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Dialed In #212: Mobile World Congress madness begins: Dialed In

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Dialed In: Dialed In #212: Mobile World Congress madness begins

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Mobile World Congress kicks off this week with big phone news. Get all the info served up fresh from Barcelona.

Hey guys welcome to another episode of child in -- today is Monday. The 27. February and we are. Gonna talk about all the new mobile world congress news that is coming out of the show are basically mobile world congress has arrived in full force. The premier European tech show for all things mobile phone related. Mobile -- congress is getting bigger and wilder than ever so. You know basically guessing we had a -- of phones that hit -- -- as us and tablets soon. We're talking folks from -- Samsung. LG HTC Sony. Even none of lesser known companies like go while way -- -- some pretty bold statements yesterday and today so. -- talk about all those things today we're joined by the awesome Lynn -- and -- -- A glad you can join us and we have a special treat for you guys out there of listens to the show for while it's Bonnie Cha. The the illustrious Bonnie Cha joined us so. You know give -- give -- hand for her and we're gonna be chat about all -- new us that the -- animal world congress so. If you guys don't know -- street view of the mobile world congress is the major showed that happens in Barcelona and Spain. And -- basically you know all these phone makers. It used to be a lot of sides just purely European launches in global experts. And I exits a stage of Wyatt is gonna happen progress that year including -- if so can account. -- mobile news. Yeah it's it's crazy because the I mean you know. From what I can tell I mean it wasn't their like because some personal Begin its all of the -- equipment in a minute but. -- this amount as for -- happened but we had two devices from HTC that were announced that work. You and -- announced actual US carriers. Which is crazy it is can easily. You know in the years -- -- -- -- you know announce these phones but they never having used specific details there are only tell laments that layered toll like global. Right and Europe Asia I get to see that there to the -- I know it's -- it's pretty wild and and you know of course. Last week we talked about how Verizon the had a presence -- -- this post have a presence at this year's show. -- -- that's pretty amazing so we've got you know basically lake you know what -- of the American invasion of of Barcelona. And it. So -- but it's pretty cool and just jump into the news -- quick. You can check out a recap of bug they want Michael that they -- aren't really recap -- for -- -- -- but aesthetically. It's really. We had a first we -- a while away and they meet some really crazy boasts saying that they had the fastest. Smartphone in the world -- which is a mean how else. Differ like you know for a minute to. You know I mean its its because -- -- it's the ascend DE. Quad which is the exactly -- the time but that it's basically a -- while way actually designed themselves. Act interesting that they went with that tip that -- and felt instead -- evening you know. And Nvidia chip where are calmer. You know the right exactly exactly. So I mean -- its its its interest -- how they would you know come on -- agents are talking about. They know how this phone is in of the best. High end in the fastest and all of that stuff. I'm especially when -- -- coming out with the with the phone that that's running a prosperous when there were tested for me. Com but hey you know -- I'll take it I'll take all the Quad Core news. That we can get you know -- -- updating because they've been known more -- and lower end funds rate. Yeah alike entry level -- Though though they did and though. What was that to have a day at CES speech -- -- global phones. Bad idea yet how nice for sandwich was like when the first ones actually ice personally and -- from standard running. Com Android four point oh so that's pretty interesting. It and then on top of that we had a you know LG coming out with that their LG four XHD. Now which is actually going to be Quad Core device and running -- three Nvidia's tegra reach so. And they're they're they're definitely bring in their games -- that -- Yes and lending and wanted to bring up a project had the story but it sounds -- LG and Google are in talks of possibly doing -- nexus phone. -- -- -- -- -- I -- you know some people by BB with the Google's Motorola Richards at you know Motorola would be -- pennant and you know go to manufacture for -- nexus devices but again if you know me because Google's -- of saying hey. -- we're still committed to other manufacturers to island. Yeah I know -- -- inaction I'm sure that wouldn't that would make LG very happy and Samsung very upset