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Crave: Ep. 02: While the Donald's away...

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Crave: Ep. 02: While the Donald's away...

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Jasmine picks up the slack on Donald's sick day and gets fab producer Jason Howell and "huge" CNET Labs editor Eric Franklin to cohost the latest Crave podcast. We scoured Crave to bring only the best gems, and this week, we came up with a luxurious $15K speaker from Bowers & Wilkes, some Twitter-friendly dairy cows, a gadget porn crackdown, and the latest Japanese auto innovation . Also, no Crave podcast would be complete without a little something gross to cap it off. Tune in to find out what.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:07 >> It's Tuesday, May 25, and you're listening to the Crave podcast, and I totally almost screwed that up and said [inaudible] Insider. >> Well, it's bound to happen. >> It's almost back. I'm Jasmine France. >> And I'm Donald Bell's better-looking brother, Eric Franklin. >> Um-hum. So you think. And I'm Jason Howell. >> And Donald was out sick today, so I brought in, you know, some people -- >> His brother. >> -- To make up for it. >> Some backup. >> Yeah, I needed some backup. We couldn't have no show on the second week of the Crave podcast. >> I know. >> It was totally, you know, unacceptable. >> Yeah, Donald's really committed to this podcast, actually. >> Yeah, so that's why I know he's really sick. >> He's like, yeah, I've got some movies to watch. >> Yeah. >> Yeah, I kind of doubt that. I'm -- you know, I'm really kind of sad that he's not here today because we have so many fun things to talk about, and he's going to be really disappointed that he doesn't get to be in the show that leads off with porn. >> Oh, the one and only time you ever lead off with porn. >> Pretty much. >> Don't you always lead off with porn? >> No. >> Well, we do on my show, so I just -- >> Is that what -- yeah, I think you're getting confused. >> I'm a little confused. This is true. >> And I got all my links mixed up because they open backwards in this new template, but so -- >> Wha'? >> -- The thing that I wanted to talk about is the fact that apparently Australian customs now will, when you sign the little card saying that you agree to let them search your person, they are allowed to check your belongings for porn, and that includes your electronics, which is kind of shady. >> What -- is porn illegal in Australia? What's --? >> I don't think so. I'm pretty sure that it's legal there on the some terms that its legal here. >> Yeah, and what defines porn in Australia? That's what I'm really curious about. >> Well, what -- yeah. I mean, is it the same as it is here, where it's kind of this -- you know, this -- >> Yeah. Is it just pictures? >> -- Weird definition. >> Is it video? >> I think it includes any kind of pornographic material, which includes video or photos and [inaudible]. >> And what if it's -- >> Yeah, what if -- >> -- It's personal photos or something like that. Just saying. It could be. >> What if it's an issue of "Maxim?" Like, some people would consider that porn -- >> Yeah, exactly. Exactly. >> -- But it's not really like full-on porn. >> Or like "Woman's Health?" >> Yeah. >> Those are -- >> Well, that's the thing. Where do you draw the line? >> Yeah, that's always a problem. >> And who knows how they draw it in Australia because it's probably not the same as it is here. >> Yeah. I don't know. That's weird. >> So -- >> Yeah, I mean, they're probably looking for, you know, the illicit illegal things, but what's weird about this is that they don't state that. It's such an open, a wide-open blanket that they're looking for. It doesn't really -- >> And they don't say why they're looking for it, right? >> Yeah, that's right. >> Are they going to confiscate it? Confiscate it? See, the thing is that -- >> You can't come to Australia -- >> Right. I -- >> -- You purveyor of dirty morals. >> Your mind is too dirty. >> Bring porn in or something. And I always considered Australia kind of more of a gruff kind of society, like, gruff, kind of culturally. >> It is, but they have some surprising -- >> Yeah, they do. >> -- Right-wingy politics going on there, actually. >> Yeah, apparently. >> They're