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Tech Culture: Ep. 12: Best battery life laptops, OnLive iPad gaming demo

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Tech Culture: Ep. 12: Best battery life laptops, OnLive iPad gaming demo

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This week we run down the best battery life laptops of 2011, and you'll never guess what the number one system is. Ty pops in with some TV buying advice and clears up the whole LCD/LED thing, while Scott offers last-minute holiday gift ideas.

-- actually kind of work. And -- Scott hello time little short handed today because its pre -- -- everybody's going on vacation. Julie is actually out taking a day off today and and dad Joseph earth has bush doesn't he said he's a really he's been really busy lately with an earlier testing. So he's asked for some time off due to get all of into the you're stuck together and that's understandable. -- iTunes if we had to download an update there right now -- like I wanted to update iTunes. Almost you'll never updates iTunes because they feel like they just make it slightly worse with each revision. Yeah. I just lost track of all my updates only -- grants. Yet it's ridiculous. But we have a lot of for last minute holiday stuff to go today with our buddy time and I'm gonna tell you that is the first thing we talked about. Over the past couple of days has been. Pick a -- could opt out and pick up but in here. There were rushing to everything because the only couple weeks before Christmas in the end of the year and then CES we're trying to get as much into the your content. -- as possible so I had -- actually help me put together. A list of which laptops for 2011. Have the longest battery life. And if you think about it if you're buying a laptop that's actually quite important because down. You know design is one thing size speed but really it's a laptop it's portable it's gonna have really good battery life through -- those of -- -- Carson numbers. Figured -- the top five I'm -- to present in -- to you for the very first time. And I'd bet that none if you guess what number -- it. If you -- a -- -- I'm looking eagerly handing out. But as I'm not fare from if you had to pick got randomly a laptop off the top your head at that he is that you thought -- -- they long lasting laptop what would that be. Tom I would say the MacBook Pro a -- -- work -- to -- time when you think of long life laptop what do you think. And so -- till the summer isn't gonna do a lot of -- that. The huge military machine that you had in the -- in the lab -- on my mind so that's that's my choice. And one of those guys have the big kind of batteries that -- out of the back with a kick stand form. So let's take a look. And actually opens up the same time so -- -- -- I get the actual numbers for you. Massa calls the 400 -- because -- all top 400 minutes of battery banister got tired of dividing everything into in two minutes and and and second -- I just went with via. The minutes so let's take a look and then and number five analysts -- -- and go to you Wear or where -- experimenting with new exciting ways to you that -- do this kind of stuff. Yes sun herald -- we believe that if the thirteen inch MacBook Pro. From the spring of 2011. That's the first time they had the Intel the on the Sandy Bridge series of chips -- -- with the same time. They got rid of those semi discrete Nvidia graphics is -- the internal. Intel HD 2000 graphic right that might save some power also. It didn't and that's why we loved this laptop when it came out is because of its battery like its present first thirteen inch we've seen any -- -- zone but now. The MacBook Air is about that same range but it's -- -- it's not and the thing all that's not a business which which indicates people that there's no MacBook Air knocked out five. Right the good -- now I will tell you this this laptop ran on our test for 400 -- eighteen minute. Which is pretty get if you consider 120 minutes to hours -- I -- I lifetime I have to think about that but that -- city's 400 and if you're doing anything for forty minutes maybe should take a break on to say right. Art so our number four. Top battery life laptop of 2011807. Hours of battery life -- -- La Vega and Vega or so that's the that's the thing to think that. So the number of the let's be very very popular issue reported eight 835. Got this when your favorite laptops of the -- I'm sure. This one this what are your favorite -- okay I think elected to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's time in the pop -- I think that in -- in light of ultra books and in light of the fact that key words a little too small yeah and attract has a little too old fashioned -- I think it is a great for the price giving it a 700 dollar. 