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Ep. 04: Laser drugs: Crave

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Crave: Ep. 04: Laser drugs

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Jasmine's (mostly) back from vacation, and already hates the iPhone 4. To balance out her blind rage for the as-yet released device, Eric and Donald tackle Crave stories ranging from monkey-controlled robots, laser drug injection, and a Lego printer that drives ladies wild (or not). Stick around for the end, and you may just see Darth Vader's cleavage.

^M00:00:00 [ Music ] ^M00:00:07 >>It's Tuesday, June 8th, I almost forgot the actual month this time. You're listening to the Crave podcast, I'm Jasmine France. >>I'm Donald Bell. >>And I'm Eric Franklin. >>Alright and we have Jasmine back. >>Jasmine France: I'm back but I'm barely functional. >>But barely functional. That's why we have Eric here to fill in the. >>Eric Franklin: I'll be working her arms today. >>Jasmine France: I came across the date line yesterday, leave me alone. >>Oh, man, you know what else is back and I'm really excited about? >>What's that? >>The waffle truck. Did you know that while you were gone the waffle truck was out of commission. >>Jasmine France: It was gone the week before also, yeah, it was gone the week before I left. >>I know. It's tragic and now we've got waffles and Jasmine. >>Eric Franklin: Yeah, coincidence, I think not. >>Jasmine France: They were actually, by the way, they really... >>...been restored to the universe. >>Jasmine France: They really like waffles in South East Asia by the way. I had several waffles when I was down there. >>Eric Franklin: We're they as good as the waffle truck waffle? >>Jasmine France: No, no, not even close but I did have a waffle with peanut butter on it like it was served from a window and that came with peanut butter. They're big on the peanut butter waffle. >>I had the natella [phonetic] waffle this morning and it was pretty damn good. >>Jasmine France: Mmm, waffles. I always talk about waffles. >>So, waffles then, uh? >>Alright waffles... >>Jasmine France: Lead onto sadder topics, though. >>No, no, we're moving on to, of course, the iPhone 4 announced yesterday. >>Eric Franklin: Was it the, what now? >>You haven't heard about that? >>Jasmine France: What is that? What's an iPhone? And I what, whose it... >>You know, you know what I'm talking about. Now, I'll let Jasmine slide on this since she was probably just, you know, recovering and sleeping yesterday. >>Jasmine France: Except I already knew when it was coming. >>Oh. >>Yeah. >>You already knew about this? >>Jasmine France: I knew, well, I knew about the... >>They pre-briefed you on this? >>Jasmine France: I knew all about it, Jobs and I go way back. We're like this. No, I knew the date of the, you know, announcement so I was traveling when that happened. >>It wasn't a surprise that the iPhone was going to be announced. >>Right. >>Jasmine France: Yeah. >>But, yeah, it's, we're going to gloss over this because there's plenty of other podcasts covering it and we covered it extensively on like a two and a half hour buzz out loud yesterday. >>Yeah, I watched that that was very helpful. That was my main feed yesterday. Seriously. >>Yeah, they got crazy traffic. They did really well. >>Yeah, that was a really good idea. >>So, yeah, let's just talk about what we do or don't like about this, though. Is everyone kind of prepared with something about this that is either making it a deal maker or a deal breaker? >>Eric Franklin: The only thing that breaks the deal is AT&T. That's the only thing. >>Well, I've got something up here in the lineup that might help you out then. >>Eric Franklin: Oh, really? >>Yeah, but we'll get there. >>Eric Franklin: Alright, alright. >>Anything that you are really excited about? >>Eric Franklin: I'm excited about the screen, the high-resolution screen, the IPS panel which is going to give like great viewing angles and very good color accuracy. >>Right, as the display expert in the room here. >>Eric Franklin: Exactly, so IPS panel was really exciting for me and just like I said the high-resolution screen, man, just like the A4 processor, putting that in there, you know, up to this, hopefully, up to the speed of the one that's in the iPad. We haven't got any clock quotes from Apple or anything like that so we don't know exactly how fast it is but it is A4 processor so that's going to be kind of cool. >>Yeah, the only thing that I'm kind of excited about the A4 processor there are also larger batteries that maybe it will finally erase some of the concerns about battery life since with the iPad using the A4 processor and the battery and the battery combination they're actually able to achieve like above and beyond their battery expectations... >>Right, right. >>So, maybe it will happen the same case here but... >>Eric Franklin: Yeah, and that device has a high-resolution screen which is going to take up more battery life anyways so... >>What about face time? Anybody, face time, video chat, you excited that