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Dialed In 195: CTIA hangover with a dash of iPhone: Dialed In

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Dialed In: Dialed In 195: CTIA hangover with a dash of iPhone

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Yes, it's that time of year again for the annual Apple iPhone harvest. This time, it's the iPhone 4S, which looks a lot like the old one, but with some pretty substantial improvements. We also discuss last week's CTIA trade show where we saw several new Android handsets, and Jessica witnessed phone destruction at the hands of Nokia. We also look forward to tomorrow's triple-event extravaganza: BlackBerry DevCon, the Motorola/Verizon event in New York, and the Samsung/Google event in Hong Kong. And last but not least, we say a fond farewell to Bonnie Cha and Kent German, as they become occasional hosts instead of regular ones.

-- It's just over seventeen been listening to doubt in CNET cellphone podcast -- named senior associate editor collegial in June studio. Bang around Jessica dual card there and and I can't do and how well and -- a producer Steven -- -- and a New York is Bonnie -- Brian and Bonnie. Ambitious initiatives that could very as renters making. And put it at okay so outlets to start up and can -- announcement to me. Yes an announcement about -- than when -- changing times again and send them to content com and -- it we have a couple of announcements as far as I'm who's on the show. So the lovely -- Yahoo! is I'm gonna CNET for many many years -- will soon be transitioning to crave our. Gadget blog covers everything. Including cell phones but not just -- so yes I know I know. Johnny well. The -- the smart phone and cellphone. And all sorts of other things so that will take place and actually -- moves back to San Francisco yeah. Game next. I'm at the beginning of next month so. You'll have a couple weeks to get -- so Bonnie on this podcast of course she's always always. Welcome to come back. And hopefully she does. And am -- actually am also will be occurring -- a podcast because I am now I'm. Had every news organization a separate Cisco's so I'm I won't be not appearing every week. But oh goodness this is we will be hiring a new person to review cellphones hands. They're gonna replace bunnies position and -- New -- may -- -- Cisco we are only now but that person of that as well join the podcast soon so com. -- -- announced that some. So lots of changes -- things all around by the podcast will continue under the steady ownership of Nicole and Jessica. And you know frequent in an intern before we -- -- -- -- of -- -- they'll have on guests and to of people around CNET so. We hope to continue to tune in and find out everything you need to know about some from its -- and stick with us yes absolutely. And this and speaking of cell phones. Let's test -- live pro -- the big news of last week. Something from Apple yeah I don't know how to something from them puts it. Iphones I'm paying three G I think -- and right now game. Ha ha -- could. So the iPhone four passes and -- news came out in full fanfare last week in. CNET. One being managed to get one and that He was despite Britain may. Yes yes stimulus -- -- -- I now right now we we kept hearing so what will happen what happened and then it does finally so yes so we reviewed iPhone forests last week -- it's. Now a lot of people upset illegally I don't find you reviewed -- I did -- and a lot of the -- that that it was not the iPhone five you know I didn't have the four -- it didn't have the news. Design it didn't have -- wasn't slimmer but above about so people you know -- -- but. -- This is not the first time Apple was amazed at an incremental update member of the 3GS so I don't know who's gonna be a pattern -- big update to -- -- a -- -- little update but it's good to me. But this is -- smaller update but you know I think the iPhone forest hasn't really good things the -- -- it to where they added. They -- a lot of good things are -- great -- in the attitude a lot of things so we have a faster processor. We have a better camera. -- course we have the new voice assistant which is gonna lot of coverage and then all the benefits of -- five. I think I'd use some of our ideas and on sprint I've been satisfied with -- call quality so far -- data speeds are three G by you know we have to. We knew that going into this and now we have -- we have been able to test the AT&T Verizon versions yet. Blu will be able to do real data speed test comparison. -- AT&T is going out there well we have HST applied HSDPA. And you know it's a little bad area this little faster and that's certainly the theory but in practice -- -- that is just -- AT&T'S network where that gets bogged down because it as more users. And that varies by location and then you know. All of that business so. Either I think it's a very good found