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Dialed In: Dialed In 190: As the lawsuits turn

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Dialed In: Dialed In 190: As the lawsuits turn

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Compared to the past few weeks, this seems like a relatively slow news week, but there's still plenty going on in the mobile world. The AT&T and T-Mobile saga continues with a new lawsuit from Sprint, and a court date between the Department of Justice and AT&T. HTC is fighting back and suing Apple (anyone else need a chart to keep track of all these lawsuits?) with patents it received from Google, but perhaps most important of all, the Motorola Droid Bionic is real and it's finally out. Get our final verdict on the Android superphone and the rest of this week's news and reviews on episode 190 of Dialed In.

Hello everyone and is September 2011 and welcome to -- and CNET cellphone podcast. I am by each time here in New York joined by CNET news reporter and -- -- Those -- thanks for joining. Act protection and in San Francisco we've got Kent German. And cool EO even beat him -- guys. If you haven't noticed -- is the entry -- The Internet -- an unprecedented 91. Aren't you make it -- That's yet but. By -- and my instrument and a piano. Like Symbian. And Jessica is out on assignments. Or Arabs and yes -- it's now. We want this path and she's not at the -- -- -- -- -- -- Andy's Saturn and Sony should stick. To how. But any way. A quieter week so far can they when they buy it. You missed out on. Them yet. I I in this alive ness of the emails that. Typically only. -- it if you're online app. -- but we are again star athlete you if you wanna give us an update on AT&T mobile operators out there -- a couple of them. Stories that came out this week yet -- One. -- after last week's surprise. DOJ lawsuit spread to decide to pile on. On their own lawsuit to block -- -- AT&T -- merger. Not served. How much of the impact it's gonna happen in relates to the DOJ but. It's just spread -- -- the victory lap at this point. And also those over the Labor Day week vandalism. Drama about whether it's eighteen team opinion break -- fee to Deutsche Telekom. That's if the deal falls apart eighteen -- -- on the -- for three billion cash and three billion in. -- services -- that's that's a lot of money and there's so there was some debate over the weekend about whether the pain. Reuters had a report -- -- under certain conditions and those telecoms combatants know actually. They're gonna have to pay so. Still odd drama business soap -- that does this into one and and fortunately has a lot new twist every week. End of -- they've set a court date rates has set a court date September 21 hunts -- beacons and when eighteen T presents its case -- And yet. Now when mark their calendars and share them here though it's harder if the -- Heated debate -- More it's now. And also. HTC's firing back. Gets Apple yes. Another lawsuit. Well no because -- many laws and must love current react as you lassie come on the suits -- Yes this week you lawsuit -- -- neatly -- extract as as lawsuits to editors -- us. This is a day ago. While it's nice to see is filing another lawsuit -- has filed another lawsuit. In a dollar -- This time the need to -- twist is that they are using patents that it just purchased from Google. Which is sort of the first time that Google has stepped in in in provided a little ammunition. To 21 of its Android partners. And it's it's sort of the first indirect. Attack against an Apple that that -- Launched there. Some of the other development. -- those cases code takes awhile so -- it to -- what's going through but. -- shows that Google is more willing to -- there's reports that there are. Spring when Germany law school graduates now aren't saying who study patent patent -- -- -- -- way to go. You can plan. Certainly with just Apple Samsung I mean you can turn around every day without something in -- happening there so. You have yet. -- so just another lawsuit to follow. Moving -- we do have a couple of new devices coming out this week AT&T had a couple actually. The first was and -- forgy by Molly. And this is yet so that's our -- -- -- -- And this is completely on can be treated talk about last week but you know they came out last week at the HTC jetstream tablet for. And this is on contract 700 dollars -- What I wasn't an 800 later today today I doze off contract and begins at 850 off contact Gemini 700 -- on content. So -- it and what I don't know when thinking like I'd. It's their first LTE tablet I mean and they have. An actor I asked -- means that want a little city -- -- network. Yeah -- that I'll tell you the New York deal and have begun Chicago Dallas yeah and hinges -- hunt for LT if you. