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Mobile: Ep.10: Androids... in space!

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Mobile: Ep.10: Androids... in space!

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Froyo rolls out to more devices, Android tops the smartphone market, and the Nexus One has a new life as an astronaut. Plus, guest Antuan Goodwin tells us about the highly configurable Tasker app.

-- you begins to roll out Android tops the Smartphone market and Android. -- species. All have more coming up on this week's edition of -- -- weekly for Thursday. August 5 when he ten -- now you're just now accounts you're always hear well it's up last week. As a first missed yeah and I'm I'm you're gonna pay the price I'm here for uses that lieutenant -- He -- that's -- a ten -- though nice nice round number and we also have along with us here our special guest associate editor of car tech. Here at CNET Antuan Goodwin. And awesome how you doing well appreciated I feel in limber you were -- the car tech live podcasts and -- -- Marty Wanda Austin. That's great and I'm -- what what phone via. A moral jury and that's that's all we allow on it hit you -- to -- We all like jumped on the Motorola Android when it came out and are we all regretting it real on -- one -- -- I -- -- -- it I mean if I have to keep this one here yeah it's okay. I mean. It's not okay. That's not okay out there I mean I think maybe it's because -- have the very credible and Vietnam yeah Nexus One on my desk rise and -- iPhone. In just its speed vetted you know that there's been very -- -- that -- love literate but. If they could just -- like another drew it it was pretty similar to immediately get rid of the deep and it was a little faster that be great means that that might happen receipts is. You should say that contentment that it's possible that might happen sometime soon or. I don't know maybe they'll release an update which we actually have a aghast that is no -- talk about -- -- Thursday -- and computer. -- -- -- -- Job. Those those little ponds there are good that -- that. Yeah so for your birthday. I got you for Leo for your drive thank you it's great I have. I do half -- and here and it's. He knew little bit different yeah it's I think it's -- A good time -- discussed this thing because I think we all are running. Some variant -- for you at this point. It's a little faster I think I might attribute that Mimi to suit using the built in home screen as well as Tuesday -- monitors using before react and it seems like sometimes those home launchers slow things down that it thinks. Probably not as optimizes the built in one. The address completion of in the little feature. -- completion or look up and exchanges huge for me. No eliminated didn't complete like when you're writing -- new email. And you're typing in somebody's address it -- auto complete the address you have to address in your device but if he needed to look it up from the global actress model I didn't realize the -- -- -- -- yeah no no kidding I mean -- -- -- in and -- all the time and you know in -- -- -- -- email whatever and and find it that -- but now it recognizes that global address and -- a suggestion for -- mostly it's really -- that you know it. -- anatomy and I know there's a lot of different features a camera works a little better. And -- a lot better and personally I like it a little better. Like I'm interface -- that was the -- -- gag that much the camera itself probably still sucks but the interface is way easier to navigate. There -- -- outage roar that never -- -- template and yes my favorite feature is. Bluetooth voice command actually works. Though it actually with the of the Bluetooth headset you don't pull the phone in your pocket to initiate all you can -- -- initiate voice command it should has actually been on every phone. Now and he ate right and you still have to do that by -- by what long pressing yet usually whatever device you have public. Some button that'll just by pass to the phone's voice commanding you can say difficulties -- -- at the office and it'll do it. Previously. I think when the added via Google Voice search and a group that feature IC. I've never been able to use my Bluetooth headset with. My phone. Because I have the blue ant G1. And about 60% of the time when -- answer caller please call it here -- static and apparently it's like a known issue. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah that's not very helpful that -- that. I'm just paralyzed have not been able to. The things we want them to fix it right. Out of principle yes ironically so I just sufferer or like hold my phone up in the card. In speakerphone because California or not -- it it holds that very year that has drew much safer to hold -- up and if you can address that back up. -- -- find some way around it. When my or -- tyranny features actually is the improved password system so now you don't have to deal that little tracking it's -- that'll happen -- in your phone and anybody except probably figured out nagging you a -- -- alphanumeric. Password which acts like a lot of very cool that's cool but it's -- actually are now. Idea. -- -- -- -- useful and then of course some last year password you're not to be electorate map than down -- lot -- -- left right down. Yet but -- it through or via political lives of leaves just yeah I just think of economic code you can probably figure out how to get an iPhone possible. Another thing that in those kind of a big deal I guess I haven't really -- though because I don't use the stock web browser anymore is that the stock web browser has improved performance faster JavaScript don't Woody's. I use. The what is the dolphin browser companies don't and HD yes and why is that. It took me awhile to to get why I like it but I just I moved faster there are certain things that you can do emotions on the screen. That you -- Catholic your finger around and it in response -- that different ways and pull out you know bookmarks from the side her. Yankees do different things that way and actually once you used to it makes a -- pastors use. Do you have a problem whenever you try to do something though it's like which and a -- when he used the -- browser built in browser and -- it remember it many do something slightly different which actually use yeah I mean I I rent and that every once in awhile but I I have to remember it and the never seems to re ask me again. Yet there's twenty different situations they get into. He told me use the browser in this situation but one of bad if you want to link from -- masses those -- earlier email -- yeah click on an XML documents that -- -- team recommended thinks that -- -- in -- -- -- -- -- something right you know there is -- way in. That is -- tangent but there is a -- and dolphin HD that you can going to settings in there and actually make it your default browser and I think if you do it from that menu it's possible that it -- that setting across the board slate articles for browsers actually. -- -- -- Answers to -- it that's not too not -- you know Apple who else got to about too besides two. Are actually supposed to have. -- right well I mean the ego is the first they were probably the cool kids on the block the world's via. Nexus One as a first yet a -- heroes they first non Google manufactured so the first in the past week. -- -- They've have this over the air roll out -- happening and I've actually seen a couple of responses from people saying there's a way that you can actually go in. And you can go menu settings system updates firmware update and you can actually force -- check for these updates now that it's available over the air. But I've heard from some people have the -- that city trash it's still doesn't find updates on -- that would be are probably doing a stage rollout light. They normally do so they wanna see if they break phones first -- one everyone's phone broken and conveniences Toro. That's probably good way to go about -- I say go for broke. I can do it quite literally have to. And then of course for the dried as we're talking about it's no it's not necessarily over the area in there isn't an official release of this hitting phones. You know by -- not doing anything you wake up and have a little Christmas -- that isn't happening. But there is a manual update -- you can do com. And that we have a link to that in the show notes to provide the -- -- pretty easy I did it yesterday or it is ago and the -- He -- keeping two steps and -- being like a on the didn't work. There were it's really and I did -- last yeah sided -- you know as well I think the only thing that I was disappointed by -- Because. It's not officially supported. On -- yet the marketplace doesn't sort of allow you to CEO with 22 apps for example he can't get flash officially in the marketplace the I don't think you can get flash officially -- the marketplace at all anymore right now. And -- -- on the Nexus One I think if you go to Adobe's website they direct you to an APK files you just download and back. I don't think it's in the market with all you know that's it I did go to -- -- -- -- edited. Directs you actually to the marketplace but it doesn't find anything well it opens a page and -- that I could not load right. Yeah and there are there are places to find it online absolutely. Because I mean actually if you go to this manual to -- -- Story here from drive -- as far as how to install it -- the bottom of the post there is the update. Update number one that is -- ash that's the -- can -- the -- and install itself. That's I think maybe that's a popular misconception that you got to is that once you download and install it you have flash that's not necessarily Kate's flash is still an extra download -- I think with some phones it will ship. -- -- probably eventually it will once its once it's all ironed out and it. And official and then I guess the same goes for Chrome to phone. Which is another thing. Yes look for more on that next week done done done teased the -- And then of course we would be remiss if we didn't talk about back -- that. The Motorola Android. This is kind of the issue over the course of the week