with prime yet. Me more happy definitely check it out do you have -- -- -- event that -- and link sentenced on anything but Kathleen -- now. What happens with The Who make the next -- and Yemen and in dot com now -- -- noted you kind of I had a chance check out some of these. These phones at least from me not really in person in Barcelona but. Just just from you know checking out the news. I mean do you debriefing in the view there's also -- -- through which is the galaxy note competitor. I mean that's uninteresting device -- -- announce that at the show as well. And -- we -- expecting noise of the -- we zoo revue and it -- like you and -- RO you have -- -- I I like the way that sounds personally I don't know immediately -- If but none yet where about it because it's. Knocking on cnet's daily screen size and -- am. And we -- that it was and Ian Manson and it enhances -- a five inch screen. And and and -- tablet some kind of thing and it's gonna be asked me please. And that allow it it's not cloud where they'll -- a process. Equipment. And looking. Are you are you looking forward to that -- them that's the -- -- -- UD I think that's gonna become the next recently. Bigger phones with spam and the stylized and I -- -- it just kind of a thing of galaxies now is an -- -- -- and -- -- -- Alice did anything. And then now that analogies they released -- -- is -- on. Maybe now if it is that people don't like it -- -- manufacturing. Until maybe. People really don't -- -- from -- the. If the you know it's funny 'cause you wonder can you really -- -- -- -- this last week the can you -- yourself using a stylus. That often I mean I tried to it's okay but. And sometimes it's kind of fun. But. Still just rather use my fingers they're accurate and keep an idea. Chance they can now I want drop anything Harry drop stuff -- let -- -- Yeah in my in my in you know there was also some other news to which some kind of you know jumping around here and -- via the chart but. Roger Ross wrote about how old Samsung mention to him that they weren't too happy with -- about habit and that tablet sales. Com and they hope to actually. Make some make up some ground with the note and to me that sort of funny as I think the note is like you know device that. Won't sell as well as a tablet it. -- -- that I just acting like Samsung tablets as they have so many different models you know and then. You -- -- -- different what was the last when they -- and no rights they also announced the show the tab too yeah yeah and I -- anything that's kinda confusing. To the -- and -- is the difference in you know. I think the seven inch announce yet anything they -- -- kind of like in -- -- -- or just focus more and the mileage left models but it you know really distinct and many good models and then releasing. It we have a dozen tablet -- -- And. Actually that's that's sort of the approach that -- it seems that LG is taking. You know by consolidating their online com and just focusing on a few phones now. And and and I guess they're kind of taking a page out of Apple's book. And other folks you know trying to just you know make something more easier for consumers to find them think about in and just -- in the story now. So mean and and also actually HTC. Treated it launched a few phones as well actually three phones -- are mentioned for. Basically that they once the the want -- wants the one and X com and it -- this whole line called the one of one. Right which is sort of confusing it got 100. Amenities -- one yes -- 321. You know so I don't know but around. Basically you have the one acts of god which is which uses the second frank -- it is the Quad Core. Device but on that's only the European. Display at the unit and -- -- deal. Yet. And so they announced that the dual core version is going to be out com on AT&T. You know in the spring -- -- so. I mean that's that's a real bummer because you know we wanted to see the first US Quad Core Smart. I mean there isn't one right right now don't it. As any other quad cores and -- -- effective global I think they're all global ya ya some. It's really okay you've got that LG Optimus. Iranian and that's the -- that India and LG for acts each year -- her -- -- has had and then you have. It's really -- HT HTC one X which is too which is Quad Core global. Armed and then you've got on that huge claim from while -- which is the ascend -- watt so. You know but all these are our global devices I don't know what's going on maybe the -- in wanna. You know grabbed something that was you know stones but -- -- drop like a big -- -- there -- any money. Pond as a work. Financial stream their whole plan you know Kazaa should have a lot of devices that like the self first before someone on you know the -- telling us something that's a powerful yet. So but yes Sony and -- -- so speaking of HTC we've got we've got the the one X which is Quad Core we also have -- the that's