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CNET UK Podcast: Does Android Wear need the iWatch? asks CNET UK podcast 394

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CNET UK Podcast: Does Android Wear need the iWatch? asks CNET UK podcast 394

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Android Wear is here, there and everywhere -- but will anyone wear the next generation of smartwatches and other wearable gadgets?

[MUSIC] Hello, and welcome. You're listening to CNET UK Podcast. This is episode 394 for Friday the 27th of June, 2014. Glass is glass Google's high tech eye ware arrives in Britain and we've got our eyes on where our technology as Android ware makes its debut. Plus, roaming charges slashed in half, Nokia has another crack at Android, and Windsor is coming as the Queen [UNKNOWN] the iron throne. I'm Rich Turner and join me on a high tech [UNKNOWN] studio this week is Luke Westway. Hello. Hello, [INAUDIBLE]. Bust. Bust, because the sun is up. Yes. I see. And always with us is Andy [UNKNOWN] back from his travels. Glass or gas? glass, obviously, because I'm Yorkshire man. Australia? So you say bath and path, and- All those, yeah. I say more things too. And they all sound northern. Whereas CopDots. CopDots, yeah. And Andrew says whippets. Yeah. Yorkshire pudding. [LAUGH] Andrew says whippets, and what, what do you say? whippet. [LAUGH] No, actually where I'm from, it's a desert. It's still the dog, but it's desert. [LAUGH] Case of a dog gone made from, you're mad. So for this and all our videos, had you seen it on YouTube.com/seenit. And let's kick things off with the latest news. [MUSIC] So yeah, I want to mention Google Glass. Glass. Glass, yeah. Definitely, glass. Mm-hm. It's on sale in the U.K. now. Had a long wait. It's been all over the U.S. for quite awhile. I can expect. All over. All that. So they can value people but yes, Google's augmented reality geek specs are now available on the Google Play Store. And they will cost you only a thousand pounds. Is that all? My word, yeah. That is all, Rich, yes only a thousand pounds for your tech specs. Is that too much money? That's a little much. We went over to actually have a look at these at the U.K. launch. Like I said they've been around in the U.S. for a while, but we had some at the UK launch and there were some new apps there. Some of them are pretty cool, like there's a new Shazam out, that you don't have to say anything, it just, kinda listens out for musical [INAUDIBLE] and that's pretty clever. Going in the back ground. Yeah, so you know, you kinda that's pretty cool, and I think there's an app that I think you liked called star charts, where you can overlay over your vision, kinda, well a star chart. And so when you look up in the sky you can see, like, this map of the stars and you can change the colors and stuff. And what I thought was really cool was when you look down you're not looking, not only looking at the star, you're looking at the stars that are that direction, which means you're kind of like looking through the earth. Oh, wow. See the stars around. Mm-hm. All around you, it's kind of- Some of us are in the gutter. No wait, all of us are in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars in Australia. Yes, that's very true. And if you're face down in the gutter, you're seriously drink, you can still see. You're like, why am I falling into space? Why am I seeing stars? But the fact is that, you know, there aren't a lot of outs still and it's still very basic. So 1,000 pounds is an awful lot of money. Yeah. Well, speaking of that, amount we had a comment from, Kai Bagley. He said, I think 1,000 pounds is ridiculous. Considering it's one thousand dollar price in the U.S. Yeah. Yeah. yeah, which kind of make sense. That's still I mean it's a lot of money in the U.S. So isn't it? Yes, it is. But it's very fairly adopted. How, how well, will it be kind of, of accepted in the public space, though? That's one of the questions. Well Russell Bedford says, ban it in public toilets. Which I, I think that's. [LAUGH] Sound reasoning, yeah. I don't know how you would except maybe like, sometimes there's like a bathroom attendant, maybe you can stand outside and take your glasses off. That's not gonna happen. You know, you can change it for a lollipop. Well you know how, you know, how in some toilets they have sort of blue lights, so that you can't you can't do drugs in there. Oh, yeah, yeah. So maybe they can have some kind of like, strobe light, that. Oh, yeah, yeah. [CROSSTALK] So you won't get instantly blinded. [LAUGH] So it's like toilets in the future will be blue lights, strobe raves. Electromagnetic