Apple Byte: Do you believe in Magic?
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Apple Byte: Do you believe in Magic?

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Apple announces a flurry of new products, including the Magic Trackpad; if you're having issues with your iPhone 3G and iOS4, we'll show you how to downgrade; and we'll prove that iPad owners aren't "selfish elites."

-What's up, I'm Brian Tong, and welcome to the Apple Byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. Now, let's get to all the goodies that Apple just dropped on us. Do you guys believe in magic? Well, Apple just released a boat load of new products and we'll start up with the Magic Trackpad. CNET's own Scott Stein checks it out. -Hi, I'm Scott Stein, Senior Associate Editor at And this is the new Apple Magic Trackpad. Apple has made this device to essentially take that multi-touch clickpad that's on a MacBook or MacBook Pro. Remove it and make it a Bluetooth device for your desktop. And that's pretty much exactly what it is. For 69 dollars it's not exactly cheap, but it does offer some great feel. If you're used to using a MacBook or MacBook Pro it feels exactly like that but even bigger and it has inertial scrolling, which is a new feature on MacBook touchpads. In addition, it has click zones, it has touch-to-tap, it has as three finger and forefinger, even multi-touch, so all that stuff that you're used to in the MacBook and MacBook Pro experience. One thing is really nice about the design is it lies completely flush with the Bluetooth keyboard that comes with IMAX, so it really feels like a one-piece-type design that you could put it right next to it or split it apart. I think it actually looks nicer even with that keyboard them without. Now, all of these magic trackpad is meant to be used on Macs and you're gonna get all that multi-touch support on Macs. Apple does say that it works with windows devices. You have to play a run and see how it works for yourself. You'll also need a software update, which should be available now, which enables all of the trackpads configuration elements. You will need that in order to enable touch-to-tap, or click zones, or any additional configurations that you want to like you have on your MacBook and MacBook Pro. Certainly, they're aiming for this to become a mouse replacement potential in the future. We've wondered at CNET, will the mouse ever really die, or maybe this is another step towards it. I'm Scott Stein and this is Apple's new Magic Trackpad. -Whooh, whoo there Scott. Now, don't get too ahead of yourself because my mouse will live forever. In fact, I kind of treat it like one of my own. "Oh that's people so much." "Ohhh, here comes the cheese." Now, Apple also made updates to their entire desktop line. The iMac now features dedicated graphics card across the board for better performance. They start at $11.99. You have accustomed to build option for Quad-Core, Intel Core i7 Processor iMac and another new feature is support for a secondary internal solid state hard drive. Mac Pros were also getting beat up with the build-to-order option for up to 12 cores of processing power; they'll be available in August with an entry-level price of $24.99. You'll also find mini display ports for Apple's LED displays on this desktop, plus an option for solid state hard drives, which is a first for Mac Pros. We're still waiting for Blu-ray on the desktops. Well, just make it an option Apple, that's all you gotta go. Now, an all-new 27-inch LED cinema display is coming in September for $9.99 and will kick the previous 24-inch and Legacy 30-inch HD display to the curve. Apple will continue sell those models until their out of stock. And a product no one saw coming, Apple has their own battery charger and it's called---- any guesses guys? "The Apple Battery Charger." I know, sexy, isn't it? Now, it claims to have the lowest power usage or vampire draw once your batteries are fully charge. Okay, enough for the products. Let's get to some stories. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is now looking into complaints that the latest iPhone OS has been causing problems for iPhone 3G users. The---- And one perfect timing---- You know, I can see the future, and I just happened to whip out a tip for downgrading your iPhone 3G from iOS 4 to OS 3.1.3. Now, big thanks to Lifehacker for showing me how to complete the downgrade process. This method has worked consistently for iPhone 3G users, but is always proceed with caution. Now, to get started, we'll need to have a few things in place. First up, get the Restore file for iPhone OS 3.1.3. Now, it still might be on your computer's hard drive from previous updates, so on a Mac, look for it here. And for Window users, you can find it at this location on your hard drive. If you can't find it, head on over to this iClarified's website where all the software updates have been archived and look for this specific file. You'll need one more piece of software called RecBoot, it's Mac and Windows compatible and you can download it from this location. It's a utility that will help us finish the downgrade process. Alright, let's get to it. The first thing you wanna to do is connect your phone to your computer and then power it down by holding the "Power/Sleep button" and sliding to "Power Off." Once it's off, hold the power button and the home button together for 10 seconds, then remove---- just your finger from the power button and remain holding down just the "home button" for 10 more seconds. This will put the phone into Device Firmware Update mode. Now, I you did it correctly, iTunes will show a prompt that it sees a phone in recovery mode and you can press "OK." You'll see your phone in the devices sidebar in iTunes and make sure you click on it. Then to initiate the downgrade process on a Mac, hold the "Option key" on your keyboard and press the restore button with your mouse. For Windows users, hold down the "Shift" button while you click "Restore." Now you'll have to locate the iPhone OS 3.1.3 firmware file and select it as the one you want to restore your phone with. The restore process will start and it takes about 10 minutes. Once it's done, you'll probably see an error message like this one, and your phone will show a "Connect to iTunes Screen," but don't worry guys this is totally normal. Now, open up the RecBoot app we downloaded and click "Exit Recovery Mode." You're gonna wanna wait a few seconds and your phone will get out of "Recovery Mode," and will now be ready to sync with iTunes with the previous iPhone OS 3.1.3 installed. Now, I wanna emphasize this is specifically for the iPhone 3G, this does not involve any Jailbreaking, and you might have different results, but this worked for us. But that's how you downgrade your iPhone 3G from iOS 4 to OS 3.1.3. Use it wisely! It's always weird when you see someone who kind of looks like you, but it's just smart. Now, iPod has still selling like hotcakes, but maybe it's because they are hotcakes. Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is facing a new lawsuit due to claims that the iPod overheats and fails to operate properly in warm conditions. The suit also claims the iPod turns off sometimes after a few minutes of used in direct sunlight. Now, this should probably get that checked out, but I don't see any problems using my iPod. Safari 5.01 has been released, an extension support is here. Check out the extensions' gallery and you can get a variety of cool add-ons to enhance how you interact with sites like Twitter, eBay, and Amazon while surfing on other sites. And if you guys don't like them, you can hide the extensions as well. And if you're still crying over the delay of the White iPhone 4, you might wanna cry even more. A new report from the Street says another issue that might be plaguing the iPhone is backlight leaking around the glass edges of the device. Guys, I just hate to say it, but even if it's just a little true, this phone is starting to smell like a bad Apple. And really, when do we actually gonna see this thing? Now, we haven't done this before, but let's wrap things up with the results from a study, but not just any study, consumer research from my type gathered the opinions of 20,000 people crunched the data and came to this conclusion: "iPod owners are selfish elites." It says, "They tend to be wealthy, well-educated, power hungry, overachieving, unkind, and don't like helping people." Now, I have no idea where these guys get this stuff. But being an iPod owner myself, this is insulting. I won't let a survey tell me who I am, I generally care about people. I'm not wealthy, and I'm surely not selfish. Alright, that's gonna do for this week's show. Send me your e-mails to the . I'm Brian Tong. Thanks for watching. And we'll see you guys next week for another bite of the Apple. -i Tong, yeah.

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