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Dialed In: Dialed In 196: Galaxy Nexus, Droid Razr, and more

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Dialed In: Dialed In 196: Galaxy Nexus, Droid Razr, and more

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It was a crazy week in cell phone land, what with the Droid Razr and the Galaxy Nexus making their worldwide debut on the same day. And it's not over yet, as Nokia and Microsoft have an announcement of their own coming up this week. Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? We also talk about the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and all the latest reviews.

-- -- It's Monday -- to returning for ten. Nicole Lee -- in studio by our special guests aren't on -- Food from Android atlas and -- -- and it was -- as an -- producers even. Any -- -- Bonnie Cha I once again back for market. Again -- and is there a way out. Dear colleges -- focus on vacation much deserved vacation at all the crazy self and use of the past leaks and assistant with. So news. Windows Phone -- has mentioned and -- top development next week in this because at Nokia world is this week acting -- -- -- Wednesday. And so acting anticipating Windows Phone 7. Months in -- phones -- -- ain't pretty much gone on and. Record and said they're gonna reveal there are new Windows Phone devices -- -- Monday in and Maggie -- -- and Stephen Franklin from CNET news will be there. So. In on on all you guys but I am merely curious to see what these phones are gonna be like because the first Nokia. -- -- yes for those yap and I of you know I've always loved Nokia's hardware. -- and in my recent -- and nine in the and and then getting confused you know I I think they've made really create hardware -- -- In the software that's been a problem so yeah and to see Windows Phone -- Nokia I think is a good combination. You know I'm many curious as far as hardware specs whether we're gonna get some of them -- the latest stuff like dual core processors and do you think that because -- -- had. Pretty much lacking and their Windows Phone portfolio at the moment. At that point dual core should be our courts if -- -- if you get people's attention. Yes that's kind of what both windows and Nokia need to do right now gravel lot of attention as -- -- if that's really kind of bombastic right now on the smart for. Yeah I mean I -- need to get to -- that did the recent Android is by you do -- -- you know. Accidentally winning the demonize moral lessons and its engines and -- courage and I would be great for -- and Microsoft T. Get -- -- mind share yes. An even for DA I think you know there -- some recent study years statistic that -- Although Ford. You know I think when this fountain IOS you know -- lacking in that department so. Angelina because it is -- -- British again between being completely open and all that then. But deals on some measure of control is very Apple like eight of the -- entirely specifications and requirements have to have. You know this the size of the screen in the size of regularly uses a very specific. Gallery -- -- to it yet but did not as a super -- yes right right. -- and hopefully we'll see it becomes. -- hey anti entries and and I you've been kind of an Android user what you think about -- this phone if you've seen. I am played around with sediment and really intrigued by that sort of like the the visual styles windows yes seven. I just. My quorum kind of a designer -- the graphic ignorant readers and -- -- really love. Will design things and when windows phones and came out the first thing and optimize it was like how that looks really good. Upgrade it I don't know if it looked easy to use -- has been attacked I'm using it but I just love. Visually the Wii then it jumps off for the screen and I kind of expand beyond the screen and give sort of -- -- bigger than you can holding your hand. And sort of sort of look to it -- I've always been really intrigued by -- I mean I've also gone out of my way to it and install custom home screen on my entry phone that looks like. -- -- Writes -- and saying I have to say I mean that's that's just it justice get right into it you know last week -- Tuesday evening but Wednesday morning -- you mean Hong Kong. That was the big -- galaxy -- I scan sandwich announcement -- and you know what interesting things last incentives act is not ended there -- the links and that -- interesting things that Jessica said was. It borrows a lot of other operating systems that -- them those old. Equant is a -- up people crisis that context systems -- address system of you guys -- -- is rely a lot on windows right. It's a big no big person's face in than in the end -- the -- photo in the in the April. Eastman in -- hold dual visuals Allen is. -- You know they're like -- -- and kind of acts like yes the robot. -- rely on like that when this you know -- from buffalo farm and windows yet -- Yes -- it is just think this is insanity in the disk into it and they did mention it when it's been a personal island to be smart. No no more people centric -- -- -- that so you could -- typically kind of it's like the domain of the neared an analyst at in that was