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Tech Culture: Ep. 116: AMD's V-day smackdown and Toy Fair highlights

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Tech Culture: Ep. 116: AMD's V-day smackdown and Toy Fair highlights

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In celebration of Valentine's Day, we look at some of the timely press swag that has turned up in our office. Scott talks about his visit to Toy Fair, and we play some more tech trivia with the chatroom.

Okay now everybody. Group that has that camera with him there while I -- diseases using jungle like crazy. But at risk -- might as well and I thought -- well that's the and that's that some crazy stuff there that's hot in it. Department at the special effect at no extra charge -- that public think that that's a special Valentine's Day affect. All the love in the air is just sucking the color and of the camera which took almost eight were -- -- -- But -- -- with love. The well they -- that's what's going on though welcome everybody good to be here again that go to Julie Scott just back just in time for toy fair yes we Tuesday which is a formerly good currently kind of crappy trade show them about the toy -- I'm -- we'll talk a little bit about that. But first you today is down to. -- watching this on tape obviously doesn't matter but today -- Valentine's Day. I -- Valentine's. I'd like share with -- also -- also carries an argument that well yeah every member of the -- and spikes is good work on that Hennessy. I'll thank you on the MO CN and Tennessee I don't think I got a message financing happy Valentine's Day to my wife my wonderful wife she doesn't listen to our show -- -- -- doesn't -- this actually is getting out -- cards flowers -- chocolate might. Why it doesn't listen to but I have high you're telling her to listen and we need that whatever you like -- kind of thing we need -- -- extreme -- that she's not been attacked. Which is what keeps is great balance -- -- hearing us stock. -- that's actually act -- -- already did that that's their business. Let's be honest here. It's really the astronauts attached to my economic delicate if thanking our egos are -- I quickly let me tell you -- right in the mail today I thought though -- holiday to find time for companies to send out Valentine's Day messages and they really did not. The first thing I got today is this gonna reach up and grab her right here it which is kind of messed up as we Scott and I wanted to -- you can usually is almost over right now and universities I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm monitoring decoded -- -- -- it came in this little -- right here which it is a box of candy from Mortal Kombat. Is the -- and hold it right here. More -- and Mortal Kombat candy inside delicious chocolates the boxes shock at the box itself is actually runs chocolate there's just counting on -- -- now it's actually very stable OK but I haven't but -- is -- -- -- the box but you're not wearing rubber gloves stand -- account now. -- -- I am liking the Buxton would you like it when of the actual opinion in general a year and -- Now I posted this picture on Twitter. I posted the picture of the box on -- and two people immediately. Reply Twitter instead -- -- got editors -- and I will pass it around if anyone would like one of the candies inside and in you have -- you have to devour are just about the item by about fifty -- touch and it. All you got -- -- plastic eliminating a bite of the box that just the. You like the price of the box right here right above -- -- -- insane but aren't now -- But it dependent on I I don't know feeling as one of -- this -- -- the federal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet it's 8 -- right now -- go approach soccer golden Apple these side -- Ports. And I never thought this is right in his element that's -- teeth or mammoth it was chocolate. The stock Liederman piece of the box they did you're gonna -- -- -- -- Vigilant and make them. Three Canada one or Ali did what I thought is that it alright. So ridiculous -- it's a bottle cap pulled up to the camera do -- -- -- the middle and foreign now. Which in turn their boundary pago for the as the color for one gigabyte tell it what it is that the sides of the -- like like a bottle cap on the matter and African that a mold. -- -- -- All ocean I don't carry I was hazel mighty -- -- that mentality. Them the mar Molina is -- -- -- that. Okay Justin Algiers. Where popular. American -- okay it's gotten -- Player really what -- we really -- this one -- NASA could get -- their -- and then right before we came in here I got two other packages I was gonna say. These are the only got -- and if anything to get to others one was from our friends act. AMD. -- it's a little cup full of candy. The door and says I heart HPU that is the advanced processing units now. Accelerated processing unit that the concept of a semi discrete GPU and CPU on the same by other things yet they're allowed through the sin and death and. And it isn't everything sort of little I was either really handy to know network and movie files and started memoir -- more -- I got a -- mr. burns when it comes with it came with this little card. And this is where the -- -- -- it isn't edible it's not an important but it -- happy