is that it's not going to get the hot -- feature as -- also wireless. Tether. Hurdles and editor in general thing -- -- general view each other and this is pretty it's Xena and it doesn't really I think it's not true. What they say the reasons behind this so. According to a Motorola I guess. -- -- -- -- German. Talked Motorola and they said that Detroit. Does not have a -- I transmitter so there is no hardware to support mobile hot spot. How ever. I've been doing more on all week yeah I took my phone on vacation Leo you -- routed. Yet known and that's actually why didn't do via that this looked great when her coming out that you're gonna lose -- root cause I didn't wanna lose via Wi-Fi tethering -- But yeah it it works fine and it works fine I think it's just. A situation where there's trying to differentiate the jury from the -- it two that's -- coming up soon and give people another reason to upgrade. Yet we had we have Darren Kitchen from Hak5 on -- while a couple of days ago and he actually had some interesting inciting I wish I could remember the -- Actual spec that he named off but there are different. Types of wireless -- transmissions. And I think what he was saying is that the type that that Verizon officially supports or that for Leo officially supports. Is -- type that the -- it actually doesn't support however it does support. Another -- idea. Which is what you get when you route when you get root access and you'd run those that software so I don't know why they choose one over the other maybe it's a security thing I'm not really quite sure so it's kinda like yeah now as far as -- answer there is concern weird and and now they also say ask for tethering. There's no connection on -- -- he said it will support the the feature. When it what does that mean. Yeah I don't understand that either because I mean you can do the tether. Under PC or Mac with PDA net and you don't even need root access Maria used in the driver. Now an -- and then I mean for immediate for Wi-Fi agreements just warmed the hearts but anything -- And Wi-Fi compatible should work right and actually I should point out Del -- -- in the chatroom. Came four with a few bits of information here -- official support. He is access point mode. -- method is ad hoc mode as far as wireless -- concerned -- does not support. Ad -- -- does not support access point. So there. I don't know what that. I don't know where oxygen like the -- the public for developers yet so like if I have a laptop I can connect to your laptop rated. Word in this case well connector which would then mean that only one unit of time it -- -- -- -- never try to connect more than one. And Italy you can connect more than one because -- -- as you the -- -- some heat it to connect to my that it. Access via in the united disable it using the security features that are out in steam you know mark and I think it's weird. -- you know what else doesn't work and frail. Yeah that's kind -- important -- That you don't out there isn't working for Oreo the outside. Fortunately just on the last competitor beside it. Welcome to -- that's right. Pandora now are so that is unfortunate as it is unfortunate because that is -- -- a non. Yeah I mean it works it does play your music and stuff like that but I've I've been noticing this site -- -- of my phone a couple weeks ago up to TI TU and ever since then. Some songs and -- Norwood play you know as awesome as ever and some songs would come through and it's almost like a low quality battery MP3 like. Really low like eight K -- some like that. And I -- -- -- chalked it up to you know a faulty wrong -- you know maybe there was something in the wrong -- didn't -- with pandora's authentication and I'm not -- -- but employees that you had other issues. The rate. After I did my. 2.2 upgrade. I ran into the issue where it played one or two songs before okay okay. And and then it just stops playing music altogether. It would. Sit there and -- and -- at times it would like played thirty seconds of a song but -- so the wrong metadata. And then it would eventually to stop altogether and I just thought the that there was some sort of instability that was going on because I mean it never really run super stable on my phone began -- -- you know it I used to ran into an issue with. If you stopped at -- -- and exit the app in the next time you tried to play music it would. Breeze and for the -- and manually exit the app and then restart it. I still think it's a very stable to begin with in my opinion. But the real problem according to pandora is that there's a problem processing -- -- -- files and that that that's actually problem in Leo's itself. And they say and this is little disconcerting. That it should be fixed in the next handwritten reliefs -- so you and I want her to -- pleased pandora. In a year. Yeah I mean you -- either interpret that as the next release of Android -- the next. Pandora for Android release but who knows what that mean I really hope it's the latter but I but I mean if it's every OS problem. That's what they're saying again and I'll -- sites and