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Dialed In: Dialed In 194: CTIA preview

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Dialed In: Dialed In 194: CTIA preview

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The CTIA Fall 2011 show kicks off on Tuesday, and Nicole and Jessica are in sunny San Diego to bring you all the latest announcements and hands-on with new devices. Lucky for us (and you), Jessica had a few spare minutes between prepping the show and devouring some sweet desserts to call into dreary San Franciso to give us a preview of what to expect from the show.

Hey everyone welcome to -- and dated October 10 when -- element and I am buying time here and -- and Cisco for the week. Along with Kent chairman into the studio and and hello. And on the phone we have Jessica until -- -- in San Diego for CT IA has no Jessica. -- -- -- and it's beautiful here. -- -- It's it's -- for millennia and -- -- I can. -- the sunshine friends and and Nicole Lee is on our way to mediate -- since you won't be joining us today -- entry and we'll be back. Next week with tons of -- while hopefully because the news to report. -- -- continued in the meantime -- file. Dad so we'll look just kick it off with the CT AP because and diskette to go to some other stuff but. I -- -- -- wanna talk about what we might see at the show this. I found -- -- -- -- -- more importantly I think has but we planned not to see. Everybody was expecting as Samsung's galaxy access there's a big event on October 11 -- With Google and can't sign and all was going to be unveiled at going to be that. It really -- -- found that we've been hearing about. And also expecting. It could damage and -- out delayed. So now there are sort of the big gaping hole. In the program Patrick promised to eat the most exciting in the -- and of course this is. I had an enterprise and apps show primarily and so it's usually a little bit leaner and the street sepia is -- of focused but. Heavier -- -- -- -- last year there is. Motorola -- March and handsets. And I'm pretty lady actually debuted a year -- a few extra -- kinda -- termite that's all in an email this morning. So they're still gonna be something that repeat every decent photos mail and of course say well be perhaps -- Front and center and exciting. -- we were expecting. They're should be Solomon the land -- and there's also -- should be -- Cadillac Hartman and -- gonna get checked out. I'm gonna go check out -- -- It can't testing facility. And are also gonna -- a little chat with Wailea about that there strategy. -- -- there might be a couple other. Bits and pieces here -- -- that accurately -- -- right now so. -- -- -- Completely emptied by it I think it's fair to say that the bright star. The -- is dimmed a little bit but the -- diet and will be there and Roger will be there for news and Rogers a -- -- -- -- Strategy it would split on mobile payment what's going on the beach management for -- particular. They're all -- -- -- current or -- -- weird and wonderful. Devices and accessories that that you don't know C except it wouldn't be -- -- so I would say there's definitely get stuck. And then of course at some other -- -- pick up. It isn't that out Kinect -- whatever it sang it is going -- I'd call it. And actually there is going to be another -- -- that -- terms. Bet stratosphere. Her eyes and well be making an experience at an event that -- will be able should be there -- can't. Okay so you can. It's a video and say hello to -- in an atmosphere. Yet the -- very real quickly it. Verizon's first four G phone with a party keyboard. -- I just can't looking at the specs this morning and it looks like epic four GX me now. Not -- airs there might not go X as it's a galaxy has denied access -- But you know doesn't have the most -- latest technology even in -- the critically keyboard again. Yeah it might megapixel camera fast single core process and it really does -- an apology how front facing camera now. Entry megapixels. -- So it's too bad about Samsung -- minimum -- Yeah maybe there they say that they did it. It was in the right time to launch the phone -- -- was prompted by that. -- the death of Steve Jobs last week but I. I'm just thinking that I just don't think they really -- the states yet. To say about that. She. -- do it I've seen. I totally -- retention. And it came to me that it's pretty clear that they're worried about being overshadowed because I was five come about filing today. And the iPhone or -- coming out on Friday. And in -- Apple has just lost it co-founder. And the -- you until very recently was this video and they're going ahead with all their plants. So I'd say it's one thing -- sending Google -- Okay we despite ever changing her mind about the timing. Or we're not ready and we're still -- -- about the timing but I think hide behind this convenient excuse to job. It does satellite it doesn't light up -- what Apple's doing it Eragon does get credit -- And has been -- And they are going -- -- -- very very high I don't plan. And there -- -- -- -- they're not delaying an epic a hard time connect engineers probably because there are still gonna be working at the last minute. But if they're not stopping it. Why would she let other companies. -- are sworn rivals of Apple (%expletive) that -- -- halt production -- announcement. Based on this event at -- It just seems like they don't have a lot of faith in the sort of like they don't think it can conclude that that's almost they're admitting but it is disappointing -- And asked him Santana has a history -- -- and -- you know I now. Feeling they canceled