I mean I think my biggest complaint right now is. AT&T. And its in Apple's never -- to really get on the forefront of the bleeding and technology they -- mixer works for their customer experience have. I think they're gonna want the battery life to beat it to be good they're gonna wanna make sure people using -- -- on joint. Tom said but. So this not assuming excuse but it is -- music and and I think if you're real true Apple fan you should really be shocked by -- -- -- -- -- an -- -- you -- probably -- -- You can probably moan about Value Line -- -- sort of right but in this if you if you're real Apple -- you got. Expect in the camera -- action as well I have to say it is pretty impressive just like comparing side by side the iPhone for pictures with iPhone for -- pictures in low lighting especially. It's significantly. Brighter cleaner are. -- -- -- -- -- -- really quite -- it again and Syria I've also seen that. Being played around with a lot this weekend. And you know. It is cool and series like -- in house is like awesome personality in everything and people are having fun right now asking her lots of questions just to see what her responses. But in terms of that accuracy. Syria is just as accurate or -- -- justice in actor -- it seems as. For example -- voice controls -- any other voice command that I be used. Malicious status city and to what I understand is not who is the 100% lead -- -- keep -- -- -- right it's still in beta -- yeah yeah but then again I mean -- also have to wonder you know that's. That's sort of like. You know protection for Apple but at the same time how long have Google products and -- There entire lifespan and yet there is the question of what beta is and what that means a but I just thought I'd say that sort of attack ads and balance like yes series really really fun -- it but on the other hand. You still might find herself. Asking serious and question over and over again and in giving up if if -- -- the program doesn't understand what you're trying to say. -- -- -- My biggest complaint right now is that I am I I don't think -- -- A lot of people want a bigger design I don't think the design itself has -- I mean not only the last accidents too fragile. That out of the -- needs to be thinner. You know that doubled back or anything like that are curved. That's those are gimmicks and I but I would like a bigger screen I think that now the iPhone -- 33 point finances for all of this time ever since the first iPhone four years ago. And back then that was funny date but now there are plenty Smartphones out there and a three point 7544. Point five and -- -- point -- -- ridiculous -- I would relates a bigger screen because it's beginning to -- The quality of the screen -- be free start -- means -- industry is still very good absolutely play by. When I'm looking at when I'm doing it in the when -- music hamstring in the car when I'm typing on the keyboard and when I'm watching a movie on it. On the plane and it's sitting on the -- and one for enemy. To -- and I think now I would like to see a larger screen. Four inches is pretty and -- even -- seven and make a difference an Apple definitely cares a lot about pixels -- -- And the quality of how things like having a -- great I mean I eighty. I don't know if I wanted -- and maybe would have two different sizes -- and just because they do like the deepening parents like you're attempting to go all around without having to. Stretched too far off. On the opposite end and -- as -- small and that's like you know but there is some of the largest hands to -- -- you want me wasn't maintenance and let's. But it's a good upgrade I think it's a good found I think that if you are a if you're if you're a new iPhone buyers especially fewer sprint you want and I found. -- if you can afford the upgrade price -- that's in 199 a to and I another gripping a 64 -- finally. Up to 399. If you get for that price it's worth it if you cannot afford that price and I we still don't have exactly what that's -- be -- -- -- 500 dollars more. Not worth I think -- But if you Canon you have no iPhone yet. When to buy it yes there's always a danger that the with the iPhone five is gonna come out next year and it probably well we don't exactly know when -- but. You know something else -- -- are always around the corner there's a strip so. Just by any if your real Apple -- -- profits can buy it and in my the next one no matter what it costs. So that's more than a -- C guys having union. I adapt well you know we have a couple of led -- some additional coverage you know them done rising and mentioned it. Apple sold around four million iPhone four as Unisys was leaked -- -- do you notice that's that we are huge but it is funny to bestselling iPhone owners and assigning. Right and then -- that AT&T I think announced that it was its best -- Best selling phone too which is funny because eighteenth He