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CES 2012: Eliza Dushku drops in on The 404

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CES 2012: Eliza Dushku drops in on The 404

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At the CNET stage at CES 2012, the 404 crew talk with Eliza Dushku about technology, gaming, and "Ghostbusters."

Speaker: Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause, Eliza Dushku. Hey Eliza. I'm Jeff. How are you? How's it going? Hi... see you right next to me please. Speaker: What's funny already, chuckles? Speaker: Chuckles guy. Speaker: (Wilson just blasts?) to make it seem like... more funny. Yeah. Speaker: Okay. How you guys doing? What's up? Speaker: Thank you so much for being here. This is totally cool for you doing this. Speaker: Thank you. Thanks for having me. We're... we're like just getting started today. I just woke up if anyone could tell but... it's Vegas right? Speaker: No, you do not look like you just woken up. Speaker: I was... we were doing... we're hosting. A lot of hosting and CES duties last night but now we're... we're... after this we're gonna hit the floor and I'm really excited and I'm getting my... my group mate. Have you guys have the group mate thing? Speaker: No what is that? Speaker: Yes... messaging? I've used that app before. Actually I saw you on television yesterday partying with a robot with Eva right? Speaker: Oh yeah. Yeah. Speaker: What was that all about... Speaker: I was attempted to do the robot but it won't be really to easy... but Eva the robot rolled out at the Spike party at Tryst. She was on the list and... it was really... I don't... I didn't quite get a sense of all of her abilities but it's... it creeps me out a little bit. Speaker: She was kind of all over the place. She was like walking here... Speaker: I felt like she was measuring me up and really starting to... Yeah I got that Terminator 3 like rise of the machines fear of these things are gonna... They're gonna wipe us out. They really are. Speaker: Yeah this is the end. We're just spelling our own doom right here. Speaker: Yeah, cool nonetheless. Speaker: Yeah absolutely. Speaker: So you are CES 2012's entertainment matters ambassador. Speaker: I am. Speaker: That's a pretty intimidating title for me if that was... Speaker: For you. Speaker: For you it's probably no sweat. Speaker: Ambassador Dushku to you guys... No, I came last year just as a... just as a viewer and a fan girl... Walked around. It's very... it's very exciting but it's very big and it can be a little bit overwhelming... We were here for 2 days but we didn't quite feel like we... we got everywhere that we wanted to go and they gave you the little maps but we wanted something the next time around that sort of help us navigate our way and so we start talking to the folks at Entertainment Matters and they said why don't you come and be the official ambassador and we'll have a site where people can go and they can type in what they wanna find and you can, you know, host some parties and tweet about what you like and just... it bridges the entertainment world of Hollywood and its tech world because it is so important. It is so exciting. We gotta keep up with what's going on and so yeah I'm representing. Speaker: Yeah I feel like we're learning slowly but surely a lot of celebrities that have like a geek side. Speaker: They're like closet geeks, you know, and then they kinda come out here... Speaker: Yeah, now it's okay to... Speaker: I'm out of the closet... Speaker: You're out. You're out. All right... Speaker: I'm a tech... No, I mean, I grew up with 3 brothers. I was always playing video games. Atari was our first, Nintendo... and then I just had been... I have about a million... a million point one follower on Twitter and that kind of happened so fast and I feel a commitment now. Speaker: Sure. Speaker: I feel responsibility to... to be on top of it and also with the content that's being produced in Hollywood and as a producer myself now... you look at kids now and they're watching TV on this. Speaker: For sure. Speaker: Everything is so digital. So... it's important that I know what the hell I'm talking about. Speaker: You've done a little (story?) earlier this year with Freddy Wong... Speaker: Yes. Speaker: Apparently a lot of people confuse me with him because I do have glasses and... anyway... but do you see like that's... Speaker: One Shot, yeah... No, One shot is the video. Speaker: One Shot on Youtube... is that where like the next generation of Hollywood is coming from... and you're kinda here to help facilitate that right? Speaker: Yeah I mean it was astounding. The production value that this... maybe you could say he's just some kid that decided he wanted to make action movies with his friends for a couple of bucks versus the 10 of millions that are spent in action movies and he does it really well and so I've seen some of his work and I was excited to go and play with them and literally we shot it on Easter Sunday and we... we're there for a few hours and they pulled together this amazing stunt sequence and it went viral and I think we have over, you now, 5 million hits but people are seeing. People saw this thing that was not attached to a studio that was not... not that I wanted to tell the studios all of it... I never wanna work with them again but... but it's amazing because it really is coming. People are taking control and they're making the kind of content that they wanna see. They're making things with friends. They're having fun and they're able to because of all the technology. Speaker: How many people were like involved in that little production? Speaker: It was a small crew. I mean I think the whole crew was fed by one Domino's Pizza for lunch. Gary, you know, is very basic but it was a blast, you know? Speaker: Right. Right. Speaker: Which just look so good. Speaker: Let's talk a little bit about CES 'cause that's why we're all here. Speaker: Yes. Speaker: So have you had a chance to walk around the showroom floor yet? Speaker: I haven't but I know where I'm going... I... The TVs are always incredible to me. I was with (Felicia Day?) last night. She was telling me I had to go see the new 4K super, super high res TV. Speaker: Yeah right. Speaker: So that when I go home I (cast?) the TV that's on my wall and... Speaker: The inferior TV... Speaker: Looks like it's of the Flintstones. Speaker: Does that scare you in any way? That a 4K projector