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Tech Culture: Ep. 110: Last-minute gifting; game company holiday cards; and the ultimate cat toy for iPad
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Tech Culture: Ep. 110: Last-minute gifting; game company holiday cards; and the ultimate cat toy for iPad

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In our final new show of 2010, we host a relaxed roundtable on last-minute holiday gift shopping; show off some of the cool holiday cards video game companies send out; offer up some gaming giveaways; and check out a video of the world's greatest iPad app...for cats.

That's not me that's is being down there I don't even know if that means welcome nevertheless -- -- here. I was saying I was hearing some sort of speaker repeat of the audio we were playing and a -- -- that's coming from. Just have to know -- that's gonna -- In downstairs him downstairs that mean your computer speakers are muted correctly you are excellent that it's good to know really how you doing today. And -- -- are you having. Last show of the year. Rock when a freak out moment now viewfinder movies sound as if this thing and if that's the way that's that I think that's every week just have a yourself. I don't know for streaming now that we are well. And don't say about it -- -- would record the -- -- -- -- their rooms. -- that we try to get an. And in here and there aren't enough Big Dig out of why we -- as I thought I feel this is almost a ritual if we just came in and we were on the air and everything worked fine first. -- -- -- I and I think these other shows they miss out on a lot. I'm not going through this ritual every week adds fun -- that I came in some computer -- to show my screen for those who oriented computers up and running with. Are you talking and I really waiting outside a cemetery we have I don't you have to work with a Christmas stocking up -- -- -- it did you get to dining out. All case not me personally I'm -- and that's what happens -- we have a lot of exciting stuff to talk about today. Obviously Christmas coming up the end of the week but most must really be doing much after today I wasn't gonna commit today but here I am because -- too much to do. For the holiday season and for CES. But we got to do I've had games we -- talk about the if new if you have a new -- in new laptop for Christmas but -- some hints on that. We looked at some stuff from previous CES shows to see what's happening. I've got a -- I decided just -- -- -- -- advice. Are excited about that. And languages which is you always tell me to clean up my office and given all the junk that they are I've done that a -- got a bunch of stuff -- brought it in here today and we can just give away to people. Sounds like Iran and that sounds good deal like that I think it's for -- leaning becomes -- -- -- that's right and I also. Just got a ton of mail it -- holiday -- -- showing -- summit opened up my holiday card mail and Regis have of that stuff. I -- -- happy holiday by the HDMI licensing association oh yes fiesta -- always noise always -- time and yet the holiday greetings to get gotten any good holiday cards doing. -- Stanley companies now have an. And now I figure if you sense -- at a holiday. I'll wave between. Being green gate mile end and an email saying happy holidays and you -- yeah -- as the earth. Because -- giving holiday cards. Or anybody in the industry. Got a couple really anybody get. I don't know maybe Steve Johnson got a -- Steve Johnson's death. The -- to have a tablet that they'll get. Build -- and on a first name basis -- in a while since Muslim bashing. Of look at this Windows Mobile platform public Johnny Android. -- under an arm around her from you really look at that gets attacked. All -- some of the -- they got right now what the heck how it I guess. It. But topic is -- -- and again yes they said at a moment ago. And they're coming up you'd rather disgust like to bring the obvious threat to other topic oriented and -- and I see well well that that's of the holiday season is all about posting jobs. I just got one from our -- -- pop cap is the guys -- make plans versus zombies and jeweled. But it's got get some of their plants versus zombies characters on the front and inside. Wishing you a sparkly holiday season because you know they -- be -- to think -- that he -- -- -- that fuels pathfinder anything but from the gang at pop cap. That's one -- other ones actually -- have even opened up yet. -- intuitive. But if you -- got -- movie or its TV shows chances are 53 is making its. I'm not -- -- yeah I was -- millionaire movie. Have -- did you see that. Marathon not only -- I don't need my -- -- -- the or give their movie special effects that we've got lost it after -- die that's it in afterlife hopefully within that -- -- it. Other animated character that acrobat does of course okay and then who's the other guy at Google -- a similar sentiment out okay and it. And -- -- okay growth seasons greetings. -- VP publisher and the picture of giant