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Ep. 107: Cyber Monday, MacBook rumors, and iPads...for kids!: Apple

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Apple: Ep. 107: Cyber Monday, MacBook rumors, and iPads...for kids!

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Bellies still full of turkey, Bonnie Cha, Julie Rivera and Scott Stein discuss their own holiday picks and most wished-for items...and whether they'd ever buy an iPad for a child.

All right are we. Our -- if we're going and I think we're live contact -- -- -- I keep refreshing at CNET TV but I see nothing. -- -- their last live mills got pretty nice idea and I -- gonna. -- A -- we had -- -- Turkey they'll Thanksgiving at the latter is losing out a lot of eating I'm still doing it shipped to minimize system -- But right now etiquette camera phone and means and -- can -- -- of the time I did yes there. -- and it adds of the best big sister amber has actually might be sixty from out of Oakland to the queen. Our our environment that's yeah our economic -- is that -- -- means Altman and his last Cynthia. He has yet the PS2 is now -- now asking if he is friends have three -- -- and he has. -- keep it out over her he'd ask my right -- as I did as a surprise and you know he'd just jumps and went over the. Call -- my mom and you -- got X. It's very it yet -- an intricate and time. And as -- to Long Island and -- -- -- the Turkey and then we of the jets game on Thursday night which was great to watch by. It also collect kind into the relaxation. Yeah like we're finishing dinner -- -- gotta watch game now -- because there's not. Conversations over so it was -- and then -- easily came back. At the end of Friday and dentists and two days wonder the city being a think tank was at and T in room. Using this -- the music museum of natural history which was packed death and that you breed. Included an agreement that I would into the looked amused at dinosaurs yet. Assignment last for them by name now. The answer on the -- -- -- dragging me around which is fine and then send it went to the Apple Store. To try to. Most of cities I was on a mission in intelligence mission to find some answers about something -- Omaha. Also has browsed around and I realize that you can't. I realized once again that Apple will not. Upgrade the hard drive or ram. On your Mac which is. Which is sad -- And design and why not surprising and they just going to any and they were very honest to -- said they're great they're the descent like well that's -- certainly isn't going to look a local. -- -- doesn't place if you want that and my Mac but would still be covered except for the hard drive today. And put into -- you need this again to check in the back to figure out the details -- let me find out became active as long inspiration -- -- either. Yet if anything's happened that is related to that hard drive then that would not be covered with them again. So. I just like I walked around there was like Apple TV I keep thinking I wanna buy it and -- down down. -- -- -- and it sells well it's you know it's like the package is just like there's little laws in Asia than 99 dollars saying that it's not doesn't do anything right now yet. It's the -- I. And I really only had been an -- you -- -- of those animals -- endemic. Then you know ADB's yup they could really handy if I had planned event as it does exactly how to know the idea. It's its and attempting yeah and yeah I would need it but I just feel like it take -- comment on this is an actual thing again yes. The -- management expert in Fukuoka so it's. Are people watching our -- yet we actually that's not -- That's you know -- it was given the longest the war. Not saying now I'm staring at them -- in my -- now I know I mean I don't think. People aren't gonna credit BM Anguilla and I had yen according and I -- might decide -- in the more even then does admit it's because I am always abusing the -- And on the -- and say -- it's a cyber Monday edition -- Hannity and that has happened anyway fat and and looked online. By and you and and you and in the chat room. I I started I started looking around but I did buy it Kindle -- or my life. Which version the newest one they're generating an income for any like the other special deals but I. Should be on the way within -- -- -- and -- Amazon prime. If you really want and she thought that comes -- expenses. Via which is easier to do this. But for the moment -- -- it also on the show today we -- -- yeah. Introduction. There are special guest today is gonna be talking all -- phones and shopping in just hanging out with us and Julie as always here Scott Stein. And we don't have -- and Georgia which is just dosed on the -- as a saint and the fans in them on and so. They're all they're all in isolated rural places relaxing still tricking it -- But