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Tech Culture: Ep. 115: Super Bowl ads; the Xoom tablet's sticker shock; and more tech trivia

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Tech Culture: Ep. 115: Super Bowl ads; the Xoom tablet's sticker shock; and more tech trivia

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This week, we recap the highs and lows of high-tech Super Bowl ads, figure out why the Motorola Xoom costs so darn much, and play another round of our new tech trivia game, with prizes for chat room members.

Hey there everybody let that smooth transition I just sit there unlike -- -- -- which -- them. -- Apple fanatics on the bubble graphic moving intro by the static logo Julian and and now I I cede control of the camera aboard -- -- That's news and ancient earth. Just remember very left economies -- in the stick it remembers a substantial rage finally Eric what the -- no. -- -- -- -- -- -- From delirious where he would start singing a song and we just changed the words of the song to suit his purpose for you to do the same things buckwheat and that's what was the -- trick pony. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was just it was to the barbecue you know who you know the flame and -- by -- and so -- -- -- -- -- what you what the frak. There's apparently a large -- sporting event this weekend that that I vaguely heard about to get much -- that US open all of this now. There was some -- are honored that they -- an ally I thought well I got -- I -- you watch the entire thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was -- important because I had like 45 boxes and I had some great numbers like nine in -- and I have zero and seven on -- These -- is totally disappointed. That never were I know it's -- -- -- -- suitable box fool I lost interest in the game I mean I read about -- may have stopped talking. During commercials. The watch the camera and Julie US -- the Super Bowl night. You did not what did you do instead and was last seen in the -- -- -- Ironically she was watching. Both the Alpa -- football -- Indians and yet -- threat and what's the one with. David of the propose we -- Rockne all American -- -- the emblem fares here to enemy it's. I don't know if any company called it a head and edit content voluntarily. All all that stuff we it was -- -- -- -- -- -- with Brady. Now they're gonna cry I cry at reality now there's some like is it if seventies -- BT movie intimately weepy. And Bryan song Bryan South Asia these story -- on. -- -- Arts and who -- all that -- right on the right -- right. They're -- didn't -- but I -- some -- the first quarter in the last quarter I -- these new releases at halftime show shot in Jerusalem hoping who won and lost the money on it's got -- -- detonating payday I think he did anything and swap you don't bet on this is that you know and a football we just a bit on the super. -- -- -- -- -- A -- with with each side's. If it doesn't work yet in -- and he's dragon -- guy guy -- people that amateurs point their options. You know when it comes I just I'm whenever I -- in 2002. That aren't that noticeable boxed together and you know that on the pool and a and I was going to -- and then of course the Buccaneers. Had to pick up the Oakland Raiders -- returned for touchdown last five seconds which cost me 70800. Dollars and that was it. I was following you ever guys Twitter posts I yesterday and I understood about half of them let's bring in as it happens in Google. And I'm looking at the one that confused me right now -- appreciated rifles burst drive he just has to know for an answer. Okay by atom bomb that's terrible terrible little joke about the now I get it yeah Joey did you make any wagers because -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a couple boxes. -- -- not like to actually use that a friend Annan no -- events and and it would -- -- say that that they confuse me he said he cola burger down and down that. And I'm looking -- and costs -- says cells and so Brett Favre is the vikings as Drew Bledsoe is to the bills of. Sling which he even speaking this is does football SET this is and his analogies -- for -- for a while. Because announcing Aaron Rodgers as wind and super ball and got an anti NDP for the Packers -- is like Tom Brady and -- for the patriots. They cast -- -- -- quarterback Drew Bledsoe went to the bill's. Similarly at a tigers cats -- go with -- -- the -- -- -- Brett Favre. And he went to a rival division rival and failed there as well. Scott gonna just throw something -- -- when is it that the one time and want to really talk about football star national football the jets or even -- is that I is that kind of messed up for one. Amount I'm that's an advantage at -- -- hands of the jets don't they got buried -- they are all of us who -- talk football movie the Super Bowl which is the most watched it doesn't care about the Super -- he wasn't gonna talk about divisional championship puzzle. Please don't seem to non sports fans you're hungry for Islamist revolt on your managers -- that's right the commercial is already -- that typically -- not -- because the jets have not made a suitable since 1969. So. I thought wouldn't it be involved any major sporting event at this point are pretty excellent on the bus and that I have -- -- -- -- and the commercials and that's the real