Always On: DIY: NFC-enabled Phonedock
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Always On: DIY: NFC-enabled Phonedock

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Sharon Vaknin flexes her muscles to create a Phonedock for your Android phone. It will both charge the phone and automate any task of your choosing.

-- Last week I shouldn't how to program NFC tags to automate your life. This we also have to step it up a notch and really integrate and I see -- data daylight we're making it at -- phone dock that not only charges your Android phone. It also uses an FC automate things you do very good -- bad so -- you marry -- -- those -- you can have been. Why are you thinking and all and again you land with my -- -- And I'll show you how to make it easy to follow on to the so it -- started I'm just gonna have to pick just one of Martin's. There are going to need your USD core just. AM hardcover book with the sleeves. They don't mind murder and a box cutter with a brand new way to kind of nice and sharp. You'll need to hunt all ruler and of course NFC -- it's okay to get started at six leave off is -- -- production. And it recordings need to cut a small rectangle in the cover -- your ruler to cut rectangles pretty close to -- by name. It not be perfect indices to be big and have -- -- the court can actually desert now. Grab your box cutter and get to work this is really any need to bring them muscled out because this hardcover is actually a lot tougher to get through -- locks and so. -- can't. I think we're almost there. And don't worry about making this really pretty -- going to be covered the -- anyway it looks like we're almost there. My -- now comes the that kind of tedious part but it is fun ripping iBook apart because. You know your parents certainly do have -- -- so. The first time I did this it really made a mess so be prepared to bring out the vacuum what you're doing. Isn't making that -- -- really digging out a tunnel so the court can run through it. It needs to be about an inch thick so for me that's gonna be pretty much through the entire bug. Are carried out. For the first -- -- is the -- to make sure it's a nice clean line. If you need to take a break at some point go ahead because trust me. Your arms are gonna be a little -- -- for this project. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- okay the double B closed. Since you really can't read anymore canyon. Confetti for a connected party thrown. House where there. -- -- -- -- -- If I had enough water. For I didn't. Things we do remain -- Technology. It's it's just -- It now I just wanna cleaned up a little bit. You'll never really openness but I do like to keep my projects pretty clean. Okay let's see if it's deep and have -- -- -- our cable. That's perfect. But seeing how clear -- part. -- -- Now if you you could just keep a -- you don't have to -- -- -- back on you can use a hardcover got a friend but I like this really -- less because I want this via. Stealthy and I've seen doc. Oh and speaking of NFC was still need to put our tag in there so I'm just gonna take this tactics and has been crying here. Cover goes back times standard right to -- as dean -- SD -- is pushing government totals list. -- -- To hear anything does dividend no it wasn't easy I can't seem to be viewed it as my arms are sore and I'm sweating some but it is so -- it. I'm just going to take a couple bucks and stock once hot and this'll probably end up going by my bedside table now because of got. I program this NFC's had to do things like set my alarm that put pandora sign and put my phone on silent so I tap the done here. All those things happen automatically as an ex CI. Put my phone on the dock. Charges and your sat. Okay Molly I hope you enjoy your -- FC dot as for me I need my much needed drink -- water.
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