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Ep. 1 The Battle Begins!: Rumor Has It

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Rumor Has It: Ep. 1 The Battle Begins!

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Chewing over the Internet's constant churn of tech rumors, Rumor Has It, with CNET editors and devoted tech geeks Emily Dreyfuss and Karyne Levy, rounds up the week's hottest tech gossip, discusses what may come true and what is definitely fiction, and spices it up with a little old-fashioned gambling. Join in on the high-stakes fun by calling, e-mailing, and commenting on our blog, and don't forget to send us juicy tips!

If September 27 2011. And welcome to -- debut -- Of rumor has it -- Korean leaving. And I'm Emily Dreyfus -- this show where we're gonna check out the hottest tech -- of the week and decided they're legit enough to that our entire reputations on. Or if He seemed like complete the disease. We're so excited I'm so I can't even handle it and we've been talking about this for. All too weak to actually you -- you're gonna say like a yearly and planning it but actually this sort of happened. The blue and act and it's -- awesome I wish it happens a little bit sooner because. There's just so much so many rumors you know thing around and if it happens sooner we -- regale -- you every single week with news and iPhone -- sure everybody. Every -- would have been excited about it but. Since we didn't do that this show is special for a couple reasons not just because it's our first episode ever were -- excited to be here. But also because on our first exit ever gonna get to confirm the rumor can you believe it I can't believe it I mean I thought that this because -- the rumors -- so long. Yeah I know we would have a whole year before we would be able to prove her armor oh yeah here we are -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- unfortunately -- -- Proving user is not -- result in any score for our scoreboard -- to be cracked because we didn't have a chance to bet on it last week but the rules of the -- are basically that we're -- present -- with these -- attackers were -- hash it out to discuss whether we think they hold any water whether we think some. One needed up while He was sitting in front of his computer in his underwear and had nothing to go -- of and then at the end of the show we are gonna bet on one to put caller chips behind each of us can say this is the woman acting is gonna happen. So unfortunately. At the moment we're at 00 I -- I yeah hopefully that won't last long hopefully will be that careen at. -- to defiance. -- -- I don't think it can -- and I -- I -- and well LC. Come and then we're gonna have to think of something that we wind lake. We imperious the other percent or -- has -- -- now what I mean I seen that we should definitely do sort of old school middle school rules in violin I -- to making glorify yourself. In front all of these people interviewing you can make me and -- luckily for me there's not much that -- this. Not a -- -- I thought heck I mean everything I might add and edit it and I think we get have you call customer service. I don't make phone call answer you -- text MC doesn't mean final order -- I don't order Chinese news item that all -- is -- only uses web -- -- can order food online and if she has to call someone and haven't actual conversation there have been a couple times in our friendship that I -- impersonate her. Sorry Comcast yeah sorry -- That's team is currently it's horrible I can't guarantee it's okay -- -- ready to get her for sure I didn't. I'm excited okay. Okay so. -- first streamer that we're gonna talk about today was that okay so last week every pretty freaked out about Netflix splitting well let's go back even yet a reality freaked out that Netflix changes prices change its. No pricing scheme and announced it really really in a blog post and really didn't listen everyone I mean you guys know the whole story you know -- when He -- Netflix on the fact -- streaming library is so -- exactly and so than last week every freaked out because Netflix does and that split and -- than they were gonna have. The dvd side would be called quick -- on have you ever have you all -- -- on Twitter yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- Follow him now I just got winter of one minute ago meet him and so all and -- encourage -- -- could be key ideas people and we fight back anyway his posts are -- -- -- we eat sweets wits. There are hilarious the sky is amazing and -- -- browsing of the English language vernacular and it's happening. With that children is very as a copy editor I've -- Ethiopia -- and so it. So. They and He would split up there'd be clicks -- -- -- -- it whenever Netflix streaming Netflix streaming. Another speculation that the reason for this break up for display -- Is so that poor little Netflix streaming could be bought by under the. And on Amazon. And -- I -- -- rule everything it's like the new Google Amazon has better streaming I think if you have Amazon prime. And if you're using hands on time for other reasons than in the Amazon is a great street race and so then -- -- -- The street I read it quoted as I named Michael -- from when -- securities which is an investment for our youth and He says that if Amazon were to acquire Netflix streaming business only the streaming business that it could triple the size of its content library. And -- industry leader via obvious why -- doubled