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Tech Industry: Drew Carey at CES 2009

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Tech Industry: Drew Carey at CES 2009

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Molly Wood talks tech with "geeky" comedian Drew Carey at CES 2009.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:01 >> Hi, I'm Molly Wood from CNET.com here at CES 2009. I'm very excited to be standing here with a truly geeky comedian and of course our favorite game show host Drew Carey. Host of The Price is Right. >> Hi. I'm here to meet girls. >> Oh, you are in the wrong place. They don't have that many girls here. >> I noticed. >> Did no one tell you? >> Yeah, it was like, unbelievable, it's really funny. >> Yeah, you know, there's never a line for the women's room. >> No, never. >> It's nice. >> Yeah, yeah. >> It's really nice. But no, I walked around with you on the show floor earlier, you're legitimate. You are actually geeky. >> Yeah, I am. >> In a good way. >> I am. I'm not like -- I have friends that are like worse than I am. >> Have you always been sort of interested in technology? >> Yeah, because it -- I like stuff that makes my life easier. >> I know. >> You know buying a gadget for gadget's sake, not really. But if it makes my life easier then, yeah, I'd like to have it or if it works better than what I had before then yeah, I'd love to have it, but it's all about practicality with me. >> Okay. >> I mean it has to have a practical purpose. >> Are you...? >> That why I wasn't so big on the watch phones. >> Right. I can understand that. >> Yeah. >> I am much more of a pure play like, it's new. I need it, that kind of thing. >> Yeah, I like something that has to be practical and cool, and -- you know, and not just like tech gadgets like this, but you know if there's something like, if Sony makes a better microwave or you know a cool thing or a refrigerator or stuff like that, then I'm -- I love that kind of stuff. >> Did you see the sewing machines? >> I heard -- no. I didn't -- we talked about the Brother's Sewing Machines. >> Pretty amazing. They can do your name in one minute flat. >> Really? >> It auto-embroiders your name. >> Like they had at Disneyland? >> Kind of... >> Like that? >> Yeah. I don't know what it's for, but it's neat. >> Yeah, I know, like you -- it's like your hat at Disneyland. >> I've never been to Disneyland. >> You've never been to Disneyland? >> Isn't that sad. >> Well, Disneyland, if you buy mouse ears, they'll embroider your name on the back. So, you just tell them your name and they go tink, tidink, tidink and it's a computer program and it goes, brrrr... >> That's the machine. >> That's that. Yeah. >> It's here. >> Or say you're going to a camp. You don't have your name on your underwear. There you go. Image all the other geeks at camp if you show up with your name embroidered on your underwear. >> What's the last gadget you bought? >> The last gadget I got, I bought everybody a Flip phone on the Price is Right. >> The Flip video? >> Yeah, the Flip video, yeah. >> Yeah. >> I'm sorry, yeah, Flip -- I always call it a Flip phone. >> Because -- the phone. >> The Flip video. I bought everybody that for the Price is Right. We had it for raffle, as party gifts. >> Oh nice. That's a good little camera. >> That was -- yeah, that was the last thing. >> Yeah. What kind of cameras do you have? Do you have a DSLR or... >> I've a Canon Mark II. >> Oh, yeah. >> I have a couple of Canon Mark IIs. >> Okay. >> I have a couple of a Canon ELPHs, you know that I use. But Nikon has a really good camera out now that looks really good. I have all the -- all these lenses and stuff. >> I know. >> The thing about Canon and Nikon is one screws in one way, the other one screws in the other way. >> Yeah. >> That's like -- really, like learning how to drive again or something or... >> I've heard it's really like a -- it's like a Mac/PC or a Ford/Chevy thing. >> It's totally like that. >> Like you can't touch... >> Yeah, like the close is on the wrong side of the -- the window. >> Yeah. >> You know, it's like it -- all backwards. So, Canon is supposed to come out with a new camera that's gonna match the Nikon, that's just kind of beat it up a little bit. So I'm waiting for that. >> Right, the Mark V... >> Oh, there's a Mark -- Canon came out the Mark III and it had -- I was gonna buy, but it had some focusing problems. >> Right. >> And so a lot of the pros didn't get it. When they got a Mark III and they'd like gave it back and stick to the Mark IIs. And then Nikon came in with their new camera and I know a lot of guys that have switched over, because they don't wanna wait -- you know. >> Yeah. >> For the new things. They can't wait. And it shoots really well in low light, which is important because when you're shooting sports and photojournalism, there's a lot of low light situations, where you're shooting at night or inside the building, there's not a lot of light. And Canon is supposed to be coming out with the thing because I was just talking to a friend about switching back -- you know like, should I buy a Nikon and he said, Canon's coming out with something. Don't worry, like they're gonna save the day, don't sell your lenses yet... >> Hopefully. >> That's -- that's a big -- it's like you're talking about, like thousands of dollars worth of equipment. >> Yeah. >> And you can't -- you know, you've got this whole shelf full of stuff and you're like, oh my god, I got to switch all these stuff over. >> It's major. I wouldn't do it. >> Yeah, it's big thing. It is like Mac to PC or PC to Mac. >> Yeah. >> Yeah. I mean think of like all the programs you have to reload and all that stuff you have to redo and you're just like, no way. >> And did you see -- have you seen anything here that you think is gonna be a prize on The Price is Right in the future? >> A lot of things. >> Really? >> Yeah, a lot of things. >> Anything you can tell us about? >> Even the little gadgety things. Well, one -- we actually went by. We actually saw a prize we had. There's a couple of games where we have like little kind of gadgety things that are like, you know not that expensive. >> Yeah. >> You know like for a Plinko and stuff like that and -- and Cliffhangers. So we had one that was on Cliffhangers. It was a car -- I think it was on Cliffhangers. It was a little remote controlled car thing that you can put beverages in. It was a beverage holder. So you could use your remote to like send like cans of coke and stuff around the house, cans of Pepsi or beer whatever you have. Now that's -- even -- I remember on the air saying how cool it was, like, "Wow, it's a cool thing." So we'll probably be giving that away the remote control stuff. And a lot of the big screen TVs. We're like you know, we've given away a lot of big screen TVs. >> Yeah. >> I love to give away some of the 3Ds stuff when we can get our hands on it. That would be nice. And honestly even though, I'm the kind of guy making fun of the watch phone I would -- I would have that as a prize on The Price is Right just because it's so cool. >> Totally and it's just silly or not. >> Yeah, yeah it's just like oh my god. We gave away a phone this week. We taped it this week. It was a -- a Motorola Aurora, something like that. It was like 2600 bucks for a phone. >> Oh? >> I almost choked. The actual retail price is -- and we -- you know, it came with -- we also gave away with it a full year's full service. Full texting -- everything all paid for. So it was like over $3,000 for the phone and the plan. And I -- like, who pays $3,000 for a phone. >> Wow. >> But -- so we're always looking for stuff like that even though I don't know how many they're gonna sell. But yeah they're fun to have on the show. >> Well, now you know -- you should get on The Price is Right because they are not messing around. I'm thinking... >> Oh, we're -- lately we're giving away the greatest prizes ever, yeah. >> Well, thank you very much. Have a great time with the show. >> I appreciate. Thank you it's a pleasure hanging out with you, thanks. >> Come by up stage anytime? >> Okay. Thanks. >> It was really great to meet you. >> See yah. >> For CNET.com, CES 2009, Molly Wood and Drew Carey -- kickin it! ^M00:05:58 [ Music ]

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