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Dialed In #213: Wrapping up Mobile World Congress, not wires (podcast): Dialed In

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Dialed In: Dialed In #213: Wrapping up Mobile World Congress, not wires (podcast)

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We give you the quick rundown on what happened at Mobile World Congress, and we dive into what's going on in wireless tech with Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC-enabled devices.

Decades ever thought it. Welcome to the scene in 2000 -- asked. Today is Monday march 5 and we have plenty of phone and mobile to tell -- his speech today. Pre -- don't know -- world congress. Was here and now is gone it was last week. Nine Barcelona and real media quick rundown of what happened there are just in case you missed all that crazy -- from news -- -- of the show. Which -- we have forgotten about the truth is still out there and -- And people use it -- of yes it's true it's true man -- and then we're actually going to a chat as well about. The I own three iPad iPad me sorry Micah and I and the -- -- phones on the brain. I don't know I don't talks -- that much but yes so the I had three this is a Apple week you guys. We believe this time it's pretty much we have two days and Sylvia. The president supposedly will kick off and after that it -- -- much the Apple news forever. Release -- progress after seemingly forever about men area about a month there's something so will you know just gear up for that. And -- -- cellular news as well that we have been watched so. Now we are joined by. Now -- in the lock out the awesome the -- you have San Francisco Palin and not -- have Roger. Chang here in New York. And -- -- -- chat about his experiences. When he finally a telephone Booth pale and still and that plan. -- -- rainy day. Ethical -- I have a phone -- that's right you know -- -- to put something in there the the -- -- it dials it's Stephen -- good morning everyone hating morning steel and and we are. Basically just -- pretend and real quick so let's just died in in the C. What actually happened mobile world congress so op -- their -- but I was -- on news as it rolled out. I'm Roger was there he has got plenty of tales to tell her column but this really quick -- -- Launch into Kent German's a quick peace and wrap up of the show. And you know as it turns out. The their -- folks that were real innovators. Like Nokia. And they had there -- bought me a 900. I believe you ordinance -- yet sorry BCS. They -- the 900 but the 8808. Purity. Rich area the 41 megapixel camera. Yet zoos but unfortunately -- Symbian so knows him by. -- -- heck yeah okay -- is sure -- really that's not right. Say it's a little -- it's like we've got this awesome camera but it's on Symbian. That is such select -- -- but in any case it's still pretty high tech. Camera gear to arrive in a Smartphones so. And that's pretty -- there'd been some -- charity and some test shots of photos taken with that you know -- -- that enthusiastic about. It's really and is it's more like. You don't lose any quality unit which is museums so. I -- the kind of amazing how far into it in in these features -- -- taken -- this little Smart camera. He acted as a picture out there. Someone had taken a HT CC appeared channel and along with the Nokia's here steaming up. And dead and they actually zoomed in -- it -- -- badger is that is mobile congress -- -- and that's crystal clear this is kind of crazy you know. Small part that picture of museum and all expected -- It was crystal clear purpose. So it connects you see a use for that real -- I mean here. -- and on someone's. New menu from. Refute away -- distress and I. I youthful that is that -- as a -- it's cool article -- some sort of use I guess it's you know it's good for like panorama shots. And that's I'm gonna say it says imported -- -- the sleek has found if you hold it it it's got the sort of all this thing that sticks out at the -- -- -- -- -- in the 419 megapixel sensor. So it's you know it's not exactly -- Still cool yeah and then actually didn't you have -- it -- experience where -- Nokia. -- TQ. And a bunch of other tech journalists. Out to test the of the resolution of this. Advice. Com and of -- -- with the amount. Yes well basically Nokia for a little while strategists. Mean a couple of of the reporters on the -- in Barcelona which -- Not exactly a place you wanna be when you know you don't speak the language you don't actually have a much you know the currency -- But basically made me for one of the mobile congress precedents. We're taking us out to dinner -- observatory atop -- mountain in Barcelona. Fortunately the bus driver got lost. Ended up in this narrow road where he couldn't