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Dialed In: Dialed In: LIVE!

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It's a Big Week in the Dialed In studio as Bonnie drops by for a visit and we debate the big news from Google I/O.

I. Over -- its style -- scene itself on podcasting it is Wednesday eleventh. And I'm Kent German with a big big news it's very very exciting week in the -- -- studio. On them and show. -- -- -- It's actually in San Francisco and is sitting next me right now so no I just know nobody I know I am no. I don't know whatever that. And -- only you and good but it's just like you know like hooking you know -- struggles that -- kind of shaky Bonnie no echoing and I really don't know it isn't yet they'll have little money -- its -- she is here and you can in the flash. And happy to be here. Yes we are happy for you to be. -- Yes -- been out for a few days and moons swept in the conference -- -- any. Such as here so this gets it will have a very special them. But it's also it's very special -- -- beacons it is -- I am. Yesterday and today and it's just on the street where coincidentally Apple also hold some of its keynotes for deputy that he sees them. I haven't seen just to see the -- crowds -- -- like. That will start up with a lot of Google I own news and the first is that Esther well -- -- -- it up -- -- -- keynotes yesterday thinking it yesterday Canada today. Here yesterday with all that Android. And today's keynote has over -- -- -- we talk a little more yesterday's. But one of the big things they announced was that they announced more about ice cream sandwich which of course is widely the newest for the next -- Google. Our Android OS after become the -- we've known for awhile that Eisner sandwiches hostess -- to take. All the elements of honeycomb and put him on -- phone and we know a lot else from we did get the they didn't feel that Google statute -- that -- And I like the logo actually but just -- Arabs are just gonna call. -- -- -- -- as one of the big things is supposed to. With a lot of fragmentation and reducing. And Bonnie and -- funny funny to remind myself but I Jessica -- the core. Read about them. So what you guys thing. Well I think he seemed to really tell because we haven't had a lot of details usually when Google. Relief as there are many announces. New operating systems. They'll release them back on line and there's no documentation yet -- -- -- -- a little -- to go -- but we don't have every single detail to see exactly. How big are momentous it's gonna be -- from the sound of it it's really going to be -- huge step up. Bratton gingerbread because gingerbread was pretty incremental on top -- for area didn't. So yes some say -- -- management B bringing all of the user interface touches that -- in -- completely now. Which -- if you remember it was designed for tablets so this is cut essentially taking that interface that this sort of treats. I think it says here you BW mall multitasking safari. To be a new apps lawn chair so it does seem to be kind of a big they're commission because teens. You overall UI -- previous updates. Yet an idea was really what they found was we want one OS that runs everywhere sounds a little bit like I left me with Apple. So in the future evening you can theme. You'll be able to see -- -- sand lance should be on tablets as well Smartphones and possibly other devices I'm not sure what their plans are. For Google PVM but that's definitely a possibility. And I think. That's a -- -- just because you want to -- experience across different devices you don't want to to have a T confusing different. Ecosystems definitely civic that it that it -- this growing -- of maps I was sizable lead to seems to be the thing that they showed this -- so what does that mean. For custom U lines -- manufactures. And that I think it's going -- Hutchison cashed in. At the -- last you for that are at least you'll be more controlled clamping down on projects which we don't see down I was there. Their main idea anyway -- -- Google's kind of seeing how fragmentation has become this really thorny issue and this is one -- but they're taking to try to reduce that other one was of course what we discussed earlier. Which was you have them sort of review every new skin that was gonna come out. Him it's interesting that you retired -- -- embers into oil last year. Anonymous analysts end. And they were saying. I actually fragmentation doesn't exist so it's interesting to see it in -- and that the city Atlanta and actually -- and -- one -- -- I think he tweeted and maybe amber. That he was at something and because -- -- Said. That we feel your pain to developers. Have their problems of fragmentation on its way developing apps in game -- yet it changed. Yet -- definitely specifically. And hinted that. Wind Google also announced a new developer kit that will make use sensors CPI's -- something -- -- It would help developers optimize -- for a