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Tech Culture: Ep. 103: The car as app platform

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Tech Culture: Ep. 103: The car as app platform

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Forget tablets, forget smartphones. The real mobile platform that matters is the automobile. On this Roundtable, we discuss what's going into cars and how it's getting there, with CNET Car Tech co-host Brian Cooley and Ford product Manager Julius Marchwicki.

Hi everyone welcome to another edition of reporters' roundtable I am -- needle in San Francisco this is our weekly showed a single tech talk to each time. How many guys in a notice but -- a real job here at CNET is covering mobile technology in particular mobile startups. But you know what turns out the real mobile platform is it's not the Smartphone not their wristwatch is not the laptops on the tablet it's the car. And cars are becoming so interesting as technology. Containers and we're going to talk about that today. The car. As the next app platform and that two guests who are gonna be dynamite talk about this first joining us in the studio Brian Cooley hello all. Host of car tech Arctic live and roadside assistance -- -- systems a newer show yacht and reviewer of all the cool cars. Brian's got the best job here he's got a car videos yes yes -- he's the guy who a the video in the lobby right now is him driving out of Austria Australia zoo that's right he stinker and -- you. And also -- -- speaking of the Ford Mustang. Julius march Wiki -- a product manager for the Ford sync app link he's -- -- from Detroit Julius thanks so much for making the time. Hey guys pleasure to be here now so we're gonna talk about the future of the next great mobile app platform via -- before we do that just to get it out a way to. Ford's -- EO Paul mastering this described it on ROC ES you -- -- last year the world's biggest piece of consumer electronics. That's -- Ford sees it now right guys I mean that's that's the idea now it's a big rolling piece of CE. Absolutely out at the nick -- as a as a mobile device not only. Enables you to -- -- to be using this giant. This consumer electronics device but it lets you bring in -- these other devices. I your MP3 players and and you know you're Smartphones. On so we're all about that and I and we love we love CE that's what that's -- -- about. I of often thought about cars as really really expensive Bluetooth headphones. But that you can -- -- -- much -- the dazzle yet why just like the at that stage so that -- kind of sixth at any rate that are. -- I have to ask this question first. To kick this off because otherwise we're just gonna get hammered in the comments why can't cars just speak cars how come you know you get the -- I mean. Cars work why are we putting all the stuff in them which is distracting and potentially dangerous. Well appointed Julius what have you from -- that -- point to a us survey that came out just a few days ago this week where a bunch of young adults eighteen to 24 girls were asked. If you had to have one. Internet access or car. Which could you live without and you would think -- Car of course but 46% of these young adults. You know late teens to early twenties said and -- the keys I need to have Internet. So -- -- to the point now where what used to be an absolute requirement of being a young adult in America you know we have fewer and fewer sixteen year old in their license every year in this country. Offered for different reasons -- -- the Internet no -- there but what used to be the number one right -- passes -- number one sort of -- individuality statement to the number one sort of tool to congregate socialize and be out with your friends and what they wanna do all those activities. So much of that has moved to the web into the Internet services. But the car is still a huge part of but used to kinda own innovate in how the units -- horned in on any. -- of course it in in some cities you really don't need a car. And even and in some other major -- -- you do need a car now thanks to things like zip card and city car sure you yeah actually. Get a car when he needed a lot easier than you ever could before. But turning over to. Julius there who who's at Ford and New York electronics -- in an electronics division at Ford Ford is. An old Detroit car company how does it feel to be working on the tech stuff when you're surrounded by a bunch of metal heads basically. Well I I'm I'm privileged enough to work with -- a bunch of about -- com that's the software geeks right so. I'm in this group called connected services and we were kind of along with our electrical engineering team. Kind of visionaries in the sense that that we -- you know that consumers -- going to be. Wanting to you access the world's. As they were driving -- to get back to kind of year earlier statement about that about distracted driving. On Wii ware of the pioneers when it came to doing research on distracted driving as it was related to technology. And -- what we discovered -- were two things on anything that takes their hands off the wheel on your eyes off the road is is going to be distracting. On and so we've really leveraged our technologies things like sync and my Ford touch. To make sure that year year can't stay on the steering wheel on -- your icing on the road and we leverage voice technologies to you connect you to the outside world. And I will say this is the you know just from our independent editorial point of view here this is not -- public affords -- they really