kind of when I recommend -- to people like kind of look at them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- say just buy an iPhone thing don't bother me about. I can that'll like doing like tech support my friends -- Amanda and great ice content which is trying to. -- -- filling that gap and say hey look we can be about people is interesting to hear the Google persons -- it and it means is that in -- Know people like and it is but did you know there and it doesn't have been an easy -- an item you know I certainly got and yes -- love it -- the 5050 it's like -- of this but I hate the exact same thing yeah but you know it's again for me it's about managing expectations for the phone -- -- -- you know it's. I mean as dust over the phone with an included two new operating system -- slowly. Its current -- like the nexus as president not because that on the keys -- photos like super. The super Kirby yeah the -- that people thinking you know can you put this in your pockets now -- they're gonna happen. And a series of -- yeah and it's it's this is looking phone to its like. It's four point 65 inches it -- a big screen and is well I have. -- direction now I don't think it's that it out because part of that -- new screens that the switch to a 169 aspect right if that's so I think it may. Not be particularly much wider than for example the thunderbolts. -- the -- it -- -- -- A couple of a couple millimeter -- people saying that even though it's it's very why it's Betty and so -- -- can offsets the whiteness in terms of how refused to hand it at the end -- they decide whether you can fit in your -- and Ambon. Okay you guys could say I feel like I don't. It's gonna be any larger than some of the devices that we've seen -- you know that are out now with like four point 34 point five inch displays -- Because of that 169 ratio and things like that so I don't say I think it's gonna be more manageable than people think. Yeah and I didn't really thin at a displaying. Aspects of red supreme let. H dean of the media buys -- anything. But am I for people say and over the weekend as a -- of people sort of give mark if opinions about as like. It uses a -- depends how -- time yes yes so there is not a truly is not completely eat truly end it is of pixels and -- -- As as pretty pretty -- -- as to be tested in -- advanced it just made it the past has been. So -- any. You know I could -- holly looks and Indian -- And in its credit judge without seeing an in person now and to so curious to see it -- and now yes. Company gets excellent twenty gig is dual core processor like we sat down that the cameras amazing right. It's like atom is if it is -- -- a -- is not as good as it megapixel. -- -- -- -- Apparently that that the start up I was really -- And there's this means there are -- and zero shadow yeah and you say that I think we all saw the demo and in me on the net and they -- and it looks pretty fast. Development deserves a -- with some in a lot of point your camera can even do a round and then also there was that sort of automatic panorama mode yeah. Which have been told that -- from the party and -- a lot of a lot of phones do have that but this isn't it is built into -- to worry so. -- you know it's it looks like a pretty to pretty cool phone. It's W the phone to get if you line schemes image and I was managed its it. It looks completely different. I feel as if they didn't need these days spent a lot of time doing our Indian because it looks -- completed I don't know what you guys think about -- you that you you why. I think they've touched pretty much every corner yes yes. It. It looked like. The line as you can play around with it in an emulator went on -- desktop and of course it in the emulator and it's built in the SDK doesn't come -- the of the Google apps that'll enable them Gmail. And the new calendar app and what not to mention that -- no more of those activists on the business that the controls are all. On the screen right to critique is the editorial and capacity of buttons are gone -- yet they're all integrated -- in actual UI. Right. And so it is there's some interest in things like you know that just -- a new way of being -- widgets were most of the -- sizeable and instead of like hiding the widgets. Underneath. Context menu on the home page are actually right there I in the application pull down box on their own -- Sony is gonna bring in those things to the forefront. I -- I wonder if you know as you start adding apps that have widgets of their own. Like any right now like fourteen -- for -- -- each have their own widgets of them multiple as -- gonna get to be an issue. Managing news in but I do like that they can give you -- preview what's your advocate before you drop that widgets home screen yen. Funny what you think of -- can send. I mean I think it you know -- -- borrows a lot firm you know of their OS is but I think it looks great I -- Really curious what it's gonna do to custom skin. Land like HTC's foundation and the inaugural other ones and AM -- the stories Kennard. And coupled story away from it but you know HTC's kind of come out and said you know where evaluating the you know what we're which devices are gonna