bug. And Lagos based radius on the go and that's one of their other games that -- defense source following seasons greetings and best wishes for a happy new year from BD three publisher PR team -- another avenue earth defense force in coming out I think that is their hearts -- that's. Varies. What else we got -- this will be -- Because it's got a picture of the F file guy on the stamp. So obviously this is from. -- you -- post apocalyptic quality. -- this is nice it's like gay fallout themed big awful lot -- to snow globe. -- -- When your friends at Bethesda software a -- -- appropriate listener -- you're heading off to Vegas in just a phone that's right we are all heading off to Vegas -- Lenovo and so if you're heading up the Vegas. Which is not really much funny. And I'm coming over it. These guys just do enjoy getting away for little while. Mom I just started so it's not over yet -- -- -- the biggest thing it's gonna -- you to get to see yes. With CNET Symbian it does he has before candidates -- peace when -- with with CNET and -- -- -- -- -- feels like forty people out there. Athlon broadcasting we're doing a lot of coverage of me when I was doing before I was going off and -- -- I was as one around and I love about various -- I -- -- party when I want to get sleep in my want to that's not the case. Anymore we're we're not doing that work in particular incident there bizarre bit fitness peak summer camps yes summer camp looks spontaneity -- decent summer to look. I gotta do the activities you get -- -- get up early to do all this stuff they're right around. And -- with all but two people you know and year old -- -- busses together and stuff I'm just that this fund as a -- that camaraderie in the middle of the madness I agree. Are you wishing you wishing you every happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year. From axis communications that they -- a lot of regret that Toshiba -- -- video game company that these games. But not every video game themed card or even technology card failed to lost opportunity there. Punched me they want to step away from -- They want you spend the holidays is negotiating about everything on that everything united thing. Really I can't help time for our part for CES I'm gonna be thinking about eventually had to Dreamcast -- a little bit of a break and this last one it's good for you. From a company I don't were called time -- studios know -- 05 -- -- picture here are some guys -- in some stuff up. Then if they make games in the games blowing up and it says presented to the bear in recognition this effort this certificate. Represented a nation of 45 dollars -- endure rehab two child's play in camera in commemoration of the money saved when purchasing section eight prejudice -- fourteen. Presented to CNET -- -- they needed donation in -- do child's play which is the big video game charity fair benefits well that's not. Section eight a remains strangely but remember we're gonna happen but and -- stressed that payment so that's a holiday -- they got today and and Friday. So if you wondering what -- card video game company sent out. There you go in our marching -- -- it's because we get a big meeting at 330. That we have to get to you to prepare for CES and stuff. Though that -- and I'll continue the podcast I'm not -- any big. This speaking of which it's almost holiday times but does it for you prepared -- with -- your shopping -- Witty and if you for your last minute holiday -- need the audio Amazon online to get to go to restore critical pick -- up -- have of them holding from. Who was not -- way I just called about. -- subtle way I could put a lot. Mac account is going to take the money from my account I understand and and what store are we talking about here anything anything noteworthy capital -- charts at the tedious -- mar oh yeah okay greatest public Zeneca local TV show up its -- -- -- a suspension of ice -- -- -- is the united best buy got. I am I am if they offer -- better -- okay I rarely do. And I'm a big fan of my -- pop shops of of local stores Illinois is its is that it's not X is not a mom and pops up so wholesale. Okay so -- store and identities -- local businesses locally -- not big multinational corporations and their affiliated with on generic. Are they looked -- -- they're great family run New York it's company. I've I've into his house the very organized mr. Jenny -- mr. are. Messaging. What is the yes -- dropped off -- -- it causes me. I know it's going -- stranger and stranger face to work for an exotic cars. Shop and I've always volunteered to drop off any car anywhere on Long Island like that you that the movie got the transported -- that city center with life out of there -- it was based on I loved it I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- of the proposed department understand I loved doing a load drive that -- top here. I have -- it's only BCC BBC even gets solar BBC is the varying degrees C there are normally really I believe I have to see you're at it it's. -- -- -- I think you're pretty much