800 series that is fantastic. But I'm not old drive I just yet as optical drive I wouldn't say hands down -- price irrelevance. And it's the best in its class. That I've seen. But we like it never all at Tennessee cheap yes MacBook alternative but at the same time it also -- excellent battery life. 421. Minutes better even than the thirteen inch MacBook Pro. Though so take that in doubters. Number three. On another familiar face this is the fifteen inch MacBook Pro from that same spring line even though the -- them in the fall the spring ones actually did that are better left by a few minutes and all the same ballpark here because this guy. This is the the core I seven version. Fifteen -- this ran for 425. Minutes that were in -- -- within 1015 minutes but this is still seven hours plus here which is awesome. And and just like what you said that they -- the MacBook Pro we've -- here and so far its number five. And number three that's two out of the top five right. And and obviously -- you're -- of MacBook has been very -- kind of long battery life laptops. I guess that's there's nothing else to them is that it's just a gigantic battery -- -- a keyboard -- that I have ever owned a MacBook. No you know I have and -- are you an Apple guy at all. I do has a Apple iPhone no I -- have a Mac back in the day you know the peak based things big talons. -- and Daniel went from de -- pro. Or before that -- -- in -- he is thought -- like national and actual Macintosh and I know I. It was but all I Wii Fit and well and one though that the the CPU of the monitor like the Louisiana's poor box. Say I had one of those before I had. Gaming console amendment to PC -- bet 95 so for about three or four years I didn't actually have anything in those gaming or competing site. Then I went PC hard core and then I guess posse are -- to and -- refinements but look at a MacBook I do -- new Mac books and have for a long time. As -- -- time now with the air emerging -- -- of the potential future. Maybe the MacBook that spreads across I'm -- seem to spring if you're waiting in shopping. What happens with the pro and -- MacBook air lines will it become more mainstream are these days sort of writer who they can't reach products I'm still wonder if they'll converge in the thirteen inch that's my theory it's my conspiracy users that they'll. The only one -- -- which normally get rid of -- -- line and I feel like the third adult film line we'll go away necessarily but. The -- I think a thirteen inch MacBook pros one that seems right or. Possibly not -- around anymore just make a thirteen inch air and then you're right to the fifteen inch pro. And it will be very controversial move a lot of people in it. But that's what Apple always does well is narrow down their product on Yahoo!'s get a little clunky and had to probe that the white MacBook -- the standalone one that was the only MacBook -- -- air. It would not surprise me just because I think if they are getting so similar. I think the only issue storage from -- you can bump up that SSD storage a little more SSD plus cloud man. That's an Apple and that's and that's after a thing as an Apple Intel and their right I think there's -- I think there are elements of of -- are the future there's the issue of how how soon is that future really going to be a reality. Look for people in May be a little advance guard. People like just -- -- they -- but it may be based and where on that advance -- -- we do this. All the time at a time how much of your stuff do you Entrust to the dark cloud and I think I have are saved games. Really and chances the only thing that I have entrusted to -- I -- it doesn't work I get very upset via what service steam or -- PlayStation doesn't really have enough ads just at the time and yes steam okay because -- -- like forty from PCs in the -- -- two broken up got a new one -- -- -- having. Yes that's it steam cloud services actually very convenient movement when -- meeting between different PCs particularly big games like albums that -- concise dungeon game. I know you guys brag and I liked to looks like yet. I wish I wanna talk a little more in a minute the Xbox plants isn't that why that's important -- -- not -- -- thing can't talk about it anymore but I got a very interesting. Speaking of cloud an interesting cloud solution alternative. -- -- and actually force in next week okay yes so let's recap our hour's top battery life laptops. Number five -- thirteen inch MacBook Pro. Number -- she reported JR 835 number 315 inch MacBook Pro both -- the spring 2011 editions. Number two this one's a little -- -- surprise but it kind of makes sense there -- is that they Lenovo ThinkPad T 420. That's a very common -- at BC that everywhere this is a very recent core I five. Update to -- that we just got here recently -- we have we reviewed it yet it's does nothing extraordinary about it it's the standard Lenovo T 420 it's just the latest components in it. This guy ran an -- test or ready 442. Minutes. That is alive that's seven hours and 24 thanking him. A diplomat Internet users who retired. -- the event of -- house. So is this not a very exciting -- -- -- -- a -- -- that some video playback the vicinity and so that's a continuous. Video loop that we use which means that that's on the probably the conservative and publisher doing a lot of heavy graphics that type stuff. You're probably any longer battery life. -- -- hour battery test tends to bring in lower scores than the manufacturer's claims simply because we have a -- more intense. Then with -- -- developing these mobile market stuff these are on a home group estimates just like you can't two web surfing in the along Atlantis but but I believe we just -- -- And death you know for building to really that would play game or something but this is a good in the middle bill I think that if the you know you're worried about dead and you think can I think you might be in this although we hear from people here that does better with and they think it's in the office not -- We have some. But those are older models and a hat for the ones amusing I was we got some pretty older Canada there's so there are handled and the batteries Wear out after awhile they had -- solve their problem yet. But that this new version of the T -- money. That is a number two contender now before we flip over to number one. I'm gonna Afghan. -- pretend you don't know or maybe you have a look at I mean can't they know the identity theft -- as turtles do did you expect this to be the number one battery life performing laptop of 2011 absolutely -- okay I like that I die. And and and it's actually because I did see the numbers for this recently were coming up with a recommended laptops. And I still didn't know looking at that number that that was in fact the number one. I thought something was higher. -- if you had to pick what you thought the number one battery life laptop 2011 would be. What would be just a rough off the top figurehead get -- -- you think dells do very well. Anything else jump -- -- to a couldn't imagine ball would be better than that I mean you're looking at stuff the light can. Like Lenovo isn't only sort of business centric -- that's that's what -- -- high and grand old enough so far I don't delete the email back and now you're talking about. High end so you making it seem that it might be a low end brand or or perhaps something of a budget brand over MySpace there is that is that what I'm getting it -- it is not an Acer however. There are a lot of laptops that we cover that are very. Not exciting don't know they're very highly configurable. So if you get the same model number with a certain set of components -- a certain size battery it'll give you were different. -- performance and then if you if you get a different genetic components that. This is a core I five -- up before we can switch to it. A I enjoy it for -- this is a core I five laptop. It's got a it actually has a larger thumbs seventeen inch screen. -- eighteenth Iran it's got a 750 -- traditional platter spinning hard drive Tony for 2400 drive not a -- 200 and it has integrated Intel graphics they'll. With with with no further reduce got -- you ready to a click -- -- exterior entirely generally don't unveil -- is ridiculously area. There it is hands that is a pair of hands on the on an HP pavilion DV seven -- -- about as generic as a big screen laptop gets. This particular configuration however that we reviewed over the summer with a core I five integrated graphics -- -- -- -- for graphics eating up the battery but a big screen. And you know like a 5400 -- -- hard -- that -- -- a huge -- productivity 200 would be. Ran for. 513. And making it the longest battery life laptop of 2011 out of the laptops we've tested however we look back -- counted and during this past year we have tested over 100 laptops. Fell out of those hundred plus. This is the winner and you know and and you know -- -- have any review or give any guess as to -- them it is it's ugly that is true it is powered by ugly. Got over it errors impressive I I would say it has to be the size of that get Julie pointed out that this thing had -- huge hundred watt hour nine cell battery. On most laptops over the 51 hour batteries -- -- the actual battery is big and powerful and hold large chart in it. And that is that and that is why still impressive now does and -- -- -- press large screen laptops usually. A lot of them do not run. -- -- -- About those at the top five battery life -- -- -- 2011 we've actually never object of which are talking -- of I think it's got posing a cancer by you know what. Is that it and into the -- shell and there's a one Lance thinks the Albany new machines and this is the one lands that we could talk about -- right I will say. Somebody's gonna write in and say hey -- about -- let Catholic place place batteries on that stuff for external batteries. Which is true totally true for this -- we used integrated batteries. If he counted the slice battery Sony Vaio Z has that sliced it goes on the bottom if you combine the slice on the Sony Vaio Z with the actual internal