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Tech Culture: Digital cameras and video galore

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Tech Culture: Digital cameras and video galore

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Brian Cooley and Brian Tong answer questions about cameras and camcorders, how to find an e-reader for the stuff you care about, and which game console is best for you.

^M00:00:00 [ Music ] ^M00:00:09 >> Whew! I've still got a hangover from yesterday! A love hangover. >> What? >> I'm good. I was free yesterday. >> Yeah, you didn't take part in the two day Cyber Monday mini marathon of the Holiday Help Desk. >> I helped you guys out though. Little did you know I was a typing little elf helping Merritt a little bit so. >> You were, so if you thought Tom Merritt and I sounded smart yesterday, it was actually the invisible brain of Brian Tong that was back there prompting us with a lot of good answers. >> I do what I can. >> Here we are folks. Holiday Help Desk back into our normal format of half an hour every week day, of course as we're starting now, 1:00 Pacific, 4:00 Eastern. The key is your calls. 888-900-cnet, 888-900-2638. I spell that out because who has the numbers and letters on their buttons on their phones anymore. They don't do that, so -- There it is, 2638 is the suffix on that one. Give us a call, we've got a couple lines open right now, and we'll take your e-mails as well. We've got a few of those in the hopper, plus you can e-mail us now, it's holidayhelpdesk@cnet.com. It's good to be here. >> This is show number six. >> Yes, out of twenty-two or three. >> Twenty-two, we're around the 1/3 mark I think. We're getting there. >> We'll get there, I think. So as you guys know, obviously , Mollie Wood will be here, Tom Merritt,we keep on rotating the faces to hopefully keep you entertained and engaged. I think we're doing that. >> We're working on that part. >> So every day until December 23, 1:00 p.m. Pacific, 4:00 p.m. Eastern time, we will be here. >> Yes, and remember, the phones are open right now, 888-900-cnet. We also have a chat room open if you go to cnet.com/live/hhd. >> That's the easiest way that we can get it for you guys. >> It's kind of cool that it has hd at the end of it. And we've got a giveaway every day, right? >> Yes, every weekday obviously you guys have a chance to enter in our daily giveaway. You can check it out at crave.cnet.com. And we're always giving away huge items. Today, the prize is the Panasonic Lumix DMCZR1 camera. Now this is a great camera that is one of our holiday recommendations. >> Yeah. >> I don't know how many comments or how many submissions there are on the site right now, I mean for our TVs we've been getting over 4,000, 5,000. >> Thousands. >> Easily, I think, what is that? 2,600, so. >> 2,600 says Bonnie. >> So the odds are actually pretty good. >> Yeah, and don't be dissuaded by that, the odds go up as the comments come in, but those aren't very long odds, compared to the lottery. No. >> And just to give you an idea, that camera retails for around $370, $380. Obviously with the deals and the holiday season, you might get it a little cheaper, but that's a great camera. >> I'm a huge, huge Lumix fan, because it's a Panasonic. It's Panasonic electronics of course, but it's got a Leica designed lens, you know, great German heritage glass. I'm a big Lumix lover, and you're going to love this camera, so. >> It's a mega zoom, 8X optical zoom. >> Which is really big, and it goes very wide, at the wide end. So win her there, all you've got to do is go in and comment on that. Go to Crave and then just hit the Giveaway of the Day, which is that Lumix, and just make a comment. >> And you guys do have until 4:00 a.m. Pacific time, 7:00 a.m. Eastern to finish the mini, and we've got to thank our helpers at willoughbys.com for hooking us up with this camera. >> Yes, that's right. That's a Willoughby's hookup. >> You've got to mention them. >> We'll be talking to them a little bit later on today as well, and also we have the Cheapskate, not today, Rick Broida's under the weather. I think he cheaped himself out, and his cheap gland got all bent, so he's out sick today, but he did want us to tell you about a deal. >> We need to find another cheapskate who's better than Brian Cooley. >> That is not a label that has ever applied to me. Don't even do that. Just ask anyone who signs my expenses. Here's what we have here on the Cheapskate deal today. It's a one and a half terabyte external hard drive, for a paltry hundred bucks. This is over at Dell, and Rick just put this up. We just checked it,I'm going click through it now, just to make sure it's still live, because a lot of his deals go by really quick, and looks good. It's still there, you can still add to cart, and so it's a live deal right now. You can see