Always On: Does the S4 sink or swim?
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Always On: Does the S4 sink or swim?

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Molly Wood and Jeff Cannata take the Galaxy S4 with them as they explore several outdoor adventures. They fish, they climb, and they bike. Find out if the S4 survives.

-Are they both the same? -Wait our time. No, I think these are my-- -We've never done this before. [unk] are already cool. -All right. -And be suited. -You look totally awesome. -Do I? -Yeah. You look like manly. -Yes, for the first time in my life. -You know what, this is so beautiful. -You gotta take some pictures. -I gotta get a couple of pictures here. You know what, though, this has been really the best idea. Maybe I'll just toss this going back to shore. -Yeah, yeah. I'm sure you can make it to shore. -I can make it, right? -Yeah, no problem. -Yeah, here we go. -You didn't make it. -I didn't make it. I didn't get even close. -The phone is totally getting wet. -All right. Let's go get it. We don't know but you love them. -This is gonna be very, very, very cold. -Oh. By the way, we should point out at this juncture that this water is about 38 degrees, moving at 677 cubic feet per second. -My hand can't move so you have to do it. -It's on. It's on for now. -Hey. -Hey, maybe we should do that again. -Catch. I didn't make it to shore. -Didn't make it to shore either. -This time you're going to fish that. -Oh, come on. That's man's work. -It's super cold. -Yeah, it's so cold. Hey, but oh, the phone is still on. -Still on. -Doing stuff though. Once we get on the WiFi to call for help probably. -This is like, what are you doing? -Get a chance. All right. -I'm impressed. It's-- it doesn't seem to have a problem. -I know. Okay. You know what, we're gonna put in a bag of rice until the next test comes around. Okay. Time for a drop test from rock wall. -Take it to the wall -How appropriate? All right. You guys are-- you're gonna get suited up. -Yeah, dress up. -Okay. -Do this. -Okay. Cool. -So, I have the phone securely tucked into my sports bra where I feel certain. -Nothing bad can happen. -There's no way for it to pull out when I take a picture of Jeff. -All right. -We're going up. -Off we go. -There's no special way to do this, you just go. -Yeah. -Oh, God. Not used to the altitude. -Super comfortable up here guys. Super comfortable. View is awesome up here actually. -I feel like maybe you should take a picture. -Okay. Let me take a picture of you. -Yeah. Let me just hand you this phone. -Okay. Just hand it right. -Okay. Yeah. Oh, no. -Oh. -No, no. Oh, the phone fell on the grass. -That's the best part. That is the best part. Going down is the best part. -So, let's check it out. See how it's doing. -It looks fine. -It's fine. -It landed on the soft grass. -Oh, still, it came on though. -It do come on. -All right. So, I think we should see if we can-- -Hit the wall? -Bounce if off the wall like a little bit. -All right. -All right. There's no pretense at all at this point. -Oh, that would definitely happen in real life. I hope that what you saw fly off wasn't a piece of your wall. That would be, ooh. -Oh, yeah. -Oh, yeah. -Something bad happened. -Oh, yeah. We have crack on the inside. Curl it against the wall, you definitely have internal crackage. You can see that there. -Yeah. -And it did turn off for the time being. That could just be the water but it's no kind of okay. So, we'll just continue to-- -Beat it up. -All right. I think I'm filming. I'm gonna try to record you from-- oh no, oh no, oh no. You hit it. -I hit it. -Oh, no. I dropped my phone. -All right. This is it. -Yeah. -Oh, my God. -Oh, not good. -That's a lot of crackage. -Well, that's a lot of crackage. -It is. -You hit that phone pretty good. -I did. Oh, no. This is-- -That's the plastic. That was the protective plastic. -Your protective plastic did not do its job. -Yeah, no. -Yeah. -That's pretty clearly a fail. -It's pretty clearly a fail. -Mail fail. -Mail fail. -Look at that.
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