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Dialed In: Dialed In 183: Thirteen Megapixels

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Dialed In: Dialed In 183: Thirteen Megapixels

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The rumored Motorola Dinara has, wait for it, a 13-megapixel camera. What? We roll our eyes over it, discuss Sprint's latest conundrum, go in-depth with the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide's camera, scratch our heads over the HTC Status, and more.

It's Wednesday July 10 -- ten to eleven you're listening to -- in CNET cellphone podcast nineteen unison seat edited. Nicole Lee -- June studios buying my gas bella edited Jessica dual cards at pinnacle for my analysts producer Steven -- -- Audi and are two colleagues are MIA today. -- Very appropriate. Sad thing is appropriate in any favorites of -- I think is on his -- back. Yeah a huge -- -- park Kansas yes where he was meeting at its -- Yates. I want imported. CNET reporter. Roger tang you know that there is one of Roger story is how -- picture and it was like yeah -- and think you're -- Yes -- there are both in Kansas to here elitists from sprint and moved to that and a little bit. But first and in -- of artists such as the town of -- family matters today. And so that's -- start off with a rumor. About. -- ironic no no that's -- beetle you as a client so say we do rumors so some months ago so this is the Motorola -- I'm laughing because investors and don't look like -- -- -- -- -- here -- entertainment onto the next this is the Motorola just a rumor on the Motorola denial. I think that that -- -- -- did and then that the number of. I get to the code name for this and done it a pound me. Has a very thin form factor and -- pack it up -- apparently he is -- thinner and lighter dry. By -- to use it to -- is fine because the -- -- apparently never exist and -- has actually transforms. -- -- -- -- into something else. Yes it does -- it did the specifications. Are. More than a little interesting because one of the -- cities -- in -- -- -- Thirteen. Megapixel camera clinical -- desperate for the show I -- -- term dislike. PT well look at eight that's not like five its. -- Rate for Motorola. Apple Motorola and just -- and you've probably seen that megapixel count does not mean any -- at the Motorola doesn't necessarily have a history of having like -- and cameras the way you know Sony Ericsson and others TC aria and yes yes yes so. It's very interesting to hear that and that but these even though -- -- -- rear facing cameras thirteen megapixels that's not a -- array. Now it's it's just that's eighteen megapixel -- an that's slick about it a black and why created. Found front facing cameras -- VGA it is -- -- -- -- millions of implants again missed my thumbs down. The state since we don't have five people -- -- -- The audience voice boxes there right so -- front facing the camera not irreplaceable internal battery. It's just wrong in the -- at just -- -- -- to come. To make it thinner lighter despite they're -- -- -- to be. I'm in an HT skeen -- -- -- I think in possibly to HD was witnessed it topologies that the unit seeing -- -- So Scott Webster. QE Steve does that mean it's C video playback. Some I don't really know what this is Green pixels themselves our issue HC BQ HD NA can play like HD movies it's about my guess because sixtieth kind of where we are right now I am in terms of quality. -- -- -- So Scott Webster -- -- and goes off on that and firm predicts that you might have dual core are in sixteen key internal storage. Again we don't know a lot about the phone because it's -- code means the -- Hopefully -- have annual all of the all of them -- the -- in the -- in it it probably hopefully have. Support for a for a GL TE. And email -- in a did you -- at least and you know and it is interesting here just a little site and what the Nara. -- -- is a mountain located near the border of -- -- in years ago. So little trivia there I mean it's good when your phones can traffic -- educate you. -- -- think -- routed according to an added I connecting on is a penalty. Before it was called H gates it was called the Olympus. -- -- before it was called the Zune to the -- -- a Zune was called Everest laden. So when are they gonna name one out of that I'm per -- Hubble and -- rising volcano. Yet that's not gonna maybe I'll just -- thunderbird it if you do. Get sick yet it's good. Let me also. I dare Sunday -- -- confidence Atlantic. Anyone can opposite at this mountain and given that good now I didn't take announces that -- government mount Bethel. But yes even afford to drive by panic is out if -- comes out windows -- on -- There's already rumors of its -- this all sounds that are paying attainment of the order facing camera. In -- And and as analog to a Rogers Roger -- our new -- over at CNET use on mobile division. And he lists in the Kansas. Some of along with -- along with tens. Talking live and incident listening to DNT from -- -- quarters. And eat it trying to address Sprint's problem with unlimited plans as we know. On Verizon is going off -- -- plans are going to use and tether plan to displays and instead -- a cute -- as at this point. So this is essentially one of the only -- it is. Left it -- if AT&T evil it is that it that ghosts you it'll be the only carriers. You'd have unlimited plans ends