they start this at $120, but he's got a special line on it being $20 off right now. I don't know when that deal ends, but it's one you're going to want to jump on. It's got a USB interface on it. I don't believe it has FireWire there. We don't know what the speed of the rotation is, but a terabyte and a half for a hundred dollars has got to be some kind of a breakthrough. >> And obviously plug in your MAC or PC easily, just reformat if you have to. It's going to work on every platform. >> Yeah. >> That's a killer deal. >> That's a honey of a deal. So go and get on that. It's kind of cool looking too, kind of like shiny, black kind of looking thing. It looks kind of like -- >> Sleakish. >> It's like Apple but the other end of the color spectrum. No, not really. >> It kind of looks like when Apple did some of their black devices. >> That's right, that's right, there were some black MacBooks. >> But just because it looks like an Apple device, doesn't mean someone wants to buy it. Some people really don't. >> Not everyone's a -- >> It's not going to be obtrusive, it's not going to stick out like a sore thumb, so. >> What do we got from the shopper, because we don't have anyone from the CNET shop. What is it? We've driven away [Laughing] >> This is the first time you and I have come together to do this show, and everyone wants to get the hell out. >> And they did. Not wants to, did! >> You know, they're going to try to leave us hanging, but we're going to hold this down. >> But you're on it. >> Oh, we're going to hold this down. >> Because you're shopper boy today. >> Yeah, shopper.com, obviously we have great deals on great partnerships with plenty of authorized big time manufacturers and online retailers. We have, if you go to shopper.com on the top, over in the right hand corner on the bar, you'll see the deals link, and you'll want to click on that because we have today's deals. laptop deals, digital camera deals, and we scroll down, you know, they're always constantly refreshing. One that I wanted to point out, when we're talking about digital cameras again, something that's kind of in the wheel house for people, everyone wants those digital cameras during the holiday season. Nikon Coolpix S70, now we're all talking about product red lately, and this is a nice little red 12 megapixel digital camera. >> Super slim. >> Very nice. I just gotta pull up our CNET review on it. It has a three and a half star rating. Very good. And it was praised for being very zippy, and it's a touch screen, touch screen digital camera. >> Oh, slick. >> So you know those are, touch is very popular. Every day we're seeing more touch products. >> This is a hot camera. >> Yeah, yeah. >> And very stylish too, and we've got that guy there for, this is going out at its best price through Amazon, is the link we have out for the best price on that one. And that's how CNET Shopper works. We have certified merchants, big ones you've heard of like Amazon, some smaller ones you may not have, but certified means we've checked them out, and we know that their customer policies meet standards that are good. They're not like, not gonna list a phone number or give no way for you to contact them. And if there are any serious problems, we have repeatedly in the past gotten involved on the behalf of CNET users who have issues there, so it's not our ironclad guarantee, but it's better than that actually, it's the full faith and credit of CNET, and they're making sure it's a good merchant. Let's go to the phones now, that's the whole idea. 888-900-cnet, 888-900-2638, I've been saying it so many times, I'm starting to forget it already. >> Okay, I won't go on about forgetting. >> No, don't start that. >> We'll just pretend that, you know, 2638. >> Let's go to Brent, he's in Oklahoma with a question about hooking up to his HDTV. Hey Brent, welcome to CNET's Holiday Help Desk. >> Hello. >> What can we do for you today? >> Yeah, I wanted to know what the best way is to watch Hulu on my HDTV. >> Okay. >> How interesting. >> Now, what computer are you using right now? >> MacBook Pro. >> Okay, is this one of the more recent MacBook Pros that has Apple's mini display port adapter on it? >> Yeah, it's the newest one. >> Okay, okay, so what Apple offers is they offer like adapters, through their website, to go from mini display port and out to either like a DVI or VGA, and that will allow you to connect it to the back of your TV, and be able to watch the content from your laptop directly into your TV. It's a pretty simple thing. I think the dongle, or the add-on from apple.com on the retail store, they're around $20. But all you really need is, as long as your TV has a DV-IN or VGA-IN, which plenty of them do, for whatever reason, off the top of my head, I might be wrong, but I don't think they offer a mini display port to HDMI. I could be wrong, and there's