different phone so you -- -- one phone as a foreign scalable and has a three inch screen for example. Or perhaps is -- violent -- -- a ten inch screen right so this train API a framework will help. That specific apps now work across different devices. -- it. And then there is also. I -- -- -- he would have you talk a little bit of about the official tracking. Yes kind of fun and not as yet different enough yeah everything I'm doing. Google I -- keynote demos that was a demonstration of -- he took a hit tracking northeast checking system. I think that the virtual camera operators -- pretty cool on debt to people it from the camera. In one then one person spoke the -- focus in on that one person -- the the other person's but the camera automatic focus in on the other person. It automatically it's just automatically tracking the face tracking the facial features in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Applications already have conference and congress -- -- -- conference calling definitely. Just am -- an initial other applications -- before may be key and whose brain. That the developers will taken that there exactly. Another interesting -- is that I am speaking of fragmentation of chorus. Even this is not part of ice consent if Google didn't mention. They get -- out with the Open Handset Alliance kibo unit and the Puerto -- as the agency sentinel that is really -- an -- -- right and to promise that. According to them that all new devices must run the latest visions of Android for at least the first. So. Again not much information as such as I know -- status that worked on so. They have to rent for eighteen months through news forum for those eighteen must -- must run the -- -- versions of and so and then at that point -- have to -- adapted to they have to change yes. -- after the eighteen months Europe then. What happened -- -- then you know it's -- can be can -- you are old. But that it basically the first eighteen months of that particular devices. Life has to be hacked to run the lead his vision. And yet -- it says. That new devices those were the latest version of injury to receive updates for eighteen month guarantee -- and okay and T and easy -- that you received annually to the latest news event however in the in in the in the lead a press conference after the keynote. I'm acting Google's much at the end and -- insistence on -- didn't get the tiny. So you'll receive it. As so when you receive it they still didn't. They weren't really giving details grade fidelity music diversity second week that week you know who knows. Good that they're panicking yet and didn't address addressing. An and it's such a fresh I don't know how they can hold. -- how can you hold a manufactured here if they've got a scan even if -- -- there's we do a lot and thinking they might not have. Skins for -- the spectacle of -- Thinking. Going for angling for all the pomp and on and perhaps -- just be part of an agreement that don't -- yeah -- these these are only for new devices that we haven't yet there was one of. Our readers -- had an interesting idea that I like even if it's not technically possible but -- But it was that every phone should come with stock and -- -- -- -- option. That is burning me yeah not an option to add to manufacturers can if you want -- kind of take on all of the problems that you may or may not happen upgrading. So then if you did get an upgrade you can take off HTC sense TouchWiz. Go back to you in -- the stock and trade ticker update and then when that update became available again or sensor and it has some new life it could switch back to back. Right it'll only -- And -- also -- that this promise for a new devices to get the latest images of Android. This only applies for -- -- so if -- if you're funded and it doesn't -- does not have the hardware capacity. For the latest and let it doesn't want you to update you you know so. -- -- still I mean this reality is those of -- via its -- still definitely a welcome. Sight to see Google at least address the problem -- there could -- be putting any link hardware. -- -- nineteen have to have like. Everything you have to have a certain amount heart Arabic content not just die hard and I know your limitations yet are usually pretty lax yeah yeah aren't avenue requirements in the past. If Google's changing Matt Fisher didn't make -- official during an anti hacking yet so we will see in future visions of Android. Might have stricter heartland -- In the -- hardware requirements and requirements like Microsoft does with would have been fascinating and well it's I think it's -- -- ninety -- this week. People to complain about this a long time. I think. Getting it as soon as possible will be very welcome to a couple appoint a couple for gonna marvels such as triple Axel throw. During that you know -- we have learned some -- things there aren't there have been 100 million Android device activation. 