hopefully that's like point 01 reliefs there's a public that's -- you know 2.2. Point 01. -- one or whatever. It won't be as big a deal and well this is actually a big deal because pandora I mean ever since I got destroyed and or I've noticed -- it has got kind of like this premium. Kind of promotion and you'll always see pandora preloaded on the phones when you go into the store and check out the phones and stuff like that so they're always there ran their their premium -- -- This should work area and like the commercials router Arabia is via their. Definitely feature -- yeah what are there any other programs that are affected by this. Good question that he is who can tell you ask good questions just and I just thought I'd tell you -- all right. The next story here we have Android -- 01 and then. It turns out. Is running on now nearly 60%. Of all Android phones is up from the -- five. Point 5%. Over two weeks ago which may have and we talked about this -- -- two point one is growing 2.2 obviously is starting. To grow -- its -- small sport. Move in and out now it could tidy up now a lot more to say and that's that's up -- Drupal when it's -- released this every other. He who else is growing what's that. Yes so according to the NPD group which we would often here and -- -- -- it is now the leading Smartphone operating system in the US. -- and to report released on Wednesday -- it has 33% of all smart phone. Sales. Poses for alas -- for the second quarter quorum which pushes them of rim at 20% and Apple 22%. While. But that's funny -- him yeah rim even like Apple -- can kind of -- finally understand happy just. Smart phone out there but. And rim has has long -- It's it's always been kind of looked out -- like oh yeah it's Apple versus Android or whatever parental always kind of been their -- like Seattle whatever you kids you go ahead and -- sandbox because there we've got all the business users but now with. -- this they can turns tables will let. We just see another instinct had been in the same article here is the top science Android phones from last quarter were the Motorola during -- The HTC -- incredible. Each TCU though four GH TC hero and -- DC two right here so it's DC -- and then now. -- they're I think is still that number one. There -- summaries and and announcement on -- that and -- have shown strong but it's the low wean itself through. Which is a little laud. -- Eric Schmidt says that as of now. As they he was speaking in. -- conference in Lake Tahoe. The tech economy conference race and he said they're now selling 200800. Devices that there -- are 2000. New -- devices are being activated each day which is up from a 100002 months ago. So that -- six seem significant hit. -- I don't know I'm not -- them they could be do. But yes and that's -- -- I think we've been programs consistently -- -- You know 160130. -- 6000. I we should have -- that's been shown it along with our -- in right now if you pretty shipping address. He also said which it -- find interesting that uses may we can get some of the same success out of promo last which is targeted at different part of the market which is of course targeted at the network. Class computers and they believe they -- that it's going to be thing that can case. -- stores and and cloud based storage and solutions. To the next level but it. He also and hope we were at the change this 208 format what kind of what's confusing right and he even says. A little bit later races I think it is improper to be skeptical of Android and I think it is property be skeptical of Chrome -- apps. Doesn't mean. It seems it seems like -- -- confused about the different to do it. -- I knew until I read that content at the editor in -- I got from here is that so Google. Says gets no revenue at all from -- itself -- However. -- more -- people have capable of doing web searches the more they get paid for search ads and he says quote trust me. That revenues large enough to pay for all hundred activities -- whole bunch more. Sitting in about a month over the map since we started -- true -- of places and now. Nice we should prolongs the war. That's right potentially more listeners and watchers -- -- you -- How many people retirement monitoring device and accurate it -- this shows. But at a little -- -- hand I'm thinking minus one now -- one maybe. We've scared people -- yes but but but but but -- And -- get a lot announced. Us hello let's see and device news Samsung it looks like. Based on. The image of this -- Is that taken on the iPod Touch. Yeah let's just like it does -- pretty sorry about now I've -- as you just -- up iPod Touch and else you wish you could have had this. Only available in Korea -- iPod Touch -- knock -- high quality as it is one gigahertz processor Wi-Fi FM radio. DB MTV. Yeah MTV now that GPS forests -- -- on the lid scream. 