for now at least one is trying to. And -- -- article is based -- -- -- can be hold on because he knows they have on music it's a huge custom boot right. But debt and -- needles so it's the bond on their network the -- left the lake. The kind of have to certificate eminent network and limitless at this point they have a competitive advantage right that portable only things that they have to offer as we discussed -- -- last week's podcast yet. So I mean at the -- and it's also wet -- -- ten to attend a small little. You know sort of fighting network in the candy candy candy stand up and you collect all of this passion all of this. And new customer growth puts it this way because it. Maintaining a network it's really expensive -- and increasing and you're data allowances is also really expands. So it isn't just staying the reason why a -- -- came out recently was because Virgin Mobile which is a prepaid carrier owned by sprint. Lest he didn't mind but -- -- -- has moved. To a sort of -- plan. I sensed that and any user who goes over 2.5 gigabytes -- -- month guess it's sort of throttled. I learned just announced last it was announced last in this is Virgin Mobile which is -- -- spent so you think like -- as part of this -- -- the affecting spread to swap. But it's just can't because the it really mean. Known to be competitive with the big players the movie and limited is -- biggest. Strong point. -- it's the -- feature and what they went on to say is that they're treating Virgin Mobile is a completely separate brand which shouldn't. But they're saying you know just because we did this for -- Virgin Mobile is not an indicator that. The sprint in out tiered -- You will go ahead and do this. Even it'll currently team mobile -- have -- unlimited but they do throttle after -- -- -- -- so it's been a the only one that doesn't do that true unlimited yes they like to saying there had commercials. So yeah it'll be interesting to see how they do this because of sprint doesn't pick. Necessarily like customers are additional revenue streams and they're gonna stock offering something that they can't necessarily -- -- Though it may be time to -- and limited could -- Yes and hard to not yet some hard decisions and image stimuli -- fighting so hard to. Against the merger -- -- that -- the head movement or at least not suffer nine. -- End I'm moving on from that. This talk about some not another new Motorola that and I hit the streets is the -- -- -- which the senate introduced a few months ago it's -- Motorola. -- taking and -- a parent and enterprise -- phone is its successor to the I one and and it's -- end device that's in Sprint Nextel and adapt only some of feeding that out. Every time there's any news or activity around either in real -- gonna scratch -- -- a little bit like relief -- during the -- the -- is already dug yet it's one of those you know trying to fulfill past content and yeah sure. On -- and its end of the interesting thing of course it's it's an enterprise -- level phones is not an immense for. Entity consume any Houston really big sticking point -- -- -- -- -- two point one. Nasty little dirty detail is not even two point -- we -- -- pretty old. It got to print here I mean all the new phones -- 2.3. Cache or should be 2.3 all -- the new phones were are sold I mean if if they're just being announced now if they were announced at CES. And yet ironic right I mean you get comfortable and a -- -- I would think simply into your stereo is probably at the lowest acceptable operating system that at a new entrants should have. I mean analyst they're giving us -- way -- RA. I know -- 14999. Or something like -- forget it hooked up. So you know I reason is because not gonna see a lot of love from I -- devices. In general tend to be generations. And from -- -- -- together from their Smartphones anyway they tend to be a generation behind software. -- tend to have a little bit more stringent controls acting which is why. This software is so behind but. No I just an -- -- more according to Barney's blog post here is that. Spin did not immediately respond to depression and whether Adobe -- its future updates. These enemies we think it might. Not the I mean I 150 dollars up only fifty dollars less than you can get a super premium Smartphone also have yeah data plan. You get -- 102 point lion. Yeah get up and that's a generation behind them won't necessarily be support and neither will -- -- I -- it has it's military use. Testified to be you know resistant against dust shock vibration. All of those things. So -- that at least. This is a fight against mean if I break things and happily -- -- yeah there's a Jessica. Karzai's invitation indie militants and should be and did you CEO disease. I can't grant you know how where and for those who don't know -- in the midst of 100 are seen at 100. Where ten separate editors are reviewing or posting up our -- current favorite. In -- apps so I am -- less than -- has her list and in -- has been writing these. Very -- being does sort of descriptions to introduce us. -- -- handling not pardon would get rid of how he says that. If you were assault and humid like cringe at my desk. -- it doesn't what you did to that spotted. A little. And it's fun. And its reputation in -- stack -- It is really fun to test as sort of rugged phones I've seen -- -- a fair amount of the Apple a little -- as those. I