310 Android devices -- on sale 36 -- -- from 36 phone makers on -- -- fifteen carriers. And getting apps from 450000. And redevelopment. And the phones are available in twelve countries. Excellent on their -- at 200000. Apps in -- -- and I just got the figure from Google and went with them to do it with me and then again lots and lots lost. And also -- -- and -- there were a finalist but honeycomb tablets they are questionable comedy USB cameras and keyboards. And other Android device what's -- -- -- one's dishwasher and exercise -- They did they also announced a and access through the kit an accessory kit for. -- -- for this it's a street third party accessory manufactures. And I think this is -- kind of a big deal because. Right now because. But there's only one iPhone it's so much it's so much easy to have all -- accessories and on the scene hardware. -- -- it down I know dozens of different kinds of Android phones it's hard to have. And -- bus accessory market that -- fit all of these phones. And I think having a sort of accessory kit are a way to make these accessories. Sort of unified across the line. The thing that would really help push that -- party access from different you know. And for Apple I'm seeing. A number of 350000. But it's probably residents and again. About what I'm seeing it on their App Store by not documentation -- not mean from a month. -- -- if you wanna find out actually difference in this article added a couple things we'd just couple quick announcements about and more interest on and more Google -- One is the and intimacy -- -- is -- music -- Think this one and. Right it was so it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right I mean this and know what route I'll go really quickly here but Donald bell -- sort of music -- -- he went. Through this a little bit more in depth but music -- is essentially Google's long awaited cloud music service to Amazon has to -- -- desist kind of Google's answer to that. And it's free for now is still in the but you can essentially upload all of your music on your computer on my onto Google's servers there's -- store so -- the weekly to buy new music. But you can -- all of your local restart music in the cloud so that seek with a different computers audience does not include a Google account on a -- on the browser. You automatically get on access to all those songs also if -- an Android phone you get Android app. And -- -- will be immediate availability you on the -- the music app on Android. So. Why would you buy would you get this instead of an Amazon play -- -- say because. Then this second you sign up on your Android phone the second you sign up the second you get that app. All of the all of yourself to be available against -- need to send a -- extra Amazon -- I think the sync it. Lead you have to Apple led -- funds initially initially you'll also get it -- From different category isn't that a bunch of free phone and I have been dishonesty and adding additional clinical and it's kind of cool -- you have to easily double went to a patent. Yeah but unity -- did you do get a ton of free songs which is a great week to test the service. Yeah what do you think about the way it looked. It not it looks cool but I -- you say it's. The the initial interface -- -- -- remind me a little bit of -- means that to salute to some that I hate the -- -- -- I don't really -- -- I think it's really. Not just regular Google released simplest -- I'd have liked but it sort of polished and just to me -- really the Google news that the -- in any event the Google music in -- -- on the and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sure though it on the other browser and not so hot that I know they're really not it -- -- it on the browser I think they're really pushing keys on your devices again which I'm sure there -- show cleanup as they. As close they. Google also announced that they aren't getting movie rentals and this is and -- because. The bill -- really strong video contents in a place for it and has been one commander its shortcomings for a long time. And while this option will only apply to Motorola's him tablets that run three got one honeycomb update right now you'll we know that and future should come on Android -- -- too frail and too. Yeah I cut it out yesterday -- and seeing how that work and I actually was able to download and play a movie and it pleasing YouTube. And a -- before like a day or two before I'd written comment on Twitter I do. Would never see YouTube as -- source for premium video content. And hearing about the different means -- they they Android market I was watching premium video content on YouTube in a bra and aren't they talking about that you can -- and videos -- -- -- so it's like. Is it downloading in the background and now it's streaming online and I I didn't -- download and I just I pay for red and then have the option to play it in the browser. -- that have been for. Does implement the music. The thing I know I'm an -- Google music