started that I and how ray exclusively. For several years and now of course Britain has a commitment that -- -- blockbuster weekend as well right and then I think I just to use and went deeper into IOS identifications Q how -- you gonna talk about -- little down. I'll just have briefly go into that but -- sort of -- comparing it with Ian Drake just because there's a lot of overlap. Well there's a little bit of overlap so the notification for Apple added they out of the option to have a banner and set up -- pop up. So it's less intrusive and it doesn't take over your entire phone you don't actually deal with -- before getting back to what you were doing. And there are. There's also pull down notification menu which is really similar to amber -- So I kind of took a look at everything that you can do with notifications and all the big things that change so. What's included in the pull down menu. How you can re order it what the customization -- you can do and also would you can't you. My take away is that notifications are really great and -- five dilemma I've got it on my iPhone four. And it works really really well you know I can view things from lock screen like it's just it makes more sense in a long time coming back compared to -- -- There armor customization many more customization that you continue with notifications -- -- five. That way you can't do or what it doesn't have that I wish it did that amber does have. Is sort of a task message bar like the task bar up top that tells you hey there's something here drag me out. -- because with iPhone. My IRS five you don't there's no indication there's no visual -- -- -- actually -- -- -- And then I also like -- and trade that there are these colorful icons that tell you what your nets are so if you go into customization too you say okay I want. I want banners or pop that's for my email for my Twitter for my face back. But don't alert me about missed calls but I still want that in the notification and if you miss a call and you don't have that other alert like it be nice to have an icon up top that says. Quietly -- payments to college here in into -- -- know what to expect when you pulled on the notification because other rising -- I was gonna checking manually. Because -- rollicking fun anytime you might miss until it it it is told a different system because if -- iPhone as a little one. It deposit in in the in the call narrative that adds the battles that you have to -- -- -- -- there and he's got sleeping on a different page it absolutely right and are still being notified -- so I just think that you know. More in this case would not -- -- Now it's going. You may direct you next time I was nice to see US senate finally open its pre yet but they could assume things to make an -- will definitely have more to do -- -- nearly equally did I know as I review. And a Tenet has to just -- us. Right now there's three south on events coming on tomorrow. And which we will talk about that yes the time I need to get them on a car with -- -- actually and for doing so we'll get you well and yes. Write its a good idea it isn't about iPad here and education act. Because -- actually had a really great viewers and as well yes so I'm one of the bigger -- Dates -- -- the atlas five is the introduction of something -- I message I messages essentially Apple's. And soon to the Blackberry messenger mission rim customers have enjoyed for a very very long time this is essentially -- internal messaging system. And between. The at the saint ecosystems open them but -- message can use it it did with other Blackberry users and I'm just -- -- not the only other iPhone users also iPod Touch users iPad users if you have a credit to satisfy -- and interesting can't hear is is always. The thing is it's basically complexity -- simplicity right -- very messenger is a very fully feature you can do -- All kinds of things -- -- payments -- because it is is it's in all -- app. If his own app and it exists in a by itself and it's like you can post pictures on the -- -- group. Group checks against share. Calendar information over the group's. It's a very ease of dance application I mean Blackberry to have content starting tomorrow -- -- -- -- and that is how everyone communicated yet at absolutely and you know it's. And as you use like a Blackberry -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for. To communicate with each other is instant messaging picnic -- -- reality unity and you context yet -- That's the some pessimists and it's -- back. But that that it just thinking I message and this is kind of the thing that. -- actually. Is that it's not a separate application -- -- will then. The messaging ecosystem. So for example of let's say Etsy and -- -- a -- -- I I would I would -- -- and you -- that you did. -- -- -- It's just revenues expenses and just automatically node you have upgraded to build its integrated instant