they'll be back and we're doing it but in the shown instead argument topics anyway bachelor's. What we're -- of. I never -- -- -- but generally. Now now. I. Like I was planning to look around and I keep seeing -- at -- did not easy. I am with everything that I've been doing for her in the past few days is bouncing them from home to home and spending time and -- mean yeah I -- -- Sunday was mine. And unfortunately Sunday has to do -- reach -- -- and you know Ponzi and you know. And cleaning in the house and stuff so I suspect that is still not anything -- yeah and released -- and and by the time I am it was late. -- crap I got -- I don't. I don't think I'm not I cannot acquiesce to think I wasn't gonna go on my -- my heart managed by the atom one about it that you have varying you know it's not shopping means that those -- the. -- -- doesn't seem fun at all and and I I just try browsing a bit Joanna. Went online on your phone at -- -- is doing and it was like we're about asleep ventures like I'm buying gifts for all that kids of the associate Lena is in the family is very industrious -- But I don't I don't wanna do any of that stuff and I wanted to stop paying and I kind of the state writers want to condense everything I -- into a little. Ball via air again too much stuff already so I like the idea of -- -- and candles or anything in -- I want some and a common. Just wave a -- and transform all of my. Hardcover books in paperback books into nice digital versions hearing I do -- -- take Apple on space and bad I wanna keep like people best. A hundred. The books and books and then detective. Thinks -- -- matter now or just come up with a way to clothing never needs to. It. Is there really is -- to. I know I. My relations for the holiday assemblies didn't immediately think of and on. And it is I the a during the elected as its giant -- -- I just feel like I am I'm losing control. What do you think. It was then. -- I feel like I needed to make a list of winning gonna be at the look at I don't have the patience to go out and just search them especially make it in. -- I'm assuming -- -- -- Did Black Friday he did. And we thought about going out really realized that it was Black Friday and we simply can't leave Omnia. -- and the store's opening. Yet commuter I had had been one start with opening -- -- and -- -- you know. That's the Space. -- Horrible for old people that are lining up because I feel like. The prices presented are so attractive. And for a lot of people that price really does matter grade and so I feel like people are forced to -- -- feel -- people undergo liner sank like. Why wanna get the best price and -- you know I can't afford to pay for an otherwise and I'm gonna do this right family. And there's apparently some ridiculous hour news like why stop it -- up to be like this would -- -- -- can we have Black Friday at a comfortable are you now. Ten -- can roll -- and don't plan. Definitely careless handling each other and again door busters for another Wal-Mart situation where people get killed them. Now do you increase the number of door busters may go through the wrong reasons. And it's all up. -- -- It is tempting not to -- when I looked at the best buy a door buster -- -- Fifty inch 1080. 690s and -- Panasonic's -- -- I -- who. And -- how -- -- would have to show. Yeah the Panasonic are -- ground and lesson and that's the grand -- fifty inches and I mean that's another that's one one of what -- Katzmaier. In -- recommended that -- commencement. Thousands -- then maybe I should and as I am looking for an TV and now I can give my mom and her name my older TVs which has -- -- of ports and there now. Really really old TJ yeah yeah well you know. Least not one that recycle it's that it's not -- -- does TV your top pick yourself -- would say yeah I think TV Thurston. -- know what else an immediate attempt to buy everything during what's a year and and if not. And I don't need it in Diana thank god that's -- -- -- I could want it blame. Who comes very spring comes in that's like it's adding this -- I don't ask it and the roof over me and EM and it just keep -- She does it's -- I'm I'm. Yes for Andy yeah I'm a skinny -- but I US dollars so like -- -- -- food and -- will go and bundled. In as many years and in house supplement it with something you know at the ends. -- you said that what your -- for we're. What do you want I am feeling like I. Like to keep it pretty simple way to get -- really mean and then I don't. Mean. And revenue can write him. Passions with Cameron really yeah I like what you like a small point shooters -- and I are and I can SLR camp and them and about one a couple years ago. Which -- -- kind he. -- Nokia which has been fine yeah but you don't -- and yeah you can. -- but I don't need it but Ian Graham that broken -- meaning that land. I've actually been