you can select certain songs and albums -- sort of clinical it. Start offline yeah so meaning that couldn't be part of them -- -- -- was idiom that I have to go back into him now. -- but you know the downside is -- one of those. One of those rental things but it's only 34 hours after you start playing it -- right that you do get for thirty days. If you just happening right there. Finally I mean -- they'll be the one movie I I don't know but finally I always remedies and found I just don't feel like Imus is absolutely real and it and I just. I don't know what to do with an -- and and -- -- critical parts of the maps again especially on the iPhone. Russia's more money and can get different airplane -- at exactly the -- -- I have -- -- me it. I have a Netflix subscription. And an -- streaming is. Well for -- it's free with subscription. And for me like that's kind of a better -- because he can keep it whenever it is -- whenever you line. It's he noticed the -- limitations -- lobster I really like the Netflix service yet. But this is good up to if you want a car until now one but one movie at once I mean I think that's active like Google doesn't need it I think -- extra revenue source and yes so why not stop and have it checked. So it's good to see them I was happy about that announcement. And OS ailments -- as the calls that enrich our. -- -- music universe with Amazon cloud to conceal the difference is there. As course they're both cloud services offensives tonight on him as as usual with these things -- offers and options that some and some -- Vista itself. I check that out you can find all of this information on arm -- an Android atlas absolutely always me we know about and it lists the bargaining hopefully looked -- before. But if you go to Android atlas dot com don't 200 analyst dot cnet.com so -- to -- that Android atlas Telecom will take you directly there. And it's great because you can see our all of our stuff we change our overstepped -- blogs and you can filter by certain topics and than you can go into -- features down below we could tip on how to data. You can look at are different apps and different stories announcing -- -- best coming devices are best devices latest devices. And you can do things like save stories start discussions so it's a lot lot more features -- prettier I think. And Alomar -- so when -- now. And -- -- move on to other things besides. Motorola reveals two phones and O Motorola but I'm gonna say we remember the RAZR the -- -- the racers liver. Motorola's apparently backed them. Nomenclature with the -- And I are gonna it's an XP RT but I think you said and I'm not gonna say what expert on X. I so -- the -- Motorola. Expect it is actually Sprint's version of the Droid pro and it does is essentially the same and yes the scene. -- enterprise class features it has that dual. I think he has is is it is a sim card in it as well as he usually see in me throughout the world incidents peek did. Immigrants -- Android 2.2 Adobe Flash stands apart. So that's kind of the same thing as Detroit -- And the next -- -- announced missed the Motorola take teeny. That is like almost identical -- match identical to they expect. It's an Ide and device that is resentments on next now it has the Nextel direct connect service with it. And -- supposedly more rugged with more resistance against the usual dust shock provisional that. This thing I'd suppose though it it ships -- Android two point one. So I think that's kind of a deal that I -- and they seem to be a generation behind again. So that's convenient as well at and the bigger thing and I and parents they're phasing in service Cisco and I were -- -- Why don't I don't mountain win many refinements to immigrants -- -- and nine and service more. Yes so that's another thing to keep in mind -- The Motorola expert will be available for one -- 999 starting June 5 at lance ET eighteen games. Pricing and abilities still not announced it. So yes Motorola -- -- we don't know exactly if it's the meaning if they're really gonna start doing it. It but. So I read it would -- last night so I received a letter the other week that parents AT&T -- it's telling me. -- -- -- -- -- Depending on your opinion in -- city two and I think most -- actually required. Licences. Have. There's a meeting next week let's talk about this were AT&T reps will be there and meet people in the city of city planning department. Only without some indication that I would like to go just to see how to -- it. I put a blogging here -- our poll and the spot a piece about. If you had received a letter. How would you react and 52% -- -- 340 people said. They have no problem at all so more service. The the next mass amounts of people 21% -- -- -- -- health concerns. 