messaging yes and you know would also not Windows Phone something I've manga elevate -- they actually adds. Apple and that's -- -- Interesting and interesting because when I start typing like you know. Hello out -- in TU. It would change the top and head -- From new message to new -- -- -- to text messages would be boosted Green so it's it's a very berries clearly defined -- what I messages. And -- -- as we should. Police -- to see this as well as that is not. Doesn't take away from -- -- -- plan. So it's completely its own thing aimed there's no if you have a 200 text messaging plan -- -- matter. It's all. I like how am I -- essentially you have to -- did -- the data network essentially so. That's pretty bright if you look like a bunch of iPhone never really well totally seamless yet -- seamless and you can. Isn't so it's an option of sending him delivery and read receipts. We can also do that tipping with the messenger of -- and the suspecting that I was cool with that you can spark a message. On the iPad for his Apple and finished a message I. Completely seamless you know. And add a bellows of an interest in being 11 -- -- -- -- and I know thank you clout. An interesting thing at that was. Nine was that -- better messenger you can send your maps new contacts and all of that -- calendar information. Brought -- from the app itself. Ransom with Imus as you have to go out -- Beagle two maps -- the -- -- -- -- -- content and -- So is not a very you not -- completely within one application. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And applications that foursquare and employee they have always BBN -- services within that app as an assist as -- -- -- -- you know some. Capacity was simplicity. Opposite depends on whether year up like papers and that person India and. -- you're gay you're not gonna buy a phone based on yes it's interesting seeing. With notifications. And when I message. The ways that Apple is borrowing from these other platform is expanding interest in -- the -- at the vacation by script and diet and -- as skin. -- just kind of be BM has gonna -- it also a little bit windows and -- it. Ain't staying. So -- That -- and god I now I Nat so that was just the iPhone everybody but really how glad -- like half of what happens -- And that happened last week was CT -- want -- do you have -- -- Jessica -- sort of and called in last -- show and -- and then it's much from the show it was like. -- Samson the Sampson and a Google pulled out of the -- Of the event like okay is gonna be like that's gonna be their flagship -- flagship event and Steve CIA and all of us -- and it wasn't happening William I don't like days before these. And some of the journalists out there like we're not going all -- there's gonna be nothing there and it is a good thing that we went it is actually a good thing that leeway because we are busy and we were tired. We shot I have to say we shot likes sixty of the 161. -- videos and it was. It did just that thing nobody out systems in -- the davidians Roger was there from CNET items you at least fifteen stories into the -- it was definitely. EE. Jam packed event. That's just talk about the the big announcements there's dozens of eighteen teen did use fighting Android handsets and they -- the Motorola HX two. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Captivate try it another Samson avenue and -- -- -- a -- double double time in the weather we've been told me. Well double time an AT&T -- -- is as DT EPP has. So marathon right so we think is -- he's basically saying. In and -- things -- not Android friendly carrier but we are you know -- at HX two new abilities. And I found so we are not complete the -- -- not company won one OS and other. Diet that said the age sixty with probably -- -- bundle. -- sort of. About propping up aged kids that much of an upgrade over -- -- like what's different. I would think the HX -- around them the basic difference. From the just very very incremental differences the four point three inch -- dismiss the same. Icons look different. You know -- that. The cameras matters is is it being a -- -- in a five megapixel camera. Armed HSP plus is bump up -- to anyone. But the -- depends on many live right and then. It does so to commit to interest in that it's -- it's -- largest music is a four point three images of the point right Bonnie. And that HA sent a four inch display and I. The questions. They -- -- -- -- I know -- the person I talk to you she said that it's a little bit longer. Four point means mean and -- -- -- native Londoner may be one instance that way. Yet so it's a little bit different. But it's not it's not hugely different unit it's it's still a dual core processor is -- Nvidia to a client's PI and its its Google is so the -- -- -- dual core. Another is probably had the most advanced and we saw a lot of the -- that we saw there were things that we heard