this maybe the first like video phone to really catch any... >>Really? >>Jasmine France: What I have to be actually excited about the iPhone itself. To be excited about this feature because I... >>I'm not going to muster, I'm not going to ask you to muster any kind of energy for any tech today Jasmine. >>Jasmine France: I can muster energy for, I just don't, I still don't like it. I just don't like it. I don't like the iPhone. I never have and I really doubt I ever will. >>Just absolutely in general, the very basic premise of the iPhone, you're just not onboard with. >>Like a phone that can access the internet and MP3 player and movies and, yeah, you just can't get behind that. >>Jasmine France: I still don't like it for the same reasons I didn't like it before. None of these new features is going to get me on board in other words. >>Well, I'll say that for me, it's just your non conformist like tendencies. >>I'm excited about video chat. >>Now, why are you excited because the other person needs to have a iPhone for, right? >>Right. >>In order to do this. >>Right, for now or for a computer I also this has got to be coming to the iPad, right, in some sense? >>I don't know. Maybe next year? >>I know the iPad doesn't have a camera but even just has a receiver for being able to make, like I like the idea of being able to make some how calls in like to just my family at home either to the iPad or the iPhone 4. >>Right, okay. >>But would you do this from work? Where do you go? >>I mean who are we to complain, at least its innovation, right, whether or not people use it but I think the other things is going to has to happen, this isn't something that I'm excited about but I'm calling is now is that there is going to be some pornographic uses for this. This is going to open up... >>Yes. >>No pun intended. >>Jasmine Frank: So, of course, we have to go there. Naturally, this is where we go. >>It was very well intended and very appropriate. >>Jasmine France Something that was brought to my attention just now, this is only over Wi-Fi? >>Yeah, it's not 3G. >>Jasmine France: Innovation my butt! >>Oh, come on. >>Jasmine France: I'm sorry but you already have video chat on hand held devices over Wi-Fi. >>Yeah, but it isn't something that Apple does all the time which is that they take features that are already out there that somebody else just hasn't done in a way that's simple enough or kind of active enough... >>Jasmine France: Or that's pretty enough. >>Through the shear will power of marketing they make people excited about it in a way that others didn't. >>And then they refine it and release it as their own kind of thing. >>Right, and I think for most consumers this is going to be like the first implementation that they've seen of like video chat over the phone. >>Yeah, I don't do video chat so, I mean, with this I actually would if someone else had an iPhone for it I probably would try it. >>Well, it opens up some other things too which is that sometimes video just isn't like a great format for like making calls to people. >>Well, especially if you kind of forget that you're on video and picking your nose and whatever. >>Jasmine France: I also feel like the people that really already use video chat and Skype and all that are so use to using it on the platforms that they already have that this isn't really going to be like, oh, yeah, now I must have an iPhone. Like for example, my brother talks to me and other members of my family because he's based in Germany in the Army. >>He's in like the arminy army... >>He's in the arminy army, no he's based in Germany so he uses Skype to talk all the time and it's nice to see him in his video but perfectly comfortable using a laptop to do that. >>Yeah, he's not going to be like wow. >>And neither is any member of my family, you know, just to speak to so I feel like people that are already using video chat wouldn't really jump at the chance to use this. Maybe they'll get it more in the forefront of people's minds that don't use it already but I don't know, it's kind of limited. >>Some nice little I think extra why not throw it in there. >>Jasmine France: Kitchen sink. >>Yeah, exactly. >>I don't know. I think it's going to be interesting what people do with this, although, I am going to say it's going to be chat roulette for the iPhones pretty soon here. >>Exactly. I'm hoping for that. >>You're hoping for that? >>Yes. >>So, moving on with that I want to jump ahead to... >>You're going to help me with my AT&T thing, right? >>Yeah, I'm helping you with your AT&T thing. >>Jasmine France: Eventually. >>Right here, it's called the SIM to Micro-SIM chopper basically which is a little, it's like a little punch card deal because the only difference between SIM and Micro-SIM really is a format of size, it's actually like the same contacts on the card just shaved down so there's been a lot of people who have been shaving them down manually. >>Yeah. >>Shaving a full SIM down to a Micro-SIM form with like an X-Acto knife. You have to get really exact about it because if it's just off a little