gets serious and -- should not have been allowed to merge. No -- at precisely the opposite I I don't think -- really registers anyone's radar real as far as like. Its monopoly -- -- -- it doesn't really matter if there's a monopoly it absolutely okay -- think they well it wasn't it I mean there were -- enterprise where they're pretty much giving it away anyway. Delegates you know and also news and travel analyst Brad you're not gonna blow this decide I need a satellite radio which once again I want an advance office at least once a week and hears from Howard Stern playing in their so we know when subscriber. The private I don't PC hardware I'd like everyone -- -- -- now uses the either -- it streaming or the recently improved and now very good. IPhone and iPad apps. I just ignite from fundamentals -- and boom I'm playing it. -- have to make -- among the Wi-Fi. -- you know when you all your all your -- -- the data well that's something now. I'm wasn't there are also another like don't -- -- -- back in the agreement as well aware if the deal doesn't go through to molesting gets like three billion dollar. Like a farewell are parting gift from AT&T doesn't go through as well there are some financial obligations like that it's not as simple as that but yes eighteen he -- a big. Motivate her to make this happen they would -- gone this far. I mean -- they didn't think that they could download onto their their big motor graders everybody's blasting forgy LT TE WiMax and but -- -- they just take three G and they say Dell product orgy what it that what this is there where it is there were available to Oregon tennis doubles by the ones are -- And -- other -- pretty much -- skate -- I mean this is. There's a great this is really smarter and -- happened to the I don't know how to best forgy infrastructure kind of a grant from there and a smaller area Walden thing with the T-Mobile as its -- -- it was the last adapt all these features it was a more of a software upgrade in hardware regardless of the cars that actually do. So that's made a lot easier for maternal -- slightly -- of these software than it is. The physically change hardware. And they are number one right now on it and connecting PTV's my Wii but some analysts complaining that like instantly -- suburb of San Francisco -- with the venture capitalists live -- -- T-Mobile service. Even though it's like twelve miles away from downtown San Francisco. That's probably have huge holes in their actual ecology are not expected to -- of traffic through several Cisco so there's their -- -- really but if you combine these two maybe they make up for the strengths of each other. And you get an -- -- network out of it the real question everyone is been asking this morning is on T-Mobile -- an iPhone now. There are obviously the -- up right. Unless it's an old jail broken one. And asking was a need for consumers which is can take a long time for this even actually happen wants to Cooper's notes. -- in a long time. I mean -- -- always -- a competitor from a small space you go from four major care attend the three. That does decrease competitiveness. That will obviously not lead to good things for consumers in the long run this earlier you have some sort of unlimited data plans that are -- -- already -- that with so here here's a question that you. Do you week to two years. Three year contract and -- to emerge and try to get an AT&T phone on T-Mobile. But you renew your contract right before expires because AT&T my hackable the prices you might be locked into a program you usually have a data plan something like thanks average -- -- -- be -- the old unlimited iPhone data plan. So the try to re reading to renew your contract and is pay full blow from -- -- -- a -- know what do you let it expire that's true and you let it expire and -- get a discount on the phone to get slapped with some new charges. -- -- -- -- -- As a Verizon -- -- are you now I think yourself well this is not gonna be the biggest cellphone carrier any more on the number two what do I do my -- -- freaking out -- a huge. I just getting this increasingly we understand you just don't edit anything -- that now -- you've you don't have an iPhone but would you consider one. -- though but maybe I think it's if forward progress they're acting in -- -- ports that come. And that under the volume but now that if potentially T-Mobile AT&T and Verizon all have the iPhone in the near future that much bigger than it -- cherry O. I mean I am. Very air and two year contract and you do the -- the four G service here in New York. -- he that's incredible. Okay I don't yet but have your data overall down you are you happy with -- -- that you yet. Yes and in the data the data transfers have feels good yes -- calls don't drop. -- let's get it and enjoy that's competition that already has a background as well from -- and -- and then down it's the phone of choice for more people. If -- -- people people on this as -- I was like begin at home well people well. Hoping they'll promote alright well the pinnacle of all people an immigrant from homeland -- -- now that's that's competition because -- -- major carriers they need to each group they have the best service the best prices. Once you start knocking those guys down if you get down to -- duopoly. Where this let's say AT&T T-Mobile and like prices bridges -- thing. Then it gets a lot more shady and that's when you have a lot of patent deals they -- all right I'll I'll refresh this much if you -- president but that's collusion. Blatant illegal