in their interest in about mr. personal I think it's kind of fun that we're getting it not from. The tech reporter who citing unnamed sources or not that we're gonna have a drinking game where every time we reader rumor that is citing unnamed sources in -- -- Mercury doesn't want you to do that computing they'll be wasted by the time you shouldn't -- -- -- this time and again. But -- on the working -- -- you do it like expression shops and you'll be out yet and obviously I haven't Powell. -- never -- -- again my my I can't promise dynamic -- embarrassing thing. -- -- -- -- Know that what's cool about it I think that's interesting is the person who is. Espousing this rumor is. And a person watches the -- he's he's an investment. Amounts in us and so he's he's looking and saying this is what would make cents it would be helpful for Netflix they will be purchased against Reed Hastings we have in a -- a lot of money in his pocket and then -- we got -- this whole never having to deal and it's not our problem it is ever again into islands in -- learning how to write. I heard I read in your ten digit is an island for sale went right off New York that He could -- it's called rat island effects and graphics. And it's just a rock -- but that's that's pretty cool because this person is not a tech insider He is just wouldn't the market from the outside -- -- -- -- exactly and I don't like about it is. That. But iceberg different type of content exactly that's for old TV shows no that's for new TV news TV shows and old -- and -- -- -- -- have movies on Google and I don't know who's watching them. Great web over the title they're called -- surfboard -- He can't back that -- away the guy a key and yeah I know I'm announcing -- in -- or called every time I like. Accidentally my eyes glaze over and I take a look at what to -- movies are. I'm I'm struck by the fact that I think they're just there for teenage boys who can afford to buy -- a because they like that title sound and look at bat and today -- -- as popular movies. Secret things sneak bridal fever -- look for the love of -- -- Valentine's. I'm not -- but anyway isn't it yet but -- could create a monopoly in the old television you've only heard about her parents. Scheme of things -- So yeah I don't know about this -- willing Amazon by Netflix streaming ambient sounds sounds pretty applause why I wouldn't say Feely thing is it's only come from one true though and Netflix has made it. Such a mockery of itself click get ready -- Now -- you know I think that Amazon and need to back off a little bit from it and -- -- got you know little. Until people for -- it. Things like think it'd be absorbed it they wouldn't like have a little section under their streaming in -- as in the senate. Videos -- not gonna let her current images -- an -- -- -- it would just be a thing that we would remember true and you know another interesting point -- the story was at the reason why Amazon wouldn't buy Netflix outright as it is now with the dvds and the streaming and the whatever. Is because Amazon is on a pretty good job. Of avoiding the sales tax -- issue. And because Netflix has distribution partners. Local district recent honors they would have to start painting or they answer to have to charge people sales -- lol and so that's why they would never have bought the dvd until the streaming isn't -- -- -- bracelet yet Amazon has never gonna get in -- -- anyone who's -- forced them to charge of sales that's another may be on who called the Amazon get back. -- link ask -- -- here and there are okay social Mount -- yeah that's it I think I think we're okay our next rumor is from the blog DG day. -- isn't saying anonymous sources you drink. Drink everybody during. I have only of water could come but I can't. Okay citing anonymous sources reporting that Microsoft is nearing a deal with Comcast in talks with Verizon. It would allow subscribers to those cable services to get the television through their Xbox. You wouldn't need a cable box anymore if you -- on Xbox or if you went out and bought an Xbox. Coolest coolest rumor I've ever -- Who I mean I don't even -- me. Products it's neat. I'll say it's neat if you're an Xbox that's pretty cool -- you don't have to have another thing cluttering up your console the consolidation that thing is all about getting anything. I mean I think it's leak if you look in a modern apartment that you wanna look PW that your. Tiny thin Samsung television -- an assistant asked randomness Freddie. But -- those and then you would just have your Xbox and and you don't even need a Blu-ray player you don't need it dvd player. But the thing is. This is a little tiny tidbit of a -- I guess because it doesn't it wouldn't make much of a difference because. The thing is expensive about having cable subscription is is not kind of -- cable subscription -- which is milling and I had. Comcast cable before I finally decided that I can't afford it and cut the cable and I love it. And loved back and I cut cable when I -- it wasn't having the DVR box that needed expensive that was like a five dollar -- -- month. Those expensive was when I would see ads for HBO and I think I immediately that I should upgrade had a -- and -- -- -- on and what did I know I ended. 