probably some third party solutions, but I do know that you will be able to through that way, connect it to your TV and then just watch your content from your monitor on your computer directly in there. >> Okay. >> So it's pretty straightforward, just check out Apple's retail site, and also there might be some third party solutions for an HDMI interface as well. Okay? >> Thank you. [Dog Barking] >> Sounds like a really big dog but I bet it's not. >> That's a little higher pitch. >> It's a little higher pitch, but it's got a good echo. >> Maybe the dog's saying, "Tom, you're wrong!". >> Tom, you're wrong! Thanks Brent. >> Thank you. >> Thanks for the call on that one. 888-900-cnet. Got a couple lines open. Oh yeah! 888-900-2638. >> Well, you guys took all the calls yesterday. >> I know, we wore you folks plain, plumb out, but will give more. >> If you wanna ask us about, you know, cars, interesting cars. >> Cars, we can do that. Buy someone a car for the holidays, it's not unheard of. >> Or hey, ever just want to talk to us and need a friend, just call us. >> Or we can just, if you need a, let's do an e on here, while we're in the, Ross, he writes in and says he's looking for an E-reader for his fiancee. "There seem to be a lot of options these days" There are. "Which ebooks are giving the most options for different formats? I'm afraid to buy a unit that only works with one system." I think he means one vender for example. "If I get a Nook or a Kindle, or am I just stuck with B and N, or Amazon, or can I download it from other websites?" "Also, do you know of any companies doing college textbooks for the E-readers?" Okay, we happen to have a very handy site for you. We've got this pulled up here on the screen which is our CNET roundup of Ebook readers compared recently refreshed just a couple months ago but John Falcone, and we've got all the big guys in here. We've got the Sony readers, we've got the Kindle, of course the Amazon Nook, and some you haven't heard of so much, like the Cooler Reader, the Plastic Logic Reader is coming on the market. The difficult question is, what's happening with textbooks. I was just poking around and I saw some news on this recently, where there are some schools that are being a little bit slow about getting on board with that, because there is an issue with some of the e-readers in terms of accessibility for the blind, and a couple of schools here, Syracuse University, and University of Wisconsin at Madison have said, "well, hmm, you know we've got an issue with that, because the National Federation of the Blind pointed out that these devices are not ideally suited for people who've got visual impairment." So, that's slowing it down a little bit, and from what I understand, most of the textbooks that are going out to these e-readers right now are in early test phase. So, I wouldn't count on it for that. Now, to answer your question about formats, that is a little easier, because if you go to our site with the comparisons there, we've got the full specs on each of these. If you drop down to any of these reviews, click on full specifications, now I'm not going to go through them all because there are many formats for each one, but you drop down in the review of each one, and you're going to find here, under e-book readers supported text formats, look for things like, obviously you've got the Amazon format, you've got pdfs, which Amazon just added to the Kindle. >> Yeah, the main thing is the Amazon Kindle is a lot easier to handle pdfs. Before you had to send it to Amazon, they would convert it, and then make it available. >> Right, now it's no longer. >> No longer, just throw a pdf onto it, and you'll be able to get it on the device. >> And that's nice, I think the pdf support is important. And most of these guys do support at Amazon was a little slow with native support. >> The big deal is most of the e-readers, like you said, offer pdf support, but there's plenty of websites online that you can find free pdf books, and you can just download them, throw them onto the device, you know, it's nothing proprietary. Just go and get them, so as long as -- >> Epub format for example. >> As long as you can support pdf stuff natively, that's gonna be the most compatible format for right now, for most of the users. And most of them will do that now. >> Yeah, think pdf, think EPUB,and then think about whatever native source that it has commercially, whether it's the Amazon store or Barnes and Noble, so look at those kind of three vectors to figure out what kind of support you want on that. >> And obviously if really you want to be able to get books on the go, anywhere you go, right now, at the moment it's really going to be the Kindle. >> Yes. >> Right now, at the moment. >> At the moment that's still the big dog. Okay, coming up here, a short break here on the Holiday Help