Valentine's Day and then inside. I'm gonna read -- the personalized note dear Dan. I heard that sandy. Oh and I have a cousin from Plano Texas and like to introduce you to soon I think you to really hit it off excel excel AMD fusion EPO. However that a little low is well. And DD for sandy bridge broke your heart because obviously all the in his letter we know we -- or as there Cindy B is okay c'mon. Saying these opening at the rebound relationship I think I think they're already getting an infant. I I heard that sandy. In the Intel sandy bridge platform exactly the kind of thing you think they would have caught before had a -- that's a pretty -- political that we did we can burn anybody sing your heart it's -- -- state clever no heart shaped sticks. But that them on -- one of these candies. When I don't see well well -- I don't inoculated troubles and received -- -- graphics and silicon. Is this this I don't know it's gonna have -- -- butterscotch and I don't go. You tell me that you can't be the -- -- like eleven point six inches and it. I on the go and it from a golden tickets -- -- We'll talk. Well they -- are offered. -- -- out all right I have one more Valentine's Day message to share these guys this it was kind of strange. This -- right here with -- was like a traditional flower container. -- -- -- -- Now -- it's from out -- flower market incorporated it says. And it's addressed to being elegant it's nice and wondered maybe my wife sent this to me sending out flowers and the united badly knifing her to the -- I open up and -- they. There's there's there's no message here I am again -- -- it. Inside there's a single -- -- dead. It does look at if you look let's -- -- -- -- black you have to put blacker than you know what. Kind of smells a little we're. Not -- it is to I was until the -- Another. -- and it now chestnuts. Such a scam just don't. The escort me it would ovens circulate -- on -- Weird right. That strange -- now. -- -- It does so I'm so afraid he'd tell that I was done in school. And we don't get scrutiny because of -- -- -- is the -- And so instead I swear I know anyway this is about that and start the hard facts. About what that it is the question put the -- who say well look who's sending me -- road. -- as a witness what individual -- out of the gonna bids neighbors we should all know -- by now when I like what might aqueduct. Remember that these -- this that we care and they're gonna get -- region is then presented an onerous. I don't think so it's been afflicted -- -- -- I bite it felt so the messages and a reading -- in the appropriate heavily -- -- -- -- Vincent Price deep into that darkness peering long -- stood there wondering fearing. Doubting dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream -- for -- and -- -- this is the reason video game of I don't know. I'm just saying that the -- I wrote showed up with an Edgar Allen posed and card with this thing -- yes -- articulate when your friends. Yes all or -- psychotic fan. The how about that for a mysterious Valentine's Day package arrival. Of the era an era clues in the US heroes never more. Never more like it and it -- a fan base and so now we met its felt very straight to hell with -- -- -- -- -- -- -- from a luncheon here. Well they've gotten so so anyway this that he -- a nice day misses I've received today. To kind of funny cheerful one mysterious and spooky. Several one what pro one toy fair thing in okay. This is pretty Gorky but I thought it's the one thing I happen to get when I was there and is related to -- If you if you ever followed in Canada Chile Bucky balls as magnets that use you know that hundreds of little magnets that could make sculptures -- The magnetized okay owner -- -- these things I played around the holidays and it's actually kind of qualities and what were they thinking to put these things they actually release date. It's pretty -- any. With their magnets checkers checkers. I die and -- measuring -- on the side and apparently there's also -- -- the competition level I'm magnet building parent assigned I so. You could -- -- advance and use it -- here as your building days or should YouTube videos news and Sybase every magicians at let's look at that as abnormality that. It's like -- -- metal and death. Iron woven anyway yeah you're right to the toy fair. It's really far hard times over the years in -- -- it seems like a lot people seem confused about what to do with apps like liquid when your -- -- younger teens. With that with Smartphone apps that do neat things it's hard to sell board -- it's -- -- less cardboard box right. -- lot of places that like are developing few apps into it with their toys were like -- coming up with ways to get their little more mileage out -- -- -- but it's hard. -- -- -- -- -- It's the only thing I saw this morning on the news that look good was in inflatable shark on a little hovercraft -- -- the chart -- a comic swimming through the air debacle. And -- forty bucks hover shark -- back to looks like it's swimming through the air that it's got a little one of those little like floating hovercraft. Things but it's a big inflatable shark idea and I did see. It's a ping pong room which was not -- That's that's from this point -- -- wait for the pink and -- And -- -- their -- how did this for