is like literally like you could see like pores, inside of pores, you know, it's just like... is it too much? Speaker: As an actress I may not wanna be on it but to watch it and see... I mean you feel like you're looking... you're looking through a window... Speaker: For sure. Speaker: And watching real life happening to your screen. I mean it's amazing and... what were we reading about last night, 6 million light pixels are coming through, I mean just like everything can be condensed and made smaller and more powerful. I like that 'cause I'm small and powerful... Speaker: Okay. All right. We're learning a lot. Okay. Speaker: But also we... a lot of Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi cameras where you can immediately upload your shots to your devices and... there are wireless speakers. Wireless is always helpful because I don't know what you guys, but I'm the girl that still has a bin at home with every old Nokia and... Speaker: We're talking about... Speaker: Not that Nokia doesn't have new amazing products 'cause we're going to their booth too, but I mean, I have probably 50 Nokia chargers and adapters and I mean all these wires and you don't know what to do with them and it's a big tangled box. So wireless to me is huge. Speaker: For sure. Speaker: What about... What about 3D? People... I really doesn't like it 'cause I get sick. Speaker: I get seasick. Speaker: Do you really? Speaker: I get a little seasick with the 3D but... and also wearing glasses when I'm watching TV. I mean I don't wear glasses now (??) sunglasses but... but I think it's extraordinary that we're creating these... you know, something that's been always 2 dimensional. Speaker: Right. Speaker: Anything that sort of... evolving is... is been magical. Speaker: I always think it's like, you know, like too cool when you see someone like walk in to the living room and they got their sunglasses on in the middle of the night. Speaker: Where's the sun buddy? Speaker: No I'm just trying to enjoy this. Speaking of 3D. I think... I don't know how you feel about this but I think 3D... I think the platform, it can really excel on these games. I think video games in 3D is a lot more immersive of an experience. Speaker: 'Cause you're really there. Yeah. Speaker: For sure. You're there and you're getting the bullet shells on you and everything like that. You've done a lot of video game work before. You were in that game Wet by Bethesda which is pretty cool. Speaker: Yeah I love that. Speaker: You starred as Rubi Malone in that game. Are you involved in anything coming up, because I know a lot of our listeners are big gamers. We love covering the industry. We love to know if anything is going on in that regard. Speaker: My last video game was Fight Night and that was new for me because that was motion capture. Speaker: Okay. Speaker: And so instead of just going in and doing the voice over in the studio we actually went in wore this... little one piece cat suits with little... balls all over them... Speaker: Right, like the ping pong balls... Speaker: So actually when I saw the game and see my self, we acted out the scenes in these motion capture outfits. I wish that they had let me put the boxing gloves on and be one of the fighters, not just the promoter's daughter. Speaker: Like an unlockable character or something like that. Speaker: We're working with them for Fight Night 2 I'm at... Speaker: All right cool. Speaker: But again the... the more 3 Dimensional these characters are or these, you know, we are, it's just more immersive and it is more exciting for the gamer and even as I am playing. Some of the games now already I do... I get a little bit... discombobulated too though because they move so fast and... Speaker: I mean, like you got a particular game that you're playing right now or that you like. Speaker: Last night we got a little sneak peak of the new Final Fantasy. We're playing with some of the guys and my brothers are here with me and... and my brother is pretty convinced that Final Fantasy 3 was the best that... that there ever was but we played it last night and he was impressed with the... with the new game... I've played it a little bit in the World of Warcraft, in the WoW... yeah. Speaker: Really? Where can we see you by? That's amazing. Speaker: I do. I had been busy and it definitely... it takes commitment. I mean, you need to be ready to like hunker down for a couple of weekends and close the doors and order pizzas... and we've been on the move a lot but... I try to keep up. Also I have nephews and my boyfriend has kids. Teenage boys. They... you gotta be on the (poll?). So you gotta be cool and you gotta be able to play and I was always really competitive of growing up with boys. I always had to play and how to be good and, you know, to have your cred. So I try to keep up so that I can be the cool aunt. I'll say it. Speaker: Right on. Absolutely, before we hit the break. You know, a lot of our listeners are super geeky. They're really into film TVs and stuff like that... Yeah I'm sure you get that all done right? We... I mean we're doing the geek world (disservice?) if we didn't ask you about this. On (IMDV?) right now you're... you're credited... Oh you never heard of that right? It's crazy... You've credited for a movie called Ghostbusters 3... Speaker: Who am I gonna call? Speaker: I think everyone is excited about Ghostbusters 3. I mean I've thought of Ghosbusters 3. Can you tell us anything like that? Speaker: Is it gonna actually gonna happen? Speaker: We won't tell anybody. Speaker: Right now it's just a rumor. I mean I know Dan Ackroyd. I've know for years since I was 14 years old and we talked about it and I mean I would love it. I'm a huge Ghostbusters fan and I... I love, I mean, Sigourney Weaver, to follow in that woman's footsteps. Speaker: For sure. Speaker: It's just iconic. So we'll see. Speaker: All right... Speaker: I'll let you guys know first. How about that? Speaker: Is there Slimer... Speaker: You'd be motion captured Slimer is that what you... Speaker: No, I would... Speaker: We'll have Slimer. Yeah. Speaker: I'd want you in real life. That would be much more satisfying... Unfortunately we have to say goodbye for now but thank you so much for being here. A round of applause, Eliza Dushku everybody. Speaker: Thank you guys. Speaker: Have a great trip. Thank you so much for being here. Speaker: Thank you so much.

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