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CNET Update: E3: Wii U GamePad puts a new touch on gaming

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CNET Update: E3: Wii U GamePad puts a new touch on gaming

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Nintendo shows off what the second screen of the Wii U GamePad can add to gaming, Sony rips off Super Smash Bros., and Google Maps better come up with something to compete with Apple.

We're gaining with multiple screens the dungeons and flame attacks and looking for a new direction from Apple. I'm Bridget -- this is CNET update. The videogame conference. Ability -- the Wii -- console which would be coming out in time for the holidays but no price announced yet. Players will have to use the second screen in the game -- controller to activate different game controls camera views and perspectives. In some games you might open up to the screen to scamper enemies but if -- -- something -- the week it. You could just record to work out on the -- -- A new karaoke game we'll turn the screen into a teleprompter with lyrics for the singer the survival of this system depends on how much other game makers are investing cream worthwhile content for the second screen. And how is this thing to hold up. Sony made its media presentation Monday night but there wasn't much big news. Basically Ali need to now as a there's a new game getting lots of but it's called beyond two souls its stars actress Ellen Page it's very lifelike it looks to be creative approach to -- storytelling but don't count -- back up for awhile. And he likes super smash Brothers both Sony just -- that whole concept and made it a game. PlayStation all stars battle Royale we can fight with characters from different media team titles. -- that twisted metal clowns suite two verses a rapper the rapper. You can use PlayStation vita as an extra controller to play and someone with a PS3. -- and bringing more tiles and -- -- but it also is pushing this thing called PlayStation mobile. Where some mobile phones and tablets will be able to access PlayStation certified games so. Basically it's like having a PlayStation App Store in your phone. In other tech news the complex -- virus that attacked computers in the Middle East has been found to infect computers. By -- the system that it is a real windows update. -- can still -- -- listens in on conversations and takes screen shots Microsoft is aware and will release a patch. More reports -- out that Apple will be ditching Google Maps in the next version of IOS Apple will be launching its own version of a map application and that means Google and a rough spot. I mean just think about how every Apple device uses a Google -- and every time trying to find a place on the go or even just look at the phone number to a restaurant. Google is holding a press conference Wednesday to talk about some new map features so they must be trying something to answer this problem and -- left in the past. Apple's new maps out where we're likely be released -- Apple developers conference next week. It's also expected that every Mac computer will get an update so better hold off a computer purchases this week. That your tech news update we're today for more on the story since they show is -- dot com slash update hammer studios in New York Amber's here. --
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