mean there listening to be -- about a rugged phone and I do Blake and the feel -- get an interesting and sturdy in you know if you dropping -- coming in a shrug -- the like oh well you're not gonna. Gasping quickly -- steinem at your -- and surveyed the damage. Yeah so that's what you gonna do this phone because Sony Android two point one -- and tossing it out the window you'll be so mad. At. -- and I also foam did she do not want to rademan. -- -- Samsung galaxy ST news. This phone is an amazing -- Jessica you love this phone and -- and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know. But there -- still it's unlocked three now it's currently one of Samsung's best selling phones ever and it's going to be the successor. To the galaxy S line so it's already expected that it's going to roll out on multiple carriers would get to -- -- -- -- the one that aren't gonna say about the phone because I've been using -- unlocked version. Pretty steadily ever since -- -- -- it. And it's of the things an all around for awhile I'll pick it up and every time I pick it up I just really like it I don't like everything about it. But I think overall the experience is just one that I find relief. Really friendly and really easy beer than I just enjoy music and so. I am excited to hear about it is coming to you unless we hear artist is the dean and we have already heard rumors about. -- version for sprint in a version for AT&T in their -- -- -- fuzzy pictures that. And -- -- we look like Barry it has Samsung galaxy S to phones that sort of like dips chin at the back and and sort of like -- back cover and and things like that. So if it comes to spread the rumors have it than it will be called the Samsung with in. Which I don't understand. At all. -- into dissension within. Very. There gonna campaign that is still a few months one of the things that's so nice about this phone is the super -- plus displaying this is. It's just gorgeous and I think the form factors means -- and and it's just like a really nice to hold looks very clean and four point three inch. Screen eight megapixel camera and the cameras and it's actually good I mean we talked about cameras before megapixels. Don't necessarily mean -- But. The photo quiet little -- in Medina Saudi better than -- five as -- yes. Direct proportion when I wanted to say a -- But it is actually pretty good and there's a front facing two megapixel camera which it is and as well and be able to use -- reasons by -- and soon. Why it's it's just a very exciting thing it sort of Blake combined got mine and I think that. In the -- Samsung really needs to push their agenda that the carriers get stuff announced new -- about don't just announce it in on it says. Roll it out because of it's selling well elsewhere that's great benefits not telling -- the -- I mean there's a lot of heavy competition -- can't speak for other countries I imagine globally competitions the same but they're not competing in the US. Now yeah -- mean -- -- everywhere absolutely no need. -- -- 2.3 I mean this is going to be -- and I really do think that once it comes here it's gonna be one of the hottest phones. I do I know pricing is still going to be an issue right you people who pretty -- them the money for an unlocked -- So I'm especially when those like highly highly competent and iTunes. -- Yes I also just a click if you -- It -- them. I. Very cool. So load Jessica used. Reviewed the T-Mobile myTouch four G study shall get you immunity section yes but part of that review and to do it -- camera right. And into the very contentious camera today contentious stance I have rate here. Is that it isn't so -- to -- a piece of -- that thing. And this is eight megapixel. Rear view camera. It's really nice it's got a really ninths display and in -- -- and it's -- -- Sort of it's got a good interface for switching modes and a lot of mounts so -- she -- saying that this is the most advanced. Smart phone camera on the market. Any okay clear liquid and gas clean -- I came -- and around that and I checked it out and -- advanced communal lot of things. And -- can mean number of features it could mean actually equally features can be talking just about the hardware to be talking just about the software. And -- -- -- I've basically tech. For phones including the finance I have the Samsung Focus which has a good five megapixel camera. IPhone four -- -- to get five megapixel camera and the Samsung galaxy asked you which as I know something about -- how it fares. I took a lot of shots are gonna last week I take out -- shot to indoor shots had to close ups of flowers. I take pictures of trees they did little -- I -- video this one really focuses on camera but I also created this behemoth of a slide show. That I kind of condensed for every -- sake. But I -- to -- side by side images as much is. Humanly possible and it's it's a little hard to see eBay if you kind of like glanced back and forth you'll see there are a lot of differences in terms of focus in terms of color. One of the things I noticed is that. MyTouch four G slide and tends to wash everything and oranges and -- -- got a picture of the pink flower it's gonna look really really pink. A night shots each year shot anything with low lighting units that are really great low light but I found the colors really started they were sepia they were orange brown or -- In -- and