obviously no -- is is is is suggesting these companies are engaged in that but what you get down to. Players in each market. That's what you inevitably end up. Well spent is still. You know for money now -- we've got unlimited everything for this one price and not everyone is at. Is a limited and you know everything is pretty much subsidize making it out on -- and -- per gigabyte. Status. And sold that I think that's only thing that's -- has holding on right now is the fact that they have that on the evidence for that reason only slightly -- -- yes that's right your boutiques cellphone provide -- -- and I had no. -- -- -- Oldest T-Mobile ads with the with an outstanding they're going for help put it in which he thought. How long are they gonna keep running up to -- off the -- permanently. Which until which will you never see. Which -- will disappear faster ET mobile AT&T sucks that ordered the Gilbert Gottfried. Affleck -- They should merge -- -- one -- It seems more than ever did it seems -- subject it's it's been going on elected every carrier that makes fun of another carrier moon seems to adopt them like you know. The biggest promotion for Verizon was bashing AT&T'S network with the iPhone and the whole Christmas commercial and that's -- I only -- -- with its over the -- for. And -- ended and the stack and then and then dudes like watching the game is is my Matlock at achieving though it's not and then all of a sudden it. Announced the iphones when they don't know or test your action yeah and I tell you know I have T-Mobile T-Mobile bigger Bob Bob Barker of -- -- TV. And now little vehicle the latter people -- -- -- you know instantly -- -- that you you make fun of them that they get the real question about their -- the final question. If Tivo like this great four G network -- he adopts that they build out a really cool for the network does that mean that. The four G iPhone would be the next big product is that is that all in preparation for that it says that rather prediction time -- Dan. Of the holiday I am -- doesn't. -- -- -- -- -- Is this is whole deal predicated. I'm getting a four G iPhone is that why they really want that forgy I think there they'd definitely have to because Verizon can have Wednesday when a match him. But the thing is I think is gonna come down to which one's gonna have what -- there's gonna be something that's gonna differentiate the -- were nonaligned. Because carriers are gonna start spending money to make that happen I don't know winner Albert. I don't know. And observed that counts is a yes and no I don't I don't I don't know who doesn't on -- yeah those are not I don't know but yes but not this year. Okay they -- I like that the real answer in it's instance were. Enters the O I I have a brief announcement to -- that after our next topic will be playing another and an episode of our award winning game show -- So we'll give legal rights of people to chat room where it's going well at least at least until that gets us basically I've ever been helping -- basically where to start everybody's on this I -- -- is set. I'm glad to have laying around -- -- Other -- live they can stop listening at that point if -- lets you if you like to participate in the game and have Joseph -- or -- plea for you and we knew it had with -- -- -- a really good -- -- -- regulatory -- -- I want a -- prices from make yourself known in the chat room and Julie -- will pick them random. Follow along -- -- Viewers slash listeners to place so Latin pop in -- -- you wanna play. Build big Data Co. and then like ten minutes -- collect. -- -- -- -- -- -- But even -- the fashion of preparing gentiles in the could lead to -- and I would say and because we're talking about because attacking event that T-Mobile and AT&T. I think you can have all telephone questions this week its vision that telephone man though there's something wrong -- but it didn't decide to make -- area of expertise yes it's it's a phone. And -- it -- it's got. Nintendo 3-D S without actually destroy earth. I hits on March 27 march 27 so we've got outlets and -- and I already have our early units yet and we've been playing with them I feel that -- your face on it is slightly more positive than mine -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aircraft actually looks purple on my camera you hold it up on Chou he's the jury can you can see it's turquoise mirrored. Try -- look to it can affect. And ethic although although I'm its its is smaller dimensions in length and width and the DS. But is thicker it effect. And some people are saying that talks it is kind of small I think what it's widescreen it's fine content outside his small they shrunk down that -- -- compared to -- really really -- -- -- mild one and and and is a smaller screen. I'm like yeah I'll be analog stick in -- of you have analyst six nights and -- big which is better than the yes he won. And and and we were debating what -- the reading outlets and I am not. I I think it's exciting you're saying that you're not a Nintendo apologist that it took this I -- an antenna volatile after and I will say it -- to opinion so far from friends. Or or people I know one my wife who reacted like she was bitten by a rattlesnake you know like. How the heck is this and vowed never to get your again and she at a very jarring but another friend and it shows you know we see a lot -- Hussein's little -- jaded with it. If it was amazing and he was he thought it worked a lot better than expected as far as that 3-D effect now as long as -- keeping