wrapping it up Julie your holiday shopping. And 99 months college acting air. And and peonies in being lazy and make a -- am Nam. -- -- -- -- And am -- seekers and with slew of my friends and B speed equipment dollar cap and some room and that's my secret Santa and now the son this time actually doing it if it -- okay well it's appropriate under today on -- the budget. Understandable -- there -- many good high tech gifts and there. You don't tell who they're for obviously gets it was listening. I can't really say -- -- -- still yeah I can't -- general category. Audio video computing he beams of -- ended their main via console. The room nine. But on some -- S and early -- -- -- -- if not my name. -- were to console he had but yet so there's -- a couple of big com. Gibson okay that's an -- agreement keeping it cute I like that I like that that's got yourself what do you that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- World and recently flying out tomorrow provided at Heathrow gets acting mankind has in -- went about their right -- -- and -- I'm learning not to worry about it will figured out. And bring your iPad to the day airport now we're -- -- the -- is the way. I really advances of course that is a late -- Although let us know in advance that can hopefully although it won't of course it's apparently -- -- generated. -- because they're good net delta -- -- per -- was terrible really I had a great time on the handful of flights have been on them really the us and hey I got bumped at the business class once that was fantastic to see very with a very professional not at all they seem very bureaucratic back a very disorganized and put the delta. I think it's a wash actually -- really I think I -- -- British airlines and airports that seem. On Islamic governments so what does -- terminal Heathrow terminal five F -- was nice to get a laughing it's having. Yet completely Tellme doesn't fix the problem at Heathrow is it is in many ways even worse equipped him and were prepared for weather than JFK and its price -- and every building -- by tonight the question for you yes. Yeah and has had an -- I. Unlike say yes -- about that yet. I -- under the enhanced pat down again that's and then a definite fear that -- -- the area. If -- security merited my sending the whole process of flying so humiliating. I feel like either one of those just fits the bill for the horrible experience and airports any. I don't know go go get scanned fine if it's as he scanned in and people -- -- Johnson -- You wanna touch me out there go for it. If you with a touch I've -- as they know this -- -- his wife said both. I. Exactly you could cut down ideas to like the design so into it that there are a little. Bit weird to down -- -- -- little -- With the pat -- they have to suffer too so I feel that's a better -- ago. I was planning on -- -- go to fly on Friday I was the new gets line if they have the enhanced the back scatter radiation scanners I was gonna -- it. And asked people to vote on whether or not I should go through the -- it scanner or if the -- patina. -- problem not -- -- that's okay it's a justice says that's got says that at the influence of fabric that can -- -- perhaps the government hasn't been a stadium to get patted down. But not yet. Those accents who set up it down that way and yet I still think to some profiling them and a British of their more influence them and others actually. When I mean when I -- -- clubs please. McCullough pat downs and then yeah. No government employees understand that but when you look at ways that people address and you'll get patted down people that attended -- and music and again. Sorry profile and can do just that when you're when you're driving your -- certainly was good when I was younger I got pulled over. -- -- -- -- -- Adam I had a mustang when I was younger I think that's that you had a mustache -- a mustang Ford Mustang GT. This dude ran a red -- cops pull me over the problem offices I know -- -- you know -- a lot of cards just yet been reported stolen my punch my plates of out of helped write. It just the estimates it (%expletive) it happens there's a lot of profile. They feel like if you if -- but let's include some dynamite I think we have a conversation rate and -- again phone anywhere allow it gives them -- so -- -- -- San -- it was like what Florida opens so -- -- -- you might have the full body scan machines there US enhanced test announces that the debate that's right the big difference now I think essence of the back of the hand. The revving up or down -- they use the inside a year of the hand. -- think again about if they get better I can say that you're gonna get magazine them. -- and place of shock -- with the things we've begun touting itself as the battle. I just on the Vietnam artist revenue and I flew -- -- -- here I didn't even think they ever gonna have a show today -- I wouldn't be here but here we all I. -- there's so much to do I think we've had a great year I like that yeah thank all you guys for being part of this show and and