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First Look: Editors' Choice: Dell UltraSharp U2410
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First Look: Editors' Choice: Dell UltraSharp U2410

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The Dell UltraSharp U2410 is a feature-rich monitor that performs great while watching movies and playing games.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:07 >> Hi, everyone. This is Eric Franklin with, and let me get this out of the way right off the bat. As great as a Dell Ultra Sharp U2410 is, it isn't perfect. And reaction to this fact around CNET, I gotta say, it's been a little weird. ^M00:00:24 [ Noise ] ^M00:00:40 >> Yeah. We're pathetic around here. ^M00:00:43 [ Noise ] ^M00:00:49 >> Anyway, as far as ergo options go, Dell makes sure to include the trifecta. This includes rotation, screen height adjustment, and 90degree pivoting. They've also including 25degree back tilt and the ability to disconnect the panel and mount it visa style on the wall. The U2410 has a wide foot stand and a somewhat hefty weight making it kind of a tough guy of 24inch monitors. ^M00:01:17 [ Noise ] ^M00:01:26 >> Did you wrap some steal around this monitor or something? What's going on? >> Hey, suck it up. >> Dell also includes a plethora of video connection options including two DVI ports VGA, HDMI, display port, component, and composite. Also included are two downstream USB ports, one upstream port, an audio out port, and the speaker port. Accessing these connections proves fairly easy especially when the panel is pivoted 90degree to the left. On the left side of the panel are two additional USB downstream ports and one card reader port. The onscreen display, or OSD, follows Dell's labelfree design seen in many recent Dell monitors. The button function is contextual depending on which menu you're in and the functions are actually on screen making dark screen calibrating quite painless. Unfortunately, thanks to the low sensitivity of the OSD buttons, it was sometimes necessary to push them harder then the way we used to on other Dell monitors. While most of the presets worked as well as expected, the sRGB and Adobe RGB presets reveal very apparent static dithering when viewing dark gray. The U24 scored well in nearly all of our color uniformity tests, but we found that it tends to compress colors at the light end of various color scales. Also, we noticed that the monitor displayed a slight pink tint in our color tracking test. The screen is capable of a very high luminous so we do recommend keeping it at 50 or below to avoid unnecessary eye strain. Movies on the Dell look great thanks to this display's deep blacks and full natural colors. Games showed no signs of ghosting or input lag and exhibited deep and rich color. We also looked at some high resolution photos and found that the colors were very natural and vibrant. Most monitors are made with twisted nematic or TN panel which have very narrow viewing angles. The Dell was made, however, with an inplain switching, or IPS, panel which typically have very wide viewing angles compared to TNs. And while the U2410 does have a wide viewing angle, it's not quite as wide as your typical IPS panel. In power consumption the Dell U2410 would cost you about $19 per year to run compared with the Dell 2408 WPS $22 per and the Samsung SyncMaster XL2370s $10 per year. $600 for the Dell Ultra Sharp U2410 gets you a 24inch HIPS monitor with great performance in games and movies, a host of connection options, and ergonomic features and a robust OSD. Unfortunately, its RGB presets are marked by dithering when viewing dark gray images, and the screen has a slight pink tint to it. Also, its viewing angles while good are not quite up to the standard we expect from IPS monitors. There were very high expectations for these monitors, so if you're looking for a perfect performance keep looking. However, if you desire a monitor that, despite a few quibbles, still has great performance and a huge host of features for a decent price look no further. Once again this is Eric Franklin and this has been a first look at the Dell Ultra Sharp U2410. ^M00:04:46 [ Music ] ^M00:04:50

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