get upgraded in things like that but. In I think. -- complicates things -- with. You know yeah I -- you feel like you know HTC sense the sense UI has such an iconic look to -- that the patent the -- The phone that it from the clock there aren't that so I think you have particularly that He considered ray. Analysts say they won a shoehorn their design and there but it does you don't have to -- you -- make sense of. Did you break -- literacy month yes. Okay let -- think about it like they have when He began gingerbread on the thunderbolt and that's one of the brain -- found in the Nokia six sticker. And they're still talking about older delays on getting you know -- to work with gingerbread. And -- just like. You know. Is that the of the -- that like their newest phones like for example with the blessed. Yes that I didn't make this time yeah yeah Ryan acuity index and -- being called a -- -- that's my kitten died instantly it's. -- -- Yeah. So as it does seem to be -- -- you know when intensive requirements in terms of what and He and it. So mean entry level -- and and I'm just I'm wondering you know with Windows Phone you now. They -- their very strict about what you can do with the U you know software as well as hardware. But you know HTC's kind of done. Small tweaks they have their HTC hub and I'm wondering if in hundreds -- gonna go this way you know whether. You know they're in their pure Android experience is gonna be more prominent and you just have these. You know. -- -- -- -- It was the things which are also saying is that it's just kind of like what Apple tends to do yeah that like all those like cool features that our apps last year. Are now built -- accidentally raise very similar yesterday. Viewed apps do applicable tightening now let's built in with NFC -- -- He wouldn't even apt to manage your data. -- didn't go overly at Verizon app or an app like on a vote. And now that's built into ice cream sandwich so it's just -- -- in and yes -- -- like somebody who rules to scan looking around -- like -- the top. Right now and then asked it let's look at lake you know -- them obsolete yet. -- Our area so I Michaud also mentioned that on the galaxy nexus and will come to Verizon -- -- -- -- of those present would be the first charity can -- -- -- also scuttling back in front -- says. Sampson let me use that you will get it do it -- to get it -- and -- to get back on to FaceBook page and is one of those things. But resident actually confirming that they will get the galaxy -- Personally this is always -- -- it's been with these phones -- -- an exclusivity flight. Few months may be I don't know how long and then you'll be -- released today that caters to get. So obvious phones -- when He announced that the enough -- with a couple of different radio options yet it just makes less and Sally yet. So let's say it's only a matter time before it lands yet somewhere else -- -- is probably gonna be just like the nexus that's where. T-Mobile exclusive like a month and a half finished my movies -- get a better and yes exactly exactly. So that you if you if you ever -- isn't considering you have -- -- -- to choose you have. Anton when He demanded. -- What in my wound down we were of the galaxy nexus just yet as -- -- -- -- I have openly stated a number of transit -- my next -- to be in nexus phone. Yeah because of -- as they -- heavily joked around that keynote buyer's remorse is par for the course if you're in an irate fan. And nexus -- to -- be more quickly in more more consistently updated you don't find yourself stuck. He's running and all an older version of the west because Google's gonna meet. Sure they do tend to get -- and acted as -- evidently it's yeah absolutely -- -- -- is funny because. I think it was nine hours before the nexus the galaxy nexus announcement Motorola made their own announcement. And it was the dried -- So and this -- -- use of the day. 8949. Hours essentially. As -- -- for it just long enough for you to go home from work. Exactly so the dry maize there we should mention it it's it's -- -- still in the smartest news Motorola has done in a long time. Combining as the Droid branding it a bit of very -- -- Droid bending. With the reason and -- -- it's been since the last reason I've I've heard of tax point four why I let it training and make it. -- yeah a long. -- -- -- -- -- So I need and the so the joint RAZR as the name implies it's an Android phone at the iconic some of slowness of the -- it. And it's seven point one millimeters. -- It's super -- I think that's what sites and to be at zero point something like -- -- -- yet seventeen inch -- Says one of the innocent I think it is. And I I think they're definitely claiming it's the thinnest that would entail or yellow it's like yeah for -- absolutely put a modified and they got it exactly that's it's super -- -- -- 127 -- is -- -- -- End unless any -- Ellis I was coming into this Lodi -- announces -- as a reason whenever you know like. Everything's can be stupid and I wanted to be a flip them. Alone. Would accelerate our patents and react to open the back and he's -- It up that I don't know -- each year due demo of the -- -- allow the -- suitably. Taken aback -- how old -- how old like me who lives in an idea was -- reason yet. Add three day you know it. I don't know what I was expecting going and -- not comment and make it -- and that whatever big deal exactly. But like you said it was pretty impressive in the -- -- more than that I think has impressed by the speed of the just and it just playing around with that and -- they mean the specs are kind of it pretty slim -- -- yet they're gonna say yeah they don't blow anything else out of the water this screen was really nice it's nice to see you know. Then it does story about that cannot and that interest that they can HD but the CNN. -- -- -- And that colony because it's a camera and -- me ask -- hasty resolution brightness and exactly like 960 -- -- gas from the McGrath. And you know it's it is a very much improved screen and we've seen from Motorola along my name on it was very speedy 1 point she -- -- toolbar. Processor one gigabyte of ram so it's a very fast but -- is it that the immediate. So while actors you pick it up economic analysis in -- is -- of those they immediate things you -- -- peek at an Internet. On the back is a -- back and is the one of the big downside of this phoney theory into this is that there is no removable battery. So -- You get what to -- Essentially it's a pretty decent sized battery like seventy adds yet intimately yeah yeah exactly. Just but He did it but just you know letting gays now because I mean it this is a -- LT. And that. You know Sony was LT phones the the unity dream battery like crazy so this has -- this is a non removable battery and He found itself. Again one of those change -- -- then decide. And it's it's Verizon again milk pricing hasn't yet as one of those phones and literally a hundred dollars Otis and not -- -- I mean. -- -- suck if you just automatically. Three weekly and that yeah yeah look at what's that -- -- Denton is regularly and -- -- yet got an article it well Roger at this and commentary piece on how. They may be too much of the painters of Andrea super smart as -- -- to drive -- -- accumulate one a month ago. And now there's the galaxy -- to choose an on the Droid and resisting it. To choose from. So he's seeing that thumb drive by Attica and -- -- -- pretty. Now yeah I mean you get that sort of like my phones obsolete twice in -- date. Yet like one thing to death of man -- -- came out like a week after minded but it's just like on better felt -- another bitter foes. It's -- very -- now in 24 hours. If you bought it and only anti war as -- didn't particularly like highlights. Land. -- Yeah exactly. In and is the dramatic the bad boaters and uses that these phones -- a little better and then there. And you know galaxy nexus is -- next nexus phone. So. You know and He says -- -- basically says that is just testing as much -- a good thing. -- -- -- Note that with TV better off lake you know kind of staggering their releases like slowing down -- event yet it it's an interesting topic and kind of a commentary that you've made -- I mean that that means infinite minutes. Ahead. Assistant and an it is a frustrating point. As a consumer you know like it I mean this maybe a special case -- we have these phones like within 48 hours nearly two new three new phones or whatever media. But I mean it is -- It's part -- tech world you know Mikey there's always gonna be something around the corner but. It is a little frustrating as a consumer I think you know being like -- -- -- this and now we've got something new. But -- I -- I also you know choices a good thing having you know. As a variety of devices to -- Say that I would say that if you could delete it maybe you should -- -- but at the same -- If you had -- of foam broke are you are to -- right. Are something exciting happen when -- needed a phone isn't there's nothing wrong with buying what the hottest phone was at the time you. Because there's always gonna be about a -- even though now who's the next the next is out in the Droid RAZR is out is -- did it just me about a phone in about a month. -- meeting tomorrow in how is the so what's gonna happen. Early backers yeah. That by Christmas them and -- with a one point five gigahertz core exactly and so. An attitude taken over its alloys can give the advice people always ready and intranet within apps like -- and get -- -- week for the right. And I usually just say like you know decide when you're gonna get a new phone -- just buy the best one because you will always be -- -- -- right corner that just yet. And -- -- the specs on the -- the the reasoner art tremendously better than the bank it's just more form factor change and if you're really into super thin phones yet you in the -- me. One and you may have wanted to wait a couple of weeks but. Again that part of the whole you know buyer's remorse being part of the game when your if your gonna be -- owner have been. I think -- the leaf electric fan boy -- you really follow the news -- if you're really techie. -- -- and it is in great is you know techie people are like we are still kind of like the leading edge. Something a lot of people all. Don't care they don't know that there is running gingerbread. Yeah yeah people still run a