it still -- are -- because. Once it starts to move you can really lose your your your hold on the 3-D image and they get really disoriented by. The battery life is also pretty killer is in bad in terms of the three hours when using 3-D effect. But I really think it's if it's more of a future tech concept that has a more -- -- appeal than say the iPad too although the iPad two was a better product. But it's in the deputy she was not showing you anything technology wise the end that you ran it right this is something you could show off at a coffee shop. Will you actually buy it that's another question my friends not gonna buy the only -- up to one person at a time. I -- exactly it's a small item. It's only two yet to study's small batch but you know that don't think you can in cheek in a similar look over your shoulder now has the viewing -- so narrow he's gonna hand -- to them and say. You use it for a day. The -- at the Starbucks across the street -- very excited by let me tell you that guy. That's a customer. Become -- don't -- they want yes I would -- I will agree with you that it comes up is very impressive. -- for the first five minutes you spend with it are astounding that on that's crazy it's only after extended use -- you start to see the limitations. And the primary one is that that. Usable field of vision is so incredibly narrow that just pressing the buttons in some of the games. Will take you out of it like if I'm -- Street Fighter and I hit. -- button -- reading a fighting in your -- gnashing right. During that takes you out of the 3-D view yet well I hope everything -- that you can do up and down you can you -- -- short but -- side to side movement. When -- hit a button this -- moved just a little bit and that's enough to. The throw you out. So it's hard to. It's hard to get past that my and I played but historically looking a -- -- -- fighter I tried it violent that steal whatever that is absolutely lessening farms are much and and and I want to. -- -- -- -- Here's now you you -- my opinion on it it it is a groundbreaking technology it will become very important things that we will use the future. This device Steele feels too much like a prototype it is not really ready for prime time. They're selling it too early I'd rather they have waited another year and put out a really good. Right doesn't help that right now the DSI shop and a lot of the online features are not enabled yet that's -- going to happen. Somewhere between now and holidays -- may. By that makes it feel even more like it's you know almost like a prototype feeling. I would say that some of the games like and now we're simply Madden because I'm somewhat obsessed with football. But I I think that games where you can have a server field view enhancing feelings they feel like you're playing any larger screened for some reason because there's a sense of depth. I sort of feel like I was playing slightly larger screen than that small screen -- -- hard to describe it. Usual -- big screen -- -- feel. But there are no games ratings are pretty much with a 3-D is is essential to the game it's almost -- right dressing and all these games that's true he has yet come up with something where. You actually need to three to play -- really enhances the game play. Spellings is found he can easily play with the 3-D turned on that's under the closest ones right -- out out of what age -- game for. The whole system yes. It feels like well they -- kaput and they start at seven this but they recommend when intend to recommend. But I'd say like seven and in -- -- back dating to two old just because a lot of these games are sort of war. Now that Nintendo -- pilot wings you don't get the feeling like. Older teens -- would much rather spend time god he's socially connected and -- -- listeners about what kind of effects governor vision maybe long term planes while I. I'm cross accurately -- and have so far I am. -- little weekend and and and actually was surprised to find that after half an hour up to up to and how we're playing. I didn't walk away it's only feel disoriented. By it. There are times I just delicate certainly played too much -- it increased after effect let's not forget the warning an entire army dad sister a break every app that -- -- about age. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The seven -- seven cut off as is is is kind of killer because it's easy times kids on the subway kids everywhere those young kids of the ones who have an antenna system is you can drop that it takes a licking. In -- and they can and iPod Touch. That's usually the -- like. Ford says in a range. They used hand kids like and if you're if they're playing video games and -- -- and I feel you're slightly older kid you might get better. -- overall entertainment value from an iPod Touch would cost about the same to get exactly that's about twenty bucks less for the entry level and yet when you get older and and I also think it loses out on you're saying that there's a brief period of time was like. -- 2005. Where like it seemed that the it's like the Nintendo DS is becoming for everyone where your mom may have wanted -- -- you Graham Armenian as -- there are you marketing it. Then I Ohio I think kicked off -- kind of made that less ubiquitous is a platform -- and now like your mom's not gonna wanna 3GS your crappy grandma's gonna be totally freaked out by that three team forgot to add it. I think it's a narrow audience kind of. On a scrapbook to that come from your mom's not gonna wanna -- adds I was silent hill