sure I don't know I've done -- -- one of -- town and you know what Leo that was and his unit kind of accident and elegantly and later Korea that -- -- missed the however shark by. We did he Razor Scooters net spark and Razor Scooters -- have -- bolted to the -- -- can grainy pictures back for anything yet again Tom reducing any right now we can watch it now. Okay then I can literally if you go right by -- man -- -- the -- -- the -- public image. But we will have slide show together for tomorrow you can look at our. Highlights of toy fair some inching surprises highlights low light and yeah it's a little light and we and -- of course the weird things. Which records to -- full including -- help person. Someone the first for person who's there to help meet spoke incomprehensible. It was some lost gem she is making about chicken chips into -- look like chicken duke energy -- I -- it was like it. I thought it was an ERG like one of those like. You know teams within in real life as I suspected -- -- -- it will happen later yeah Jake Abel went up to go. -- -- messages for me -- Edwards media check in and she's like and I Jacob. Literally does how does my -- my -- started in the institution psychotic I think she wasn't over -- and getting and we -- I moved on that was the one of -- -- things. And aren't well you're there Chisholm and Julie were actually checking out some guys came in with a new -- no game kind of a warcraft style game right Alia. Caldwell that was -- rift. And that's -- weird social media integration which if seems like a natural thing to me of surprise other games don't do that as much. Very quickly just of what did what did you presidency. I see that you took a link out of the show I don't -- I -- -- -- outsider it's -- ready it for and chronic. Don't see I'm I'm looking at right now. Every comets it's an MMO. I'm gonna be released march 1 com. It -- -- a lot of cool features it's it's really hard to explain because we sat down to develop reflect -- like an hour and you talk about information overload it was who slot I don't there was a lot going on -- -- barely there isn't -- it but he's doing what my first is. Opened a opened event have been opened it a -- -- went through online. That's where my -- here but I didn't finally gonna -- -- consumer. -- Prom -- -- -- -- feel like World of Warcraft these organs within that -- three -- it's it's it's a combination of -- and that they've taken like some of the -- components of written as they would say they've polished -- Harriet -- have them go look -- -- -- range and -- and you know you obviously can create your character from beginning but they couldn't you can absorb a different sold -- gives them different characteristics. It's the it's it's hard for me experts -- I took in over information. On it be great if you -- the video the connection -- ago a little video you can play there. And I know that an open beta that comes out that that's both view was that much for march 1 and then there were pre release patches march 1 for the beta. -- because it industry uses. The pre order now now this is a regular sort of monthly subscription like World of Warcraft right you can you can apply for the open beta now. Our big in my view tomorrow you can get you can -- and then in March 1 the launch of the game. Between these. Other people go to their web thing here -- came back unveiling of regret and felt that there. I mean actually I'm I'm you know I was telling your journalist's -- -- -- like I don't limits how to play and demos but I think. You know -- -- In my view limits that this went out it -- was that yes my problem is it. They take -- -- it then it didn't look good on you can go up to level fifty but they have quests and things that continue the game constantly grows. And the thing with the whole -- as they can appear anywhere at any time. And I think one really great component that I that I do do need to bring up that separate the from World of Warcraft is is a perfect game that encourages. For for groups to go in the battle when you go into a rift there's a multi levels within the -- And if you -- -- multiple people you get more money. You'll get it so you don't lose money by going in the battle with someone else where in most case you know -- with the money with the millions with the -- with -- -- An -- -- pre -- initiative that they and with the game accurately. Apple that -- found that that that's a pretty interesting now how much would you that it's a question ever occupy what warcraft that's worth whatever twelve bucks month whatever it is. But how many multiplayer monthly subscriptions are people willing to you know shell out -- -- can only play one of these at a time. But India IDC universe we were talking about that's the same thing like forty bucks a month. Oh really gonna pay for that authority -- like World of Warcraft. Well I mean yes it's it's I guess it's all about the the want factor and if it appeals to you offensive against attacks wanna keep the -- other -- It's -- clear is that you you also get you also like every other and the more you silica a thirty day trials even as she tried it sucks -- and then. The sanctuary and -- -- W looks great played great we were here with a developer you. He played some levels which is really cool because. He he he enable