19% say -- -- ruin their view listens when. And then. On the last tomorrow or the next most replies and I'd be concerned only news. And in his cellphone towers -- definitely interesting because ever think most people want escort them comments are saying it wants. Herself on service but I think that's a pretty act name. I want or self -- -- -- -- I meet its infant with an -- that yes I am an AT&T service is this really -- install these towers there's it's just. A city where it is and course with hills and geography and parks and there's obviously things -- -- in regulation to do with the -- and hours so. And it uses have text out vote and leave your comments about if you have a problem with having it in your house is a lot of people would actually -- I mean for health concerns are we talking specifically about reading your pain and fear Christians. In that would be the -- is as people. People that I think if you're concerned about that that's why -- want the -- -- my house but then. Missing a few moments so installer. I'm disorder Peter you know a cell signal booster announced and then -- -- -- -- -- -- sleeping next to it. That's more worrisome than have an Italian -- so. Because you actually have that source of power right in your home -- analysts away December's reading. So analyst for myself a key it BOT unit in -- I attended the mean that seems reasonable. Now bullets with infighting in the LD DMI be right outside your bedroom we know it's not I -- -- -- -- not and I mean I wouldn't. I don't I don't have. Have -- view that much so that in an effort is concerned and I I don't. Mean it I mean a -- people that -- -- the property values Taylor and -- means -- you there I mean it's inspected by. It is enters in as a lot of people -- better service but then when you want and in your backyard right -- -- -- -- -- people missing or wrong but. It's just doesn't. -- it. And then we had have a little fun last week when the when -- And and got a lot of his office. I. We went out and so you might have heard that the white iPhone has -- her it's -- And -- do point to -- yet muted and actually I did get an email from. And AT&T Rapp who says that the otter box case actually doesn't it. -- -- -- -- Even though I tried a few cases and they fit fine and so. Basically went down to. Went over the TC it to be true -- this really cool place in San Francisco with -- -- -- where. And as I said -- -- in one sentence and like well it's a community based -- in one sentence what this place and that's it basically do yourself workshop where -- any kind of obvious here. You wanna make -- glass you wanna go to provide view art -- your your your crafting. You can take it down here and its membership and they have all of these tools everything from this water jet -- would pseudo -- twice the speed of sound and cut and cut through. -- I mean cut through a metal. Critical -- these amazing machines but we just went there for digital calpers in my micrometer is and calpers that -- -- And we found that it was. The white iPhone was nine point four millimeters thick in the way in the black iTunes nine point. It's zero point one is something. And the whole point of this blog asserted as saying well oh yeah it's thicker but it really -- matter and if your freaking out about this than. I think a lot of people miss the point yes yes I always feel like this isn't news don't clog up my feet with this. Editorial -- my favorite comment is that because CBS -- CNET. Our readers are being -- -- fools to milk more money out of our advertising. Yeah -- we always get. Yeah let -- -- my favorite was advocate I'm obviously. And -- like and -- is obviously. Apple's. And and then I can't do anything I mean it's a joke is that it's a joke. About it because -- them. And. Than the last thing was briefly as we talked a little bit about cell ever discuss -- -- -- ordinance that would require -- are on in at the point of sale. And the board of supervisors shelves so. They will be back -- were promised amendments. That will most likely to say that this tournaments -- -- are radio frequency -- we don't area. But EMC two and -- won this -- so. You can. -- -- -- -- -- And not think about -- us to know that anything under one point six -- the kind of talented -- -- Cisco. Well there was they did have a hearing Monday in California State Senate about. The law that would have required. Just to notice that says are you this phone -- -- for -- and the CT I went there and they showed up and tried to. -- lobby against it but actually the committee print so -- go to the phone. It's -- But we'll take a short break and come back for a couple reviews. -- -- But do. And we're back for a couple reviews as the first the Samsung replenish in this lessons from its interest in because. Sprint's as CEO Dan Hesse announced -- in between ranting against the AT&T T-Mobile merger. Are currently and oh and by the way in case haven't heard they're actually having hearing on capitol today about the AT&T mobile merger. Annan's bunch of people response to speak sprint CEO unquestionably AT&T -- I'd Jacqueline McConnell -- -- stories about later but I'm. Weaver -- PCs ago. Sounds are