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Ep. 10: Best and worst Cyber Week laptop and TV deals: Tech Culture

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Tech Culture: Ep. 10: Best and worst Cyber Week laptop and TV deals

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This week, we go over everyone's Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases, plus we check out a bunch of current online deals for laptops and TVS to see which are worth it, and which you should skip.

Hey everybody it's time for another CNET labs cast doubt -- acutely. Pleasure to see you won't -- a couple of minutes late but that's the magic of live webcasting for arrogant and a couple of minutes early. Because that how we're gonna the first -- help desk today with a buddy David Katzmaier that's -- very exciting but in the meantime. We have some cool stuff that's not give out I'm just looking -- and -- -- and all the cool props they meant to. But I did -- but -- anything that. Who often. -- nobody peaked. At the mystery dot multnomah -- -- -- -- -- -- I have today is day is critical that it's got today's Monday it what kind of money if it. Today at the scale and age hey day when the -- attacking a Cyber Monday if it if it got dark -- money to its cyber remote side errors Cyber Monday on social island around this weekend with the Black Friday -- Fiber weekend. And into as the analytical -- -- I know that say controversial to say but you know it's not because -- deals to be had. Throughout the holiday season. It depends on the depends on what you're looking for -- you know and -- you know what it's worth via. True there are some deals but -- have a question -- for Thai real fast and as a Simonyi who is previously lived in in other country until very recently. Is -- is this Black Friday content something you're familiar with -- new business and American only content. This is an American thing essentially we have a -- so period but it's. Sensible believe the -- -- boxing day which is the day after Christmas so that we have boxing day sales amazed again if the next week. Funnily enough you know because here but Friday's really -- it's not a big thing I mean it's really speak up until Christmas is a Los titles on. And you buy a lot of stuff for Christmas obviously but there's no particular day -- -- from the boxing day sales. And of course CES doesn't really -- right there eight okay and according to hoping that despite because -- -- I guess now is is your chance that that since it's online and people think -- of of of online shopping this sort of not. Constrained to one geographical location that Cyber Monday whatever we call it cyber -- cyber month. Become sort of an international phenomenon because -- fine thing -- -- you know junk anyway. -- the problem is that sell a lot of the the actual web stores that are actually selling some of the stuff men aren't available -- the -- for example. You can get Amazon but you can't get electronics shipped -- the city's. Through Amazon say the key economic as CD's and dvd leakage could be using electronics to build a missile targeting system percent could -- because I mean you know we're old world terrorists at oxygen and in the colony site. Essentially. EA -- Can probably see the sales if you go to Amazon.com. And of course is one in the -- as well but there's no specific strike in -- so -- can't see it. Heading off that quickly of. Quickly I I -- this weekend night I didn't realize this is have been there were number one best buy stores in England and number two they're all closing down after ready and -- demand there is no single best buy store in England apparently you don't then they're there they open a couple of them in 2010. And now they're basically going and I've been -- Dixon's. Again and I've been -- I was a computer world is the name of the the one that PC world. And -- Canada's only to -- a store from the modern age that the name of it. Is also the mobile phone warehouse. Normal phone -- -- again. And at its I mode only -- -- -- -- our -- somewhere that's -- -- best buy partnered with right. -- in order to in order to do their stores via. But it. Obviously there's a lot of established stores there and he's getting in to -- box market. Plays -- -- -- -- pulling out -- that if -- going online site. I -- this illustrated the political JB hi -- which is expanding at the city's. But -- on the in a couple of markets like Singapore and a New Zealand. I don't see any big box -- -- stores -- taking off anymore I think it's -- gonna go online. It's all consolidation could be -- -- Circuit City to get rid of a bunch of other ones. I'm I'm I'm I'm gonna start the going around the room and and since we -- since we were away for Black Friday announced Cyber Monday. I'm sure Julie that you went around and do -- window shopping at least release surf the web for deals. What did you buy on Black Friday did you did you go shopping now -- did not understand health. Note -- I was bouncing from house to house to house getting drunk eating and I gained on eating that was. Basically my code rolling -- Friday that happen and -- black -- -- is -- -- is an embassy and a black out -- the public trust I don't get its list that I remember Miami asinine thing and there. -- com. And I -- did not go online to look any deals between -- considering -- anyone now. Wow well let me add on to my shopping at this at this period you with us and plus and it sentences stretch out there during the course of the year means I don't have that lump. Hash is you know to spend nine and people and plus and apartment listed -- the thought that I thought I. I'm -- got your outlook and -- added. That he behind our enhancing current. Apple found doubt now they say that there's a guy who -- -- to -- statistical analysis of electronics prices and the and he says that. From most electronics items price is actually get even lower in the next couple weeks. More so than they are the Black Friday Cyber -- -- right now is actually the best time from the media. Movies and dvds and Blu-ray and games and stuff like I -- some good deals on. A game -- that well -- of city -- -- three. 