street yes Joe does Joe Roche Obama. People want it really is tag particularly -- at the tech and I hired an important question here yet hearing all this just -- Julie found. And I would have brought my three S in today because they with but the wife needed something. How insisted scale of one to ten EU in the Nintendo three -- You where it would -- them with zero we think -- you hate Nintendo you hate the DS or you're not interested in -- -- left three. When it came cemeteries and -- visions. Is anything to add to that. Wafting through. And less and don't leave. Much portables and events do not just you just -- hand -- -- air doesn't scale of one to ten your interest in the Nintendo 3-D -- To -- fine okay. They're Digi data has played in the citizens that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and this and now have -- already don't -- -- idea -- an -- in all fairness in all fairness. The Nintendo catalog doesn't lead -- me and I'm not a -- Mario fan. And this is -- the -- -- does like it just doesn't draw me personally and a more in and you know Jeff -- butted heads on this for a number of years or more of a PlayStation dude. And -- and that was my game my game handle the choice it was the PST. And honestly the and GP does that posited the idea of the educate the NDP doesn't mean this -- this looks good interview if I mean I'm not knocking. In -- justice. Kinect can get some gotta -- treaty you know it's that would be a pretty cool a little character is a big guys cute sometimes sometimes dishonest rate of slash and may I do like treaty in games I feel it adds that the Digital Life it does it definitely does and -- -- -- by no means I get to -- -- gonna play the -- -- and there are no like I mean there are no 3-D shooters yet for for the -- -- it seems like you'll -- kind of a nice platform if you like static. And sports games seem like they might be a little -- and 3-D of surprises no baseball game. This week I'll would be -- yeah I mean Japan loves baseball Nintendo's head baseball games it's coming out in the spring it's just crazy looking as president for its existing rocketry. It's really cool. Good school but tilt -- left and right building to see it -- Beverly Scott used his -- -- It's an alternative motion will play biggest treaty act and put it on if dance lock it down tight. -- a rotating stand -- would begin basic compass and map at the degrees. And reduce the how many degrees you can turn it three degrees five degrees. We we're gonna make this scientific. Real scientific alright you know I look at look at it when it's which -- -- because I politely didn't try to pull it back and Apple the -- element. -- -- -- that the recommended distance it's actually hard to get the right angle I hold it. Almost seven inches from it base which -- Right now is totally immerses but probably not at all what Nintendo would recommend but I a story that's a really cool concept though it does it does look good it doesn't it got -- -- credit -- -- still impressive part that someone hasn't seen it is that it doesn't have any sense of degradation in terms of resolution or Christmas. Compared to when you have three on or off and -- think -- -- darker. And a little bit darker but very him and that the pretty imperceptibly compared to what people -- I think. Even with 3-D television and and I'm certainly this along and other that they consideration is this is considering how. How primitive the Nintendo Wii is for the exception of the motion controller. I mean that's pretty bold wanted to hand -- Google 3-D. Considering that the Wii is not even in in HD extremely bold -- very forward facing very -- forward looking. Public with an excellent sound and congress and I don't know what that -- hardly -- -- -- I I didn't next generation of this and what is that flow. The next generation junior resident of this will be. Much more impressive -- and I'll finally close by just saying. You make -- at some point does -- motion control on the -- -- given that we don't even really need it it's almost sort of like you'd rather not even avid early platforms and stuff. Right up front that the 3GS most games don't really need the three the -- -- -- -- -- really corporately that as -- games really like Wii Sports -- corporate promotion. It is time now. You play. You're gonna watch I think there -- winning winner I've got a bag full sack full of fantastic probably our best prices ever. -- to get that to be on your toes do we have any competitive toys are who once in today guys okay. Let's let's pick three people anybody anybody come to the doing I'm -- waiting awaiting -- kind of the cool. And I'm -- in the -- caught. Okay hang back -- just like everything's going crazy or charter your name and just just picked three names. -- anybody know if we did have a whole idea of interviewing people they just aren't coming in -- intake of -- decision be an executive. And and RLJ. Yeah already. In particular its recovery. Hatred and it's -- -- you're seeing somebody or other I'm doing gene appear. Do you were RLJ flick that's on the chuckled a broad. Poker make sure -- -- we Trenton you get ready you're gonna -- something. Make sure you private message or email to support -- -- your real email address and continue the -- -- -- -- that gene off team. Has seen. G now he nor Ford okay. Excellent screen. -- Johnny prize number what are you ready this is really cool this is still sealed in plastic this is eight bullets storm and not cracker in the shape of some sort of monkey creature. Though it's actually