punished Jessica looked at took a look at that its equipment found task -- -- Sprint's first hundred powered eco friendly and it really looked particularly eco friendly -- in the boxes we like well it -- -- And it at -- -- -- treatment here in the event everything on it is and and there is made from recycled material and it -- -- like global. Good job. And the box -- -- with fleeing -- petroleum based ink so. It does have that as I -- one of them were identifying features that it comes equipped with sprint ID. Which as we will remember is sort of the service -- -- is a Deepak that you can. Then install on the phone on how various wallpaper -- clients shortcut apps widgets things like that. And so it does have a -- created green ninety at a house aptly you know for -- out places to recycle. Your electronics and eco news. Apps like. So I'm still not a big fan of sprint ID without -- especially because. EU kind of I I guess my big idea that is that it seems like it was aware of my biggest problem and that you can't. Sort of winnowed down the list of what you install until after you install it except with the sprint -- It -- nothing you can't install and uninstall individual apps after the fact. That might not be a problem to some people buy it I'm always looking out for choice on that. I didn't like it but still looks very negligible because sprint -- totally optional you don't have to use at all. If you just customized interface yourself the normal way through that app market. I had ratified the phone which. With me. So it looks kind of like -- of those pro phones with pretty keyboard. I think you know the specs aren't that high -- out of drugmaker profits are. And -- -- megapixel camera. But I thought got a good keynote solid this was only fifty dollar phone now and I injuring two -- -- It doesn't have everything but that megapixel cameras actually really -- it's pretty sharp. And it's a lot better than I expected. Even when the pictures were blown up -- my computer screen. And I think that the price is really kind for an entry found. It's totally adequate you know not the fastest though not the brightest display by any means. And there was one little problem. It doesn't team that. Flash videos. Or flash games running in the browser when -- -- one from YouTube dot com it kicked over the media player the you still can't play videos you know and there is the YouTube app. But it it doesn't seem to be able to support flash in the browser but it doesn't have a hot spot on it. And all of the usual. You know in -- -- -- games so I think that. For our budget consumers and for customers the food this is a good option. Orange and then a coal -- -- Bonnie took a look at the HP here forgy. -- -- -- -- running Linux what did you think of this phone -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know they made it sees mommy day it's the size of credit card this in no thicker than a deck of cards which is to buy it. The problem is you get this small two point six inch screen so if you're being a web page or map here constantly -- -- mean even if you're rainy evening. You get may -- -- -- been nine years to spiraling him for the next line so it's just. It and -- He may just went to smaller -- -- -- Q what is actually usable. And there is better than I thought yeah I'm that is -- and a fake greeting him with some practice you can be fine time. The other bigger problem is because it's so small they couldn't fit and a headphone Jack or micro US show were stupid now though -- what they have on the side is that a magnetic connector and it comes with a headset and adaptor which consists. It snaps on -- on the -- I definitely like little achieving peace that can easily like fall off. Yeah I wouldn't it. The thing Ellis LLOs and Washington Bonnie and I saw does that if you don't lose the phone because it's just like you lose your -- and I that was my misplaced it like several times already tell Aetna and is guaranteed to get my high you know you have to -- -- -- time yet. And then I think it is you also charged using a magnetic connector so you can't and if you don't have the cable a few years you know you're gonna run -- -- -- -- You can't to -- and I grab a micro USB connector cable itself. Anything they it was just a really flawed idea and I. I think will be thinking of importance with the by that and I think you're going. It didn't say it out -- -- and they were going for women in you know because it is a cute little -- -- there was still the smart phone he just looked kind of small and tiny an anti interactive. The people who bought the pixie -- and there is what Aaron Beasley gas and -- -- and acting they were going for that depicting mini. Nanos he's calm he's long I'll have to question whether they could -- fit and a man. A head's attacker you know and a micro USB pretty -- made it just a little bit -- and it's. About the same size of the -- 10. Yeah and game. Both the headphone Jack and the Mac people