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CNET News Video: E3 2010: Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360

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CNET News Video: E3 2010: Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360

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Microsoft shows off its new Kinect Xbox interface at E3 2010. No remotes or controllers are needed. Users instead play music, movies, games and connect via video chat using voice commands and hand or body motions. The Kinect, formerly known as Project Natal, will go on sale in November.

>>If you love brand new ways to have fun, we've given project Natole [phonetic] a name. Connect for Xbox 360. It is unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Connect brings your living room to life in a social and accessible way. This is the Connect hub where I can find my friends, my games and a lot of other great content like Netflix, Facebook and Last.fm. Everything's in one place. It's simple to use and the best part is no controller required. Now, using my hands is a very natural way to access my entertainment but what can get any easier than just using my voice to select something. All I have to do is say "Xbox." And Connect is listening. So, if you can see it, just say it. Zune and I can just use my hands to select the movie that I want to watch and I love the special effects in Alice in Wonderland. So, let's take a look. Can't go wrong with Jonny Depp, right and Tim Burton. Alright now, I want to show you my favorite scene. All I have to do is just bring my hands up and a little to the left, a little far, how about right there. Yeah, it's simple. It's natural. It's effortless. That's how easy it is to control Zune movies with connect on Xbox 360 and what I can control with my hands I can do just as easy with my voice. Let me show you what I mean. Xbox pause. Now, that's pretty slick, right. Now, when I'm ready to go all I have to do is say "Xbox play." This is what we mean by controller free entertainment. >>What I love about Connect is that it's just not just about video games. The sensor also lets me video chat with my friends and family and the microphone lets me do that without a headset. So, let me show you an example of what video connect will look like. Kristen lives in Texas and I live in Seattle. So, video chat is a great way to keep in touch. We sent Kristen a sensor so that she can help me demo this today. So, let's call here up. Hey, Kristen, how's it going? >>Hey, pretty good. Been busy with work. I can see you're busy, too. >>Yeah, I'm here at 83. Everyone, say hi to Kristen. >>Hi, Kristen. >>Hey, everybody. So, I finally get to show everyone what you've been working on. >>Yeah, I'm pretty excited about that. So, here's a few things you haven't seen yet. One thing we can do is watch stuff together. You see those topics at the bottom of your screen? >>Yeah. >>I can select one of them and we can watch a video together. ^M00:03:14 [ Background Noise ] ^M00:03:25 >>And this just in, ESPN signed an exclusive partnership with Xbox to bring your favorite sports directly to your Xbox 360. >>Josh, let me explain why this is very good news. Sport's fans will now have access to more than 3,500 live and on demand events including college football, college basketball, Major League Baseball, the NBA, soccer and more. ^M00:03:45 [ Background Noise ] ^M00:04:12 So, Connect Adventures has got a little something for everybody. Where else can you surf on a cloud? So, let me introduce Shannon and the star of last year's E3, Abigail from the Adventure Studio to take you on your next Connect Adventure. Take it away ladies. >>Ready? >>Ready, three, two, one, jump. >>Yeah, look at the water. We can go anywhere. >>Okay, sounds good. Let's go up that ramp up there. >>Okay, sounds great. >>Up. Nice, yeah. Wow, watch your turn. >>Let's go left. Watch the camera. Ready. Go left. Oh, oh, oh, yeah. >>Woo. >>Finish, finish. >>You ready? >>There's a camera here. >>Three, two, one, jump. >>Woo. >>Yeah. >>Alright, very nice. So, now checkout the awesome photos of Shannon and then Abby playing River Rush. Connect Adventures it not only captures the fund you had while playing, it allows you to share it with family and friends by posting the pictures and videos to Facebook or anywhere else on the web. You have the freedom to choose how you want to workout. You can choose a personal trainer for a workout tailored to your fitness goals or you can take a class like Martial Arts or Yoga. This game is able to provide specific feedback on every part of your body for every exercise. As Felicia plays the instructions from the coach appear in the upper right corner. So, she can easily correct herself so she gets the most out of her workout. In addition to low impact workouts, we also have higher intensity exercises. Great job, Felicia. Now, we're going to show you how you can even get the rest of your family involved with some fun gym activities. These innovative gym activities are great because they combine real fitness moves with fun and competitive games so everyone can meet their personal fitness objectives without even realizing how they're working. >>With games ranging from Connectables and Connect Sports to your shape fitness evolved in Dance Central you can transform your living room from a petting zoo, a track and field stadium, an exercise room or a dance club and all of this with the magic of Connect. Today, I'm pleased to announce that Connect for Xbox 360 will launch worldwide this holiday starting in North America on November 4th. When Connect arrives in stores we will have a broad lineup of more than 15 launch titles and remember Connect for Xbox 360 is fully compatible with 40 million plus Xbox 360s that we have sold to date.

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