themselves to be invisible in -- hit and also he couldn't dies so -- got to walk in some places and check out some things you probably would have to. Really going to with a group but it looked really good at it that the graphics are really great our -- Game placing pretty smoothly it's not just something I guess they'll look good but it's a very uphill battle for any new MM with something it's you know it's -- the monthly. Among the -- probably have to commit to -- if you're into it that works -- -- Harry Harry -- see him online playing. DC universal the problem I'm tempted opens with a monthly subscription drops. -- -- have been in this. Coat -- Harry COR are -- in -- gonna yet get a little too expensive for ideas I think at -- -- -- -- console -- there are a lot of people but they get it has to drop eventually mean I can keep its its high price and you know like game. Console -- shelf life is really short in just like you can buy game when it comes up to 65 dollars might -- like eight months later it's in the 29 dollar used in something like that. That's the model the only model really works and -- outside of -- me who want it to others is what these and other countries which is they are free to download and play. And then you make in app purchases if you want like extra stuff. And that's how that he's nothing -- farm the work -- -- their money and you know what they're doing pretty darn well. So that's my take and and a not spent too much senate because of a crazy happened last week when -- last week Nokia. Actually the biggest cellphone company the world really announced they were ditching their -- there there super well known operating system gone with my -- window seven phone. That's a crazy move. It's pretty crazy a lot of the employees were tuned into the they're all the was working on the Symbian operating system -- -- -- -- out the door and a -- event that that was pretty nuts but you know if you think about it would also these guys gonna do Nokia sells a lot of phones but the most of like the lower end phone to your -- -- -- -- Nokia phones. It. -- -- from my mom and even -- right there I -- in now Mumbai when I was struck a very 2007. I Bada unlocked one when I was there to get me through my time there like I never -- -- Ericsson phones. For around thirty dollars you have never had a Nokia phone and not even in 2000 bullet went from -- mom and nine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the Finland Nokia phones that all the hot phones were like international phones that -- to the -- -- indicating Nokia -- I want it back in the day. Was -- in a national phone was even released here. With you know the drop down keyboard and mobile for we have -- -- series six Smartphones and -- things. And they never the thing are never able to make like an iPhone style phone or even like an Android style phone and the of the phone industry's moving rapidly into basically just be two classes a 200 hours Smartphone to give the contract. Or like the burners you and that's it. That they were making -- is basically that -- mean around the rest of the world they seem to be just here who uses Symbian real. And Nokia that's it it's there yet to elaborate on an average person who care about is still the number one mover of actual units of cell phones around the world we have one editor I like the phones like the other phones for its -- -- -- use in -- -- -- -- -- like I -- anyway. How many using -- we just an editor here that uses a Nokia phone. Then there's this super fancy one bits is zero note -- got a good deal at. Well now the next that -- -- gets might have Windows 7 phone on it and you know -- got to go with Android they thought about go with Microsoft option making it I'll list. But Microsoft even the best deal in order to license the operating system for the phone so you know baby will be. Somebody -- Twitter is said to turkeys together don't make you need. It if -- beat it because that somebody was from Google as a look at growth with a grain of salt but that's it and if -- more -- or turkeys and a podcaster you're as -- a good job. I. -- let me very briefly -- study -- week. Now we all actually -- you didn't has that you were both in desktops but Julie Scott myself and few other people. All got 500 virtual dollars to go out and build the best 500 dollar laptop they could find -- we're gonna present our findings during the week we'll talk about it next week. The people always right and good thing to say what left after -- get what's been about 500 bucks we have a -- -- we -- -- a totally different choices it's very interesting. Tune in next week. And you'll see what we picked for the 500 dollar laptop challenge. Okay so they got out of your mind and you would be like the of the spokes were is like it was a cold dark night. Due regard to moving our ability to game shows pick your poison figure what you get it you can't you got it in a world where Nokia could not even supported -- -- is that proponents. The pilot -- for -- mention speaking of phones and tablets and things one of our co workers what will not name. Just tell me he sold the iPad on eBay for work for about 400 bucks if you -- -- and its chairman who is is that a smart free iPad to move to make get rid of it now while -- -- -- retail value I think that was genius. That