pulses just go off and channel technology. It does mean, when having a poo you can't use your smartphone, [LAUGH] Because you can't [CROSSTALK] disabled. That true. And I think more of a justice is gonna have to take over in these, in the same way as when someone. You know, he's walking to a public toilet on camera phone now. That doesn't happen thankfully, so I think people just- Well. Usually, usually it happens. [LAUGH]. Well, I mean you have to use voice commands. So if you're in the bathroom and someone says, okay, Google. Okay, Glass. Okay, Glass, zoom in. Okay, Google, yeah. And so also has safety implications as well. Yes, John Neilson says it could be useful while driving. I'm not sure if that's legal or not. well, you're not the only one who's not sure that's legal. Because there is sort of in, in the U.K. at least, some, debate over this a government spokesman has told the BBC that drivers have to give their full attention to the road. Which is why it's been illegal since the 1980s to view a screen while driving. Unless our screen is displaying driving information. but, apparently Google is considering options to allow the technology to be used in accordance with the law. So I don't know exactly what that would look like. Maybe it detects there's a car in range and shuts down, or. Hm. I don't know. I mean, would it be all right if it was showing driving instructions? Yes, like if it sort of just a little arrow showing you where to turn. I mean, possibly, actually they've just introduced that Google itis I talk more about this in a minute but I just Android auto for text you get your Google Glass and Android auto you get in your car and you got classes go oh, I'm in car now so all I can do is show you know directions. Not as good as name as car play. No. I was gonna say. Could be useful for motorcyclist if they could have a review mirror. And in the, for the Google Glass as well cause it will save them when they're darting in and out of traffic, having to always look around is when a lot of accidents happen cuz they can't concentrate on the road ahead. That's a very good idea, yeah. They'd be able to automatically see. I'm not sure if the screen would be good enough quality for it to be really helpful but. Maybe in some future version. In the future. Yeah, that's pretty cool. Yeah, well speaking of Android. Android, indeed. So Microsoft has launched its first Android phone, since completing the big old takeover of Nokia. Yes. Which it has now done. It kept the Nokia name of course. It's called the Nokia X2, and like the Nokia X before it, it does run a heavily. Customized version of Android, it makes it look a lot like Windows phone with the big [CROSSTALK]. A lot like Windows phone. It does look, yeah, almost indistinguishable actually. I'm not quite sure why they've even done it. Although it does run Android, it doesn't have access to the Google Play store so all those apps [CROSSTALK]. Oh, yeah. You can't get, but there are some apps that are available, and some good ones like WhatsApp, I think are available. Hm. Well the The whole kind of reason that Nokia avoided Android to start with was actually for a really good reason. Yeah. I mean Nokia traditionally, there's kind of this common wisdom that if only Nokia would have gone with Android sooner then everything would have been OK, but what, what, what Nokia said at the time is Android is, is basically turned into a kind of race to the bottom in terms of prices, which was what has happened. There are loads of companies making Android smartphones. But not very many of them are making any money from it. Yup. Only like Samsung and, you know, kind of like your big players make it work and Nokia didn't want to be another also around which is why, its version of Android is so heavily customized because it's still desperate, desperate to get that kind of differentiation and that's why you don't have the Google Play Store, that's why it looks funny. The finds themselves are quite cheap though. I mean, I've had a go with some of Nokia's Android stuff and I think it's alright actually. You know, it is very like cheap and cheerful. But they are designed for emerging markets. I think this ones supposed to be around the ninety euros mark, which- Yeah it's ninety euros that's right. Which will make it around, I think, about 50 pounds. Okay. So it's supposed to be for, I think India is one of the areas that will have to deal with them as well which Well that's it. Which is a big deal around. Yeah, Nokia has only, actually announced the jewel [UNKNOWN] version so it looks unlikely that this will actually get a U.K. release certainly in this