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and that -- disposal on -- -- market this summer and yeah it will technically and fall on -- -- -- summer. Yeah and had to check with the media in the morning it's coming. They get. Should technically they've got three more weeks ago labor -- unofficial and this summer the the idea about three weeks to gas -- -- lot of companies have been using that and somber and -- in three weeks either. Well then I'm imagining that the work is already put in there that yet. They're really taking their sweet time this I bet they -- the. Exactly -- -- is like the phones that released in December in a limited this year yeah yeah yeah. -- our fourth quarter. And that we made it -- -- -- -- so that. Impulse forty's -- on the opposite side of the spectrum it's it's -- -- 2.2 device Erie getting a trade off there but it's only three dollars. With a two year contract ends on -- September 18 and it's got three point eight inch WVD touch screen five megapixel camera. And an 800 megahertz processor and it runs on their it is PA plus network. So you know cut government arranged -- but not bad for thirty dollars I think it would have been better if they'd -- with gingerbread. They're getting very open. Yeah I once used in Spanish comes out they'll really be a -- -- yeah like. Move everything from food for the afternoon and -- 2.3 and we just get a date -- the October's on seventh or -- Is it we had a story or I can -- yet to release. I can remember it was -- -- -- yes and first week where. -- -- yeah and now. Area that. And -- Batman they have -- and -- it. And speaking -- another budget device they announce a kitty pink. Makes Shakespearean play forgy. Which was already available from Verizon back in -- the -- -- yes yeah it does may yet. But you know they said back in July that they -- gonna launch the exterior and so it's coming September 18 they price it at fifty dollars. -- be honest -- didn't -- -- -- go in carrying yeah it's been around to actually this is a brand -- businesses toward four G -- to I think coming July -- it's not actually -- -- didn't know -- I think I'll make a lot of -- around buying. Yeah okay -- Towards -- it's really for today and that's authority and. -- China Sweden India because -- -- an attorney dock and a multi media document -- cable. Came just let you know add. It's gonna come preloaded with seven games which they did -- -- isn't yet yet it preloaded analysts yet news. So that includes Madden Madden NFL -- and sims three. Dense and suspenders and asphalt six adrenaline. You know the specs are kind of you know you're there and they're not gonna compete with -- -- antidote to well you. -- -- -- It's -- missing and it's. -- Princeton -- out -- that disorder and there I am finding and then there's some. But that's it's good. You know I am I saying -- -- -- -- winners. It's not -- an enlightening. Go now likes -- and it's a little sad because this on a -- lot of promise in turn can. And the PlayStation brand -- their unit they -- gonna kind of create this ecosystem playstations are fighting games and in the phone came out as -- yeah Canada and phone. And it plus it was at sang to it being. The key -- self -- the fight because they came out with they announced of finance. The unit -- in which seems kind of it seems like the next level -- of this kind of device though. Is this thirty -- -- the phone has an unfortunate. A situation of it being ailments annually don't know who you're William marketing to -- -- for -- Or -- -- -- phones people who like -- teens his writing hassles like that -- -- -- gaming machines like that so yet. It's still we're in the teen market. And it plaza saint a -- catered to gamers but gamers wouldn't get. Exact right Asia has sacrificed being a good phone for being kind and good gaming device but -- -- -- rather have a but the DS says. Exactly yes they -- entirely around. -- they buy their own video game plan and a separate. -- -- smart -- and that's kind of mean their going for with these dedicated gaming controls but -- cores and you know it doesn't. Really -- -- -- generally aren't as it because friend hasn't flat key and chose not as yet -- -- -- would go with something more dedicated man. Right it is. Now I still remember the -- Super Bowl commercial. Oh yeah I -- that -- Saddam with the ground in Basra. So. -- -- injuries arms when. He and him. And unless -- arrangements. Yeah I remember Latinos like -- as they -- sell phones with us that none. Yet. Even stranger was a member. Seen and just I saw this image amendment as much in the game and they had. George Bush George W Bush's box and behind him with Cisco in which He said -- like the content says it's us and I'm not gonna because -- -- Data via. Yeah and kicking off to me yes yes. But anyway so -- exterior play a four G and again that's on -- -- -- Not really unit up for debate if you can't think it remains to be seen it yet it's. Parry it and just a couple other quick seeing sprint and that's a couple of hints at today. Including the very -- Sierra Kyocera brio this is really just a basic no frills cell phone. It's free on contract -- -- it's got a full QWERTY keyboard and has email services so. It is looking for or something for messaging and you know playing cellphone. You know. -- hard to -- And that's going to be available on September ninth and also launching on September ninth is the Kyocera -- -- Which Scott Webster -- up. This. Yes SS justice evo it's simple Android phone -- this -- past warrantless. It has something to do with one of cookies. It's some sense but it 68 it looks like -- Ph.D. content. I -- -- it's -- it's a texting phone in its and -- you got three so it's passenger Brad. Not a lot of fabulous features but just 3.2 megapixel camera com. 500 to make the commitment of its round