their region -- -- -- -- like before hurricane hurricane Irene. You know there's a last minute rule and the -- you know and I know with a -- executive just feel pain and depression daily opportunity health and think that Anthony. -- pullout last minute to make more earn. -- -- -- -- -- -- We're not even sure exactly this is simply an extension -- or Google then Google and -- contact. -- care contact. Well basically it was happy to repeat the party line. Is -- respect for -- passing. So it's too bad does it would manage the device and -- well you have to see if some other time. -- While Jessica we will let you know in any -- of panic. Cement -- to -- and stuff so. Look forward to reading your stuff later this week Andy and doing your time and -- He knows anything you know. I need any area about K two K color matrix -- -- -- -- -- their. And -- our brain MRI. CN 810 Q and -- Narrates and -- nine and we didn't you know last week was -- cubic. Parity in a long time ago I am it was a big Newsweek last week in just a little bit -- Just -- that -- said there is unfortunate passing of Steve Jobs. And they gave -- -- it was iPhone four events. Four for S unveiling. And can. You mean and from at all I was calm and it is citizens mentioning here because -- you know that we should get an iPhone in June we did it we got an October. And Apple and we have so many rumors leading up to it and -- Apple -- the -- since October 4 and -- -- -- being looked at their calendars and scenario that's -- Oracle world isn't and they happened the book every single -- government entire city and -- close artistry. And there's traffic nightmares I mean it's when Oracle -- in town site it's just the city's taken over so. Ever wonder about where they can hold the event because must gonna senator your provide -- cart and they -- -- booked up -- Apple -- -- -- -- their campus of their town hall building which is an auditorium style room and only seats 250 people also. Very different from normal iPhone launches and easily directly to the -- see -- when Apple was going to MacWorld they were there. And a huge gigantic car -- convention hall room with big lights and just everything and Rosen resin gross receipts and not not this time it was almost like you're at -- and this rim is really like here in your high school auditorium you know listening to the pep rally or something and it's actually that's not too bad analogy think about. I'm but so I was there were just once and and we are the only two people -- people there and we -- the iPhone four arrests that we not get the iPhone tries. Which we -- published are very and very very frequently updated iPhone five rumor roundup. And that didn't happen so we have an iPhone 4 -- -- actually -- -- there -- -- schools -- not going -- this this -- it. -- actually sort of three. You have an iPhone Friday and have an iPhone Torres read about than we actually just got yanked from forests so the four S is well it's not a huge gigantic upgrade. He does have some important updates. Which we'll get to but the design is exactly the same as the iPhone four. So we heard rumors that they'd get like a thinner model or Beecher drive or be sort of tapered tear drop shape after it would be doubled on the back but. It's exactly the same. Comes in black and -- so -- no difference whatsoever when you look at the phone you wouldn't be able to tell. Inside questioned if -- differences are we to get 64 gig model finally -- she's now happy about. We have an -- five processor dual cores that's one gigahertz so that will speed things up a bit. Com we have. See -- And in government thinking I was making chips -- are creatures that come Syria or Syria I guess this is the voice. -- that. As the voice some computer -- Yet waivers activation in and voice features so it's -- you've always been able to say dial a number into this and brought a series much more advanced and you can do quite a lot of things you can ask for directions you can ask the whether you can announce its random facts -- what's the height of Mount Everest. And we'll deliver these things -- and deliver everything that we -- for. Which was but you know it's in beta right now so probably get a little better but it does pretty well so you can say what's the weather tomorrow -- You'll in San Francisco only would say things are not that good is -- -- -- -- -- got a little personality to her -- does it is a robotic voice account you can't change it. But. It's an interesting feature I mean is something that I haven't seemed to yeah you've seen a lot of voice activation but I would seem quite this extensive. Any specific -- -- -- answering yes yes four won't get it done and and this is very specific fluorescent whatever they put in a fluorescent it only works here. It will get IOS five of course it. It will have an eight megapixel camera so that's a boost up. And a couple other things but you -- not a lot of real fancy updates but I think the biggest -- same thing actually is that it's coming to sprint so sprint will now be an iPhone five on iPhone carrier. So that keep there unlimited data plan yeah. And access a -- TO every and only other carriers as. Have said Verizon sprint have our present AT&T have dropped their moment -- plans princess -- -- some scientists budgeting money. Thank you know. -- you know as a little over under -- I think. Part of it was they didn't change the design at all I think all those feet in improvement that they made under the nineteen in the process at the camera on create. But they can -- You know I would have liked to had seen some kind of different design. I am especially