surprisingly conservative, even though you -- it doesn't seem that way when you think about, like, the Outback and all these things. >> Yeah, like, you don't consider them socially conservative, but this is, like -- >> Right. >> Yeah. >> Yeah. >> This definitely displays it, but what the point is that they can go onto your iPad or your iPod. They can actually boot these things up and look at them. >> Oh, yeah, and they said they'd -- >> And go through your electronics. >> -- They're going to be discreet about it, right? That's one of the things that the Custom officials declared. They would be -- >> Like that makes it better. >> They'll use tact and discretion. So -- >> Um-hum. >> Maybe they're just -- >> They all say that. >> Maybe they're looking for, you know, new porn to enlighten the Australian culture or something. >> I think that's what it is. >> Maybe they're just really looking for new porn. They've seen it all. >> Yeah. >> We've seen it all. >> And they're like, you know, we just want to know what else is out there. >> Yeah. >> Like, we've seen it all, and we've done it all, and we're looking for new [inaudible]. >> Right, exactly. So moving right along, I have some cool audio gear. Well, I presume it's cool. It cost $15,000.00. >> I guess it better be cool. >> Oh, it better be. Yeah. >> So one of the bloggers took a look -- took a listen to -- took a listen at the B&W's $15,000.00 diamond speaker. >> Wow. So this is a speaker. >> Okay, is it made of diamonds? What's -- >> No, it's not made of diamonds. >> Okay. >> The diamonds -- >> Or else it would cost more than $15,000.00 bucks. >> Yeah, the word diamond basically signifies how awesome and pristine it sounds and just -- >> Right. >> -- How expensive it should be. >> Right. Basically. >> Basically. >> Well, I think they're trying to justify the price tag a little bit with that naming. >> Yeah, exactly. >> It's a really pretty speaker, though. >> Oh, it looks -- it looks incredible. >> Um-hum. >> It's pretty. I'm looking at this -- the slide show -- or the gallery on the Bowers & Wilkins page, and it's gorgeous. >> And if you notice, that house that the speakers are in, it's not your typical house. >> Um-hum. >> You know, you don't usually find, like, that kind of, like, ornate columns in a typical San Francisco person's house, at least. I don't know. >> Oh, the ornate column in the background? >> Yeah, did you notice that? What is that? It's like, who's living here? >> It looks -- you know what it looks like? It looks like the -- one of the penthouse suites at Caesars Palace. >> Oh, oh, excuse me. I haven't been to the penthouse suites in Caesars Palace. >> Yeah, I got upgraded to that once. >> Nice. >> It was pretty [inaudible]. >> You know, no big deal. >> No big deal. Yeah. >> It must be nice people in high places. >> No, they were -- they had oversold the hotel, and this was the only room left when we checked in, so they -- >> Hey. >> That's where they put us. >> You'll take it how you can get it. >> I'm like, "I'll take it." >> These speakers are 159 pounds. >> Wow. >> Oh. >> Yeah. >> Those are some heavy speakers. >> Yeah, don't go moving those. You know, figure out where you want those and put them there -- >> If I put those in my -- >> -- You know, don't be indecisive with those suckers. >> If I put those in my ghetto San Francisco apartment, they'd be totally out of place. >> And they'd probably be gone in a couple days. >> Probably. >> Yeah, that's true. >> I've seen -- yeah, I know your neighborhood. >> It's kind of witty. I've -- the last line of this article, it says, "As high-end speakers go, the 802 Diamond is moderately priced, but it sounds like a much more expensive speaker." Are there much more expensive speakers? >> I believe that there are. >> Yeah. >> I guess there are. >> There are, I think, you know, 100 thousand dollar systems and up. >> Oh, I guess if you're doing, like -- >> For true audiophiles. >> If you're, like, doing, like, movie scoring or something, right? Like, if you're scoring a movie, you're -- >> Well, I mean, even for just plain old audiophiles, people who just really care that much about sound and music and all that kind of stuff. >> And have that kind of money. >> We'll have -- >> Yeah, exactly. I mean, that's