federal spectrum against -- to -- giving two gigabyte micro SD card and the bottom -- kind of got this or curved shape and almost like components from mines as its current two person -- -- But it yes just a basic phone and it is to two dollars with a qualifying two year service agreement. They need and and fifty dollar mail in rebate. -- report cards so I'm -- In each election complaints really -- Don't attempt yes or friendly scene I think that that. That wave Democrats didn't mean or friendly scene and gingerbread devices -- outnumbered that for a devices that are still -- its. -- And Verizon Wireless is getting the Blackberry torch 9850. Making rounds again just when you thought shareware -- enough from the Blackberry. Yet they call IE eleven at which. They can -- -- -- were just talking and companies again evidently -- there's there's a Blackberry for every Unix iteration every -- and we can't. Arranger and -- running through the review -- -- thank our I'm sorry Munich -- this ability. Including parts AT&T Timo and this yes yes -- -- okay I'm sorry I'm asking. But it's just there's too many. -- anyway so they're definitely making around this is to touch anything -- which -- seen the full touch screen. Blackberry device that I'm sick and reviewed is this the US senate and -- the -- the first full screen. Protests -- -- historians. And Jessica like -- it is pretty decent moral and it is that the only thing is. Sprint that Jessica said that at 150 it was -- commit price for sprint number. -- is Verizon's. -- Anything to do these things there's any -- 200 dollars so is fifty dollars more evidence. -- -- -- premium service you are exacting their premium priced. Exactly and today a definite. -- -- And eight. And finally. Meehan isn't Motorola Droid by -- is here and is available starting today. Or are very pricey T 999. -- with a tier content yet -- in -- anyone again. From January in the chat room or anyone listening that is in -- -- -- please I'm talking about the turret and a I just I thought we receive a sign of the Andrea disguised -- It I'm sorry but we have to talk about it yes you -- in general never undermining and welcome to edit it I guess it -- matter here so. -- -- -- -- -- Yes so really you'll have to return after the break to hear Nicole's verdict but yes it is launching today and it is the carrier's first four G Smartphone. Have both the dual core one gigahertz processor and four G supported and yes it is pricey. The call you found a deal on cost go -- Word had a little bit less and less and not only that also bundling of like a hundred -- dollar. Accessory bundle for free. So you know each that you get the phone for a lot about tea and I use to get a hold. -- accessory package along with it -- -- makes it a little bit better I think yes I did a better deal. Well -- -- -- accessory bundle you get -- the standard does then charging -- a a hot car dot. And a battery opting for an -- -- extra batteries so you get all of these things. For area but less than the present. So I have friends in Armenia -- is -- on FaceBook that He went to Costco in America one of six that they were selling. -- An announcement -- their network. A lot of that price by. In that -- shows like and me I don't know I I AD knows of some stores. We have limited supply of this phone I'm not only share. How -- but it is yet it began to speak -- -- -- -- -- Payment on wireless is having a kernel -- to think for those who sign up for new contract. -- one of those three don't get the present value. At -- -- -- antenna at a Friday Italy and there was 199. So. You know yet if you're new customer learn you know -- you contract in about going -- Amazon maybe a hundred bucks. -- -- -- But we are gonna take a break and then -- get here and Nicole's. Very in depth review of the Motorola Droid panic when she liked it or not. IRA should welcome back and had been promised. We Americans have -- the -- panic in the coin anywhere to put off. True for -- on another audio yet immunity had to eat -- -- reviews and hands -- -- I'm so. And that's the interesting thing about the -- -- I would -- at first glance is that you know we waited for salon for the -- nine months but this. And it means the phone that we signed January. It's still a different and on the phone they fooled from the actual final drive by ironic that it's gonna be used as. It's it's -- the hardware is completely different. -- 100% completely -- Everett but again. Briefings -- are cynical and I did a double take -- like. Is that the dramatic and kind of looks like -- factory in -- is very similar to the Droid -- even in infect the back of the phone has that trademark pump at the top. That's very similar to the Droid X and so it's. The Droid X plus almost in if you was -- -- -- -- But yet that the hardware is so completely different it's it's for the of the one in January was that kind of thick and clunky and a bit you know on -- and the bulky side. As this honestly isn't thinnest body Droid X like -- you said. Innocent of the class goes from is to and it's in the plans instead of -- nice thin. Thin form factor and -- it is the thinnest forgy O'Keefe allegedly keeping them for what it's worth but it isn't -- -- -- slim handset and itself around five ounces or so which is pretty light considering you know