Desk. We're going to be talking with Deanna Goldstein from a store that is really very cool. It has a great story, not just as a merchant, but as a piece of history. It's willoughbys.com. We'll be chatting with them and looking for some deals in the camera and video world. That's coming up as the Holiday Help Desk continues, right after this. ^M00:11:49[ Music ]^M00:11:56 [Background Music] >> If you think all batteries are the same, consider this. These Duracell batteries were given to the Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA, because when it comes to kids and healing, you're not just powering a toy, you're powering a smile. Duracell, trusted everywhere. [Music] >> Everywhere you look new gadgets are popping up. To get the real story on them, there's really only one place to go, cnet.com. Discover something new, at CNET. >> Last.fm now on Xbox Live. [Background Music] Discover new music and explore endless personalized radio stations. Find out more on www.lastfm.com/xbox. >> Okay, welcome back to the Holiday Help Desk, I'm Brian Cooley. He is Brian Tong. >> He is B.T. It rhymes. >> You like to rhyme. That's all you like. I know that. Phones are open, 888-900-cnet, 888-900-2638. Boy, are the phones open! Not saying that you don't love us, but wow, the phones are open! >> Here's the advantage though. >> Call now. >> Phones are open. People that call will get so much loving attention. We're going to stretch out your answer for like two minutes. You won't want to talk to us when we're done. >> You're going to be so fed up with us when you get done, so come on and get a whole bunch of of B.C. And B.T. 888-900-cnet, e-mail as well, holidayhelpdesk@cnet.com. Chat room's open. >> Chat room's always available and open. People are starting to throw up some questions there, so we'll get to a couple of those as well. >> All right, those are coming in just a minute, want to take a quick break now to talk about one of the interesting merchants out there. And I mean this, really it's one of the more interesting merchants in the world of technology, because they've been around forever, are the folks over at Willoughby's. And, Willoughby's used to be called Willoughby's Camera. I don't think it's quite fair to call them that anymore because you know video's such a big part of the business these days. Joining us now is Deanna Goldstein. And Deanna, welcome to the scene of Holiday Help Desk. >> Hi, how are you? >> Good! Now, Willoughby's has been around for, you could say a century, but that would actually be underestimating, wouldn't it? >> 1898. >> Amazing. That's cool. So you guys have been around, so basically a hundred years, and a hundred years and change. You guys are not like some of the other merchants that began with camera and video and then got a lot broader. You're still pretty focused on imaging, right? >> Yeah, cameras, and video, and accessories, but yes, we are very focused on image, and -- >> In other words, I'm not going to go to your site to buy an HDTV or a stereo receiver. >> No, no, no, no. Cameras, and all the accessories that go along with it, as well as video cameras though. >> Of course, yeah. Still in moving image. Now, let's talk about some of the deals you guys have got going because you're this New York based, Manhattan based store, but with a national awareness among people who like tech and imaging. What kind of thing are you seeing that is really moving off the shelves this year, especially a year that people are trying to spend a little less money? >> I think the hottest thing this year, and it is definitely showing in stores is DSLRs with video capacity. All the manufacturers seem to be moving towards cameras with interchangeable lenses, that also have the capacity to do, you know, have video capabilities, 720 and 1080 HD video. Everyone seems to want that, as well as having superior image quality. >> Yeah, and when people buy these kind of cameras they end up moving up market, obviously, because a lot of them are coming from a non SLR, DSLR. Are you seeing DSLRs sell in a greater share, I mean, are they taking business from other types of lesser cameras? Are we becoming a more photo savvy digital culture? Because there was a time in the mid seventies through the early eighties, when people just suddenly went SLR crazy. Everyone went from their Kodak Instamatic to an SLR, and that's where Canon, and Nikon, and Olympus, and Konika, and Minolta, they all just became household names. Are you seeing anything like that with DSLRs, or do they remain kind of a niche? >> No, absolutely. I think that many amateur photographers are transitioning from the point-and-shoots to DSLRs because the camera makers are making them so much more easily, I guess usable, and user friendly to those point-and-shoot users who they want to upgrade you know, to work on their hobby as a