bit, the little tiny contacts the little tiny contact on the card aren't going to meet up with the same SIM card contacts on your phone. So, they've invented this chopper which can cost it looks like its for about $25 and you can get it, looks like you can preorder it probably on Ebay or something like that. It's a Dutch outfit that is making this. You just shove it into your little SIM card, you just snap it down like a three whole punch and it's going to perfectly chop out the shape of your SIM card into a Micro-SIM that you can plug into your iPhone for. >>So, basically I can take my card that's in my iPhone 3G right now. Buy an iPhone 4 and not sign up for a new two-year contract, shave this card off by using this little device here and put it in the iPhone 4 and I'm good to go? >>Probably? I mean, leave it to Apple to try to find and figure out a way to screw you over on this but in theory that should work. >>Yeah, they have to protect their contract with AT&T. >>And I think for $25 it's worth a try, right? >>I would say so. >>I pay $25 versus two-years of you're, you know, being... >>Jasmine France: You screw it up you can just say I lost my SIM card. >>Exactly, it got eaten, the dog ate it, right? >>Jasmine France: Something ate it. >>Speaking about puncturing things I've also got another story here on laser needles. It's up on CNET's Crave blog. >>It's like the future in here. >>It's the future. It's a way to deliver drugs via lasers. >>Finally. >>And they mean prescription drugs. This is probably too high tech a system for actually, you know, injecting anything that would be street acquired. >>Chasing the dragons with laser guns. >>No, there's no riding the white unicorn on this one or whatever that is, whatever that means, I don't know. >>Jasmine France: I think it was a bastardization from that gold frapps song. >>Let's see if I can fast forward here in the video to the actual, you know, lasers going into the skin. Here we go. So, what it does and return away if you're squeamish but this is better than needles. This is actually a series of lasers making a little grid of punctures on your skin and then you have to apply a patch, a medicated patch afterwards to you won't be....yes, so you're not actually, you know, I don't think you're actually ever at any point breaking, you know, you're not ever bleeding which is a good thing. You're just opening up like an area on your skin that's good enough for the drugs to get through from the patch and into your system. >>So, how does it get to your bloodstream then? >>I think it's just easy enough at that point to kind of seep in. >>Jasmine France: You get to that first layer of skin and then it just seeps in. >>Alright, it's been certified for Europe and it still seems like a pretty complicated, it's like the equivalent of like those coffee pot machines where you have to get the drugs and the technology meet up together. >>What are these? >>You know like the coffee systems where you have to buy special little pods that go into the machine and gotta get the machine, you gotta do all of this, I mean, it's a long way to go just to avoid needles but for people who hate needles and can stand watching this video it's at least another solution for it. >>Yeah, they use those on Star Trek didn't they like for years on the Next Generation. Remember when they first started the Next Generation series they were like giving shots with I remember the sound affects, it apparently didn't hurt. So, I'm all about... >>Or something like that. I think the company is called Please which is the painless laser epidermal. >>Please, invest in us or... >>Please no needles. >>Jasmine France: Please, we need venture capital. >>Right. >>Please do it. >>Speaking of medical experiments that probably maybe are too well funded because I'm thinking of the laser needle probably has some good practical applications. This one, I'm not exactly sold on but I do love it because it involves robots... >>And monkeys. >>And monkeys. Apparently, University of Pittsburgh has found a way to get a monkey hooked up to this very awesome brain helmet to control a robot arm and get it to grasp onto a series of, you know, kind of objects, these little canisters and then the monkey is rewarded with a nice stiff drink after they correctly grasp the object. There are some video down here I can run through to get it. So, it's a talented monkey. >>Jasmine France: Why does this matter though? >>Because I can tell you exactly why this matters and I'm sure Eric will back me up on this is if we're going to get into the voltron robot you age or even like the Iron Man kind of thing. You really want brain controlled robotics. >>Definitely, definitely. >>Right, you're going to have your giant mecha suit that going to, you know, walk you through... >>How else are you going to do that as a side affect? >>Jasmine France: Would it be easier to test this with a human? >>Well, the fact that they actually opened the monkey's brain had an inputted was it chips into his brain. >>Jasmine France: Oh, they put chips into his brain? >>They