I think we all work together very well and in invested anything very exciting well objects aren't getting flooded the city I tell you what a great time we've had. And I think. You guys are up fine bunch of people to cope broadcast but -- well -- one of the -- -- he's our studio there for minutes producer to damage from CNET debt and Atlanta hit with handed out there have been doing for it protagonist antagonist -- the acceptance of the incident at the end it. -- -- -- If you who's got looked at some of the things that were considered the best products at the CES show last year -- 2010. January and it and tried to figure out what ever happened to those that lot of didn't come out right now -- -- -- results of your investigation Scott's own. But every year the C yes is pretty much. -- factory and we hope that some of -- stuff actually does come out. A lot of times you'll see status of -- the award winners at you know disappear the becoming a vapor ware. Thankfully our best in show the Panasonic TC PBT 25 did come out. It did exist actually got to CNET editors' choice in televisions. And it Katzmaier I think you know wisely using that one of the reasons he had this on the list -- the first place was not only that it did a great 1080. But that he found was one of the best HDTVs period. And that was one of the reasons he had it as a TV he thought was a fantastic evening so it -- got four stars in -- that's great other things were a little iffy. Including one that I put in there the I don't know IdeaPad U one hybrid now actually until wireless play does exist and we had and a bunch of laptops. It's very much the same is it's always been that's out there and hasn't really changed all that much. My Ford touch interface -- -- cars so. I can't -- tell you valuable older reporting on that at the Motorola back but this is funny because as the phone nominee in all fairness though -- the phone department -- The CCS is not a phone shadow. So. In the big influx of phones -- really happen at that point the back flip. Pretty much thought put into a back corner is a few new look at all the Android phones that came out this year -- the iPhone four. I really think that you know -- new -- remember the Motorola backlit. Not really yeah -- remember that the dignity and let me see a picture that U -- hybrid. Yeah we got it up here and that was the here it is there it is that's via laptop -- the screen that attaches to -- its own. Tablet device which of the time ran its own custom -- and -- and had a snap dragon I think process it yet. And so it's -- -- funny when you look back at this now this didn't exist and Lenovo still -- claims something like this will be coming out. Possibly who knows in many comments here -- there about what it will be but they they claim that it's not dead. -- -- -- concept is great in the hardware looked cool yeah the senate. Sluggish and right after that the iPad came out and do then and you know Android -- -- came out. So I think they've decided to take it back to the basics and keep the same general shape. But make -- an Android tablet that attaches and it's got a regular Intel you know due course -- -- in the base of. -- -- great idea and -- grid and -- looking back on it it's even smarter because this was pre iPad and you look at the picture of this. And that front screen looks very iPad like. And the idea is HD is still without the -- -- -- -- -- we love iPad and tablets but it's annoying to have to use them an Apple Computer capacity so. We shall say wouldn't it be great they could dock if you could have a keyboard connect like that he hasn't really come to fruition may be Willis here. So there's that there's a couple things that are will -- of an -- And that this kid that was good news that nasty Internet being dead yeah it was a really good product that's not for everyone but a lot of people -- -- -- -- -- M eleven -- Operators as had an -- I missed it. And prepared if narratives proudly that the eleven inch ultra powered laptop and that's still around -- that's still a very popular product and the updated to core I seven and Motorola voltage configuration with optimism. It's even better. In the -- department now -- -- -- the LG BD 590. He also explain the reason -- -- this at the time was because it ever -- CD's onto its included hard drive it sounds like an old fashioned idea. But -- chemical is there are a lot of Blu-ray players that have that type of media storage capability. And not a lot of them even try plus and it's up like Hulu plus etc. And it got a really good review and you know actually into the -- don't really has anything like this because. And -- been focusing on the apps that you -- like Netflix and plus. But -- -- things out there. That -- -- more wanna mention Belfast just hazzard Batman that the couple things and that is out that one of your favorites the idea of smart book. Yet solicit a look at Starbucks so perplexed what happened there what happened to smart books -- smart but short term -- was program really -- with Qualcomm. They were trying to