obviously the key. >> Right. >> They have that money to where that isn't that bad. >> Well, people spend tens of thousands of dollars on audio equipment. >> Yeah. >> There are people out there that do do that. >> Oh, absolutely. >> I mean, as I imagine you would probably do on your home theater equipment if you had it. >> I -- yeah, I spend probably more money than my wife would allow these days a couple years ago on audio equipment, but -- yeah. I see your point. >> Home theater, you know, I know what you do with your visual, your whole, you know, movie and special -- >> Hey, man, that's part of the experience. I want to replicate the movie experience in my home. >> Yeah. >> Hey, I -- >> A new concept. >> I love that concept because I hate going to the movie theater, so -- >> Yeah. Exactly. >> -- I'd love to be able to do that. >> And when you come over, you can -- you'll appreciate it. >> Funny thing is I consider myself an audiophile. I have forever, yet I still don't have any sort of an actual sound system for, like, our TV set. >> It's probably because you work at CNET. >> We have a 50-inch TV, but we listen to the sound through the TV speakers. It's kind of depressing, actually. >> It is depressing because I do the same thing. >> I can't believe I just admitted that. >> I've been without my 5.1s for, like, three years now. >> You work in the wrong office. >> I know. >> You'd be testing out all sorts of stuff if you were the New York office. >> That is true. >> They have all sorts of home theater speakers laying around. >> Yeah, taking home stuff to test. >> Yeah, oh, taking it home to test, 159-pound speaker home to test. >> Sure. Sure. >> You bet. I'll take it. >> Well, those ones they didn't actually have in that office. >> Yeah, right. >> But I swear, when I was there, and I went into their home theater-testing lounge or room or whatever -- it was just this back room that they have to test the home theater equipment -- and it looks like the place where wide screen TVs went to die. It's just -- it looks like -- >> Yeah, it's filled. That's right. I remember that. >> It's all these televisions. >> Yeah. >> All these flat screen TVs just sitting there, like, and they look kind of eerily like gravestones, and it's dark and empty in there. >> Oh, weird. >> I went in there to test out a speaker I was writing about, and I was kind of creeped out, actually. >> The sound of crickets echoed through the room. >> It's probably because of all the male editors were standing around you, like, staring at you because there's no female editors in the New York office. >> Yeah, it was -- well, now Bonnie. >> Oh, yeah, yeah. She's there now. >> Just think of -- they've got one now. >> But she's really, really good. >> Yeah, she's [inaudible] editor. >> So moving onto some more, you know, kind of fun things on the lower end of things, hopefully. >> Much lower. >> This is how Sherlock Holmes would charge his iPhone with the [inaudible] here. And it's -- the reason I picked it out is -- it's from Old Time Computers is the name of the company -- and I picked it out because they have a brass and wood iPhone dock -- iPhone and iPod dock. And it's kind of cool looking. >> Yeah, it's -- >> It is cool. It is cool looking. >> And it's -- I think it's pretty cheap. I think it's 42 bucks or something. >> It better be. It's a block of wood. >> Yeah. >> I know. >> Right? >> Well, it has a little metal in the back. >> Well, a 42-inch [inaudible]. >> All right, there's a little metal in there. It's kind of steam pump-ish, but I guess if it's, like, Sherlock Holmes era, it would have a different -- >> I would say -- >> -- A different name for it. >> Yeah, I mean, it looks kind of Sherlock Hom-ish -- Holms-ish. It looks more like -- what was it -- the time machine guy. Ishy Welles [assumed spelling] guy. What was that guy's name? >> Oh, yeah. Yeah, [inaudible]. >> It looks more, like, [inaudible] to that. I don't know. I just saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie. I'm not sure if Robert Downey, Jr., that character would be carrying an iPhone. I don't know, the iPhone just kind of looks out of place on this thing. >> Yeah, it kind of does. >> It does. >> Like, the actual device looks cool, but -- >> Like a big, old plastic glass thing plugged into a block