cross which is this the proposal to get out while the rest of the way to connect to like twenty meters in a -- fine. So there we are out it's but I think 20/20 reporters. From various blogs and media islets were walking -- in the dark and it's it's higher elevations it was a lot colder. And we walk about half an hour we realized art that the Nokia folks realize that. The observatory is a good 10050 feet above books and actually get there from where we -- would -- -- actually I'm gonna. So you didn't didn't bring a heightened here we did not bring -- hacking you know and they're the best pearl has. She couldn't get any service on their Nokia phones. At a Pensacola that designate mode I would and I -- can't get Toshiba strata pathologist -- -- And in my -- but ultimately L worked out lead in it having to actually turn around awhile back now or in the bus which. It was that ultimately his faulty and actually found the right road in Italy took -- ten minutes to get there after that but then. But they gave him -- to take pictures with this phone right arm. And even Butler now now that mandated by at that point it was dark and I brought my own -- sides are snapshots and instead. He added it's like shots of the mountain in what that was that was the idea of the whole thing -- -- if people upon a mountain town well that the idea was the of the observatory and it actually was really cool -- cancer with the telescope to -- -- close of the of the moon. The idea being that sort of dead it's the zoom capabilities of -- telescopes -- -- at the -- appeared via. -- false advertising and now we can actually use the -- that much until dinner added in the exact sort of you know at the phone out -- the tests -- a little bit but. So that -- actually let's take pictures that I -- yeah okay -- and the you know overall mean Nokia folks were were very embarrassed about that. -- rightly so but. Ultimately the reporters you know -- all seem did. Take -- disputes or are actually this kind of funny bonding experience. Regular bonding over -- Nokia and how poorly this is placenta into is that as good -- -- you know in a holding it does its. -- Australia on a mountain you know travel and informally and -- is fraught with. -- -- -- -- So yes of the pilots -- sudden you know glad you made it back to us from -- Barcelona in now defeat -- which account that your view if it'll actually make its in the US. It is yet -- you know it's highly I'd probably won't but maybe they'll integrate the technology -- -- there -- other phones as well the sane is gonna show up it'll show Pluto and as -- eventually. -- all right and then quickly. From you know I did a quick piece Omnia. The power of Bluetooth Ford -- so. You -- folks who don't know there's a new profile of Bluetooth out there it's Ford -- and it up -- the whole lot of new features like. Increased. Throughput. Also NFC support. And also -- -- really push in this low. Energy. -- performance -- basically it will -- improved battery life by you know huge significant amount. So I'm that is something that's the folks I wanna check out just because I -- I don't know about you guys but I use Bluetooth pretty much every day and -- -- stereo Bluetooth headset. Which -- it's -- awesome so. I mean there -- always snafus with Bluetooth but I think of standards and better and a lot of these new gadgets leg. These watches like -- -- -- via. The -- fuel demand Vietnam event -- India talked about this device it's just using. Corrado. I'm and then you know space going to be a fitness device enabled track your activity you know -- stuff and -- your phone so. Now there's a whole lot of new products out -- -- -- and you watch -- you know. I'm from basis. That's also fitness products so we're gonna see a whole lot of new innovation -- So will be guys can no check it out and if you use -- -- notebook to here are you actually. Use that technology. Arm and then of course we can't not mention the fact that. You know Apple is having -- events for the iPad. Three which everyone is expecting on March them so -- There's so many rumors out there are the guys I mean what would you guys sweetest thing is gonna be that's partly what it's -- -- -- -- There's seems a consensus out and -- more of -- minor upgrade to yet pact due to high resolution screen and probably updated software. It's a minor tweaks to how the body -- its doesn't seem to be kind of a huge step up or age. Revolution in terms of new tablet so -- like -- -- over. Actually gets the from wire standing -- -- all just rumors speculation but it seems like it can build thicker to accommodate the higher resolution screen. It it. What do you think about the home button last week I heard there was -- -- be no home button and heard this -- -- -- -- -- cute -- new juvenile