photographer. >> And the fact that they're adding in the video makes it kind of a not so much of a purist choice, but also more of a person who wants to get a lot of value for the thing they're buying. >> Well, absolutely, and you know with a point-and-shoot, you get what you get. That's it. With a DSLR you continue to grow with it as a user, and you start with one lens, and then you upgrade and you can continue to add lenses to your collection, and everything that goes along with a single lens reflex cap. >> Come on, be honest. You've got to love DSLR owners because they buy lots of lenses and accessories. They keep coming back. >> Well, of course. Of course. Absolutely. But -- >> If I showed you my collection of Olympus OM series bodies, lenses, flashes, slide copier stands... >> You might have your own Willoughby's. >> I could. I could have my own Willoughby's. >> We'll call it Cooloughby's. >> Cooloughby's. All Olympus OM vintage gear. Call anytime. >> Now, Deanna, are there any hot sellers that are really standing out that you know off the top of your head, or cameras that have just been really popular so far this season? >> Well, yeah, and in the DSLR category, actually on a really spectacular end is the Canon 70, which is just -- I actually have one here I can show you. >> Hold it up, let's take a look. >> That's very popular. >> Love it. >> You see it? >> Oh, I see it! >> Oh yeah, yeah, 70, yeah. >> This is the Canon 70. A revolutionary piece of equipment. This lens is the 18 to 135 and this is a phenomenal piece of equipment. >> Now, we're sitting down, so tell us how much it costs. >> The body alone on this DSLR is $1699. The lenses though however start out at about $100. You know, you're not necessarily breaking the bank with the lenses, at the starting point, and users tend to want to choose for an SLR where they want to begin. Someone may just want to start with a telephoto or, you know, someone else may just want a wide angle lens. So, the body alone is sold, that's how it's, you know. >> Okay. >> That's not that bad you know, $16.99, I'd drop coin on that, easily. >> There you go. >> And that's by no means an entry level DSLR. You can get down to bodies for what, as little as $699 or $700ish, right? >> Oh, absolutely, absolutely, but this camera, I mean, this is just a fantastic piece of equipment for Canon. They have been promoting this piece of equipment and it's magnificent. It does do 1080 HD. >> Yeah, so it does real, it does full HD. Last thing we want to ask you before we let you go, Deanna, is do you guys have any calendered sales coming up? Are you doing any special days coming up? >> Actually currently right now we have the Pentax W80 on sale, which is an underwater, you know, waterproof point-and-shoot, which is also very, very hot for this season, and it's also... >> Look at that, it looks like a little, we've got it up on the screen now, it looks like a little Halliburton case, little. >> Yeah, we have it sitting in a fish tank in the store. It's gone from $299 down to $199, and it's a fantastic piece of equipment, also has video. And it has 12.1 megapixels. It's a very high quality image,and video point-and-shoot, where waterproof cameras were so, just based on... >> Yeah, they used to be gimmicks for a long time, and that's not the case anymore. Hey, Deanna, thanks a lot for your time. Appreciate it! >> Thank you. >> Deanna Goldstein there from willoughbys.com, one of those certified merchants we were talking about that you'll find over at CNET Shopper, and joining us there to tell us about what's going on in a very camera and video focused world. Good stuff. >> Okay, here we go. So, we just talked about cameras, so we wanted you guys to take a look at one of our top holiday gift picks this year. It's that Panasonic Lumix DMCZR1, the same one that we're giving away. Josh Goldman's going to tell you all about it. [Music] >> Hi, I'm Josh Goldman, senior editor for CNET reviews, and this is a look at the Panasonic Lumix DMCZR1. The 12 megapixels ZR1 uses new super thin lens elements that allowed Panasonic to squeeze a 25 millimeter wide angle lens with an 8X zoom into a lightweight camera body that easily slips into a pants pocket. The camera's very much a point-and-shoot, with no controls over shutter speed, or aperture. What you do get is a program auto for adjusting things like exposure and ISO, Panasonic's reliably good intelligent auto mode for snapshots under any conditions, a boat load of scene modes, and HD quality movie capture, with use of the very quiet zoom lens while recording. The ZR1 also features the company's new Power OIS image stabilization to help with hand shake when the lens is extended, which worked very well. Controls are simple and should be easy to pick up for just about any user. The 2.7 inch LCD on back is nice and bright, making it viewable in direct