32 gigs memory. With an SD card slots. And sport MP3. Are. -- -- -- -- -- Did it exit the video formats artsy but he says school. Because you know I've known I've only supports. Whatever it's teases you how to convert to yeah. That candidates that guilders stick anything on their hand. The most significant artists is that it has standard -- one. And it has an Android market and we talked about this Apple -- you know total hours but it's. It's pretty much narrowed non phones out there that are allowed the marketplace now as they don't have all that. Features that you -- these -- marketplace and it's addresses. If not the first one of -- to do that I wonder how they get that designation. There are allowed to do that and the others are. I mean if -- smart people out devices like this to continue to integrate the market and I'm sure that's what developers want to -- can say one thing. Sure Google is smart. If they're smart I said. I cooled it hasn't been. How are you smart Google yes. That it actually asked. -- -- yeah yeah we want an impartial party here to tell us that Google is smart and jesus' you can -- Did get stuff. So you -- the nexus one's gone. Well that you maybe you you thought well okay it's gone in the US it's not done entirely in world -- well. It's back in the US if you really want one you can get one. Maybe just have to you know senior developer reader even need you that you can get it unlocked for 529 dollars still. -- and it may even say that this is for people for developers but also people who want to. The kind of allude to running custom roms or something like that -- there. It -- I think this is a good thing. I think Google -- offered developers. You have to be able to get the latest version of the OS. And before is -- one time. Yeah well I think -- -- Because they're both sort of fully unlocked you can run whatever you wanted on there aren't but yeah as a developer it's good to have access to actual hardware because as -- talked before. Using the simulator to -- -- equipment doesn't really work. As they point out in this article though the G1 or -- Nexus One is a bit faster than the average phone out there so. It might not be an -- in the developer's phone because announcement testament real world stuff. You know soon Nexus One will be slow. -- -- -- When it's pushed out by the five gigahertz phones that are just around the corner right. Exactly. Now I just -- for you know those that really -- still get Nexus One they probably have a lot of product they're probably have a lot of this stuff -- and around. And I'm what are we strategies as yet equitably to do naked -- phone don't know. Yeah people of that. You know what else -- -- yet well but says nexus one's Aaron how are it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- The TV tablet from Motorola and Verizon. So there are working on a ten inch screen. Android based tablet reportedly from the and -- times of London. That -- climate TV tablet it's expected to closely tie into Verizon's bios to tool -- service then. It's a little and this is kind of weird to me yeah because it goes on to talk went out and we're really gonna compete with the iPad but if you have this fire service that maybe is only worked security have bios is -- -- -- sonic has general purpose. We're gonna kill -- at the device now point. Now all set up a really note that means I am hoping and that rumors or whatever they've gotten here are a little often that. Anyone's gonna be able to get this. Quote -- TV. On the tablet. Maybe they're thinking -- walled garden work for Apple for so long to work for them to. They just carve out their there. Very fortunately apparently I can't get files there and it homes so what does that mean enough and -- tablet -- there. I'm Leo maybe it's one of those things words like -- -- -- two versions of the iPad reading the line that is why my own service -- that's AT&T you're stuck with them or. You get one that doesn't necessarily -- and that's there was some news there who knows what they're gonna do with now there'd be an interest and we're going about it. Yeah and I mean there there work. You something here. -- the whole you know integration aspect would TV that even Apple wasn't. Able to really pull off -- points out in here that. You know months before -- -- launch Apple tried and failed at convincing TV programmers to write a little lower the price of TV shows cells. Or sell package of the top shows that to undercut Canada pay TV models so. Suggesting that a company like Motorola. Can actually potentially pull this off if Apple could. Period Motorola makes tons of the set top boxes Amanda bios set top boxes. -- and it says and -- 25%. Share of the US television market where they operate. Because of -- So I think they are some big players here. I think it will come down to execution of handwritten on a tablet device they assume absolutely. They're gonna have marketplace -- -- -- you're gonna have flash on there -- so at that point. You can watch Hulu. CNET TV. -- Whatever you want. Yet once that launches flash is going to be -- -- -- no matter what so he'll be able watch whatever you -- and that is when they got from the I would think. And -- should follow up on a story that we covered last week we're talking about. The Android wallpaper -- that in light Defcon. You know kind of research study