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Dialed In: Dialed In #193: The calm before the iPhone storm

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Dialed In: Dialed In #193: The calm before the iPhone storm

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As we gear up for Apple's big iPhone announcement, the Dialed In crew weighs in on what will come.

Hello and welcome to -- in it is Monday October 3 wearing a -- time per second time again -- so I'm Kent German I'm actually is in New York time here with -- is very exciting front running can. -- -- unions and we're here actually -- the podcast this week from New York. And -- you can. His team to interest they are tried and our podcast is twice that on some music I am and Richard Peterson is -- -- here in New York. -- -- -- -- proportionally and -- Nicole Lee is in Hawaii tough life left hanging up the finance and Jessica is back in San Francisco and -- All alone alone spears it. Highlight them so I you know I didn't -- New York I don't feel like. Bonnie apparently there's no good image of me -- might be right away and I can't your music playing -- does -- sound effects. I did you I think both of and in fact there -- all -- and I'm just committee. Eight -- a little. -- step away from the McDonnell won. So. As we -- -- -- talk about today there's a bigger -- -- Jessica's gonna leaders are often tells what's going on. Actually can't I am really impressed that you're going to be making the trek from New York to come back -- Cupertino and time. For India -- have now. Only land that's I'm only landed SFO close to let them go home. Sleep get up two and probably leave home some 32 -- and -- -- -- -- gonna be having I have history now Maximus summit here because. Frontrunner for the hotel but there are doing construction -- critics up yesterday so it's exams like. Arafat and on -- Saturday yes. Yeah I was not as -- -- to sounds of the city right people I mean you know cars ambulances that -- Jack Cameron and yet. They -- but just -- what's going on. Big day tomorrow. Big day at well. We -- an iPhone announcement tomorrow and instead of being an infant with it's going to be on Apple's campus. In Cupertino. -- poses logistical. Well -- -- -- typical problems and hip and with it because the event -- and my Afghani -- where this is usually held. Is being taken up by Oracle world in the street gnarled -- There's definitely a better solutions inhabiting Cupertino. But I think when everybody will be one and now is what are we going to act. Are -- company announcements will there be will -- -- iPhone fiber and -- iPhone. Forward path in or forge a path. And so yeah. Sound like it though Josh and and -- -- Something -- What to expect an Apple iPhone. So we definitely know that we're gonna get new hardware because we always knew -- Intent has had the honor of reviewing and hardware. Now in everything really. Ever since I with -- Yes. We have 2007. -- what do you think of -- right. You know I don't I tend not to like to make -- and not -- like make predictions about this kind of thing because I just Apple you never now and they always surprises may do exactly what they want him there was to do whatever I say. Just the opposite so. I'm -- you know I've I've seen a lot of rumors over the weekend. And the -- really gains in the building speed this weekend is that. It's going to be it's gonna be an incremental to may be just about incremental upgrade and it's going to be an iPhone fluorescent -- CA something named the iPhone five. Which I think it's inconvenient for iPhone five rumor roundup -- down. As you enter -- hardware yes its nice -- same design it's not going to be any I guarantee they're probably -- differences but I they're not gonna be the tear drop shape for the slim shape -- it. Paper backer in all of these cases we've seen. That hasn't seemed to be against -- at at least. A lot of analysts and a lot of Apple sort of watchers are saying that but IA will wait till -- get there are two -- because I seriously I eat it could be anything. Apple's pretty can't yet -- I think -- -- -- -- well cards right now is whether it will come to sprint. We've seen a lot of those released over the last month or so and and yes Francios Tennessee is that it said things like well -- welcome it if we had it and I don't know and and a lot of people are taking those things because -- -- and the point is he's been asked these questions more because of rumors there. Until -- same things that really beautifully while he's dancing around the rivers so. That has mean coming yesterday -- kind of build on themselves may takeaway for their own and so I I don't -- I think that's the biggest wildcard right now is assessing new carrier that would really. Hope and open a whole new door to different level of service different -- quality different data speeds. And I desperate. And it's written to its -- -- -- its own services on the -- because Apple doesn't do that but it would be opponent customer experience. -- in fact another rumor another team member expecting is that there will be one device that is compatible with it both GSM and PM TDMA network. Yet we have seen that and that could be on Verizon's side and maybe -- side as well you know when it whenever biggest complaints about the Verizon iPhone first came out was that. It did it offer GSM world roaming so you could use this present it here you go overseas you get you some calls. And they said this of the time that's just not them and they're doing so back could be