tempted by the really okay eleven -- -- real lesson. -- you know what it's. We looked at at the story and I thought -- it's wafer thin yes if so it's it really is like it feels iPad side. Grade when -- to effectively. When you see it. Now but again and think we need -- -- It's it's a nice little it's just an elimination and yes. Is there -- -- I do my top -- to -- unity and waiting. Because it until it -- Next question wanna move to hunt mean that should wait till I mean you -- not even more practical -- -- -- -- keep hovering around and I keep looking at it like. -- and Mac and now have -- 32 inch HDTV which is. Tough for me now and then I wanna get fifty inch 46 inch. Which -- -- left in the -- and we care about -- -- But -- I feel like. Yes and -- -- and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- cottage and make it -- -- -- factor things I like mannequin for me a line yen is that and then there's like. Buying apps which is claimed that I feel like that's as anything it's like downloadable. Google does not a little. You know because I'm telling you -- I can't but it is -- -- I don't think you're hired about this particular -- mean their -- like he -- -- gift card. So they'll be happy -- I -- want is that. A with a cool watch but again -- I don't mean like -- a a fancy what his company is I I -- -- killing your got picked up this like twenty dollar a -- Casio from Duane -- -- -- -- fell -- love it how retro it is but. It's kinda crappy too and I keep thinking about getting like I don't I get obsessive parents like me give you like -- when the fleet starkly fossil -- -- like a highlight. So I kinda cool but then it's funny because -- a friend of mine. We notes he confessed to me a minute out him an American -- name had my name that he confessed that he's taking off -- watch. Now the key is in the dating scene he said it -- -- like gen -- would never want to -- you if you anyway. And why -- really -- really -- you might have I have so sad but I thought watches my thought was that watches it -- comes or come back in style. Again I sort of interactions he had really can't feel like I think there's a new semi ironic touch wearing crash I really think now is there -- And not annoying him. Our watches just like if you have a watch he just like -- I -- alone I. A lot of. The people I know have gotten rid of that's the trend that's a lot of people have and then I did to and then I got William -- and cases it was easy to check the time. When. Like my hands are full house holding him when he needed to be fed in. He was like floppy in and a little -- that. That -- like well they are not yet cannon -- -- -- tiny milk like milk warming up and other things -- it's like -- -- tightening things and we have little kid. Like in the I was gonna say I was using the word breast -- -- and -- You know what it's okay okay okay it -- and it is an -- years parent airline fan response timing restaurants so. That watch was helpful. But now I feel like I -- -- one but I can celebrate that it's useless. -- -- -- -- -- I like IE recently bottom watch his back you know -- -- -- rating -- meeting to meeting -- Italy's. You know I didn't -- -- -- and then united permit supplement its deepening earth bubble. -- bottom watch and then I still looking. At. Yeah yeah it's just an accessory from sit and play. I -- answered yes now so -- cool options. And -- it makes me think of like other holiday gift speaking of which that there was a Nielsen survey over the weekend that said that kids six to twelve. Want an iPad most of all. Oregon for the holidays and this gets it tops -- intended Diaz. Tops and I -- That July high as the day is as it top Harris is always you are just expires late. Might pull up the as my computer just -- -- -- good it feels like listening to my. -- but it was they them -- I can't it was electronics it was electronic okay so this is like comparing against. The iPad computer -- -- general -- -- -- iPad touch intended -- any PlayStation 3 was after that. Smartphone that's non I found other mobile phone -- I found. TV -- all sorts -- stuff like that it. Sony's gaming console but. Yes as a gaming console so the question of whether it -- subdivided because connect a separate from the Xbox sixty. You know. And then also he said is that the parents. That are helping fill this out and saying we want they can't be -- his or six kids six to twelve really filling out surveys. In other communities. These kids. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And nineteen gift -- and another from an event but the the thing about it. I feel like in my own life I wouldn't -- because my kid is to party loves using iPad again asked for by name. You'll say to me like daddy I want to watch -- -- on the iPad -- please. So you mean just like traveling in an airport you know like the but Japan's air -- watch oblivion and -- -- Immediately make them yeah yeah like to. -- -- -- -- -- -- put. I mean it. It's and on the positive side there are a -- -- too much of the videos -- though if you're using home with a kid yeah. They learn quickly that that's the best thing that has course -- like I want to watch the video now. But there are good books on it and they're also the -- interactive apps like. I think the most useful the piano one idea is I'm so lazy that light -- will also I don't have a piano and my home so. I feel like the chance from the kind of play around with the rain that having that were also the drawing apps in case there you know you don't have that. SATA crayons and advocates of change my rent it to you read books here and an iPad a -- in a couple of and the doctor sees -- via. Which are really get any other couple boxes -- found -- Hewlett some. It's not you know it's effectively the same I feel as staring into books and asked maintenance -- you're interacting with my video stuff. Is. Well -- five minute increments but it is sort of like really no different and much heated yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- think it. Which you around would you recommend an iPad for for instance and -- And mean -- -- -- that too young. You know I would still want them and typically that -- did not. Or a clean outs yeah yeah. Reddish hair -- look who did nothing you Brandon yeah exactly mix and -- it like -- that I mean we can't. In the coming in that age where everything's everything's technology and -- and make -- memorable and now it's usually made before. I don't know but again it was -- safe for kids ten years old -- -- -- And maybe you wanna control the use a little bit more in. Now don't get it for six yes the economic and what -- -- children. -- -- -- And now another weird I don't know this is your mention that you really -- -- of the MacBook air and there's -- rumor and seen anywhere else but. Wouldn't be surprising. Was discussion at the new MacBook Pro -- -- well it seems -- always coming Aaron April march timeframe. But that it might be a lot more like the MacBook Air. -- -- possibly. That you essentially is it when they'd when he introduced the MacBook Air they did say and remember the exact wording but they said that it's. The new. That this is the newest version of the MacBook is the way they canceled hospitals may seem like this is the -- everything that I like. Gray building declining in some -- may -- just the beginning and they're saying -- possibilities include I mean that's designed. It -- here -- -- it's already been debunked in but these guys were sort of theorizing but I think was sensing is the question of could it be. You know could there be SSD options would they consider dropping a dvd drive. Would there be light peak which is you know competitor to use B three point though because what that part but I feel like. It's usually but if it brings up the price I I'm worried that -- just -- the price of gas. On here. -- If people want stuff that's more like them to people to people you like your dvd drive. And -- Is it. -- -- -- And intensity easement. And it is just good to have it and Agassi just thinking. -- -- But. The subpoena. For a notebook as -- when. An area of another doesn't add them eligible threw it at -- wizardry in means -- even if build that. Old optical drives with the push button in and just -- -- it that takes up space. In them. And to make -- we -- -- redesign them because I guess 2008 was the am. Was when this unibody one was introduced. Was into the estimates of this -- -- three years so. AM yesterday when I am yeah -- usually get -- design maybe they'll have high end options that will if you wanna make it MacBook marriage. You could pay through the nose and a -- like. 2500 dollars -- super sleek. Little slab of of Apple. I think they'll make it I mean -- -- and and that means that could. If the -- the prime options from the prime affordability. In mind as well. So. Now hopefully. So there any -- Speaking of shopping -- -- you have it figured out. And out and so what did you choose that then and -- and actually choose anything. Asked in. Animals before. That you got a list. Up by now we did them like a top product list and then we did little sub categories and the -- do the same camp again nesting and we have yet -- for five different -- -- where they're ones that you like. Other other new ones now we use -- like a couple of currencies is still feel the strongest about. Some new and there. I I would save and -- T-Mobile my touch four G me is -- the commercials. That I couldn't play about Al Razzaq act. -- -- -- -- that they really day and you know. Kind of if it's heavily customize the user interface -- -- models -- -- stimuli plan. And it's a little bit like TouchWiz it back and easy for everybody especially -- appeared