battery and bring together. Government for 634. Minutes you know a hundred minutes when India in the Netherlands and analysts to and to get via you know -- and other -- -- -- of useless -- again about it I don't -- talk about because exactly it is a it's no different to me than if you buy a -- a large extended life battery that punks out the back or put one in your bag because he sized batteries may add. May be somewhat compact but they still -- -- thick as a laptop. And it changes the equation and it costs extra money. -- a significant amount of extra money lot of cases a hundred dollars worth fifty dollars more but if you think about so essentially and a having extra batteries -- bag is something that that -- have always tempted. Yes dude essentially -- having and it what is this accelerant on -- exactly which do. Why a lot quite a lot. And you could do that with a lot of laptops as long as a battery is removable you can always just keep one of those in your bag in and swap it out so. Yeah I agree I don't I mean they're interesting solutions to slice but they're not. -- -- Chief equations little listing is these super long battery life -- -- so we just went over give you. -- as good as having an extra battery if you but -- get pretty close to what the -- used to be your internal battery -- an extra. Our hope is that over the next year or two we get to the point where -- -- -- -- -- -- ultra -- that that -- very low power. That you will never even think about -- an extra battery earth life battery. That was that -- -- that was one was an analyst for things to look for an ultra books in 2012 hopefully I like it I think gadgets need to be able lasts a day before you churchmen. You gotta get there. -- -- -- in the future man I'm looking -- -- That's he would it to drill scenarios a -- -- -- -- -- at the top of that mountain Scott yes Cynthia had. Got the pleasure of a having time here with us last several weeks. I -- that we haven't talked enough -- TV stuff and I wanna ask him -- the guy who covers TVs. Number once you have any last minute TV buying advice for people -- one question but coupled with that. When people either stop you on the street which they may not yet it's because you're you're you're newcomer here you're not familiar to the -- on the -- yet but. Maybe they email you were -- you were FaceBook you -- Twitter you what questions do they asked when it when they're saying hey I gotta buy a holiday TV. -- my quest. See you think that I'd get that question a lot as you guys would it you know what laptop should not buy I am looking to buy a graphics -- bush again. I don't usually get that -- -- and gets some people leasing preamble that we it. I hope it -- -- -- ask this question but there has -- preamble to my question. You know if I'm what do get a 42 inch plasma or withheld I'll be quite specific at the size and the technology that they want but they are not sure about the actual brand -- And I think that's you know I was always a plasma -- that for many years now up and so probably last year. I think that LED backlit T. v.s OLEDLCD's. Way. Just fantastic televisions and up before that Klezmer had been at the winner and finally enough just last week David Katzmaier my colleague. -- -- Made the shop. That is leaked. Seventy -- the best TV he's ever reviewed really but didn't dividend is its choice because the hero which came at -- Went out about -- is -- -- What details -- yes yes everybody remembers that obvious this is a really good performing television is 6000 though is this plasma or has an -- and only deal so many well that's that's a question I always get when I talk to people like a radio show it's calling me -- back into the US present them. Authority that there there was -- -- TV's and they always say three get a plasma. An LCD or an LTD -- -- as if -- three distinct technologies. Can you just quickly explain and -- we all know this and for everyone listening has the just in case. Its -- -- BY does or not three distinct technologies are actually two -- a quarter. LED is actually a marketing tan it's not an actual technology I'm -- a voice said this for example. LCDs been around since the seventies he had it in calculated he had it in digital watches of these computer monitors -- here's you know they've they've been around this -- forty year old technology. But you know how in the olden times used to have to press the button on -- wants to get the screen to show button you press the law and -- -- the timeless. That's essentially what a backlight TV news it sits behind the LCD -- can actually see what's on the screen you can put anything -- You can hold the if you wanted -- could hold the actual screen up to the sun. And you would see it as a normal television. So it doesn't matter what the law at ease out what LEDs is little strings of LED lines either behind directly on the screen or sides -- this. What's made TVs relief in now is having -- -- -- and I have these so what plastic