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Always On: ElliptiGO Unboxing at Always On

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Always On: ElliptiGO Unboxing at Always On

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Our new Always On correspondent, Jeff Cannata, unboxes the dorkiest fitness device ever. It's a hybrid of a bicycle and indoor elliptical machine. But he kind of likes it!

-- had ever been at the gym and looked at the elliptical machine and touch yourself. -- really like this thing -- not just stay in one place standing here but somebody did and the result is actually pretty cool this. Is -- lifting go it works like. And elliptical machines so gives you the low impact on the joints worked out but it's cross the bike seeking -- -- the world and experience the out of doors so I don't have a box. For on boxing but. Remarkably this thing comes almost completely fully assembled it looks like this when you get it. And the adjustable height -- are set comes kind of strapped to the chassis like that all you have to do. Pull -- out. To -- in this little -- here something -- that's. -- there. And they go to wield the front -- also. Comes unattached but you fit that in just like you would in normal mountain bike so really there's not much assembly. But it is it is media -- a full sized. Much bigger than a bike clearly -- you stand on and it's mostly like an elliptical machine and I -- may kill myself because. I'm not exactly yeah. Don't castill -- -- -- like that very important point. -- hadn't yet you just go. You just -- just a week ago that's what they tell me and he claims are going to be able to get this in the Mike Honda -- so we'll find out if that's the case or not. Do you have to go -- uses a -- mono -- -- 88 speed geared hub. As a trigger shifter or climbing a steep incline to the whole unit is six feet three inches long and weighs 44 pounds it has an adjustable steering column and adjustable -- -- And they aren't cheap the three C model start at 18100 bucks and this G speed version listed -- for 99. That's not too far off from high and street and mountain bikes but it is an investment. I'm anxious to get my defeat. On this thing. I'm a runner and this thing is designed for runners -- There's several Olympic athletes thing is to train some of the high end -- -- are using it to train. And it eliminates all -- -- Wear and tear on your -- because -- and -- constant flow like you are -- elliptical machine in the -- It's beautiful. I don't know what else to say. Here we go just to raise -- this which often stand up and act. Now walking oh -- but it. -- consciously think that I'm running. I'm walking I'm running and running on the same. -- -- --
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