reason we're we're talking about this that there were. Not that many high -- was mostly car companies and a couple of movies and when I -- there are only a couple of high tech commercials. One for the Sony PlayStation phone which is on the east area -- -- play not a. Mansion and there was a big dedication in the entire good public the public PlayStation games are PSP game that's why some form of the PlayStation plays some kind of game. -- -- play games you play I -- -- cheesy. In a place like Android games may be but it's not gonna play the thing games police PSP to slash -- -- now what it's going our way to letters but it's going to play a game that came from a PlayStation. Property whether it's relatively PlayStation -- did write some surprise -- the word PlayStation -- -- -- see this ad. Exterior plains -- operating on an -- plus or logo. -- -- -- -- -- SpinRite to play idea is appealing to you it's not it's not appealing to me but I think what's the name is that what I think -- -- -- And -- -- call I don't know I don't know the other I think at that what I think whether they're -- in GPs because. They have this the trial lasted no signal -- he does and how does now but miners working we -- today but I'll get around to yet. I think -- that yeah. I. Productivity and write up a considerable and it is is -- -- think they're doing is they're trying to separate the two brands they did it is how they don't they know they don't want they don't know you'll they don't it would look if you -- The phone. With the next hand held this coming -- from them and also the the -- can differentiate the two. The greater the to charge for the other one it's it's entirely different. Because it has similar PW it will while -- gonna buy this -- -- -- -- this aren't able to -- enables a PlayStation they she's already. -- brand confusion is exactly as well that's what I think they're doing and they don't want associated PlayStation on the phone. Because they're gonna -- you -- reported books. But the engine is going into the Android phone with a big multimedia capabilities into the game that you give the Sony tech name like LDP 89424. And they called the -- with like -- Ericsson planets that are like that yet Ericsson play. I'm gonna say another little board recorder player with experience playing you might look at random string of letters and numbers I feel like it's about as appealing as that stars and name for a experience is they raise China's focus group name -- independent -- outside of healthy aging -- what makes -- -- -- -- -- the word go they can -- -- or anything -- and -- Obviously I am way to give -- Ellison and it's an exciting part pet deposit at these -- the question of the day here alto -- Game you have three boxes you could pick anyone you want Nintendo 3-D S that PSP to slash and GP or the exterior play phone which when -- -- It stated you -- you really okay okay. -- -- and GP really okay Scott three yes I all right that's interesting I probably the previous also it's interesting if if -- Until I know more about the GP in what has -- been is that how long can you actually lose the -- game anyway. -- -- I don't punched up a bit and actually Mario doesn't give you would sell I don't really care. That's a big he's not gonna be there credence to view it dirty as it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Take a -- look at some -- I'm not gonna -- -- ditches are look at the -- -- -- add it to the zero Jessica got any gains. Color and add their animal jump to the X got olympiad. And I and my. Yeah -- if you do a heater turned thank you and subversive got let's go right to the heavily I had -- -- gives huge rooms there are some flock opera -- Students. It's your idea of the end of last okay so it's blade runner gets running through worth -- to light up a relatively close your eyes -- -- please don't vote yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's -- is that she can't live business and industry and what we go so red eyes -- -- I mean that's like minority report. Now it's like dedicated -- his dirty -- is always great way to do a phone -- what does -- well grounded. And mutants in the Ali I've got an honest effort grafts problems that have that -- Thumbs on Android. While that it felt that okay kind of freaked out -- better than the market commercial I have interviewed him and I wanna -- -- -- Under biological I'm sorry -- interest -- -- play. And there it is but it doesn't have -- play PlayStation certified -- Okay okay wow it's. Really gonna leave it dilute the brand. But governor that you little almost -- many touch pads -- -- down but then he dual analog sticks to the -- GP -- the gains should -- compatible between them you're stuck doing the same touch screen -- gaming that you do in the iPhone except that was contained little -- -- ethernet and pain. I think it Beano invasive and there was Android market place only a PlayStation one games -- that it's just that -- they're gonna be any. Play PlayStation 2 wheeled Harley Quinn -- crisis and Final Fantasy fix on it the original Resident Evil via all the games you can download as as a like classic when you play -- games now on on an average phone. -- don't have the -- yeah. And technical and after I mean I have you always only -- Iran's state of a lot of space she got and it's not a legal. A list -- the other pilots generally