were very much early out with original sync and in doing what was at the point near natural language voice recognition and see anything quite like that when that came on the market. And it was also a large focus on safety and -- distraction now recently you guys have had to revamp my Ford touch substantially. Because it got -- got -- what did you learn from the lessons of my Ford touch getting a little too complex and you've just recently refreshed at a with the new models are coming out very shortly. Yeah absolutely and one of the beauties of of having something like syncing -- -- a software platform. So as we learned from our customers and we -- from -- dealers of modern vehicles. Were able to were able to update on that the technology that we have and so we took the lessons that we learned from from our consumers. On and we -- done we made the necessary changes are in need to -- and we've been able to why we're actually be updating on our customers in the fields on either through their dealer they'll actually get USB stick in the -- -- and they deploy and update their car on on their own and it's it's as it is somewhat seamless and easy process for refer consumers view on to have a certain look -- their cart today and tomorrow they have this new and improved update. That is certainly has a lot of performance enhancements -- add -- -- the customers getting a better experience. As long as you don't -- the buttons around too much -- distress and and I -- what happened in my car -- there's -- out of about -- about these platforms as -- -- more iPhone and Android you can't redesign. The interface of any vehicle my Ford touch or any of them so that you can re architect like an Android phone and really basically -- ski in the system carmakers maintain a substantially greater degree of control over interface flexibility -- for obvious reasons several. One is to prevent distracting interface is being cooked up by the owner. And the other parties to maintain robustness and mission critical function. Now I do IS and and I wanna get to that necks that I don't wanna spend we could spend this whole show talking about safety and distraction I really. It's it's almost another show I don't wanna do that show it -- -- -- integration -- -- almost another -- what I wanna talk about is the the the really fun stuff the app platform some of the technology that's behind this now of this standard joke I just saw it go -- and chat -- -- to. -- -- -- And others. Oh goodness they're gonna put windows in the car now it's gonna get a blue screen and the -- gonna blow up the and it operates gonna -- the -- can about the etc. -- that are so let's talk about here windows is -- cars longer than anyone knows crisis that's just don't know it -- -- -- -- embedded systems have been under long so let's talk now about the different. Technology platforms that -- cars real briefly so we understand what we're talking about here. There is. The control system for the -- that's the engine management the breaks -- and then there is this communications and entertainment and are they connected what we have to worry about there. -- Well they're not all what's really interesting about the architecture and and our platform is -- -- -- separate and so and in most vehicles you have this is a true embedded system. Written in something like Catholic and native C year's C plus plus language on its purpose built and it lives in the car and -- you know we hear the Microsoft joke all the time. On but that the true fact of the matter is out on with the sync system at least and in the Ford cases -- on -- very separate and there's a firewall between them and social sync can only do what I Wii with what we allowed to duke. On and there's no risk of a packing your security issues on because it's that the way it's designed for -- and -- -- perspectives you know we don't have those we don't have those concerns so the only thing that's out that sync generally -- inside -- the car is to use things that that are -- -- today. So using not checking for a voice input from the driver or -- right into the display. On that's that's all that -- I can really happen. On and so on and there's that there's a great shot right there on earth but inside the car and down so. From my going back to -- the original question on you know that the platform that we announcement as -- was mentioning you know windows embedded is completely different then what a consumer uses running on a typical PC. On and -- much more hardened on the system does is its windows embedded and -- operates completely different. It's not really NS is -- when does at all -- Microsoft -- it comes from the old -- was the -- for CE was one flavor of its. This is the stuff that runs you know point of sale terminals all kinds of things it typically don't ever go down so -- -- and I'm intrigued by via the firewall issue here which is of course at this point history. Makes sense you've got basically the non critical stuff and the critical stuff that sounds like they're running into systems that are -- -- register many -- that's -- they. Sandbox them but I also -- I think -- not not call you out on this but you sound over confident I mean. We've just been we've been doing a lot of stories hear about scattered about. National infrastructure where people are hacking into. Nuclear plants and power grids and in health and safety stuff by putting USB sticks in unprotected computers and all the sudden boom you've got a virus propagating through control system. So people must be trying to hack the stuff and if you've got a