I found that the galaxy -- to. And the iPhone -- particular -- its tech photos are orchard a life and color even if they were a little bit darker sometimes. The caller wished her life there are other things like. Shutter lag -- CC claims that there is zero shutter lag well I got many of indication that -- -- -- I can't argue you know this is only one -- and it. People -- on the like -- -- have a proponents say no we didn't have any shutter lag that I experienced it. And there are some indicators and I've got a picture of act punishes you what I mean. So. You might think it's a big camera and yes do I think absolutely it's a very good camera there are a lot of features and they take it takes pictures while. And it's right up there you might think that HTC should have claimed that it was the most advanced smart then it. Camera out there. Absolutely not because that's just asking me to come and -- comparison shots -- in eight -- electric herself she which you being on -- -- -- -- -- very close where the photos are different. You can tell there's a difference. And whether you are not you think it's -- might depend on your preference early you'd rather look at ultimately. -- it's it's. Don't -- I have to say that are looking and not looking at some of these pictures the little ice has already knew -- see the difference. Like with the myTouch. -- -- -- this had a very CT OR NG -- And and I think as compared to a galaxy ST and even though it's not may be is not as sharp but the colors -- seemed so much truer. Yes exactly exactly ice age ninety photos there's another one that's. Stephen a -- -- -- apps flood number fifteen planes. It. It is that's a nice job when you're talking about talking about that it's at tonight's shot of the very clear. The difference yeah and it's interesting because there's more light on the myTouch forgy because you can see my -- You can see the shadow -- the street -- behind yes he is -- -- taking my picture there's more at -- at its its orange and I didn't really get a lot of color from either one of fun. There's a problem with flash at least on on -- and a promise as the last thing and it will stop talking up the camera you but there is a problem with the -- Where I reached certain -- When flash was disabled. And I would get a little area that said you can't take pictures with the battery slept and dialect and it is half mast on the Green. Name was still Green I had Green battery life and then like yellow and red. So I thought -- all of those different stages separate the flash only seem to work. When I was just content in -- full of battery. And power and I even tried to manually override this and I was unsuccessful so it seems like even if it's the most advanced if you can't -- the flash -- at the time. This is not hopeful yen and so I think that's a big detriment. -- happily take a look at the slight should just to -- Compared -- different photos and does come you know little conclusion there are happening there are some nice unflattering pictures and you -- from -- camera and then the tallies until -- and other people -- that happened in -- Okay. So moving on from that to -- just a few quick phone announcements here. And this is steep and take a -- beef from eighteen T this is just you know the third version of there are Penn tech -- phones which is a basically a very basic atom flip phone and -- device. It's it's it's funny yet I think you really do mean does Ferrara sort of senior citizens because. Things -- reminders teachers. Like a typical -- and it ends in three. -- speed -- keys for emergency phone and an emergency call also. Paris that it's only it's pretty affordable only for nine dollars -- to two years service agreement. Next phoned and it spam coming up is CL UTU free US notices another one of those messaging phones. A touch screen you know when it is -- very simple only one point three megapixel camera on the back again this is only fifty dollars with -- -- Two year service agreement. And must not least here and can't read this FCC blog -- about new phones coming out. -- in the new photos that might be on -- -- -- T store shelves is the Sony Ericsson XP yeah ray. End the Blackberry torch to know we've talked about Blackberry and revenue -- and in a panel needed that we're able. -- 930 was through this as well honesty torched two. Have you heard anything else about the -- you. This is -- the first time you're hearing about it. Seeming blur free shots you know that were supposed to be some of the phone but the system -- at Bristol have you seen that often they -- limited on exactly like the towards. Until probably almost exactly like everything else. I don't see a lot of -- Sony Ericsson phones -- gets most of those but I have to say like. They do you have intriguing designs and they look different and I appreciate. -- -- -- -- The Barry Hyde designing caliber I mean there's definitely a lot of yeah I glossy Sheen to charm requirements and our Ed -- yesterday have -- very sound -- a few of them and highlight it. -- -- cellphones and we nanos so did Stephanie Mathieu -- anonymity stones go by the SEC as easy to sign it there. Am actually on their way and not to exceed on -- -- not just let -- beyond their okay it. So before -- team have used picture. -- And -- bragged that start out with the Motorola dry 83. It is the as it's -- a third version out the very popular Motorola