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Dialed In #197: Zombie phones returned from the dead: Dialed In

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Dialed In: Dialed In #197: Zombie phones returned from the dead

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A cell phone-maker that's fighting for its life, an Android smartphone with killer value, and zombie OSes that rise from the dead!

-- -- It won't what you -- -- -- -- podcast. Turn on CNET -- I'm fighting for its life an Android Smartphone. And with killer value and buggy phones that -- -- from the dead all the samarra on dialed in CNET cellphone podcast for all things mobile. For Monday October 31 2011. More okay. And by Nicole -- and technical producer. Steven B -- -- -- -- -- -- So few weeks we're actually gonna be trying some new things that the show so if you like it or if you don't like some things wanna have feedback when it -- things were definitely gonna have more -- Is that -- fifth in the studio. And to any kind of like chocolate bits in a move that content needs to -- and all of the -- You know. Bake -- yet. Been. -- and have. Them. Nicole actually. -- this beautiful gonna buy it animal or something else to do yes so a Google+ since his. Amazing it's Halloween feature over the weekend -- you -- the -- Avatar and changing into some -- and read -- -- And. I mean -- -- -- the zombies. And pioneered. -- could -- -- splatter. On the -- And Ed bangs then you pay TV -- it and development I don't know that Google -- to get -- -- and have been pretty awesome. -- You know I -- It need DDD do anything imminent again and not being -- -- I picked up some really great. Clean my room and actually these are the spider webs from my room right -- I Verizon Internet. That's -- when it and -- and fossils and candy from children. -- -- I -- experienced link speak act and channeling -- Day of The Dead theme in Catholic and taken to Idaho's wolves range mission district -- And on every now and and act as -- Dolan here's a scary note coupons are back from the dead. And we -- -- that that the last week and I went teen accused Sunnyvale office right after it was a couple hours after they announced. Some new phones -- in London at Nokia world and we got a chance to see if I. So I should mention that they'll announce in London on the 1 AM Pacific -- -- rain and -- -- Yeah -- -- that I was dreaming of the fact that. If that count nightmares if you're it's your -- there -- -- we -- 800 M and then -- -- -- -- -- intent in an Apple and I got seat but the plan it and aren't we should say he's -- sort of need -- ever was looking at him because -- -- the first in the fire for significantly Nokia Windows Phone partnership this is the real. Lakes and of culmination of that aren't ostensibly it is exactly so we've been waiting around for like nine months that I -- his last February and it is like. He gets Labrador named really invest in Symbian anymore we're gonna go on board with Windows -- this -- long awaited. And some one of the things like -- and -- awhile back to look at what we expected out of Nokia -- and we used the Nokia and nine. Which was a meego -- yeah totally different operating answers -- And that was announced four Asia mostly yet and we use that as a model announced. Almost exactly what we got the -- -- media isn't exactly. Lobby got pregnant in I was definitely -- more upscale and its -- phone sends them. So let's go over such acts so -- is funded and I. You know it's it does look almost exactly direct and and you know that the internal specs -- a little bit of -- -- get to shortly. But the end a descent into the distance as I was in -- their dilute -- 800 has the you know what -- union body designs of the whole thing is designed inside out. TV -- sort of regular farm raised gene lined up a unibody poly carbonate -- And the displays at its excellence -- -- super amoled not to spend less of a disagreement I was confused yet the super amoled curved displays that is sort of fits right in -- The shout is tight because of that -- when your thumbs -- from left to ray hasn't been nice at movement and motion to it. -- overall design I have to say it was interesting to me and they shouldn't how to do it like at the top are only too little but there's like -- but -- precedent kind of give its -- -- if you look really closely entry into the U concedes group. They said that if you unscrew it -- what can pop out the display it's really tightly he. -- -- -- you -- and take the battery and an app. That's data painted there's no removable battery and it is you know some people might -- complain about but -- that it's a -- -- -- yeah and -- -- -- first now. Amtrak outlets like maybe you'd have to take -- game and it hasn't cracked and at the crack cancer -- Our -- -- cycle through the banquet -- iphones pulled down a little longer inaction at work right so. Its out its ice independents on the plane -- -- to point seven inch. Clear black