something we'll -- definitely. Right and if we did see an iPhone five what would we expect the few that. We would expect the Kia. -- tool -- process are -- camera boulder doubling in a -- better camera and. -- the big -- when things has been -- the -- the lack of lack the means but when it by the people for a long time as well MCI from forests a 64 -- sorry. The weather was seeks we have the 32 gig is the highest -- -- see that mean we'll see -- May two OC forgy. And and maybe we'll see. It. You know any more. -- -- a more robust voice assistant for programs -- -- their calling -- this system assuming an analyst bias or maybe. Voice commands and dialing in all this kind of features will be a little more robust way to do things. And think that we already feed on Android. And actually -- also with Windows Phone as well. Yes yeah and then and it's -- definitely expecting -- five. As an operating system. Yeah I -- women wearing -- -- about it in Kenya. I know what. My -- sorry Aaron. But -- is -- is am sorry to cut the amount distracted me I'm most of the sorry I'm. That's are just into question I have a title in it by. Have so basically we know we're -- TI with five it is announced in June. Along with a long list of things that -- gonna get like different unification with group messaging. Things like yes. -- -- -- tries so we know that's coming and we know a lot about it and it will be talked about tomorrow and it could be released tomorrow in -- now is who has so questions and -- iPhone is going to be released -- that usually is like a week later mania we gonna have. May I could be the following week which is also -- -- today is happening actually. That's right and of that Thursday but I was five week British are gonna release date tomorrow and actually could be tomorrow. -- And so there's also been a suggestion that there might be more features that are coming up that we're not announced in June sort of the one more thing for instance the price features. Oh yeah and that always happens with IOS as you always have. And they say it's bringing in my 2030 new features -- new features and the question is we never know like her. Like a big example as are cut copy and paste -- -- cut copy and paste -- through features I mean Apple never gives you a full. -- a really detailed list. But they always when they first announced the Ohio -- OS operating system upgrade Daley said there was -- -- the big ticket items. And then you know as they roll it out to developers and has over you said they add things they take -- -- -- make changes. Then when it finally when the full master comes out -- that people can actually use the consumers really is. There will be new things and there and they'll announce. -- -- integrated technology and other guy might feed would be panoramic. -- and in the finger and -- -- there is its. It does bring a -- it does bring a couple of big things right updating over the air for her software updates things like -- It does is not a it is a pretty incremental upgrade as far as I -- -- it's not as big as Ohio Iowa Spore wise. So that's leading some people are also -- -- -- will because I was five doesn't look that exciting than the iphone's next iPhone with an exciting. I mean there's no guarantee that those two -- related. And that -- you know some of one thing means the other that right now I was -- Not huge but -- those mentioned things. What about -- Re expecting to hear -- I'm Leo oh well we'll hear more about that a is his instincts are to be rolled out I don't think consumers. -- really know a lot about -- -- right now and I don't think Apple. Apple will need a really good job of explaining what it is and how it benefits you Android features are definitely are more about that that's a big feature virus. Yeah would be quite sort -- thinking. So let tent and the rest of our team and definitely -- -- -- live covering -- 10 AM PT yes and. -- have a lot of our -- heroism. Again eastern. Yeah that's I went camping out yeah I have an -- -- -- I am we'll put this in -- way and don't impart page but make sure you print out our bingo cards with him. You know anything sorry about it you just you win the satisfaction it's one. Yeah I'm also gonna be interested behind him but -- as the means the am I mean where we're varies -- Steve Jobs on the stage and and fortunately -- went out the choices might not be part of being but hit. I -- we currently can demand better -- time who didn't turtleneck. So yet an apparently -- more credence to the spot but this is gonna be an iPhone four death. Roger wrote earlier. Today that it has popped up on a German carrier's website him. McKim user in the user area where you can -- your device. Yes from a drop down and it will be in black. And why sixteen gigabyte 32 and 64 for both black and white colors. But just -- -- can return them to -- can -- smart invite. Them from their interest. And and a sixth brigade Tim yes exactly for both colors him so. That definitely makes you wonder -- -- the carriers now that we don't know. But it's pretty good indication that might happen. Felt -- -- William have a lot a lot of in the meantime Wal-Mart and T-Mobile are offering new phone plan for data. So they're basically going to be offering -- -- -- and it's thirty dollars no contract and it includes unlimited Internet access. Text messages in 100 minutes for -- -- -- that's not a ton for voice a lot of people these days aren't using their minutes the same way and buy it really data entry and and tech centric. That's a pretty good I -- essentially