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Crave: Ep. 01: Bar bubbles and crotchbots

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Crave: Ep. 01: Bar bubbles and crotchbots

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The Crave video podcast returns! Donald Bell and Jasmine France review a weird and wonderful week of posts from CNET's Crave blog, highlighting a new robot from Honda, a vintage video game sound box, a Kug, a cooler, and a privacy helmet that should come with its own spit valve.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:05 >> Jasmine France: Well hello. It's Tuesday May 18th >> Donald Bell: Sure. >> Jasmine: Is that right? >> Donald: I don't know. >> Jasmine: Ok we're just gonna say May 18th for the sake of argument. I'm Jasmine France. >> Donald: I'm Donald Bell >> Jasmine France: And you're listening to the all new Crave podcast. Is that it? >> Donald: Yes >> Jasmine: I feel like I should say more syllables. >> Donald: That's third generation. The rising again of the Crave podcast. >> Jasmine: Well was it a podcast ever or was it just a show? >> Donald: It was well yeah it was a podcast, it was a podcast, it was originally the Veronica deal and then it was the Brian Tong deal and now it's our deal. >> Jasmine: There was a podcast it just wasn't live. >> Donald: Third time's the charm. No it was never live like this though >> Jasmine: And it was only video right? Yeah it was always >> Donald: Although I think ours is going to be only video now too. >> Jasmine: Yes, but it's live so you know it's better. >> Donald: It's less >> Jasmine: It's automatically better right? >> Donald: It's not scripted that's for sure. >> Jasmine: It's definitely not scripted. >> Donald: I don't even know how this is gonna work. I don't know if we're gonna even finish this. >> Jasmine: We may not even talk about anything except dissecting the Crave. >> Donald: We successfully began it. I think that's the only thing we can say about this. >> Jasmine: We have successfully began. >> Donald: Yes well let's start with something and basically if you're the idea behind this podcast is that we're gonna go over the stuff from CNETs Crave blog, that you can find at Crave.cnet.com and the stuff that isn't really typically covered by all the other podcasts CNET does right? >> Jasmine: The fun stuff. >> Donald: The fun stuff. Yeah the stuff that we actually want to talk about. We're getting picky and choosy but we're also we're not gonna cover a lot of the car stuff because there's a car podcast, we're not going to cover a lot of the phone stuff there's a phone podcast. >> Jasmine: What about the music stuff though? >> Donald: Yeah there's a podcast for no there's not no one wants to. >> Jasmine: What about headphones. >> Donald: Yeah >> Jasmine: Wah wah wah wah >> Donald: I know MP3 insider. >> Jasmine: You just need to have a sad trombone cued up for every time that I mention something horrible audio related. >> Donald: I do I need to get the Jason Howel sound board going on here. >> Jasmine: So yeah we're just gonna talk about fun stuff basically and if I can manage to get away with it I'm gonna try and talk about food sometimes. Because it's always at noon on Tuesday and I'm always starving. >> Donald: Alright well >> Jasmine: But first. >> Donald: But first let us take a break for robots and we're talking about the Honda bodyweight support assist. This is article that happened. Actually this is just from the 16th. I'm going to try and cue up some video for you cause it's one of these things you really have to see to understand so here it is. It's basically robotic walking assistant that you sit in, that kind of cradles it kind of cradles your crotch and has little shoes built into it and helps you walk. >> Jasmine: Right. >> Donald: And the video that they show is kind of a guy getting up some stairs and it looks ok on its own but when you see someone use this it is one of the freakier things you've seen, it makes the segway awkwardness looks like nothing. It looks like people have like an extra set of knees jetting out in front of them and it does not look comfortable at all. >> Jasmine: It doesn't really. I feel like there was a video where one of our own reporters used one of these back like several weeks ago. I don't know if it was this model but I seem to wow that looks, >> Donald: Poor guy >> Jasmine: That looks awkward. >> Donald: I hope he's never seen this video. Oh yeah so there's so actual pricing on this yet, it's kind of in the awesomo camp of something that's more of a concept of being developed but yeah I guess it probably could find some good use. People making Honda cars are using them to kind of stay upright while they're working on cars. >> Jasmine: Yeah if you have to be in a constant crouch position. >> Donald: Yeah >> Jasmine: I can see that really coming in handy. >> Donald: You show they show one here with a guy holding up a camera. I guess if you're shot up with the adrenalin and you're trying to like do surgery on people and your legs are giving out you could use this showing them as one example. I don't know. But I kind of want to have one around the office and what I really want is for it to bionic legs. I want it to be the bionic legs actually help you like jump like 100 feet into the air though right? Like it's not quite that it's really just. >> Jasmine: Yeah this is really more taking the weight off of your legs and spine I think. >> Donald: Yeah >> Jasmine: I don't think it makes you jump any further. >> Donald: My real fear is that it will be the wally like missing link before we all actually donut walk for ourselves and have robots walk for us and then we're just being transported around their giant you know slurpee cups and growing bigger than our bones can actually support us. But maybe I'm just being negative. So that's probably the freakiest thing we have, no actually that's not the freakiest