its its size and it's -- I stone and the 420 is used to display notes -- -- -- listening to the Droid X. Diabetics to display note saying. Leaving blood stone is -- is a dual core are. One point I -- processor not in media but that TI ample map which is a switch from what they had yet yet anyone against -- -- yeah yeah yeah. So I think they may be a partnerships changes in the militia and the details there but yes it's a it's a T -- processor. And it's also the first follow Nike said -- to combine both the dual core and a four GL TE. And. -- also had to -- this phone I was so we cannot. See it in a car had a good time. I'll call him out of shooting -- music that I think he's gonna dart board -- just. Hollis speed parents to heed this because you do so log -- like you -- the right to be disappointed. And. Only an afternoon listening and Seth Rosenblatt is one of the guys who works -- -- com. But he's an obsessed with this phone and so anytime there is a leak about like him. Somebody's the corner of it and then there are bathroom and He would send -- -- -- my -- -- coming -- and Craig Aaron a British. The culinary disappointment we cannot talk about this phone. And I guess I'll talk about I'm gonna log but you may -- is disallowed Allah sort prepare it's like not like it. And because looks so different and you know it is it is the first. Verizon -- to have moved to a plan for GOP and you know let it visit beauty fast it is that that the swiping the navigation is really zippy is really fast. Downloading the page loading web browsers is that amazingly at any has full flash on its full Adobe Flash ten. So you can -- the full CNET page and albeit all the flash content -- -- as well. And look what it was about seven seconds isn't and losing money actually did it. You know ended the group depicting what fashion videos you played you played a flash video in the browser. And -- almost no -- competitive offering to name and to the point yet He was made -- -- -- and -- opinion. And you know chips and a -- -- 3.3 gingerbread. Which is of I was very very much you -- over the appointee resigned January of partisan. -- right so it's probably get it it's also one of those Motorola phones with the web top -- This is the one land at the plug it into a laptop -- are at had to say when I left Motorola -- -- that the rise and offices with the -- -- the gimme a giant. Bag it like a laptop and not because it's RG dot net Dotson got everything if I didn't know. Arms Baghdad and like I depend on select a dialogue subtitles running bag and carry -- second street and me. -- it was it was kind of from and it -- -- have the bags with a huge Motorola and giant run. I Motorola logo my -- -- Hiding it you know I'd check is. Doing what any -- -- -- that's -- do. You -- But it when you plug it in you know it. What's with that that HX and money. You reviewed each traits that does that vexing thing you've got a laptop around that so tight that driving on and and -- lodged a laptop PC like application sort of can use -- -- browser on there. Collection mean making you can see videos on -- -- BX full screen. -- really does make it worth it the driving -- -- I'm curious is the the web lap laptop laptop dock as a compatible with the matrix -- it's it is not yet. All of the answer really pricey -- yeah they act and that's what I don't have pads as the matrix yes -- so. So that's really. British repeat yet again and again we asked him about it so Rihanna meaning the plan and we asked him about and then -- It's something we're considering. Where we're gaining consumer feedback -- What is and I told him that -- -- -- -- -- -- tech bats that this is dumb unless it's compatible rally other phones that just doesn't make any sense. Yes so like all of the accessories are unique to the thousand H it's got wireless -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it feels like he's acting and that's dot when the data by -- but that -- up not even the phone is 300 dollars. While fought the laptop dot it's -- and they worked without a full citizens to show up basically rent you know and it's. Yet He -- Found it kindness yes I am and I'll have to buy another now -- -- a -- -- that does nothing but it does naturally yes that's her. Yeah you if you switch to another -- even the you've got to recognize -- expense of placement you know. Yeah so that's kind of add a big downside -- the phone like these it's analyzes and it extends well though. He's generally -- -- -- -- you know where to look around you include Amazon must do it goes to the keeper. I just -- thing you know that the price of these accessories and camping -- uses. Like one phone. That it -- town. And then. -- -- -- The features of despondent -- you did HDMI you -- -- -- -- mirroring mode you get into price features test EM. Device encryption and -- remote device -- protecting is pretty cool for Android devices and -- -- on par with. The Blackberry is -- the copper devices. Multitasking really easy end to end performance you know the big -- I was worrying worrying about was. So I headed for the holy day I Aso played around with and ready and released -- observed around him. The little lot of wet pages it's just -- anecdotally. End you talent but it wasn't too I was there but the not a normal and bright. Economic and