delinquency since the amateur went on the back while on the I think I honestly think that in the biologists are cleverly done particulars. The shot of the iPad on its side which I think. Yeah like it was off yet tilted it to get it tilted -- -- of -- -- and -- frequently I think I appreciate home but also. Edit -- yet -- mean mean needed. But then again you know isn't that true that the Android. Honeycomb not become eye exam which doesn't have the yes yeah they'd -- -- has taken out. Of the is that the operating system. As a wide and they are ones yet but if you notice a lot of the N -- -- sandwich phones that came out journal world congress. Still include those buds. That -- at home to search the Batman. In other vendors don't want an echo those -- funds. Interest hardware groups and yes -- the site aren't -- wanted -- -- it from. What they've told me you know they've done tons of studies on how people use their phones -- if people still want. Sort of physical dedicated buttons those of these soft keys here. And also load times you know since X soft keys -- just kind of flip around or disappear in your wondering what Mary's point to settings menu like I can remember. You know. And you don't get that multi function ability to slow at times you know you're a season -- Desmond sees in the menu yes -- -- You know for everything for you know what that -- -- in my email or whatever app on the and on that menu key search sort of the functions easy to use and -- is set. To lose that. Com so I mean -- you have an iPad -- You have ask that the -- -- -- him out and pan. And we like it but we haven't. The of the need yet he updated the media with iPad three was especially with that higher resolution -- -- -- interest -- and -- That the whole of thickness of the I think I wouldn't mind having it a little bit -- and -- -- and would be better. As well yeah I feel empathy that I found or -- in the forests are so that's then you can use that kind of resolution -- -- which backed an iPad two -- iPad. But it's a little -- that. It doesn't seem -- -- the clearest yet them. Yeah I mean. Maybe it'll be -- -- solution with edge to edge glass no buttons. At the same thickness as the iPad two. Same price -- -- be even Quad Core. Then I would penis banners and by that -- would most of that you know most of the competitors out there now -- yeah yeah. So Adobe would be cool you know stay tuned we'll have a folks live blogging that event. Yeah and -- on Monday we're gonna do a live broadcast here and live stream. The event with Molly and a brand talks though come to us you mean Wednesday when AM Wednesday morning 10 AM so come check -- -- Yet going to be wild ride -- -- -- could -- Very cool and not this you're just gonna chat really quick about -- FC. I understand that that Kent German I'm also out in Barcelona was able to check out. Some of the new applications. To have a Booth there. Demonstrating NFC which is -- near field mutation in the showing on what you know all different -- abilities and and things can do. Decides to small payments on on phones. And you know I'm all for NFC. You know I think -- if it can be used to. Appear on devices to set up settings without having to enter all these details. You know it just -- two devices together and we end Nokia actually has rate and have a great Bluetooth headset that connects fancy -- -- tap it and automatically recognizes. No need to -- federal funds are entered codes it's actually that simple and well let's just parking meter rate here and -- this -- mine -- -- -- -- a backup park main entrance to change. I see so many ways to the back can go wrong. And our only aspect that I -- it by each party immunity like filling every -- and. I'm waiting for someone satellite you know figure out how to make it fill up your Google wallet with all the the money that virtual money and it's and -- -- in and by the promise and I spoke to -- about. This mobile world congress does -- they'd love to -- Tennessee in. In every Sunday but right now it just it's a cost issue you know they they had to get their phones under certain costs for the carriers and right diocese just there just isn't really a demand for the -- -- -- I mean there's a lot of syrup behind this guy. Thinking about what you can tendency but. Mobile payment to sort of the most this field goals they can actually accomplish tendencies so that's why you -- allow the discussion around that a yet as -- can -- and there's just there's so many more things do it. Yet can't wait till it actually source work on -- isn't in use every day. Cool aren't Willa I think we're gonna take a quick break if that's on either by India and -- right back -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey everybody. We are back they're listening to CNET. Dialed