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CES 2014: Diving into the smartwatches of CES 2014

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CES 2014: Diving into the smartwatches of CES 2014

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CNET's Scott Stein and Bridget Carey take a look at the Pebble Steel and Hot Watch, two smart watches making headlines at the Consumer Electronics Show.

-All right. Hi and welcome to the Smartwatch Show at CES 2014 and we're taking a look at some of the- some of the watches at the show that have been the most interesting. I'm Scott Stein. -I'm Bridget Carey. -And we have here Myriam Joire with Pebble who is showing off one of the most talked about smartwatches at the show, the Pebble Steel. Now, there are a lot of watches at the show. -Uh-huh. -There are watches that we've heard about. There are watches with new software updates. There are watches that are new start-up prototypes. Now, the Pebble Steels are redesigned on the Pebble that came out last year, but there's also- along with that, not just a sexy new look but there's also an App Store that's finally coming out. -Yeah. -That's gonna be available by the end of the month. -That's correct. -So, we're gonna take a look at it. You've heard about it. So, we're gonna just look at it up close and look at some of its features. -Well, thanks for having me, Scott. So, yeah. This is- this is Pebble Steel and it comes in, basically, 2 stainless steel cases. One in this black matte which is finished in a very durable PVD finish. It's a high-end, scratches and finishes used in medical and aerospace. And then, there's a silver one that comes in only with the silver band that's brushed stainless and both are available with a leather band in the box as well. So, I mounted the leather band on this one to be a little more formal and classy-looking. -Well, this is a smartwatch that actually looks like a watch. -Right. -I mean, that was a big criticism, I imagine that people, you know, wanted to definitely kind of not look too dorky. -So, you know, as much as Pebble was kind of like a colourful, playful- -Uh-huh. -Kind of sporty watch- -Uh-huh. -We wanted to really crank it up a notch like crank it up to a level that's really the design idea behind it. And we, you know, this is- this is absolute level that one would expect from watches. This is jewelry level fit and finish and materials. It's a CNC-machined stainless steel. It's top-notch, really like glass, etcetera. -Uh-huh. -Well, the look of it, I mean, the screen is actually the same size physically before. But it feels compact and it also has this design that feels kind of like a- like a classic [unk] looking futuristic and it, you know, because of the glass, you know, the original- the original Pebble was with a curved. And so, you'll have a little bit more glare. Sometimes, the analogue, to me, when I was using it, it felt like more of a regular watch display. -Indeed. Yeah. We went for that. The scripts you did about this kind of like modern yet kind of classic look. It's exactly what we're aiming for with this design. And, you know, it's essentially the guts from the original Pebble and it's smaller, thinner. It's slightly heavier and more substantial casing but we, you know, we [unk] them everything. The hardware that's in there is like 3 generations of us iterating on the hardware with the same ePaper display, the same 1-week battery life, the same 5-atmosphere waterproofness, the same magnetic-type connector. It's actually a slightly different connector than the last one is. -Right. -It's smaller and it sticks better. We also have the notification LED that's been out of the bottom here that can be programmed by developers once we give them access to that. So, that's actually the new feature, technically. But, essentially, yes. It's the same as last year's model. -Yes, switching to play with it. Oh, yeah. Go ahead. -I was thinking, can you tell me also about the App Store because I found it interesting when I was reading about it that, essentially, if I wanna just check a football score with the ESPN, I could just kinda glance at my wrist instead of pulling my smart- my whole smartphone. -Yeah, so- -So like, yeah. It's interesting. -That's, you know, a lot of people are admiring our hardware- the hardware we made and we're very excited about that. But for us, actually, it's all about the ecosystem and creating, you know, creating an open platform. And until now, if you wanted to get apps for Pebble, you pretty much have to go hunting around. There are some ad-hoc sites that came up and kinda gathered our content. But starting at the end of the month, we'll have our own App Store where we're consolidating all our content and, you know, that means it's a lot easier. The discovery and the searching and the categorizing is gonna be a lot easier for consumers. And, you know, ones at Best Buy, AT&T and Amazon would- originally, we came from the kick start of culture from [unk] culture. We're not gonna give that up because we love that because it gives us all these incredibly cool apps. Right? The people are wanting to develop for us. It's free to become a developer. Anybody can do it but, on the other hand, when you buy this off the shelf, you know, when your mom, your uncle, your grandma wants it, they need to find these apps that are compelling in a central location in an easy way. -Uh-huh. -So, we're doing that and Pebble pairs with your phone and shows the notifications and there's a Pebble app on your phone. And that's where the App Store resides. -What's one of your favorite apps so far? -I got a bunch. There's one on my iPhone and it's actually called PebbleCam which I really, really love. If I pull out my iPhone, it basically lets you remote control your iPhone. So, you know, if I start up my iPhone real quick here, it's dead. -And it's