guides on the screen. -- moved the lot around trying to Mac so beautiful said that he's an -- -- -- -- Analyzing data directly out yet light emitting diets com and traditionally TVs all LCDs used to be backlit we've fluorescent -- which would have India in the studio here and you probably -- arm. Not a timely. Manner have been -- yet if you're watching the office that -- have -- in the office. And they just -- manage revisions they stick behind the screen. In the future probably the next twelve months to 24 months old LCDs are going to be an early eighties because all -- back so that's that's a different. It's the way to look at it is every LCD TV is an LCD TV but not every LCD TV is an. Yet but as -- -- next twelve months that want to initiate brief -- so just get a class. Well that's a thing coming we've put a 6000 dollar LCD is the best TV we've ever reviewed. -- but that's that's re occupying a lot of money for -- and plasma for the bang for buck. For example we just stunt I think we -- that -- the -- a couple weeks ago under thousand dollars is a plasma. And about 950 -- ST thirty -- believe it's a fifty inch. It Apple forms any other LCD at the same problems and thinks that -- -- -- get three date. I'd done it three Dave didn't really take off for IE can still get it and edit LG this year are pushing there and which is a passive technology which means. The shot is onto the processor in the day it's passive finally winning out now even though it's not as good or Holloway as well that's it I mean at the moment we're looking that's -- I'm an active -- kind of gotten not a lot. Yet we're looking at Vizio -- Passive technology that it TV which is the M 3-D 550 SI which -- -- -- by the time he he just -- constant it will be up online. I it's using LG's technology which is the -- -- -- the shutter glasses but the passive policy -- and it's the cinema which is the -- real 3-D months. That's a good technology -- great third image quality them. But very inexpensive he -- -- the thing it yet you do that you don't have to come by another -- with -- -- doesn't have come down to about fifty bucks each staff like 150. And they're looking at next year having full frame or 1080. -- -- -- hello OO you know technology without I was next year. I'm gonna have -- going to work done. But I'm very anxious parents say good coming to CES next year I had to wake -- three weeks away I would undersea -- interesting three day total -- take care about 3-D is it worth waiting. No I don't believe it is with waiting for a 3 day and I am and I mean there's still trying to float that's LG -- mention this year is being treaty everything treaty funds. Money treating gaming sort of came -- To the -- the C we looked at that the PlayStation the app screen monitor the navy on the 3-D S sort of came and went really else. Think it's gone -- -- I think it came and went. About five months ago but I think it's hanging on its settled into a comfortable yeah she's ever just gonna dig well I think because of the games that were released in this is -- that's always -- comments recently about it. Sales increased -- hanging in. I don't think yeah I think in the end it's going to be one of those systems that will. Linger and we'll have it stands by. That they're just by nature of what they've invested and I feel like it's going to sort of exist for a period of time I mean and maybe get some popular but -- -- this -- -- I played in treating -- to console -- at least try -- out. Yep -- -- there -- 3-D S actually like the recent 303 DS as long as you're not moving around with a gyroscope yet. You need to have the head neck -- lake union because on a car crash you have or or the or the or maybe I'll listen -- Bob Dylan harmonica holder. We've right now actually -- -- the dreary and older is held right here you're like okay it's not gonna move out of the way. It's just that the main problem with passage distances -- -- gloss cell systems is that oh yeah yeah I get that we'd pal lacks -- -- when you media head to do you feel like -- we tested Scott and I tested extensively Angel eyeglass 3-D laptop. -- -- -- The web can have an eyeball tracking software and track your head movement and adjusts mr. Scott to give it on the -- it'll work to a degree. But did not -- three huge degree -- -- eye to problems the other viewing zones are limited and also on the resolution drop down on my laptop for. For certain content was much more noticeable for me. And so can we had -- -- -- -- your abdomen and -- games on this you know also was the one that they're developing is their look at the big TV prototype with 57 -- or larger. In China TV that's glasses free and it has like. May -- 57 viewing zones it was a larger TiVo's MacKenzie number as saga and then that have been posted on CNET that. -- that same idea but. Many viewing zones at the same type of technology. But I mean. 57 how you know you can only really see it for people abreast before all you lose contrast on -- TV any place at 57. I guess if you talking about miniscule movements at Monte used her -- And it sounds a bit of regular distraction and a zone 55 right now and -- 56 and -- that you'll still listen -- you'll still see some sort of you know bleach as you -- between the two resigns. So I added to gloss is this three -- is a winner I think that once we actually gets. I would like listings holograms who wants to get holograms that will be. 3-D to watch but until Lenny is a trick of the -- -- -- -- saint true three -- and I'm until we can see. Unassisted and -- -- sort of tricks and I think three he's really got to take off and by then we will have a bit more content available. But it's a three days and the American Star Trek con -- -- -- -- that. We can believe an -- 3-D world people can be your house and act out the -- on earth so rescuing -- for -- 200000 dollars and waiting as plasma. Yet -- ST -- he's a very good -- Panasonic ST thirty. I would also looked at a couple of good ones has been -- -- itchy in there that's quite good I believe it's a 5500. -- -- sort of getting into -- the crappy territory and then there's some really low end Sony's for examples and then on some -- gets some decent stuff but. What you're really looking at is plasma or something by LG or Samsung essentially under -- thousand -- By yanked the ST thirty IE you know I can't talk -- enough about televisions really really good. Is as is gonna have got a keeps circling like a hospital -- -- really gonna. Fifty all right yeah I think they -- that its panda. An -- -- not an admission that again for having a piece of furniture that it's you know I -- every rule that everyone at CNET says which is like. -- or a piece of furniture the it to measure to fit the TV and it's like. I don't care of doing it right -- the TV. -- he'll be fine and it eczema may use humanity man cave I create a lot of crap into a small room because that's which -- to do in New York if you be fantastic 50 is awesome I am I. -- away from it a night getting it now because I'm leaving for England -- I know you're going to get back. And then wanna get -- we're going to be at CES and so honestly after that -- date January. Football playoffs are going to be sales -- of yen and that's when you get -- -- the brought out models not -- -- -- really valuable as we are talking about an iMac curl up in front of an Internet outlaws volumes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll be playing -- -- a little bit who. Other trying out -- On the ninth that we just us that time have you heard of this as service called online and I he had and it's a lot of gamers on the USS right now it's also in England -- -- I know I I have heard of it you know I'm I'm. Good friends with the -- at gamespot Australia and -- talking about on life quite a bit that got against -- yes we have yes. Hey. -- hi guys think they're a bit ahead of you today euros some. And though so now designing a dozen resident does god nine Richardson and Apple knows and I had -- the el Malo. He -- -- -- material is online on the PC in various forms over the last -- -- Is he talking evaluate -- this technology is and positive thing like -- -- of -- -- -- Okay I get. -- -- -- -- around this there is on the PC basically it's like Netflix for gains the game is actually being played on a remote server farm and you have a controller or keyboard -- -- And you basically transmit your movement data to the server farm it plays the game -- high -- PC and beams the results back to its video. -- into watching a video of yourself playing the in real time. Don't like it should work actually Canada. On so now they have finally eight tablet version of it. That will work on Android tablets and also on. The iPad and the iPhone although the IOS update is not out yet it's been submitted to Apple and they have not put it up yet again. Clearly this is not for hardcore -- this is the people who like playing stuff expire in -- does not twitch gaming experience it's not great for a twitch game experience but they have some reasonably hard cores gains mostly I think third person gains were a little better -- know the exact and real term. Brownsville I would wanna play an instrument they have -- through the third against SB revelations about -- darkened city they got -- X. That things are maybe not super super twenty but you know a good third person action adventure games or in the effects first person action adventure games more so than make a -- -- -- -- only call of duty kind of stuff there that that would now work -- Just enough delay. Did play a -- that on your iPad. Is actually pretty awesome. You do need a super super super really good Wi-Fi signal otherwise is just not gonna work and we isn't troubled that the office but I think that I I -- some footage of and I'm actually playing LA noire on there and and got queuing that up right now. -- -- -- -- He -- and that you're talking about yet and that's the control of their original