39 bucks today. We don't often it's again it's a good chance to get some of those ones have come out in the past couple months -- -- -- picked. I actually had the misfortune of -- prototype. On the weekends on and a few burgers have one prototype ultra -- that it is -- not tease coming as it. I was a big fan of infamous rise yet had a similar through similar on that the best thing about prototype is I guess now that I live in New York City seeing Utah represented but vaguely and I was not as good as I like it actually -- -- -- -- -- -- infamous just because electric the stealth. Absorb the -- thing not to get too deep in the weeds -- the game but I I enjoy the game -- mania. And that a blog that and -- by native instruments which is an advocate com and modeling program and a half price still to but I really if you -- At the -- instruments but don't expect sits down from 200 to 100 -- as good at it but I'm still waiting troll though it's 24 hours later I still haven't got -- serial number yet its own. I don't tell me that -- millions of. As a musician -- within this like I lock which stunts which is the USB key dongle for polite thing software. And waved had a bunch of good Black Friday Cyber Monday sales and they are really expensive plug ins but if so if you're into like music software this was actually -- good period. Us to get self financing with my old approvals and box rate though but I do have a but two -- lagoons and -- and a few things like that -- get what I wanted to do. I found nothing of particular. Black Friday and any advice giving you -- and I hell yeah until you actually like and I think you -- inviting yet but let's hear about it -- when I look around and -- anything. Then I -- did you go to on Friday I don't go any human. Populated physical stores anywhere now where I -- the Internet again. By the you know for me it's enough so much the gadgets because for me -- consolidated -- its -- like it to some degree. I feel like I am relying on you were individual gadgets. In my life. Although I am looking for TV in the end I feel like a noticeable weekend Leo just a list we've got it and now but there's there -- deals running through -- past years and knows going to January February. Deals are all over the place so I'm kind of late laying in the weasel but. And I was let down by any App Store or Kindle e-book deals -- -- like there really weren't any of the apps are things with the same old games trotted out. He had Iain and -- and sales to Flickr or an iPad and every month now. You know for -- -- economic and I went out with a whole I can't fully Angel never play. Yeah and I am I'm very hasn't Pulitzer of these magnets and things and I don't care about them in the first place and and on herself for iPad and Atlanta but never gonna play it and sadly things I have been looking for May be a drop on things like story it's retired members instinct. Writing -- that's ten dollars no drop on that so. Ebooks -- -- -- disappointment because you know recent books that I but the -- buying of the kind of a short -- about and you know not dropped by eight dollar -- fifty cents. At least bring -- 999 with the Kindle books started. Amazon would -- secured deals that -- can't they're actually contractually restricted from discounting those ebooks. Is that why they were selling the Kindle books for pretend books and the publishers Edwards is gonna pull everything Alicia that federal prices could be don't undercut -- -- -- subsidence they cannot. While there are part of the publishing deal that explain why certain Kindle books -- as you -- -- characters have different deals with Amazon. Some publishers but Amazon sent the price even if Amazon takes a loss in the book other publishers. Chose to withdraw from that particular a business model of Amazon but what they Amazon you -- have to take it as we give TU MB middleman for filling the -- a GeMS like in the cloud ready rise even further because some some books or are off by about four dollars and and other me thirteen -- and I don't wanna drop it and attend benefits that could have been the publisher doing that. Most of the major publishers have pulled out of the -- original Amazon Kindle business model where Amazon was allowed to set their own prices that's -- allowing slightly different prices and handle the publisher may. Offer their own discount that Amazon reflect. Only on the Kindle and not on our analysts -- Mars we if you look on the Kindle -- -- say that this price has been set by the publisher. That is Amazon's way of saying -- not their fault it's it's just as expensive as a physical book. There's almost no point in comparative shopping -- They are they have largely standardized but we don't have even if you could get however what -- -- -- my Cadillac -- -- -- in my Nokia. You kind of westerly wind but if -- after an iPad is like that you can double that of each and -- -- -- -- remember which Apatow has which books and right into care by the exit visas Philip -- -- that that was in page you know first volume of ramblings -- the optic. And written in nineteen -- for that I became available. Digital version it is it's I think it's seventeen dollars on the on the Kindle and bring Yuba -- -- and twenty dollars again. IBooks and I believe Barnes noble three bison live on nothing matches to. -- -- I feel and -- since since this whole Black Friday and everybody shopping like crazy day after Thanksgiving is new to -- as I guess is Thanksgiving really. Did you did you partake in any shopping or at least lot of people watching. You see what was up it was we -- us. I was out on I think it was on Thanksgiving and went out -- at the local best buy and -- the people. He bobbed up yeah essentially they started queuing near about eight or something for the -- not -- now we have it. All these dejected looking people standing out in the cold. And to get one cent to 200 dollar a Westinghouse. 