with both consumers and being yeah that's a -- with rumors you can make -- your hopes up for some of these things and then. And easily get to point and when they don't show up so but it you know I think it's great that. You know its coming to more carriers and you have -- -- -- price points and -- another thing -- it came out with eight gigabyte iPhone four -- which is 99. Then the 3-D s.'s free announced so you know -- and covering the bases as far as. Explaining carriers sell. Into that the pre orders looks like be topped one million in a single day. And so and I believe as -- stated. That pre order record for the iPhone four which is about six and He asked. -- you have to wonder how many people -- that and how many of those are completely new users rain late spring break and then -- -- a lot of people that. We're awaiting. Fir the we are -- -- AT&T on time and are waiting for the -- -- -- waiting. To switch to Verizon RA and this was their chance to do it -- rather than getting the same from that they had and I'm I had one friend trucks and said that. AT and c.s. So He wasn't counsel for the upgrade I think on AT&T and so switching to Verizon and -- early termination He was actually cheaper He then buying the phone without the upgrade with price. And -- being. No. The and I you know. Even despite some people's disappointment you know -- -- -- leave -- feeling very well and to combat October 14. I mean yes yeah. And hopefully will enable it and it -- Apple. But yet so it is iPhone four -- Equipment that we could continuing an. I -- -- troopers inventory and which ones which one's best. And switching gears a little bit at Motorola and raisins and counted in the 1980. When you look in May -- by it. Their words faster thinner smarter stronger where highlighted on the invitation -- -- app -- they events happening on October 18 in New York around noon eastern time. My side is it might -- -- -- reason. Just -- opener yeah so. -- know if anyone else -- eating and. I'm I think that's probably a good call. I can't I mean unless it's some -- tablet or -- thing -- -- really active. I can't really think of a device Motorola device that we've been hearing this sort of been top of rumors that that we we haven't seen -- -- and and then rumored specs on this phone is -- for point three inch display dual core one point two gigahertz processor. The gig of ram it -- pixel camera and LTE support. And so we will see that is happening on October 18 that pathetic you eastern yes so we'll definitely be there to cover it. And also roll one and -- know it from sprint. This happen month because I really -- a an unfair forgy plan if they are going to roll out their -- LTE service next year. And they plan to cover 120 million people by the end of next year and wrap up coverage of 250 million people by the end of two when He thirteen. And they said that they will have fifteen LD LTE devices available next year within. With the first to launch by -- yeah so. So assessment should point -- merely her WiMax for so long and now we're going built me now -- -- only going there. And -- they said they'll continue to support the WiMax devices -- the -- so it's not you know you're not gonna be in our companies and bring down. In a bad thing at a news for sprint customers. I just a quick no -- kid care IT mobile added two new myTouch devices and it might pitch to me in my -- to. That's who I -- my tests. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't I don't get a and the myTouch Q what's interesting is on the previous -- devices they mean by HTC this planet these two army -- -- -- -- realize yeah so and there really kind of really aiming this at first time Smartphone buyers and it's preloaded though these tools to help you set up on the phone we went to get it on about the that's set up -- -- tips widget and things like that so. You know it's for -- making the jump from a feature phone to take that. They will both have -- gigahertz at Qualcomm processor a five megapixel camera with 720 Ph.D. video. As -- -- Netflix support. The myTouch has a three point eight touch screen. While the -- Q has a 3.5 inch touch in with the fact equity portfolio. Have a -- -- when you when a keyboard and not that's. But then I just. My opinion which have seventh some might tell my Kaiser Aluminum fan and we had you know they've always -- -- and was myTouch something right now this is -- it might -- class. -- -- -- -- -- Pricing and release date we're not announce at this time but they said they will be available for the holiday season -- Those who between them. I think that wraps it up for news this week we're gonna take a quick break -- and get to -- -- Our -- along the Mac. Let's get started to -- is Qaddafi and I took a look at them Motorola electrified for US cellular. And it's pretty much as a revamped version of the Motorola -- for. You -- US so there's been very aggressive with -- Smartphone lineup lately and this probably their most powerful one to date and tickets added is like the futon for. For -- -- two HD display an eight megapixel camera. At the camera was in -- -- as probably one -- the few displaying things about the phone but it's a very fast phone. And it is world phone so. What's cool about this one is they've mocked -- him they didn't come preloaded with one so you can just purchase a PP -- wherever you travel. And just use it to make it you know -- and you uninstalled the app too you're not restricted -- -- -- itself. You know the devices a little bit on the larger side -- anything. It it's manageable and it has penalty kicks and HDMI port is closed in the colonies