display is a clear what -- essentially what they're calling a polarizing filter to me to look at an asylum and an -- I mean. And avenue it's an interesting looking device -- -- come into two different colors. Cyan magenta brightest and of -- color story -- -- color story. Pretty interest seeing tons -- advocates say it was a little bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We obviously couldn't have -- test of photo quality but as so I also did -- results from our folks. As CNET UK that mentioned that it was and as did as the arrests and the -- he. ST the test and and and they worry that some quick shots -- and her and that's -- -- rights -- a we're definitely in at your tests here absolutely absolutely no up front facing camera and it's on the Nokia and nine. I don't know that -- Up for some reason in -- does not have a front facing camera even though the -- -- aimed at -- Baffles me so much. So it isn't it says yeah but it should be -- -- that technology should be they're they're using they have the components they -- at the factory. How hard would it be I think -- of the things is because we asked in Q as -- and the answer was a very unsatisfying. We just want to get -- out. And I wonder if it's because windows phones and mean red mango is the first -- about is just pushed out my last month. And this is the first version of IOS that will actually support the front facing camera and I'm wondering if it was a testing issue. Remarked for the operating system doesn't work and operating -- and not just. G it's really hard and it's not required to produce than the company and the party -- to do it the operating system and we should mention the that the processing of them in hundreds of one point four gigahertz. Qualcomm processor. Not -- -- -- is not a dual core -- Android phones but. -- -- And I think you know it has -- what operating system requires an almost think that something -- Because of unload a Jessica -- their testing on the phone with me at an -- -- any of this performance is lagging anything. You -- thing I noticed anything about a pat. So I don't know if necessary to -- dual core processor because of that of the -- a party system. Is -- its -- -- exactly and that's it and I think at one of the problems is that it is perceived. That the top specs are forgy. And dual core -- has neither yeah. So. I mean it it definitely has the camera -- again you know even if it doesn't need. The second process -- and the performance you know and a side by side test it's just as fast or almost justice and asked. I think that Microsoft and Nokia are gonna have to educate you know. The public phone buyers who do care about things like speed in processors that it is actually -- the detriment this is not stepped on. So we're definitely -- its final top speed on hobbies and hand me that what we do now is that -- GL TE is coming at Snooki is absolutely it doesn't sixty gigabytes of internal storage. Again like a lot of windows phones devices it does not matter removable micro SP. Card -- of discipline now I think -- cycle that -- -- it's just didn't just not was not ready removable in the same way that. You know in the cards and Android phones -- it -- this back -- MBA do you think an adequate amount for most people the use. No I am I feel like because -- -- 800 does come with Microsoft's I drive -- at ground in front it was of clouds started so maybe that's kind of like there. Justification because we -- sixty gigabytes -- -- lot pattern and before I mean yeah those earlier iphones in the first apps were also sixteen gigabytes and and some of them were eight. And you looked at the leukemia Simmons and yes which does have eight gigabytes of storage and that's that's kinda getting ahead of myself because it looks. Really different. Actually it looks different from other because it's more similar to -- standard. You know cell -- all the buttons are in the same places and -- kind of like labeled in marked and things like. And and the phone comes in black and white it would -- this and the personalities are removable back covers so also in cyan. Magenta. And yellow O in addition to -- him. -- when you buy it comes with -- back cover of the same color and then one other line and I guess you can always. By a different colors if you don't get the one that you -- But that's not really you know that's sort of like an extra fun addition I say I actually like that and I think that it did make for big part of the experience. Because I held one phone that had -- -- magenta backing and one found that had the cyan backing a with the white faced. And because you can customize Windows Phone. And -- In have -- sort of the the live tiles are blew their -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know you can change the color of the titles. It actually did look pretty chart topping. On and I have to say that you know having -- only that we that fuels in your hand the way it feels when you use it it's a really