980 dollars a month later. And then I I had to ligaments on the -- in Stanley who do you think you are. You think you're packaging maker to send you because you're not -- exactly as they are going -- -- -- card -- -- and that an I don't own an Xbox but I do have a PS3 and if this rumor were about. Comcast and Verizon giving the cable subscription to -- street. It would not entice me to go back to their service because it's it would still be incredibly -- I don't think they're gonna get people who don't. We don't have cable now or more thinking of cutting cable I don't think it's costing. My point unless it -- an even. Well I bet on that yeah -- maybe I'm totally wrong we can bet on -- -- well look I. Well it -- an improbably. Finding any excuse in the world's. To get an -- I even need an excellent I don't know PS3 either PST -- -- Now that's why I am hanging my -- and I love my PS -- I -- if I think it's awesome so I put on your mantle as like a relic and enter at the Monterey drinks on. So the rumors -- Xbox TV be part of Comcast's. -- -- Yeah and will they make you know -- -- give you a deal that if you break we'll therapies you know we should give you a mini break but I don't think it's going to be huge -- And there's a quick other rumor that goes along with this. That says. -- accurate news site so -- the rumor is that TBS and T and T. Stations would be giving their content to Google TV. Long. -- brighter like absolutely not put a wall between -- album and dvd was just this little box and then Logitech like. We know He -- pretty creating a television doesn't deal AppleTV and now Biloxi is -- Well I now and then every recurrence do everybody cried and it was sad. It's a yet so gig on blog. It -- Get to geek com blog new TV. Is -- hit. -- turner broadcasting would be allowing TBS and T and T shows onto Google TV it's not all their shares is and lots a couple of either not all there's as a person I was. And a tiny bit excited because I do classic -- garden which is -- -- me. -- and eighty guys aged ten and another -- That age you shell out money for -- and -- are okay it's a pretty risk are going I. And but then I read that now. Detective Lee Briscoe would not be -- to do not -- -- even if this rumor were true well would be -- Google TV boxes everywhere in the three there is might call glad to -- if I. We need a television show the closer. Which is again. Nine and I never understood without -- -- the closer and I couldn't read the story like. They have -- their own show -- a closer look at its. Later admitting that Natalie Portman and make it department at all incidents and -- as a connection that's it was about what what let's close what are you telling me is Yasser president watts -- -- in Ireland's main character is the loser she closes the deal. -- terrible now. And then some other show called falling skies to an emirate of and so I'm not an impairment mr. yeah. Yeah yeah so will if this happens. If the institution I was one of -- we don't know how to pronounce that -- apparently never heard separate if that if there was go to Google TV will it boost the sales. TV I'm gonna go ahead and that right now no apps -- -- particularly -- I think they've lost their chance I think that. In the beginning if you know when it came out it was such a great idea you can search its -- didn't do all these things you can find TV shows you can do whatever. Great idea and then it. Failed before -- can be a problem is that television makes its money with old school advertising and television is a really old medium that has an entrenched. Way that it makes money for people -- huge machines. And Google TV possibly providing free content meet its search for meaning it was just way too scary for everyone on the heart attack -- -- back before they would've allowed at all. Well I mean anything to worry when -- failure I mean. I'm treat asthma and other failures like Google doing pretty well yeah buzz and wave is to take off. But this is whenever they can handle -- I think. Okay so what's an -- so our next rumor is actually gonna happen this week. I mean it's -- -- happening this week that's happening tomorrow Sunday aren't. Next shallow will be able to prove or disprove an I'll get a point and -- you're gonna get we'll -- a place -- last week on an invite to an Amazon event that's happening. Tomorrow with no details. They're now does come to our event. And so you know says -- this isn't the -- please join me and it's so you know I think that's. What will be announcer what possibly will be announced is the worst kept secret -- Internet. Age didn't Apple oral which is that you know that they will release an Amazon tablet. And the other rumor is that you might also released a new Kindle. So or both -- -- who -- isn't easy the new Kindle that's not -- exciting because. Ali they're always gonna keep -- the Kindle it's a it to -- not a money for them it's really popular product there's no reason to me stop it progressing -- knew there was -- you can coming -- Andy -- the new. -- rumored tablet. Which techcrunch said they are deeply and -- they severity plead with -- they even even name to it which is called. The fire -- you get it I just dangling in Kendall fire I still -- such a cheesy -- I was looking and a click it it'll fire medical for -- like a lightbulb went up like kindling. I -- The. There -- -- so that the -- specs for the tablet will be that it has a seven inch touch screen. Six gigs of built in storage but they're not sure if that story you know if that storage that it was just. For this stuff battery comes on and if I have expendable memory they're not sure you don't have a prior version of Android the current -- sorry a prior version of Android which is -- -- point -- that is really. Which -- soul but it'll be customized. You -- even care you won't even notice -- -- that also community customize it so much that it's -- interest exactly. On the UI will be or maybe -- Kindle interface that's similar to that iPad and -- apps which is like. It's pretty fine it's very. Amazon and tank can easily -- Amazon doesn't do things wrong I love -- navigating hands on site and -- -- -- well. And unless together things -- -- -- have Amazon's app market place as the -- market you'll have Amazon's App Store for Android which is a carried a version of the store which offers a smaller selection of the overall. University and -- an ounce -- be an underrated. Market. -- -- I can't eat -- entire Android market obviously because. Amazon wants. Technique wants you to get this tablet and then -- include -- and that's exactly don't want you to spend all of the money evil lauded for -- on -- tablet. In the -- market price so. First was hearing this rumor and hearing that Amazon was gonna release to -- 200 dealer tablet I was super psyched about that because I empty. Unlike the other thing 150 dollar price -- -- is amazing I mean it's it's really amazing -- 200 tablet week and that's awesome. Since then about an iPad on credit I canceled the iPad. This girl has had not nothing she hasn't are all I know -- found. Well I bought it yet and her I don't know what came over me about it I'm a credit card I'm -- -- -- -- like -- didn't -- -- everything but no getting back to -- -- on rumor. I -- you about because I thought this is indie game changer to a fifty dollar 800 tablet made by Amazon which is it. Lauded respected company knows they're doing it tons of content they can drive it to the it could subsidize the cost. -- and it actually can probably be more awesome that they can afford to subsidize the cost for us. Took a closer look at the specs and -- -- about it because. It's what it is is it's not competing with the iPad -- competing with the Nook Color and exact and that's exactly right they say that it looks a little bit like the Blackberry Playbook but it doesn't -- it doesn't have a camera. -- I mean I all of my tonight -- will have a camera but we know what it's I don't know -- I mean to be clear we have no way to confirm any of these rumors because. The techcrunch source remains anonymous during -- have begun hypocrite or just and maybe it is an anonymous -- monitoring. I'm -- outlook contact. -- So I don't sound. I mean and the testing it'll be interesting. Happens. I yeah I'm really it's an I wish we had a show reminds and we can be watching live blog window -- -- -- your experience I have the white board. The points white board yes our board so Wii console right on it even when there's -- -- It just got in here alone after talking yourselves have no idea is -- -- -- so well the other rumor out is you know like we said earlier that bill. They'll also release a new -- -- reader via. So my dad's gonna love that it's -- that the put out a budget Kindle -- -- that the B 99 dollar Kindle. Well I mean the scandal special offers is already only a 114 dollars yeah so I mean looking for and yet they would win the PR games so much if they could make it be 99 dollars -- -- deadly -- in your house was 99 dollars that. You off the -- shall I can think it's okay I know I -- -- -- 99 dollars. -- Eight speak to that -- And they need and yeah Andy ran around the island had when they sold in -- fires ill people who like. Had been saying the -- -- -- -- tablet is there -- town lake murdering -- -- -- and -- just. I -- best -- I think -- if we want those people are former editor in chief who Bali three Maria I have friends about I -- and I went into the. Surround yourself with touch and again. In -- a year you won't be able to do anything and you'll have to be holding a -- together it's got -- yeah like Wendell castle and they will be developing for anymore -- -- -- -- Android on their it upgraded. Exactly -- but -- of mount -- but it's true if the Kindle were nine million dollars. Mean people are already buying mapping in droves but if it were 99 dollars I'll. And you are even have an iPad -- -- anyone -- on an out that an idea for those and it means when you're sitting outside under extreme you wanna read a book in the sunshine it's true but I feel when I have. As I have an iPad in never around this crunch I think so they like. Having your how I think ever gotten -- time buying an iPad. He said. -- -- It's different -- -- the rumor is that there'll be tablet announced. E-book announced army. That have three brilliantly and I want it to bet on which -- understands -- it's okay to get specific ominous you know you know why it. Real quickly. Barnes & Noble. On the heels of this announcement from Amazon -- -- We have something to say and then there relate maybe maybe accurately something else. Add ons I normally don't want you left behind a -- it reminds -- -- -- blockbuster did last week like Netflix was going on planes and blockbusters like. It's. Just conferences are great and -- -- -- subscribers. Are able to. Use social service I think that's. Yeah exactly and that's or sorry I had to monitor and airline -- for CNET. I was asleep I you're you're Alen wake up every -- because right now I have. -- most important news and information -- -- And get excited I wanna do and it's sound machine oh god let this happen. -- -- -- -- Beyond the -- at -- seriously hold your hats because I have something very