Droid phone for Verizon Wireless imagine. That it is. Amber and Bonnie reviewed this and this -- as. S all the other Droid phones it's have a big hefty and bulky device there. He has seen here as of its atom support HQ HD displays -- did it improve the display a little bit. And is it really has just in their very full five row pretty keyboard. Andy has a dual core processing -- and there -- happy to know it has to debate on -- Android two -- me an upgrade to eight megapixel camera. A few downsides it doesn't have -- -- -- -- -- looking for a dual core are for -- -- it doesn't really exist just yet. Also according to bind a client picture quality wasn't as good as it should be just a little surprising that there's no need -- -- -- in the cabinet he said you know doesn't always mean. Many great pictures. So overall is to -- be a pretty good review from body its 200 dollars continue to use of his agreement however she says that if he had the -- to. There's really not much of it senses to get the new one because it's not the same it may very little and an -- rates yeah so it's -- -- the -- to. You don't rush out the -- essentially. It doesn't the CD enemy EV DO read is it's it's just the EG. And the good thing about is that the Droid two global it Tennessee is to to a GSM networks each that you had that global roaming ability. So overall she -- its -- not a bad phone it's pretty solid but no. If you what you get the Droid two global already it's really not much of an advantage and you do get that may -- sixty displayed but is not as much of an upgrade. Of -- the contract. -- -- -- -- So the next step is -- review of the T-Mobile myTouch for a. Right which I've parties and anti party talked about the camera -- -- all that I think overall this is a really nice phone it's. Fourteen. It is still core. And it's really fastest project your breadth of its entry 2.3. It's got -- -- T-Mobile -- is a version of the HTC cents three interface. So -- house a lot of the same feature isn't how about mobile you can sort of pulled. Lock and unlock and it's it's nice to use it definitely has T-Mobile accent colors -- -- Theme sixteens on it -- was talking to a friend of mine who's a designer. And we're talking about customization and she's like EU cant believe how hard it is to actually customize these things to -- -- of this team mobile. In general look and feel that's different than any other entry phone and send like -- like these -- -- -- that's it and she's like. That's it you have any idea how much work doesn't him like no I don't you know -- to -- -- she's telling me about that how to sixteens. But turning user stand plane in -- It's got sixteen different themes you can customize it and I I do like the look and feel of it and I think it's. Pretty nice to use it's -- all of the futures are all there are call quality was pretty and the camera is dead. A multimedia is candidate because of cents and also -- some multimedia extras and I think those earnings to. No it doesn't have everything like you know DL UNAIDS support is not -- -- each in my -- any of those things but. I think that they're still only in smaller so detected people who want that. In -- some people at what I get asked overwhelmingly as is third LED indicator light yes there could. An industry and it's at three point seven inch WV GA super LCD screen and HBG a oh sorry it's it's a step up from the issue BGA. Display on net that three G -- I would say if you're just comparing it to that generation. Than there have been massive marked improvements. But if you're kind of comparing it to every other Android phone out there are -- it really stand up and the prices rights -- have 200 dollars. 200 dollars repeated price that's Canon -- Cummins -- these things all -- -- costs in Nokia with the exception of some -- runs like within the charge to fifteen when it first came and it -- I expect that presents to drop in Apple Valley with a two about 200 dollar introductory. If you keep your eye out for some deals. And then -- might find yourself with a really nice phone for really -- for. Very ged and the next phone we looked at was armed HTC status back here and -- and Munich. And and again and on this it's kind of what's been called -- -- well. And the reason for that is because -- is a very tiny. And at the very binding units of FaceBook. Logo. And when you press it automatically -- its Q post to your FaceBook wall. And as interesting as you would own Android phones when you first sign up to your Android when you're prompted to enter -- Gmail predictions. And you percent of what this log on to add to your FaceBook and shots of prudently in -- So it's an expected to -- yet so all of -- The just the thing because it's which is important because every singles every single -- thing on -- integrate it with -- When -- in a camera app. Compressed to fit the and -- upload photos to face -- when you're in the web browsing has to -- on a new post that web link to collect water we gonna see Google plus -- now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I don't I don't plus while I don't know but the thing is it's it's it's so integrate into the phone it's literally the renewal -- just press it. Automatically on -- but you dislike it's it's that it's. If it's seamless if they had worked on this a year ago I can -- be and a much better than this and right. And all at CD does