dollar area it connects by Bluetooth to the iPad but it also is like RF and has a USB dongle for other big -- the -- -- -- -- -- That's -- -- -- are on an iPad and it's basically streaming the game as -- video from the online service in an easy. It looks pretty awesome and it's just over Wi-Fi although it took me a couple tries at like two days to get a Wi-Fi signal good enough. -- -- bachelor pad in the corners at -- country on Aidan how you or you can hero controller -- there are some on screen controls for some games that have that this coming up. Right now indoors -- and so I am yet when it works when it is good it is very very good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I feel like it's how I feel about online right now because -- when it does work. It's astonishing and you -- -- while as the future of of of gaming in game content -- and I -- gaming and that controller I get really excited about because I've I've wanted. Some sort of a controller for iPad gaming not everybody does but there enough games out there at on the round without online that would -- it like -- to twelve and altered to games they could use a controller Street Fighter. This only works with I -- with online I'm -- a controller works here's more across all online services you can use it with your your TV your micro console. -- -- your PC or just regular -- yes it's nice of for an analogy is for everything. -- in the office if you're getting a little bit of that lag. Or -- the streaming breaches she also acts or to kick you off if you're in a moment that's pretty critical to (%expletive) you off. But -- if that if -- you know if you've gotta get home network. It's nice sometimes hard to read text. And certain games yes I spend so much like looking at something on a -- -- connection you know is a very. Low -- is taught to expand yes it's like let's let's -- Wikipedia or something right what are using like -- remote desktop type app. Except for the fact that the you know its its fast enough to be able to -- gaming content. It is -- and therefore it. -- -- -- -- -- None and then and then and -- Yeah I feel like games like what it actually looks like racing games games have been a lot of motion and a that are -- -- detail oriented I think -- actually be in nice says because. There -- -- you know you don't have to stare and read as much I feel like games that may be role playing games or be reading a lot would -- -- -- -- -- I feel the technology is so close it's a lot of fun to play around with it with it now it's not to replace failure of the games yet but. I think is the way the future all -- CloudSat that that that that's my thought it just makes the the idea of having to upgrade to PC using every six months of some late. -- you know it. I'm getting into that upgrade cycle right now so -- 96 -- a month to be using online -- -- on -- that is no reason why your Xbox or your Xbox three. Can't instead of making you download like lobbying to download now on to meet you download like a two gigabyte game just stream it to you as you play -- really need to have a a connection outlined by lot of Xbox games. Anyway what they really should do here here's an idea would be kind of like ultraviolet -- movie yes that's incredible partnership such that you -- play that -- -- home. And then get that subscription for cloud gaming remotely -- they did that -- -- it they did that would de -- and then games stopped the retailer when -- all -- -- -- took up the ally Cuba but doesn't sync between now it doesn't think it adds that yeah I -- vehicle now because I mean actually that will be the next level is and you could say hey I'm I'm hardcore about this game. Thank you wanna play the rest of -- it's exactly like you do. You know and and Netflix -- environment with the movie except being able across if you -- clan game saves on the three I -- why couldn't you. Well that now -- -- it took years is five years to get that I'm very excited about that because I have that TV either an Xbox it up in my -- you know middle room and Xbox in my it will mean and cave. And now I can finally treats its refusal to clunky it's not perfect yet and I tried to -- a bad man over here and it's and it didn't have -- -- -- pack installed even -- -- -- the code forward in home. And I don't get it back again -- but maybe some weird quirk. On the on the try to figure it out but they Xbox I'd -- it's. Getting there. But we've done differently over guys -- we're so excited to be here. Because it's holiday time you have any final holiday gifting advice very quickly -- -- can give people -- considering we may not be the rest of the year may -- next week. Com while I just added that quickly -- we -- CBS for exclusive content at 6 AM. I'm sending about com you know the things I'd like to talk -- -- -- Gotham so little gadget -- things like -- knocking stuff -- suffers like Yankee of the decade. -- I find the and the iPod and nano risk and thing to be a very fun novelty