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CNET News Video: Digital detox camp: Hand over your phone, get a cookie.

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CNET News Video: Digital detox camp: Hand over your phone, get a cookie.

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Adults seeking to relive happy childhood memories can sign up for a weekend summer camp, but they have to surrender all gadgets including phones, tablets, and even watches. CNET's Kara Tsuboi takes us to the camp that's drawing hundreds of people from around the country.

[MUSIC] Camp Grounded, nestled amongst Northern California's redwoods, looks like a traditional summer camp. Campers arrive in a classic yellow school bus. There's face painting, and impromptu singalongs. [MUSIC] But here, no one is posting pictures on Instagram, tweeting or texting. This is digital detox camp, for the technology obsessed. I took videos and pictures all the way here [INAUDIBLE] until I didn't have any signal and I really do think I have a problem. You put all of your devices in a brown paper bag and you turn them in for four days in a tech check. We are here to check your technology. Okay. Anything that you will not be needing for the weekend. When you leave the doors and you don't have watch, you don't have a cell phone, you don't even have a wallet. All you have is you and a new opportunity. It's kind of nice to just be able to come here and focus on myself and the other people that I'm with and not have to be available for anyone. The campers who hail from more than 30 states and 5 different countries, and range in age from 19 to 81 this session. Also must adopt a camp name for the weekend to discourage any work talk or networking. I'm Ladybug. Jiggly My name is Topless My name is TBD. Here at camp they have their own version of an inbox where campers can actually leave each other paper messages. But that's not all. In the analog zone, there's a paper news feed you can scroll, a place to clip your art and even a human powered search engine where campers can ask and answer questions. Levi Felix founded his Digital Detox organization and Camp Grounded after falling ill while working as a vice president of a tech company. He realized he needed a break and figured others in a tech-saturated world did, too. We live in a world where the average person spends between 8 and 12 hours a day on a screen. And our campers spend about 13 hours based on surveys. I agree to not use any digital technology during this event. At Camp Grounded, we offer yoga, meditation, hiking, archery, rock wall, truffle making, learning how to make fire with sticks. Camp Grounded is digital detox, not digital rehab. Turn of your device's batteries for a weekend, while you recharge your own. Veteran camper, Love Handles, says he was changed upon his return to San Francisco last summer. Yeah, I was much more open and willing to talk to people. Even in casual encounters. I was much more aware of their humanity. It's really servicing as a spot where you can't be defined by 140 characters. You know, you're defined by, you know, your dance moves, or how good you are at capture the flag. Camp Grounded costs $570 for three nights, including meals; batteries not included, or needed. In San Francisco, I'm Kara Tsuboi Cnet.com for CBS News. [MUSIC]

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