about before. The that we had brought video have a that we haven't seen in real life that -- -- to see that. Another thing with. T-Mobile springboard tablet. Which was a surprise and what's even more surprising thing for me is that it's may -- while -- and it's probably about ways -- asked to name device. For the U -- market. And T-Mobile does a lot of sort of co branded custom things so for example build -- to a manufacturer and say. Hey this is exactly what you we what we wines and we want you to do it like you do for us that they work together and I took a look at that it's a seven inch and tablet it. It's -- Well T -- for genes -- -- plus. Network. Dual core it's actually it looks a lot like the HTC fire and and it looks alarmingly like at its. Sort of at the silver aluminum unibody me with these. -- wings on either side on on the back when you look at it now looks a lot like the flyer. So but it's it's not HTC it's -- way. And actually that's really and its -- -- town. It's cry five megapixel camera. -- thing that I did like about is that Scott five customizable homes well it's got five screens and they're kind of dramatic leaves separated so there -- linked to for entertainment one for productivity. In -- one for social networking and then like a free when they you can customize and I am I gonna think that's a cool take on it I won't know until you know. I actually spent some time with an army be Donald spend some time with it because you generally reviews these tablet things. But to see if if that's actually useful -- something that somebody would want but it's the cool conceit that's different than just the regular old. You know here -- five screens customize and however you -- -- so I'd have to say that it was a pleasant prions and there's no pricing or availability yet. But. While -- executives told us that we will be -- adequately pleasantly impressed or some -- is something like that. Which means that -- expected to slide in just under 200 dollars to be about the same price as they impose on them. -- -- -- Which is also the same -- Me you know it's funny to teach -- We just seem like it's it's gonna be with its slow show but it was a slow rise at the same -- announcement it when He is like you said Bonnie. -- -- -- -- not that -- of -- of age makes -- other phones are very you know I mean. Decent phones but nothing that really wildest -- Some of whom will be many for the sense of anonymity for -- -- -- men but I was there I did get some time to go on a tour of the Nokia labs. And I was really cool. Severities testing labs and I I kinda think of it as rock and -- -- a little bit He is is basically these labs to destroy the phones as many ways as they cancer it's fatigue testing -- like pulling out the USB cord and putting it back in. Like hundreds tens of hundreds of thousands of times. And balls dropping on the phone ice phones getting smacked around ten different -- in L -- randomly through shoot. And there is a machine called the spanky. Okay yeah it's got it is her created with you CST and it's rally to big red paddle. And it basically like you just that the and in -- in just like wax it from behind and then it goes flying -- see this -- self contained kind of you know plastic encased little Q and there are other things I just basically -- -- of crack it being out of all these phones which is pretty exciting -- chemicals on man. -- -- dropped -- -- is bound and getting in Alec pummeled with all of these like hard glass objects to kind of test for -- on it. I created a slide show and it was -- funds each checked out. So -- ETA -- against when He checked out -- -- and CCA dot cnet.com. And you know it was spec -- -- economists generally not. A political solution. That Adidas -- and -- -- And this isn't a lot let's just talk -- about tomorrow's announcements so. Bonnie S -- does get you started with the sounds announcement. I think I know it's my outlining we had that Motorola and Verizon invention which kicked up at 98 entered its effects. And and and right let you made that case and actors and -- smarter stronger. -- have been taught that the county can expect innovation from Motorola mobility. -- -- the popular right now that -- potentially debate -- Which is act and budget combining you know iconic RAZR phone that is being standard. I can lead to light an -- -- and I -- it's gonna have a dual core -- -- gigahertz process there. A five point three inch display and eight megapixel camera and twenty LPE politics I don't like. -- and it can have on pirate everything else but I think a bigger and bigger news it's gonna be -- Yeah I mean that's essentially Motorola tapping into their -- there. Right you know -- I think they -- -- -- ending Droid H gear around could act. See what it officially -- -- that we will be covering Mac. Some and and the even being as -- -- Samsung event effect on not. And Hong Kong however and. Okay so the anybody really anybody think. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hong Kong -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And regularly and candidates as to when -- -- scheduled speaker yeah that makes sense -- convenient -- -- -- -- Elegant because it does mean expects to -- -- it it's it's on Wednesday morning. In Hong song it's gonna be Tuesday evening means flat 7 PM Pacific 10 PM -- it's. So we we'll be covering it. They -- and help from and that He assembles actually be covering it and that actually going to be a live stream I. Drink it it cannot. I'm currently expect -- to -- I came and went and hopefully the next but I'm -- -- He -- if -- guess -- what it's calling it now but. That are -- out loud and grant and an old -- another event. Yeah. I mentioned before that it's Blackberry that kind here in San Francisco and they've actually just moved there -- at their general session up. To 8:30 in the morning so -- surely will be there. And -- really know what they're gonna do there is there definitely giving away -- backs to the developers because they're still. Really trying to get developers interested in -- an -- last year that they announced the playback and it is there was one of those things where everybody. I feel like that was one of the times when. Media -- -- and -- may everybody at the -- Because we're kind of like they better announce something they better announce something they're gonna do it they're gonna do it and why did I want it -- because of it's I don't there's. If they'll finally -- I'll let him wire miniature version of Android. Compatibility. Yeah and I wouldn't be surprised to seeing more news about the playback. It might not even India and new device -- just immediately the have a better operating system -- -- -- everything that should have been in place and -- a year ago when it was first announced it. So there is they're probably gonna talk about connects alliance that I would be their next generation operating system after the new phones -- the new phones. They might show a photo I don't know I'm gonna be there and -- find out and I'll tell you I'll. After me but it that will not be the big news of the and now now have been used to be like an. Estimated at eating -- will be it will be late leader in the morning with the Motorola and Verizon. Actually something we talked about before seeing you actually know Cole and sort of -- discussed it and her. CTA -- that is is kind of the place of shows. Vs the please. In Ohio manufacturers'. -- carriers having their own events in kind of controlling our own message so. They hold events like this they're competing with each other for everybody's attention -- but we -- to show your competing all the time him. They know it's funny. Really just seeing a -- -- did CT IA -- event into one of the reasons you know -- and -- probably put us because anyone compete with. And phone lines we will illustrate that -- the -- they said it was see just who knows what other reasons. They could've been -- you -- learning how to think about -- now. But I think teaching as a far show it to about assembly -- -- that Motorola has an amendment. -- I don't conference. I'm in Vista it doesn't make you think -- weathered trade shows like CTA or even -- -- an annual mobile world congress whether. Those venues -- wanna make big announcements. -- -- -- teams to pretty up there. More recent media and but smaller shows that CT -- of what may be not so much on the and the ranking says. But then you have a problem where things are happening in Hong Kong and yeah we are not there and thankfully not as much coverage from the US -- yes. Yes. Right so this is the start -- -- -- as talk about the T-Mobile seeing double with the -- -- played on you have to use. Hourly production and are -- Weeks but now it's essential. I actually didn't get that the release date or pricing but. And contingency of chronic back into thinking -- -- -- a -- has I mean 3.5 inch touch screen and -- and and -- fighters in the alternate you've got a keyboard and that -- -- -- should point particularly inch touch screen and metal. And you any. -- -- -- At the screen in England can now -- independently and you know it's a bit multitasking and maybe you know I think He is very similar to acute care act now. -- I don't know -- -- now you have. It intent -- -- agency -- didn't reveal more about it and it's gonna -- -- get its -- and that's where megapixel camera and protecting contacts. That the -- pushing that texting and social media and yet social networking aspect of the current. And 200000000 and 115 you know maybe -- think and that's -- -- I don't -- attention being. It's not you know. Yeah you know that -- one thing and I understand why you might want to -- -- -- but the thing that bothers me that it significantly reduce its reducing the size of the keyboard. We need test design might be