big part of the user. Anything you know I'm I'm shall get to that eventually -- I do so that's one of Nokia's exists. Hurdles as having the phones get into consumers' hands. Prior to purchase because. You know I mean it will I don't know how you present to the me 800 its price or preference that if I have an -- US dollars. And as actress and subsidized notes areas of cities and all that's gonna be different when it actually comes out right in a genius -- intentions is -- seven years of USD and it does -- gonna be. Cheaper once it -- -- subsidies but right after that asthma is likely. Thomas as its it and they're hoping to see hopefully we get these phones in that the carrier starts and they -- be looking -- in. -- -- within its -- liking it before the final and I can adapt. So -- that's because your diocese yes you're dying to them. It has the same size since. Display it as believe me and hundreds three point seven inch but it's an LCD screen instead of these super Amylin and it has the same WV GA. 800 by 480 pixel resolution that also uses the clear black display technology it would -- -- -- -- a polite. But it it's definitely not as stunning as believe me 800 but it still looks good on -- -- -- I never held in side by side I wouldn't feel. In now and feel like it is downgrade it and the screens I've actually seems pretty good for Windows -- to be making a make or live -- large enough. They are not feeling like icons -- super tiny and so. My biggest complaining usability is there's a sort of plastic strip beneath the screen and that's got the buttons. CU makes search in the -- and hadn't and actor and I just I didn't think that. Strip against tactile and a feeling this sort of rubberized but I didn't think I -- -- down -- in Bermuda is just like. Why Nokia this -- -- beef to lead in straightening that consultant -- to anybody and anyway so that's just a personal thing and it is always person. So it's got a five megapixel camera on the back with flash. And a that's -- -- a lot of other windows phones do you have a five megapixel camera and and those are pretty guides have. It really depends on that technology I take a couple pictures. And the -- was really well lit so the pictures looked pretty good on the screen and again at a test is its and a half eaten things that we do in house and and then it -- with the -- in hundreds of ports haven't when he key HT. So -- The two phones right and I think the big question on everybody's mind that we've certainly been discussing for the last week is isn't enough and can the -- phones saved when it. You know. -- Nokia and Microsoft make. Any you know it's. It's -- really he. -- -- called because as far as doesn't meet reading the technology industry minimal industry. So we see a budget Android phones come in and out and I have to say just in terms of -- or. Side by side hardware spec comparison. And iphones due in out at the moment because -- -- you have to dual core you have to powerful processor you have -- front facing camera. You have Ford yelled heat is only on Android phones now -- and AM asked -- I have all of this them. All of these things are only 100 in -- -- just one of humor site I need to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it's kind of hard to argue that I mean to tell me but even I even argued that the give me an industry with two point seven inches it's too small for them noting that and that kind of thing and actually it doesn't -- the of the duties are but yeah if they don't want appropriate nutrients. The brain. Well you know the Nokia phones don't have that yet there are windows on the right exactly so. I do say -- in terms of just here a while back on on the technologies and -- things I don't means it stands out as much. But I am I have to wait until it's -- to -- it gets to the US symptoms of carrier subsidy and see how it captures consumers' minds. We have to wait and see I -- I don't know anything it seems to -- Because you can get you know. IPhone four for a hundred dollars that you can yeah you know the iPhone four -- for 200 -- You can get -- excellent Android phones for a hundred dollars yeah absolutely absolutely the problem is you know. One of the things that that sets the price and -- how much money the carrier wants to put in how much money the manufacturer wants to. And then there's Microsoft seems to be content let everybody else in money will they sort of -- in twelve other -- I don't know why it interests me. But that's kind of what's happening and I think in the US in Europe and might be a little bit different but might be curious like -- yeah I had. Really good memories of -- Nokia phone where Nokia fuming I'm gonna check this out and I just based on Nokia's brand cache lap Ramon. However in the US like this is the market that seems to be the most competitive right now. Most of the manufacturers all almost all the OS manufacturers are coming out of the US then and this is just a really important right now. Yeah