form, because jewel [UNKNOWN] isn't a really thing here, none of the networks really really go for it. I don't think there's any dual sim that are actually available here, but it's a much bigger thing in other countries. [INAUDIBLE] it was a bit of a [INAUDIBLE] launch really. I dont' know if that was to do with the fact that it's one of the first after the transition to Microsoft. But, there wasn't much information floating around about it and, we didn't know much about the specs and that kind of thing, so I guess we'll we'll learn more about it, fairly soon. Yeah. Interesting. Stay tuned. Yep. So, good news for you holiday goers. Have you booked a holiday? No, I don't have any holidays booked. Well, book one pretty soon. Christmas, I've got that [CROSSTALK] I don't have any holiday left. [LAUGH] You've used it. You've been swatting around [CROSSTALK]. Chained to your desk. I've got a [CROSSTALK]. This is your holiday. I've got Christmas booked off really, but that's about it. Yeah. But anyway, what if I'm gone in holiday? Well. From the 1st of July, roaming charges across Europe are going to be halved, they're going to be slashed and carved up. Excellent. It's gonna get a lot cheaper for you to roam around. The cost of making a call will be no more than $0.19 a minute, that's Euro cents, that is, by the way. Mm-hm. Not U.S. cents, as I thought when I was talking to Rich about it. Mm-hm. But that's my silly fault. So [CROSSTALK] not realizing that we have cents. That is a drop of 21%. Receiving a call will cost you five cents, a cut of almost 30% and sending a text will cost six cents. Right. Get, get these right. Yeah, hopefully, and yeah, the fact that data has gone down, that's such a great thing because lots of, you know, people can quite often accidentally chew through their data, so yeah. Yeah, data's the thing you want. Yeah, that's hard for 45 cents per megabyte to just 20. And even better news is roaming charges will be gone by the end of 2015 according to the- Yes [CROSSTALK]. The USD has kind of been launching this drive. The cap [UNKNOWN]. But the downside is of course, that that's only in Europe and the rest of the world you still have to pay a lot. Well but to be fair to EU. I mean, I don't think it you know it's going to have a hard time banning [UNKNOWN] outside of Europe. I think it's done a pretty good job so far. [LAUGH] I respect that limit. You can't legislate outside of your. If you want three though, of course. Yes. Then things get a little bit easier because we already does have a lot of its cut the cost of roaming in a lot of countries including the U.S., Australia. You both used that [UNKNOWN]. Yeah, I have used three [UNKNOWN] at home in the U.S. it was great. But I went to America turned on my phone and it worked like normal and nothing happened. Terrific. I mentioned [UNKNOWN] Italy getting all the best time tables on my phone. Yeah, which is great. What was it like, to choose like. When they fluffed you [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, yeah, it was one. She missed one. And we had to stay at a hotel. All right. But anyway- And a musical story. Yes, a musical story indeed rich. Yes. In July, what is it all about July [INAUDIBLE]. Yes. Good, man. Good, man. The U.K. singles chart is going to count the number of times a song is played on streaming services, including Spotify, Dees, and Napster, Sony's Music Unlimited, and things like Xbox Music. Mm-hm. They are going to be count towards. Chart positions. Mm-hm. Right. In the same way our singles and- The hit parade. nice- Yeah, the hit parade- Everything's pop, pop, pop because- Which, which, it seems daft that it's taken this long for that to become a thing when that's such a popular way people listen to music. It is, it is, but I think it's it's complicated because the fact that you know that, because you don't pay for an individual stream, you pay your money up front, and then you can stream unlimited songs, you can do as much as you like- Yes. You kind of. It makes it much easier to stream so does that count as a thing or is it. Well, there are, there are some rules, and each song has to be streamed for 30 seconds for it to count as a single stream. Right. And it will, and 100 streams will count as the equivalent of one single sale. Okay. What's a little odd about this. Is for example, I have in the past, left Spotify playing on my computer while I went to get lunch, and come back and Crowded House is my number one artist. [INAUDIBLE] Pokemon, because I listened to the theme and left it going. Which wasn't that much of accident. rich, are there are dangers of people gaming this system? Well, it's possible. And