a -- actually doing this because there. They're really taking over me see them really taking them in their own and they're doing. -- -- is -- not let's talk but I'm. The Trac phone service you know they operate -- forget the -- -- -- That -- signatures are personally Lama precipitate an on this as -- so they're becoming quite of course in this area. Yeah absolutely and Wal-Mart also been in anything from phones exclusively if error. And they're being labels about it. And we have a little Android means we normally those people mean. Let him yes definitely definitely except -- mention earlier. I've an announcement might come. During CT IA which Nicole and I are going to keep it here in -- eight -- And while we're there of Samsung as definitely having some sort of mobile events. On October 11 and we are wondering if this is going to be the time that we hear about the nexus prime because they've told us that -- and Google event -- great. UC they have this unpacked which they've done this this sort of theme for the last few years at trade shows they started a mobile congress -- -- And it's a box it's -- -- and any single Android guy peeking out of it but man -- count. And what's notable is that they called -- the Google episode in no young yet though you know that. You know the thought is that the nexus prime is gonna be -- pure Google experience phone. Meaning it has no cost -- -- -- and TouchWiz UI. In it you know it's been rumored that the nexus primes was not around October or November. And those haven't super Android HD display. Dual core processor -- one point two gigahertz or one point five. Five make it because the camera. But with an improved sensor remembered just because it has -- higher if imminently. Even you can get -- picture quality. And then another rumor of this is that it's gonna have four G and it's the -- had to Verizon which to a member passed up on the galaxy S to. And ATT sprint T-Mobile all. Are carrying their own version of Alex -- to -- -- -- And which might have been a smart in for Brian L absolutely sure find stuff -- point that this will be the flagship and also interesting about this is VoS version cracked. Patrick that will be a screen champions as -- the first one movement and dread. Yeah I you know I haven't actually heard anything about from Google about what the version number will be on the -- When -- really like. A US -- so don't know whether it's like three got to -- or yeah or -- hours anything like at the right now it's just -- -- -- -- environment. But it's missing because definitely almost all the phones that -- -- now the Smartphones are being. Released as gingerbread phone -- So it seems like Google's really gotten a handle on fragmentation. But not every existing -- has been upgraded future and right now. Still. That should feel right yes. I feel like they're doing it at a better pace then. Before you know like we're not seeing devices. I feel like ad pages they're releasing it faster than in previous versions whether it be when it -- you know -- and I'm looking at now. The only so that's one of the bigger events each day that we know about -- Yeah we have -- right now. And only event that TT and -- -- value -- just gonna go anywhere there. To bring an -- covering it live but that'll be really exciting if if that's the case and hopefully will be able to get her hands on. Whenever it is done hopefully the next let's try -- -- -- and other news that Verizon is failing again. The block net neutrality rules thank you weird and friends CNET news house Astoria. It -- has also been filing. And all things -- -- Yes -- just a little bit. Then that Maggie am implemented this goes back a long time and -- we always talk to botnet net neutrality rules down. A surprise and have filed a complaint back in January to start the tech net neutrality rose from being implemented. And but then a court federal appellate court in April -- the presence it was from -- Since the -- -- actually been published and the now that the rules have been published. Presence -- we -- in the component. So just so which are met soon but it rises might really. Is that mention Internet service -- can't discriminate against certain types of traffic to favor their own services. And Verizon is. Bryson is accusing FC overstepping its authority so they're received a lot of criticism for those which -- -- -- right weeks ago. I mean we're not the -- the rules are respected. Expected to take place November 20 so there's no. We are really know whether residents to do any thing buy a great you know Verizon is trying to -- is trying to say that. Just go against these rules that say that well you can't discriminate against what traffic is going to your system it's you have percent -- from another and and service provider. That's kind of it's it's it as summing lot of people I think. Mean I really think about but it's it's pretty significant. Media in will be important in -- Wi fi information. Because it has a lot of -- about what how what how what content can be delivered to your -- win out fast so I will be watching. And another thing that we were watching. Last week's announcement actually last Monday I was at mobilized with Nicole. And this is just a conference in San Francisco and T-Mobile stood up and announced -- front so. One of them is that Alex via the U and other run with it HTC and means -- gene and the significance about the -- that they're the first two. Phones. That will be on T-Mobile upgraded HSP eight plus forty -- -- it's there fastest. You know -- -- group forgy. Network with faster speed. So IA stick around. -- money -- and I brought him on on that means fourteen. Which is actually very very similar to the HTC sensation -- it looks a little bit different. -- and in terms of the fit and finish. But the shape is totally fame a lot of the -- service payment product for point three inch QHD's -- -- the display. One at the things that. -- scenes in -- touting that. Is that the camera is the most advanced on the market which is something that we heard before president -- I attended -- parents forgy flights. And I did your camera tough on that and that and tested it among some of the other really -- cameras out there like -- and -- out of fear in the environment. Even -- Samsung Focus our -- and Windows Phone has. Pretty -- five megapixel camera on it so it is critical to get the him on the and but really the acre differences apart from adjusts. The network. There are only a -- extra camera apps. -- -- You know -- I think it's a dual core phone the sensation forgy I had an editor's choice award that -- -- promises to be good and let you know it looked and felt like a very familiar and very capable. And able when I was using and of course my eye on me and my hands on it for for like fifteen minutes. But in terms of being dramatically different than the association -- it is not and only have picture camera button and I will say that. They were really good the first time so it's gonna be really get the second time -- that is available starting October 12. Or. A whopping -- 160 dollars. And so on Afghan Mercury and I feel lake that's where we're going with four G phone and -- -- -- you know we found that with -- -- and they're changing. You know. Like to pick before their forty's and the animals and other Verizon has LTE set to sort of began earlier claimed -- -- but I am just saying that I -- -- if -- You know read it we don't know how He novels 42. -- HSP a political -- it yet and to thing. -- -- -- The hidden. In terms of the phone you know I would say it's it's at thirty. Thirty dollars less you can get the same thing galaxy SQ. Which also got an editor's choice award in the unlocked form. And I think that's a stand out and and the camera is comparable -- in -- to -- of on the same network. So I think that you Qaeda in Iraq if you're not in love with HTC fence near -- -- TouchWiz. As an -- skin and that's an excellent phone as well and so it. You know maybe thirty bucks online over the course of two years -- with such a difference -- it. But it's interesting that that's when it's kind of price so much more than it is an editor's pick things only -- that a lot Wiki programs both -- you people. Yeah. It minutes maybe there'll be deals. And it really quickly I don't think we have the opportunity to talk about the Windows Phone -- update because we had. In New York -- new time fingering recent transitions with -- podcast. But I did do a very intensive hands and -- -- an area of -- point five update. It take over my life. And and is eating breathing and sleeping -- -- it. There if it's nice round up there are a hands on review on new phone -- -- announcement. Says Samsung kind of jumped the gun. Had a of this official announcement. An official roll out of mango. And they revealed the first -- their -- and -- W and then that was followed by it and means that the HTC radar -- she is hitting T-Mobile and time for the holidays. And also the web based Windows Phone marketplace. And so. There's a lot of coverage on -- and including. In my opinion. Whether Windows Phone 7 point five can compete with mango and kind of what it. Stands up against. In terms of competition with iPhone and Android. And the -- Africa. Yet the -- it has some good work -- Well thank you -- back -- Patton who. So there's also many of phone news other announcements like the LG optimist flatter and the -- TP wild fire ants and others. So by you've got news for Virgin Mobile. Hat they added a couple hundred phones -- -- -- lighter -- eyes He has a plan -- keyboard at the gingerbread device. And comes with Virgin Mobile live 2.0 social networking app you know they -- -- And focused on this device as a social messaging phone. It's -- 600 megahertz processor -- -- by mega pixel camera. And it will be priced at 1991919. And in stores on October 17 and at other outlets. From October 30 on and and HT two wildfire at this kind of let another and kind of mid level phone it doesn't have a site -- pretty keyboard but very -- features. -- point two inch touch screen gingerbread. Ornament hurt profits and also advocate for camera and that is going to be available on the twenty period. Are the same price of 200 them couple new -- devices for Virgin Mobile customers. And MetroPCS also picked up a new phone. Yes the LG is steam. This is actually four -- device. Here it took it. Customers looking for for -- can help it's gonna be. Available this -- Last week -- the -- stories and online for 249. Gingerbread phone -- and they can have focused on the music -- -- entertainment features on here it has metro studio. Which is that carrier's music and video service. And customers -- by the phone loss -- get ninety days free subscription to rhapsody unlimited music. And other features include a four point three inch WVG touch screen. Gigahertz processor and eight gigabytes of internal memory and it is similar to that LG revolution for Verizon's. And this is pretty must -- highest and smart and in -- -- -- and now. It did they they have another -- and yes they did