it's it's it's into Steen a low battle I have to say because you know it's almost hard to be the third. The third guy coming in Hurd we will certainly yield a third in an unhappy married -- does a pilot and contacted the lake the third thing coming in in -- of trying to get attention for pronounced now. But. You know again -- have seat -- -- to yes in the stores to get to people's -- I do think and the Nokia brand will help them. I'll let you know I -- and -- have -- the US -- I do think that's really enter it into -- one has flatly and Nokia astound. For T-Mobile has an NFC chip and nobody knew -- lives right I didn't even I -- -- -- -- I mean I do agree with that mean no coupon has a better track -- in the US for regularly -- The agreement that -- -- can you buy basic phones. But not. So far Smartphones and here's here's what we think Kathleen epic impressions and it's gonna come to Verizon. And Nokia is gonna put a lot of resources behind it because this is there a chance they can they have they have they have any -- -- are more investment and Microsoft has other partners like Samsung and on the Nokia has -- as Sega openness than 800 and lenient sentence him like the -- interest was to be. First real Windows Phone 7 according to use in Europe and the in the -- of course because of -- right -- they don't wanna give back competitor any credit at the EP -- -- to like even the Samsung Focus that's just announced that the new -- -- two at fifteen weeks ago. And even -- -- is that he'll do so apparently expects that have to have a front facing camera that's it have to have LTE yeah so I have to. And -- -- to have. A really really competitive price lot of offers. An -- -- So check out all of Mercury coverage on. It's in the meantime speaking of old TE AT and -- -- finally really training that LTE part plan. -- -- -- It will be. As. They announced that Samsung galaxy ads cute skyrocket food in the HTC vivid -- have a Samsung galaxy ST. Not on eighteen he's HSP plus this is essentially doing the same kind of -- Delhi seventeen mole -- -- phone and software are. Epic ads for -- -- epic but detection on the moon. And November 6 is going to -- today. And are also going to be adding nine LTE. Market and you -- -- from Cisco. -- -- -- -- Now being interesting for us and nothing comes line we just have to ask am -- -- -- -- -- actually I am going to New York. As -- one of the city's yet. Is that I ain't. I mean Mac is not on the list here Saturn Uranus and uses its -- and have -- -- Boston Washington DC Baltimore -- in Athens Georgia. -- -- -- Being. And there is also Atlanta Chicago on the corporate Houston incidents and in a dumb idea -- files -- -- into DC identity -- Urging of Chicago and item -- -- -- the Childers. Ahead hit. Anyway -- -- -- the galaxy S two as and four point five inch super amoled plus display I -- that display. And it's got that one point five gigahertz dual core processor at sixteen gigabyte memory and expansion -- How hard is that eight megapixel camera and 1080 Ph.D. video thing and has two megapixel camera has an interesting yeah and only 250 dollar Superman with a clear -- superb competitive but the -- and then there's HTC didn't just NBA. Few hundred back. -- large screen for point five inches QHD display. -- -- two gigahertz dual core processor eight megapixel camera. It's slightly less and music on memory spot the same but cheaper and meet you -- needed it I gadget -- and -- -- to didn't and I and not as fast -- bad endings that but it's HTC it's there if you're right and a sense that you're gonna get that happens that's happened to really really like account of Steve Austin. Okay so I'm so what are we think about that I mean. Are they have to back off on the whole age has PA plus being forgy outline I think they gonna call it five -- -- For a LTE Bentley -- extreme you know. The average person has -- differently useful means for Gphone way. What is this -- little TEA did they would have to basically say it's RG but faster. -- -- my Internet is completely different targeting -- him but I had a news Samsung galaxy SQ well yes dimming they would they would totally have to wait and and treat their marketing -- -- Verizon LTE. -- And that in the treaty and so. There's a premium for LTE and I'm just wondering I think this is something I'd like -- consume more. How much is -- pricing premium TU TU. Sustaining and LTE network and how much of it is simply just like the loss and they -- -- -- -- an LP premium you -- they -- where it. Yeah and -- -- and it now. At the sink like the -- and remembered the idea that there are some phones that don't have -- -- but they do have like all the other new dual core of that stuff and priced around 200 dollars to do so may be cystic depending on how the market can be both seasons present drop than diamonds -- -- -- So speaking of more is on be used as -- -- HP be bringing webos back from the head. Why would we think -- well because HP has and -- CO. News today and that they were going -- keep a key feed business even though before there was a lot of talk that -- organist in the business. So now the question -- -- well if a restated their strategy. With the PC business. Could Avery steep their strategy with -- -- And it's interesting because no webos that -- yellow -- -- we're very neat. Strong and very is seeing that we're still around we're still working pushing out updates and -- -- have been pushing out updates to the HP touchpad is kind of interesting. They've been pushing out updates and all of that and touchpad is completely sold out how it is sort -- -- -- -- for a hundred I absolutely so. -- C -- but here's hoping. Come because -- do you think webos and of the best things that going for them and this is unfortunate that the hardware was not up to snuff enough to take it handles operating system. So I mean I know I wasn't heard them mentioned that he might know you might used an HP hardware TU. A run to the run windows did read that windows version of tablets offers -- -- -- -- exactly -- limited to do that instead so cell minutes. Here's a question. You know all of us journalists we really -- really gain reception to Manhattan that -- about -- come out a couple of years ago is still good. -- -- -- -- Like like like the problem like I said is just that you don't have enough money in funding to really illegal after the -- -- and reviewing the rule it out really. You know be competitive against hundreds in the IOS's of the world and -- been neat funding the -- could just expect them to me -- Rule -- out rely on update and once and -- without. -- -- Rise of Google and Apple have both borrowed some of the things that we liked past -- from had elapsed until now I don't know if webos is actually competitive -- is definitely true -- very kind and you see a lot of those elements that are going to be coming to -- the new hardware in the new software. And I'm just wondering like do we even need whereabouts and I personally. Think -- may -- HP should keep it. License some of the code out you know -- -- others when he -- that. Or maybe keep it for intellectual property. Make money off the patents. But I don't know if they if they put more money or they just bring good money after bad if they try to buy it I don't think webos -- time. -- I just -- could not disagree mean. I -- I just I just think -- webos had so much promise that it's a shame to see -- And I Rudy at me again I do I do think it is a risk I mean you know I guess in the third. The third company that -- Realism problem -- Lebanon for real egg baskets as we have six active mobile it absolutely is gonna be a much more of popular client for a level as many EB -- does actually something -- The important thing I do feel is the hardware and needs to be struck. -- the power and the strength of the HP level as part of it was that it was a hardware or software in the same company much knew -- Apple. The Thailand -- on -- and that was kind of Apple's. Apple at Apple said this was just this was just the success with heart included apartments. -- -- to tap into debt. That secret that I tablet seeker -- -- downfall. That's right -- -- different sound -- -- is pending at you have to find how to find how that how that works to your advantage -- An HP -- needs to -- development communities behind webos possessed of the the one the biggest complaints is that. -- limited -- a community level less if you can get that done. -- -- -- -- -- If you like HP's attitude toward -- -- based on what we've seen the sort of Blake. Its peak I think few yard sale and being out. Your your ignorant. They can be something like that finishes so -- us to some of the company and or. Keep thinking data. And that patent mining and money and it will seem -- and equipment in teamed. And -- also is rim. Finally taking an on a slick in the near the reason I ask is because -- -- leaked Blackberry videos that no longer exist online of course and pocket now hack it and can't take a look at the real video before principled and basically it shows this. And mention device the sort of like a massive screen from and -- almost no Basil. And -- video show it do you mean like real workplace things like accessing a locked room for example them on there is no keyboard on and it was all types. And that lets see what else did it do. And. -- and so the interface on Atlantic two basic. Kent mentioned and I totally agree to sticking in the picture looks like cartoons etched in minutes early to wire for -- -- And it seems like it is may be going to be used for an upcoming press. So what does this. What would this mean for -- Maybe they're thinking playbook -- -- Mean I mean it's it's hard to see the scale of the device but it looks like it could be a Smart and anything to -- videos it was used as a Smart media's averaged about. So maybe it is this one of the new BBX Smartphone. That's kind of what I was thinking it could be the only problem is BBXs