bright point that -- -- would be certificates -- -- Think exec how it was like it was. All normal and write them you know and and that usually have this problem -- -- -- -- look like super. Expect it to last forever to protect -- -- about me it's it's doing it was still pretty -- -- life on the whole. The testing and -- I don't and it may be right now testing yet talked me. Camera quality was pretty kit you know and -- it. -- -- -- It's awesome camera quality is on the first phones to have 1080. On the hole really could found I thought you know the price immediate kind of a -- site but. They let you know nine months later it's a completely different phone the design is -- pretty sleek. But -- powerful really fast. Viewing to paid tragic if any cheaper I say you know -- He even an editor's choice. In mid nineteenth but so it was worth the wait when -- -- -- Plans can't and that it -- lineup in the -- We like any candidate or yeah. Come -- let's open and I and -- and now its next. Outrageous. Or -- Also superb blog post that details all of the accessories. -- that's sorry in the -- now that He Steve stationed in laptop adaptor. All the many many accessories that go slow and say they can announcing new -- an adapter that mark yet that's -- -- to via. Adapter I thought Enceladus said He and basically what it is to that you have to plug it into HDMI America USB part. And it it also has an -- humanity has -- and it will cost lately you just like you didn't -- and an extra seem parts. You know I thought I didn't add the same price at tagging is it just makes it ended in -- -- -- -- -- -- in -- to -- to get to the -- top. Not a triggered a laptop application you have to yet practices. As a white and He just -- those software cents. Like little I'm sure a lightbulb went off the solicitor -- technical -- -- yeah -- there's actually -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Reagan's. Who have very glad it's out -- family advocates of -- -- documenting exactly oh I don't know if and Amylin. I can't talk about releasing -- -- artists -- literate and -- -- now. And -- -- some zones and there's always something I mean clearly that I anything but average. Music and a. -- -- There -- and -- we have. The Samsung vitality with -- music Africa -- this is from being -- Tesco reviewed. And it basically. Bid the phone itself is kind of similar to use the Samsung -- for MetroPCS but what they've done is added -- dedicated. Button for that -- -- move. Music service. So it's really kind of pushing that service -- bit. But it you know she -- it was pretty good mid range Android phone. And that you know. Again complements the service that they're offering and T is now much McAfee says service the -- sick. A free streaming means -- gas comes bundled with it's yes planned and yes she really likes it like the -- yes yet. Given an editors and editors choice but atom C. CS Lester we it was one of the top -- Top contenders for the best and the software categories such -- -- because and the only is it you know -- getting the phone that is that the subscription service -- just released Moody's and everybody signed on amateurs and got 2 AM and this phone is unlike the dishonest -- basically -- admire which we looked at last week from -- -- -- that music service. There rhapsody service I'm Warner Music did not sign -- that so. So -- you get free access and -- yes but you don't have and our entire catalog programs. So that is available for 200 -- is and an additional 65 dollars per month -- That is the Samsung vitality. -- we've done it yeah. -- reviews I ain't gonna take a look at the Samsung epic four G touch -- -- is Sprint's version of the galaxy S to. And that you guys have anything permanent. You know the Samsung galaxy tax which is -- soon. I've mid range messaging phone so I'm but it I've looked at it already it's it's a -- and only about keyboard but it's -- -- the code -- and job. Look and -- reliving Warren. Public Ares I guess Vista really is -- -- -- outlook client. Quite a lot of from either sex actually -- that line. So -- for those who this alien to Blackberry -- -- -- its due attention to. We can keep -- -- and T now. And just quickly anyway we're tech methods and and I finally talk to that got well. They wouldn't let me talk to the dedicated person who names their cell -- but they -- me. Are too bad since I don't know -- did you sign anything about this person link where -- when. And -- and then. I believe it's a man. Yet so -- like he's -- is an official spokesperson so we'll give you this Paul golden He and He does marketing and receives -- so. -- like. The informant for the -- -- an imminent horizon. And it didn't ethnic. After -- and that's. But I fascinate as I'm fascinated with this guy at work -- Samsung and comes up it all -- message years. And -- -- each anything either he's one of these like releasing any dudes that you know has offices -- like cartoon characters and He wears a convenient something like that it depends on -- on our yes there's this really nerdy. A guy that sits behind books and at a nine to and that sort of fascinated him. And both the latter -- it -- -- -- platform filled with need to see all you want. Any -- and math genius probably yeah. There are likely getting -- theft. Yes that way and get acuity with Paul