it -- installed okay and -- -- and -- they did this -- is definitely team -- weaker and it's really kind of putting. Well this one found in sort of on partly -- -- with some of the tier one network now it but just that the big screen. -- point three inches and then HD video and -- -- -- mean these days with. Forgy everywhere in the -- dual core and it doesn't quite Gannett that in terms of the premium level. But I think that that this is definitely a good phone from it -- -- Their customers. And then the next and that we're gonna talk about enemy and i.'s role and make him and yes well doubled in and because the paramedics. -- -- Kyocera and Sarah Mac. Which I think this sounds like a battery you know -- -- carried on taking but I think it's pretty adult diapers. And there and in line right now in the aggregate -- and I sorry that yes and it became a way that's who pops up a a. This is -- Sprint's. -- this is Sprint's way to really percent as the direct connect push to talk service member which of course they inherited from Nextel along time ago. And that's been phased out and 2013 so this is moving that push to talk service come over to the sprint side and to keeping all of -- so you get. I'm group connect to get the tax next -- element of availability notifications. But the first was the tarmac -- -- pros coming soon to yet but -- our core. And an Oracle or her. And no one advantage of spring. Direct connect is that you're gonna get faster data speeds could have -- has -- eighty. Organ and -- data speeds but when. -- -- Looking at -- hand fed minutes are really big key is and it can cased and sort of this rubberized materials. It's definitely going to be -- it. A durable one. And then US cellular not to be outdone has -- a couple funds for itself to phones and tablet actually HTC wildfire asked again. And a hero -- and the -- so unease with a little bit about that wildfire that already. At -- hero -- has a four inch QHD super LCD touch screen. Five megapixel rear facing camera and actually -- one point three megapixel front facing. Advances. Going to be 8999. In and after a 100. Dollar mail in creepy with the data. And then a fire was also known as HTC evo four. HTC evo view forgy they hate. Saying that if I hate saying that which is why they're going with the name flyer which -- their original one that we thought introduced. The Fed up 87 inch Android. Gingerbread and -- hunting them tablet. It's brought a one point five gigahertz now pardon process -- -- -- gigabyte of onboard memory. And it also comes with the optional -- -- which you can buy it separately. It's not included in your name and no America piloted in and created an effort to make it -- -- in the -- -- rain. That it will not -- and originally US cellular mean a little typo riddled with the would be available 409. And actually it's going to be 39999. And that doesn't -- and that's after mail in rebate and it doesn't -- the patent hoops though. But it's. If you're part of the US cellular belief project and you can get wildfire ethnic -- -- without having teeth shiny new contract as long as you're eligible for an. Set up that. And then we also heard about the Sony. Ericsson exterior -- Sony Ericsson phones are sometimes hard to get in the US and -- of the play PlayStation phone. Because they're usually unlocked and they're not usually with a carrier and that if you continuing dot com you can get it there for 400. If -- 425 dollars. Scott injury 2.3 point four gingerbread. And it was announced in June it communicators. Looks really pretty like a lot of other Sony Ericsson. Experience phones -- It's got their reality display resolution. 720 Ph.D. video. Now I just. Reviewed. Its -- Bay Area -- which we'll talk about a little bit -- and guessing that it since from the features found similar it will probably be similar. And that comes in four colors black gold white and pink and it worked in North America on three GP not -- chief. I actually just before we get to that every tiny it's I can out -- to the -- -- ST -- for tomorrow a sample of and it gets an airport so. I low. Everyone -- will be on Apple's event were just launching tomorrow will bring you all the news and our live blog and photos and video and everything that's going on so. We'll probably -- a live -- her before the 10 AM start sessions and I think they're probably didn't along the before that so you can join in a -- blog and you can make comments and ask questions and I think they'll be sure to check. Yep and I can't fit OS and you inserts -- content and -- you can learn about. So stick with us we're gonna have a short break and then. Will get right in Q. A couple review -- facts. Our -- we -- back. End. And at -- reviews -- this week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But yes Sony Ericsson -- area are like -- mention. It is a really beautiful and public in -- -- -- three gingerbread and sneaky HD video capture. I'm really re use some of the buttons I found little bit cute small and off about 600 dollars unlocked in -- -- I'll be really. A lot of people -- call quality call quality. As or if -- Oh. In its not optimize do you any US network that the that the image to -- Money and -- talked on and -- to get through several calls EU could not stand speaker and yeah isn't exactly which figured out substantively in the topic in January ninth in a -- that -- garbled what. That's how you -- that speaker is. But it is the -- -- him. However I can't really recommend it because that area -- path is just around the corner. And