like few iterations from now because the next operating system is another Emmy for awhile -- -- could be maybe a year I don't know or more and more and even released -- property just released as -- it would take a long as you. And the BBX is fast and after and they have to stilts that there still. Still sit there and stitch together the Q and -- on one hand. The black area that software on the other hand thing about the labor and that was released that may be -- -- something in this year and -- just now -- -- There hadn't been released the whole Android and related into the public -- -- still looking developers. Developer land and you saw that I via the Blackberry to have on a Democrat I saw the currently running Android apps on the -- and I. It pretty decent polite ones we you don't know you're running an attic yet exactly like you you're just pressed the button yet there I don't like -- -- And emulator in that berries they don't want you to feel as if you've used Android as -- is just -- -- store. -- -- Install it it does not -- -- at the -- that and immediate. It did it indicate that its Android Apple has not made the Blackberry Apple -- is just seamless to get it. -- -- This kind of idea. Any didn't even that isn't even light yet to use the consumer. -- why. Ran one honey. And movement and I -- trying to get rid labored so nobody wants by selling time bites you get -- free. So there you have it gonna take a quick app break -- -- gonna have much -- -- after that. You're watching -- now -- podcast at CE book on the. We're back yeah. -- and does not have time coming out of it I don't know what I know about diet -- like domestic land. Android five point -- and -- Anyway HTC radar -- -- headed -- -- you can start picking it up new members -- for about a hundred dollars after a fifty dollar mail in rebate and that is with a new two year service agreement. Speaking of Windows Phone and the next -- is. Speaking of Android -- -- and it's an of the HTC added an app is agency Android phones will get I gigabytes of Dropbox. Storage. For free. Three states made. HTC. -- again their profit has heard that thirteen point few million handset shipments. Which is really a lot for them it's not absolutely. Samsung has -- take Apple to the in the Smartphone crown. Sensing neckties -- past Apple has map when shipments in the third quarter helped by the wide availability. Of its flagship galaxy as students and it is just the speed and and apparently. I didn't -- It -- and unfortunately is still behind Nokia and world wide sales and it still has profit list because. Its sales can't seem to lift overall profit even though it is selling in lot of so Sprint's. Mr. -- year a new deal with clear wire. Atlantis and a forgy partner WiMax partner Sprint Nextel -- -- to -- to extend its current network sharing agreement clear right to -- three to IE users. -- and for some local news that judge has led to San Francisco back off on cellphone radiation morning passes of course the -- -- Radio frequencies. The Hubble that we have covered. So all of these stories will be on the show notes and are on -- -- at cnet.com so check out this quick. And hear a little bit more than. -- in the meantime we expect a lick at a bunch of photos this week while this past week. And about one of the big ones with one that Apple got -- -- TA. Yes this is the Motorola Atrix two of the phones and I and my desk and for community and induced -- -- but the H sixteen U. Is essentially eighty sequel to the -- -- -- larger display. Of -- means -- machines in a points and display. Is there a single quality has processors in and has slightly faster it's -- -- must buy according to eighteen he. A little Barrett make a -- beacon experiment 1080 Ph.D. video. I have front facing camera all of that and issues and Android 2.3. Doesn't have -- wrapped up functionality -- Two attitude laptop docking of ego portable PC in that sense so it's a similar. -- I have it. Cool but I feel it to -- want to get some me. That extra in my -- Wednesday and that but it -- get a laptop ad ad and -- -- seat. That -- personally -- -- price really would you have not yet announced pricing. The -- 100 it is like over 200 dollars IC to stand up again a net but that's something. I just like an idol ice aside from the -- -- stuff. The it still isn't. Well it does the fingerprint sensor -- each X. -- overshadowed when you press the camera body to the next three seconds but the people which is -- annoying but. On this kind of that the downs that a lot of Motorola phones in the sense. But the biggest the biggest improvement that because -- surprised HX to view is that it's only about a hundred X. And about it has dual core processor it is. All these and meeting -- -- top functionality. It's a hundred. That's view the new audit them not -- you -- -- And the display is great it works fine at its -- a great Smartphone for the products so. That area and then I -- -- I actually feel -- we. About the