USB port that is an update. And has a potential update your system. Could there be some leakage. All. I'm I'm not the I'm not. On. With. You know with keys on things only only things that are signed and an encrypted by -- quarter allowed on the vehicle. On the and that -- infrastructure around that is that is -- six year on you know within within our our scope of the world -- it is -- -- you know I don't wanna sound overly confident that you know we've we've put a lot of thought into it and that we've had had experts in the field security actually working for Ford designing a system. Those signs certificates is a different thing we heard recently what was last week or two ago about the a flaw in HP printers and where there's no certificate policy on the printer and therefore can be -- as support to access the connected computer or any networked it's also connected to and there's just nothing on a printer because no one thought about back you know. Of the auto industry. Has always had a very mission critical focus and let's face it a very proprietary focus and know they wanna keep things under their control to a great degree for both robustness for brand differentiation. And to make sure they don't get a lot of complaints -- -- to this service senators saying Letterman I tried this and it doesn't work right so Brian. We've got the -- is here from -- now four has the sync platform which is in the middle about your misery lingered in my Ford touch which is there interface it what what what are some of the other major. Application -- communication entertainment platforms out there that's what it's not an easy question even a year ago and now I probably can name ten only 45 off the plate that off forget what got into the biggest ones. The big ones are competing out there are Ford is a major when does it the first one out there are cadillacs Q is one of the newest -- a Cadillac user experience we've seen it's gonna be revamping the General Motors experienced it launches on Cadillac. Of and without describing it to -- detail what it's hard -- words it steals from both PCs in terms of what's on the bottom of your PC screen the pinned things from it takes from Smartphones in terms of what sort of status and notification at the topping your screen. And it kind of blends those together with a traditional middle that are auto maker typically has and -- their own look and feel. -- Audi BMW -- been very ambitious here and they are so far the two carmakers that are offering embedded three G and forgy right now three G. Where the car has its own embedded wireless connection isn't part of the actual infrastructure you don't even need to on a phone let alone -- -- To -- online but those cars their way out there on that although recent information be seen though one of the -- lead dudes over at AT&T says. Within a I think just a couple of years he expects almost every car out there in the marketplace by nameplate my model who will at least offer embedded. Three G your -- and four G so you won't even be tethering your phone so much if you. Option a car that -- this back almost to the car phone era -- that that connection is connected to the car assembly terrorism -- -- for getting kind of back to embedding -- -- argument is embedded or -- but moving back -- -- of the platform so we're talking you said there there -- a dozen platforms out their forced -- one Cadillac but -- pay as you see them probably about half that many vendors underneath a -- For the underneath level the strata -- the infrastructure where you building apps for. Are the vendors are the car -- is BMW and forward. Collaborating to work on a standard platform are they still trying to do this car thing -- -- so proprietary. -- for Julius gives you guys and Toyota announce sitting back in August Julius that you guys are working on some kind of shared platform for in car technology can you tell us more about that where it will where it will show up in what you're trying to unify on. Or -- still really early in the investigation stages. With Toyota -- time we clearly have to -- -- similar systems in terms of how we -- -- integrate with applications that I think -- that the -- -- was talking about was -- applications and inside of the car and so -- you see every auto -- seems to be -- -- -- in a different direction. On but so what -- I can tell you right from -- and the perspective of Ford and -- -- -- but different different models on -- with you know -- the Ford -- you bring in the application you -- -- take for example pandora Internet radio. On and as we've worked to bring applications -- for example we just launched slacker Internet Internet radio on you you simply download that's your phone and you take that into the car with you. On in the Toyota model you have -- and tuna. And PNC -- is is updated to included. Applications in the future on and so it it is kind of this this one out verses many apps -- approached. On at least from the perspective of bringing in -- your own -- activity in bringing in your own your own applications. Yet to different it's a different vision one goes discreet app by app with the in a -- -- basket of apps that Ford supports but you gotta put them on your phone one at a time -- might -- beyond -- -- I'm gonna be in the market for a new or new work car fairly soon -- And first thing I'm gonna be looking at is. Is it a car that I like amount -- if trying to figure until matters is this. As this and the answer key but -- -- -- electric car is nice lines and drive right is this an application system that I relate to them and