Warner -- People may be more open to an acceptable at -- Conte and -- Impasse and -- planet. Why can't regulators. Aren't running -- Split keyboard. And so my guess is if this is I mean this could still be like a tall marathon has got a three point private -- rain but sometimes like my hands are also kind of smaller. And I don't like reaching all the way to the metal circulate you can panel hold it on the edges. And then trying to get at it with their sons and then He wanted to go and change screens you just press in the center. So maybe that would work. PM meaning. There are a lot of it's here I know there instant -- will see a little C closer fascinating maybe it is review. Let's take a quick break and -- you -- with reviews. And we're back I was so it can already talked about the iPhone four -- -- -- definitely check -- reviewed. -- the iPhone plans for all of that information and -- And this is go -- with the non iPhone and reviews because we did we did a few of those. At and adding that if He did that includes health and I reviewed the elegy mart's He had this is the -- has quote unquote. No -- display eight and display is basically be the PS and mobile world congress earlier this year. I'm Bonnie and a ninety -- the -- -- black menu in Barcelona. Camping and -- -- that at one yeah. To -- it -- different that it. So the -- -- the like these -- uses a scene display technologies and -- -- display and this no this is a 700 units of brightness it is the brightest display ever knowing that. And you'll be compared it may briefly to the Samsung galaxy ass and may briefly to -- The Apple's iPhone -- a display. And you know it's a pretty good despite some very just mean I don't -- it's that much brighter I don't know and it's that much -- I don't much more vibrant. I think that's a -- a bit. -- -- -- -- -- I would say but you know it is a very decent clean current price. We have an exit says Samsung galaxy S -- and colon are kind of looking back and forth really translate quantify and -- -- the differences where yen and in some screens it was. Bright -- brighter. Like genuinely brighter but also a little bit more washed out. Yes I think what it -- -- what was essentially is is this is ramping up that the brightness of it without really considering. Caught -- CO contrasts it's it's as they present we get it to watch a T what -- -- as an addition at into the asked brightens up the maximum does it just looks and washed out eight and it's essentially what I think they're doing a little bit a little bit -- -- that that isn't it. But it isn't very good looking -- -- remember this -- Mikey did did. Doing that yet Fashion Week so they're very quick fashion conscious about this was no reason. It's a very slim phone -- that one -- -- -- -- hands and is zero point 36. Ancient ethnic so it's a very slim phone rates -- small and compact and actually really -- like. It's size it is pretty -- was almost like a simple arouses. So is very light nice premium feeling as must listen and have to earphones but is very lightly armed very cool looking may glossy. I actually am attending is that it's a very pretty -- and as -- for the price. It's only around a hundred bucks why are all gingerbread phone for a very good looking and it is Fiji which is fine for sprint and and if you want. And fashionable good looking phone. Or not so that -- ink is -- at. Next that we have the HT CE -- Foreign key. And different -- and -- plant can generate power and uniform but they cannot collect -- for -- and -- -- -- and most advanced camera that He might put on different unplug -- ever been found. I am not added a couple of checks and I don't and I need to collect and add -- -- life is amyloid. A couple of betting that smart chat widget that's good to create a picture embedded content. Kind of combining elements -- get the best pictures sent someone painting it and I to open another lot big -- -- and their picture -- that. I thought I had a banner in over the past well you know I -- attitude really -- currently has been a dividend -- ago. -- -- perfect pics and which -- -- here. -- -- create a gallery about the best pictures in here from different looking chicken based on number at the time parameters. And so you can highlight those -- a picture of enchantment and -- -- pat. And has -- other advanced camera options that are on the myTouch party site including that. -- ultimately any unplanned crash HD -- -- shooting modes. IPad can really glad when not writing grade and I think it -- struggled at my late. Connection it can theater is that you know what -- standard studio -- -- -- look Arctic colors weren't all that great but it. -- -- very good camera on and it's great Smartphone. Camera and it at a dual core processors at very fast. Aren't actually a little faster 42 -- I reckon I got some really great being here and in new York and -- -- currently thirteen make an extra