into one ass which is a odd device that it looks -- sort of -- would you say Erica. Com. It seems like basically -- is go back to the the actual. Nothing that were taken out but basically like there are three different devices like -- the one the one X has a big like four point five inch screen. Com where is the during one. A fourth slot for point seven I'm just this is off top I had. And -- -- -- go ahead. And -- acts I mean it like as has a four point three points right yet. Think that when me. And it's -- -- report signs. Exactly so so like you have not the bottom. Index its punishment the ones the was announced for T-Mobile -- actually -- -- channel availability and Arnold sorry the -- S -- one V doesn't have any idea. Announce carrier but the one to one VE the smallest one com. Hearkens back to the of the old alleged lies and it to them and prevent them and -- that even the hero the European hero. And bush years ago that actually have announced a unibody metal design with. You know this chin -- which sell -- people hated so. You know -- like to positioning but it but anyways and so that's the one of the and then the one asked is more of like media access. -- Or even. You know I was even gonna say lake Waco since C changed -- something like that HTC sensation. On -- as a kind of rounded look com and then it also has a good rule of good news is that all three phones are running strip sandwiched discreet so. And I am -- have a new version of sense as well. Yes and yes there will have -- -- -- it's what does it -- point one think it is. Yes so will be funny thing as a about -- did talk to CNET and -- and described. What the new -- the new version of sense will be like. Arm and they said it. The whole idea is to you know since about I -- at launch there they wanted to make sense sort of act underneath the scene seemed so won't. You know get all -- -- -- -- paraphrasing won't get up in your face and now. And you know kind of picture with all these fancy graphics or whatever but they're trying to still provide the same functionality that cents. Offers for like a social media and -- and all that. So on that sounds record if you wanna check it out and personal so. I know we have folks in Barcelona amount that are out at the show in different check out com. -- cnet.com. For our mobile world congress are rich because we have but lots of hands on videos and photos of just biased. When I'm -- -- that is actually the galaxy beam. 10 yeah. Get a sense and yet -- when I had about as yet and it's interesting that there. -- and ten and not not even going for the business that they're going for a younger people's. Who would use a projector -- to show off their photos and video. -- -- enough console yet so yeah I'm not sure how. It's really neat party -- -- And after I feel like I am really need -- -- and give. Us. The Eminem should -- lot of Wii -- like that it's excellent battery life is good news yes. Though I mean I would like to personally for enhancement like that mean okay yeah sure I would use its its acclaimed movies like at night Somalia maybe. But are -- want to put some sort of up planetarium Thomas. Arnold but that's what I would. Immediately though and each other developers out there planetary map and oh my god nightlife it's so great. So -- so that's RC but I think we're at right now we're gonna. Take a little break I'll be right back. And does talk more about more -- we have seen and expect this. So stay tuned. Hey everyone welcome back to the CNET doubt in podcast -- Harkin. All things more congress -- the show officially kicked off today today is Monday. February 27 2012 and we're just -- lowdown of all the news that rolled out a -- yesterday from -- congress and in this morning as well so. -- stay -- we're gonna chat about what is happen. Our first off I mean another thing that we wanted to mention and I want image was at. The Sony. That Sony had a press conference and they announced odd the Xperia PE. In the Xperia U. Devices which -- same design as the Xperia -- which. And a blew everyone away at this ES because they had such a pretty -- like design and very different looks like an obelisk from high you know twenty million years in the future. And that's an exact date -- I hope so but yeah I mean it's like it has this little -- Area in the Bonham that it is transparent lights up -- -- crystal. For notifications and land -- in its just a gorgeous phone. The one thing is that these devices. A law kind of disappointed though because they're not dual -- and not done Quad Core. And I'm not done the nice to not even restaurants and which slow. At least -- you -- Pretty sure area -- -- that's the case so at least for now also -- that was a shocker so hopefully. You know -- They'll fix that up them you know maybe maybe it may be you know this is the thing of course you don't know how much. We really do need Quad Core. -- Yeah I know we all