dead. -Oh, it's not dead. -Well, the apps are what people have been waiting for, too. I think, you know, there's always promises of interesting new functions. -Yeah. So- -And so, I'm saying that people- original Pebble on [unk] that you could actually do as well. -You see. This is a View Finder onto my camera. -Oh, wow! -So, I can now put this down like this, right? -Uh-huh. -You got a little portrait of us going. Let's see. Gather around. Look down a little bit and we'll see- -I think you're really low on this one. Real close you, guys. -We're getting that. -There's the chin. -I could turn on and off the flash- -[unk] lens. -Let's see. I mean, let me see in here. I think it's standing help. -[unk] that it talks to the camera. You can work with that. -Yeah. And so, this is- this is an example of- as you can see, there's only a bit of us, but there we are. -Like my lips. Good portrait. -Mostly because we were like this, but if I could pump it up a little bit- -Yeah. -I've managed to get some pretty good pictures of some people, you know, here. -Yeah. -All the people were [unk]. -In the same- with the same app. And so, it's, you know, you don't need this. But for selfies and group pictures, this comes in real handy. -And you're also working with Mercedes in terms of working on that car app that- -Correct. -Feels that contextual awareness as well as getting diagnostic information on your cars. -Yeah, I can actually- will show you that. Right now, since I'm not in my car, actually, they lent me a Mercedes with which I drove from San Francisco to here. You can actually see where it is. Right here. You can see things like how much fuel is left in my car, the mileage on the car, the tire pressure. And this is all information you've gathered when you've last connected to the car. And then, like my Maintenance Minder stuff and this is where my car is- at Treasure Island parking lot right now. -I know these are sort of stuff you- [unk] connective things and internet connective things, or the idea of the device talking. That's the sort of stuff that'll be exciting to see. Besides the design, the App Store. We're gonna look at some other stuff, but we thank you so much for showing us. -Well, thank you. Yeah. And so- -It's- -But the last thing I wanted to close would be- -Yeah. -Is that, you know, we're- one of the big things about the App Store is we announce partners and I felt that two of them, Mercedes here. -Yeah. -But there's, you know, Foursquare, Yelp, Pandora. We have a Pandora remote which is really awesome. ESPN is another one of our partners. GoPro, iControl. So, we're gonna introduce more and more partners as we go. So, that's one of the things. You wanna make it anything that's really compelling can be done really easily on your wrist as like a micro-transaction we wanna do. -Well, this is coming out really, really soon. So, that's a- that's a look at the Pebble Steel and it's one of the most talked about ones. Thank you, Myriam. -Thank you. You should order this starting now and it will be shipping on January 28th. -Great. Thank you. And that's not it. We also- we have other watches. One is on my wrist right now. And it does something that not a lot of watches do. And it's actually the Hot Watch which is something we heard about in the summer and is gonna be available very soon. It starts as low as $179. And the idea of Hot Watch is not only that it- not only that it has the ability to run a variety of functions and watch faces and be able to do fitness tracking and work with iOS and Android, but it actually has the ability to use a sort of power box sound effect to make phone calls using your hand. So, right now, it's got a speaker phone in it. I'm gonna call Cherry [unk] with Hot Watch. She's right over there and we'll try this out. Oh, yeah. So now, I'm actually gonna- sorry. I'm gonna- hold this up literally like an earphone and try this out. -Like you're- like you're saying I can't hear you. -It has a mic. It has a little speaker right here that throws the sound. Oh, and actually have to [unk] down. Yeah. -Already you go tech help here. -We're trying to- we're trying it out. -You just connect it with the phone first. -Okay. Sorry about that. -That's what you get for live, baby. -Live experimentation. -Well, the idea is that it will call once it's paired and be able to throw- that's a feature that you don't see a lot. And when I used it, when you're demonstrating, it was actually- it was pretty [unk]. -So now, you're connected with the phone. Now, you can talk to me. -Now I make the call? -Yeah. -Now you make the call. -Well- -So, we'll try to give a call now. -You know- -It has a touch display which is something that not all smartwatches have but this- it has a little- -It says dialing right now- -Finger gesture controls that you do. -From my point of view. If you're walking on New York lik that, I don't know. -I can hear it in my ear right now. -You can hear it ringing? -It's ringing? -Yes. -How loud is it? -It's pretty good. -Is it loud enough to battle the crowds at CES? -Hey, how're you doing? -I'm doing good. How are you? -Pretty good. I see you right over there. What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? -Favorite [unk]? -What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? -Favorite thing for breakfast, eggs. -Eggs? -[unk] -Okay. Cool. Well, there we go. I did hear you. Talk to you later. -Well, it's interesting breakfast conversation here at CES- -Yes. -2014. -Weird Wearable Tech in watches and that's a look at the Hot Watch and the Pebble Watch. Thank you to Hot Watch. Thank you to Pebble. -Thank you. -Yeah, thank you for being here. -And, you know, there's a lot more going at the show and we're gonna be back in a little bit. I'm Scott Stein. -I'm Bridget Carey and we have even more Wearable Tech coming up next.
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