sunlight. Photo and video quality were generally excellent, except for the camera's highest ISO settings, which causes some color issues. Lastly, the auto focus system is quick, and there is little shutter lag in bright and dim lighting. Only it's shot to shot times were average, but still good for a mega zoom. I'm Josh Goldman, and that's the Panasonic Lumix ZR1. >> All right, thank you very much, Josh. So, killer camera. >> It is a killer camera. It looks good too. >> You've got to remember crave.cnet.com, to go on there, sign up. You just have to create an account if you're not already registered with CNET, >> CNET member, which you should be anyway, for crying out loud. Just search giveaway when you get to CNET Crave, crave.cnet.com. Search giveaways, all the giveaways come up, just like that, that's the sound it makes. HdNL5 there's a sound effects tag, you can do that? Yeah. >> All right, so -- >> It's called Splurtz with pointy brackets on it. >> All right, let's go to calls, we bringing in a Mike. Mike, how ya doing? >> Doing fantastic, how are you doing? >> Doing great, thanks for holding on. And Mike in New Jersey, what question do you have for us? >> I'm looking at buying myself a console for Christmas. >> So, gaming console, correct? >> Yes, and I don't have a Blu-Ray player. I do have a [inaudible] box, which I love. What should I get? >> So, what from a gaming standpoint, what do you think are maybe the top two or three things that are really important to you? >> You know, great graphics, and I'm not always the most on point-and-shoot games, but first point of view, but love strategy games, love a little bit of action, love a little bit of story, a little bit of the movie driven games, if you will. >> Okay, how important is online gaming to you? >> Not important. >> Not important, okay. Another thing is, do you need to connect this wirelessly, the way that your home is set up, or do you need to use like an Ethernet cable to plug it in? Do you get any access for internet features? Because some people might even want to do like streaming netflix and things like that. >> It's a [inaudible] box. I guess it's not important. I have the Gateway right there, so I can do wired or wireless, so it doesn't matter which. >> Okay, well just to kind of define a few things, if online gaming really isn't that high of a priority for you, the nice advantage of the Sony PlayStation 3 is that you can go online to game with it for free, whereas the Xbox 360 you need to pay like $60 for a year to get access to that service to play online gaming, so built in, whether you want to explore that or not, it's already going to be part of the PS3. You did mention that you didn't have a Blu-Ray player, and I don't know how really important that is to you, but obviously the PS3 has that, and from a price point standpoint, both of these consoles are going to be $299. So, and when you talk about movies that are more story driven, sure there's a lot of great titles out there, but I personally felt, I own both, I'm a huge gamer, but from a story development standpoint, some of Sony's first party titles really do a great job of developing story. I'm talking about titles like Uncharted 2, which is what I call the first movie I've ever played. There's plenty of others I could go on with, but story driven games, I really enjoy some of the first party titles on Sony. Xbox still has some great ones, but then there's a lot of games that cross over both platforms, so those things in mind, I'd probably lean towards pushing you towards a PS3, but that's kind of like where I'm feeling from what you're saying. >> Okay, Mike? >> That sounds great, and give a shout out to everybody in the chat room for me. >> Will do. >> Chat room, Mike says "What's up?" >> Mike's in it. All right, thanks Mike. Appreciate it. >> All right, thank you very much. >> Have a good holiday there. >> All right Here we go, so should we jump to an e-mail maybe? >> Let's do an e-mail to wrap the show. >> All right, here we go. This gentleman is Scott A. He says he has a Hi8 camcorder that he rarely uses due to the inconvenience of it being big, bulky, and just not portable enough to carry around, so what he finds himself is using his Canon SD850 with its 640 x 480 video mode, but you know, he doesn't record much video. He does things like soccer games, birthday parties occasionally, so he's really looking for something that records in HD that is portable. >> That 640 x 480 is pretty sketchy. >> Yeah,now what he's asking us is, he's looked at the Flip Mino HD and he's looked at the Kodak ZI8, and really what is a better portable camera for him, or should he just use a digital still camera that has some of these -- >> A new better one. >> HD video, you know you have things like the Canon SD940, 980 sorry about that, that does HD video. That's a great little portable