don't care -- lesson lesson that you can do it. This accurately he bought the -- the first times that I am I have I happy I actually don't always -- still have my PlayStation I still have -- -- you're going to be right I have -- Japanese of these public ultimate battle 22. You're right that technically this capability was already available on -- -- which is being officially owns it seems like an and you -- control pad but -- -- -- -- What ever happened. I tried -- say it's a date whatever that's a separate area to separate told you this operator of they hand held the fine in the boring. And admit -- hard for the got rid -- got the go. I did the -- As he advised okay and added -- statue of limitations is up on that. Got gets -- pass from now on Yakima and I still don't think. At least try the you don't care about what's what's the best buy had with Ozzy Osborne and Justin Bieber and be an -- -- -- -- -- Today -- they're they're joking about four G phones and three candlelight and I can phone. Love them can't be used to playing -- confused by 61. Navy. At a very claims it's still there but I don't die wandering in the back. -- -- you bought it. And my daughter watched last week I was on HBO -- -- good -- the Chris Rock document. That was fascinating who apparently they're kind -- background generally cave men guys. Now are so I don't know I'm gonna Mozilla problem right those that get up that was very strange diggreel. Yet felt the same way than I thought I was missing and it seemed Alexander's own probably knows who it is like as I live in a cave I don't that -- Tony I -- me. Unlike them it and it's like -- in -- but in this. So when -- got some -- -- class of the fake beard. But they -- -- -- -- big -- commercials I saw during the Super Bowl there were a few others but now when really major and the zoom tablet the Big Three minute long. Yes that's too -- to watch but yes. You could play while he talked. When I was just there just wondering. -- -- -- look at us anyway that was the packet so the Sony won't was blade runner in this -- is -- excellent 38 -- going through. A rooms of people with hoods and white earbuds and then it ends -- A guy a showing he can use flash and he's trying to stick figure for wonderment for woman in the corner is probably thinking now I can actually an iPad 20 it's not I'm sorry I'm sorry I pumps are -- -- -- -- Why is -- we can watch every other commercial but the one that kind of bass is the iPad you guys don't wanna polish it advancing -- it's shot at the iPad it was a two minute mumble is just shy and I -- let's discuss this product you are confused here's the real doubt now. What was the what was cnet's best of CES winner. The zoom zoom as an I voted for it Scott did you vote for it I it was out of town at that point again and say hey you -- I -- if -- go to -- iPad -- is there wouldn't -- -- -- votes. I don't imagine what it had a dilemma I would've probably voted for this him -- -- It's like a -- product however they think the best buy at -- this weekend and you know which costs 799. Dollars that is the entry point. Plus. The data plan. The data plans start at one gig a month for twenty bucks if you want five gigs a month that that that if you want five gates at fifty dollars a month. Which is crazy. And apparently the fine print on the best buy ad says ominously. To activate Wi-Fi functionality on this device -- a minimum of one monthly data subscription is expired. They'll somehow be -- Wi-Fi antenna itself is locked. Later somebody said that what that actually means is that they won't sell it to you without activating -- data plan. The you can even buy it without one then you can cancel a month later but you have activated dvd by YYWD's why -- our government. -- -- I know and you fight again the iPad will say what you will -- -- archived for 99 which is much more appealing priced at 800 bucks two for two at the entry point. You can buy more expensive iPad but you can't play -- If you could -- the second iPad is somewhat like I may get down to bus you -- -- and you -- -- what the -- that was. 800 bucks is dead in the water no one will buy this. Your credit -- zero are you gonna I need to buy this 800 dollars -- and when -- way plus at least one month with an idea does it seem like a reasonable price for mainstream consumer product. I don't think I think I'm getting them were good I guess is not a need it's a want I don't think anybody needs is an uprising was -- tablets I don't think any of those prices and release. I mean it just a little fancy -- on -- -- with the the other thing that's ever the price is out of as out of control of mechanically and even -- to go came down in price entered into a bald -- people discuss the -- -- the most likely to be the one that would break through to the general public. Because of honeycomb the cool design -- we'd like did have they now shot themselves in the foot with this crazy price. Anyone pretty much yeah and a government -- how to it's ridiculous it's it's 78 and it -- -- two bucks more you get an eleven inch MacBook Air. Listen about the same price you get a thirteen inch Toshiba. Right the the -- and Smartphones and it's got him as a thirteen inches okay you -- fourteen to thirteen thing. And I enjoy loves you don't let anything get some great their whole bunch of new like the -- one. Your view their bunch of