24 inch television. I thought. You know I think regularly to 25 yet -- 200 dollars. And that's an identity you know they they put this inflated copy polio in our opinion MS RPM -- manufactures suggested I connect so they put this inflated thing on it. I -- -- think it says like a daily deals -- -- -- -- A couple of signed up to a couple of those things so they always put -- inflated. -- Tel -- and it's a look at it in a deal and I'm sure that they did that third -- like. Finally you know are -- they never see the previously operated that was like the the -- -- on it. On CUN people watching you can actually buy anything monitored not like it'll come on -- didn't see anything you know from a a couple of bits of software that I guess they looked with all line. I went out and I and I checked out and I saw that the -- that's fine stuff -- want to and so in New York so it's a lot of people out about. A best buy was particularly crowded that's definitely true that was the -- -- -- And down I did not actually buy anything on their -- and -- and I also -- on sale. I didn't buy anything in the store or online editing -- -- -- long. Was a little box of out of a little fox enough for babies that look like vans sneakers or for Daschle are now has. -- -- he gets the congress want to ready though to -- small so we have to find larger stand. Through the signals gain market. -- that that was my Black Friday purchased. We do have to wrap up a little early today for holiday help desk. But I it but I had a clever idea. That we should all put our heads together and offer a little Cyber Monday. Advice from people -- By taking a look at some just random deals that may be good may not be good and having. For both weigh in school and and and if you if they are so we maybe in the next -- minutes before -- comes in here doing that I think -- -- I think -- gonna get the first one up on the screen there. -- yet on what to laptops first and a bunch of TVs at all kind of illustrate the point. That most of these big sales are on really -- under powered low end items that you probably wouldn't want anyway though a hundred bucks off a piece of junk is still be did you. You know it's going to be to be -- coming in this weekend. Pepper spray. I kid you not always in the bar on Saturday night and would it would a couple of backpack is in the Cisco lace it. You know witness -- -- like a -- Strayanov with a couple backpackers and -- -- I -- she's. He with a straight face off which cannot buy pepper spray -- And you can't -- here -- the -- is oddly and as a marathon restraint the only way to exit the -- -- -- An extensive global blood in. The Indian Ocean it is Chinatown involved somehow I think so I think and -- -- -- -- you might affect flat out here and it. So first up okay. The movie were coming to me Toshiba satellite C six R&D. S 53 or 2 I am an effort to -- On best buy it now AMD the series processor which specifically is a way. That's how we need 350 -- -- In EQ than even today yeah but what really -- because these are. CPUs like eleven inch -- fifteen point six -- is slated to fifteen and so it just doesn't feel two gigs of programming which really just looking at that the size in the CPU in the price there's a twenty gigabyte hard drive. Speculative picturing him. And -- -- in receivers and how exactly -- Lag I think even 179. That the -- if you ask me to believe it -- netbooks -- but not -- it's it's it's a netbook powered it well and ultra portable -- processor in a big fifteen inch by. And does that fifteen -- and right exactly I can't stand Apple's now -- thank you thank goodness I surpass Jerry I pictured right counterfeit. I reviewed one of these -- on the very similar wine and wanting have to watch out for -- is is this question of battery life as well Alia I sometimes have terrible battery life were a reason and yet you're gonna really be underperforming with the screen and that's we've really seen these us Cyber Monday by Friday deals is under our processes and fifteen -- -- let's quickly go through a few more -- out Gateway the -- -- Intel pentium processor. And he's not even our -- 156. -- now. Four digs at 30992. High next now -- -- and and I do the job or not Intel pentium -- -- -- MacBook Air now -- -- a lot of deals on this going on over the weekend -- -- even 99. I -- best buy but you so rarely see discounts on MacBook you do even Apple's offering at the end they were offering discounts on their Mac box. This -- eleven left now this is 939 down from nine mini nine. MacBook Air eleven inch by -- -- it is the two gig of ram version with the 64 gigabyte SD which -- -- -- 999. -- -- and United States and sixty dollars but then you can -- how much opposed. On usually free shipping a prize winners yet. Buy it arrives as item ships for free again is like a brand isn't anything I'm Ina it is -- fifty whole -- They last but -- well and began gap and on Friday if you want -- bottom for a hundred bucks off and that would be it gets 10% off that. That dad thought that the deals floating around a lot and it was -- -- -- this for awhile is 64 gigabytes someone of these things. At the when you ideally wanna get -- -- its -- dollars more but you get the one without 120 gigabyte. Flash literally have three minutes and when the -- a couple of luck that's an a couple of TVs. Asus has of this with a much better deal -- 893 -- all right during. It's a pentium whatever for a 309 a 389 get a court to a core library 156 display a second gen one you know current general -- -- program that seems like a reasonable deal. There's a -- laptop again the question I would have would be. Battery life is always a four cell battery -- by and I am. I -- 320 gig hard drive as is not bad. -- -- -- But I guess if you're due to the tegra processor in Japan it's a client yet had yet to get -- via I -- have you. We were seeing core I three laptops -- 500 that were. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A hundred dollars more in and an -- nine -- -- -- to -- -- laptop I would consider this. I would think about it how do you definitely cross referenced the reviews photo and see. If there's any secrets -- that totally true but think a peek at what if -- -- that get a elements. This of -- -- -- -- story here -- -- has no means easy. There are two inch high what do you think this is the -- 300 bucks a mean I've got in my wanna find out there's not I have been to anything -- I gladly trade my car for -- -- I'm in you know our economic I think my -- -- out of those forty might -- Oncology data analyzed and did -- downgrade and then I thought this was of a united and dad -- ran it again if I misread the number right. I know that on looking for -- -- -- to -- and when you pop and you country -- looking for probably twenty. 426 inch for the -- -- -- uses a computer monitor and TV. So for 200 bucks -- -- On it. You know they they can't be too much -- remorse when you getting huge TD with 32 inches is -- to return us. But it's gonna be terrible but with only 7:20. Is on sale isn't any kind of price for the Rangers at really low because ads are really what -- circular Philip visited and now this is a -- Q floating around accelerator this weekend around and around -- -- -- crazy. We dive into the experience -- Ahmad had look around the 24 inches around 20300. 300 plus what you can expect for 32 says it's pretty cheap by I would not expect any good quality -- Is a Toshiba -- -- here as well that's that 240 anyway. We get to have to Syria and deputies that we're we're -- -- -- your audio out of this brand before -- you have time TCL is it's not popular. I I wanted to just go to. Apple T creative brands enforcement air -- thirteen I don't even under -- -- -- T it is like it -- -- higher Emerson RTC our eyes symphony or lower than its ATC Ellis Hayat that really is the okay so instead of critical occurred if brands like colored man and that trapeze is among them is. Once inevitable orient has proposed -- similar to close actress and -- -- at least at the two year warranty. -- -- I want at the biggest LCD manufacturers in the world they licensed game it panels and that probably that element we salute with people and has a TCO and they look very similar. -- it cited more than likely is one of these -- CL. Make a lot of LCD panels might not particularly. Now I guys wanna point out that all these things you've looked at are actual Cyber Monday deals available right now after watching this show live on you -- Amazon -- by -- that best buy. Though so the things are taught many things you might actually be looking at that today. I do have one more should be -- is actually may be a good deal -- tell you can tell us whether or not it is it's actually pretty nice TV. And that one and it's -- that you have to Catholic elements define a -- As an analyst enterprise English at the -- exon 55 inch 7000 which is very nice -- the LED -- -- I'll have to load on its weird. Price the price -- IE eight and in the car that -- I was there for the price was there. Add to -- -- free two day. Sign in. And I'm -- -- -- yet when did you cannot salaries and -- Special assist us them and use guys thanks we are in the hospital for his clients and guessing that Amazon -- -- -- -- -- -- enough to have a price that before me and then and now as an island in the period until. Less. Sixteen. 88 then that's that thing. Then we can basically get the plasma for and the same prize and defied the choice between two to be exactly the same price then -- get the plasma. The -- in the diesel -- for the super thin -- -- yet almost look at the -- look -- pounding in person named Tuesday that an actual bezel around the outside is beautiful no it's not clear plastic it. Bicycling melts and -- -- its -- success means loading beautiful. Very -- performing TV. Have -- and -- -- 900 bucks that's actually pretty good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes I have a good. TV that's pretty much one of the best ones. Hoover for 55 well there we go we closed off with a good one and I hate this I need to -- to -- but then unfortunately it's it's almost time for the holiday help desk. With your body. -- -- And global combat with a fully -- next -- -- promise. -- -- -- Could yet to -- -- much stuff what did you guys halo anniversary edition the old -- new graphics you can switch between them -- -- -- -- -- mystery box. Or I'd put again acted in a box of a hole in it and of insecure Hansen I tried to get what -- is -- -- -- the whole right here and then and then people can win prizes. -- what's the prize. And is sending in the box out its -- of the box. I get a -- teacher I got them on a console game controller the -- of games to books. Lots of -- giveaway will get people on the FaceBook page CNET FaceBook dot com slash in Atlantis cast or people in the chat room. To to say hey I wanna -- we'll pick. Like wanted to people who -- -- mr. -- that we have to describe today and more with feeling and it is what it likes it's sort of like John in the chat room is playing -- -- playing for him to use secure in the -- you guess what it is he wins the prize. Bart how to get this time good -- everybody on the theme music out we will see it is that we will see you next week happy Cyber Monday. -- that it thanks.

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