in -- And also the new iPad three which -- must become an out this week. Of course they're all learning is going on on the -- all of that you've got to our equipment got a rumor that the Samsung galaxy S three -- It as early as he pearl. Though of course we don't know where how well -- You know it was sort of Erica. And it was announcer -- sited via. Our Korean affiliate. -- ZD net Korea so we're gonna check those were. The -- that's actually gonna happen turns out that it meant. -- actually now there's there's update response Samsung missed this but it's not really -- -- -- April isn't going to be one wanted. -- -- so we're looking at a closer -- and -- path program. So which is basically you know what they said which is when it -- I was -- -- but. They also said that they can be tweeting -- During their their content days launched if the phones so they -- on Twitter it to keep our eyes on three -- 24 hours a day in Oregon that that's comments and I like I can't. I know I do it I just I just hide it you know what to look like and doing other things. With so and then of course not been -- other the other rumor that we have. On. Who actually it's more -- it's basically a confirmation that. While -- is going to be making the out. MyTouch phones for T-Mobile. I'm that's a franchise that dead HTC was the first -- to it's actually provide that the phones and counting over. Then LG you know briefly. Com you know it I think at HTC's -- successful with that. Poem that LG products we looked -- were we're okay you know but they're not -- -- -- -- exciting. You know Smartphones have changed so my -- it's sort of feels like. The myTouch is is like -- something that's. Use as -- -- entry level Smartphone to get people excited about them but it's a -- our phones have become. Pretty much. Are coming closer closer to mainstream now that you wonder why you really need in my text and -- device. But you'll we'll check it out we'll see what -- while way hats and their differ in new player in the Smartphone market I'm. And we also have about another I think they're both while wait and see CE. Com are both Chinese manufacturer which corrects. -- there and there actually. They're fairly large in the in the mobile devices business already is just were not aware of them because they don't operate the us they haven't. Data had a lot success in the us is in the -- just for whatever reason hasn't really -- warmed at it and yet. They've done while the prepaid business because they make really cheap phones via -- but at mobile congress both of these companies. They went date let me see while -- CT's brands everywhere. Wallach brought out this giant Pegasus that was created out of this and Smartphones which was pretty -- presidential a lot of doctors out there. And that this -- -- agreement with T-Mobile serve shows that you know there's there's sort of breaking with the the larger carriers though. You start to see sort of a -- AZT follow the same path HTC had one when they're trying to break in and create their own brand here. Yes so mean and we looked -- ZTE products and it did percent -- -- -- -- which. Was on boost mobile. You know it wasn't bad wasn't wasn't extremely high and feeling at all. -- and put it kindly. -- but to have it worked and a you know wasn't bad. Actually -- That's actually sat down with that represents count -- -- and a three days ago and just to go over it -- they have plans for at the United States and -- there kind of and strategy was and I like you're the one they have like a very egalitarian view -- -- should be able to have these kind of good quality affordable Smartphones and -- like that vision and especially. So it's almost like area. Smartphones for all -- You know what we the people actually tiger team -- -- -- that's your whole thing anyone again feature phone users to upgrade -- -- And I can win over their customers who -- he told China. If some narrow feature so customers to upgrade yeah I mean hopefully they can shed some of that no. Lower and it. And -- when penis that people are little. Leery about you know they kind of don't seem to Amazon inspirational -- via -- -- at the show. You know while it -- -- with the the -- -- discriminated SND quad oh yes arsenal which they claim is the fastest Smartphone in the market yet -- a lot of claims there they did make. And it's a Quad Core. Ten inch tablet yes yes meant the guy got a lot of heat as a group wrote a post on man -- And of course I knew there was a yeah you know the Asus. Which -- transport transformer Crimea and now that was technically the first one work in point one inch tablet so I don't know if splitting hairs are what I'm sure -- splitting hairs in it that's so who were to -- -- There's got a lot of firm and -- spunk. That's I have to -- while