this, I guess this is why the 100 streams rule is being brought in. But, I mean, we've already seen examples of people gaming Spotify, Like for example, the, the American funk band who are called Vulfpeck who they, they're a proper band. They have real songs and stuff and they wanted to go on tour. And in order to pay for this tour, they created an album that was just silence. So it's 12 tracks of silence and then they put that on Spotify and they said to their fans. When you go to bed tonight put this on a loop, leave it playing all night, and then we'll earn a couple of bucks as you as, as you sleep. And then, you know, you can listen to whatever you want during the day kind of thing. Yeah. So then, and what they're gonna do is take that money and use that to pay for this tour. They play free gigs but there is you know, the possibility that the, the fans could or even artists could talk about you know, put song on loop and just leave it going for half an hour you know [CROSSTALK]. I mean it's fair enough though, isn't it because. But that album of silence, it did get all those plays. Whether or not they're kind of ironic or not. But what I wonder there is that did the people who then went to see that tour when it got funded, were they really disappointed when the band started playing. [LAUGH] This isn't as good as their old stuff. Yeah. [LAUGH] Yeah, yeah. No they're good live. And of course the other elephant in the room is that a lot of people now get their music from YouTube but that's an even bigger. Can of worms, cattle of fish, so yeah that something that maybe the chancellor may have to think about later on, but there you go. So there you go, the hit parade. Mm-hm. Yeah. Well, moving on. Mm-hm. Queen, bless her. Good old Elizabeth. She has been- Yesterday, God bless her. She has been to the sets of Game of Thrones up in Belfast, and even though the world was literally willing her with every once of being we all have. She did not take her, some would say, rightful [LAUGH] seat on the Iron Throne. It's a dangerous seat. I can see why she didn't want to get on it. Absolutely. Yeah. Hm. Yeah. She wouldn't have lasted very long. The United Kingdom of Great Britain, Wales, Ireland, and Westeros. Yeah. Also, it's not, also it's not supposed to be a comfortable seat in the, [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] could fire a canon. Really. [LAUGH] the, the, this, I'm throwing this out to you quite uncomfortable because it's made of all these, So its before together such query that and, if you look at the queen normally they look like plush they look like purple velvet. She puts the pillow there and have the pillow carried and can't see any pillow over there. Carrying a pillow in case she decided to sit. But that would have been the photo of the queen, sitting on the iron throne staring down the camera like, Geoffrey David hold, holding that massive, crossbow, Crossbow, yeah. Ordering executions. Yeah. Oh dear. All right. Well let's leave middle earth, or whatever it's meant to be, behind for a moment and let's look at the big picture. [MUSIC] So it's time to grab the week's biggest technology story by the shoulder and take a bite out of it, Luis Suarez style. Topical! [LAUGH] Topical. [LAUGH] So this week, Android Wear. yes, it was Google's Android developer, annual Android developer shindig, IO this week where we saw Android Wear. An Android also, which we sort of heard about er, earlier. And Android TV as well. Extending the world apps and online connection from our Smartphones to other parts of our life, whether it's cars or television. And the biggest part, the first part is you can actually get your hands on a powered by Android Wear, which is a version of Android for devices that you strap to your person as you go about your day. So, wearable technology that everyone's talking about. So the Samsung G, Gear Live, the LG G Watch, and the Moto 360 are all Smart watches worn on your wrist, ready to. These, these, are the first devices are coming out, and, they show you your messages, they tell you what's happening on your social networks, and much, much more. You can use the, your watch as a remote control for your music, for your video, or you can use it as a the fitness tracker, because some of the watches have heart rate monitors build in. And because it uses Google now, Android Web learns what you're doing and what you like. And it even anticipates your needs. Like for example, suggesting you order a pizza when dinner time rolls around. I mean, you know, thanks. I'm trying to watch my weight Google but okay, fine. Or offering directions to the next location in your