sure they're gonna have problem with it -- I think it makes injured a little more consumer and and -- anything to the hardware itself as they they had second gen. After atom processors so it's really bath and app and those -- that one and and then. In pink and others. The windows phone seven devices there he said the Samsung focus is -- -- over. So never play with them and eat onion did I keeps -- Yet you've seen the interface and casting it's light actually for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- interface and a -- in -- way via. Feel -- if it's funny because they feel like days. And -- separate in -- feet deep at the start screen and that application menu which is very minimalist thing in. Adam pretty basic and then you've got the hub which is -- -- like is in the interface became relay Adam. Alone. Capture and it really. -- -- menu and applications. That mean I think -- did it around and the adult you know enjoy it was -- guarding. -- have a phone so I can -- it handy you know I know look at. You around like he does -- it. And he's he's walking around -- -- leg. Hey you yes so this is liking linking what happened kind of human right now kind of and he gets up and he's sure other people but people -- consulate. Thank you -- and and the like -- Yet I get back to -- -- -- like seeing -- the month how he he does yet but -- was holding used only -- It may be -- in the phone rather than Galileo. -- isn't cash and it might actually see no signs of that but yes I actually think this could be much affected them yet or is that you need it yet addiction epidemic. Think it's a long garage in animal -- on assignments. And more he recycles phones yet here I mean he's agreements giving. -- previous -- again and yes even to his -- which makes no sense he soon. -- -- speaking true. -- and it is one of his phones he has his dad -- Yes but it's not it's activated play if he doesn't use -- may call it yeah he's my friend and he thinks that's why I like to play amateur. Just a look at an apparently -- -- that and they -- yet but I'm. Otherwise like father like it -- union. It's like hey I have what type of phone. And those aren't as -- older ones and -- it's not that it's not a it's and that's for the Palm Pre Iraq and yet had time for is -- -- yeah it says Stan I think everything's anyway if someone else -- Yeah I was when his various I think 15. -- -- Well as Siemens you know all the politics among the holiday -- -- we did however are our big list as well benefits of personal wish -- specs. Out for me like my only wish was when I can think of right now would be and so trying to find a a good -- as drive him for it to store my iTunes and iPhoto library just. And get them off of my computer the -- hard drive -- traded issue -- I'm just and -- now I'm stuck and there's nothing I really feel. I easy and affordable and compelled -- science Sams gonna blow money and some solution but in laptops. And want a ride in his assurance how they just finish reviewing. I'm very excited about the Samsung. Is the Samsung QX -- -- -- like it because we've had Samsung's lately and. They're really. I realized there really violence I am so liking. You know that's not looking our early hands on branded -- -- that well when they first came out late a couple of years ago. Where they actually stars dance. -- -- -- It was it was a it on the cheesy looking I -- and I dispense stamps from -- -- Be looking TBS epic and then my six I think it's more products and getting more into the Ferrari. Laptops. It designed just blew all the -- -- -- because it's just not a lot sleeker yet you know. So that more streamlined. Its so. You know that's the cheapest and -- speed in the ninety's. And it would make me say they used in the form factors from pain -- -- yet there yet read it. Although they they perform well. It -- she added it seems to give a hard time breaking out of their own design and yet these things emerged when they're viewed one in the one of the retail -- we did. It seemed like the Samsung was coming in as the most affordable. Configurations it was a great one and now wasn't the most -- is truly saying. And then lately. Back to school only had a great one which was the Q4 ten a -- And this one's great because its its personal slam into -- battery on the bottom. You know -- it's metal casing almost as again Vaio and a MacBook Pro made -- yeah. Creation as a child and -- -- glossy display the keyboard is a lot like an Asus is that. Also like a MacBook Pro really makes -- -- big touch pad. And that if you again and -- -- also take -- core I five processor. GeForce 310 M graphics Nvidia optimists. Intel wireless display -- stern into in the whole thing's 49. Yeah right right we have an estimated that no that's -- -- I have -- makes sort of -- because he asked me yet. I guess you think it goes way