are and I thing to me so -- that that they're going to that marketing thing -- -- it's no thicker than Antarctica are -- -- critical care yeah it's not like I'm gonna be like my phone at the clinic. -- that a better way. -- I think ultimately that kills the device convict and it it's affordable it's -- hundred dollars and it's got a good set of features. For that price it. Comes with level at from the new features like back and that's -- which the Palm Pre Q and -- OS and the camera. It -- -- mega -- actually takes pictures. -- I -- I am that you can't see at the and cell. Unfortunately yeah I like Tennessee where they were going with -- they think a lot of people want a Smartphone you know making the -- from. A device that. -- kind -- dominating the market now for me means screen and it. Eight to twenty have to wonder if they do market researcher I mean together a nationally -- pat -- -- and leave. Motorola flip out and the -- Experience small in the mean in Indiana and it seemed cautiously that they show people this flaw has been adopted that thinking. And you -- I just I never go back and about it anyway IQ and. Mr. -- webos two tickets at its that OS -- interface its review. Swipes and NASA is manner heavy types rather then -- -- you just -- it opens post as CE Alice when way to being. That that might be more acceptable -- was a Blackberry but a utility expects the -- TP huge part of the experience. Over the webos phone that the test is isn't gonna attack Vista in -- -- that's how you interact with great. Unfortunately I paint and -- if you're gonna spend -- -- alive and other phones there. You can get such a bad experience adamant. The united -- -- Even Samsung Focus and inspire -- Which are bigger you you do have -- -- about the way. Yet I think -- -- getting more money and as you and the next would be and express are published by states that retreat -- tree -- which is post command the command and and if it. So HP here. Not cut them down and went on he repeated funny bit now I wanted -- -- it. Upcoming -- we of the Samsung infused forgy but it will take a look at that formerly was the Samsung -- that's right. LT -- know that though the -- tagged though technically literate yet as another CES. That -- -- we couldn't touch at CS gas company to didn't hear anything about it afterwards -- -- can -- happening -- And then I'll take a look at the Samsung nexus S four G and -- Actually won't be taking all of it because it's basically the same as the T-Mobile phone but -- -- as the four G service in the Google Voice integration. Which I will have to ask but she's -- -- But it's out to collect about. And then we have a few emails and only on -- cooking then it globally in its moment of the couple for a second so. We can item. -- got any -- -- we got an -- on the box for. It's in the name it's -- -- LW a TC DR and and we would like to see -- there anyway. -- podcast and is -- -- has to say one thing never again and that is that just because they have not proven that. It is it would basically saying that we can't you can -- negatives so. We set a lot that. It hasn't proven that cellphones currency but hasn't been for that they -- so. I think that's a very fair point I mean we're not scientists say -- sometimes and the language when we say things we were -- we might not be saying something it's technically accurate but. What our point is is that. A lot -- -- that industry likes to say that no study has proven that they aren't safe but. That still doesn't mean that -- 100% are. And there are science scientists and studies who would disagree with that. So that's really what we say we'll try to say it better -- -- include I won't read only milk since. Because it's how long but -- try to be better than saying if you can't prove a negative try to avoid saint Puget -- thank you for the advice appreciated. And then we did have along voicemail on it and bring -- in Seneca plant but it is from missiles to -- who's one of her friends in Canada. And he invited you -- a lot of advice about what is that the market in Canada and we talked to about it you talked to about three year contracts which of course we have here. Lot about the different carrier set up so we appreciate hearing from -- the source was barely a doctor and Twitter once known after the Canadian election tweeting back and forth a little bit. I'm so appreciate Richmond but then we have a good one and Google -- from Jessica. Yup this -- from Brian. Who asks if using his sprint number with Google Voice -- back effectively -- -- free mobile to mobile calling. So I -- did check in with sprint you know I would think know and -- -- -- because Google is an add on service. Specifically for voice mail and and things like that it doesn't actually Google doesn't own. The voice status service and -- -- -- number of that you're getting but sprint is still providing the service and now with integration -- -- kind of become line. So you can still make mobile