calendar. So, all pretty clever stuff. But you know, to get a live in the g watts down. Google Play now they run 117 pounds. But, is anyone really interested? Google and their Android comrades betting big on technology that nobody actually wants. I mean, Luke, do you have any thoughts on this. What do you think, do you think people are actually going to be interested in wearing this stuff? Yeah. Smart watches are a really interesting thing. Okay. I think a lot of people assumed, including me. Idiots. well, it's interesting in a sense that for a long time it's been extremely uninteresting. Right. Bear with me. Bear with me. Bear with me. No, they mostly they are [INAUDIBLE] actually. Smart watch well I assumed that the, the Smart Watch was a new thing when we got like the Galaxy Gear it was like, it's finally happening. [UNKNOWN] What's amazing is that for decades, companies have been trying to make smart watches. The thing, the technology to have something on your wrist that communicates with a computer has been there for ages. Now it's like with me in the studio now. I don't know if we can get a close up on this, but I have here the Timex Data Link watch. Which Amazing Yeah which was built in the mid nineties. Wow. In partnership with Microsoft. And you store data by holding it in front of a CRC monitor. That flashed all these crazy lights onto it. And, yeah. Woah, that's [CROSSTALK] level stuff. It's, it's, it's really odd and, and, and it just, kind of, like looking at, at this stuff and you do a real, a bit of reading around and you realize that selling the concept of smart watches to the wider public. Hm. Isn't that easy a thing to do. And there are loads of companies that's tried it and they haven't made it work. Hm. And, actually, these watches looked really cool and I think that they're, so, sort of, on the verge of being affordable, which I think will really help. Mm-hm. But I haven't actually seen anything to suggest that the wider world is, you know, the non-tech crowd is gonna be interested in this. I, you know, none of my friends or family, less tech people have been like oh, what's this Android wear thing I'm hearing about? Which like they would of, in the way that people do sometimes when a new smart phone or a new iPhone is announced so. Basically, this is going to make me some enemies. I think like, unless Apple does it, it's gonna be tough to like I'm not saying Apple could make it work or that Apple could do it better. But I. That it needs, it needs like proper marketing clout, you need to really sell this idea to public. Yeah. And I'm not sure Google did. Well, that's the thing isn't it? If you look at Apple's previous devices when they were bringing out the iPad, there had been tablets for years and years and years. And you know, the public wasn't really interested, the iPad came out. And now, something like, we actually wrote a story today that said 50% of people who are age I think between 24 and 35. So, you start the older people. Your kinda, your gen x, generation x people. Half of them have got tablets. So. Yeah. Need, need to sell the whole idea of like, why, why do you want this stuff on your watch? I can see what it does, but why? Why? Yeah. So the best thing that can happen to Android ware would be an iWatch coming out. It would mean. Yeah. No one would ever buy a Android watch but. Yeah. At least they'd know what it was. Yeah, exactly. It's like trying to explain this idea in, in one sentence. It's a little bit tricky, like why do you want this. And what do you think about Android Wear? I think it's good. I've, I'm, I'm really pleased. I- You wear a watch don't you? So yeah, I'm wearing the the Samsung Gear 2 Neo. And this is one of their existing one's before Android wear. Which I think is really good. It's a big step up the Galaxy, year before. Although it runs, it runs [UNKNOWN]. It's cool, I basically just used it as a second screen for notifications when it's a safe time to get your phone out. The fact that you're still wearing it is actually a good sign cuz as, as, as jaded as technology journalists when we try something out if you're still wearing it a week later that's a pretty good sign. I think, I mean I largely used it for notifications, for emails and things when you get. [CROSSTALK] And most of them are rubbish. It's handy to be able to not have to get your phone [CROSSTALK]. Can you actually delete from there can you go [CROSSTALK]. You can. Yeah, you can through all, but it's more to just if something comes through, quick look, oh no that's pointless, and critically I'm not gonna get my phone out, turn it on, and waste battery by looking at all these pointless