right now outmanned and out and unite and make -- -- -- pretty -- estimated you know yes I can you know like in under boxers and -- just like. Actually. Almost a year -- -- -- and economic grip that working if I've used. In using briefly any 29 sometimes they go on sale things like -- you drop the price but it. It's currently 49 and he was here shy -- editor's choice because the battery life. Was only three hours a little bit and again but then again it's that it's a -- factor and with the graphics knowing when we haven't really had. Optimus laptops at this point that -- done them better than that via based on our tests are our video testifying rigorous and then. In the fact that the graphics are are technically entry level for dedicated and so they're not mean they'll play games but it'd be sort of like in the thirty. Frame per second management I think nothing will be screaming on Mary but considering -- ten minutes all in there and -- -- like there's so many people that are asking. About a good all around laptop yeah and I feel like it's great if you have 100000. That doesn't look cheap and that looks real nice so I'm I'm excited about champion for that reason analyst -- So yeah I just like I am curious about Samsung's -- -- -- -- because all -- sudden. A lot of them if some weird designs but they don't. They don't go too far off the map that you like a restrained couple of products and the surge is do that. Yes you know -- -- when you CNET. Samsung's phones they. That's been ninety -- mean everything else is great about their phones but their design is always felt a little keeps me -- and you can be the user lot of plastic parts -- UH TC and Motorola connect them you know via the steam stealers like soft touch finish -- Adam that's kind of been. Really my only complaint -- infants. Phones as their designs you'll -- when you're paying eight yet dies and want something that fields -- -- -- -- it -- collaborate gas and NEX I know they're not gonna break by. Infecting you pick it up -- unite. It depends on the person who has water and Humana media editing then. If you think well now I have that actually taken care -- -- yeah -- had. And in -- -- expect something like you know and implicitly XP -- -- If I got -- Of the crazy and video game territory derived. -- -- the game yeah exactly. They're privately Michael Jackson video game from Ubisoft with the note important -- is not to be used hear me play which -- -- and I know why you. And then it's creepy because what exactly are you today is -- -- us what exactly does it. I've got my game play it back. The game is -- -- -- love on it lounge around your living with the glove. Kept it in the casing -- -- and then this if you have a a pet monkey named the skin and incompetence and understanding is that the Mikey. Isn't sure what that game is about it just seems like a dance game with Michael Jackson track get -- -- Netanya. It's it's -- it yet it's basically just albums. -- and it does but. That's but it. And me. In and drive -- bunnies and buys and die -- user risk and tan and images and well this arrived. Too late for training died at his -- It's like -- in my pillow he can think of -- -- and infiltrated it this delicate arrive on store shelves and people think that it's like enough for awhile -- old item. But it just coming -- is it just came out and it's. It's a fitness game it's an NFL branded fitness game that -- is making and and it's for the -- but it also has a heart monitor. And it has a leg band with another motion -- -- you it's like. To motion trackers if you count the Wii mote and -- heart monitor and has you going through a variety of NFL training -- and how come it's gonna be adults yeah you you go through I mean E. A. SPORTS active is pretty intense and looks like it was made by the same. -- maturity of the same team has made in that same mold potentially an actual real working -- I steroids included. The whole idea just you're gonna. If you're but maybe this I mean also -- because I feel like the whole packaging and the branding appeals to. The average guy a lot more than E. A. SPORTS active is -- which is very family oriented others very like. It's aerobics yes -- feel it is not and not say anything about it's like this is like a sports. Hey you're gonna throw footballs -- type of thing like I don't know if this is gonna help. It whether I'd feel motivated to do this I'm gonna get -- -- -- them I'm curious and carrying out. Okay. I was silly I -- trying to figure fitness video game because I do I'm planning on and beginning to lose weight and it's hard because the connect requires so much room average income and there needs I might write a piece in. Tim -- is pushing into it -- -- design I've tried it. Tracked my progress -- the because the with. It's hard to find the space for the connect -- works great when you're