actually put chips into his brain to do this. >>I'm a little disturbed by this story actually. >>Hopefully, the human version won't involve the chip injections. >>Yes, well we can only... >>Jasmine France: Well, I don't know Iron Man has that whole, you know, the heart thing. >>Yeah, he does but robi doesn't have that. I mean he was able to use war machines to... >>All I'm say is... >>Your saying that Iron Man is our bible for this technology. >>I'm just saying if you want your giant protective robotic exoskeleton you're going to want some better brain controlling of the robot arm. Yeah, this monkey for the price of a still drink and some unfortunately invasive surgery on his brain it's helping forge the new frontier of robots controlled by brains. I mean the other really... >>And super intelligent monkeys that turn on their masters like gorillas regret. This is the beginning of gorilla grime. >>Right. >>Know Legion of Doom? >>No, sorry but the other really good application for this I would imagine is the time when and they already have lots of tools for this already where surgeons can remotely perform surgery using different kind of joy stick and tools to control the robot to do the surgery for them. >>Yeah. >>I can imagine that if you get the brain remotely controlled robot connection even better than you can open some frontiers of being able to do things remotely just by thinking. >>That's right. >>We'll get there eventually. >>And also, you know, it's going to get us to the point where we just fuse with robots and the singularity and... >>We fly to work. >>Jasmine France: And then they take over. >>And then they blow out our brains with some, you know, robot that roams the earth for all eternity. >>Yeah, sure. >>Okay, so another thing we here while were wondering the streets of Tokyo and our exoskeleton robots suits are Blade Runner umbrellas because we're going to want to keep our exoskeletons dry, right? >>Yeah, sure. >>You guys remember these umbrellas from Blade Runner. >>Actually, I don't, I mean I'm not really a huge Blade Runner fan. I've seen it like twice but I don't remember these umbrellas. >>I remember it's kind of like that scene where Deckerts [phonetic]like eating like a noodles out on like the streets of post apocalyptic Tokyo out there and there's people walking the streets with the kind of light saber umbrellas. So, you can actually buy these now, $16 in Japan gets you this rave-tastic umbrella. >>Sure. >>Jasmine France: Isn't this long to make these things? I mean really? >>The technology finally, you know... >>Jasmine has been planning for this for a while. >>I know. >>I mean this is pretty cool but really 2010 it takes. >>Would you, Jasmine, would you walk down the street with this? >>Jasmine France: Maybe at night. >>Really? >>Yeah, why not especially in Tokyo. >>There's a shorter model if you want, I think it actually makes a little more sense for kids if like your kids like walking around with an umbrella at night maybe that would be some extra, you know, way to prevent from getting hit by a car. >>Yeah, sure, you might want to think about why you're letting your kids out at night. >>That is the larger question but... >>Do you know who is going to use this? >>No. >>Young guys who want to pick up chicks. It's a conversation starter, I mean, all you have got to do is, wow, I won't say what you got to do. >>I just don't know if a lot of chicks are going to tune into a guy that's got this flashing rainbow, you know, umbrella. >>It's a conversation starter. That's all they need. Those guys who are looking for chicks. >>Jasmine France: Do you know how hard it is to hit people in the rain? Seriously, I'm not looking at anybody when I'm walking in the rain. >>Yeah, I no one is looking their best in the rain either. >>Jasmine France: I have my umbrella pulled down over my eyes so I don't have to look at anybody. >>If someone was walking down the street with a light saber umbrella... >>Jasmine France: No, I wouldn't notice it. >>No, you wouldn't notice it. You totally would notice it. >>Jasmine France: Okay if you say so. >>Alright, speaking of stuff for kids I'm going to keep using this Segway speaking of stuff or because it's really easy but I actually have to think of more interesting Tom Merit-isk, Segways for things. Lego printer. This is actually one of the highest traffic stories on our CNET Crave blog for the past week. >>Really? >>Yeah, people are nuts for the Lego printer. >>I watched the video. I'm not sure why. >>Yeah, so this is actually someone was able to using a total DIY solution and a punch of Legos and a USB driver get the computer to printout a document using nothing but this Lego built machine and a felt tip pen attached to the end. It's pretty cool. >>Jasmine France: That is pretty cool. >>It's a long way to go to print out a document. >>Yeah, for sure. >>It makes for great video of the little Lego people working hard to print out. >>Do people have way too much time on their hands? But it is cool. >>Three weeks working nights on this so that's not so bad for a little