great eleven point six inch portables -- considerably cheaper than this they you can get. That are really nice well and coming tonight that it is this thing and you get the three G service users streaming some movies how -- -- -- you go through that one gig a month. -- for twenty bucks as one -- for twenty bucks is crazy. Yes animals often means by care sire and seventeen -- Canada because of ice data rooted in Pakistan's I am I am shocked by -- -- revenue colored blue protrude and -- -- put an -- morning. You can route a oh yeah yeah -- I don't quite work totally yet button but that's the price compared to -- -- -- tablet again this. That I know I I'm just shocked but. Stopped. Its. It just it just makes the fact that the iPad hit the for an -- and starting point. -- smart move that they made because it's so hard to -- even though the -- about it like five idea. I mean it's true if you add three G and some decent search capabilities to the -- it gets up to that's my -- gotta have the entry point right. And that's the thing it's amazing that no one's coming up nature point -- counteract its not that. The cost is just that they're not offering cheaper version or mean -- do so that. Just a price drops and think on the the galaxy tablet to the price -- some a little bit. So -- mean actively giving it away in cereal -- with trying to Iran's have to do what they try to slide up -- because just the wrong -- -- -- -- -- -- -- significant upgrade that Idaho now every on the doorstep but if they would honeycomb and that probably view them but every night but again you have to get a three G version can't -- get a Wi-Fi. A guy who screwed up the camera -- and is gamblers. McClellan Antarctic -- is yet they do though if cam on my camera that's slots are right so -- -- Leo -- ago because it is destroying the camera and move them as stunning night we'll do it evidently it just unplug it right or pick this one of the appeal of that but now with the camera feed -- got -- got questions you. And forgive me if I for not knowing that do we know the actual internal storage on the morals him. And even mention on the fly the probably probably in Friday's. Micro is the as well otherwise it just because he was seen on the stats -- is opinion automatically want and notices like -- -- program. I think -- I didn't think and -- today I wanna take an active. Users if it. Thank you I hate ads and info which -- 530. To integrate and happy -- -- Aren't we should pay the money should have an outside very -- Google have nap time. What exactly well in a defensive in defense of the zoom 32 plus three G on an iPad runs about -- -- -- my father. Runs about 750. I think some -- re -- That's -- far off but the fact that there's no central point is ridiculous. -- -- Flat black and whenever and -- and expect anything -- -- -- I kids you could say -- like. Julie and as a woman's will will global just look it up of the chat room -- later -- you -- do but I can be boosted about. It's about doing okay -- is not about epic epic -- it -- that's speaking of speaking of screw ups. -- price obviously terrible for the iPad but I was very disappointed by the daily. Which is the iPad newspaper that launched last week from Rupert trucking company. If its initial days have not been very auspicious that's got you tried it out right. Added -- do about it just takes it its it so it's like somebody took. The pages of magazines like -- and it. The fact that the fact that the quick browse area is what is really the slow browsing area that slow -- jerky sort of scans. And intersections are like jeopardy categories gossip. Arts and whatever apps and games -- instead of tech relapsing games gossip opinion that was it. Sports. I couldn't understand. You know places -- star would -- like I can get all the different categories in which you disconnect. Not not global politics no tech section. Well on dancing game that technically the -- and it wasn't really it's not labeled red. And it's just not detected but it's not as good an experience is just surfing to your favorite news website on the iPad -- -- from the browser and when you get a new issue in the morning it takes like. A minute -- have to download and install and is gonna sit there I mean it's ridiculous. We're talking about a supplement the daily deal out of the big bucks a month -- splash. -- And again I mean I would rather just go to New York Times website the Atlantic I I actually -- get a list of of my TV news sources on the iPad. Us and I'd like the idea of the daily but it's too broad too generic to see if it reads like he was -- day. -- that it's just trying to be something for everyone and -- that being very bland. And like and the navigation just is not clever its just not -- it's not interactive enough. I like the times like the times that he -- slow loading -- -- skip the science just the of the time's website time that is just as it's not as bad actually but it's also. News apps are generally believe downloads or the web site its so much better what -- you -- at least as we've done some of them out for ransom or village police raid on a subway I fervor -- let's do coming in over. A solution that's better than all of its called its political scientist states are instant paper and it's out there and get her -- and arteries -- Drudge Report you collect your. Yet now that that's true too