of -- It also has a web top doc -- Our web top apps seeking purchase the -- -- or don't XT station and use it that way as -- But those are sold separately through -- on USA and -- doesn't have any kind of bundles -- anything -- -- And call quality with any denies on roaming service -- new you know like I said with a dual core processors of -- phone so I think. It's a day in addition to UUS and its carrier airline. Especially if you want a world phone and -- with the latest and and greatest technology sell their enemies and your solar has really -- -- and yadda yadda. -- -- -- -- -- They said earlier in June and that you were gonna release eight Smartphones -- -- tablets by -- the year and they've definitely been on an up and in the Bart and so. It's just the latest one. There used to -- and Nicole I believe with. And just got took a look at the -- tech break out for Verizon. And human yes and observers from an open and says she as services -- term. This is. Does run on Verizon's four G networks the -- it is LT He has -- -- got three. And it so it's a come amid remnants -- high end Android phone I'm. She was very it's very up on the on ramp -- and that -- And said wasn't so hot on the camera which is which is to that. Shutter lag jerky video import front facing camera and it didn't have a -- -- was too -- -- that it is a five megapixel cameras and -- expect that's because -- and also did 77720. Still yet not too critical that so I mean there's certainly -- -- a lot more Android phones in in the presents line -- though I wouldn't get too. So they wouldn't get too occupied with this one it is I think it's cheap I think it's -- -- and yet these aren't those double -- -- that the game yet but yet you know. Less than a hundred -- So I'm socially you so if you -- -- at -- price may be sounds like to relive the past assumptions at this -- -- Great game and we have a ton of upcoming reviews it's getting busy holiday season -- and and taking at look at the HTT Ryan for Verizon Wireless as well as HT CME's four G for T-Mobile. And T-Mobile vision and account PS2. Also that the LG -- -- and that LG -- coming up so. Liked her -- him at a brisk air and that -- is press yes I can't forget that affect. And so those are all coming -- and and delete them we've got a voicemail. Waiting for. Yes -- outlook church -- the Blackberry O not your 900. He going to get a content on their network. Verizon has that sprint has -- -- and -- and -- tablet. But AT&T is burning -- the -- what should deal when the big -- yet. That is a very good question and wish I had a definite answer for you know it's coming it's coming in this year's target date for whatever reason they haven't given an official. The eight and lake and the -- that you know. Verizon sprint T-Mobile -- has released it -- AT and he's waiting for -- have been saying. I know they're really behind in the marketing and what's really going -- and yet there are -- before we'll see at -- yes now. Carry on and more and don't let him and anything -- now. Tells us so. And then and -- we have one more email -- -- -- -- who's using chat room and kind of long so basically he's asking. You know the iPhone four as which carrier should be goal is that and they believe Nicole and Jessica did a nice little break down. Of you know comparing -- -- the data -- like the pros and cons of each. 100. Cell you know we will include that in -- blogs -- can -- -- -- tech top -- whose brand. I am trying to figure out what's best for you. So I think that. Each -- are happy with Verizon eight. One in I don't know maybe it sounds like you perhaps some cartwright we had car trouble in the new. Had trouble getting reservist to get the card into call for help so I don't know if that's related to the -- -- Verizon but I think if you're happy with Verizon. Idling is a big reason to switch I mean I think you have to run sort of Tucson thanked the sprint unlimited plans are any certainly -- attraction -- make. I don't know if -- necessarily need that. Time because if you -- and finds that if you have one of the Verizon tiered plans you're not paying as much as the sprint and you get by news meta meta data and I don't really see a big reason to switch. And -- Verizon service bigger unhappy then. You know of course actually consider it. I don't know at this point I mean AT&T'S network they say it's and it and it is technically faster whether using that's not to necessarily -- -- to where well abuse because. You know it all -- the capacity and networking and more people are trying to use that faster network -- It's not necessarily in August faster -- -- -- -- what you're happy Verizon if you think you're gonna get good service in your home network and between the place you go hands. I think that you know. I don't think most people really need an unlimited plan in some cases but -- I wouldn't you know get to hunt about switching by. You could consider sprint if you really think that in ticket sprint service anything -- -- -- of -- really gonna benefit. -- banks there and and if you would like any questions answered or -- suggestions He send it to us at dialed in at cnet.com. Can -- leave us a -- 98664022638. And for all cellphone news in past episode you can check out -- -- account and at cnet.com. And while others say CNET podcasts of podcast at cnet.com. We will be back of -- with anyone next week at my name our -- time at 10 AM Pacific. With manic episodes so. Thanks for joining us today Jim Hendry head start -- receive Iranians and their iphones have come this week. Buying human but I. --
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