waiting on so anyway we're -- -- -- group who wants to Nick's story -- So when you said that. -- -- in this it's square. Right and there is -- new app -- square register and -- -- kind of allows. Restaurants and retailers today -- handle. The stuff that -- usually when using their cash register with this kind of iPad app and credit Nikki because it can also help -- And sales date -- which is really important and then. And you -- incentive -- Receipts since ethnic and it just it sends it with an app and in fact that so SP cloth. Needs we can so it's necessarily area one stop like set up shop and as -- you know aunt Mary does have a little stand and immediately -- atom and rated ago. Take orders wonderful little retail outlet that way. Yes and be interesting to see how it hits like integrate with at Google wallet and other NFC enabled devices that everything. If every on you know monetary -- -- -- -- and I patter. And some sort of -- Mino I -- square quite a bit actually have I have like a little side -- business recording studio and -- square my phone when. No band -- opinion something don't have cash and -- music I take a credit card and swipe boom done it's really easy simple. Real fast so you -- is a picture of them and send them a receipt -- -- cool. And I am that is very cool. Power of 110. Money the -- -- -- -- restaurants like this means if you look at this picture looks. Looks like a you know like what -- see and -- register and -- at a restaurant real simple to use. That's that's huge for people -- like -- of those things it's because those those would have a problem like appeal west's. When service when Israel was still -- software like aloha there's like -- yes it's a little line. Some other other names -- forget but those those are expensive for restaurants to bind it business gap that's killer and then. Huge deal so awesome and then. Now we also heard about it's at mobile world congress of the LG WCD. 800. Another awesome we lovely name for products and the fact -- -- -- and yes yes but this is they tablets on. In you know of course you know so okay so we have so many tablets being -- -- -- -- but what's really huge thing about this is that it also comes in the cradle. There's plant -- -- that rule. Also -- wireless charging so random box it will to. -- in what's the freeze. In -- -- charging. So basically just been like up format war. Competitors from two -- make these products basically just put. On tablet or phone or whatever on top of the pan and -- discharge up. You know without any wires and so that's pretty cool hopefully receive more than and more devices. -- And speaking of -- wireless and a new competitive. -- came out from spring. And advertising Google wallet and we insisted that it has been awesome and edit its knees saying that -- -- going to and incorporate Google line and other devices. And that the -- -- it's a lot of the theoretical. Leases of and they're kind of be an application on a galaxy nexus my friend and I actually used. That it. We we both had gotten it at the time and and we used it to -- and back and forth by. Apps and run at contact info and web pages and it was critical is like -- -- party trick. To see who it'd be like and more what can I parties you go to longer -- you just -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- a for no -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- with -- Like that the phones in the back -- you put the funds back to -- little -- bump and grind it and and and yeah and then that will allow. Our planet at this question right you really do -- -- but. I. Anyways that and sent over you know. And the ages and attic well things when I it's it's cool. So he hasn't alone. Come to -- -- -- at sprint has an -- -- -- -- All right and now -- I have one quick review that actually went through com. -- -- You were able to take a look at the ZTE chorus on cricket wireless yeah that's right and it's not a Smartphone -- -- kind of look back in has some back and web browsing capabilities. -- but the biggest. Saying that like at and T crisis the -- me -- and it says music service program that lets you download. -- limitless number of and -- an album and that the these interfaces is the music service is kind of funky it's a little -- Not a very enjoyable experience but I did like the audio -- because and says the phone comes with this great. I can't hear and are now but it's as saying I am IdeaPad back at and hand and has really -- -- speakers to -- and also hearing it in an intranet for -- persisted for at kind of fun that's not. -- I'll hide feature packed and it plays well with music on your interest in his music and you don't you know that -- -- So it's almost like go to wicca. A -- -- what does it that it beats audio. On the cheap and -- me