I want the ability and two model logo on them for -- -- model or whatever or any of the others and there must be some Android cars out there as well actually of barely if any it's mostly through aftermarket head units right now -- local and VW. Doing some. -- -- value of the BMW I think is a meeting BMW's supports Android and iPhone but not yet Blackberry but for different purposes and BMW the iPhone -- one kind of connected to our call correctly and Android will bring you other. It's a functions into the car so there's a -- even within certain carmakers. And black -- I'm gonna guess that I'm keeping my carpet of the tenure -- that's that's a -- -- -- stuff out. There are five major -- is a good overview for -- five major reasons you do were connected car just gonna lead these out presentation we -- one is entertainment. Of which we understand -- gonna be streaming radio pandora. But also mod -- and and Spotify. You're going to -- -- a communications which we -- think it was Bluetooth hands free mostly but that's now going to expand to Twitter. FaceBook. Email. Text oh my god no status in the car is the on the drives -- never -- -- -- wanted to go crazy its Treo -- had -- had text in -- years -- -- -- have very simple voice to text and text to voice Julius. Else. If FaceBook goes into -- cars I'm gonna find if you. And I'm going to kneecap you get a -- every car pretty good -- bicycle. It's no that's worse and it lets people do these FaceBook and -- oh my god look at that both on the bicycle -- I'll tell you -- dollar BMW connected product offers -- FaceBook status updates inside your car in Twitter now for clear and a payload but -- can edit their does that Julia so what -- -- communications. -- communication entertainment navigation navigation goes connected navigation today is broken when you've got to bring up sticky note to your car. Or sit -- and your phone in Google addressed yet -- punch it in. That's crazy is is like when Eric Schmidt said it is a historical accident. -- tragedy. The cars were invented before computers it's -- -- the same logic is like you need to complete the circle or it's not as rich as it could be so those are three another one is going to be a local -- addicts in general locate the car lock the -- tell electric part of charge and our reported status to make. The most distant out there is autonomy self driving cars -- come of the ones down the road away as although -- -- the cars we drive here at CNET. X. There -- there about a thousand lines of code away from being self driving the hardware is all in place and you just have to unlock the car. And most importantly unlock social acceptance that's gonna be part one. And regulatory except. -- weeks going to see the end of Grand Theft Auto not a game but the real thing because he's cardinal know where they are and have a full time connectivity it's in your car moves and you don't want to move is firstly get alert and tells you where it is is that. Is theft auto over. It seems like it's going that way -- Julius we think. It's that -- -- an interest in question right you you do need to you do need an embedded connectivity to be able to locate where we're vehicle us. On and so access for customers willing to pay -- for that. On and -- -- typically shows that there that they're not on not to say that there aren't those customers out there. On as long as are not willing to pay for that connect to it and then -- -- I don't see the end of it but we have other solutions that -- and and for example with that passive entry systems. Unless your physical key is this within -- you know eighteen inches of the ignition lock on that the car will not start. I can't hot wire it you can't you can't move -- you can put up on a list and then towed away but electronically. Other cars not starting you know and -- a community ownership -- another person without the physical key to the source. So Ford has that view because you guys -- do anything with on the Ford platforms that is like -- where you've got -- -- to G radio I think on the OnStar system's built into what is -- every GM car now I think. Problem we -- do you guys take the tethered approach of BYOC. Bring your own connectivity and -- -- without a Smartphone or you can also put a little USB radio into one -- that's what they have dual USB ports on -- you can use one for medium of the one for. Wireless connectivity you bring in from your carrier one of those old uncles -- -- yet. -- and therefore create the connectivity that way as well as create a hot spot in the vehicle which is also becoming fairly common in cars though I'm dubious on in vehicle hotspots because. My devices all have native connectivity through three G now for the most part of my tablet maybe not my Smartphone always will so I think -- holding car hot swapping is gonna be tepid. So -- Both -- -- wanna ask you about this whether we talked briefly about via the car with its own connectivity and that the phone centered -- -- centered. Solution by Julius at demo we saw earlier was on a Ford Focus which is an entry level vehicle. Using -- and that was a very low end screen but it was using all the horsepower of your Smartphone to bring all that functionality in the car was very cool. But there are other models of cars hiring cars Lincoln's. Pioneer hi amber -- -- all saudis are -- if none. Cadillacs for example were. You can afford to put more technology in the car and people don't want to be inconvenienced etc. -- how's it going in the in the battle between. Having this stuff be all. Built into the car baked in the car and