kind of create a little competition in the tablet and netbook marketplace. And the idea visas they were gonna be very small even smaller netbooks. Which would usually with a non windows operating system -- three G contract. Lenovo shell one called skylight that was super thin and Bolden was the closest we got -- -- right there right right. That's the closest we got to seeing -- you call a real smart book. And out -- I guess what they're not around. And the reason is is is multi part I mean first of all the iPad and tablets have really taken a market and Android and Android Smartphones have gotten a lot better so honestly. If you do silly things if -- smart -- why the heck would you want smart book. And netbooks are so cheap. I mean netbooks are still a mean -- gotten cheaper but there's only 299 range they've got little thinner. They're not really a much bigger than that lets you and and these things only -- a contract now on the other hand. Maybe. Look at Google Chrome and at the growing uses Internet apps and is coming up at the very tablet net you know and be smart -- to a group will be reborn is Google Chrome. New notebooks may be when C 48 guests -- stay -- made -- good idea not fully dead. What's what's what's going on over there and chuckle and we have an amusing comment about the things silly -- -- -- If somebody's. Paying attention on that case I'm sorry -- Tuesday because this is the last show of the year I want to wrap it up by giving away a bunch of junk that we had to -- -- Of -- before that. And they don't just hold the items again not as young c'mon of -- -- really cool stuff man's treasure the critical treasure we have our offices and -- to show everything and then you can. Tell Joey what you want on the FaceBook fan page is good FaceBook Luther. Digital city CNET and over the -- that we -- actually will pick people at random with our random number generator program -- use. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But we have that there was. How rely on which is kind of the oblivion and elder scrolls style game that you've really ambitious I sort of thing -- that. There's actually a Doctor Who puzzle adventure game called I think the mazes of time which is kind of -- but kind of fun if you're into that kind of thing yet. What else is their notebook to revenue over was a big came out but only for the iPhone the iPad version is not out yet. Right and there's also his candidacy for fans of all graphic adventure games broken sword over of the census and sword game at the universal session works -- iPhone and -- -- -- consortium -- -- -- fantastic L and need for speed hot pursuit which kind of fun. And a lot of and that's 99 -- now -- we don't have the money he's into benefits that in all these other and then there is one of the game won't show you Scott if you could grab the videos that and put that up -- -- -- that -- -- I found -- randomly on the iPad app store. Is a game designed for casts. I thought oh that's funny it's free to try and -- 99 cent if you want to unlock it so I've -- -- -- he can watch it right now. This is the game for cats and I thought this couldn't possibly work and yet here it is working at the little -- that runs around the screen that's my cat. And that's -- that's right and he's watching it well he's excited. It kept trying to go under the iPad to get them out to -- of hiding under there don't know there if I'm teased about some kind of distracting him now but for cat who's totally -- really jaded New Yorker -- is just not interested in anything. The fact that I got this level of engagement is that's pretty amazing speaking of scratch are you worried about any damaged your book that was interesting actually other kind of budget this but they -- an iPad -- per -- figure must be okay. It was vitally needed to produce -- she didn't put her claws out to have that try to go under the iPad to get them out. And this also leaves are predicting that he was suggesting in the emails -- of the giant cheese background how much is this not it's free to try and then -- expense. There we -- get a little more aggressive now yeah. -- coming in for close that hey -- devoted. Though I did -- if anyone else finds -- has hilarious as I do but look at that. I so what do you think this is. -- -- -- -- is that the next big frontier. Just keep that I -- well protected excellent I'd I'd I'd want is a great project well the well padded and have a scratch through screen cover and it does evidently itself didn't scratch yeah -- today's -- but I don't wanna -- batting around my iPad for this that. We need our money like Ackerman. And -- your -- and I patients in their -- -- cable at an iPad for. That. But I think it'll let -- -- watch cable on a lesser man come actually another great game for the iPad pathology universal update adds that he's a board game -- -- area thank goodness. Are the zone is one of the best board games ever cure for gamers and it's out of -- -- -- -- -- when the price of ten dollars. By it is. The -- Spore game I think. He didn't play