done by a group called look out. Oh we've talked about how it was passing along information to China and is this whole big -- blue and then it kind of came out after after the show that. Maybe was not -- he knows -- -- passing along you know all of yeah all of the data like -- browsing history please I didn't. Just you know the phone number subscriber info voice no number which we did mention last week's show. Should be noted that Google uphold the app from the store they did their own investigation decided that Jackie wallpaper. I wasn't actually causing harm to users so they put it back. They did however let them know that you know. They suggested a better way it's -- possibly safer way to do this is basically what they were doing and the reason why they were taking this information. Is because it was allowing them -- enable richer preferences and identify users and recommend other apps so. But I think anytime you get into the world of this is a wallpaper -- but it passes personal eighty start wondering why does a wallpaper wrapped need access -- that data. But then it's on you if you accept their I think it -- and aren't we up front. This puts the underlying problem with the Android market plays right is that it's really hard to figure out like. Every app seems to want tons of different permissions elvis' kind of -- except I'm sure yeah millions and you could be nice if there -- is I don't know either Google or some third party. Such as our own download.com. Even like a score so that like that's like here's how -- we think this app is based on what it's doing -- it's just it's hard to tell I mean. You know an end user just cannot doesn't have enough information to evaluate like. It's gonna collect some -- -- but why's it doing that. -- So -- the the overarching. Problem is still kind of there even if this one Apple wasn't doing anything wrong if if that's the way it is and sorry it would -- needed in the wrong way but it. The overarching theme is you know are you allowing these apps more. Access to your information then. You really issue should and especially based on what they actually do -- do they need access that information is it worth it -- -- so. There should be a -- to. Disable certain things like I mean when you they're deciding what permissions to give -- -- -- the other. -- -- -- they know I don't want Milwaukee for a two -- through the pages listing you kind of particularly if you bring out right should be able to say religiously with you know I guess. My command and PC -- home. Any time and that tries to access the Internet or access. You know if you're securities Hoffa case you wouldn't -- be able to do this staff should and you can turn it off. It should be written and -- Yeah that would be nice I mean -- I'm sure -- the app developer at this point it is expected that may be just that breaks the -- Or it doesn't allow him to suggest other apps that he's developed to you and attentive you know cross sell you use -- yes I mean those free event. Trees and plants that. And now finally yeah -- -- for you -- But it's -- NASA. NASA and Android phones -- when do those two things collide literally. So NASA is sending or -- sentence. Three years for it to. Nexus One phones or project -- Nexus One phones that does is actually group students and -- names. And Google employees. And they strapped to the phones to the back of -- and intimidator five rocked it and blasted into space. Now the phone travelled 28000 feet into the air shooting video along the way -- -- some of that video right now. The -- goals to determine. And the videos probably making your exceedingly disease as -- a little bit after -- I guess -- turn when they go there. So they're trying to find out. Basically if you could use -- low cost parts to build satellite which satellites now are as big as. Greyhound bus and there really -- expensive then. And if the cell phone would actually go into orbit without chicken of our kids who would work in a vacuum. Who work at extremely low and high temperatures. Comments are the result was that -- first phone crass to the ground due to a parachute failure. Mom but yet don't survived and that's we've seen video from. Them both rockets and phones reached speeds of mach 2.4. Or in -- -- eighteen miles per hour. Thank you Terry threats that the US -- -- -- that little investment. -- -- -- -- -- -- Tickets in and out the videos -- -- cool incident it was shot on a Nexus One I mean in the vehicle is not that. -- -- -- -- -- -- become a developer get one and have your own rocket expert on things bones and space -- I don't know what's this whole. -- hospital to the cost descended intimidated or five rocket into space. Read billion dollars -- yeah. There's a parachute part there were a -- now -- kind of speed and around and and the very -- -- forget there. And actually like falls in the sort of rests on the ground and considers he's the the desert surface then someone walks up and picks it up and makes a call who did exactly yeah. Hello states that you yeah and can you hear you now. And cool. On -- we should all shoot our