having it be reliant on a Smartphone -- compete competition -- They Julius makes it a point about their research about who's willing to pay for that in terms of the actual install the hardware of what does -- -- to the vehicle cost not a huge amount. But what about that ongoing monthly -- the two cars we've seen that have embedded three Jennings went to we've seen so far the Audi a seven. And -- and I think the six now that's an 80000 dollar car for that one is the basics is more affordable car it's also command -- -- 2000 Bryant current. And then we've got the via the BMW's us several but not all their models now have got embedded three G or -- -- -- by big as last I heard both those carmakers say three for three years that will let you know it's gonna cost unless lease period that's interest exactly I don't think titles carmakers have told you what it's gonna cost -- -- they now. Because three years from now the wireless market will be completely different in terms of cost per bit in a four G coverage. Maybe three G will still be there as a free tier and four G is all you're gonna pay for who knows but -- but we don't know. What the cost will be yet from anything I've heard to have embedded service after the complementary period was long Julius what's -- -- I'm sorry guys you cut -- like -- question I'm. -- -- ask it in breast cancer all right we're asking about. -- the future for in car computing is. Basically apps that run through your Smartphone and connectivity to -- through your Smartphone or -- fund all -- only higher end card you get everything baked into the car itself includes an activity it. Yeah and that and that's a great point I'll tell you you know from Schwartz perspective right we want to be able that we're all about the democratization of technology right and so on even if you -- you know 161000 dollar fiesta. As long as it has sync I would want you to be able to bring in the -- 400 dollar Smartphone that you have on you know with your unlimited three -- -- -- data plan. I'd be able to stream all the Internet radio -- wants on the you know why why should you have to you have a separate not separate phone essentially right. A separate phone a separate phone number separate data plan from -- from the vehicle on you know there's there's no reason you we should death omit those individuals who have a Smartphone have a lot of capability on there friends you know can't afford an 80000 dollar car. And -- presidency does -- as a mainstream carmaker appeals to a wide swath of people with their cars they don't do the super premiums and -- 80000 dollar -- but yet I think -- almost taking the GT. Apple botnets to organize -- in this -- -- thought but I but I think this is almost. I don't policy leaders but it's almost a techie approach that they take. And it's a very valid one right now but I -- the -- we get to a broader market my gut tells me that consumers at all price strata are gonna say I don't wanna fool with tethering. Just put it in their make the cost work but just put in their make it work is multi every car drive to this don't -- what it cost or how good the system is -- -- it is. Bluetooth tethering tends to fall off a cliff about every third time you get in the car -- can't connect push to reconnect reestablish hands free phone or and or streaming media it's a Bluetooth is the issue -- the Bluetooth standard. Isn't one. You know what I think is the issue is to screen. Now you can do a lot with voice and you can do a lot with a simple text based interface as that as we saw an in an earlier demo here. But you look at what's happening -- in well with Tesla though model -- You know they're -- their -- and Green I believe it's a fourteen inch portrait mode LCD now I don't care what the connectivity is -- -- car whether it's native -- running through my phone. That screen. Is very -- -- because it is they re configurable -- controlled obviously. Touch screen and you can do so much more with that screen and you can with a four inch screen on an iPhone so Julius what what do you think amino. A half inch screens and stars and the power. Are we don't always use their scream as that -- -- on an anti Android and if so how do we. Make the the difference between the the the physical or the screen interface Intel that we are pictured here it has a screen and a look at that thing that's -- -- -- that's epic yeah what's the what's happening with that screens in cars. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Write to -- Speaking of that the technology people bringing into cars. Apple or Android what's the -- if -- car -- what Smartphone do you want to to work with you know your favorite car. Well -- let me personally I'm I'm an iPhone user but I'm -- -- about the Android. Earliest avert auto maker is that as adults and downed and the reason wise is just you know there's this big gathers this big market pushed. On and you're looking at huge -- of the market that are rapidly moving Android. On its huge piece of the market going to you want to iPhone now that it's not available on three of the four major carriers. And I'm really its eye on it it's kind of it's kind of a plan -- and users -- are going to be. On you know we -- CI we see tremendous growth and Android rom all of our application partners he tremendous growth and not in that area and on you know which we we -- support both Wii titles -- those are really good things and we don't forget about the blackberries of the world's. But don't forget the Blackberry come -- everyone else as you guys gonna join as a -- the time go ahead. I