Goldin asked him about the whole process and at and it felt like I feel bad for this way and we know when they do their -- I have to go through -- like so many phases it takes like five to seven weeks query coming up when name. -- -- posted in the bath and asked him about this Miami. Which passed off onto T military it was there idea. Has an a pass on the back. Like aspect it and marketing it as a reminder dispensing -- -- in the words smiley in no initial ruling -- a key emoticons smiley the Amazon emoticons smiley. So you know regardless of their life you know that and -- running and you certainly when you comment -- -- -- And He said I think in this announcement that -- they could finally -- ask about them. And the messenger which I asked about and they -- You know it's not a proper rare though we think we got out the message you know lake -- it's unique okay. With this kind of -- -- it's not. Now that panic advocate at the message us. And -- now that in the blog posting didn't check out how and how it's done. But finally we will end with my reading email analysts now you guys have an email and -- -- -- -- bring -- first. I'll just a couple of emails pursuit of a dissident comments I've written questions about the -- and make me. And some people -- beach -- I buy it now should -- wait for me. You know and then rise in -- and -- America just as a great -- Yeah -- than they actually. And the houses like. If you -- finally going to edit but if you want to -- third. Now couple months have to -- the September October but you never know the dog is welcoming parents in time. So -- you -- at the month to see must have been waiting for this phone I mean the nine months since it's in need to buy this thing. Got -- the -- -- out the -- that it's -- Clinton and the thing with the idea. It is -- you know -- lobbies by -- but always in the EU wonderful now. Head but this is not as good it is always gonna be a better phone. -- And you know at. Many it's something we end at. You know for that Droid planning meaning I was sitting with a couple other bloggers and you know we were discussing that's a problem it's like if you're always waiting for device you're gonna always be waiting -- missing on her though. You know if you really want. This device go far you know you can't for everything absolutely it. And did you have anything else the -- -- -- -- and believe heavenly smell even. -- -- Roosevelt on twelve New Orleans I want to say that is it appears that blew Windows Phone at this time. Even with the mango has the ability to do a direct sync. Between the phone in a computer or laptop. Using USB or Bluetooth. For outlook. From calendar to calendar it appears now that everyone. Including -- including windows. There are also Android and our own -- to go from some third party like terms consumer. And or move to new rules in the mountains and back this is completely unacceptable there's -- reason -- we can't do especially -- Windows Phone. Especially true for places like mine Moore works with law enforcement and sensitive information and actually not I am not allow music. Anyway I hope you all world talk about pictures -- reviewers -- programs thanks much. So this is you know from the very beginning this was an issue they -- Got rid of this direct. Sync with and outlook if you're not on exchange active sync and it it it it has been a problem. I brought it up with. Microsoft a couple times you know asking. It's right now right now you have to go through the crowd and you know of these third party you use genius you can do it yet fine but it's if you don't -- You have to go through these. Thank you can work around you have to go through the content exit at which is a problem for a lot of people and -- know. You know there and multiples. Groups -- -- on this and again you know I asked Microsoft whether they'd change this policy and canning Amy Knapp link anti -- -- known not right now bay you know. Based on you know we get -- Demand for it from consumers which -- -- authority of you know they would read the tech policy bank you know right now they're -- in. You know you have to go through the clouds and you know we're not gonna -- -- -- think which you know it is a problem and I don't know what's gonna happen in the future so -- final. In it it's an issue and euphoria and am you know -- They're saying He can use 33 party apps like companion link but I think the point is that -- have to. -- Yeah it does -- -- -- -- gonna a couple of suggestions -- companion link or pocket here that might -- their party apps. Down yeah but I mean this is something Windows Mobile users have always had and you know. Yeah I know the fact that it's gone and is -- the big problem for people's now. -- -- Anyway -- -- that in and ignorant issue. If you have any questions or comments you can email us at dialed in at cnet.com. Or leave us a voicemail -- 8664022638. Of course you can catch on our past episodes in show notes and everything act -- in dot cnet.com. And for all of the pod -- check out podcasts that cnet.com. And we'll be back next week. At the same time but we will be moving. Again the -- you know next week on the final details if you ask them. Thanks everyone for joining us and and a hefty -- to you later. But --
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