e-mails. It can sit in my pocket and I'll look when something important comes through. I must admit it is a little disconcerting every time I'm talking to you and you're like that every time. And I keep thinking you're bored. Yeah. But actually you're just getting an email. Been cutting it down at the time. But, no, actually he's just responding to emails. [LAUGH] Yeah. He's not bored at all, he's just not listening. He. Oh, were you talking to me? Yeah, not paying any attention, delete, delete. So I was supposed to email you and say are you listening and [LAUGH] you're like yeah, yeah. [CROSSTALK] So I think the fact that now Android's getting, Google's actually properly behind this is a really big step forward. Mostly because this is meaning now a common platform for developers. Instead of right now we've got Sony doing it's think with its SmartWatch, which. I, I really didn't like at all. Samsung is using Tyson and its own weird operating system thing on, on the gear fit. Now we've got this one platform for developers to get behind. So we can start creating apps. That are going to work across multiple devices and this is the crucial thing that's going to make it actually have some worth for. For consumers where they can see apps that they know and you can use on these. Mm-hm. Watches so when you, when you get a watch a watch, or when you get an app for your phone, it will automatically get that app on your watch as well. And also critically when you move between devices, you're not having to relearn completely how to use a watch. If you go from right now, from this Galaxy Gear, so from the Gear to [UNKNOWN], over to Sony's watch, it's completely different. It's, it's just an entirely different device with entirely different ways of doing things. This will stop that and based on, as you said before, on like Google [UNKNOWN] it can learn a lot of your. Your habits and where you are. And, it can give you a lot of very tailored information which is really be the handy little nuggets of information throughout the day that is quite handy to get from a watch, really. Okay. All right. Interesting stuff. So it seems that after decades of trying maybe there is a potential for watches to really realize their their full. This whole possibly so speaking of the history of smart watches and wearable technology we're gonna move onto the quiz. Jason is in the lead. [UNKNOWN] Jason is topping the leader board but now Andy's back. Maybe Andy could start to close that gap. I am back. Maybe I will finally get one point. I've yet to get a point. It's gonna feel great. Finally, finally. I've got a point, haven't I. Have you got a point? Didn't I win the first one? No, none of us got any points in the first one. Oh, yeah. Embarrassing. Humiliating. Well, I don't know why I'm talking about, I got minus one, and [UNKNOWN] didn't know [UNKNOWN] I did it, but there you go. [LAUGH] All right then, fingers on the scoogs. Luke, your buzzer sounds like this. Anchors away! And Andy, your buzzer sounds like this. Yo! Okay, fastest finger first. **** Tracy began fighting crime in 1931, but when, to within five years. Did he adopt his famous 2 way wrist radio? I don't know at all. I don't know what **** Tracy is. So I'm going to guess. You said 1931. I'm going to guess that 1940. No, that is not correct. Oh. Luke you want to have a go at that? Yes. Anchors away. It's formally buzzing in because you know rules should be respected. Yeah. 1950. Is the, well it's close enough. Hooray. Close enough. Close enough. Anchors away. [LAUGH] Victory lap. Close enough. Yeah, absolutely. I mean Andy if you're live, Andy you were very close, it's 1946. Oh. Agonizing. That is agonizing. All right. So, question number two. In 1983 Pyscho introduced the data 2000 watch which came with an external keyboard to store data in the memory. But how did the watch sync with the keyboard? Oh, that's a tough one they're all struggling. Colin knows this one. No, I don't I'm forgetting. Anchors away. Did it plug in via a cable? That's not correct. No it did not. Hang on. Andy, have a go. Did it did the keyboard flash light [UNKNOWN] something and it [UNKNOWN] spread it like the, like this [UNKNOWN]. That's not correct. I think I've just remembered. It was that wireless coupling, it was electromagnetics. So it was like wireless charging, but with data. Oh. Oh. There you go. Yeah. Wow. We were ahead of the times. Exactly. That's what I thought, yeah. And number three. Finally, what was the 1980s TV show that anticipated both Android ware and Android auto with a watch radio and a very smart car? You got it. Anchors away. Now down, you got it, do you? Smart car. Knight