project. >>Yeah, I don't know if you can use it to pick up chicks the same way you could with your rainbow umbrella. >>Jasmine France: I'd be much more likely to date the guy who this than a guy carry a rainbow umbrella. >>You heard it here first, Jasmine France. >>Jasmine France: I said more willing, let's be specific here. >>I guess we need some reference here. >>Jasmine France: I'll need six pages of references recommendations. >>So, hello world and a horse you get with your little printer but pretty cool you can check that out on CNET's Crave blog which you can find at Crave.CNET.com. Also up this actually came from the CNET River and I mentioned in the show last time but I didn' actually give a plug out to the CNET River. It is basically the metafeed of all CNET editors, twitter accounts and our editorial feeds where if you wanted to see a real time listing of everything were looking at and publishing and all that stuff you go to News.com/River and you can see CNET's River and on this we found Antuan Goodwin who supplied us with out hover board story last week is brining us the Darth Vader and Storm Trooper corsets. Now, Jasmine... >>Jasmine France: I have a couple of things to say. >>Maybe you can't appreciate this same way that Eric and I can. >>Jasmine France: I have a couple of things to say. I love corsets. >>Came up in the Star Wars era. >>Right. >>Jasmine France: I went to Star Wars. I think I saw the third one, whatever, but these are not hot, corsets aren't hot like there just not that hot. >>That's why I don't think we can have Jasmine in this conversation. I mean, I appreciate your opinion. >>Jasmine France: The first one is hot but the second one, the white one is not, it's not hot. >>Yeah, I kind of agree. >>Jasmine France: I think the black one is pretty hot. >>I think the Darth Vader one is really nice. >>Jasmine France: The white one is just like... >>There's nothing Storm Trooper-ish about the white one I think that's what turns me off. >>It just looks like a white corset. It's a little bit too easy to pull off. >>Jasmine France: It's not very revealing. >>I mean the other one has dials and buttons on it and stuff. >>I think this really comes into play when you're thinking of your Star Wars dominatrics. >>Jasmine France: And it has the black one actually is stylistic. >>Right, so these hypothetical style wear combination of fantasies but I'm not actually saying that... >>You aren't suppose to talk about it. >>Oh, man, I think that's safe for the show, right? >>Alright, fine. >>All I am saying is if you could round up the Princess Leia Return of the Jetty costume. >>Jasmine France: Okay, that's hot. >>That's hot? And... >>And the gold bikini his hot. >>Okay. >>Jasmine France: But even on it's own without being redesigned or styled in anyway that's a hobby. >>There could be a little bit more skin being shown in the pics. >>Jasmine France: I agree, I agree, I think there could be more skin shown. I think that there could be like pieces missing out of these corsets, you know, like slits or whatever to make them look more of the real corset but still have that, you know, Star Wars... >>Now, Jasmine, if you were dating some nerd dude and he was like hey look I saw this on the internet... >>I just made a Lego printer. >>Right. >>Come on over I'll show it to you there's one catch, though, after I'm done printing you've got to put on this. >>You mean I like the guy and he bought it for me, yeah, I'd wear it. >>Oh, okay. >>Jasmine France: Absolutely. >>Eric, would you wear this? >>Presuming I like the guy? Why not? >>Jasmine France: I mean I think that most people would, you know, get into something that their partner is into, you know, if they've purchased and give it say, okay. >>You're all excited and passionate about it, yeah, sure. >>Jasmine France: Why not. >>I should say though that these are going to go $500 each so you really need to be... >>Jasmine France: I'd prefer something else for $500. >>But if he spent that much... >>Jasmine France: But if he spent that much, yeah, I'd definitely wear it. >>All I'm saying is here in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay area, it takes on enterprising dominatrics could buy one of these costumes and make the money back very quickly. >>And don't you know it. >>Jasmine France: You would know. >>Not with me, I'm a married man. What I'm saying in theory I think it would be a wise investment. >>In theory, let's make that clear. >>But not with Donald? >>But not with me. >>Alright, I don't think there's anywhere we can go after that. >>Jasmine France: Damn. >>That's the kicker. >>Jasmine France: Okay. >>But, yeah, everybody thinks I'm glad to have Jasmine back here. Thank you, again, for joining us on today's show. >>Jasmine France: You want to get a hold of us? >>Yeah, what do you do? >>Jasmine France: Crave Show at CNET.com, Crave Show at CNET.com, don't forget the show or 1-800-720-2638. That will be CNET, 2638, right? >>Good job, alright. Thanks for listening guys. Thanks for watching, bye.

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