we got the and ultimately in and nine months after you is. That announced -- I know has been available in other markets and it and -- it from. And if I think it's a good phone and I like that I'd hate you I am -- and -- and I pretty much like. Everything about it especially that form factor. And I think that that upcoming area art apps will be. Really ninths and four for people or interest in the and an -- be only a little bit because there will be some upgrades and just at -- when He. -- -- I've -- here. -- And it. Yes as -- -- I took a look at the Samsung galaxy SQ for AT and He. And this one's a bit different than the T-Mobile and sprint versions -- -- and has a -- four point three inch display. It's more like an unlocked version -- to reason that AT&T did this is because they have. -- in in. It is confusing if that impulse -- Which has the 48 -- -- for genes in the unit. Analysts contend that four point I cannot help but I know people think of an airline that -- million. It's so big piece where G has of -- five inch displays so I think a and wanted -- gave customers you know another choice and I mean it's for the better I think. It gives it a smaller design that makes it more appealing to fill -- our -- and something that. Really -- and -- and hard to fit into your pockets so in -- I was a good call. There's really very little I didn't like about this phone and it offered great performance and a dual core processors there is very fast. And battery life was really impressed that -- -- with most Smartphones -- get about a -- with you know. -- heavy usage but this was going on about -- Dana. -- -- me that'd battery life there at call quality and and couple things -- in languages you know the plasticky form factor which we've talked about. -- governments. In some things sort of and that -- But you know again these are minor complaint and an overall feels like I'm on 918 t.s it's an -- -- There it is. You know in May be it's great in your injury -- -- coverage varies if they felt. I cut it was a great Smartphone I think it -- -- -- eighteen t.s top Android iPhone and I gave it an. -- -- -- And the smaller screen is still not exactly and that's another thing and here's four point three inches then -- -- -- that it's small compared you know we're going by the end and it. And actually I think it. That seismic at least a little the actor realignment in the opening a guidance though I think overall it's just more writer appealing yet -- An -- that you gave it matters -- In very. Who -- on the same page in and -- -- And medical overview of a mile away and -- Ford chief and -- -- and basically. And that is it -- well. -- putted decent budget smart and -- pretty get it colorful displays and -- if you capture megapixel camera. And and support also for eat in use each of -- off network. And and then it's off. Downside. It only has intrigued -- point Q rodeo. And beef Burgundy and -- -- and on and -- it if you're looking for that entry it's fine by outdated software now. And -- consistent speed varying her. Trial period. -- -- -- And if it may thirty dollars after years or. So for forgy found thirty dollars of parts of -- So. Upcoming reviews -- going to that -- beat -- Mac break out forgy for Verizon -- later today on it at VH TV. I need me I do identity snappy -- ram which is. And He now centric phone it in on email phone it. If you have -- of purple and -- -- -- -- I don't know. And you -- -- And then the Motorola electrify for -- and there which is a good time for deep. -- -- A team we have time for one question learn now -- bank in the -- tolerate it. -- Just want to comment on that be an inch TV partnership and listened -- you most of the headphones on the -- line anything else an awful debates over powers and drowned out almost every aspect of music. I guess from -- personal only listens to -- step and amp club type. And -- -- and that's would be perfect for that but the partnership really does nothing for those of us that Robert if music. If I'm really muddy and listening to others -- it's pretty -- Who. So basically. Carrion as on the CNET this is surprised that CNET reviews rated -- -- four out of five. And all in all things that tons of people are getting really great sound quality when all they're getting in terms sound quality. Apple but with beef turned. She says and won the beat this guy up. On. And we read an on -- yeah. I don't negates Steve you agree that He would have yet remain -- about it how how mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And not -- I haven't listened to any age he's He -- and BM headphones and you know I'll reserve my way. Our expert you know I -- kinda wanna hear what sensation XX He sounds like which has the -- oh technology built and and you know I do part of me thinks that the beat -- days and him. Buying a brand rather than ideal quality but it you know that's with -- thing you know I haven't listened to -- feeling that. It is an interesting partnership -- -- Yes and it will still be interesting to see how that -- that -- So anyway on that is it for the show at our new anytime. That the guys join us again next week and actually destroy us tomorrow because there's gonna be so much -- from news and higher. Mobile world is waiting to hear. I'm so that again is going to be at 10 and the Pacific 1 PM eastern. And -- -- via live in Cupertino and there will be relent -- this path entrances cnet.com. And however -- week. And look at you next week if -- every land.

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