thing we have to show but another little gem happened on the Crave blog this past week was and this one is really close to my own heart both because its DIY and it also involves audio and I should play the audio here for it too but as a guy who hacked together his own basically like a vintage arcade game button box where he there's nothing but buttons, there's no actual game to play, it's just like a little sound board for all vintage arcade sounds and I'll get the video let me see if I can show this [background sounds]. Put the quarter in. >> Jasmine: It actually requires a quarter. ^M00:05:44 [ game sounds ] ^M00:06:10 >> Donald: God that's awesome. So the cool thing is he built it all himself and that the graphics and the sounds actually aren't from I mean some of them are from different arcade games but they're not all like referenced to the particular graphic he has on there and what he did and I'll show some of this in another video that he did on the making of is he hacked together a bunch of little USB greeting cards from Japan where you can actually plug in you know the little green cards you open them up and they'll play some obnoxious song at you, there's this version you get that you get that has a USB plug and you can load up your own song or your own sounds to make it personalized so each one of those buttons is hooked up to one of those little greeting card things where he put in his own >> Jasmine: I see. >> Donald: sound effect for each button and so it's kind of a low tech way to go about this as opposed to actually like loading up some kind of. >> Jasmine: That sounds like something I could even do and I'm not that handy. >> Donald: No but I do >> Jasmine: Especially not with electronics. >> Donald: But I do love that he went with the quarter slot at the beginning to get that going. So here's the video. We'll have this all the links to these different posts in the show notes for this episode. But there's a little greeting card thing that hooks up over USB and here he's showing off how each one of the sounds is hooked up to a different greeting card controller. That's pretty cool. >> Jasmine: A lot of wires going on in there. >> Donald: And then he hand painted all the graphics. That's all just like it looks like you know what you'd find on vintage arcade console but he kind of put that all together himself. That's pretty cool. Other stuff from the Crave blog: Now we're I thought there's 2 stories I'm kind of linking together here because I love both of them. One is the Kug. >> Jasmine: That's a horrible name though. >> Donald: It's a brilliant name. >> Jasmine: It makes sense. I don't know I don't like the name. It's a kettle that's also a mug so that's where they're getting that. >> Donald: right so it's the kettle mug. >> Jasmine: It's the kettle mug, it's a kug. >> Donald: It sounds like fug or ug. >> Jasmine: Yeah not a fan. >> Donald: But it's a kettle mug that boils its own water. You just plug it in and in 90 seconds your water can get to boiling. >> Jasmine: I mean it's an awesome device. >> Donald: I guess if you're part of the tea toting, not totaling but tea toting. >> Jasmine: Yeah if you're really into tea which I am, if you're not a huge coffee drinker and instead are into the whole tea thing. I don't know I think it's becoming more popular in America drinking tea right? >> Donald: I guess. There's no pricing on this or there's no sense of when its gonna be available but >> Jasmine: How much should it cost? >> Donald: I don't know. >> Jasmine: 20 bucks, 30 bucks. >> Donald: I could see like Starbucks getting on board with this or something and kind of you know paying to have its one of those things where it has to be mass produced to a point where it can become affordable. >> Jasmine: Right exactly. >> Donald: But I think that, the reason that they actually came up with the idea was because arthritis sufferers, people who actually have to handle the kettle in the morning and that this would kind of cut out a lot of the middle man for like pouring the water and not scalding yourself, or having intense pain in your hands while you're doing that. >> Jasmine: Right. >> Donald: I guess. >> Jasmine: But it's high tech >> Donald: But it's high tech and it looks cool and you get to say kug every time you wake up in the morning like I'm gonna go start up my kug right? Alright on the opposite side of that. >> Jasmine: You sound cool saying that? >> Donald: Yeah absolutely. No you don't but you do sound cool when >> Jasmine: I was going to let that one slide but. >> Donald: Thank you. You do sound cool if you want to get your beer chilled though this is getting your drinks going the opposite direction. This is a dedicated, >> Jasmine: This is even cooler I think, >> Donald: drink cooler. It cools one drink but it cools it down to like what is it like 33 degrees in 2 minutes. >> Jasmine: Awesome. >> Donald: And its $40 and I guess you can pick this up at Bed Bath and Beyond. It's called the Cooper Cooler. >> Jasmine: 40? It needs to chill more than 1 beverage for $40. I think it needs to do two for $40. >> Donald: Well you basically for your party you need to have one of these for every lazy boy or like chair you know at your party. But yeah I think that I mean for anyone who's actually like been at a party and the beer is warm and you just take one for the team and drink the warm beer or whatever it is I think this is a pretty good investment, or if you're just lazy, or if maybe you're someone that just doesn't have the room for a refrigerator or even like little dorm room refrigerator and he wants something just to kind of get. >> Jasmine: I think it's really cool I just think it should do 2 drinks, not just 1. >> Donald: It's not even that high tech. You load it up with ice. >> Jasmine: What what? You have to load it up ok I take that back it's not that cool. It's definitely not worth $40. >> Donald: Well it works off of like ice and