of wood. >> Yeah, it's weird. >> If you look at the actual website, too, the iPod looks even more ridiculous plugged into this wood thing. >> Yeah, I see that, too. It's -- >> Although I really like this whole -- the computer that's displayed on the [inaudible]. >> The computer is cool. >> That works. >> Yeah. >> Yes. >> That works, especially with that background. That definitely works. >> Yeah. >> Yeah, that is -- that's really neat. I like the old keyboard and everything, although I bet that's very unergonomic. >> Yeah. >> Probably. >> Those look like tiny, little keys. >> But it's worth it. >> Well, it looks like replicates the type better. >> It's cool. >> Yeah. >> It's totally cool. >> That's a conversation starter right there. Someone comes to your house, you're having a little dinner party, they go oh, what's this? >> Oh, absolutely. >> This could be a leak, actually. This could be the next line of iMacs -- >> There you go. >> -- That you're looking at right here. >> Yes, vintage iMacs. >> Yeah. >> Oh my goodness, I wouldn't put it past them. >> I wouldn't either. >> Honestly. >> We're bringing old to new again. >> Yeah. >> And how about we bring some new to olds, and we have some diary cows who are using Twitter. >> Moo. >> Oh yeah? We have some here? Are they in studio? >> Teat tweet. No, I wish we had some here. I like cows. >> She loves cows. >> I love cows. >> Jasmine loves cows. >> I think cows are just great. So -- >> That's something I did not know about you. [Inaudible]. >> Yeah. Fun fact of the day. >> I think cows are great. I think they're just -- I had a very nice experience with cows in El Salvador. I had a little calf that really got attached to me -- >> We need to know this story? >> -- And followed me around. Yes, we always need to know these stories. It brings personality in. >> Yes. >> That's right. >> You're right. You're right. So if that cow that you are so fond of, if that cow was Tweeting, would you follow? >> Yes. >> Yeah? >> Although I think -- >> She wants to know what's going on in its life. >> I think this one was a male cow, though. So -- >> Oh, okay. >> I don't think it would be on this whole dairy cow -- >> Oh, right, okay. >> -- Udder Tweeting thing. >> This particular use of Twitter, right. >> So what's cool about this is they're -- the contraption itself, which, you know, is also [inaudible] a certain way of speaking, it's an automatic milker. So the cows can choose when they want to be milked. So they actually will go in there on their own and be milked by this machine. And once it's done milking it sends out the Tweet, which is full of canned language, but it does actually measure, you know, the amount of milk that comes out. It says, "Unloaded 12.7 kilograms frothy milk from my udders," says the heifer who goes by the username "Free Ride Speedy." So she and 11 other cows are hooked up to these Tweet [inaudible] chips. >> I feel like they're overestimating the awareness of cows. Do they really know when they need to be milked? >> Apparently. >> I guess they do. I guess there's that instinct of it gets full, and maybe there's some tenderness or something going on, but -- huh. >> I would think it would be it'd get a little tender when it was -- the udders were full, and they'd be like, oh, okay -- you know, kind of like ringing the bell. >> Yeah, it's time. Yeah, exactly. >> The Pavlov dog thing. >> Yeah, exactly. A little training it takes but -- huh, it kind of weird. It's kind of dirty for a -- what is this? Look at this quote, "I just squirted 16.4 kilograms out of my teats in 6.58 seconds." >> What did you do today? >> I thought you said this was going to be a family show. >> Said Contrast Amanda the Cow. >> Contrast Amanda. >> You know, cows can get 174 followers. That's impressive. >> That cow has 174 followers. >> I don't think I have 174 followers, so I must be doing something wrong. I'm not -- >> Just become a cow. >> I'm not Tweeting about my teats enough is apparently what the problem is. >> Yep. >> Oh my goodness. So moving right along, I promised that we'd include some DIY stuff in the podcast, hopefully, you know, going forward. I can't promise it every time, but this thing that I found, I kind of just like the name. It's called "The Manhandle." >> Yes. >> Something that sounds very -- >> The iPad Manhandle. >> -- Much up your alley right there. >> So I don't know. It's -- it keeps the -- it looks like it would keep some fingerprints off the screen. >> And it would probably take out a few -- >> I like that. >> -- Eyes. I don't know if you're, like -- >> It looks a little heavy. >> Yeah, I don't know. It looks cumbersome. It looks kind of dangerous. It looks like you could probably kill somebody with it. >> But what if somebody tries to take your iPad and you just whack them across the head with the back of it, you know? >> Yeah. >> It could be useful with that, yes. >> It could totally be useful that way. >> You'd smudge the screen if you did that, though, so beware. >> Well, you -- or crack it, for that matter. >> You might crack it, but it might be worth it. >> But, you know, cracking somebody's head open who's trying to steal my iPad might -- >> Worth it. >> Yeah, worth it, really. >> It's worth breaking the iPad to crack someone's skull. >> Satisfaction. >> So these are just basically handles on both sides so that you don't have to grab it and grab the actual screen portion. >> [Inaudible]. >> And then there's two rubber straps that have been screwed into the back that come around the edges of it to keep it in place. >> It's kind of funny because is it just me, or is the screen in the photo all smudged? >> It is all smudged. >> It is because even if you have handles on the sides -- >> You still have to touch it. >> -- You still have to touch it. >> You still have to use it, right? >> Right. >> And that -- yeah, see, that brings that problem with touchscreen, the whole touching aspect of touchscreens is my problem there. >> Um-hum. The smudges. >> Oh, smudges. And then do a couple more things. This is a segment that I would like to call "Oh, Japan." >> Yes. >> Is this going to be a weekly segment, or --? >> Per approval, yes, this could be a weekly segment. >> Yeah, go for it. >> Oh, Japan. So they have made an electric car made of bamboo, of course. >> Of course. >> Yeah. >> And I took one look at this -- >> Yes. >> I didn't even see the word "bamboo" in the title. Take one look at this little vehicle, and you're like, oh yeah, only in Japan. >> Yeah. >> Oh, yeah. Absolutely. It's got all the [inaudible]. >> Well, it looks kind of like a, well, you know, one of those people carriers that you have at hotels, like really large hotels, and they put you in there, and they drive you around. >> Um-hum. >> And what is it? The top speed is, like, 25 miles per hour or something like that. And -- it's more of a bicycle to me. >> Yeah. It seems like more of a bicycle. >> Less of a car, but it's zero emission, so that's kind of cool. >> Yeah, it reminds me of the took took in Thailand. >> I don't know what the took took is. >> Took took is basically this type of, like, a little vehicle. >> Right. >> You know, it's basically like a cab, more or less. >> Right. >> But it's a small, kind of factor like this. >> But it's more like that. >> Yeah, and you got the little driver in front and a two-seater right in the back there, and they're a lot of fun. >> Yeah, and it's it -- it's almost not so much a car as a motor -- moped-type deal. >> Yeah, totally. >> Yeah, I'll be finding that out for myself soon enough here. >> Excellent. >> I'm jealous. >> Yeah, Southeast Asia. >> Nice. >> So I don't know. I would kind of rock this, but I like Smart Cars, so you know. >> Could you imagine seeing one of these cruising through the streets of San Francisco? >> Well, they have those -- >> Well, you do see those, right? >> Yeah, you do. You see those little -- the little, tiny -- >> Those little yellow -- >> -- GoCar things that they give to tourists or whatever. >> Yeah. >> Oh, yeah, that's true. Yeah, I guess so. >> Tourists can rent them. >> Those top out around 25, 30 miles per hour. >> And that to me -- I mean, they wear helmets or whatever, but whenever I see those people driving those things in this city, I think to myself, "Wow, you are reckless." >> Asking for it. >> Yeah. >> You're -- I mean, it is not safe in this city driving a tiny little car around. >> People get killed every day. [Inaudible] kills so many people, like, in this city. >> Just walking, you know? >> Just walking, right? Yeah. >> Crazy, crazy. And finally, topping off the