like to chat about it. Ash cloud is less of initiative -- but the fact that it's running in Japan and with XP he -- its 3-D program grant and a palace kindness. And interesting -- Now 1 before but -- as an eight megapixel camera and she TP and -- parents and then -- -- -- a -- Well. The funny thing -- actually the back -- a few months ago I checked out the Sony ex Sony Ericsson. Xperia arc S but that's the -- -- and that that phone actually do have that capability to it -- -- -- -- to create a 3-D panorama is basically I think it takes that. That -- has one lands on the camera one camera. And it. Stitches. Basically images from that from one -- It into another picture takes with the same -- -- to create this virtual 3-D. -- -- on a much Sharon who actually use that. But -- it you know suggesting you know to want to have a pictures of your house and 3-D. You know yeah I mean annihilate me want it to. Its. If you had a you know so I mean it's a cool its instinct it's something that sets it apart -- as well. -- and also they they connect to of the Sony will facilities -- the Sony I'd. The first phones are the two other phones that have been announced. -- on. Only the Sony brand not the Sony ex Sony -- Ericsson programs so that's that's significant -- also. They connect to mostly talks about how to connect to the Sony -- -- networks -- can you know rent movies and music and -- and stuff let's see how macros but. So yeah and then and then and right after that there's the a while away and -- Also may know the claim besides saying that they -- the world's fastest Smartphone they came -- said. They have the first ever Quad Core and -- tablet now I just opera opera folks I wrote a quick posts on this. And it I realize oh my gosh. How can -- be saying this because the humans are serious about what is it that the transformer -- Yet that is technically a first Quad Core tablet. Com that's ten -- ten point one inch. -- inches say calm so I don't know what they're talking about. Really really -- mean. Where it is but how how while way out you know out there -- guys listening how can call us at ten the first. Quad Core ten inch tablet when they are to have one from -- so it on the. Secessionists the first ten point one inch atlantis' of such -- and -- Raid my -- But I'll let I'll let the idea. For the lawyers you know a lot of lawyers in and make a lot of money back and forth about and I. So we'll see how long that lasts. Com into -- people got really upset at me for -- that three -- idling of the post. But I title as I was just honestly doses chicken out what Wally said in their own press release though and it's all of the -- so okay. But there enough here which Sam maybe it's not you know they're definitely trying to play gamers. And then so -- you're talking about you know you saw the or at least a broad about the new hood Nokia phones as well there were announced this morning. I -- well island aside streamed it was announced an 11:30 PM there you and -- -- -- and on. Pacific time so well -- us greatly and -- it is. But let's let's today announced and I think for us it's a lot and -- -- -- -- streets -- three and three -- witches and their. Learner and am phones in the ashes and I bet the most interesting and is and nearly union mono Pennsylvania 610. And they make them announcements about the lenient and engine that's -- out the -- and it's gonna go global come with. With. Roger wireless content and Cambodia Rogers. And some news about going to China which we expected but the news -- 610 is and it. Lower and lower and that assists and for a younger audience they say it will be running windows and -- and -- has a frightening -- manga -- -- name. I'll take as -- upcoming update old rilya it'll crap that's -- do this just happened. This morning into public -- system. And tango have a five megapixel camera and 320 inch display. And and the 5% CD UB two -- for eyes of the in the Yangtze and -- has the assets so. And it's gonna be. They they talked about how it's gonna be really integrated with Xbox Live -- is so I don't have an Xbox account sent ballots. That you really -- Amy but I know people who Manhattan. And that they probably -- -- the span. -- if they have an Xbox. That sounds pretty good though consoles you know dealing in grappling with the idea that the things called tango them the -- Some mango -- possibly make it more confusing. This is ending in advance. Of it and then yes that's kind of a narrow. So -- -- what's next -- -- -- You know -- The thing like that like that if -- fruit -- or some kind of well tank isn't -- -- and half the -- -- -- and I -- of this Smartphone is just becoming so over the top. Com and then now and when you were talking about the -- also -- the ED. And who -- 808 here you come there was a -- a couple of days ago -- it's just kind of like Nokia released this kind of video -- people -- -- -- -- -- mentioned something pier was -- -- an image at the Wear and -- like three times. And finally and now it's this new model on a daily peer review. And it has a 41 megapixel. And is now if agreed to -- -- you wouldn't have. Is gonna cost -- it 500000 dollars. 