player or multiplayer multiplayer can play online you can also play very well I'm a passing around with someone in the same room. It's well designed for that it's beautiful any content so -- -- a great game at the iPad really kind of sex. And sarcasm does a much better job -- an artful standard of organs -- It's time for us to give point and -- -- -- up to what he noted is the -- the FaceBook page -- to city. I've seen -- on FaceBook and tell Joseph and Julie what you'd like to it and they will hook you up efforts we got a -- case for the iPod Touch fourth gen yeah okay -- -- easily -- -- viewers got a collection of sims three extensions. This is a fantasy for any sims three and three in -- that sims three world adventures and -- -- three late night. If you're sims -- PC is millions of people do. We've got to have -- right here. I have got a pac man hot head which is basically an oven -- that's native some sort of the heat resistant plastic and -- like pac man. -- -- -- -- -- I've got 88 game of the year plants versus zombies -- that comes with the plants versus zombies game end of little -- -- -- conduct critical. It's and then the piece they resist off. This is we've talked about World of Warcraft cataclysm recently. I I broke up that box that had sent -- to various warcraft fans are on our office but I have. A copy of the collector's edition of Wrath of the Litch King. -- which -- last year's big World of Warcraft expansion. The collector's editions can all this junk inside this just take up space and I desks that if you want it you know where to get it just what do you think of -- collection of fabulous prizes. I Democrats -- just give away. I just share I think if you get the show today I'd like to get all that stuff out of here by like Wednesday. We will do our best so you get the show posted. People can comment they have between now and Wednesday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of course you'll be here working on Thursday as well. Because that is I understandably. -- I'll be here Thursday. But I'm not gonna be a bit about how you got. After a visit you but I can't say that's taking they often how I'll be here by the maybe somewhere that's an added bonus for our live listeners that -- dig a little bit of -- Lego that's an advantage. Do you Julie do you have any final words of wisdom for the end of 2010 for our viewers and listeners. None -- if -- I'm an enviable you can enter from more than one but just don't. Make a separate comment for each one that you want and therefore the so we can can we can count those comments. Separately sensing in terms of like -- wants and to for more than one thing. Just enter a separate comment for each thing when -- before that of psychology -- it doesn't give any. The year ending words of wisdom for our audience or once again like to thank everybody for following us and operational support and special shout out to the -- -- that's right I agree completely Harry C Henry I. Spike happy Hank has sandman Michael home and I'm you know from -- anybody out sarge is on the problem -- -- -- quick. As a good thank you guys for supporting us throughout the year. And hopefully we can bring a better -- next year in. And in about a try to get Julia -- -- more more insidious drinking that's -- over also also what you guys over to home. Yes over to our site and check out a review of headphones -- and that's right -- see the -- -- pros you know you know Meehan and the beats men. In June hook me up by getting another review of -- -- him -- an iPhone so thank you Julie. She -- the video for those in order to see -- of -- armed and. Opportunities. Ahead of those it was a good video -- -- -- first looks it was there for how great it was an original label organ -- -- goods and -- -- -- -- -- -- Happy holidays happy Chanukah Kwanzaa Merry Christmas investors happy it -- Christmas funds -- companies that got on the Korea by the words of wisdom to -- a lot that's a lot of words of an. Can quickly the take a break from tech for a little bit over the holidays jury selves and every you don't regents and yeah. Save itself this is the beginning -- great -- -- -- wearing I'm not saying I'm giving up them saying it's better for your health. Understandable for your house don't -- -- and I community ticket and a wild right you're just that it's a good point I think -- see -- I believe January force. For our first showed 2011 that we're all that -- that is yes we didn't leave dad too I don't think we're really -- in this nation of but now you guys think you guys why -- you guys cut emissions and number eighty -- from here. It was who have special holiday shows just for the holidays may get up. Throughout America -- -- when eyeballs able to record something -- you have to go up. While the that was shot was close behind the scenes footage that viewers to -- guys it is -- FaceBook -- New York City at both of these -- -- -- more cats playing -- -- is -- case. -- scratch after effects C I think there. -- -- --

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