there'll and the wasted save articles -- -- -- -- -- -- of the room -- -- you gotta be a step up from that and say so the stuff exists. What can you make this better then then it's the paper until they wanted him to take -- daily and make it much more of plain text the list let's flashy or go crazy and make it super interactive. But right now it's really not -- it's like great in the middle -- -- that weird when it. -- of the -- the uncanny valley between interactive and non interactive. I big competitor for the daily in a way is the Huffington Post a -- site and they just got bought last night. By America Online AOL AO Ariana Huffington is down going to be the editor in chief of all AOL content properties. How about that for craziness and they just like techcrunch a couple months ago so so Michael Arrington must not be pleased that this development. He is now not the big dog this that this Ariana Huffington. Might end up basically running in gadget joystick techcrunch in kind of the big picture way at least even though she's -- -- -- a hands on editor -- That's crazy. That's -- -- it industry. You know what they're -- and content and if you think about it the Huffington Post. Basically gets away with building a site by not paying their contributors and a well is building its model on this kind of -- platform that. Cheap inexpensive content and barely paying its contributors so maybe they have a lot of points in common right about generating -- content as opposed to the -- say. The fine folks here in this room in our colleagues who do specialize in in in highly. Well well thought out well put together its. It's -- but really worth the contest we are no joke and -- that's right here on it'll actually should have been that churning out some really great articles three -- stands you. Yeah that's about to hit this week and and and that that's what sets us apart well thought out. Long form articles that lot of work with it to. That's just regulates -- -- of things that we do we can while we care. I liked is that this is -- it -- -- it's better than that time Joseph because that it is now it is now we innocent stuff time. Our Santa theme song for this last week Julie you're not here. We did an experiment and a beetle launching soft launch if you will apply new semi regular contests to give people consumers -- prizes while their. Watching and listening alive and it works so well we're gonna do it again dishonest it does yeah man -- -- We've ever -- -- -- what is -- Julie and that we for the audience to get it to. Because she didn't see less than just it's an exam -- dasher. That it's not -- -- -- If the check if you're the chat room. Anyone who wins some prizes we're gonna give away your life and Julie -- it's -- Are going to play as avatars for three chat -- people -- -- what's -- in there and just pick three guys that appeasing -- last week while -- have clinical update for -- happy -- and -- audible magic in arts and who -- -- -- in the -- so they had I want to -- the injured -- picky about just -- the first -- -- the. Witnesses and Richie Lindsay now you go out -- Amy. Don't let me but I think that -- JPG -- view. It's got me it's gonna write this down. PJ -- and camera. -- -- -- -- Is you have all been quietly. -- three Evernote get a chance -- -- other will do this every week. And -- Frontline -- is -- An exhibit remember that I'm -- ten. Yes and -- and I mean it needs -- news but that's. GP UN. All right you and -- -- again. I am. All right and the -- you'll have to contact -- give -- -- mailing address. Auto inserting you can Tom private I am I gonna offer Julie your email address and then -- -- -- Melissa come. If -- may have transmit easily from my own private stuck -- I I am useless today okay. -- this week. We do the same way here's an -- ask a question her thoughts are with also with Scott if Phoenix is the question correctly his person wins that -- -- it -- it incorrectly the question after the jets of and then once that's done we'll do another question this time sorting which only and the next time starting with -- and -- six questions -- which means there -- six prizes candy one. I'm gonna reach into this bag randomly and pull something out I am pulling out all as the deadline -- -- a guy at work are you really work. Are you ready are you working your -- were -- works were hardly hear of -- it. He first prize a Nintendo DS game holy roller should. -- -- -- -- I think I'm a little figures that little line in the and in support of our kids ammonia that threaten to shut my eyes got here's a question. And here's your questions -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our -- -- he's -- to buy my YOTT a BYT how big of the -- about my favorite storage delineation it is. And no militants have about Google I'm not at into the chat room I'm not looking you gotta buy -- Would be a thousand. Data bytes. A one public companies Europe's have a -- It's below 1000000. -- -- bytes that it had a -- is a thousand terabytes. Is and it's so I'm planning a line followed by a if you actually know the subject -- -- second you know looking things up and Steve. Theory. But he running at a time you gotta -- gonna go for guests -- may have twelve years. Incorrect. Just -- which elected by the question. She -- but they can also speculate. That. The that's right we about the questions for other