important to say most of you already probably know the rumor that -- about to confirm. But for those of you are just rolling out of bed at 1023. PT and don't know that it allow -- -- tell you something amazing. -- -- From none -- it. To go down. -- Cupertino headquarters buying in only finally for an event where we will be talking phone. Next Tuesday -- to report. During rush right exactly during -- -- so. This is crazy it isn't gonna be whatever rumors don't worry they Manila announced not to report and I was gonna say yes and at a point I -- -- is what will happen to like it now -- you knew I was gonna know the Fed does not the show that's cheating. I don't forget into -- -- you know a little the picture that came with an invitation dazzling -- -- up on screen and it has like a little. The little icons. And what icons -- Google phone with that one and I. I think Apple never they never do anything -- -- to -- -- that I -- if they wanted to show the phone icon they would just have an idea -- -- one means I've heard speculation that it's. Only one iPhone is -- -- me it just means number one maybe they're just natural I tell you -- -- -- -- -- needed to subliminal please tell us not just little things like subliminal yeah what it's a bluntly telling me is that it's right near my house has -- -- -- which is highly dependent apps coming and that's the -- easy on what it's telling me is that the guy has a missed call. -- mass mail media -- on hold on the other line is -- call -- I think that it. Anyway it sent -- side notes that now we don't get to speculate on whether it's going to be an -- of -- as all things digital reported last -- I have to -- -- hats off -- all things digital I don't -- -- -- they had gone to dinner and wine and -- and who knows what else to get them to tell the truth because until the it was October 14 -- -- -- -- fifteen and seventeen I -- a couple -- they're using the September -- I -- -- -- -- I think it's gonna -- in August and do you think it started out like that people were saying I think is not based on you know they always announced on Tuesday which is something you -- always deal. And except the -- -- -- on Friday. The -- But I think people were just peaking -- numbers randomly and then it's hard to -- People had something near monopoly we don't know what because it -- all anonymous sources -- -- -- not that's a you're actually I am I am no water left -- prestigious. Know -- all things digital last week said it was the fourth and we team were a little bit skeptical. Because the place where Apple always announces their iphones and their big events the -- -- Intel and Cisco. With already booked this coming which is Tuesday on -- Apple's fault for being so wishy washy about everything for not announcing even the date in an even announced the date but they're gonna make announcements yeah I mean I meeting last week -- Al Gore was like yes. Iphones are -- -- preferred -- like okay fine print up the entity Apple is actually planning on doing it in December. And then Al Gore and then let us all and Elaine our. -- But so we thought okay -- that not the conference -- looked so maybe this. Rumored as a holding water actually be the fifteenth and then all things digital -- who reported to be honoring noisy -- ask Alex and they -- like. -- leave we have spoken and really not listen to our -- are going to be held at Apple headquarters and so I knew you couldn't believe that we could say. All things digital is just saying another thing to back up their own rumor re not they had eight. China they got all -- -- gamers can also -- -- so now so I guess we can't talk about. When it'll be announced because that's parity and yeah be announced next week. So we can talk about what will be announced I guess that's and that's -- when -- more exciting prelude and artwork on an outlet isn't going to have so. Let's see I think or what has been put out there that people think is that I'll have more memory -- enhanced voice control which is having his right -- never use that because -- Really creepy. But it's music com. We've been -- it's like calling and call -- Now I like I am so sorry explain for and car and I didn't mean to call you great I just told my phone that yeah exactly error. It's not at home the sniping -- you and you insert an expert. -- this -- that it would have a removable battery. I don't know about I think -- that would be meaning. It's never gonna hasn't Apple doesn't do that it they don't -- an idea to stop doing it for their completely I think I don't know I'm not sure but I mean they don't know if I had. The Mac but they're. And I think I think you can't remove the battery -- and -- and a half -- or -- big oil and that but you can't in. I think iPad in the had said it has launched an -- -- -- -- -- It's neat it's a you have to buy new exactly or sounded an impairment and -- -- it's -- it still makes it a little sleeker there is an -- and it wears you out but. Basically I really don't think yeah I don't think that's happened and another thing that I don't think it's gonna happen -- would be awesome if that happened is expendable memory. Not gonna happen and -- face time that you mean like it would take. Cards Welch never think I'm never gonna leave you there can be lately you've I have -- -- at the black one -- not like -- and yours indefinitely and unbalanced I mean it. People complain that the computers that you can't memory cards to the computers -- -- office -- allow you put into that happens