phones in the space. How they'll probably do it for the week it sounds -- you've got a pretty cool. Cool app to cover here yeah let's do it I'm Antuan we have into mini sound effect queued up and ready so go for the there are so the after the week this week is -- Of course for Android and basically. It's a couldn't text you. I know it's basically not a nation out for what it allows you to do is. Set parameters for things like for example. Your phone's orientation or -- the headphones plugged in her unplugged -- -- GPS. Location or me anything pretty much anything that the phone can send you have. Access to then you can apply behaviors to that though for example. When you start Google Maps you can have it automatically. Turn on GPS for which -- often. Leave -- turn that off or. For example when your battery gets to 20% or lower you can have it turn off Wi-Fi and turn off Bluetooth and often turn off background data think deceive. Your battery life these are a couple of things that I've. Had a doing -- iPhone right now. And they're really easy to set up because everything's just I mean you've basically even if the newly programming. About a 399 pounds with a fix but -- -- -- to by the gap and there's also you can get on its face with a fourteen Heathrow. Nice you made it. Sounds pretty awesome actually one of my. That would probably solve one of my complaints which is anytime -- -- navigation. Like I don't keep GPS enabled on my phone all the time kids like I actually like to have battery life. So I only acted promptly turn on GPS when actually need it and I usually only need it when I'm doing. Navigation -- when I launch navigation always says GPS is not on would you like to turn it on that switch over to. The thing turn it on go back and sometimes they even have to rely on navigation because he gets lost somewhere else so I have maybe -- have it just like when you launch navigation always turn on GP yeah right. The you can prima -- have to do that the -- -- if that a lot of really good if the possibilities are. We humans and -- with you can do we have digital. It's kind of -- cool. Mimics a lot of the features of the idea that I used to like look how Vietnam -- and also it adds. Different. Different parameters that are necessarily. Position. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely could tell the camera I think I mean look health click attend but at -- -- -- more for a fix on that. Also living more coming up 1415 that it looked at in a while expensive -- -- -- Won't Kool -- that sounds great I'll check that out other notable new apps this week our video. Has their subscription music service. That's now available 999 per month that there are a lot of these coming out now and artistry one of -- -- area exit ramp is our review that is our audio. Confirmed. -- -- nine per month with web and then write access or you could just get Linux that's for I think it's -- -- -- that. Vonage mobile is now allowing you to make free calls between your FaceBook friends so this is actually a standalone app. That connects you to other. -- for France and they have the Vonage app as well you knew what. So cool. Kind of cool there's -- update -- that it is the only thing yeah I've I've that it will mean it's kind of -- -- using by -- and they have to be on faith that. But -- people -- Yeah well you have to monitors I don't think so I think I think this is their app I haven't used it myself but I believe if you just tap the app and there's other people running out of -- Vonage staying. Can. Making themselves world that are keeping themselves relevant -- AT&T. Has a bar code scanning app which isn't. Maybe that's big news to somebody and then there's a lot of those parked on scanning -- I'm waiting for -- that to be built in video last I think it's kind of becoming or or at least built in the marketplace yet something like I mean Q are codes that effectively. Advertise that now yeah -- it seems that way and finally the big news this week I think anyways is that FaceBook for Android rolled out a very big. Redesign of their -- and it's better not amazing I'm glad -- -- look like windows three point one anymore yeah. Have been -- to look really bad so I mean at least it looks better. Yeah I mean. You know it it goes along way to kind of improve some of the the negatives of the old -- that quite frankly took them way too long to make this update. It's still one of my main complaints with the FaceBook app in general has always been. Taking you out of the app into a browser to do something and it still does that when you click on notification that shows you only -- if you want -- actually look at one of them. Still opens up a browser takes you there. And -- it takes you there it doesn't take you to a touch enabled site it's easy to www. FaceBook dot com. Which might be. Might be okay for the for the phone like -- for the phone but it's just -- clunky and in comparison. That's cool awesome have a question with -- keep getting calls from his person. That I don't get calls from anymore -- -- really give any idea what -- can do about that if let