prizes to do what happened like the easy -- -- what's that again and you said -- -- easy questions last time I sort of the hard -- and I got a thing I. Three at -- news. One million -- It -- you gotta -- -- one followed by 240. I was off -- our next question I'm a bit put wholly realistic and it takes an exchange -- -- But -- really -- inaugural earth here is a cool limited edition of elemental war of magic in online multiplayer role playing game. -- that -- -- in middle miniature in it and stuff they get human organs select more where this let's start with wing agenda doesn't. But there's what does the computer abbreviation midi M I. I'll. Show notes at. Home in five. -- hero what -- your answer. No looking as an act. -- it. Well now and -- -- -- in this mobile and it now. -- Dot -- -- musical instrument direct interface close very close putting correct but he very musical instrument digital interface. -- and I should know -- did. Ranked I was allows the art Julie gets the next question what so -- people and opening a lot and okay. Time magazine named -- it's man of the year in 1982. It's it's obviously these are all technology related in some way and it. The same questions you gave him. -- -- -- main thing in. There. Time magazine -- black as its -- of the air in 1980. -- for the called person the in -- -- all right we're gonna guessing here it's got. Bill Gates incorrect Steve Jobs also in jeopardy yet but that -- wow and doing anything -- go up every girl. -- very odd quote man of the year for 1982 was the computer. And I don't listen that's what a lot -- rights Scott we're back -- -- a ready again. Graphics than the so some anyway and it went live the -- summit. And -- -- time is a copy of star fox command for congested in there it is in -- -- -- -- -- last week and it okay where it was and I will take the years even when was the first spam message sent. -- it's -- it's it's a very -- amounts to. -- What year what year first look at you said the question -- -- -- -- time. Idaho got it in five. An analyst series hasn't at this time I'll say the year was quickly -- nine teen -- -- Mediate incorrect does it. I nineteen. -- is -- I'm -- on nineteen. Between now and five. 191991. Spam in 1991. That's at that in 1988 -- -- William -- a -- year what year was the first spam message that. Historians agree that this was the first and a fax machine you maybe you may -- some read others it was a computer ethics now -- Apple unplanned birth here -- -- -- eight. X yeah that's a. -- being a marketer for the now defunct EC computer company to about -- to people on a bulletin board lift. That was -- the first spam message your front line person -- Starbucks for the get to -- ago. Soviet menace attitude and do like the -- and -- certainly -- nobody dates and the idea that a touch list to connect. -- -- group of mini games within the past look at this. Iraq is an X prize at it right here who got that questions got it suggests that you get the next August and look at what does the Wiki in -- -- -- mean. We keep what is the entomology at the word Wiki. In Wikipedia and what -- You cannot you must answer in 52. Wiki Wiki Wiki -- -- that the line from like Simonyi Wiki Wiki Wiki Wiki. For however. -- Wiki Wikipedia. What the market where you read between the look up the the origins of words like in -- stuff you now and buy it. -- -- -- No -- okay -- got and I'm win. Interface knowledge -- got to do it again and knowledge out -- and don't. Knowledge -- -- -- -- Wiki Wiki is the Hawaiian word for quick. Though the quick encyclopedias. Of Wikipedia we shouldn't -- and that Wiki Wiki. Where I went out to -- -- price chart here we go demo at W update again that's speculative outcomes Dextre work best he -- -- it -- game. Alright but this is potentially that this is the final question so if nobody I guess is -- this one is I think pretty. I do it the famous. Apple commercial. Only aired one time launching the brand new Macintosh computers and doing what ears Super Bowl bring it all back around the beginning of this now. It's the one with one comes in and throws hammer at the screen. That that was only -- -- during the super show us. -- -- -- -- Any. -- -- Now news that living god definitely -- -- that this week's game. Now those guys have fun know what and when senator. But still pretty fun elegance that begin next -- is good -- anything if you're -- I don't doubt we'll see -- there were I had an okay data bytes of time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Got black yeah and I -- -- UI president and it's funny because -- hardly gonna go back a little guitar the only thing they are out -- -- surely that. They do their technology in general tetanus is that a song reversal of -- easier. I know I thought the Super -- Apple commercial thing with as well and -- that didn't make it around well listen to tell the difference but I thought why not secure. Each year yes. What you -- -- so be sure to. Private jets Julie said that you're here are your email address you can contact you we department were to get these -- -- to it was to -- from happening again frontlines of an Iraqi Afghan. Frontline Frontline private -- Julie I'm gems are contacting us using the web interface knowledge in -- I would Wiki Wiki but you really quickly reviewing these. -- -- -- --

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