I haven't 2004. MacBook Pro that's adorable. Oh my god it weaves a militant in size at -- a lot okay hating -- you can't make fun of it G patents are eager to get its act interethnic and I'm it it's like the right -- But you cannot expand memory yeah it is a useless piece of rate or you can't I mean you can take pictures you can't just put your memory card and I don't know how they don't do memory -- -- -- -- well speaking of pictures that the other thing that might. Be different -- and I've hopefully a better camera a better camera and I think that's pretty we've got is likely an ice. Camera my iPhone and I think that the camera on it is awesome I did Hillary it takes better pictures that I mean -- a but I think that we can't help but they're gonna focus on. Photos we -- from five because if you look at what I OS I've already has and we -- CNET Leonid. Preview of it -- in I was -- you're gonna be able to edit photos right on the phone and create your own photo albums right on the phone. I was gonna be very photo happy so and there's gonna be there's a short currently -- I was five that you can get straight to camera right away. Without having like. Fumble with your phone tiny its camera while you're missing the shock a heart like man I'm not sure it's hard button or if it's just like you don't have to do -- swipe to unlock you can tell -- and lesbian -- -- yeah that was -- -- eat because actually by the time you swipe to unlock putting a little code get to the camera your caps are no longer looking is also there are equipped with. The other thing without it would have a larger screen which is pretty. Cool I don't know I'm I honestly don't make -- itself much bigger -- are ready I think it's. We have to get a little bigger and -- has been bigger I think either of those edged -- already know it's easy there hasn't. It's really -- It's a -- I mean tiny I think that the scene as smart little. Point two million campaign so they could Begin marginally bigger gap and -- downing the phone any bigger all that and immediately did to edge glass I -- believe they do that more than I believe that they would actually meet the phone a little bit bigger to give it bigger screen even though that's where all the other Smartphones are going like. Mean I think just all Android phones are enormous I can even hold them in my tiny Carnie hand I now I couldn't get them to know like I can our quick look at the ex boyfriend. It's a technical moon the un and then the other thing is that a -- Have four G network. Well that would be I don't want -- that I feeling. The water. Arts and Green -- at that it's to offer. This round -- and to have Regina. Compatible and the answer -- there are some other rumors are that there would be two new phones or be dying in five to have all these new enhancements that take IOS five cameras have better battery and processor may be -- -- NFC payment technology and -- I don't. I don't think they would do that because I don't think that there's like clamor for it. Although Apple has a history of being the ones -- He made only a screener app telling you you didn't even know you want it but you do one. So maybe that would be in there. But the other rumor is that there would be low cost iPhone announced the same time it would just be kind of like a souped up items for EM out for -- or never which they did with the 3-D yeah yes so they didn't announce it at the same -- they announce iPhone four so. -- I feel like that I don't think that's yet. Okay so in on -- -- -- and you get into the boxing I know this ad -- that -- at a base so the fifth sixth twelfth the -- that yeah I think Adam asks. -- is that it's there have been more Motorola zoom. To. Weeks after the act on time annual -- and the -- So a couple weeks ago maybe it was -- -- there was a video. That was released -- that was leaked or whatever that showed. -- of the -- And then now this is my next is reporting more solid details which is that it'll be nine millimeters thick. And the iPad two -- eight point eight millimeters -- went yeah I mean they're basically the same but they're not anything that's I think you haven't. Yeah I have a -- problems that I just -- -- what is wrong with you. So are some pretty -- -- that -- if you're -- matter like Apple is setting the terms of this discussion about tablet the iPad is the gold standard for everyone knows that that's that's the -- have to be. IPad is eight point eight -- pick our point 88 Marta via employee. Whatever it is you you have to -- then it's thin it's really not yet it's -- eight point eight millimeters. So. You have to be. As -- -- back in order to be as good as the iPad it doesn't matter that your only. Point two millimeters thicker you're still thicker yeah and I need your area studies -- losing the PR or you're losing argument. I just -- I don't know what you edit what Motorola added. Tim naked that they couldn't have 883 meters. Thin ray and they added some extra thing we can renewable batter and was you know is isn't as have a lot of awesome -- of the iPad doesn't it it it. It's has a one point two gigahertz dual core processor for ray it'll come -- Faster ram you -- able to you record 1080. 