any aliens all the album you know it's interesting because like if you hear a song like -- Starbucks -- -- -- ER -- -- kind of money can have it within a couple of minutes and when you're on a link. And not good subscription fee is a included in the plan or -- PX as part of the plan. As I have planned so that -- -- -- -- that's that's lead speak. French -- trouble with our service and we'll keep configurations. You have to be really popular it's good now that you know what I'm in a team published recently that knows they need they need to. Cool awesome and the phone itself is what it's like fifty dollars -- Yang sat with flight at. 388838. Is even -- -- even lower you know it's an odd number of guests at the area and an amendment he Chinese -- Act because it isn't an -- that's from Amazon and then other at a discounted them. -- are right in and -- of the other of the review that's in the pipeline in the worked on right now is the Bluetooth headsets from Motorola eat -- sliver on the house you know still work -- a review just got it in the Friday. Afternoon. But basically at the it's really cool cause of this little -- that dumb. He put the headset in and it also operates as a battery. -- and you can carry with -- you and even crazier is it has a -- NFC chip in the bottom of the at the charger. Slash case and you can in theory. Bump it up against phones. And you give but it sync it and prepare it that way without having to go through all the sub menus -- So that's pretty cool. When hope you know trying to hopefully that'll work very well it's also very small and and -- so. Look out for that review this week. And and a that's about it for reviews. I know that so we cuts a few. We got a note from Manassas gonna finally got two emails both with people with very similar names but password they are from different people -- We have that -- Who is -- always from Melbourne Australia which is pretty awesome. -- he asks us you know what are we think of the lack of ice cream sandwich phones. -- -- -- You know in the you know he wants to get our -- on that. He also wants said that he loves us and diphtheria -- keep listening so Yemen we love you too obviously keep listen and will be -- so. So yet. What does this like that there were only what 23. Or equipment -- quite a few. HTC had a whole body -- hit a whole bunch while in -- -- should analogy I mean actually the word good maybe. Dozen or so right. As its own phones there's a lot better then see the last much much better era of sat at CS and that we're still a decent man gingerbread is that. Yeah well I know that -- Sony Sony and -- Xperia. It was that the PVP in the UP is actually a and a Hannah don't you go there and a half. How elaborate that when I saw this. Could have really guys -- those and those -- their very stylish phones but the idea a running interchange -- union. Also -- or not one or so that's equivalent. And I and then so -- the next you know we got was from Edward. And he actually specifically has a question about the -- Mercury on cricket wireless want to know if it's a decent -- So. I know that we erection reviewed this phone recently. I'm just until courts com the amazing just who -- who's actually -- -- back. She's yes she's -- cover -- -- government worries this will work on yet so I'm but she reviewed this phone and gave it he. Three a half stars which is pretty good offer device like this and so basically good about it is that it you know. For that the price of believe it's it's pretty low. I'm gonna go check the prices and the portraits all of time but on it does have Entergy to read. And an eight megapixel camera also one point four gigahertz processor. Which is pretty get the batter life not so hot. And am I think you have to -- the battery to get to SD card slot which is not read either. So you know there's a trade off there but. I believe that we like the phone it's not a bad -- device com it's not cutting edge but you know. It's it it'll do you for a little while so that's our take. Anyway I think we've pretty much run to the end of the show. Thanks all you guys for common and of that -- congressman's such wild adventure in it was a tough -- here and back you know. But -- wanna say you know if you want to reach us all you have to do -- send us an email -- dialed in at cnet.com. And -- -- voicemail at the OE 664022638. And -- -- listened in. Reach out to you now if you have any questions about you're -- -- comments so different -- love reading email and also to a check out the blog on its dues go to dollar in dot cnet.com. Or. Subscribe directly to our podcast at podcast at CNET. Dot com and also the other CNET podcast that we cores -- thank everybody for joining us. And how else thanks guys.
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