here's what I find so interesting here we are with -- iPhone and Android the dominant mobile platforms and -- -- By the end of next year -- know -- -- it at this point which is like one yearly or for additional and for windows the -- investigated and there maybe maybe maybe for webos to re emerge and for Blackberry to reinvent themselves to be in a mixture is the into the game for sure right. But cars. Those guys don't play. They're not embedded in cars. At all you've got Microsoft as one of the biggest and you've got custom systems from continental and and so and others that are out there are -- see how these -- is out there and beat their chest about -- we -- mobile and tablets and Smartphones got a about the car market. You're missing a huge and very stable market it doesn't do this over history. The car market is very rock solid. Android and IOS don't run anything in cars they just aren't. And in an interesting question and actually mentioned I talked about -- -- you talk to the guys that that Research in Motion they had they actually made an acquisition not CO NX we are -- -- -- terrorism on their subject systems out there that that we might see in the near future so. On. Again I think I think it goes back to this whole Bill Clinton brought in question right hands on if you're not building and connectivity. On you wanna rock solid automotive system again there's a difference you know -- We got I -- I've seen people use their entry phones and and reboot -- once -- -- rate on we don't -- -- -- -- -- I didn't find twice -- -- -- when you reboot -- are gonna get in it that is and I don't reboot. Think -- that -- -- that that's predictable behavior and that's a very big did our parents. Right so you know those are the the IOS operating system and media centric operating systems they are out there designed to run on on consumer grade devices end of those -- have different expectations different behaviors and that an -- on and so well in the vehicle all right we -- we don't have to -- to -- right we have to keep expectations as they are. On meaning it's that -- -- -- -- system -- will never break you'll run for sixteen years. On -- all types of weather humidity temperatures all that good stuff on board the industry's shifts. Our quality expectations shifts and now you -- try to you have to model where you treat the infotainment system in your car. As a as a consumer -- device. And its site if you do that and the consumers -- as willing to accept that dead that JD powers and and quality teams there are willing to accept that then well -- actually running into is is you'll you'll start to see that sort CB IOS is in the hundreds inside died inside some of these vehicles. Now speaking of violence I want of the big things that's happening renowned in in Smartphone technology of course a series that's that's the new continents via voice controlled. It's still in beta it works. Pretty well it's getting better almost as good as Google via. Okay. -- -- Well that's what I wanna talk about I mean -- people going to have to remember how to speak differently to the gift to their phone and talking to the phone in the car with a token MacArthur like. Talking to your catered -- it's like you remember how to talk to them work are we going to see an integrated voice you lie at some point. Are you working with Apple to get into the series system for example. -- Well I can't comment on -- on. On on any of our work with with our technology partners but what I can say is that absolutely we wanna get on to an integrated voice solution on don't forget and and -- -- there's nothing nothing made our team here in Niger -- happier I've been seeing a -- Apple's acceptance of -- voice right they've they've embedded it as a product. Hot inside of there and -- of their iPhone. And -- nothing made us more proud as a company on because we. A four years ago we launch saying we said -- -- going to be extremely important on not only in cars now is that validated but outside of hearts and you're starting to see it in and in browsers -- -- starting to see on mobile phones that voices and extremely important on and so will there be an integrated voice you are absolutely. But you know when we get there and how it works across all -- various phones that are out there. On is is a matter to it to be seen. Now normally and a tax credits that's -- -- one thing the auto industry has some catching up to do on ports Julius posited you know that automotive is perhaps the top of the stack right now and voice recognition. And I don't find that I find that Android phone recognition and I'm not terribly and I'm gonna love -- my Droid does lots of things I -- like scratched. But the voice recognition. On the Android system to get anything done and any layer of the system for the most part. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And talked to my car and -- figure out what I'm saying unless I'm within something of a sandbox of -- Now one of the things of course about consumer technology -- automotive technology for -- very good reasons the consumer technology moves more quickly and automobile the design cycle that auto technology has been getting faster but it's still relatively behind is -- -- how are we doing on that Julius. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we're gonna take your Android solid organ put on the dashboard. Of a Clark and -- make sure that it's about 36 inches away. We're gonna drive down the highway at 75 miles per hour and you're gonna tell me how well that natural voice works in China alone and -- -- I'll play something I use them I use an iPhone four not a forest via -- I use just the built in voice command system for up for making calls and playing music. I have a connected to a Jawbone Bluetooth headset you. It works nine the 8% of the time zones are Siri -- -- -- just the regular iPhone four okay Israel are not using it for -- that -- have just like call mom. -- up at work at home. Play this artist yet it -- and things are using headsets all right I've become a cyborg and -- court them. I'm just saying that. You know -- voice. Based alloys is key to encourage people to six been doing that since 2007 CL I drive right you're talking about is that you know it's it's what we've done in the -- space I appreciate the comments that and I think. And I think Bryant's right we are working on not more intense baster naturalistic voice. I'm that's that's definitely yeah a gold bars right around and and don't forget all this -- -- transactions go back to -- -- go to cloud. But he bit the translation and our vehicles as I've mentioned before don't have been veterans you know an embedded modem -- to send data to the cloud on so you know we we are looking at solutions that stuff that can enable this technology and we absolutely want voice experience that -- seamless to the customer. Gives them everything I think all the auto makers are trying to do not. You you don't have may not have embedded connectivity but you do have unlimited. Electrical power. The -- From a computing which for Spector got kilowatts power coming out of that engine -- anybody -- a lot of CPU and at -- and calm before wrap up here -- normally as we wrap up the -- Julius we asked people to give -- their web address elsewhere to find them. Their best work on where is your best work physically present right now I mean what automobile from Ford. You think is the best example of the state of the art for consumers today. Up let's that's a great question that we have we have a wide variety of a technologies on but -- like -- 2012 Ford Explorer on is that it's a great example other new 2012 off Ford Focus both have great examples of -- of infotainment connectivity are featuring my Ford touch. And then if you wanna get a really good taste of -- all the applications that that I can and six exists inside the vehicle on the you know want a Ford Fiesta based Ford Fiesta with sync on this gonna get you all the application connectivity could ever dream of a Twitter pandora Internet radio on slacker radio stature Smart radio you're gonna look at you a look at the whole gamut of -- of technologies across those media. Like app stores for cars now was this this is -- we saw this they come out from -- red know the idea how to launch of the Le web conference this week. We're Renault Lula of course -- -- -- car after all they -- that's right then and Lenovo has a -- they get together and so rail unveiled an in car presence and GPS business news this week and in car connected tablet okay specialized tablet for the car. That they call the are linked and it's gonna have its own App Store -- it up with more than fifty apps -- -- the small number curator and App Store. But but our link is Ide Adobe is the first I've seen where there's. An App Store that is that is really quite broad -- cure rates a handful of apps in -- cure rates five right now that's kind of where most carmakers are going. But this is the largest number I've seen cure rated. Four or by an auto maker it's still a media stolen or talk about app fragmentation coming our way. We have because now you have to decide you know Ford does a good job because the you go get the app it's not a special app for the -- pandora in the latest pandora has the hooks in it to work with sync as opposed to me having to go download. The my Ford touch or Ford sync version of pandora that would be a -- They very wisely steered away from that those were the -- things I asked him when they brought up the apps platform is okay why do -- go get this app is just go -- -- It's already got the -- -- -- Smart way to go. But I think we're gonna see a lot of a lot of fragmentation as it certainly -- there's more more integration of Android phones in the car which has to happen the marketshare is just too large to ignore. Other we're going to see a lot of pressure on people who were used to -- fairly wild west Android atmosphere say I want to get what I get. On -- side load whatever I want into this thing. And have my car just gonna supported on a basic OS basis and carmakers don't wanna go there for reasons of of quality reliability and signal and safety and -- -- ability. Because as a Julius mentioned the two systems in the car are right now discreet and sand -- on their own. But I have to believe Julius are going in the future there are good there's goodness to be to be found by having one cohesive system around the car -- -- not. For everything. Absolutely I don't know there's the you know where word agreement with you right and we we're trying to find that says the right solution -- upgrade and again it goes back to the side you know what's gonna bring the consumer value what's going to be have relied built in reliability. Scant good quality for customers on so that there's a lot of questions and and -- -- -- groups and consortiums working together to two try to identify this problem. On the known here at fort were you know we're during a Brussels are -- SeniorNet senate and identify what that is what -- customer's wants and and try to deliver that to them in the most cost effective manner. Reality check -- JD power research