podcast today -- >> Of course. >> Gross. >> Grody. >> Horrible. >> Or Do Not Crave. I don't know. >> I don't know. Or we could take the other route of like -- >> Just gross. >> -- Hey, this is part of life, okay people? >> Well, but the -- okay so -- so allow me to elaborate. >> Go ahead. >> I mean, the title condom meets tampon is kind of what inspired the grossness of it, but basically what this is is it's a stem cell collection device. That is the -- >> Stem cell extraction device. >> [Inaudible] tube stem cell extraction device. Well, it's not really extracting anything. >> Yeah. >> Yes. >> So that's -- it's kind of coming out on its own. >> Well, yeah, you're right. You're right. >> But yeah, it's collecting it, and then purportedly it gets sent into some lab because you -- there are endometrial stem cells in menstrual fluid. >> Um-hum. >> Of course. >> And they're looking into whether or not there can be some, you know, biological benefits to this, and this is -- >> I would guess yes. >> This is a way of doing that. >> I just -- I can't get past -- I can't get past -- I just want you [inaudible] pass the picture. >> I just want you to know -- well, I just want you to know I'm holding back right now, Jasmine -- >> It looks like a flower. >> -- Really talking about this and taking this into non-family territory. Just -- so be thankful. >> Yeah, you do know who you brought onto the podcast, right? >> I know. I really -- I had to put this on here because I think that I'm torturing him right now. >> You are. >> I'm really happy. >> This is hurting. >> How about this? It's called "Madame Wassail [assumed spelling]." >> Oh, Madam Wassail. >> Come on. >> Oh. >> Come on, people. >> Classic. >> Yeah, this is -- this is weird. >> Just replace any swear with smurf. That's one of the chat room suggestions. You have to swear to just say smurf. >> And then I won't have to beep you later. >> I think it might actually be dirty if I replace everything with smurf. >> Yeah, that's true. Very well could be. >> Huh, this is weird. I don't know why you put this on here. Thanks a lot. >> Well, you know, I mean -- >> It was on Crave, dude. >> Well, that's what surprises me. I mean, if you read -- >> And it's gross. >> -- A little bit of this stuff, it's like -- I mean, just like -- you know, the first line is like, "If the thought of menstrual blood makes you squirm." I mean, I don't know how anyone can read that and not squirm just by the -- maybe I'm just being -- I'm playing the role of the typical guy and being -- >> However -- >> Yeah? >> -- This is a natural thing. >> Yes, that's what I -- yeah. >> It exists in the world. >> Exactly. And this actually -- >> Somewhere in the world. >> -- Might be a great idea. >> This might be a great -- >> It could be a great idea. >> -- Great place to extract stem cells from. >> It actually could be a great idea, yeah. >> They're already there. >> It's controversial at this point because, you know, apparently a lot of them might be dead, but -- >> Right. >> -- Still, you know. Anyway -- >> Still, we'll see. >> -- We'll leave it at that. >> Thankfully, we don't have to do the research here. >> Okay. I don't know. I'll say yes on this one. >> I am not a biologist, so I am going to leave it at that. >> Right. We'll leave it to the professionals and let you know what they say later. >> In the meantime, if you have feedback for us, you can send us an email. >> Finally. >> Yes, a whole week later. >> I know. Whoa. >> At Crave Show, is it? >> Yeah, Crave Show because -- >> Crave Show. >> -- It turns out we have a lot of Crave franchises throughout CNET. >> Yeah, what do you know? >> And there already is a Crave podcast over in the UK, so Crave Show. >> So craveshow@cnet.com, or this is going to be the same phone number, which is -- what was it? 800-720-2638? >> I believe so. >> CNET. [Inaudible]. >> Wow, what are you? >> I think that's right. >> Idiot savant over here. >> It took me, what, three years to get that number down. I'm glad we're not changing it. >> I still get the Beatle number wrong, like, regularly. >> So there you have it. You can also leave us a comment in the [inaudible] once it's up, so thanks for listening. Bye-bye. >> Bye-bye. >> Bye. ^M00:18:55 [ Music ]

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