1080. Video would be fabulous read my argument is that days steel lose if it's at all thicker and the iPad people really care about thickness yeah for some reason and now -- coming indicates it's a kennel was on its bite into this and listening it's it's kind of just like. It's like bragging rights -- I have the thinnest. Ever happened this phone and it. Whenever the widest screen yeah I know they find they like -- almost as -- -- -- that's a close and. Icrc have humility are only -- to a -- and appoint ill it's -- so on other -- that'll have eleven hours of battery battery life which Zune originals zoom zoom one. It has ten hours. That's pretty and ends at their house -- party that there might be an optional keyboard keys and maybe less painless and then -- be all sorts and eat for -- -- is very cool with the so. Other part of this rumor is that -- speculating that there might even be a smaller -- coming out an eight. Wouldn't you inch zoom -- which is basically -- -- -- Where did I mean not I mean -- and now it's bigger than the seven inch Galaxy Tab -- the Kindle tablet and that -- or not. It's we heard it's too weird science and also I just I know some residents equalled but the -- stick. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- X it's human it's I mean it can't hold my -- -- -- accept -- -- no but I just I don't think. I don't think that. -- this rumor with these rumored specs for the museum. The -- would be -- -- and eat anything I do think it's -- or not this announced Zune coming out but the next want me to be illegitimate iPad competitor because. By that time in supposedly Google will -- Not exactly and then it'll be so and for seeing each other villages and and Google doesn't want to repeat the mystique of Google TV is the could be you know all my diet and He also yeah the release -- TV him. -- -- Is -- that -- ports that I do think like Google. I mean they in its Android is there's so. An Android tablet and it would be good at making it -- they were beaten the Smartphones so I think that would be interesting but -- won't be happening this next. So somebody so what do you think you think they'll release to models do you think they'll. This new model the I think what ever do it doesn't even matter -- -- because they're washed him yeah I that's hat Kara does. I also think whenever they say they're gonna do didn't have -- press conference they're gonna announce it in the Pacific seven months -- -- -- what do I know in every night we modeled it at I didn't personally on a little bit. Other CNET people this -- at CES. And then we didn't see it. For so that people forgot about it and they didn't care and then iron and other problem it's two X is it is scenario happens and Android -- it's more expensive -- -- iPad so here's the other evening if this is gonna happen. The first thing these happen beyond. Updated specs and beyond it being thinner city's beach. Yeah it while -- -- we saw with the and that is not part of the I can't -- -- here I -- it's rumored -- I don't want about on now you know a table and even to relax is its own on. It also announced -- -- and business analysis is the part of the -- That recall all -- are on -- But that's a plus my Twitter I think -- -- we just got -- Cooper is so excited. And Intel are excited because we can't -- I -- it's your -- -- about his Twitter I do think about it. I dry and Twitter dream in my embarrassing again and yeah the suite is brushing your teeth and you've got a hundred -- no I'm not an ingredient liquid firing -- that's what's He saying He wouldn't even if anything they say correctly and that's all my favorite blogger to agree to -- -- was a humongous. Los Angeles inking new colors because of them. And Asia as an amateur public is never done -- radical thought at the ads on a date so yeah no Internet timer read that's on what rumors say yes we can I say it completely you guys are audience and our listeners have a better name for this segment and all that's on that is pioneer or funny -- Or -- reference your hair poker game or whenever let us now because were open to whenever we're. It's held beginning this is that isn't the first shell -- -- we're. Progress this is indefinite work and so -- it will take. Questions comments. Suggestions room constructive criticism constructive very constructive criticisms did not mean things are fatal -- our recap all the rumors okay there's one about Netflix -- To set up the Amazon streaming merger that Amazon -- the rumor is will Amazon by Netflix streaming. -- -- and in the next rumor is. That Microsoft is nearing a deal with Comcast to have Comcast. Cable three Xbox is also in talks of Verizon. So whatever -- either of those happens and it's is that with Comcast or Verizon -- parks and the next one we are we can and cannot be resolved and V I don't think -- am not a case -- we don't bet on things that we -- turn up -- -- -- -- old computer. And Amazon a case of an Dextre was -- Amazon setting to unveil the new Kindle. And or a tablet industry possible to -- -- three possible things that they will release the tablet they will release a new Kindle are beater. Where they were released both a patent -- And -- costs. Then there -- two Noonan colors coming this year but I know how risky and we don't care but not -- either so let's not. Yeah because they only did that -- -- Amazon went first -- currently we need to do something to cancel again since then. Ice -- explosion ended that anyone -- ban on. Specific new things coming let's just pick one of those things that we sent about them and cams -- control the removable battery whatever and we'll just pick -- one thing that if we want to okay. I mean I will go ahead and bet that it will not -- -- Atlanta and only chips on a negative really that's revenue bonds that