pretty Apple in Australia. And when the -- of -- yeah I got those. This fact I just think that's that's that's very -- its nature. And let's -- a few -- here on you about the Motorola admiral citizen next direct connect phone. Yes and it's an Android device which I believe it's their first Android direct connect phone and by you know payment -- -- -- Excuse me midrange specs three point one inch VG -- touch screen. As a full QWERTY keyboard. And one point two gigahertz processor -- -- megapixel camera. And this is a direct connect -- that it's operating on news sprint seat him TDMA network instead Nextel -- and network which they are phasing out them in 2013. And also has in the UH TT evil four G design animal design. I think that's an it and that may add -- -- and then. Again you know. The evo four -- design is basically kind of slimmer version. You don't eve online and a cheaper version it's 9999 with a two year contract and -- It is very affordable -- you know year kind of losing you know the dual core processor and single core one point two gigahertz processor. And a four inch display and set of four point -- of anything that's any where. Lot of people. And but it is a dual modes world funk soul and that's good I think it's the first in the -- of seniors that's the group found itself. You -- exciting news now. And now let's take a break before army. Reviews. And we're -- an advantage start by reviewing VH TT serial asks for US senator Ambon you have. Yet this is their latest and -- phones -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's and world -- also and it reminding me kind of did -- incredible too without that topographic back. I am very nice design it's slimmer which was kind of nice change from -- large devices we've been seeing. It's got a four -- -- HT display which is nice and share. You know it's it's kind of more mid range it's got you know single core one point two gigahertz processor it's -- HTC -- HTC sense and a five megapixel camera. Think it's a very exciting capable Android phone but it and for the same price you can also get them it -- electrifying. Which brings you know. -- dual core processor. That kicks in if you're intent. And 1080 Ph.D. video according -- just get more for your money I think with an electrifying which the same race though. And you know I think if you're going for value more bang for your buck and -- -- -- -- way to -- -- but again likelier singer and layered you know once this design you know -- elect prices on -- -- He used so you've always got to -- And then next they reviewed the elegy and light in and kisses me and she -- all. I'm Android phones far Verizon Wireless and access presidential level Android phones get this -- You get Android 2.3 gingerbread it's not -- telephone you have to Vista 2.2 for you but this starts out -- -- -- the -- with Android 2.3 gingerbread. Andy has no not degrade the greatest features -- Begin footage that -- 3.2 megapixel camera. Three G Wi-Fi -- mobile hot spot capability. And it is. Three with -- year contract which is -- dead. And He also has a slide out QWERTY keyboard. It is get a few if you still with the -- physical key brightening. And in a pretty fast He did but I want to say that because bouncing it from me was that. Ten a little sluggish acting alone has 800 maintenance process or something like that -- He's okay for some -- that for some reason his -- does not just -- a little bit. A sluggish -- in certain apps and -- -- certain tasks. Aside from that you know it's a pretty great music and iphones. But that's. And yeah I think the next next up I have the and -- the Blackberry where it's probably the HXT -- Opening up and we have a couple of questions here and its. One question is from the deal. And He -- anywhere on the BlackBerry Curve 8350 -- Verizon. I can find anything on the web about a -- released it even if it's coming. I think money -- and it does. I do know they -- these it sometime in October. And is to have many shark made it so -- hey. I only remember it's brand. You know I know they delayed their release -- the curve and I know about for now. Yeah I I can't remember season eight sometime in October but it's so they have led a week classes -- -- the Atlantis because so I don't have it -- And -- personally in the deal. -- -- -- This from -- tech guy in the -- him and He says I bought my iPhone four arrests on my birthday. -- -- And He -- and president Morales. And He had He audit it Anthony did aplenty thirty bucks a month unlimited data. So you like to personally thank Kent German please helpful advice on staying with -- Path to. And that does it for this leak -- it even you can't just email us questions and in any comments you might have to -- Dug -- at cnet.com because of -- hotline 8664. -- unity T 68. For all others show notes and past episodes can go to -- blog it out in dot cnet.com. For other CNET pocket seeking unity podcast dots like Android atlas site and I Janice wonder that airing in the day -- -- Itanium. And since you guys of this and it's it's it's endowed its eyes on -- Monday it Annie and this. Yet. And that doesn't mean to sneak. By. -- -- --

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