Rider? That's the correct answer. So that's one point each. Okay. How exciting a tie breaker. Let's get the [INAUDIBLE] right on this week. So here we go. The first digital watch was the Pulsar manufactured by Hamilton Watch Company in which year? Yo, yo. Okay, digital watch, not smart watch, right? Digital watch. Are you Google it? [LAUGH] No, 1967. That's not correct I'm afraid, Luke. Anchors away. 2014. [LAUGH] Of the two and he was closest, which means. [LAUGH] Dude actually you were close, it was 1972. I was very close. Well done. So that's Andy is Andy has one point now. Yeah. Jason two, Andy one. So, yeah. Teach me to try to gain the system, right? Close enough. Not close enough this time, apparently. So that settles it. All right, then caller, so let's move on to what you guys have been saying in the feedback. [MUSIC] Andrew may say, I can understand which is Luke and Jason Twitter account now names where did Andre, what did Andy get battery HQ from? Good question. When did you get that battery HQ is the name of our for many many many years but I love him. Actually originally came from Men in Black. My favorite film of all time. [LAUGH] That's kinda sick. Issac, the HQ, if you look very carefully, it says battery. All right. An amazing Andy Hoyle Easter egg, there. A glitch in the mind of Andy Hoyle. All right, thank you, that's very informative. Tony from Bel You're welcome. [LAUGH] You're welcome, yeah. Anchors away. Tony from Belfast says, Okay, so I've spent the last week torturing myself trying to find the perfect 15 inch Ultrabook. I want something thin and sexy but it also must have the following specs. An i7 fourth gen CPU, eight gig of ram, a touchscreen, either a fast, roughly one terabyte hard drive. Ideally a smaller hard drive with an SSD buffer. [INAUDIBLE]. Though they almost always cost too much. Now you would think that those specs wouldn't be too hard to find, but when you have Numpties like [INAUDIBLE] PC World with their complete monopoly, options are somewhat limited. [INAUDIBLE] I was in a PC World superstore yesterday and on one laptop, they listed the CPU incorrectly, the model number was different to that actually printed on the underside. And the ace and the hard drive size on the sticker below the laptop was completely different again. Wow. And that's not even to mention their customer service. Worst company ever. Oh. I like how they. Those three words in capital. I like how they started off as a sort of a, a, a you know, a bit of ask, it's asking for a suggestion advice. Word Deeper advice, yeah. Standin thick. [LAUGH] Standin in the end. A round about going. Oh, all right. So that's the end of the round. Yeah. Well computers are, they are very complicated things. Even things like differing hard drive capacities will give completely different serial numbers. So, trying to get model number. Yes. So, so expecting the sort of shop full of staff to be able to exactly pair up what is written on the pre printed cards and, and things isn't always needed to do. So the best thing to do, I'd still, I'd still stick with couriers in PC world because they have great deals, but if you go online and look at their specs on the website- Right. You don't have to bother using the poor customer service in the shops. You can just have a good browse. And virtual up there. All right and something you might want to check out, not sure this is exactly what you're looking for but you may have checked it out already but the Nova Yoga 11S which is one of those fancy folding laptops. 8 gigabytes of RAM. It does have a core of 7 I think in the U.K. at least that may not be 4th generation. It does have a touch screen. The hard drive isn't quite as big as you want. It's 256 gigabytes. It's SSD though so, you know, so the [INAUDIBLE] are generally [INAUDIBLE] fast and more reliable. Cool. So there you go. Next up, Mark age 43 and three quarters says. I recently got promoted. Yay, congratulation, Mark. Well done. And as such now get home from work in the evening more regularly like normal people. Nice. As such, I have invested in many geeky lounge pants for after showering as soon as I get in. Now my dilemma is, are lounge pants like pajamas or track suit bottoms in that after a shower do you wear underwear or not under the pants? This generates more washing if I do wear undies. This could be a gadget related question as a gadget man is never happier in his man cave then when unfettered from everyday clothing. Cheers. Well that is very true. Yeah. It's a question for the ages, actually. It raises a lot of questions actually. First of all, I think, shower in the evening, a usual thing or not? Shower in