camera. I'm just going to focus here on the two cameras he mentioned, the Flip Mino HD and the Kodak ZI8. One of the main differences right off the bat is that the Kodak ZI8 does capture 1080P video. Now, we know in pocket camcorders, it's not true, true, you know 1080P that you're used to seeing like on a movie screen. >> Like a broadcast camera, believe me. >> Now, the Flip Mino series, all their cameras currently go up to 720P, but again, even when we rated video quality of let's say Flip Minos versus Kodaks, when it was 720P versus 720P, the Flip Mino always had like a little bit of edge from color saturation and image quality. Now that the Canon has jumped up to 1080P, you're going to get higher lines of resolution, but there may not be that much of a benefit for you, unless you really want to blow this up on like a 52, 54 inch video screen. >> Right. >> If this is casual video, that may not be important to you. >> And remember, the bigger the resolution, the bigger the file. You know, there is compression of course used on these cameras, but a 1080P is a lot more, not just a little more, a lot more, because its width times height is greater, so there's a lot more data there. It's a little more cumbersome to move off the camera, to work on when you edit it, and you're going to want to edit these things of course, if you care about video quality that much. I don't know, 720 seems like a sweet spot, on that kind of camera. >> Yeah, absolutely. The other thing is the Kodak ZI8 is, I believe, retail price is around $179. I believe that's about $20 cheaper than the Flip video. Okay, the Flip Mino HD is $229. >> Yeah. >> So you're talking about a $50 difference there. Another thing that sticks out is that the, I believe the HDMI port, because if you want to just plug it directly into your TV set, they do both have HDMI ports, so. >> This is the best we can do here on a deal, on CNET Shopper, looks like because you, yeah we're looking at as low as $175.43, appears to be our best price on the ZI8, and yeah, like B.T. says, we give it a really good rating. It's got the four stars, not quite editor's choice, but really good. >> Yeah, four stars is solid for us. >> Let me go look up that Flip Mino, you can just watch as we go here. Flip Mino HD, and see -- >> You can learn from what Cooley's doing. >> Who's watching? >> This is what we do. >> Come on, I know how to use this site. Okay, so here's the Flip Mino HD. It doesn't go down below $219, for the second generation of the current product. And last thing I'll say is Flip Mino HDs are really easy to use. >> Yeah. They have like four buttons. >> Yeah. >> But at the same time the ZI8s are pretty easy. >> They're not hard, I mean none of these are difficult. >> Yeah. >> All right, so that's how it's going there, Scott, and thanks for that one. Just to wrap the show, talking about prizes here, before we want to wrap, we want to announce the winner of yesterday's holiday giveaway prize we were talking about during the two hour Cyber Monday edition. And that is, congratulations to Mick Ferret. Yes, everyone has a weird name when we announce these, because remember we are getting them out of your comments on Crave, which is your goofy little CNET user name. He won the Vizio TV that we had yesterday. Let me pull up a picture of that guy. Where'd it go? For crying out loud, I just had it up here. >> I don't know. >> It'll come back. And the Vizio TV was this very nice, here we go, I'll get it, Vizio, Crave of the day, there it is. Big Vizio TV, it's a 32 inch high def LCD television. So, Mick Ferret, you should be looking for an e-mail from CNET very soon, and everyone else, don't forget to enter to win. We've got that Lumix camera up. Go to crave.cnet.com, and just search giveaway, and you'll find that Lumix that is the one dated for December 1, the posting, and that's the one that we're going to give away next. >> Okay, all right. So, Mr. Cooley, you're going to be gone tomorrow, right? >> Auto show, got two days at the LA Auto Show. >> Oh, I feel so sorry for you. >> I know, I know, you're fine though, you got your new ride. >> That's true. >> You don't need anything right now. You're good for a couple days, right? >> 370Z is looking pretty nice right now. >> Pretty hot, yeah. >> No, I'll be back tomorrow with Mr. Tom Merritt. >> The doctor. >> He'll be all right working with me, I think. >> The doctor will be in. >> I won't get under his skin too much. >> Oh, yeah you will. >> All right, our guest will be Michael Amquits [Assumed Spelling] from newegg.com, so they'll tell us what's hot with Newegg, what are the latest deals, and you guys thanks for coming out and hanging out with us. >> Thanks everyone. B.T., good stuff. >> All right. >> Bye folks, we'll see you tomorrow. ^M00:30:16 [ Music ] ^M00:30:21

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