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CNET News Video: E3 2010: Gran Turismo 5 in 3D

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CNET News Video: E3 2010: Gran Turismo 5 in 3D

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Sony teases the November 2010 release of the Gran Turismo 5 in 3D for the PS3 at the company's E3 press event Tuesday.

[Music] ^M00:00:04 >>We have enabled every PS3 through a system software update to be your 3D entertainment hub and to drive your 3D entertainment. Now do demonstrate one of the industry's most anticipated 3D titles, Kill Zone 3, here from Gorilla Games is Herman Holst. ^M00:00:24 [Audience cheering & Music] ^M00:00:27 >>Herman Holst: Put on your 3D glasses, enjoy the demo of Kill Zone 3, and bear in mind, this is a live demo that consists of two sections, enjoy. ^M00:00:37 [ Audience cheering & and video game ] ^M00:01:04 >> Herman Holst: I am happy to announce that Kill Zone 3 will be available worldwide this coming February 2011, exclusively on Playstation 3. >> Another breakthrough that will enable brand new experiences is an innovation that we unveiled at GDC three months ago. The Playstation move difference is the ability to precisely replicate every subtlety in that motion. How it happens in your hand is how it happens on the screen. >>We're standing here on the Par 4, 3rd hole at Pebble Beach, stage for this years, this year's US Open. What you notice immediately is it's a dogleg left, right to left, which is clearly a practical joke that the entertainment played on me, because I've been playing golf for 20 years, and my stop shot is left to right. I'm going to try and perform something here in front of a gallery that I've never been able to do in real life. And, what we realize about the Playstation move is we're now all about one to one movements, so it's no longer about pre-canned animations. The other thing you've heard today is, power is important, so it's not about just flicking a wrist, I've really got to perform a golf swing. ^M00:02:12 [ Game & clapping ] ^M00:02:17 >>That's not bad, right. >> Herman Holst: As you know, Little Big Planet was a very ambition game for a small team. It focused on SackBoy playing through a simple platform or story, which introduced the world to play, create, and share. So, with Little Big Planet 2, we're staying true that eco's of play, create and share, but we're also, as you may have seen in the announcement trailer, massively expanding all of these areas adding features like the SackBoy [inaudible] player characters or character enhancements, like the Grapple Hook, creative features from filmmaking tools to the six axis direct control seats, as well as a lot of new community and share features that integrate with the web. First up, we have Super Block Race. This is a super simple dexterity mini-game. And it starts out SackBoy's racing [inaudible]. Using direct controls, you can create any map [inaudible] from the 6-output controller to the game play. With the new competitive scoring, each player gets their own score, which can be set by the creator, and at the end level here in two seconds, you get presented with a neat map so that the winner can celebrate in style. With Little Big Planet 2, the breath and the possibilities are endless, you can make any kind of game you can imagine, it's truly a platform for games. Thank you for your attention. ^M00:03:43 [Clapping & Cheering] ^M00:03:45 >>For those customers who want to further enrich their experience, we've created subscription packets that will live on top of the currently available Playstation network offerings. The official name of this service package is Playstation Plus. In addition to the current content and services that gamers get through the PSN, the Playstation Plus provides Playstation network users with options to expand and enhance their gaming experience. Playstation Plus subscribers will gain access to an exclusive set of features and content designed specifically for gamers. When you subscribe to Playstation Plus, you'll get hundreds of dollars worth of value throughout the year, exclusive digital content from both our worldwide studios group and our publishing partners. You'll get preferred early demo's and priority invitations to select beta's and free content ranging from full PSN games to themes and mini's. You'll also get discounts on products on the Playstation Store and a variety of other online services such as automatic downloads that will push-select demos, game related video's, patches and firmware updates to your PS3. >>Look, you name me one car combat game, one car combat game that was as good on Playstation 1, kicked ass on Playstation 2, and kicked even more ass on PS3, the ultimate ass kicking, name it? That's right, you can't do it because it doesn't exist, now get back to work punk. >>Oh, I'm a punk? >>Don't kick my cab. >>Punk. ^M00:05:12 [ Traffic sounds & Music ] ^M00:05:38 >>It's good to be back. ^M00:05:40 [ Traffic sounds & Music ] ^M00:05:47 >>For 15 years, the two pillars of Playstations strength has been its innovation and its content. We're on the verge today of a future unlike any in the previous 15 years. Four years into our life cycle, PS3 continues to evolve and our commitment to content innovation is unwavering.

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