same aim at the HTC evo design four -- which -- -- -- operate -- -- And at this is an HTC for now it looks a lot like it it's like a slightly smaller slightly -- down version of the rest of the Eva family -- Italy instead of having. If four point three inch display it's got a four inch display you know what -- that -- -- exactly and I think this on my HTC characteristically you make its phones public really beautiful -- public. As solid construction and got this brushed metal little bed in the soft touch finish it. Looks like. A really late nights at skill not got much and I like sophisticated and in every app greatly -- And I think that's something really nice I just I love HTC sense three point and I -- it out a lot to the Android experience knock out I don't enjoy other entered experiences. But I really like this when an everytime a user names like. -- -- -- they really mile hi I really like that we got like a lot of Smart features in addition. CU. In MTU. Like a really beautiful graphical look I mean things just look really good and they take the time. To do that but it's not just -- it because they also put things like conveniently -- when he used. The and so this -- is also about a hundred dollars and you get okay I mean it it doesn't have everything and cover -- facing camera and have a rear facing camera and you know it's a really good pictures you know and -- like. The best best -- I've ever seen -- are really good solid pictures. Am I went on sprint I should mention and it out the screen isn't the best quality and overseen -- -- and -- -- holding an access somebody else's and you -- Green envy you're probably really knock. That's had its five megapixel. Camera on the back on a single or -- between two gigahertz processor. It's fine you know it's it's not gonna be B apps fastest but it is -- and that speeds are pretty and and it in a hundred dollars after. A and a fifty dollar mail in a hundred bucks -- -- competitive -- value -- And so you know I think the thing is you know it doesn't have for people who are buying a new entry -- -- -- be considering. Ice cream sandwich in 35 habit but Verizon's gonna be the first with and I don't know who's coming next gen is gonna be it's probably -- nearly 200 bucks and Google -- -- a partnership going with I am. You know with HTC and obviously Motorola Nokia and other now yes -- -- phones released with an eighteen months I think eighteen months before a new -- is there are alligator -- have the right past them. Says you can just assume that -- our. We also reviewed a couple other phones and that you should -- -- our site and check out I took a look at the Samsung transform all trial with its mobile. -- on -- find out pretty keyboard and and a mobile ID which is like sprint ID and them desperate again and -- I like attributes. Make it. Also reviewed the M curve and I need to be 1650. And sixty. Fire irony numbers really -- T-Mobile and they'll be up -- -- -- also via app later -- -- It now. Cent -- that out and and we didn't get some love for him. You viewers out there. Take the -- and. -- -- Director and I. See this Estonian Dari hello. Issues have a -- -- track. -- -- No longer -- content. Will integrate might soon. And I can't help. All questions one piece that we can hook the Samsung Focus for -- currently it's. -- those wonderful review no queues they look fantastic especially. Urge. So -- really great. Feel sort. Of essential. Focus option last our -- and needles -- A pain and I think Abbas part of that there -- -- that basically. Basically I T remember the Jack. -- old I -- that Idaho is old Santa Nintendo's phone that -- Alienware -- has a Windows Mobile treaties and from and then -- Ellison Oracle and old and so I would say in comparing is comparing the sounds and focus -- our flash and at the Nokia -- in two suspects in terms of this disk means the -- screen inside is. Unfocused as does -- out just because as a bigger screen -- -- Kara. You know all of that I'm in the know and it does -- -- -- though -- write the colors do you look digit and a Nokia minions. So has -- -- depending on which rich. Which we use that feature -- what use it and I you value I'll definitely have a professor of its. Yet analysts you have a budget yet and there are apparently in million years of having to Jack you know yourself yes absolutely around. I -- not I think this. I guess I dizzy -- need to get a phone out and out of easy would have figurative -- Samsung -- -- -- -- Current and Unionists in -- and there are also HTC phones coming out there's the radar Virginia there's -- -- read it. To be of them -- -- from the heart and I like the Samsung Focus I think that. If you if you can and I really tight to the collar and I don't blame you for being -- to color because it's just -- That's -- -- -- you're gonna have to wait a while longer gonna until while don't know when -- actually while I mean am I while. Gonna be like opportunity yet it could be. -- each -- early