second -- which is pretty options are. I'm really great phone. Ended up on the collapse of the heaviest I -- am I think that might be a deterrent from people who either. I'm not -- my -- that added. But being an iron and bury it might -- -- a -- and tricky 1999. Year contract. -- -- -- He. You know I think -- about the -- that option at Samsung galaxy yet to have to -- announced it very complex to -- camera atop a lighter and and and you know -- the dual core process there. Patent if you don't want those kind of action can refugee can also -- with the myTouch -- site which is. Exit out Al. And -- keyboard and has. Yet. -- so let's get CD review of involved in leaning fine. The review of the HTC you drying. This phone is basically even -- -- saying it. Its target -- is the female consumer and -- -- actually like it I. Wish they have our -- -- and I mean. -- and -- -- any of the term it and ideas that. It'll get the production that -- -- yet incoming content you could secure practice being eaten just pour out the following point using a wired. I hate have to decide -- genetic -- as a Connecticut he's. But -- don't sound and the camera beautiful aren't a current obviously going to be. And I -- not every you know especially I don't think they're gonna pay a couple of phone but it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- a beautiful front and one that has very nice -- point seven extra meat seagate touch screen and good guys. I'm not the most high end device it's at at the request process and I did you know -- -- it's not. In authority and global treaty but I mean it's a very good on anything you know -- the -- I think Arab countries and not necessarily cutting edge I think the blanket and that -- back completely is pretty -- It's got built in speakers -- we need to get it I'm actually doesn't that -- that shows you your little bit scary monster photo gallery. You know. Kind of an alarmed -- being -- and He meant I. Bundle of accessories -- could be. -- I haven't actually get by the phone for me below that. -- -- Oceanic and they actually sent me once you because seats pinnacle and I met with its CC Andy got the chance a look at some of the phones that we haven't seen before and I haven't seen it. And they sent -- -- and I also. Can't stand the charm I tried it for a -- -- to be open minded and it's it's ridiculous. And all the had phone they're supposed to be like flat and they don't tangle EM and they feel really weird in the give me the shivers and -- -- way when I touch than legislate I don't it's not -- made -- feel weird and key. I don't -- -- fault but the phone itself is actually a really beautiful classic. Classic -- classically beautiful HTC device and I it did not hate the modified sense. Yet -- so they changed. Day -- U -- basically friend the sense that we're all used to it the -- that you can pull up and and that's -- -- -- and they kind of change the design to something different and and I'm pretty sure that the design and it brings to bear a lot of what they learned. When they were probably doing some consumer testing. Shall we say for the female demographic or whoever their demographic is according to them. But I thought of -- -- it's not as flashy as sentinel like it as much but I liked it is really easy via so. And it doesn't it's a nice -- to hold and I think that's really important to sometimes like more than axes. Which felt like we have -- phones in front of us. It's like which one do we wanna grab and pick up like that's -- and found some sort of they did something right when making it putting -- the combination of elements together. Bonnie. 200 dollars or so the it one of -- But. I don't get in England content -- and clean accidents at. It's not can be put -- -- but I think people -- -- technically it will be. There Apple. So let's just get it going to its upcoming reviews amateurs who -- the HTC -- known acts. -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- just ain't gonna use have BM group. Okay and I think -- mean might there's none in this podcast academy in years -- -- -- keep -- as an email. This week. And this is old female likely think of email and exe -- don't despair -- -- -- email and if you can send us email at some doubt it at cnet.com innocent He was a voice -- 186 seeks. For a zero to use 2638. -- go to our blog. Thousand dot cnet.com for all of our show notes past episodes and more -- You get -- -- to CNET that for all others CNET dot. And that that's it for me. -- -- -- -- Every line and outcome back. -- Chris you well we're not gonna want to get away with anything -- matter. Yeah check in with us tomorrow for the three. -- enhancements that we're gonna end up having. Stephanie check cnet.com for all elitists Apple announced -- tomorrow Motorola Samsung and -- -- means -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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