last of him there -- as. Him we decided -- -- that Amazon I am in a -- total plus and I don't we don't -- don't think. You don't I don't think we don't hate on things and and we got only -- okay yeah. Include. -- it's -- -- first solitude the first -- Gosh. It's just harassing you know what it. -- -- it has been determined -- well what's currently on that and AT&T well right so I am going to -- it's. Something about the act on and I -- Mean I -- for. Definitely that it's gonna get a better camera. But I won't and a Mac and it's a little 1 okay so I am going to yes that that it will not cover -- -- A case you're putting all your chips in the fact that will non -- government yes. Her and this is something we'll find out next week. At 10 AM during urgent PL -- -- shows bumps and you can watch the signal did they not only diet -- -- canceled because it didn't work out there. -- white -- is do you like this meaning you get I'm okay I'm going to definitely acts. Acts. An Amazon tablet will be announced tomorrow and not a reader and not those. You have to choose at -- and -- writing specific so. Line. -- easy -- -- and removable battery so I think that's nothing. I citation of done that was my -- right so. I think that. If I see both at such as I mean that's okay I'm gonna -- just the Kindle tablet. I think a Kindle tablet is -- to -- -- notes and I will as a gentleman that I am. Gentlemen. That -- and tying it will say that if both -- released in the path of holy. Moly. How I love doing this Caribbean that this is great if it parry via a case I get on it shake on it. Perfect. Okay guys while some I was -- -- no -- I -- I didn't we didn't like them last. Are you know you carry arrogant and -- thank you so much for watching -- here as Apple's oh and don't forget to tune in next week. To see what happens the iPhone five if He gets a -- battery and I won't get a point. And also tomorrow we're gonna find out -- Green it's a -- And posted on a posting on her Twitter handle -- -- on rumor has it block has a blog on CNET we will be updating. Also if you have any juicy tidbits and rumors rest sending -- we want to hear are yeah aren't listening definitely you can email us I think eventually will have an email account and app and it really just voicemail in in finance their ideas and all. To CSX thinks it's -- Oh my god we're live and -- it. It we're checking out it's tiring I was in middle -- that navy banana -- in the -- I still can't seem to -- room. -- -- -- -- I think it's just that my computers freaking out and is completely over on the part of. Most of someone asked what we're gonna do with the points what we're gonna do with the points is put them on this large white board. It here. Keep track of them we're gonna run down what rumors have been debunks a -- rumors and improvement. We're gonna revisit them we're gonna be shame faced -- we've lots attend the loading and -- line. And in the end of the month. Every month whoever has the most points can meet the person was the loser do something really impacts and again because this is our first show. We can change the rules apply any of you guys wants isn't specific as long as it's not gonna get -- A recent in the Terry as Anders beacon. Where Darth Vader mask helmet -- done over a whole council Eddie I now I now. I've -- one. -- -- -- -- -- It can be an electric it aired had a thing you could dearest -- and it will -- us or you could. Asked this question that will make its reveal -- are most of more fine moment intact which took screen might be did she still owns PS2. I think -- a week. I am ETM are we -- -- exciting and balance game. Oh yeah I'm gonna somebody's asking which girls where I'm finally. And only -- is the other. Openings -- -- other -- this is a. Also. Or ambulance and it for them. Three tonight before we get ready for our show saying our favorites on as a warm up. As -- the televisions in thirty Iraq. My guy I cannot believe that this is happening -- your sister heard singing the muffin tops. I mean I won't see read and I'm not gonna say bullying. Federal all of that -- and -- On the mountain -- -- -- you're gonna you're literally thing. He did it in the -- and what's embarrassing for me about telling you this is that Green is actually amazing singer. Into the top. -- -- -- -- Oh that's holding me. I know you -- pieces now. To hand them the -- we don't know. Very good she doesn't environment it didn't I'm just ease pain. The back. -- me well we do you really see any you know -- -- -- Now most embarrassing thing and it ever happens needs to consider that I guess I lost I ran neck -- My god we just saying the muffins pop song. And again not even -- that app they don't yet. Much of Antioch -- -- we're not as dependent you know NBC shows and now I wish -- on CBS it's. It's. The all of their ratings are so bad that they can afford to have the rumor has it watchers -- -- streaming it on Netflix on my week. -- yeah well it might not just -- little client and sell. -- the -- streaming on Netflix on my -- I said it again -- that does happen and if the rumor comes true -- Netflix becomes Amazon -- -- instrument on Amazon. And then in and get an Xbox yeah -- -- I get to have an Xbox. One what what -- answer why can't you have an Xbox now can click to editors and -- and distribute this. Can we click it familiar yet -- RA it's interesting I think you guys so much for watching and hearing us sugar chat at the end it but I.
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