nutcracker and it's in the game -- -- him and the engagement -- -- -- aircrack that that's pretty cool the wrapped -- in plastic you cannot buy these as to. Promotional -- Not available in any story that's right because we're talking about. Eighty GT mobile these rural telephone related questions. Got you -- for questions that -- You Joseph is the big. Motorola phone guy put a -- as -- today -- got if you've got that's. Joseph -- requests picture in 1973. Motorola employee Martin Cooper called for rival called a rival company -- communications from New York why was this -- historic call. While repeat the question. In 1973. Mode of -- employee Mark Cooper called up rival company -- communications. From New York. Why was this historic call to make for a small willful. -- that that -- well and I. I like this -- I'm feeling good about that it. -- you think. Your your prize is having very little board it is a it is a halo -- a promotional halo but he these behind the event well it's been want to make death there is I never was and never warned that these -- regard him enough I Ackerman got this cool gun design all the -- hooligans on the back. It is a small it's probably for a girl so if you have -- -- living girlfriend or you are able loving girl this is for you are you ready -- The petite man yes we're petite then I'd of the we have any of those are seven year old or they can't get ideas as you're working and let -- -- if -- clearly here is effective. -- like that -- the what famous academic is credited with creating the phrase reach out and touch someone which -- used to great effect by bill. Ever reach out and touch someone like with. The the slogan the -- -- bell telephone VP former telephone monopoly -- has broken up a famous academic. We you'll launch -- heard -- actually credited with creating the phrase reach out and touch someone who -- that. And we need to -- little background music. And -- could -- -- -- ringtone or something. Any idea -- -- Wilde yes. And then. It -- -- evidence that academic. He was your thought process that could Allah. I think it. I left. Are now are you testing in the -- And time than I thought process. -- I'd -- to do an artist's. Named in academic. Bill Nye the Science Guy does not kept Bennett's. I I -- I would have to call an interesting. Kind we're gonna throughout the Scott got what -- academic is credited with being -- reach out and touch someone which was used to great effect by -- Marsh McClellan you're correct. Right you you play -- on value you gave no sign that you knew that answer. And now let's forget I was I was busy -- my best guess the honest I'm a Mike I'm on my game today like figure -- edit and actually knows that he's credited with that but I do know that he be the most likely media -- that is truly coveted best known ones. Our on our next question then goes to Scott actually yeah. Read what I'm gonna we're winning some stuff today transmittal that are -- -- -- this is. In this is -- EA active auction got whatever cans for the -- game. The -- strapped to resistance bands so you can now work out with your week. And got. In 1877. Yes and you know well how many telephones to the -- bell companies sell during its first month in business. As in the company actually founded by Alexander Graham now. The first month how many phones you think they feel that it. -- -- So I just question calculator -- yes and number. Did any. Let's say want to be a range of fires I was gonna say I'll give you are written for that -- if they want that an excellent -- but it is incorrect. Wow thanks for look at this -- better and actually get also it also incorrect my best guess would have been. I'm I'm gonna tell yet I'm gonna tell yet I do is gonna come back to you now I would say it is a number between one and ten. The -- -- to never has copped out of there. How many phones do you think -- -- month. Hopefully sounded odd -- -- that somebody on any accolades and yet I haven't had it. Trailers and online. Or otherwise I get I didn't -- I did not so good. Expect a larger adoption in the -- with one phone at it and and -- -- -- You're correct. -- -- -- -- Easy to I think that -- -- because -- think that we get noise -- -- -- that this is more secure than this but it. -- -- no because I thought for we're gonna put up six we all want something for some experience okay. Our next product this is what we -- we last week we could not in the question goes suggested this is a gigantic StarCraft two hardcover art book very collectible. The vicinity who were addition -- -- need to -- I ended in June was last remains normal normal starts out at -- hey are trying to for an. Sorry and we also have some other stock deputies -- go along with this like any like a USB key that you -- to separate game -- comic book soundtrack CD beckons. So -- our -- art book doesn't. -- And act like the -- -- The first US president to have the telephone in the White House. But that's a good plan. No life I've heard this question there's only like -- only got like 43 presidents 44 again -- Though so it's not even that aren't you know what George Washington or anybody up through a certain time and you know what anyone after like a certain time so it really -- -- down this may -- ten presidents it could be the -- is like -- -- -- The answer is not. I'll tell me that yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah photos there wasn't Bill Clinton hands. Not Washington it's not jeopardize Jefferson off the list it was our circuits on John Quincy Adams expressly and narrowing