came out -- a late November around Thanksgiving and media looked at the quality and the satisfaction people have with their in car navigation interface systems. And the highest rated. Was the Garmin system in the Dodge Charger which I can tell you looks like something Fisher Price and I -- this is the simplest most horrifying. Interface -- a -- makes it look like a there's Sony's gently of these these challenges -- charters to four Urals. But it's it's basically a blown up -- Which is real simple you get in -- mean the buttons are like this because they they blow it up it's like push this button to start navigating stupid and pathetic -- -- one of those were a mom but -- interesting lesson in the fact that we have a lot of very ordinary non techie people to bring along we talk about the auto business this is not. -- -- automotive cuts across every strata like very few other technologies except for -- you know telephones and results telephones and television. So Brian now we're gonna run out of time but I have to ask you the same question -- Julius. But across all vendors what do you think as the most uninteresting -- most exciting automotive sides -- platform right now. Well I think it's very hard to identify one among the carmakers right now I think the trends though that I see the top 45 much of many which I mentioned earlier. Are going after those five functions and also mentioned connected -- is -- its number -- job number one to me have you seen ways. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A but I think connected navigation is number one in terms of real great function to be delivered but connected entertainment is the one -- gonna get consumers attention right off the -- they really respond and act quickly and it's like yes cannot of the BMW and -- just announced that they're doing I think it's the first. Streaming radio on demand and -- like pandora which is predictive. And streaming this is on demand mod is more Spotify. That's a very interesting model and very frightening to the radio companies out there as well had yet it is -- I'll tell you what I use I would I would -- -- -- complaint on the radio -- -- -- the commercial was by the when you take commercials out of radio consumers actually missed them. But the big thing it's part of the context of what's going on in the world today. A good -- -- information but it's also the thing that. Heard that music too many times and radio stations -- always playing the game of boring the least number of people at. At a given moment. When you have something like a moderate Spotify in the car even pandora is right California jobless ten years -- deal isn't rated themselves. I know I know -- I go about aliens and he really knows what they're really recent so that's that that to me is -- number one the connected navigation is. Chunky media deliverable number -- -- but seriously -- you can only buy one card today. And it had to be -- car Hollywood and I would just taking convert my current Carnegie car which is on the screen right now my 67 -- Right there for that beautiful Dearborn assembly plant Julius right down the road. At the Dearborn car. Now -- -- how would you -- 96 -- how -- gonna convert that to -- them are well you know what I titled you'll all the time there's an awful lot you can do. With your Smartphone it's an enormously powerful in car platform here's my 69 Lincoln mark three -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- which some car. -- -- -- A look at the Ford guys whether as a -- I can also call you right I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you there's so much you can unlocking your phone if you take advantage of its voice command Android -- series get yourself a windshield mount in its illegal lot of states would do it safely proven niche in the post -- in the middle. And and -- really take advantage with a Smartphone does it'll give you an indication of where the cars going to be. That's the -- okay Gretzky is -- -- Gretzky the car industry he skating toward the puck which is the phone this is where we're seeing everything happen now it just needs to be made more safe. More digest double and more. In less distracting by integrate into the -- screen but the functions are largely already here and interest in any final words Julius from fort. No I think you to prime prints out correctly right were -- trying to identify where the (%expletive) is going to be. On -- so we think we've done without without Lincoln and trying to anticipate the the insatiable desire of -- billions and billions and app download side we're gonna continue going down that direction on we've seen people move towards voice and so I. So we think we positioned ourselves pretty well. Julius march Wiki is a product manager at -- he works on the -- sync product Julius thank you so much for joining us from. The heart of the auto industry Detroit. Thank you so much thanks to its Brian Cooley of course -- host of car tech governments -- collaborative -- and the -- videos a go along with -- -- -- ones. A full video reviews on cars dot cnet.com right and you can find car -- -- that on Stephen. Thursday's that's Thursday that eleventh at 1130 he knows that of the night Thursday -- 11:30 AM Pacific isn't even a man that's why he's the he's the -- I'll we'll see you next week and another great episode of reporters' roundtable I can see the future and it's gonna be great thanks everyone for watching -- -- for producing I think Jewish thank you Brian and cnet's I'm Byron. -- --

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