for me right now. And I you know the hot wheels -- racer for cars. A little little forty dollar item. And done yeah I mean I feel like -- -- 3-D S some have. And -- mixed feelings about and they -- that they didn't suffer update to which only cut the price and -- cut the price and I can do three video recording on it as of last week in style motion. It's interesting I mean it's it's -- it's a bag of interesting little. Gimmicks and tricks and some -- games. And that is just Super Mario Mario -- now it's actually worth getting -- -- like -- things that has some good games are a lot of -- built in software you know all those different modes -- differ night air games and other things while -- and direct yet face raiders. Some fun stuff in there okay okay list -- -- -- -- time what -- accessories and staff for TV -- we even get to many who has it to be one against them. Our you know everyone has ten million a month sitting on it coffee table -- ideally go at this like this yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But which one hour days but could take company is the 200 you can get you can get you -- much from twenty dollars -- -- I think 100. Australian money it's like a thousand to close and on bookkeeping that -- tablets -- market was a thousand dollars in the strike I would never buy -- but not -- muddy water but favorite is the how many -- -- -- -- -- RF Kia. On the 900 diesels are good because and you can control from a program which is good -- streaming services that can harm anyone in one room and a 900. So that that's good. Also the roku boxes that are part of the roku about a little. Just state of plastic that you are a hundred dollar -- XT I think it is the couple 15 yellow legs yelled at that particular LT yes that's that's -- -- -- -- and Netflix Amazon. There's a CNET channel now they -- you can't -- -- media so if you like -- you like. If you have a collection already it's not -- -- Me united at my watch just come here from Australia two weeks ago and -- and abducted. We've got you know we cut a cable but she -- two weeks watching Netflix and that's minimizing database of -- I love my my my advice to be would be if you're tempted by that Kindle fire it's a very nice device but. It's not an iPad you're not gonna get iPad levels of performance out of it I took went home for the weekend to play with existing -- getting -- for my father in law and I end up deciding to spend more and get him an iPad. Because is just not good enough if you're used to that sort of iPad experience -- -- a lot of backlash the last couple it's it's a fun device for the price however. Don't expected to be more than it is and they're gonna have apparently the software update who knows what -- no doubt we -- piece of advice. Just do that is don't be too tempted by that. I think I think if you're gonna think Kindle the original. Each Kindle only act technology center in dollars and that touch -- -- 99 dollars those are really nice everybody gets of those seems to be loving them this holiday. -- -- the office have been really happy the size reduction. Yet they got a really ironed out piece of technology just for. You know you -- story about that one point oh. Early adapter problem. Yet -- -- you know what people waiting for is Google you know all of these companies have depended on Google to update the software you know that's that was the problem with Google TV is that. Google just too too long between updates and -- wasn't good enough. I Android tablets just isn't AM I don't think -- and -- a -- getting lots of cut price devices but. Apple unfortunately is still ahead of the guy -- side there's a lot of catching up today. So I will tell you believe an amazing without just from doing here -- -- -- say that -- they -- the shell out that we've actually a way way way over ourselves that we -- a -- hybrid -- actually neat who -- yes I'm gonna say you can follow Scott on Twitter at -- -- and I saw you on Twitter psychology because -- he popped -- my recommended people to follow thing and but I but I forget we -- -- is an antique and -- -- TP and DL -- -- out why excellent I'm asked Dan Ackerman you can also follow -- on at CNET Lance -- FaceBook dot com slash -- -- effort put some stuff up and I will close with a with a with a with a with an actual plug. As you're familiar Scott I used to -- although the copy of my -- Of my last album tales out of night school and say it was available on iTunes Amazon now -- music wherever you buy music online. Budget that for long time and you know he needs new stuff and and I'm working -- -- next record. It's -- -- -- -- -- time for holidays they just got a -- and on mastered but mixed track back from the guy who's mixing the album. So I wanted to play that as our after music this will be at tract on on my 2000 -- twelve album the futurist. It's from the future. Just drag this music and you can. But what about for the past.

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