down and I don't know well when was like a president Debian the year you'll get around -- area there -- let's also -- -- -- -- your question. First president to have a telephone and White House. -- -- -- Was Ulysses you know usually sit with your thought process but in this case I'm -- sorry that I am a back -- let's keep those processes to -- A -- of I doesn't what is your final answer. Name a president. In any president besides like the last couple. Kind of fluently economic. That -- actually -- here in the right century at least that is in correct -- Ulysses. -- question got to -- -- learning about -- yeah. -- -- We are experts active -- -- -- preference ever tell on the White House chilly the five. Time is up let's hear your answer -- with your gut. -- Does a good guess that's actually to bulge that's correct and I don't have. I I I I just I you know what -- worth paying attention -- would be changed. Well. And I it's a it's a popular. That's impressive that -- the preference of who -- once something for their people today. -- clearly has -- -- And Jodi you have -- very good all right final question and final prize. This one -- to make -- that's what do we actually. This is this is very cool this is very new this is a Dragon Age two inflatable swords. -- -- -- -- It is not decades to -- as I don't know January 8 continent Dragon Age two pad. Only for women the threat that I've integrated everything advertising quite cool -- you'll drag and it's like we also. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to the nearest billion that the how many text messages that American sand in 2010. The amount in question about the can end. And it certainly decades. It's. -- -- -- and is the answer. To the nearest billion. Text messages that Americans and 2010. And we're gonna get this guy keep your future price is shielded -- -- give opera. Looking at Jabber and none of it and -- pockets. -- And let's hear a number. I've. Gotta think correct and effects against Scott. We billions. Of text messages planets in the -- billion was to say for kids that American cent in 2000 yet. Well. Let's see there was the one you said to I believe one day percentage I'd check is okay adds to multiply that out grounded. Carried over it. NN multi byte up at 300 million Americans are you gonna magical math again it does get method and grammatical -- One -- I think you tried to do that on another question that. I think I guess you do best when you go from the gut which -- -- like what they are telling -- under 200 billion. Out of the Logitech that is -- also -- -- just that. You have the last no word on 22. Y record you think we takes a lot more than -- and perhaps it. Does that answer I'm sorry I -- a lot of -- don't have makes it -- starting at seven that the defendant content are the answer is it five billion times by tomorrow I'll send billions and billions and billions. That's up from four point one billion you've gotten us I'd like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- gentlemen ladies thank you for playing like to remind you that every week until we get bored with -- we will be giving away prizes. Just like this and if you'd like to play you don't feel free email Julie -- during the week -- don't you want to reserve a slot cooler just pop in on the chat room. And that if -- -- -- -- -- -- -- went -- to pay to be sure to check that as well. Any closing thoughts from anyone I've I I've been moving the last week -- my whole world upside down. But a -- lots of good stories about moving -- -- -- -- -- TV and media slash gaming elements to. Stay tuned for that. -- -- thoughts now that it was a great competition. To try to -- everybody around at the -- between moderate and who represented Rutherford B. Hayes insurance in my G nor fold or -- Agee -- -- and Scott. RLJ. Flick so everybody. Email Joseph fortunately or private message to monitor -- give your real email -- to -- your prize. Obviously you know the drill -- now. Thank you and data that is -- treatment. -- -- someone you know the size small.

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CNET editor Dong Ngo totally likes what he sees when looking at the one-of-a-kind LaCie Mirror portable drive. And that's because (you...
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Rid your Android quick settings menu of oddball toggles
1:17 January 30, 2015
CNET's Dan Graziano shows you how to fix one of the most annoying features in Android 5.0 Lollipop.
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Beats Pill XL: Bigger Bluetooth speaker justifies its premium price
1:25 January 30, 2015
We weren't such big fans of Beats' original Pill, but the company's jumbo-sized model is well designed and performs much better.
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Facebook using beacons to show location 'tips'
2:50 January 30, 2015
Social network's new app feature sends location tips to your feed using GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth beacons. Meanwhile, your home Internet...
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Testing out 'Insane Mode' in the Tesla P85D, Ep. 190
4:28 January 30, 2015
This week we get all nostalgic with the Prynt smartphone case that makes your iPhone work like a Polaroid camera, we learn some scary...
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Nvidia G-Sync is a smooth move for PC games
3:01 January 30, 2015
The right graphics card and a G-Sync monitor can make games look better.
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