might be due iPad so you might imagine living without my per day does that I can't say that -- always -- like the money but I don't feel dependent right now it. A hundred dollar loss that was genius. I don't wanna I don't wanna get mine up and also the you know who knows how how much more advanced anyway nobody knows when it'll come. I'm I'm I'm addicted to it does the other issue for me I don't think I'm selling well now I'm keep I think I'm giving its U it's no surprise that in the household -- in the second and unrequited -- pathetic pathetic catch the the third act against alright splitting in -- -- give it -- Alex as it is that as a derivative in -- case you give it -- your cat but there. It's cheap access that's -- that's -- that's about it again again. -- -- not going anywhere and play dot jelly. It is -- -- gonna gamble with you and -- -- responsibility yeah that's gonna drop much of price even when you add it to comes just because. This in ten have good reason you know by with the iPhone still went. If you like it that the thing is the iPhone is you -- a deal on an iPhone because the contract that you have to pay my progress -- -- -- -- -- there's no there's no subsidy even as the Phillies get resumed her 800 bucks. The original -- might stay on the market -- -- augmented one what's it mean different I think I think at but the -- is that happens and it doesn't happen -- what what what. What makes Apple so popular with with consumers of the fact that when they released of the big launch and -- get those impulse buyers you know they want to have the new that's when the reasons why Verizon Verizon's launch and have lines like. The eighteenth he wants it's not because. People Verizon didn't wanna get the phone it is that there weren't so eager to get a design that's not knew -- had they released a new design. Where the white iPhone or the white iPhone the line they would have people freezing with I'd like to heat the -- gloves like little. Pat down child I hope that big old water bottles you Philip with the hot water you have what -- -- -- -- the back. -- -- -- Let's very quickly get to the most important part of our show that yes there aren't any games show it doughnut does to go to I don't like the name well enough of them is not office dummies. Because it's bad enough. You make us look like government that I was repeatedly we don't -- go -- optical -- right click the office -- refer to feed art history are fine art rolled out lighting it'll all be probably at that point. I just wanna make a high I have to -- -- -- -- I'm -- -- asked him what we can -- it really quickly explain how it works great that we have a vote -- have -- chair will alternate the game show host now. Someone had the worst person gets to be off -- dummy week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you'd like to win. Make your presence known in the chatroom -- -- will pick three contestants each one of our. Panelists here will play as an avatar for one of these contestants are relatively. -- by I have to represented by -- it spiked. Amber's an exploit victims and right there in the world -- just plain. I'm spice by okay who else we -- -- there. I pick mine you'd pick and Canada we don't have a list yet another yeah right -- -- -- that's that's it. If you Julius and dining or -- -- Cory okay and time yet and it's got and you give you Michael. -- -- Michael Michael -- from the UK on my Cologne -- Are excellent so the waiting game where you -- from Twitter and -- it became more active. I will ask questions to each one of our panel its labeling it's a question correctly in winning game for -- personally applying for or -- -- answered incorrectly question -- -- as the next person. While we always start with Scott this week let's start with a Gillian continue to go around any authorized by popular -- -- gonna -- I think aren't I think I can't think whoever was to have this downgraded to go but you'll just have to remember this from your from your memory. What famous musician composed the Microsoft Buddha sound from windows 95. Hell out of -- -- Dude it's a very famous electronic composer probably can only -- anyone's opinions you can view and others -- -- just look at you you're taken over a hard time with your question. -- like. This is where we were -- the question what famous musician composed the -- -- but that's down from windows 95. When the. Bing Bing Bing. And -- to talk about -- It's the only thing with electronic music and whether anyone know what we're gonna all the 95 questions like who was that was on the cover 1995 mass in the universe like that the evidence that no I don't change correct -- the an -- It I'm thinking -- -- that is a good guess but incorrect. Got. It's gotta be Thomas -- also incorrect -- got to run that really -- ego. Out here out Roxy Music music player aren't. -- but they got and billion dollars so that's a very famous music of as the right time I get electronic exotic. Yeah me. -- -- Or it might easily be -- what it is again. He was a decade you know questioned -- but I thought I had -- -- question tip dummies. What he's doing. -- -- -- -- I don't like how much we don't know if that's -- that's that's the final words -- you're playing for our -- Cory what was the first game console with the built in modem. -- -- And -- could like listening -- I -- this was no well it's -- background you should weekend. That the fat and incorrect but an excellent -- the Sega Dreamcast Sega dream about what the first game console and we have in the area and. I noticed something Barton I bring it back I I forgot to mention what it was this is they and here we go here's that we try to -- the -- last time into the deluxe edition of an M Illinois actually called elemental war of magic and they'll have to cool deluxe edition stuff like middle -- -- and stuff and now it you know I don't recognize that you got your mailing that because you have to fill out. You know the customs forms O'Connell. I'm. Somehow setting up. I really don't pick it up a company -- have announced that -- -- back now to unholy rollers. Holy roller I'm gonna nominate shank the -- -- Sally -- that's -- good. After the first question was still -- -- -- and -- -- that was doing -- got answer to who gets the next question I guess really I just get it if you -- aren't that goes back to you our extensive you're ready you're definitely the player. Director requested. But not that -- Is -- like high tech. What high tech upgrade did the New York Times -- quote ninety dollars worth of duct tape in 1998. -- But I'm okay now what high tech upgrade to the New York Times call ninety dollars worth of duct tape in 1990. The sun came out 98 you're times called it ninety bucks with the -- and don't what what it. Ninety pounds of duct -- ninety dollars ninety dollars and -- today. Pounds one million new name. -- need to really compose them thoughtful music we're gonna go down five. A monitor. What is your answer a monitor your final answer everybody a brand name and I don't know correct. Duct tape -- -- -- and it's obviously an analogy. You and you -- that's. In 1998 the New York Times called this high tech upgrade quote ninety dollars worth of docked -- I know what it is now. -- -- -- You are correct. Tour wins a copy of -- -- records -- -- about they have not. I have noted that -- It limits the exact don't think that's what does that -- -- windows 98 that'll get them at it it's -- -- -- understand well actually I expect. Lay -- it was a fix for windows ninety. The high tech and then five was a better with every that was horrible Melissa Beth I think you're kind of what he -- he was -- -- -- -- -- from 2000. Or XP was more productive judgment on people -- -- -- Okay next question goes -- -- And that's we -- it's -- now I am I it's got. This is for a copy of not -- -- -- -- throughout our. I hope I don't make us yeah. This is this -- good -- Hopefully has -- Blu-ray player. Both to go get one what website. What web -- got -- the echo bay technology -- register when it found that echo bay dot com was already taken. The data out. He's delighted to leave the actual couple questions and it's and you hear differing with Scott's thinking time what -- to echo bay technology register web -- to the echo bay technology could register when it found that a building that comes already taken. -- -- -- -- Nintendo. Dot counteract. -- that didn't -- there. It repeat the question of chocolate and I'm honored -- Charlotte -- repeat the question. What website did a company called the echo bay technology group register when it found that -- outcome was already taken. And we'll do the same thing -- -- a little music. Open up a fun thing about every. Don't be quiet dog and he's that you big boys and I'm just under -- good behavior over there that's available sit here and found to -- -- now. We're gonna gonna guess -- -- item and -- his five. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now -- hey get to you ships doing like. Oh my god jelly let's get it to you -- -- It's like perfect the virtual -- And he had no idea how big countdown -- apparently -- to think about this let you. Doesn't -- pretty bad I don't think an angry V 52 silent reading. -- -- -- -- What color is George Washington's wine tours exactly so when we -- got. Yeah that's a pretty good one minute echo bay get out of here that what happened afterwards that it was -- Are we have two questions left they have chances I've got little does that leave again and yet again well you know what they do that replicate we're gonna. Then goes to the next person -- -- I've heard Howard has -- the meeting's question are priced 20% -- -- the last -- started -- organs are would you have them come back even. That's right yeah a look at these are what I would do it every chance we -- -- outright as -- the -- we don't have just about everything by the -- around the table and I blew me -- I can find sneaking feels right for you Michael -- -- -- rabbits for the ethical. Okay that is a really good game doesn't -- day -- it quite well yeah the reported this. Smart you are deceptive I have and you're gonna like this on a veteran program and an hour -- -- it doesn't. Who made the following bold statement -- 1981. Ready for the statement. 640. Kilo bytes of memory ought to be enough for anybody. Who said that in 1981 was that mom bill Bill Gates is correct. -- Food -- It has stressed lap this -- go must like what you do what you really want. The rubber habits. That it but. I machine open -- -- -- near anything. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you to take. Pictures of my legal onslaught with got to him then. You get to do it if you want in a click chat room afterward that. -- This is Scott we're gonna do with view we're gonna have to everybody here this is a tough one because it after today right. And the prize is a copy of touch -- connect for TS who gonna swapped it right. -- to the really good game about physically it's an excellent time. Mike you like you might -- right it's an -- totally quirky Jennings gets it -- -- -- -- We've all heard and this is goes back to question we -- our first trial run we've all heard the term debt as opposed to a bite of something else what. What does the word -- actually abbreviation forced down. -- -- And then what does that actually mean. Them so -- -- yet talk out your logic talk it out for us let -- hear what you think. It's actually short for. Yet while the original the seventeenth century -- now -- -- -- is actually an abbreviation for something what is your greatest seventeenth century to be. It's 01 Jon Huntsman though you're you're you're you're five seconds -- -- -- -- binary -- That is incorrect if it. -- -- -- Islam we've heard the term bit before. -- -- an -- -- bit here's your ethics because the -- of the year ago like studies people more accessible computers is that interfere ferry and it's well until well into power on self test pilot basically I mean why can't you asked that they could think about how much video Phillies -- one to actually -- -- the -- -- -- -- I don't -- -- don't -- bits -- that little white person. I ask you. Unless -- lightning with okay we don't have the term debt. The word actually an abbreviation for. All I was close. But back to help content on the hype and really that's it I'm gonna instituting -- looking up until we -- the question broke severance -- top. -- -- And it was -- -- because. I -- it over here he's looking at -- -- -- -- -- of chart at the look here so it's hard to think about it look at you are not look at -- -- and excellent. Oh don't give listeners can I say one -- that -- nothing do with guessing it. That's as -- -- seventeenth century term in fact the original origin of their. From John helped John Baptiste style -- in 1730 too -- -- so busy eighteenth century the term. That's a relentless spread out that the nineteenth century not Falco hard drive now that's worth about it -- -- have an answer yes and no up or treat you like that -- a better. You -- you have an answer. It. You just. Close it I'm guessing primary was in and be wrong and I don't even -- -- -- -- -- Or looking up answer until we don't think the thing that I I'm gonna mute everybody between YouTube and advocates -- -- right now. Mean you. -- I did so I'm just has saved by -- any information at boot is a very good guests that is incorrect however okay but that's. You can't get -- -- -- the fact a bit is actually a binary digits and it's either zero or one that's what it did represent either 01 -- -- is binary digits so water. On all our hero -- -- -- -- -- your ordinary tether. It's an area tether it using quantum that type of -- data back and say I mean in the -- sensitive guy did really good we how many how many prizes were won this week. Once god wants and that's for that's probably a record -- Josh Johnson com when it was -- -- I was surprised that best suits who want the what that was still for prices out of six questions I think it's pretty darn good guys -- -- to -- -- duty need to come down these questions right. Dude in the nineties forget about it it was -- -- what we could in the -- -- We're gonna talk a work of art and maybe I gotta tell you the robots -- -- -- all over and 1995. Don't bring in the -- forget about them college. Yeah. Forget about it -- -- -- this and I worked at -- bar. At a car and I were to blocks were from -- house -- life was good -- your life was it's always sunny in Philadelphia it was very good it was very good I was good. Like you coming out with -- all the time and -- -- Kinda crazy hijinks that whatever it is highly and -- It's an -- going aboard that stop the music electorate that's that's and Danny DeVito is your best friends I don't know about that and -- -- down AMOCO. Back at me and offensive through this and could decide to go and tell everyone right Bill Gates was that dragon and -- -- -- making -- killing now. Obviously obviously if you want to -- -- Fries would just have no by a private -- what your email or mailing address is. And we'll play again next week in May be similar discussion -- for college gave him. I filling up with them but whatever you -- like the final say in here and there are Falco is like a pool of information we get him in the -- of what we recommend not feature great thinkers of CNET. That's he's -- -- -- to go -- -- -- I -- discovery feature enables them all right give everybody tanker -- has been a lot of fun happy Valentine's. Why you don't send your loved being photographed -- know -- my living -- -- for. -- the action we take a -- out the box the romantic. Vista when you -- It's kind of leaving it out. And and maybe they took -- private I don't know how -- -- -- -- having your myself with your email address. We're so we need to -- -- enter billing information and I. Variety of environmental. Record and it.

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