water and then I think you plug it in but it's not as high tech as you would think. Like it's not like injecting it with like dry ice or something like that, or some kind of super cooling method but you know cold beer is cold beer. Don't ask where it comes. >> Jasmine: So I would like to know in deciding whether or not this is actually you know neat enough, or interesting enough, or worth it is what is the difference between you know just shoving your beer bottle in a mound of ice and putting it in this thing. What's the time difference? >> Donald: This one I think faster. >> Jasmine: Well its faster, it's gotta be at least a little but how much faster? >> Donald: Yeah. >> Jasmine: See that's what it would be for me. >> Donald: That's the deal maker for you. >> Jasmine: Yeah that's the deal maker for me. Is it really significantly faster? I mean does it take just 10 minutes in a mound of ice to get it that cold? I don't know. >> Donald: Well I think this goes back to the robot too where I think if you had a combination like inebriate a robot that could walk you back home and chill your beer for you and then we're getting to the Wally world dynamic where you can just be this inebriated large boneless person that's floating around in space. We'll get there and while we're there we'll probably enjoy giant speech bubble helmets. >> Jasmine: Gross! >> Donald: God this is disgusting! >> Jasmine: So gross! Well the one you're showing right now is not actually as gross as the one that's shown down below. That is disgusting. >> Donald: Oh I don't know. >> Jasmine: Gross! >> Donald: This is >> Jasmine: They're just asking for an epidemic. >> Donald: Yeah this is exactly how you know monkey flu happens right here. >> Jasmine: Yeah exactly. >> Donald: The monkey flu incubator >> Jasmine: It just looks so uncomfortable and well anyway the premise behind this is you know these bar bubbles basically that's what I'm gonna call it that allows you to hear other people in noisy environments basically. >> Donald: Yeah it's kind of it makes sense as an idea. Let's go there's another picture over here. >> Jasmine: I guess but it's completely impractical. I mean the idea and look at how weird they look and gross, gross, I repeat gross! >> Donald: They're design students. What are you going to do? >> Jasmine: Yeah it's just impractical. I mean the idea behind it is extremely useful. >> Donald: Yeah how many times you been out at like a loud club or a bar and you're just like shouting at the person next to you and you just like for the love of God just turn down the music so I can say something so the person next to me so this in theory shuts out some sound around you so you can carry on a conversation at like a moderate volume but it also looks so completely wrong. >> Jasmine: You know what else you could get? You could get Etymonic ear plugs that has like filters in them that allow you to >> Donald: That would actually be pretty cool. >> Jasmine: cancel out ambient noise but still hear speech and music. >> Donald: I wouldn't' want ones that go in the ears just because I'd be sharing them with whoever I want to carry on the conversation with at the party but if you actually had like a little wireless like over ear headphones no you'd look so lame if you brought that. >> Jasmine: Yeah the in ear ones you don't even really see you just have to bring them around to share. How much do these things cost? $12 for a pair, $10 for a pair of Etymotic High Fidelity earplugs is what they're called. >> Donald: On the upside you do look like you are already dressed for like a costume party if you come with these right? >> Jasmine: I guess. >> Donald: Here's the other thing and this is neat. >> Jasmine: You gotta wear the rest of the costume though. I mean if you're gonna wear that you have to wear the space suit to go with it. >> Donald: Right well this is me as someone with a lisp coping up to something is that when I shout I get a little spitely you know and I think even people without you know who aren't lispy shout a lot at a club you get a little spitily especially if you're drinking beer or whatever it is and you're just you know having a good time. These things would have to have like a little drool filter, like a protection cup at the bottom, like the spit valve. These things need a spit value. >> Jasmine: Gross, I repeat Gross, gross, gross products! >> Donald: I could imaging renting them out like bowling shoes. Oh just Lysol the thing. >> Jasmine: Oh my OCD is going into overdrive right now. Oh my goodness. >> Donald: Alright well good on you people. Thanks for inventing something for us to talk about. >> Jasmine: Yeah well there is that. Like I said the idea behind it, solid. >> Donald: Solid. >> Jasmine: Just the you know actual what's the word I'm looking for? >> Donald: Implementation >> Jasmine: Thank you see my brain is dead from slacker earlier. Anyway. >> Donald: That's it. >> Jasmine: That's all. >> Donald: That's the interesting stuff we found the past week at CNETs Crave blog and thank you for joining us on our inaugural episode. >> Jasmine: We will continue going forward Tuesday's at noon and you know if you want to get a hold of us tell us what we did wrong, right, too bad cause we don't have an email address. >> Donald: We haven't gotten that far yet. >> Jasmine: So you know. >> Donald: You can complain at the next episode. >> Jasmine: Keep it to yourself. No you can actually comment when we post this you know post this on the blog site so if you really want to. I guess >> Donald: I guess. >> Jasmine: but we're probably not going to read it or respond so just kidding we read everything. Alright until next time. >> Donald: Yeah I think till next time I'm gonna have the body, the Honda body weight support assist play us out on this one. >> Jasmine: Ok sounds good. Bye guys. >> Donald: See ya. ^M00:15:55 [ Music ]

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