to mobile calls for free and there will be no ill effect. And the brain often wonders if using his mobile number as its Google Voice number would be wise because that he'd be giving his -- number to work science. And he's not sure he wants to be reached on the number forever because he's not sure he's gonna be on that job for upper -- and I think that's that's really your call. I know that some people before all of this happened some of us in the industry he used Google Voice when have a personal number that we keep for friends and family and then -- have. A supper at number that we give out. In am -- our media contact but I found for me that really became model and over time I just started giving out the Google Voice number and I'm kind of transitioning over to -- completely. Especially because you know. This that this isn't going to be everybody youth. Experience is probably going to be. Mean you know -- -- a slim percentage of the population but. Because we switched phones so often find that Google Voice is tool for me out of cell phone reviewer and I wanna have it on my fountains but. An -- now I I guess I just don't really give out my number and got off and then again. And then we have one -- -- Wants to. I -- -- get a good idea asked keeping phrase in all really wait till September ever for releasing their variant of the Sampson county -- If -- what do you think will be the first dual core LTE phone and when and how. I know it it's always hard -- stage. And feeling because the Samsung galaxy S two is out in -- nationally and it could be sooner than September. The united active. Go through and has the -- CC approval and has me as they did you meet the net and yet it in half. Fell and you know it's it's getting close so it it could happen -- for -- of -- are actually opening to AT&T AT&T first Newton. The gas -- Will have to see if they definitely not a rumor mill yeah that's churning out. But before that I think. You mandatory panic and -- that was delayed by making was mentally till summer making the release was so yes that could be. Their first dual core LT phone and then. Is the revelation of U revelations that dual cores. Underprivileged and its -- singled out and you know yes. So it could be -- during panic for her -- and canopy for now you know. Now people are anxiously for their dual cores now. And -- likely. I just a very brief email here from Cassandra she has the same problem as -- last week's. Karen who. She has an iPhone three G she's -- to upgrade to the iPhone far. But you know she's wondering if she would if she's she -- she -- too weak to for the iPhone five later in -- year. And she's married to Al of this because of -- -- it -- devices seem to get the petitions. Apple laptop and all of that and she's willing to -- a T and drive but she's wondering you know isn't know is it easy to sink and -- with the -- how does -- work. And my -- -- -- Answer to that is that with an Android phone it's an entirely different ecosystem. ED a Google account so. If you have a Gmail. Email if you have. You Google calendar you policy -- well. If you do use an apples Apple Apple's applications like I cal and that their own Apple mail system. You might -- that transfer the settings -- it but it shouldn't be dead difficult. Is as a matter of syncing across to use the web essentially and then for music there -- other apps like Apple's plans yet for from fidelity -- -- I -- my only my only hesitation in recommending. An Android phones he if you iPhone three G for so long it's just that a lot of apps will not wake up clips you know all of those ads that you may have bought over over the years to me they just did just that -- terrestrial T Android phones. So that you and -- a -- might not recommend it. But you know if you ready to branch out in Chinese system I's patents -- -- It well thank you go. And then the for a -- have some very bad news. -- in the course computers and Diane or a panic he. Have not written I think -- be in we have summons from an -- It and so it's very sad -- were having a sad day because we really wanted the dialed in name -- Make it a -- when maybe we would have had meant to let. -- admittedly I. -- I had that's funny I went out to dinner on Saturday night and I had asked him on equipment and they -- -- it can be. And and India for. But when it's. The wind is blowing down the street -- -- -- -- coming -- -- trying to please keep your head yes and -- that this is it Erica. Eric so thanks for joining us -- when I will be in the podcast next week no indication by an there's the team well -- -- that he or his community. By Jessica and the Colby heritage will hold down -- -- yet. And. Coming up we of course we're. Lot of reviews coming up and then we get -- June. Apple stuff can happen insurance it was exciting here. But thanks for joining us and we will I won't let everyone -- to see you next week CIA. I -- -- room. --

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