achieve very nice is certainly nice and unibody Y -- and still -- -- very very HTC like -- a very high caliber design. Nice bean to -- and you've seen on camera you but -- a nice bends to its its very easy to home hello and -- Is -- design features it's easy to hold an economic when you're texting including ace. So overall -- the design is great the keyboard is nice it's spacious -- you can see here. So let the downside to -- the only -- -- the big is huge is doubts is the size of the display. It's two point six inch. And it's attached. So you have to use your finger -- navigate -- any any. Well it's just you point six inches horizontally horizontal not vertically -- thinking severest two point six inches at. Well it it's a vertical -- some -- on -- -- and sort of you have more space to read but does not just that because. Note that the thing -- and that mean -- agency did. Some of design sense to fit the smaller screen in -- that we designed and -- -- -- -- benefit the smaller screen. But small -- looks really tiny and -- can imagine about icons are about the plan your pinky -- yesterday at any tiny tiny tiny ER -- to get a seat at the site -- speaking out. So there really small screen that does so you -- telling your eyesight is not continue working for you. I also interestingly the people screen and an expert in as the but HTC status is landscape. That means all of the menus and everything is in -- makes sense because it's a very wide screen right but when you exit certain applications for -- to begin its uses a petition -- The -- -- -- this application was designed for portrait mode phones because. Most of anti violence -- selected by the law. -- -- So I can't use I did I hear my job to sort of how this happened I had like a delay did is -- -- a lake. Bowling. -- being -- and not let. -- -- why what and it still. A lot -- a lot of apps that only made appointments and -- -- -- -- a lack of force play. So that's sort of like design with the main you know it's not it's not form following function. Here it may form first. And we hope that function that then every other -- get the game is made it to this is what was put what difference like. I can't tell if no evident meaning not simply isn't like what difference it's excitedly I'd like telephones I was to play a game -- ridiculous to me. I would be a deal breakers -- of the hardware and it is ninth. I had I -- the front premiered -- -- To go take some pictures of it down in our photo studio and has kind of playing around with some of the -- -- -- Mike actually this really nice the keyboard of planes and I definitely filed an affinity with the phone but that's -- just turned me off. It's really be deleted Vista reason why sort of gave high marks in the -- is because. It is the great dying. Know the skin is very nice and colorful. And please about the does weren't as -- -- -- have FaceBook friends and will need that much easier most of basement. But I had been doing it severely for that tiny little display. And we advanced game not being instance like this little -- -- -- -- -- The whole landscape orientation thing so I would mean the thing is just it's an portables only fifty bucks. The New -- gas agreement so secret probably went live with a lot I know I don't think you're -- -- gonna have the recurring monthly fee. So Mac if you think about it -- -- if you're gonna pay the -- anyway I pay the fee and then sort of amortized over Thai name. If you buy more expensive. And the longer you have been so I -- -- and I -- me think of this as a FaceBook. I don't think of as a very as a as a high very high an Android phone because you will be disappointed exhibit is a feature phone that also happens to be -- yes and as integrated -- but if you did that -- fifty bucks pretty get it. In the good news functionality. Lets you cannot ask -- and -- announced on unit is starts to light -- -- pretty quickly. So that's the HTC's patents would maybe be nice that there is also search kind of integrated I mean there -- a search but ran tests on them -- -- so that probably helped -- since its universal search it will also help science. All of your apps that are hidden away an array leagues beneath the screen -- so -- It's HTC status. And I I did this action following put up email to -- -- got from. -- amendments to. From Joanna and seeing that both the get T a community used you have the quality review coming out that -- that -- okay -- -- and I've. Right so I'm -- later this thing. Dylan has -- an email to his and he writes that HTC touch sized now in the eight is now -- eighteenth uniformed HTC's status. And even though she's keen on it because he's on FaceBook on -- -- -- incredible face immigration. But again design put the whole landscape screen thing and a -- pregnancies wondering if HTC's so -- Which is the other FaceBook phone that was announced at mobile world congress and that was coming to AT&T -- and -- End we don't know anything about the US but it has a -- -- in the UK. And Arab colleagues -- -- UT did give it to review. They didn't -- -- yet. And it has you know a pretty interesting touch screen design isn't city and you know -- full touch screen Android phone with the face on. Centuries is just -- -- -- so that's -- but as far as I know about nutrition is contiguous. I imagine that. That -- it would. Either plans are motion or they're waiting to see how this one -- lands. However I think the form factors so different that it would be unwise to hinged in and are projected success. Of the -- -- and the status. It's a different phone and you know and -- when -- when I see this and -- aspirin does commercials but hasn't seen on TV already. Yet that this all of America television and they're really hyping it as if -- and I think if you if you is it that way. I see it yet in Tennessee moving units because it is a FaceBook. Yes it is quiet and one question from victor he says he has -- -- -- G. And after the latest in debate obvious sense UI has been a disaster he has continually -- crashing on him. I'm just wondering if it's -- to -- his phone to get rid of the U. -- I'll take this one floor at least I'll start a soft he get I think it really depends on your comfort level with -- So it takes more work to -- -- phone. And when to do -- there are a lot of options. There news. They're just there's a plethora that's exactly operating system and -- and other apps that even out on top of and other and Atkins and everything. And so it will take more time figuring it out and it's very possible and maybe highly probable depending on how deeply you dabble in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's happened to -- he doesn't solve the time. And he's always able to undo it but again I am sort of -- risk averse person so that's not necessarily something that I would like even though I think that increased functionality you can get. By reading your phone is really exceptional. However. I am not the kind of person -- here you would wanna sit there and sort of rescue my iPhone if there was a problem and I don't worry about is this is just the time experts for cabaret and an even to spend the time going through it in in figuring out what I actually want and I have. Let's say before you do it is definitely read up on a lot -- a lot of forums out there and a dedicated to this kind of thing. HTC has a very robust. Mott community need -- endeavor that will -- that's bound flight since he -- and replacement on it. So -- note look at the -- the farms and community and if you if -- geeky never Nadine have to go right into it. -- -- -- -- In fact there even considering it tells me -- that you are yeah so you know and for you just just be just -- just know the risks involved in cash and and there might be some warranty risks as well so does it does US at an -- out on and and and that's something you're just needs yourself but if -- You an email as email as a dowdy at cnet.com you can also call -- our voice no numbers 186640. TT 68. Our blog is on -- in dot cnet.com we can check -- on our show notes and passed -- He knows ability -- test dot cnet.com for all others -- action -- And that's from thousands -- in the next week. Are you leaving home for hopefully -- and Bonnie this time yeah this reminds me of mobile world congress vs the -- -- us and and of course our our gifted technical producer -- But is basically that it's your best reading their -- -- talking about getting personal about the same and so next week hopefully we'll have all the whole gang -- -- Marriott's if you like I said. Well done thank you and without we can click -- -- diet by every land. I love it. -- -- --

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Use your dSLR as a PC webcam
1:15 December 17, 2014
Lexy Savvides shows you a simple way to turn your Canon or Nikon dSLR into a PC webcam.
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Tomorrow Daily 102: No offline Netflix, giving holiday GIFs, eating cricket cookies and more
24:44 December 17, 2014
On today's show, Ashley and Khail discuss a car concept that would eliminate blind spots for drivers, explain how you can create a...
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Sennheiser Urbanite: An on-ear headphone with a retro-hip design and "now" sound
1:03 December 17, 2014
The $200 Urbanite has an eye-catching look and plump bass geared toward younger listeners.
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Samsung Gear VR turns a Note 4 into stunning virtual reality headset
3:28 December 17, 2014
Are you VR-curious? Samsung's "Innovator Edition" headset accessory for the Galaxy Note 4 does a seriously impressive job of putting...
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Brew espresso drinks fast and with some flavor
2:18 December 17, 2014
The $100 Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me creates fancy espresso-style drinks in a flash.
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The 404 Show 1,596: It's the end of an era with Steve Guttenberg (podcast)
36:33 December 17, 2014
Today's the last video episode of The 404. Ever. To help us say goodbye to our video feed, Steve Guttenberg joins us to discuss his...
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Withings Activité, the high-end watch with smart fitness hiding inside
2:24 December 17, 2014
Meet the stealth fitness tracker: Swiss-designed and elegant, the expensive Activité is a Bluetooth-syncing pedometer and sleep tracker...
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BlackBerry Classic tempts hardcore fans with keyboard
2:58 December 17, 2014
A new BlackBerry arrives with signature features, Sony's ready to show off a new take on smartglasses, and TAG Heuer goes after the...
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