doing it and then the the Wii Fit is fun that's a little low impact. And keep pulling -- that. Boards media time which cut it's not that big -- deal. Somehow that and that's basically the speakers -- them to the America and know that hey that's the warm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But this one is like a litany of you to put the arm -- on the leg band on you getting it he -- also like to -- Was yeah the resistance and here. Any USB receiver that goes in the back you get really confusing is as a separate wireless connection in addition to the Wii -- can. Once you hook up all of that you're ready and efforts that video. We can't stay and we'll put that's of the vote yes and see that's why I -- that might actually asked me if you people really wanna see that. I would if anyone wants to see press why now I got a -- for humiliate your purposes it's funny because they mean Nintendo. They never made that vitality sensor yet day in which was gonna be a heart monitors and. Thank you may be -- to the -- This news in the. And SI image sensing and UVs will have a lasting impact passing -- Wii Fit those that it does when you. And -- -- Wii Fit now sports a scale. So you can actually get an IBM -- again very accurate way which is actually -- cool because. You just use it as as a week here via and you can find -- over the past human behavior if so that's useful with it -- it. And on how many times I wanna be doing that step game. There's nothing -- -- this. I'm my it can't do it too many Wii avatars. -- these medical I think my favorite he had a lot of time and -- -- and any news. -- -- -- And that's. Well anything else it's. Men and four for a look to for a loan agreement here I have people actually asking and treatment as the fourteen anxious. -- You haven't -- around my. -- -- And his load of caffeine and alcohol he's gonna be linked to elect an antiquated. And not just -- the posting Jones where in the. -- -- newspaper headlines. Today and the upper west side and yeah. I'm just I haven't. Collapsed you let go are paying me. I got to -- and did -- it could. The country's phone he had just about. Get a resistance band restaurants -- -- heart monitor -- attached. Thank you got planned for -- I think you might just because if you were Jewish Monica. -- -- -- -- I have worked and apply it typically networking and -- where there. But -- just I can't stop thinking about if you're and it's pretty intense I gotta come -- -- upset about. But -- is so hard to shopping is happening in people are shopping so this a couple of our picks and hopefully that's helpful to all -- -- And I guess that's. -- we do anything else saying. -- -- Again. As I really give a fanatical yesterday's post here it is and and. And this minimum staffing at -- sentimental it's idle mind and elect. Me to have some. Take it back in -- in the last its gains we get furiously cut mashed potatoes. And pumpkin pies and it before and almost broke. My -- -- -- yeah I was using at the curious and put it -- -- -- for this and is about midnight and we are. During the crackdown mashed potatoes cooking like chopping shallots and it's like actually went to the bathroom and -- heard a clang and -- went. And I ran out and it fell off the -- on the floor. It's fine -- it's fine but I feel like he has some dust and the screen -- -- -- -- -- -- Mean it's like. The doing yoga for them maybe -- And on that and and on that note I suspect got just -- Major holidays. As is and a good Thanksgiving -- of Virginian. That we can find it eventually -- Yeah -- -- FaceBook fan page digital city you can also check this out on Twitter and. Digital city at digital city. Me I'd -- -- jets got on Twitter and and you can -- that is a serious and -- found that import most importantly that ended in August and that's what it is an agency that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I expressed my name. Look for -- on iTunes as well we're on the. Oh and by the way guys that video and audio -- is now fixed. And you guys the picture RSS feeds as it is that that is it's called yeah sorry hands him. One of them. Fiasco. Of course I had to get this it's possible. Everything through repeated -- he has downloaded. Enjoy the -- your cyber Monday. I had that I. -- --

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Sony's newest $1,500 sound bar offers Bluetooth headphone listening
0:44 April 20, 2015
Sony's HT-ST9 sound bar is the company's newest flagship at $1,499 and it offers some unique features such as support for Bluetooth...
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Mini's concept begins where Google Glass left off
1:51 April 19, 2015
The carmaker's Augmented Vision is a new concept projecting information, navigation and safety information onto a set of glasses.
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