me think yeah I do on this might not be earth shattering it. Tips for for those of you out there but there is a way that you can set up. Your contacts maybe -- contact -- you have stored maybe maybe it's your boss. Justin could be -- do you do you notice that every time you call me you go to my voicemail. The united strange I call your batteries yesterday but it is well I guess I don't know -- that's. Today well -- -- through this review -- you can set up your contact. Of choice to go straight to voice -- all the time if you view your contact. Click the menu button the options. And then it's it's a little hidden in there but you can find it it's called incoming calls send directly to voicemail so that makes a lot of sense. But I see yeah I now they didn't name it something and eliminate letters which now they seem to do on the web these days. -- -- you do that as we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well -- got an -- Iraq Tuesday AW at cnet.com. He injury that goes through first love this show and I wish it was on every day on -- Five. -- Yes. So do we. Except it's seventy dollars a press for a data area. I'm not brave enough to route my myTouch three -- You can you do a statement on the whole point. Replacement -- I'm just treating with that as an added that I am looking for one that mir's Android two point one or rodeo thanks Eric from Alaska. Then. Interesting. Know I know one right -- top my head that. Mirrors to one earth for audio but I mean there are plenty of -- -- apps out there weren't. The other one so -- has been running one up until two days ago and I actually installed verio. Which who has -- launcher yeah and it's it's good it's very close to the built in one and actually has some features there are a little better you can can put any apps that you want to incident the little. Finally caught house prayer right -- about a man. -- very which has like that to retrieve locked down and there you if you get like seven home screens or maybe you can select it first install it. Yet choose and the number of homes -- -- -- and I think it it it's pretty similar to the -- you yeah and works pretty well I felt like maybe it was a little's luggage but it -- I was gonna hurt to know what is slowing down your -- -- entry well I will say that I I I've been using helix for a long time and anti in his statement actually. That what is slowing down your phone -- that. Actually yes you yes and what and there's something slowing. Oliver phones with -- Up until recently I was using Unix as well but I recently tried launcher pro and I gotta say the whole slow -- thing. Didn't occur would launch a -- for some reason it's like super fast and slick and I was really impressed with -- -- -- check out about it -- the same -- deal you know seven home -- you can configure it's -- before down on the bottom. They you can assigned to any app you want. And in this kind of a neat little expose a thing -- can't remember just like it double click comment on the the background and like pull up all of this screens you can -- -- to -- to. Do you have an eighties and used to use them slide screen pro. That's not using -- after awhile and it. It's kind of blockades that doesn't really Mir and any sort of injury to Korea. Eight kind of does -- thing rate. Pulling information to that to the surface so if you've got Twitter integration and FaceBook integration Google Reader and -- and it shows like. Overview of everything that's happening the same time and and the very stylized. -- -- -- created really cool looking but then I stopped using it -- -- is slow not really I found that with. With the home screen replacement if you -- the the ones you want is the default -- to reboot. Not intend is running the other home -- in the background so -- It speeds up a little bit -- -- and in I don't know that necessarily the case -- all of them. The -- Randall is that that that's how I fixed my issues with but screen people's -- aka. -- -- -- Nice thing that's it that's it. We we wrap up from here Antuan. Where can people find you and -- you and all that stuff immunity -- and it -- yeah it's and I in fact join me on latitude and I can follow you everywhere you go I don't have any latitude friends and -- title is like a lonely. I can be found loosely on the car tech blog cars that cnet.com. We do the our take let's do it every week there's two hours before this one that's right and can often be found on Twitter and -- GOO and -- Twitter. Right on thank you for coming on and an awesome. You can email us. Android -- at cnet.com you can visit -- live -- watch our live show every Thursday to PM Pacific -- -- that's cnet.com slash -- slash Android. In any good or blog and find out all this information as -- Flickr Twitter grows and -- Andrew Dallas. At cnet.com. Slash Android -- what's confusing. Felt a little minority Tutsis article discussing it a consulate general Alice and find everything you need to do -- it or email Jason. She's gonna be all right thank you think you know it. And -- see a night.

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