the evening. That's, that's, that's barbaric. I'm a big fan of showering in the evening. You can wash off your stink of the day and go to bed in clean sheets, feeling clean and lovely. We wake up, wake up stinking again. What are you doing in be? What's, no, don't answer that. It doesn't have to be a shower though, I mean, you're a fan of the bath? I'm a big fan of the bath and relaxing in the evening in a nice bath. With a candle watching something on Netflix on an iPad at a safe distance from the bathroom is a great way to- [INAUDIBLE] waterproof casings. Yeah, maybe. Yeah. It's [INAUDIBLE] so you feel calm and relaxed and you can sleep well. I think baths are horrible any time of the day. You're, you're horrible any time of the day. Because they are too hot and then they're too cold. You're lying there and you can see your own filth very visibly. And, the, the steam gives me the vapors, like nearly fainting. And you do that thing where you lean over the edge just to get some fresh air, and you;'re staring at the bathroom floor gasping down clean air and just thinking what am I doing with my life? Yeah, what's become of me? Why am I in the bath? You're wrong, but fair enough. I think well, you know, ultimately you know, a pair of lounge pants, no underpants. That's fine. I have, I have a pair of lounge pants that I sometimes wear, they've got bears on them cuz I'm from Canada. Yeah. lovely. I think no underpants, as long as you're going to wash them regularly because you will need to, yeah. This is a, this is a whole, a whole can of worms, you know. I mean, what, what about. I would say that here's an option for you. Okay. Mark. Have you considered maybe, yes, wear pants. Yep. But seeing as you're probably only wearing them for a few hours, maybe the next evening. If you're saying, the next morning put them back on again. Put them back on? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Okay, what? I'm not saying the next morning. The next evening. Yep. Okay. Put those pants back on again. Yeah. Because cumulatively, over the week you'll probably wear them, like a day's worth. [LAUGH] So, you know. [CROSSTALK] Isn't that the worst of both worlds? [LAUGH] It sounds like [INAUDIBLE] remembering to. Put on the right thing, and also you don't get the, the free-swinging feeling of being pantless. Which is [INAUDIBLE] Oh boy. We have opened a whole can of worms here, this is a whole, kettle of fish. Yep. We'll have to come back to this, definitely. This is an issue that needs to be pursued at Yeah. The highest levels. Yeah, the whole next podcast will be about this. Yeah, so we might need a specialist. Yeah, and- I would like to throw in one possible other option is that. Okay go on then. Is that running shorts. They have an inner pant and you are wearing running shorts with an inner pant so you don't need a complete, circumnavigates the whole pants or no pants issue. Sounds great. One about Onesie? No cause Onesie is different again. Oh, yeah You have to wear pants with a Onesie. Oh, no. Onesies, Onesies already tread the line between weird, like a really odd thing to do, like eyebrows raised and like adorable hipster outfit. Right. I think pants is that line. Okay, what about a gown? Do, do you wear things under a gown? I guess depends who else is in, and if you're gonna. Are we talking about a ball gown? [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] A dressing gown. [UNKNOWN] robe. Forward bouncing. I live alone. I don't have to worry about any of this. Anyway. So thanks for the feedback. Thank you. And finally, a very special shout out to Alec Houston. Who recognized me on a beach in Brighton at the weekend in, in fancy wedding get up. I wasn't getting married, I was at a, a wedding. But I was yeah, I was dressed up all fancy. And Alex came and said hello. Said he was a big podcast fan, so hello Alex, and Hey, Alex. Thanks for listening. Yeah, thanks for listening and thanks for saying, hello. If you were getting married, though Yes. Which role [CROSSTALK] would me and Rich be taking in the wedding party? Yes, yes, that's a big question. Well, there's best man in it for one of you. But who? And how to settle it? We'll Hunger Games it. [LAUGH] Trial by combat. All right, thanks very much for the feedback, keep it coming. Yes, thank you. Keep it coming. Email us at our new email address which is centukpodcast@cbsi.com. All right, that's it. That's it for this week. Thank you very much to Andy and Luke, thanks to our producer Mark who you will never see. Right we're off to shower and get into our evening pants. See you next week. [MUSIC]

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