Chinese we'll -- exactly. So so thank you Tony and now and we also I've got a question. And Sherman -- Oakland. You sentence in emails you have to listen to me speaking. And it basically Sherman says that Nokia world was a disappointment because it -- Nokia eight months to do the same Smartphone is the Nokia N nine ending -- -- -- In -- kind of left out when the -- asked if the back to Sherman. One thing back high chairman's interest. With this back again -- -- -- bulimia unlocked. And so the networks support frequency is that GS and iPod and in CDMA -- does this mean that unlocked. Nokia Libya will work on any US and world care. And also. And will this be for sale -- US. And am on how much will itself for. Noticed elicited -- analyst -- me -- I didn't promise of not -- That he did it for as far as dysentery is -- it would be compatible with them AT&T T-Mobile. And and we also -- make sense right I mean since. It LTE thing is interesting I think my first -- -- Verizon. -- at a thread there is AT&T LT eons while I think that it wouldn't be surprising to eventually see all of Nokia's release seven. Nokia phones on all the care yeah we did talk to a couple of Nokia spokespeople -- -- -- say they do have plans -- -- seated CDMA phones in the US news. -- there is a precedent on and I think every US carrier and the -- humans and -- -- So I. So it just it is the waiting game apparently what it -- and -- thing we don't -- yet buy it. It should be in our write about in the range -- I'd guess 200 at a I think -- would be maybe a hundred. And then also we trucks and questions to you guys that's. So this is the only game and we -- One -- narrow which are your favorite zombie found in -- their phones that you think. Mean to becomes obvious -- Or just dead at -- the hard and breeze from the dead. Or funds that you like some excellent bank and I think for mean one of the phones I really like an average -- and just like. Perhaps you know you really get fun. The next -- You know screen I think Alex -- -- an old school and -- CU what we've got now let it backtrack on the center -- really nice design is really nice like. It really made a lot of changes and -- -- really big impact I think as being. When of the flagship phones and Google's course famous field experiment with Merck and drag and drag it but when I would not. Mind seeing revised and updated in some way because it just tablet I'm really really great user experience is -- it. And I kind of stuck with me if I got a little soft spot for and ensure that the galaxy nexus is going to be great it's gonna look a lot more like an exercise and I wanna -- -- -- direct reply. So this is a phone it's an -- with -- this has been here is this is a phone that. Whole lineup so I hope brown act and I don't wanna see dead and -- -- -- and wanted to be brought back to -- in a completely different in -- -- being -- -- All the Blackberry phones. So this is tournament take that the Blackberry as the operating system did Blackberry OS seven the latest six but haven't -- -- -- -- seven OS. That property system is general beat just try to get it right and is just not. -- that they had to delete it to the -- -- in these finds incremental upgrade. But do we do need TU ramped up dvd dandelion -- company to stop it now stopped sort of like nitpicking queuing up when it -- -- you need an actual. -- naturally translate but -- -- TP keep going after the bold fan base that curve and it just ain't. When you answer I like that you could survive long term realistic view of a -- -- -- and it's just going to offend any -- the biggest Blackberry revolution in design was -- moving from the thumb wheel for the optical tract and look. I did it is completely come with something new lose perhaps something together I don't know what they need to do but. If you did something. This program this program. So you guys out there are watching -- or display paving the of the game with us and us -- -- and it's voicemail send us an email. The final note don't and it's your -- I have we will read it. And some of beef selections -- at least -- favorites election next week -- so. You can email us styled and at cnet.com you can leave us a voicemail like her friend Tony in app and then -- 866 or 022638. Check out our show notes this blog and all of our other great story is dialed and -- dot cnet.com. And you can check out all of the podcast that we do here at CNET -- really great. At podcast dot cnet.com. Without I think we're gonna go back -- eating -- candy -- Him so great how it. Check us out. Thing of often now and again written yet. Steven the name and -- and -- awesome props and I think he deserves props for the really awesome interest but he did. Over the week and on his own time. This morning likes them and AM this morning I didn't. I am not even better that's more dedicated and so thank you for joining us that this Halloween show and we will see you next.

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