605. And -- -- numbers are really weird but it's consistent year as -- when they -- -- in years it was like not a flat rate is and -- government 605 it's coming -- name. And -- and it -- they talk about how the playback for the ideas -- -- CD quality. Audio playback and has and dolby -- on technology. And tests a lot of for the camera -- and I would think that this is with the funds -- No wonder it in -- it's a world device all right it's not the it has -- them sending terror management and it -- but it's 605 euros. So now you have that in your major bank there. And that's how he felt like how you can take pictures and blow it up and I'll be really clear and and if you might make the poster -- -- something and this is kind of phone -- -- to do it and we fat. I I those kind of interesting just because it's nice to have a high resolution camera but I had never take impeachment by. I should make a billboard and this -- began -- Josh. -- actually need a good point and it near and in this morning and then it's not necessarily that the 41 megapixels about -- resolution -- Photos but rather have a digital -- -- and it fellow. You know it doesn't lose quality -- -- yet that we've seen like with. Camera phones is not. It does just because it has a higher -- like the payment -- and I mean you can get the path to quality and you know exactly. I would think after I twelve megapixels yet make the difference may contain. It. So while jamming you know -- you know camera phones are. You cameras on phones -- phones and uses cameras is a huge trend. Thompson you know definitely -- to assignment as the -- with their new phones also said that their cameras but their phones have awesome cameras. So it's a -- trend that you know people wanna take out lots of pictures -- -- -- phones was -- camera. Com and lets you know let's just move on out actually really quick to run at a time. But. Aside about a really -- -- mentioned one review that I roads and three guys out there we haven't been writing many reviews this week just because of more congress. On but it took a look at the job sport Bluetooth headset -- it's not. I wasn't that impressive it's the honest -- which is just like your attitude to small but you can fit in my -- -- dominant you know at. Very uncomfortable fit. But you know it's waterproof it's a rugged. But it's a price yet 99 dollars Bluetooth headset -- stereo so you can connect your phone and have umi calls like it and if we check out the review. Com online -- -- com. And that's pretty much. The show except we're gonna just you know if it can take a look really quick one on reader email I don't know if you guys -- and help me with this but. Brian. Shall it -- -- -- send us email. Basically asking. You know what kind of unlocked device could be yet on Verizon that does LT. To meet I don't know I mean I feel his pain as an -- everybody wants some LTE love there but. Unlocked devices are typically GSM. I haven't really mean we talked about people trying to use unlocked. -- -- -- devices for smaller carriers. That might work but I haven't heard of anyone actually doing that and it's also not exactly the most legal thing to do so. In the might just -- -- -- and -- hook it up so I don't think there's a way to do it. But Talabani and -- program. Urgently -- is -- is he committed to staying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet -- wants him Verizon. So that it. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean LTE technically doesn't mean he -- T season you know -- so and -- but they have a -- kind of a hybrid network. So there is known -- Ed doesn't look like the chance to -- them -- my feeling is. You know trying to censor contractors up maybe should check -- motor carriers -- -- -- -- options available I know that of the galaxy note. Delivered some really blazing four GL TE speeds are on AT&T. In my view so. Com and you know that it looks like their network is pretty nice so. -- maybe shop around -- will have phones available and a teacher's union want new phones being announced within next few months to so. Definitely check that out. So there you have it folks you have -- Listen to us were full half hour or so hopefully have every time. And we're gonna we're gonna sign off now -- you know as always if you want to talk to us and any feedback to us just. Email us at -- -- At cnet.com. Or -- was an old school traditional voicemail. 66402263. Weeks. You can also read all the news at dialed in dot cnet.com. And check out the podcast at podcast dot cnet.com. As well as other podcasts that -- use so thanks for -- -- and we'll see you guys next week. -- -- --

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